The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 22, 1901, Image 2

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    'Kood iiver Slacier,
A "Ciller' Anion? u Taklu' Jole.
E. II. Woodward, editor of the New
berg Graphic, who was in Hood River
for several days, a short time ago, has
thin to say of Hood River in his paper:
Four hundred dollars an acre sounds
like a pretty stiff price for land but thev
a8k it here without a shrug of the shoul
ders and then catch their breath in time
to make a raise in price before you close
the deal. About the hotels you hear
little else but "strawberries" and "big
apples." Growers made good money
this season on berries and it is expected
next season's cron will be one-third
larger. An elderly gentleman from the
East, who talks "apples," is Here snow
inir his faith in the business. He owns
extensive apple orchards in Colorado
and also in Arkansas, ana nas nna long
experience handling fruit, lie nas in
vested in extensive apple lands hew and.
talks like a veteran of Baldwins and
lien Davis.
Then there is "Hood River Smith,"
who is known all over Oregon as the
champion heavy weight in an argument
in favor of Hood River apples. Just
now he is not doing it by back talk but
is out of town six or seven miles tip the
valley looking after his crop. He lias a
fine home in town and is one of the
fortunate ones who got in on the ground
floor and helped lay the foundation for
the present prosperity of the place.
There are lots of Smiths in Oregon but
very few localities have a "Hood River
pninn ana mere is wnere uiey miss it.
Wm. Yates, who has looked after the
U. S. mail at this point for the past four
vears, is a relative of the late Governor
Yates of Illinois, a very efficient iniblic
servant. The office was in the fourth
class list when he took charge of it but
it has been advanced to the third class
and now pays a salary of $1,500 a year.
Mr. Yates has a very neat, up to date
office and the significant notice, "No
Smoking," adorns the walls.
B. F. Blythe, editor and publisher of
the Glacier, gives the people a first-class
local paper w hich seems to be appreciat
ed, as his subscription list is large
already and still growing. Mr. Blythe
worked at the case in Portland in pio
neer days but of later years he finds
life at Hood River more to his
liking, where he alt mates between
the Glacier office and a nice little
lierry and fruit ranch a little ways
out of town. He also owns an elegant
home in town overlooking the Columbia
and surrounded by massive oaks, for
which Hood River is noted.
The most widely known character of
the litte city is Dr. W. L. Adams, a
pioneer of 1848, who got his start in old
Yamhill. In company with the Glacier
scribe, the writer spent an hour in the
home of Dr. Adams, and listened to him
teil of ye olden time and of the early po
litical history of Oregon, with which the
old pioneer, who is now 82 years of age,
is very familiar. At one time he pub
lished the Argus, at Oregon City, in op
position to the Oregonian which was ed
ited by Thos. Dryer, and the war must
have been carried on after the true
Western style, as Mr. Adams says
he carried two revolvers and a big
knife at all times, in order to
be ready for all emergencies that lie
thought were liable to be met. Speak
ing of the present site of New berg, he
said he sold some property at Astoria for
$3,400 in an early day, and coming up
the river he landed here and footed it
across the country with the hard cash
stuck in his boot legs, which made walk
ing rather heavy. Before leaving Yam
, hill county he sold what is known as
the Thompson farm, over beyond North
Yamhill for $28,000. Dr. Adams has a
wonderful memory for names and dates
and he has been urged many times to
write a history of the early settlement
of Oregon, which he is fully competent
even at his advanced age to do. When
you have a little spare time to spend
away from home, by ail means take a
trip up the Columbia, and a stop-off at
Hood River will not be out of the wav.
Hood River Urowg It.
They raise a strawberry in Oregon of
so firm a texture that it stands a five
day trip from the coast and is placed up
on the markets of the central West in
perfect condition. These berries come
on after the home product of the central
Western states is gone. We should
like to know something more about this
berry. Iowa State Register.
Medals for Hood River,
The following named fruit growers of
Hood River and Mt. Hood received med
als at the Buffalo exposition, as follows:
Gold Medals. E. L. Smith, Wm.
Ehrck, Geo. Booth, W. P. Watson.
Silver Medals. C. L. Rogers, W. W.
Nason, G. J. Gessling, E. L. Smith.
Bronze Medals. W. J. Baker, Fred
Knndson, D. R. Cooper, G. A.MeCurdy,
B. R. Tucker, F. G. Church, H. C,
Bateham, W. W. Nason.
W.P.Watson also received honorable
mention for coin exhibited. The state
of Oregon received medals in the horti
cultural division as follows: Gold med
als, 17; silver medals, 18; bronze med
als, 51 ; honorable mention, 22.
County School Superintendent Gilbert
is making his semi-annual visits to the
various schools in the county and hopes
to make the rounds of all the districts
lietween now and the holidays. He says
from the information at liana the attend
ance of schools throughout the countv is
better than it has ever before been dur
ing the fall terms. New districts are
Iieing created, wherever necessities de
mand, and Mr. Gilbert says it is evident
to him that there is increased interest
Iieing taken in educational matters
throughout Wasco county. Hood River's
school has an attendance of over 300 and
six teachers are employed. This school
is doing very excellent work and is the
liest in the county outside of the Dalles.
The attendance in the school at Pine
Grove, in Hood River Valley, has so in
creased that it has been found necessary
to employ a second teacher.
According to the records of the United
States land office at The Dalles, Wasco
county has still 512,408 acres of land
that is open to settlement. Of this 333,
348 acres are surveyed and 179,000 un
surveved. The total area of the county
is 1,7(11, 000 acres. Of this 23,530 acres
have "been reserved and 1,225,062 acres
appropriated under the various land
laws. Between January 1st and Nov. 1st
of the present year 280 new homestead
entries have been made in the countv,
covering 44,000 acres of land, while
proofs have been made on 65 homesteads,
18 commuted homesteads, 4 timber cul
tures, cash entries, and 10 timber and
stone entries.
The last legislature made a radical
change in the mode of collecting taxes.
If taxes are paid in full by the 15th of
March, a rebate of 8 per cent is allowed ;
if one-half are paid by the first Monday
in April. the balance can be paid on or
In-fore the first Mondav in (X-tober. If
taxes are delinquent after the first Mon
day in October, 12 per cent interest from
the riot Monday iu April will be charged
and collected.
Why is a dirty boy like flannel? Be
cause "he shrinks from wasihn.
Death of E. E. Savage.
'-Edward Everett Savage died at his
home in HoodHiver, Oregon, at 6:40
o'clock a. in., Nov. 21, 1901. The cause
of his death was cancer of the stomach.
He took his bed Oct.l2,for the last time.
He leaves a widow and two sons
Charles Savage of San Francisco, and
Ralph Savage of Hood River. Mr. Sav
age was born in Augusta, Maine, Sep
tember 15, 1848. In 1856 his parents
moved to Butler county, Iowa, w here
the subject of this sketch grew to man
hood and engaged in business. Among
other enterprises he published a . news
paper at Parkersburg, Iowa,and also at
Shell Rock, Iowa. He was i married
March 17, 1809, to Mary Elizabeth Bur
dick, at New Hartford, Iowa. For a
number of years he was in theemploy of
the New England l.oan & Trust Co., at
Sioux Falls, Des Moines and Omaha.
He came to Hood River in February,
1894, and engaged for Several years in
farming and fruit growing. For the
past 18 months he was engaged in the
hardware trade in Hood River, and in
that time had built up a good business.
He was a member of Hood River Lodge
No. 105, A. F. and A. M., inwhich order
he was a past master.
Mr. Savage was universally respected,
not only for his many noble "qualities as
a man and a citizen, but also for his
great abilities and general knowledge.
Ho was self-made and a remarkable
man in many respects. An accom
plished parliamentarian, he could
preside gracefully and with digni
ty over a deliberative body, or w as at
home at the blacksmith's forgo, or in a
carpenter shop, or in a printing office.
He was learned in the law, had mastered
several languages, could report a speech
in shorthand and was an adept at the
deaf and dumb alphabet. At all times
reserved, he never put himself forward,
and a stranger might not have taken
him to be the erudite scholar and ac
complished gentleman that he . was.
He was a man that would have
done honor to himself and a constituen
cy in the halls of congress. Iu politics
he was a life-lomr renublican. In the
death of Mr. Savage llood River loses
its most accomplished and useful citizen.
Funeral at 2 o'clock, Fridav.November
22d, from Masonic temple. ,
White Salmon Newt.
Mrs. A. H. Jewett went to- Portland
Tuesday for a short visit.
Miss Mary Cheyne has accepted a
position in Spokane, as a teacher, and
will leave for that place next week.
The Artisans will give a dance in Lau
terbaek's hall on Thanksgiving evening.
T. Wyera and daughter, Miss Minnie,
went to Fulda, Wash., Friday morning.
Miss Francis Hendryx and Wesley
Locke were married Sunday afternoon
at the home of P. Groshong.
Frank Moore of Trout Lake was in
town Tuesday, on his way to Portland.
Don't fail to come to the social, to be
given at the Congregational church Fri
day evening, Nov. 22d.
W. F. Stadelman was in from Trout
Lake Wednesday, and went to The
Dalles before returning home.
Mrs. Nellie Stewart and her father, A.
Cheyne, were here this week looking for
a house to rent. They expect to move
in two or three weeks.
Rev. Dillinger will preach in the Con
gregational church Sunday, the 24th. '
Frank Moore went to Portland last
Monday and returned the latter part of
the week. He reports a very enjoyable
Misses Anna Wetherell and Anna
Reynolds returned home Monday even
ing after a short visit at Carson, Wash.
- X.
Trout Lake Items.
R. A. Snider, the celebrated dentist
from Portland, was out last week to pull
teeth. He extracted every tooth in
Trout Lake with the exception of two,
which were eye-teeth. They we're so
long that Dr. Snider was afraid thieves
of the patient might be injured. "He
made his stopping place at W. F. Stad
elman's. August Wagnitz, wno has been quite
sick for a while, went to Portland about
two weeks ago to see a doctor. We
hope he is improving. Fred Moore is
taking care of the family while August
is away.
The Artisans gave a social dance last
Saturday evening.Nov. 2d, at D. F. Mor
row's. A good time was had by all pres
ent. . . , ,.
W. F. Stadel man was a White Salmon
visitor a few days ago.
Nine new Artisan members were ititia
ted last Saturday, Nov 10th.
Charles Marble informs us that ' he
will no longer drive the meat wagon up
to Trout Lake. He made his last trip
Saturday. Y.
A Great Circus.
The Masque Skating Carnival to be
held Wednesday evening, Nov. 27, the
evening before Thanksgiving, will be the
greatest and most amusing affair ever
given here. The costumes will all be
new, and the many novel features intro
duced will make it worth your while to
attend. The laughing you will do will
give you a good appetite foryour Thanks
giving dinner. Take the children, go
and enjoy yourself; you wont regret see
ing the coons do the cake walk on skates.
or the grand scramble for the yellow
legged chicken, fcach spectator will be
given a numbered ticket and the one
holding the lucky number will get a fine
fat turkey. Remember, next Wednes
day night, Nov. 27th.'
Qnincjr Lee Morrow.
Great reform movements produce
great orators. The abolition movement
gave us Beecher, Sumner, Phillips, Lin
coln. The temperance reform has given
to the country a galaxy of star orators
Goigh,Fincli,Franoes Willard, Woolley,
uieKey. uur community .is fortunate
in the opportunity to hear one of the
foremost of the vounirer veneration of
advocates of this great reform in the
person of Qnincv Lee Morrow of Indiana,
who speaks iu the Mondav,
wov. Zi at 2 p. m. and 8 p. m. The
Evening Telegram of Providence, R. I.,
said :"Mr. Morrow delivered the ereat-
est lecture heard here in twenty vears."
AUDiismon win De iree and the public
coruiany invited.
Temperance Confemee.
Rev. Quincy Lee Morrow of Indiana
will preside at the temperance confer
ence to be held at the M. E. church
Monday afternoon and evening, Nov. 25,
at 2 p. m. and 8 p. m. Rev.F.R. Spauld
ing and Mrs. H. C. Shaffer will also ad
dress the meeting in the evening. Good
singine. Admission free.
Election Notice.
Notice Is hereby given that on the third rtav
of Iieremher, ld. at the A. O. V. W. hall Iu
the el I. vol Hood River, county ofWunuuw
of Oregon, an election will I held for cily
office rs, namely: tine mayor, to serve one
year two aldermen, U serve one year thre
aldermen, U serve two years: one recorder, to
serve one jean one treasurer, to servo one
I'Mi; wnirn election will be held at torlnck
n th morning and will continue nntll
In the afternoon of said dar.
Judgeeof Hrrtkjn J. H. nnken I.n.rk
Thoa. Clark. Clerks Helbert Rand and U J.
Dated this 2M day of November, 1VOI.
4. It. MCKELSEX, City Rwrder.
The barn of R. Heyting, at Lyle, con
taining 100 tons of hay, was destroyed
by fire November 10th. Loss, $l,(i00.
There are very few apples suitable for
shipment sold in Portland. Some pret
ty fair apples are sold at retail at $1 per
box, but the bulk of those for sale would
in ordinary years be unsalable and they
retail at all kinds of prices from 50 cents
a box up. For really good apples, prop
erly packed, the retail price is from $1.25
to $1.75 per box. Rural Northwest.
We learn from the Goldendalo Senti
nel that J. F. Reed died at his home in
th Horse Shoe Bend country, Klickitat
county, Nov. 9th. Mr. Reed at one
time lived in Hood River and owned a
place in the Crapper district. His age
was 63. He was a veteran of the civil
war and served in the 33d Missouri. He
was the father of Charles Reed of Hood
Thomas M. Whitcomb, an old settler
and prominent citizen of Klickitat coun
tv.Wash., died at his home at Lyle,
Nov. 5th. Mr. Whitcomb was a resi
dent of Hood River valley from 1874 to
1876, and owned the place now owned
by M. B Potter. He was a veteran of
the Mexican and civil wars.
(reat Luck of an Editor.
"For two years all Efforts to cure Ec
zema in the palms of my hands failed,"
writes Editor II. N. Lestor, of Syracuse,
Kas.,"tlien I was wholly cured by Buck
liu's Arnica salve." It is the world's best
foreruptions.soresand all skin diseases.
Only 25c at Chan. N. Clarke's.
Busy in Country, Too.
Jlood' River, Nov.' 14, 1901. Editor
Glacier : I noticed in last week's Glacier
that you spoke of Hood River being such
a busy town. Now, I am more than
glad to hear this; but I want to call at
tention to the fact that the surrounding
country is also very busy. If yon don't
think so, just take a spin around the
block some fine clay and notice the new
houses being built on every side. This
with the improvements lately made in
some portions of the road, makes a very
pleasing sight for those who enjoy the
building up of Hood River valley.
. That Throbbing Headache.
Would quickly leave you, if you used Dr.
King's New Life Pills Ttiousandsof sufj
ferers have proved their matchless merit
forsick and nervous headaches. They
make pure blood and build upyourhealth
Only 25cents.Money back if not cured.
Sold by Chas. N.CIarke.druggist.
Paints and Brushes,
Oils and Glass.
We have ready-mixed Paints, made by the
oldest paint establishment In the world. Ev
ery can bears the following guarantee:
"If you have any fault whatever to find
with this paint atany time, either now In the
painting, or alter In the wearing tell your
dealer about It. We authorize him to do
what la right at our expense. But do your-
seu ana us me justice to loiiow instructions.
Painters and Decorators.
To the ladles of Hood River Valley: Miss M
B. Ooss will do dressmaking or sewing at
your home. Cuts by McDowell Garment
uraugiuing mncnine. Kales 73c per day.
Address MWS M. B iOSS, Hiaid River.
To let contract for clearing about 15 jcres
near August l'aasch'g farm. Inquire at Gla
cier omen.
For Sale.
An 80 acre tract of land. 1ft miles from Hood
River: moNtly level and free from stone, with
deep, loose anil, plenty water for Irrigation: a
creek, a large spring; 10 acres fenced and most
ly In meadow and bearing orchard. A good
House, burns and cellars, t'rlce l,wu cash .
For Sale.
f one-yeaiwild male calves, one male calf 8
One 3.rpflr.nll cow nnoH-vnoMilfl hull turn
mounts old, and one boar one year old. At
iarmoi ii.ui.nKN,
d!3 Underwood, Watih.
Stockholders Meetine
The regular annuel meeting of stockholders
of the Hood River 'I'liinapnrtiulon and Bfxun
Company will he held at the Hood River
Transfer Co's office In Hood River. Tuesday,
mwmoer hi, iwii, at zociock I', m., lor tne
purpose of electing a board of directors and
transacting any other business that may
property uome oeiore ine nneMng.
JP. . DAVIDSON, Secretary.
New Establishment.
Mrs. I E. Plersol has opened Dressmaking,
Cutting and Kitting i'arlors np stairs in the
Prattler building. Special attention given to
ntuiig stout, lames, rrices reasonable.
10 Acres for Sale.
Ten acres tine fruit hunt V. miles from town
Prl lee . R .JLX HI N .
Wagon for Sale.
.A 2" Inch wagon, can be used double or
single; giaxi as new. tan ie seen ac I u.(;0n
Cue's barn. J. WAGKNBLAsT.
Cockerels for Sale.
At Everhart's ranch, mile east of Belmont
church, a few Rose Combed White Leghorn
icaereis. rricesi.tweacii.
In the matter of the application of David A.
Turner, to register the title to lot numbered
Pour HI In block numbered Four Hi of Wt
nans addition to the town (now city) of Hood
River, county of Wasco and state 'of Oregon.
To Mrs. f P. Dodge and all to whom It may
That on the Wh day of November, A. D. VM.
an application was tiled by said David A.
Turner In theeircult court of Wasco county
for Initial registml ion of the title or the land
above riewcriied. Now, unless vou appear on
or before the 1Mb day of December, A.D.. Mil,
and show cause why said application hoiiWi
not be granted, the same will be taken a con
fessed, and a cli ent will be entered according
to the prayer of the application, and you will
be forever barred from disputing the same.
Witness my hand and tiie seal of said court
fI ,i hereunto affixed this 12tb dav of No-'"-"'vember.A.D.lHtil.
A. K. LARK, Clerk.
John Leland Henderson, attorney for ap
plicant. nl.idU
lind Office at The Dalles, Oregon. Nov. 7.
1!M. Notice is hereby given that the lollow-Ing-namcd
settler has filed notice of hl
Intention to commute an, I make final pi(
iu support of hi claim, and that said pnf
will be made beftn-e the Register and Hvt Iver
at Tne I Mil lea, Oregon, on fviturdav, lieocem
ber 2, l'.ll. vie
of Hood River, Oregon. H. K. N. . w the
east l, southeast V northwest '4 south, l,.
and southwest northeast secuon 2i,umn.
ship i north, range east, VV. M.
lie nan- the following wttiiemes to prove
h!scontinuousreideMce upon and euilivalioti
of. said land, ris:
Way Rand, sw'ely Hand, Benjamin KadeW
man and E. T. Winans. all of Hood Kiver. or.
nl.Viai JAY P. WCA. Register.
m WW
Peanut Roaster.
We have a peanut Roaster of latest, patern
and can supply our customers with the best
quality of peanuts, fresh roasted every day.
Sample them. COIjKA liltAHAM.
A full line of Xegul Blanks for sale at Brad
ley's Ikiok Htoro.
Town Lots for Sale.
Apply lo - .1. K. WAIT,
Mee'y Kood HIverTownsite Co.
Hereford Bull.
Thoroughbred Hereford Bull for service at
.Tfirsisv Thill fnr Sa.lfi.
A flrst-cluss Jersey bull, 8 years old, of the
rat. ijtiinnei-i strain; reaisiereu.
s27 A. it. BYRKETT.
Pigs for Sale.
A numlier ot I'ius for sale by
nai J. A. HENDERSON, lllngen, Wash.
Rogers Bros. 1847 goods
a ihik Kioi'K 01 Iiuhih nnw, inn niiivnt,
Korku, Hpoonw, etc, AH for wile at reasonnble
Good Milk Cow
Eorwileby C. A. ROHS.
Stove for Sale.
Second bund Cook Stove for snle by
nat T. BlMHOP.
H. S. GALLIGAN, I'rop'r.
Has a good assortment of the lending va.
rletles of Apples, grown on WHOLE ROOTS,
mat are amrnd lo none grown in tne sunn,
All Stock Guaranteed.
Money to Loan
On Improved farms and good stock ranches at
low rales and on long time, If wanted, state
particulars and lowest amount wanted by
writing or culling upon
all - m Stark St, Portland, Or.
McGuire Bros.
Fresh and Cured Meats,
Lard, Poultry,
. Fruits and Vegetables.
Free Delivery. Phone 35.
Call and See Us.
I have now taken charge of the cutting de-
fiartinent of Mrs. Clark's J )ress Making estah
ishmcnt, and we are now prepared to do
general dress making, also ladles' tailoring.
All old customers and ulso new ones are re
spectfully Invited to call and examine our
work and gel our prices. 1 also conduct my
Dress Cutting school In connection. Hours
from 2 Ui 4 p. in. You should Inquire Into the
merits oi this work. jane cuatkn,
Manager Standard Dress Cutting School.
mile south of town, I have opened a Klonr
ana eea iore. no need now to naui your
feed up the big hill from town when you can
ouy oi me at doiioiu prices.
1)22 D. P. LAMAR,
To Parllc Wauling- SI raw berry Land.
I have a tract of land very suitable for above
purpose, which I will lay off in tracts of 10, 20
or 40 acres each. The land Is well watered
and located on the main county road, only
'iYt miles from Columbia river. Each tract
will have frontuge on county road. For fur-
thei information write to the undersigned at
White Salinou, Wash., or come and see the
land, only miles fiom L'nderwood Land
ing and about same distance from Rankin fer
ry. K. 1). CAMEROON
Taken Up.
Three calves, less than one year old. Own
ers will pay lor this ad and take them away
ior seeps. - . s. tiAieaiAM
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, October
28, IH0I.-Notice I" hereby given that the following-named
settlers have filed notice of
tneir intention tu commute and make final
proof on their respective claims before the
Register and Receiver at The Dalles, Oregon,
on naiuraay, ueeemner h. mil, vm:
on homestead application No. W74, for lot 7,
north V, southeast H and southeast V. north,
east, y. suction HI, township 2 north, range 9
runt,, ,
on homestead nmilication No. MUS. for lots S.
9, 10 and 11, section 81, township 2 norlh.rangc
V r,, O . ATI.
Witnesses: Lee Morse. Lou Morse. W. B.
Cole, D. E. Rand and Glen Eabrlek, all of
llood River, Oregon.
nlU8 JAY P. LUCAS, Register.
To Water Consumers.
The rules of the company will be strictly
followed alter this date. All who are delin
quent niter tne 10th day of the month will be
charged the full prlc?, viz: gl.rsl per month;
the extra i'M going to the collector, who will
shut off water at the main from residence
where payment Is not promptly made, and it
win not ne turned nu isguln until all arrear
ages are paid. Beginning July 1st next, all
waier rcrns win oeciiurged to owners ol rent
ed bullillnirs Insteadofto the occupant.
hood river spring water co.
In the matter of the application of David A.
Turner, to register the title to lot numbered
One tl) In block numbered Four (ti of Wimtm
addition to the town (nowelt.v)of Hood River,
county of Wasco und state of Oregon.
To Mrs. O. P. Podge, C. B. Gabriel and Mrs.
C. B. Gabriel, his wife, and all to whom It
may concern:
That on the lllh day of November, A. D.
11)01, an application was filed by said David
A. Turner In Hie circuit court of Wasco nulli
ty for Initial mrlMiHtion of the title of the
lund above descrilted. Now, unless you np
pcuron or before the ltilh day of December,
A. D. ltOl.and show cause why said applica
tion should not lie granted, the same will be
taken as ifotitessed, and a decree will be en
tered according to the oca ver of the apnllca
Hon, and you will be forever barred from dis
puting the same.
"Witness my hand and the seal of said court
hereunto attlxcd this 12th day of Novem-
li-. j iwr. a, it. . r.. i.-ivr., i terK.
John Leland Heudersou, ulliinic) lor ap-
In the matter of the application of I .aura E.
Turner, to register the title ti lot miiuliercd
Two (2 In blin k numbered Four (f ol Wluans
addition lo the town (now city) of Hood
River, county of Wasco and state of Oregon ,
To Mrs. O. P. Dodge, W. O. Ash, Mary A. Ash,
Marlon McCart) and Louisa, McCarly, and
all to whom it may coucern:
That on the lllh day of November, A. D.
HMil, an application whs filed by said lanra
K. Turner in the etrcuil court of Wasco coun
ty for Initial registration of the title of the
land above devritied. Now, unless you aiv
lear on or bciore (hebitlidav of liceember.
A. D. Pull, and show cause why said applica
tion should not be granted, the same will be
taken as eon les!, mid a ileerc will be en
tered according to ihe prayer of the applica
tion, and you will be forever barred from dis
puting the same.
Witness my hand and the seal of said court
ii 1 hereuntoadixed this 12th dav of No
vemher,A.D.lH. A. E. LAKE, Clerk.
John Iceland Henderson, attorney Mr ap
pHeHiir nl.VUS
In the matter of the application of Laura E.
Turner to rt-citer the title lo kt number!
Three (S) In bi,a-k nuuibeKj Four (4i of Wi
nans addition lo ihe loa'n mow cilvi of Hood
River, county of Wasco and state of Oregon.
To Mrs. O. . Iwidgc, M, C. stoat and Isabella
Hloul, and all to wttom it may concern:
That on the H. h .lay of November, A.D. 101,
an applira'ion whs filed by said I -sum K.
iurncr tn ll.e cirrus! court of Utmncmiulr
r Initial reeli ration of Ihe title of the land
above teeri!ed. ,,w. unless vou appear on
or helor Ihe P.lh dav of leeeiiilier, A. D. IMU,
and fiow esu- whv aid application should
not be nn.nt.-d. the sme wlil be taken aom
less.'d, and a tlceree w ilt be entered a-eordlnr
lo tne prayrr of the ai.nli. !i.,n. and yon w ill
be forewr burred from (llplttng Itie anie.
line- my hand and Ibesenl or said enrt
r, . j hereunto ti vol this l1h dav of No
1 Ten.lT.A.IMl. A. F l-AKK, Clerk.
John Leland HrnuVrsob. ait.Hrney for ni
plicaut. nl'xlll
1 h islIPiS
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I. Lots in Waucoma Tark addition
from f!0 to $160.
2. One thousand acres No. 1 orchard
land, at $1.75 an acre. Also, flume and
water privilege, w ith buildings and land
ing at Drano, $2,500. Property of Ore
gon Lumber Co. on east (ide of Little
White Salmon ; must be sold together.
3. Eight acres off the VYV J. Baker
place, known as the Ileffernan place; in
strawberries; price, with crop, $1,000.
4. Twenty-five acres of the Silliman ,
place, East Kide; 18 acres in cultivation ;
young orchard ; $75 an acre.
5. The Richard Kirbyson place of 20
acres on the Htate road; early straw,
berry land ; price $1,500.
6. The north 40 acres of the Hender
son place, miles west of town on the
Belmont road ; $55 an acre ; or the east
10 acres of the south 40 at $100 an acre.
Only one tract will be sold.
7. Barrett-Si pma addition; $75 per lot:
$10 down and $5 per month; no interest.
8. 38 acres of the Monroe place, near
Pine tirove school house; $700 cash.
9. Fine homestead of 160 acres on
Rock creek near Davenport's. Price
$1,000 $300 down, balance at 6 per
cent. j
10. Lots in Hull's addition ; each
lot level, 80 x 140 ; center of ball ground ;
$150 each.
II. 150 acres about 8 miles from Hood
River on Mosier creek, new house, three
acres in fruit, $700 cash, title perfect.
15. Lots in Henderson sub-division
$37.50 a lot.
Id. Thirtv-five acres land east of
county road in John Monroe and J. M.
Monroe homesteads; wild land; price
$20 per acre.
IS). The Glover farm, well improved,
i miles from Goldendale; 240 acres;
140 acres in cultivation; 63 acres in
winter wheat; 7 acres in hog pasture,
with a creek running through it; all un
der fence, with cross fences; large
new barn and fine house. Price $12.60
an acre ; will take Hood River property
in part payment.
21. N. S. E. H, 8- k N. E. K.'sec.
4, T. 3 N., R. 11 E White Salmon ; fine
timber hind ; $10 per acre.
22. The Emerson homestead, only one
mile cant of town ; fine range; $1,500.
25. Two beautiful building lots near
Robt. Rand's new house. Price $200
for the two. "
28. 529 acres, with much fir timber,
including both falls on Hood river. Re
fer to Butler & Co.
31. At Trout Lake, 80 a. ; 3 in timothy,
cuts 8 tons a year; 50 a. in heavy saw
timber, while nine, fir and cedar"; west
fork White Salmon river runs through
the place; price $1,250.
32. Emma G. Robinson's 100 acres on
hills east of White Salmon, known as
the Drver nluce: film timber: iinim.
proved; $785.
Eligible residence lots in Spangler'g
subdivision, near cannon house; only
$75; terms easy.
160 acres of land about 8 miles from
Hood River on Mosier creek, new house,
three acres in fruit, perfect title, $700,
for sale at the Emporium.
$200 to $1,200 to loan.
At the Emporium is kept a first-class
surveyor's transit, and the proprietor
being a practical surveyor, is well pre
pared to do the work of laying out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying.
N. B. Terms are easy on all t healiove
lands, with interest at 6 per cent. Per
sons desiring locations on homesteads
and timber claims should apply at the
Tlinh r Ad June 3, lHTd.l
United Stiiton Iud Office, Vnneouver
Waxh., Sept. 11, iwii. Notice Ix hereliy given
thiil in compliance wltli the provlHlonii of Ihe
act of coiicresn of June H, lies, emit led "Anao
for the khIc of flintier ImikIk In the HlateH of
California, Oregon, Nevada and WaxliinKton
territory," an extended to all the public land
suili by act of Auuiial 4, IK'2,
Of Kulda, county of Klickitat, male of Waah-
liiKUin.hiin Hi utility tiled In thin office lilnworu
ulaleinelit No. 3H0 for the purcliaae of the
outhucKt norlliwsl i,4, mid northwest W
southeast of neci!on No. II, in township No.
i north, rtinire No. II cant, W. M.. and
will oner proof to allow that the land aoiiKhl.
Is more valuable for lla tiiuher or atone than
for agricultural inrtocK. anil lo eiuhiiui. io
claim to anid land before the KcKlnter and
uc-civer oi una onice at Vancouver, Waali..
mi Tucadnv, the 2Kth day of November, Imil.
He name aa witnee: Halaev 1
Samuel M.t-oie and John Wyera of Kill. la.
Wa", and Oeorire w . Gilmer of (il liner.
Auv and all neraima claiming ai1pnrw.iv h
above-dmrritM'd lmid are reuneaicil to nie
their claim In thin nffl.-e On or before kmIi!
iilh day of November, Uit.
ii.-i . W. K. lH'N'BAR. Register.
Ijnd Office at The llle. Oregon, Nov. 5,
'mi. Notice la hereby given that Ihe following-named
wilier nan tiled not ice of ul.lnlei,
tioti to make final rtroof in !....
of hla elnlni. and that mild proof will be
nu uriore i .cor e i. rrainer. t;. H.tVininila
loiier, at 111 Kiver, Oregon, on Friday.
UiemlK-r !:, lil, vit; V
f Hod tllver. Oregon. II. K. No. Mm, for the
eal K BHiineaai i, section 7 and mutnweat
nonhwext i4 and northweat i south weal i?
ac tion, townihip 2 n rth, range II enot.w'M,
He nam the .,i!ow!ng Diiiinwuuinnx
hla in(nnm rol.lrllce uiajn and ruLticy.
tionof aaitl laud.vil:
: . '"". Krank Adama, H. Lage and
H.r. K,.l.1i,..n,all ot Hood Kiver, Or