The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 09, 1901, Image 2

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    Tho 0. R. & N. company iH making
extensive improvements on Ha tracks
nnd roadbeds in Oregon and Washing
ton. A total of 13 steel bridges and 5
concrete masonry arch culverts are U be
eroded this year, (or which anordi'r was
placed some time ago w ith the American
ISridge company for I, Ml, 000 pounds of
steel for niiM'rxtructure of some of the
bridges.' The most important (piece of
work Iw-ing done is the change of loca
tion of the roadlied lietwecn tunnel No. 3
and The Ialles. This improvement
is made Wause the present road is
quit crooked and will !e abandoned en
tirely between the jioints given. The
present lino has a maximum curvature
of 10 degrees, while on the new line it
will lie but 4 degrees. The new line will be
1000 feet shorter than the old. The work
of improving this line by reduction in
grades and curvature, ballasting, sub
stitution of steel bridges for frame struc
tures and pile trestles, new heavy steel
for the old rails, etc., is being consistent
ly and vigorously prosecuted, and it is
expected that even by the close of the
full of 1001 the patrons of tho road will
la able to observe a very noticeable im
provement in the line These improve
ments should add much to the comfort
and safety of the traveling public, as all
work is being done in a first-class man
ner and with the idea of jiermaneucy.
The open season for grouse is Octoler
1st to Decerning 1st. The Shaniko
leader thinks this a most unjust law,
for by the time shooting opens the birds
have taken themselves to the heavy tim
Ist and are hidden away in tho big firs.
.."Tho law," says the leader, "so far as
protecting tho birds works to perfection,
and helps the poacher, who cares noth
ing for that law, to the detriment of
the honorable sportsmen who do not
shoot before the opening day."
Concerning thedallesof the Columbia,
Mr. Heevesof the congressional commit
tee says: "I am deeply impressed with
the opinion that the cost of the pro-
isised canal has been greatly overesti
mated. The present estimatcof (4,00,-
000 is $2,000,000 less than the original
estimate, and I cannot see why thework
cannot be done for $2,000,000. Part of
the way there is already a natural canal
of half sufficient size, and with modem
facilities for excavating both earth and
stone, with locks of reasonable and
proper proportions, the work should be
done for the sum named."
The University of Oregon.
The University of Oregon, the state
university, has had an exceedingly pros
perous year. Tho success in athletics
has been only enrfaee indications of the
enthusiastic and loval spirit of the stu
dents, and of a strong determination to
put the university to the front and make
it stand strongly for Oregon.
A better and truer indication of the
prosperous condition of the university is
the high standard of scholarly work
done during the past year. The Uni
versity of Oregon is fast becoming a true
university and is doing a continually ad
vancing grade of work. Indications of
this are the winning of the debating con
test with the University of ashington
and the three university men, two grad-
nates and one a graduate student, to
scholarships at Columbia and 1 ale wtiere
tlie competition is very heavy, iheor
ations on commencement and the grail
anting theses, required of e eryone re
ceiving a degree, were of unusual merit,
The outlook for next year is bright.The
departments of the university have been
strengthened by the addition of seven
new instructors, men of the highest
scholarship and training. AlcCluro hall,
the new laboratory for chemistry and
mining, is beting fitted up at a cost of
nearly (7,000 and will be one of the com
pletest and lest in the country. The
new engineering and power plant is in
the process of erection and will greatly
increase the facilities of the university
in engineering. J he university will then
have eight buildings, six of theseof brick.
The present year w ill see the largest in
crease to the library in the whole history
of the university. Nearly 5,000 volumes
will be added by exchange, gift and pur
chase, and by 1902 the university will
have tho largest library for scholarly re
search in the state. The number of vol
umes will be by the end of 1!H)1 about
, 111,000, besides several thousand pamph
lets. A system of special lectures was inaug
urated during the past year by which
prominent men from different" parts of
the state were brought to Kugepe to lec
ture on topics related to courses of in
struction carried on at the university.
The growth of the university in num
bers has been somewhat remarkable.
The total number of students for all de
partments at Eugene for the year 18(18
90 was 181 ; for the vear 18!9-1!HX it was
220, and for l'.NVoi'it was 3t2, or a gain
of 100 ier cent in two years.
In the Hunch l.rass Country.
liums, Or., July 22, 1901. Editor
Glacier: As a munlier of my frienits
wished me to let them know what I
thought of this country, I will give all
a chance through the Glacier. Of course
every one reads or should read the home
paper. The tow n of Horns is a business
like town about the size of Hood Hiver
well represented by the usual nunilierof
stores and business houses of all kinds
but it decidedly lacks the fine old oaks
and pretty gardejis of Hood Kiver. The
town has four-roomed school building
with about enough young Americas to
till it. The Baptists and Presbyterians
have church buildings, and the Catholics
have a building in course of construction.
The town is built on a small rise of
ground on the edge of Harney valley.
Its water supply is furnished mainly by
wells and wind mill tower. The water
is fair on the hill but in the valley is in
clined to be alkali.
The country is one of magnificent dis
tances. Everything is told off at a fif
teen, thirty, sixty or seventy mile rate.
A man says, "Just over on Silver creek
there is fine troiot fishing." I think os
sibly 1 might take a stroll over that way
after otlice hours and try my hand on
the finny beauties, and innocently in
quire the distance. 1 am answered as
innocently, "O, its only alxmt 35 miles.
Hut its tine roads," he adds, as he no
doubt notices the expression on my face.
Hid I go fishing in Silver creek? Well,
no, not hardlv.
One t hing this vallev is specially noted
for is its hay and stock. The altitude is
high and with the exception of the liar
dier varieties it is difficult to raise fruits
and farm and garden products. Old set
tlers tell me that the climate is changing
and things they once thought were im
possible to raise do quite well. Of
course the best and handiest locations
are taken, but there seems to he plenty
of land subject to homestead and desert
land entry, and it is possible for It to
lie right in sight and still lie sixty miles
away. The land cilice business is in
creasing each mouth and we are kept
quite busy. Thero are plenty of oppor
tunities lor people here, but Hood Kiver
people who come hero must not expect
to find the pleasant natural surroundings
they have at home. I, fur one, when 1
am through working for Uncle Samuel
will be glad to have old Hood Kiver to
call me back, and say, "Old boy, you
have done pretty well, come and stay at
home." ' II. I.. Howk.
Items (leaned from Kural North next.
From present indications, apples will
sell Is'tter this year than last. Keep
the spray pump going.
The Oregon exhibit at the Huffulo ex
position is Itettcr than that of Washing
ton, if our appropriation wasn't so largo.
Hut more fruit is wanted by our repre
sentatives at Ituffalo.
The regents of the agricultural college
made o mistake when they abolished
the position of horticulturist in that in
stitution. Prof. Lake, who has been
horticulturist, is hereafter to give all his
time to teaching in the college. Prof.
Cordley is left to devote all his time to
the experiment station.
A subscrilsT reports having lost his
apple crop by spraying w ith prepared
liordcaux mixture. The" leaves turned
brown and the apples are falling off.
This has lieen an unusually good year
for Oregon fruit growers, ami appear
ances indicate it will continue to the
The total wheat crop of Oregon w ill
be alamt the same this year as last.
Wormy apples will hereafter lie shut
out of the markets of Montana, Wash
ington and British Coflimbia.
The total apple crop in the United
States this year will be far la-low the
average in uitautity ; and the apples will
average interior in size and Is1 poor
It is estimated the shipments of fruit
from the Hlalock ranch at Walla Walla
this year will amount to 100 carload.
Hnvers at Watsonville, Cal., are con
tracting for Yellow Newtown apples by
the carload at from 90 cents to (I a box.
John II ti lit (Vts a lliry.-le Patent.
John Hilllt, the Hood Kiver bicycle re
pair man, ban been granted a patent en
his cushion handle bar invention whYh
he worked out last winter. In this in
tention the handle bar is allael.i I to
an adjustable bar supporter which eon
tains a spiral spring. The cushion han
dlebar supporter can be fitted to any I ; -cycle
and is very effective in relieving
the jar and vibration of the oid;i r
handle bar. Mr. Ilullt has made appli
cation also for two other inventions a
cushion seat supporter, working on the
same principle as the cushion handle
bar, and a new sprocket coaster brake.
This coaster brake is similar to those
how in use, only that it is applied to the
sprocket wheel and ermits the revolving
of tho chain. Its construction is simple,
containing but 9 pieces, w hile the brake
now used has 22. Being attached to the
sprocket there isnecessarilly less friction
and the brake w ill last the lifetime of
the wheel. Mr. Ilullt has some good
inventions and should be able to realize
considerable money from the sale of the
( razy Man at Viento.
Deputy Sheriff Wood had to deal with
tho craziest of crazy men Monday at
Viento, in the person of A. E. Darling,
an old man who for the past few weeks
has lieen living in a shack a few miles
from that station. Not until Sunday
did he cause the residents any trouble,
but on that day he seemed to have an
idea that he must eradicate some of his
neighbors from the face of the earth.
Word was sent to this city, and yester
day Mr. Wood went down and brought
him up last night. Upon visiting his
cabin he found the old man engaged in
mixing up a batch of bread, into which
ho had put a quantity of carbolic acid.
It seems that he imagines he has hydro
phobia and that nothing but carbolic
acid will effect a cure, and for some time
he has lived on bread and potatoes, well
seasoned with that drug. Some time
ago he came to The Dalles from Butte,
Mont., and going up on the beach aliove
town built a scow and started down the
river. A short time after his boat was
found upside down in the river, and it
was supposed he was drowned until he
was found living at Viento. When Mr.
Wood endeavored to bring him up he
fought desperately and had to lie hand
cuffed ; but once on the train he grew
quiet. Today he has been beseeching
the officers to give him carbolic acid,
seeming to be a hend alter that drug
He was examined this afternoon and
will lie taken'to the asylum tomorrow.
Their Secret is Out.
All Sadieville,Ky., was curious to learn
thecauseof the vast improvement in the
health of Mrs.S.P. Whittaker.who had for
along time endured untold suffering from
achronic bronchial trouble. "It's all due
to Dr. King's New Discovery," writes her
husband. "It completely cured her anil
also cured our little grand-daughter of a
severe attack of whooping cough." It pos
itively cures coughs, colds, lagrippe, bron
chitis, all throat and lung troubles. Guar
anteed bottles 50c anil $1. Trial bottles
free at Chas. N. Clarke s drug store.
. o
Improvements at State Fair (iroimds.
The state board of agriculture are
making some wonderful improvements
at the state fair grounds, and old-timers
will hardly recognize the place when
they attend Oregon's greatest fair next
fall. The old pavilion is being enlarged
1. 1.. : . .. i .-. .i i ,
io nun on- hi size, it u i auer ine nesi ex
hibits ever seen in the state are arranged
there will le ample room left for an
auditorium, a thing that has been need
ed for a long time. A bran new up-to-date
creamery building is being erected ;
also w here the best dairy display ever
made in the state will certainly be seen.
The machinery hall is being enlarged,
new cattle stalls, sheep pens, hog stys,
and horse stables are being built. ' A
cozy farm cottage, hay barn and new
sidewalks are also oii the list of im
provements, and nothing will be left
undone to accommodate the exhibitor
and entertain the visitor at the state
fair this fall.
Astounded the Editor,
Editor S.A.Brown of Benuettsville,S.C,
was once immensely surprised. "Through
long suffering from dyspepsia," he w rites,
"my w ife was greatly run down. She had
no strength or vigor and suffered great dis
tress from her stomach, but she tried Elec
tric Bitters which helH'il her at once, and,
after using four bottles she is entirely well,
can eat anything. It's a grand tonic, and
its gentle laxative qualities are splendid
for torpid liver." Foriudigestion, loss of
appetite, stomach and li ver t roubles it's a
positive, guarantiel cure. Only 50c at
Chas. N. Clarke's.
Regular meeting of Canby post, G. A.
It. and W. K. C. tomorrow at 2 o'clock.
Notice to Taxpayers.
The Hoard of Konllatton for Wasco count v.
Oreiton, will meet and he ill session at tlie
court house of said county from Monday,
August 2tith. until Saturday, August Mst,lf.
bolh davs Inclusive, and will attend lo anv
and all mat lem which may come before such
board for consmeratlon.
The littllcsJWasco count v, Or..Ang. S, 1901.
as C.USCHMinr,
Assessor Wasco County, Oregon.
The pliico to net your harness supplies am!
repair work done In at Ilullt sold stand, cor
ner Third and stale streets. All pnrlN of bur
ncss furnished ami repair work done on (hurt
mulct. Also, nil klndsiif shoe repairing sat
isfactorily done at 'reasonable prices.
litis ('. WK1.DS.
Handles nothing hut whole-root trees. W. K.
Payne, lln-lr representative, Is mukliiK IiIh
lieadituartcrs in Hood Itlvcr, at llm lilcn
wimhI, and will lie pleased to Interview any
one desirous of planting fruit trees another
season. It will pay you to see him. l.r
Belgian Hares.
Pedigreed slot K. Kor sale hv
Bids Wanted.
Notice in hereby given Unit scalcil bids will
he received up to S o'clock A. -li. A 1 1 it 1 1 1 . 17.
Hull, at the otlice of district clerk ol school
district No. Kof W'useo county, ircgnn, fur IHi
cords of I lr and 5 cords of Oak Wiaid; said
wihuI to Ihi four feet, long, straight and Isidy
Wood, and to he delivered at the hcIiihiI house
ill snid district, lu basement and corded up
In ool condition. The wood to he delivered
on or heforc October l.i, limi.
lulled at II.hhI Kiver, or,, lltls 'illi day of
August, limi. UKo. T. PKATHKK,
t lci k Inst. No. 3.
Executor's Notice.
In t lit I 'oiinty Court of the state of Oregon
for Wasco County,
In the matter of I In- estate of Samuel Me
1'arlne.y, iIcitiici1: Noii.-e Is hen-hy given
that tin- undersigned has been appointed ex
ecutor of the lasl will of the iihove-iiituicil
Saiiiiu-I McCartney, deceased, hy order duly' hv the County Court alsive limned; nnd
all pci's.ins having claims against said estate
are herehy notified to present the saute, W illi
proper vouchers nod duly veillled. lothesatd
executor, at II Dice ol A. A. .Iiiyne, III llisid
Kiver. in snid nseo county, within six
inonl lis from date ol this notice.
Dated wmii-t I-, hml.
c I.. liHUKKs, Kxcculor.
Notice of Assessment.
Ti the holders of the Hood Kiver
Trioi-i i ini ion a ml I loom ( om puny: You are
licivlo i'ot!:;.'d lino an awsiiti'iii of twenty
ijiii I cr ccni on ihe capiinl stock ifiMKi s-r
siiiiivi tins Hits 'Iny hccii h' led, due and p.iy
iili.c id oiu-e, antl 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 in ! . I in. in nnd alter
the 'Jillii da) ol Ainrnsl, pull. 1'avnhle lo the
ItciMiiier, iio. I'. Ciowi'll, al Hood Kiver,
iin-r-.ii. I!v oi iler of the Mould of Htreclors,
I mtcd iitihI r, pull.
Fresh Cow for Sale.
A half Jersey cow, been fresh six weeks,
rrlcel(l. A I, .'.I A HoWK
From my place, July lilsl. a reit cow. with
white sMt, in forehead, one horn drooped:
about S years old. Any Information as to her
Wlicreaunuts will be llberallv rewarded. Ad
dress I). 11. I.KA.MINIi, Hood Kiver.
For Rent.
The 8. H. Noteinan place of ft acres at Hel
mont; on acre In sti'itwhcriics. Kor partiv
untrs nppty io i . h, coo..
For Sale.
Two horses, wagon and cart and thorough
bred chickens, by Mrs. S. K NOT KM AN.
Taken Up.
A sinall, pale-red hull calf, atiotit 4 months
old: hole In ngnl ear, owner will pity charges
luinmae iiiiiiuwiiy. A. o. iikksiikv.
Belgian Hare.
Stock of all ages for sale. Prices reasonable,
HZl -Mils. A. O. HKKSHK.V,
Closing Out Millinery.
All my millinery stock will lie sold below
cost, lo close out by Aug. Willi. Also, furni
ture and a new sewing machine and new side
saddle lor sale. ANN IK MATH KW'S.
5 Acres Land for Sale.
IV, miles south of town of Hisitl Kiver: all In
strawberries; l-VI fruit trees, smull house; price
rensonitoie. Auuress vt.n, 1 1 a hi kk,
Bill Hood Kiver.
Frankton Express.
,asseiitf(TH Hiid hiigtow tftkeu to nnd from
mill ntiiiiuu nnil nil unrlu .if tbo rulh.i..
Muht tninsfrmng and single riyslurnishcd for
ttluiiitif mr I"i W. It I'll U" I Vu
Stock Pasture.
We have good pasture for stock, unlimited.
ror ine nexi lour mounts win par.:ure stock
at 7'h- a head per month, nnd warranted
Bids Wanted
For three cords of Kir and Pine Wood deliv
ered at Frankton School House hv Sept. 1st.
lilds will be received by M. H. Nlckelsen, dis
trict clerk, until Aug. at, limi.
Ladies' Tailoring.
I have decided to put In Ladies' Tailoilng
In connection with my Kress Cutting School.
Anyone wishing Jackets and skirls made
should call and gel, my prices. A perfect fit
and first-class work guaranteed.
Manager Standard Itrcss Cutting School.
Two ll-innnths-old calves; one heifer,
the other a red steer; no ear marks or brands.
A reward will be paid for their return to
17 V. H. 11INK1 CI I H.
For Sale.
A small house, I.' x 12, with a gistd. new No.
8cook stove and utensils nil for SJ0. Apply
at Uliieler olllce between II and 11 a. 111. all
Lots for Sale.
At about $..') each. On the ridge overlooking
both rivers, covered with ireesand shrubbery,
and only six or seven blocks from depot. Ail
dress AKTHI K IHSHKOW, Hood Hiver.
b io 1JJ.G vai UclUtJSL.
K. K. Tucker Is agent for Standard Mowers
and Kakesand Fish liros.' Wagons. Try one.
None better. ni2
Cow for Sale.
A full-blooded Jersey, g)d family tow;
a pet. Call at the Glacier otlice or Usin
"I" S. Jl. COX.
Cows for Sale.
Plintoji ronilU' r-AH-u full Kt,..l 1 i..
Jerseys, lor sale by J. A, HKNDKKSON,
Peanut Roaster.
We have a peanut Koaster of latest patera
and can supply our customers with the best
ouallty of peanuts, fresh roasted everv day
Sample tlient. COLK& GRAHAM.
Timber l.and, Act June.), ISrsVI
I'nlled Slates Land Office, Vancouver, Wash.,
July ', P.mi. Notice Is hereby given that, in
compliance with the provisions of the net of
congress of June S, 1S7S, entitled an act tor the
sale of timber lamji In the siatesof California,
Oregon, Nevada and Washington Territory,"
us extended to nil the public land states hv
set of August 4, W, '
Of Portland, county of Multnomah, state of
Oregon, nas mis nay n led in this otlice his
sworn statement. No. .til, for Ihe purchase of
the southwest quarter iiorthwe! quarter, west
half southwest iptarter section l.and north
west ijuarter northwest nuarter or section No,
l in township No. 1 north, range No. 10 east,
W. M and w ill offer pnsil to show that the'
land sought Is more valuable for Its liinl,rr
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish his claim to said land before the
Kegister and Receiver of this office at Van
couver, Wash., on I ndny, the llthdayof
He nam? as witness w: Albert C. l'eets and
Joseph Ke.d of Portland, Or., and August J.
Wagnlti and Ruber! F. Cox of Troul ljike.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are rei-nestcd to
their claims in this officii, on or lielore said
tlfb dav of October, lml. i
iuHS W. K. lU'NRAR, Register.
Highest standard lu the slate. Two hun
dred courses in Literature, Helmut) and the
arts, Si li nee and F.hi.lnecrlhg and Music,
New buildings and eiiilpmcul: seven new In
structors. Nearly .ri.ii volumes added to li
brary In limi. Hummer school with Univer
sity credit. SiHH'lal eonrsi'x for teachers, for
Law and Medical students. Department of
Kdiiciillon lor teachers, principals ami supcr
Inlendi'iils. 't uition free, cost of living low.
Three students grained scholarships In large
Kit. item uiihcrsillcs In hull
Semi Damn to I'reslilenl or Registrar for
circulars mid catalogues, hugcuc, Or. it J
Gold Crowns and liridge vork nnd all
kinds of
lllSlll ltlVKII, On.
Barber Parlors.
Newly furnished In all the latest modern
burlier fixtures, making It second to none for
Mrst-cliiss service. I'Wcelaln Hath Tubs. Hy
draulic Hal tcr Chairs.
A shiM'-pollshitig artist always on hand.
EVANS & DeBORD, Piop'rs
And wagon repairing attended to pioniptly at
my shop on the Ml. Hood road, south of town.
Good work O reasonable prices.
All orders given prompt attention.
l'lciiUes li nined. Repairing done. Shop In
rear of W. K. Slierrlll's furniture store.
Town Lots for Sale.
Apply lo
i v Wi"l
Sec'y !isid Kiver Townslte Co.
McGuire Bros.
DK.M.I.'KS l
fresh and Cured Meats,1
Lard, Poultry, 0
Fruits and Vegetables.
Tree IVlivory. l'linne Ho.
Notice of Trustee's Sale
Notice is hereby given t Inn I lie utitcrsl(ticil,
trtstet of the estate of Mursc til-others atld L.
K. Morse null C. L. Morse, bankrupts, will, on
Saturday, the tilt li day of' August, hull,
At the liotir of 2 o'clock on said day, at tin
oilier of lint I - !' Co., bankers, lu lie city of
Ibsid River, Oregon, sell to the highest and
best bidder therefor for cash, the followlng-
descrllieil rial property belonging to said
bankrupts, towit: I he north 'u of the north
west 'i of section and the. east ' of the
northeast i., Ihe north west '.of northcist
and 'he northeast !4 of north wes! t , of section
L-J all in towtisni i norm of range cast in
Willamette meridian. Said sale will he by
miction of entire tract described, or In lots ac
cording lo legal subdivisions to suit pur
chasers. Hated at Hood Hiver, Oregon, this loth day
of July, llMil. I.Ksl.lK HI "I'l.KR,
Jyl'iaV Trustee.
To Water Consumers.
The rules of the company will he strictly-
followed alter this date. All who are delln
iiucnt after (lie loth day of the month will be
charged the full prh , viz: SI..VI per month:
theextra going to the collector, who will
shut oil water at lite main I loin residences
where payment Is not promptly made, and It
will not lie turned on again until all arrear
ages are paid. Hcginning July 1st next, all
water rents will be charged toownersof rent
ed buildings Instead ol to the occupant.
Land Oltlce nf The I ia lies, Oregon, July 2,
liHII. Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing mimed settler has tiled notice of his
intention to make dual pnsif in support
of his claim, and that said prtsif will
be mane before the Resistor and Receiver at
The ialles,(rgon,oti Monday, August 12,1110,
Of Mosler, Oregon, 11. K. No. fvUd, for the
northeast 'i southwest v4 and north south
east 4 sect inn 2,1, and northwest 4 southwest
quarter section , township 2 north, range Jl
east. W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
nts continuous resilience upon aim cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
Axsel K. Peterson, Mosler, Oregon: R, J,
Korden.The Dalles, Oregon: H. K. Fisher and
George ood of .Mosler, Oregon.
Jy.mll JAY 1 UTAH, Register
ITimber Land, Act June :, 1STS.1
t'nlted States Land Olllce. Vancouver. Wash..
June I'!, limi. Notice Is hereby given that in
compliance witu the provisions of the act of
congress 01 .lunc.s, iHiS, entitled "An act for
the sale nf timber lands in the states of C'all
lornla, Oregon, Nevada and Washington Ter
ritory, " as extunded to all the public land
states hy act of August 4, 1SII2,
Of The Dalles, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has this day tiled In this office his
sworn statement. No. 2221. for the purchase of
the lots :iand 4, and soul" 14 northwest J4 of sec
tion No. 8, In township No. 3 north, range No.
(least. W. M., and will oiler proof to show
that tlie land sought is more valuable for Its
timber or stone than tor agricultural pur
poses, and to establish his claim to salt) land
before the Register and Receiver of this ottlee
nt Vancouver, Wash,, on Wednesday, the 2Sth
day of August, liitll.
He names as witnesses: T. W. Lusk, Hugh
Luskaiid J. W. Hill of Chenowllh, Wash.,
unit F. G. Connolly of The Dalles, Or.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to tile
their claims In (his office on or before said
2Sth day of August, limi.
Jo2la2:S W. K. DI'NHAR, Register.
(Timber Land, Act June !J, 1S7S.1 0
United Slates Land Office, The Dalles, Ore
gon, June 7, ltrnl. Notice is hereby given
that Incompliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June X. lsrs.cntltled "An act
for thn sale of timber lands in tlie States of
Calltornla, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to all the public land
stales by act of August I, 1SII2,
Of Tygh Vallev, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has, 011 Dee. 1.1, I'm, tiled In this otlice his
sworn statement No. lull for the purchase
of the West , southeast and lota 7 and 12,
section 7, township 2 north, range S east,
W M., and wll oiler proof to show that
the land sought is more valuable for Its tim
ber or stone than lor agricultural purposes,
and to establish his claim to said land
netorethe Register and Receiver of this ottlce
at The Dalles. Oregon, on Monday, the lath
day of AugiPst, 1!KI1.
no names as witnesses: Clyde T. Honnev,
Donald Ross. Ix'slle Htillerand O. K. Hiu-llc'v.
all of Hood Hiver, Oregon.
Any nnd uJl persons claiming adversely the
nbove-deserrlied lands are requested to tile
their claims in this olllce on or before, said
HHh day of August, pmi.
JeUaKI JAY V. LUCAS, Register.
ITimber Land, Act June 8, 1S7S.1
United States Land Office. V nncotivpr
Wash., June 21, l'.KIl. Notice Is hereby given
that in compliance with thr provision's of the
act of Congress of June 3. 1S7S. entitled "An
an act tor the sale of timber lands in thestates
of California, Oregon, Nevada and Washing
ion i'ei-rll.ire " uw .-tu., fn ..11 o.n'i..
land states by act or August 1, ls(i2,
Of Seattle, county of King, state of
Washington, has this dav filed in this oltlce
his sworn statement No. 2-.1V). for thenurelmsp
ot me sk y, of SF. sec. 21; 10 ofSW' iQid
sW of,sVV '4 of section No. 22 in townshin
No. ti, north, range No. 11) east, V. M and will
offer proWf to sh,,w that Ihe laud sought Is
more valuable for Its timber or stone than for
agricultural nunsises. and to establish his
claim to said land before the Register and Re
ceiver of this otlii-p at Vancouver, Wash., on
Friday, Sept. 18, put.
He names as witnesses: Robert F. Cox and
A. J. Wagnllz of Trout Ijike. Wash., A. W.
Lohdell ol Portland, Or., and Niles 11. Wlnans
of Seattle, Wi sh.
OfSeattlc, county of King, state of Washing
ton, has this day tiled In this otlice his sworn
statement No., for tlie purchase of Ihe S
i, of NF.1, and s',,of N W of section No. K In
township No. I! north, range No. 11 east, W.M..
and will offer pnsif to show thai the land
sought Is more valuable for lis timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to estab
lish his claim losaid land la-fore the Register
and Receiver of this office at Vancouver,
Wash., on Friday, Sept. l i, l:U.
He names as witnesses: Robert F. Cox and
A. J. Wagnitz of Trout Lake, Wash., A. W.
Uibdell of Portland. Or., and Thomas K.
FHnn of Seattle, Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to tile
tbelrclaims in this office on or la-fore said 1 1th
dav of Sept, lull.
je2Min:) R. TU'NRAR, Register.
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Timber land, Act June 3, 1S7S.
t 'nltert Wales Ijind Office, The Dalles. Ore
gon, May 81, l!ll. Notice is hereby (riven
that In cnmplliiMce with tlie provisions of the
act of t.'onirress of June ;t. IS7H, entltWil "All
net for the sale of timber lauds in thefates ol
California. Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to all the public laud
stales ny aci Ol Alltisi , isir,
q nr.ioir.nt i .. js ti a r r 1. It ,
Of Hood River, count v of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has Hits day filed in this office bis sworn
statement. No. Is2, for tlie purchase of the
lots 1, 2, 8 and of section No. i, in
township No. 2 north, range No. a east,
Willamette Meridian, and will otter pnsif
to show that the land aoiivht is more vhIihi-
ble for Its timber or stone than for agricultur
al purposes, and to establish his claim to eaid I
land belot-e the Cegister and Itts-elver of lliitll
office at The Dalle. Oregon, on Wednissday, j
ine iisi nay or August, isoi.
He names as witnesses: K. K. Fix of IVndle
ton, Oregon: J. H. Dukes, u. D. Woodworth
and Miss U lliestiind of Hood Hiver, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming advi-rselv the
above-descritM-d lands are rtsinested tit tile
their claims In this ottlee on or before said 21st
day of August, IHtil.
jeUalH JAY I". l.rt'AH, Tteglstt-r.
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Timber l.and, Act June 3, 1S78.)
I'nited States Ijndilfflce,Vaniiuver,Wash.,
June II, limi. Notice In hereby trl veil that. In
compliance with the proislns or the act of
congress of June 3, 1S7S. entitled "An act for
the sale of limber lands In the states of Cal
ifornia, Olfcon, Nevada and Washington Ter
ritory." as extended to all the public land
s'ates by act of August 4, 1S1I2,
Of Kuldn, eotmty of Klickitat, state of
Washington, has this day filed In this office
his sworn statement. No. 2222, for the purchase
ol the southeast yt southwest t section
2, anil northeast y4 northwest of section
No. II. In township No. A north, range No. 11
east, W. M., and wi(l opcj pnsif lo show that
tlie land sought Is mofe Valuable for its tim-
hi'Fni- iil.i.A ihnn .....I....I... i
... a,,, nKHVUIIUini IMiriMIM-M.
and to establish his claim to said land before
the Itegistar and Iteceivei1 or ibis otlice at Van--ouver,
Wash., on Tuesday, the 7tli day of
August. Mil.
lie names as witnesses: Kimiuel M. Cole,
Halsev l. Cole, .lonalhan Htiinip and Court
limit Chapman, all of t'uldn. Wash.
Any and all ers.,iis claiiulng adversely the
nlsive desi-rllssl lands are reiiwwd to file
thelrcliiliii in this ottlee on or iJlore said
27th day of August isoi.
JeltalH W. It. DI'NIIAK, RegiatPr.
For Sale
AT c-j
1. The Isty place, near Tucker's mill,
on lhsiil river; small house; ti acres
cleared ; price l.'.'Hl.
2. Wendorf place, near Umlerwissl,
Wash. ; ltid acres; 10 in cultivation ; fair
improvements; young orchard ; 3 acres
Is-aring strawla'rries; plenty of good
water. Price L,(HH) ; terms easy.
3. Eight acres off the V. j. linker
place, known as the lleffernan place; in
strawberries; price, with crop, (1,(100.
(!. Twenty acres off J. V. Baker's
place; pear orchard and other fruit in
iK-aring; price fX'J'y per acre.
7. I'.arrett-Sipina addition ; (7.r per lot :
(10 dow it and (.) per month; no interest.
8. Ten choice lots in Highland addi
tion, only two blocks east of the post
otlice, on' State street, at (75 to (150.
Terms easy. Every lot has a command
ing view.
9. Fine homestead of 1(10 acres on
Hock creek near Iavenort's. Price
(1,000 (:K) down, balance at t cr
10. Eight lots in Hull's addition. ; each
lot level, 80 x 140; center of hall ground ;
(100 each.
11. The (1. T. (ialligan tK) acres, lving
on the county road north ami east of the
Barrett farm; 24 acres in cultivation;
1HI0 fruit trees Price (2,150, or (2,200
half cash. New (500 barn on place.
12. The Chas. Kogers 5 acre tract ami
cottage, Frankton. (iood springs and
creek. (i)50,terms easy.
1:1. Thirty acres off C. A. Wynian
farm in Otlcll neighborhood; all improv
ed, with free irrigating water; Innilier
on ground to build house. Must sell in
HOdavs. Price (1,000.
14. The Allen Fulton farm, 100 acres,
5 miles east of town ; price (1,000; terms
15. Lots in Henderson nib-division
(.'J7.C0 a lot.
111. Thirty-five acres land east of
county road in John Monroe ami J. M.
Monroe homesteads; wild, land; price
(20 per acre.
111. The (ilover farm, well improved,
4'. miles from ioldemlale ; 240 acres
140 acres in cultivation; (ill acres in
winter w heat ; 7 acres in hog pasture,
with a creek running through it ; all un
der fence, with cross fences; large
new barn nnd tine bouse. Price (12.50
an acre; will take Hood Hiver proierty
in part payment.
20. P. A. Trana place, White' Salmon,
in sight of Hood Kiver; 8 acres, 5 jM
strawla'rries nnd tomatoes 17,000 straw
berry plants and 1,400 tomato plants.
No irrigation required.
21. X. ',, S. K. '4', S. , N. E. i B(.,..
4, T. 3 N., K. 11 K White Salmon; line
timber land ; (10 ja-r acre. c
22. The Kmerson homestead, only one
mile east of town ; tine range; (1,500.
23. Ixds 5 and (i, block 7, Winans ad
dition ; (50 a lot, or (85 for the two.
25. Tvi beautiful building lots near
Hobt. Hand's new house. Price (200
for tin! two.
2li. S. II. Cox's fine residence in HimhI
Hiver, lot 100 x KM); price (1,200.
28. 52',) acres, with much fir titular,
including both fulls on Hood river. Hv
fer to P.utler A. Co.
2(1. .Twenty acres lying north of Peter
Kopke's, Fast Side ;' good larttl ; unim
proved. Price (500; terms easy.
31. At Trout Lake, 80 a. ; 3 in timothy,
cuts 8 tons a year; 50 a. in heavy saw
timber, white pine, fir and cedar"; west
fork White Salmon river runs through
the place; price (1,350.
32. Emma i. Hobinson's KM) acres on
hills east of White Salmon, known as
the Dryer place; line timlx'r; unim
proved ; (785.
F.ligible residence lots in Spangler's
subdivision, near cannon house; only
(75; terms easy.
(200 to (1,200 to loan.
At the Emporium is kept a first-class
surveyor's transit, and the proprietor
being a practical surveyor, is well pre
pared to do the work of laving out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying. ,
X. B. Terms are easy on all the above
lands, w ith interest at'tl per cent. Per
sons desiring locations on homesteads
and timber claims should apply at the
ITimber l,anil, Act June 3, IS7K.1
United stales Land OfficeThe Dnllw.Oregon,
July 2H, IIKll. Notice is hereby given that lu
compliance with the provisions of the act of
eongressof June 3, 1STS, en! It led "An act for
tbesaleof timber lands In the States of Cal
ifornia, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to nil the public rami
slates by act of August 4. 1SII2.
Of Pendleton, county of I'timtilla, state of
Oregon, has this day Hied in tills oflice his
sworn statement No. lf, tut the purchase of
the lots 1, 2, ii and II of section No. .11, in town
shin No. 2 north, range No. east, W.M., and
will nfler proof to show that the land sought it
more valuable for Its timber or thine than lor
agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim to said land before the Register and Re
ceiver of this otttce at The Dalles, Oregon on
Saturday, the Atli day of October, 1K)1 '
He names " witnesses: ('apt. J. H Dultts
and C. J. Hayes of lliiinl River, Oregon; H. 11
Hlestand ol Martlnsbttig, Indiana: and Lvdia
K. Hii'sIiiikI ol HimhI Kiver, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are n-iiticstcd to flic in tlii... .ill.. A . , . ...
v . " " "in-"ii im uciore sum .nn
day of October, limi. ,
."At. JA CAM, Register.
(timber lind, Aci Julie ;i. 1S.S.I
Cnitcrl Htnlos t nii.l nut..,. Ti... I..... .
....... ' -mi i, j lie iraues, I rc-
gon, July 22, IIKII.-Notice Is hereby given
that in compliance Willi the provisions of tlie
act of congress of June 3 1S7S, entitled "All
VI iiV V . . ' moos in i up states of
California, Oregon. Nevaila and Washington
, ' .'i neAieiiiieii io an ine public land
HfUt.Mt til- 11. It ..r A ......... J lui.l
... t ... nugii-i tl ,
Of Hood Hiver, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has tills day tiled liwhis oftti-e Iler sworn
sUitenient X... ltd fur the purchaseol the lots
4. 4, Hand lilotssetlon No. :tn, and lots Hand 4
section 31 In Unsbip No. 2 north, range No"
east, W.M., and will otter proof lo show that
the land sought is more valuable for it tlni
V s!,."?'M"n ,(,r "tCieullural pnriKises,
and to establish tier claim losaid land before
the Hegisler and Receiver of this oltice at The
SiS: "n Kri""-V' u -;ih "
She names as wllnesses: J. II Dukes V J
Haves and H. C Shatter, of HihkI Hiver Or'
and K. K. Kix of Pendleton, Or. ' '
Any and nil persons claiming ad' ersely the lands are reoueslcd li, tile
their claim's In this otlice n or ta-fore s,d
2.tb day i,f Septijinlier,' IWI
I.V2S2T fVVJl.JTAS, Heglster.
Dissolution Notice.
Notlr Is hereby given Hint the partnership
heretofore existing l)u,er the flrni lame ,Pf
I nderw.KHl Hrothers b. h ,),. dissolved by
miltual consent of both parties
tv,. . f:"AKI)l.HKKtX)II.
Dated at i nderwon.1. W ash., I nlv i i