The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 05, 1901, Image 3

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    I $3od Iftver Slacier
FRIDAY, JULY , 1901.
Coe' peanut..
Uriah Heep cigars.
Firecrackers ot Coes'.
Ice at Cole & Graliam'a.
Buy your lime at Sherrill's.
Give Coes' firecrackers a trial.
Jolls' ice cream it Coes' stand tlie 4th
We have some bargains in groceries at.
Shirt waists, full line, at Bone & Mc
Donald's. Best grade firecrackers at Bono & Mc
You can't resist the sweetness of Coes'
confections. .
Remmnbar Coes' will serve Jolls' ice
cream the 4th. ,
For Pale Two show cases. Inquire
of F. E. Jackson.
If you buy Are works get the best at
Bone & McDonald's.
Celebrate the 4th with Coes' fireworks
and be up to date.
A lot of white can rubbers, 5 cents a
dozen at Savage's. '
For sky rockets and roman candles go
to Bone & McDonald's.
Always In stock. Best grade of lin
seed oil' at Sherill's.
Just received, a new stock of mat
treBsest Sherrill's.
See the kitchen treasure and cupboard
combined at Sherrill's.
Doo't forget the bed bug proof iron
bed steads at Sherrill's.
Those iron beds at Sherrill's are hard
to beat for the money.
T. 0. Dallas is agent for the Buckeye
mower, the best mower on earth.
Somethi.ig new at Sherrill's--a new
kitchen cupboard and Bafe combined.
A lady's horse, a good buggy and a 12
harness at $125 for sale by Dr. .C.Brooius
When you buy get a Selz shoe; they
will make your iuetglad. For sale at
When vou want a good smoke, buy the
"Uriah Heep" cigar. For sale by all
Bone & McDonald are agents for Os
born farm machinery, reapers, mowers,
rakes, etc.
Now is the time to take pleasure In
hammocks. Sherrill's is the place to
get them.
Note the Price. Stone jars, stone
efctirna, bean crocks at 15c per gallon, at
J. E. Band's.
We have plenty of money to loan on
first claps real estate for long term. Pra
ticr & Barnes. .
Jolls of Portland makes an ice
reaoithatis a standard of excellence
Coes' will serve it on the 4th at both the
stand and the store.
Chas. Riggs, the jeweler, has removed
to Hanna & Hartley's grocery store, op
posite the Glacier office.
We are closing out our stock of Planet
Jr goods. Get some of them before they
are ail gone, at Rand's.
Sherrill's is the place to buy your sash
and doors. Call and get his prices be
fore buying elsewhere.
Bed bugs are holding indignation
meetings all over the valley, all on ac
count of Barituess' iron bed steads.
How dear to our heart is
Cash on subscription,
When the genorons subscriber
Presents 11 to view;
But the man who don't pay
We refr.iln from description,
For, perhaps, gentle reader,
That man might be you.
Reserved seats at Booth's.
Hiss Cora Copple is attending business
eollege in Fortlauu.
Miss Bessie Wrieht is visiting her
mother in Portland.
Perry McCrory and family returned
from Montana last week.
Root. Leasure of Mt. Hood was in
town Tuesday, on his way to The Dalles
Earl E. VanAntwerp, representing the
Oregonian, was in Hood River last week.
Mrs. Fred "Howe and Miss Blanche
Howe are taking instructions at the
Standard Dress-cutting school.
G. R. Castner last week received word
of the death of his father. George R
Castner, sr., who died in Michigan.June
25, 1901, aged 83 years. ,
Dr. and Mrs. T. L. Eliot and son Tom
we ud from Portland to spend the sum
merat Shuehulah, their country home
on the banks of Hood river.
George Baker, found guilty in the
V. S. court of selling Whisky to Indians
in Hood Kiver, was sentenced to pay a
fine of $100 and serve CO days in Wasco
Mrs. W. H. Bishop and son Perren
are visiting in Hood River, Mr. Bishop,
who is government .clerk at warm
Springs, will take his vacation July 15th
and come to Hood River.
G. R. Castner is buildine an addition
16x28. to his dwelline house. He will
also build an apple house to care for his
big crop. Mr. Schanno says Mr. Cast
ner has the best Yellow Newtowa apples
He has seen.
H. J. Hibbard brought to town, last
Saturday, a red apple of the season of
iw and asked a good many apple snarps
to name it, but no one coula guess the
name, it proved to be a Bailey bweet,
aiau apple, and kept in perfect con
dition. '
Persons enrolling their names at the
Standard Dress-cutting School before
July 15th will receive the instructions
and comDlete svstem at a reduced Drice
The school is at present located in the
goy property, Sixth ana Oat streets
w)ates, manager.
C. A. Hickle, whose place is up on the
uuuuuun, near uavenpon s mine,
now in the midst of his strawberry bar
vest. The three davs of cold rain, he
ss, blighted much' of his crop. The
Glacier is indebted to him for two boxes
ot handsome berries. .
W. W. Ferrier, editor of the Pacific at
San Francisco, preached at the Congre
gational church Sunday morning and at
the U. B. in the evening. The Pacific
M the second oldest paper of continuous
publication on the Pacific coast, being
passed only by the Oreeonian.
The state encampment of the G. A. R
and W. R. C. at Forest Grove, last week
a well attended and a most enjoyable
time was had bv the old" soldiers and
"e representatives of the Relief Corps.
Upt. Joseph A. Sladen, a very worthy
nirade, was elected department com
gander of the G. A. R. and Mrs. Win
walloway of Orezon Citv president of
e w. R. c. Astoria was selected for
. encampment.
. To Cloud CaD Ian on an automobile
tt a means of locomotion not thought of
few years ago, though Wednesday
ttorping such a trip was accomplished
By F Y. J ndd of Boston, with a triple,
linder, 12-horse gas power machine,
eighing 1800 pound?, and constructed
r heavy mountain roads. Mr. J odd is
President of the Pendleton woolen mMIs,
i although a resident of Boston,
pends most of his summers in Oregon
fta fflukts asaual trips to Mt, Hood,
Last Friday Mi
d vaiicuuuit
owd a must HucoKfnl t.
at Mobier, with expr. ,J n.1uui
merit. The whole neiL'lihorlifwt ni
out to enjoy the day. It is safe to sav
ium me expectation of every one was
fully realized. A basket dinner was
served on the ground alter which all re
tired to the house where for two hour
they listened with much pleasure to our
future Webslers and Fl
aales, every pupil taking part acquitting
himself or herself in the most creditable
manner. The room was tastfniiinW.
rated with flags, flowers and blackboard
rawings which evinced mnh ukill
the part of the teacher. It is only jus
tice to say that the entire work has re
fleeted the greatest credit nmn Mi
Davenport wlio leaves next Thursday to
attend the Portland burino colio.,..
The Glacier is in receiut of n'
printed brochure, entitled "Health and
Pleasure," and issued bv the general
passenger department of the O. R. & N.
company. The pamphlet describes the
notable summer resorts of the Pacific
Northwest, and is the product.of the or
iginally vigorous and pleasing pen of P.
Uonan. Persons contemplating an out-
ng this summer should have a eonv of
this souvenir, which may be nrocnrerl
free from any O. R. & N. airent. or for
two-cent stamp from A. L. Craiir. sen.
eral passenger agent, Portland, Or.
J. T Bnelev has resigned his nnsitinn
as O. R. & N. agent for Hood River, and
has gone into partnershio with J. J.
Luckey in the livery business. Mr.
Baelev. dtirinc the twn vpnra ha I, as
been depot agent here, has shown him
self an obliging and capable railway
employe, and the patrons of the railroad
regret to see him go. His thorough
business qualifications will assure him
success in connection with the enterpris-
ng uvery nrm oi L,ucney & cagley
Prof. J. T. Neff was one of the exam
iners appointed by Congressman M. A.
Moody to conduct the competitive ex
amination at Portland last week for the
ppointment to a naval cadetship at An
napolis. The other examiners were
Prof. R. 8. Johnston of the Portland
cademy, and Principal J. A. Churchill
of the Baker Citv high school. There
were eleven candidates for the examina
tion. Ernest Durr of Baker Citv ranked
first, with Huuh Belliniter of Woodstock
as alternate.
Rev. W. W Ferrier of San Francisco
spent Saturday and Sunday in Hood
Kiver, the guest of Dr. and Mrs. M. F.
Shaw. Rev. Ferrier is a graduate of
Otterbein University, class of 78, of
Westerville, Ohio, and is an old college
acquaintance of S. E. Bartmess, who
graduated from the same college the
year following. Rev. Ferrier is now ed
itor of the Pacific, at San Francisco, the
official paper of the Congregational
church for the Pacific coast.
T. Bishop, John Wilson and C. L.
Copple, the board of directors of Bar
rett school di8tnct,N.o. 4,met last Iriday
night and decided upon Mifs Loraine
Bridges for principal of the school in
that district. Miss Bridges is recently
from Lewiston, Idaho, where she taught
last year in the high school of that city.
At a former meeting of the board Miss
Cora Copple was secured to teach the
primary department.
The steamer Bailey Gatzert, on the
Fourth, will make no way lauding be
tween The Dalles and Portland. This is
done in order to give the passengers an
opportunity to reach Portland in time
lor the fireworks that evening, Feople
wishing to make the trip from Hood
Ri"r can board the boat on her way to
The Dalles, and will be charged fare be
tween Hood River and Portland only.
C. D. Moore was over from White
Salmon Monday. Mr. Moore reports
that the tomato crop at White Salmon
will be a good one, and that he will have
something over 200 tons, while his
neighbor, S. C. Zeigler, will have nearly
as many. The tomatoes are marketed
in Portland, and net the growers aoout
$800 per acre, which is even better than
strawberries can do.
W. A. Foley arrived from Crook
county on Monday. He recently sold
his ranch and sheep in Crook county,
and after visiting relatives in Hood
River for a while will co to the eastern
part of the state to look out for a new lo
cation in the sheep business where set
tlers are fewer and further between than
they have become in the country he left.
R. Kirbvson shipped 168 crates of
strawberries from his Frankton patches
this year. All the wort oi picaing arm
packing was done by himself and family
of wife and four children, which is a
good record, and effected a considerable
saving in the expense account. iur.
Kirbyson will have a good crop of black
berries, and ins vegetaDie garuen is uo
ing nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Truman Butler, accom
panied by Mrs. Butler's parents, Mr.
mid Mrs. William Leamerof Lecompton,
Kans., left yesterday for Seattle, where
they will take steamer for a three weeks
trip to- Alaska, visiting Fort Wrangle,
Juno. Skaaway and other points. This
is nne ot the most aeimnuui summer
trips in the world.
K. F. Kennedy of Portland, assistant
erand master ot the united Artisans,
c . .... . t m 1 .. ,1 n,:n
arrived in Hood Kiver iuesuay, aim wm
runinhi i pnnnle of weeks in the interest
of the oreanization. Mr. Kennedy has
huon sM-nrfirl to ifive a couple of humor
ous selections for our celebration here
on the Fourth.
t Tt Rnwrl has been triven the con
trart to furnish the 200,01X1 bricks for
tha new tno-storv building to be erected
by John Uuen ot unenans, on mc yiup-
erty he recently purcnaseu oi xruo.uo
orM Varlxr MT. tfOVa Will UUfU Hie
aiivt ...
brick in his kiln at tseimoni. ,
ukes this method of re
. . . . t : L I lw.
turning thanks to me dbujuuuib
worked with him in trying to save his
.Urt from the flames on Monday,
p.v.y . v.; . ,ooXa fhot
uhan 111 H III 1 1 1 UI1I1ICU 1 w
!. sArvice thev rendered on this occa
sion can never "be repaid.
t i rt.ontnrff brother of Mrs. J. J. ... .
Wtan Arrived here from tauionua
.-. . ... T..l.,o
I..,, rc.v nun ia visiunu me
Mr. Oreudorff served in the Philippines
in the First Washington regii.ienu
t--,iai. 'VinkBlsen received .a
limited number of copies of the Hood
River charter from the secretary-of
state's office and is giving them out to
those asking for tnem.
The new officials at the depot bp-
. j 4-1. a rociirnation OI J. !
Pagley, are: J. E. Wilhelm. .wnt; C
D. Atterberry, operator, and W. R. W id
iuht orjerator.
The Hood River Springwater Co
. is
crivinff 200a service no-
within the city.
Rev. H. C. .Shaffer and w, re urned
the U. d. comeicu,
been reap-
fu.::i River charge for
pointed 10 iuo
"taTerisenber. ?turned TuT
from Puget Sound, where he ha. been
since last April, ne g
shortly for the harvest fields cf Eastern
Ellis ara ineir - oand flat
snt three days in camp at Sandy nat
ta :tk.-,. tw09 h ve a new s'gn for th -
of Jim Hunt,
their effice, the
Harry Bailey, who has faithfully per
formed the duties of mail carrier for the
past year on the free-delivery route in
Hood River, has resigned the position
and will retire to his farm. Marshall
Isenlerg, who takes Mr. Bailey's place,
has been making the trip for the past
few days.
Mrs. B. Warren returned, last week,
from a trip to Puget sound, where Bhe
spent a month visiting relatives. She
found ourokl neighbor. S. B. Crockett,
in poor health. He had a fall a year
ago from a ladder and received injuries
from which he never recovered.
R. Kirbyson, Sam Koplin, Jas.Gordon
and Wm. M. Stewart went to Sand)
Flat lftnt week and spent three days fish
ing. They had poor luck j too' much
snow water yet for fishing in Hood river.
Miss Marjorie Baker left on the de
layed passenger Tuesday afternoon for
Portland and will spend the Fourth
with friends in the city.
Assessor Rankin of Klickitat county
was in Hood River Monday. His wife
is still quite sick and under the doctor's
Attorney N. Sinnott of The Dalles was
in Hood River, Monday, and attended
the council meeting Monday evening.
S. B. Hess and wife of Mt. Hood went
to Portland Tuesday, where they will
spend the Fourth.
The Glacier force thanks W. J. Baker
for a sample of choice Royal Anne
Mrs. E. W. Rowe and children of
Portland came up Saturday on a visit to
The steamboats all land at the low
water landing above town.
Death of Captain Davidson.
Captain Payton S. Davidson, general
manager of the Lost Lake Lumber com
pany, dropped dead from heart failure
at his home early Saturday morning.
As Captain Davidson was in his usual
vigorous health and had passed a rest
ful night, his death came as a shock to
his family. He had risen from his bed
and walked across the room when he
fell dead without uttering a sound. The
funeral services were held at the family
residence Sunday evening, and the body
was taken aboard the 8 :27 train for in
terment at LaCrosse, Wis.
Captain Davidson came to Hood River
in March, 1899,and located here one of the
largest lumbering concerns in the state,
of which firm, the Lost Lake Lumber
company, he was general manager and
treasurer. Captain Davidson was a man
who paid close attention to business all
his life, possessed a sterling character,
and the loss of his influence as an enter
prising business man and citizen will
be heavily felt by the community.
Captain Payton 8 Davidson was born
September 16, 1827, in South Point,
Lawrence county, Ohio. He entered
the steamboat business on the Ohio at
an early age, and in the 50's was prom
inently connected with one of the larg
est through passenger and freight steam-
boat lines ever operated between New
Orleans and St. Paul. In 1862 he re
moved to LaCrosse, Wis., where he was
interested in an extensive lumber busi
ness until he came to Oregon three
years ago. Captain Davidson was twice
married. His first wite, by whom he
was the father of nine children, was
Miss Ada E. Johnston of South Point,
Ohio, who died in 1887. In the fall of
1893 he married Miss Newton of Gallo-
pio, Ohio. Three of his children died in
nfancy, and the remaining six, all ot
whom are residents of Hood River, are
William f.; Payton S., jr.; Arthur.).
Frank L. ; Louis N., and Barton G
Payton S. Davidson, jr., is secretary of
the Lost Lake Lumber company.
Tucker's Mill Burned.
The sawmill of B. R. Tucker, five
miles southeast of town, burned to the
cround Monday afternoon. At the noon
hour, while the mill hands were at din
ner, fire from a burning sawdust pile
was accelerated by the high wind at the
time and communicated itself to the
main buildine of the mill. The flames
were bevond control when discovered
and the surrounding bunk houses and
lumber piles were consumed in a tew
hours. By hard work the county bridge
at this point was saved, though consid
erable damage was done to the east end
approach. One hundred thousand feet
of new lumber, besides seasoned lumber
in the sheds, was consumed. JJy the
loss of this mill, five or six men, with
families, are thrown out of employment
The total loss will foot up to about $4,000
with no insurance, this is the third
fire Mr. Tucker has had to contend with
on this place. First his dwelling house
was burned: six years ago nis oox iac
torv and store were consumed witn
heavv loss.
The burnine of the mill produced such
intense heat as to draw pitch blisters on
the rustic of his dwelling house, and it
is a great wonder the building was not
nVstrnved. The barn near at hand
caught nre in the nay a numoer oi
times but was saved by the vigilance of
the mill hands and neighbors. About
'lh raeh tree" near the mill were killed
The high wind at the time fanned the
fire to such an intensity that burning
cinders were carried over Slingerland's
hrn on the toD of the hill, and numer
ous fires started among the dead logs on
the h side. The nre made a ciean
sweep of everything, melting all the
chains and castings, and leaving nothing
intact but the steel shaita.
Council Proceeding's.
The common council met in the coun
cil chambers Monday evening, Mayor
Brosius presiding. Present Bell, Blow-
ora and McDonald
The petitions oi Alien Morrison onu
Fouts & Son for saloon licenses were
oirain nresented. together with bonds
and treasurer's receipts showing that
tiHi had been put up by each saloon
firm for license for one year from June
18th. The petitions, including names of
signers were read. The petition of Allen
& Morrison contained 77 names ; that of
Fouts & Son 82. A remonstrance con
toininir 94 names was read. About half
a dozen names appeared on both the pe
titions and the remonstrance.
The mayor ruled that the petitions
could not be considered for the reason
that petitioners had not complied with
(ho nrnv-lHiona of the new charter and
ordinance 21. The aldermen were of
opinion that ordinance 25, which allows
liquor licenses to issue upon application
on nptitioners. without publication,
Q oHil in force. A motion that the
petitions be considered notwithstanding
the runng oi mo umjvi -i-'--
ThA mavor declined, witnoui nrsi con
suiting legal authority, to. put a motion
hot h txstitions be granted in conform
i iiith the treasurer' receipts. After
a short recess, the motion, that the pe
Vu urantpA in conformity with
the treasurer's receipts, was put and
carried unanimously.
The finance committee reported the
treasury short $10 on account of cow
.,AA lout vfsr. The discrcpancv lies be-
tirn the treasurer ana Bnaitni, and
r.A marshal a Art notified to prodiice
eiDt for the $10 or be charged with
The prenent qnarters for council cham
u... . wrm-Hd bv the finance com-
,;ttP at a monthly rental ot $5, the
ai -M,nA .r.fifir!t rait':
i ro?2-f that sum. .. .
-- caik(1 ttenua to the mat-1
The Fcwrth 1b proper style you will need to see ufl about those
Humanic, good as gold, (4 Shoes.
Men's fine Velour . calf shoes, $3.75 and $3.
Men's fine Box calf shoes at 2.50.
Probably you will dance, we hav the pumps, fl.60 and $1.75.
Julia Marlow shoes for Ladies. We carry the $3.50 grade only.
Fine Vici Kid, straight or circular vamp, light or heavy soles, at
$3.25, $3, $2.5, $2.60. $2.25 and $1.75. You can't duplicate them at
the prices. All money savers.
Well selected line of children's shoes, and no one is willing to di
vide the profits with their customers as we do.
You must see our gloves before the Fourth. If you see them you
will buy them sooner or later. You can't help it. You will remem
ber how fine, soft and strong they are, and the price you can't for
get $1, and if you buy once you will not be willing to pay $1.50 any
where for gloves that are not as good.
F. 0. Corsets
That's about all the room we have to talk corsets, but when we
say F. C. that's saying a good deal, because it means a good deal.
Many of our customers are finding out it means the most for the
money, and absolute satisfaction. 50c and $1.
Yes, all kinds of fi ration for the boys candles, rockets, flags,
buuting, etc. cheaper than anybody.
Bay a Bike and got into the Purade.
NEW SUMMER DRESS GOOD S Dimities in pretty, attractive patterns
10, 2 : and 15c values for
before its gone.
Ladies' Fancy Cadet Blue Polka Dot Hose.
Si Ik Mits. black and tan
Fancy Gilt Brooches, stone settings
Pompadour Combs, Large size, stone
Sash clasps, something new
Corded silk pulley belts, with spikes
Japanese tooth picks, fancy boxes
NEW LINE of Lace and Embroidery allovers just received. If you wear
Corsets the K. & U. will suit you
None but the finest grades of Confections kept. Home-make Tafy,
Ice Cream and Fruits. Ice-cream Sodas served from the finest np-tc-date
fountain in town.
Agent for The Dalles Laundry. Special rates for family washing.
Having removed to the new store building one door west of old lo
cation, I would respectfully invito old friends and new customers
everybody to give us a call when needing goods in our line. We do
not handle everything but will enlarge along the lines of
B90ls. Magazines, Statioaeiy aiifl lisflrei Gooils,
As the demand may warrant, and shall endeavor to merit a share
of your patronage. Respectfully yours,
Job Printing a Specialty.
ter of special police for the 4th. The
mayor was authorized to appoint as
many special policemen as he may deem
necessary for the 4th, at $2 a day.
Marshal reported he found nre buck
ets, as follows : At Bone A McDonald's,
11 ; at Prather's, 10; at Dallas', VI; at
the jail, 1.
Keport ot recorder lor second quarter
was read and filed.
Claims were allowed as follows: Oh
Mv Kee, $1.85; recorder, $20.45.
The judiciary committee was instruct
ed to report, within CO days, an ordi
nance fixing bonds and salaries ot re
corder and treasurer.
The recorder was instructed to ascer
tain how much the treasurer bad over
drawn in compensation during the past
year and report at next meeting.
uraiimnce regulating biwu"iib ami re
pealing ordinance 21 was read first time
and laid over.
Ordinance vacating part of Columbia
street was laid over till next regular
New Gyinnasjum Hall.
Following Is the program for the entertain
ment to be given . In the new gymnasium
building on Tuesday, 9th inht., commencing
at 8 p. m.:
Orchestra "Overture Standard" Ramond
Duet "When Ufe Is BrlKhtir..Clro fluentl
Karl and Melira Burtmen
Solo Irish Bon? Lang
Mitw jetwie ticcoimeu
Duet "Kew Life" Geibel
Mr. MUlT and Mm. Peaver
Male Quartet" Annie Laurie" D. Buck
Messrs. Chirke, Hurt menu, Entrlcan
and Wentworth
Solo" Fou r-f af Clover' ((.'oinb)...Mr. Miller
nolo Selected Mrs. Hhllloek
OrrhtKlra '-Bnt a I'renrn" (serenade) Mooh
Solo "The Bwertent Flower" ...Vanderntuken
Mls A. Urn It h
Piano trio raiee of the Darnonen Tanz"
, Kdward Hoist
Mrs. Huxlev, Mitw Lutieand Ethel fcutrlcan
Solo. "A Dream," by Bartlelt Mrs. Deaver
Violin duet Selected
Messra. Ullbert and Wentworth.
Solo, selected Mrs. Hhllloek
Orchestra, "Gavotte, Golden Reward"
AdmiaaioD AdulU, 25c: children under 12,
At The Dalle Hospital. Sunday. Jane SO.
inoi, to Mr. and Mrs. V. If. Bradford, Jr., of
Hood Kiver, a aaugnter.
Tills Is the nrst child born to Mr. and Mr.
Bradford after a married life of t years.
Mother and child were doing nicely at Uutt
In Hood River, at the Onereiratlonal pan
sonaee, July 8, l'Ol, T. H. Frohm and Ml Ida
M. Aicseiwr); ttev. t u. nemnner ociciauug.
( hnrcii Smiee.
Valley Christian Church-Sunday school at
in a.m. l. r. a. u. at 7:.iu.
Congregation! Church. The regular quar
terly eonimusi'ia service will t ine yen in
cniiM-i ou with tlte aervlce oi wulilp and
ureactilnif at l( a. in. A1m, toe ordinance of
baplixro will be adminmtered U children.
Hnmlay school at 10 a. m with Prof. K. B.
Bwnea. superintendent, v. K. service at ": 8
p. m., witn J. H. Bo-itli, prexlili-at. A cordial
tnvi'at'og Uet.oJed to alLlo attend llutae
rjni'ed Brethren fhnr?h Sunday acbor.l at
to a. tai. HwicWns at U a. m. ai.d K p. m. t
i Prayer iwrvie" Wvioesday rea-
IfcTe - ws.
10 and 12c per yard. Get yours
.per pair 20c
per pair Zoe
, each 25c
settings . . . . each 25c
each 25c
each 60c
per box lc
Bids Wanted.
Bid for the erection of a school house at
Nh-olnl, in District No. 2, will be received by
the board of directors up to July 15, MM.
Finns and spec-mention may be seen at the
residence of M. 11. N eke rail the district
clerk. The board reserves the right to reject
nnv and all hlrifl.
Bv order of the Board of Directors of
District No. 2.
Stockholders' Meeting.
Stockholder of the East Fork Irrigating Co.
take notice, that there will be a special meet
liiff livid In Rone Bros.' ofne In Hood Kiver.
at 10 o'clock Saturday, I nne 2U, 1001, for the
purpose of electing a airec'or.
C. It. BONE, Secretary.
Town Lots for Sale.
Apply to J. F. WATT,
Sec'y iiood River Towncite Co.
McGuire Bros.
Fresh and Cured Meats,
Lard. Poultry.
Fruits and Vegetables.
Free Delivery. fhone 3&
Peanut Boaster.
We have a neannt itnastcr of latest patera
and can supply our customer with the best
nality or peanuts, iresn tohsuju every uu
ample them.
Steamer Iralda
Of tha Itcc-nlntor Line leave Cascade fxck
rtii v. em-en! Kundav. nin a.m. Laves noon
Kiver at 8:10 a. m. Arrive at The Dalle at
lO-.m. Returning, leave The Dulles at 2 p. m
arrive at Hood River at i.
W. C. ALUiWAY, General Agent.
Timber Land, AH June , 1OTH.1
tTnlted State Land Offlce.Vanconver.Wash
June 18. lwil. Notice 1 hereby aiven tuat In
compliance with the provision of the act of
Minorca or J line 8, 1" , enunea ' n bci tor
the sale ol timber land In tlie states of t'al
fornla, Oregon, Nevada and Wunhtnglon Ter
ritory," a extended to all tlie public I an (J
suite oy ncv oi nuuin-i , ii;-,
of The Dalle, county of Waco. tat of
llrpvnn. hm lh lii dav filed In till otfl- til
sworn statement No. 2211. for the purchase of
tharooth aouinwest i, ana sontn vjsouin
mt.i.. of section No. 8. In township No.
north, ranee No. 11 east, W. M..ami will offer
pnxiftosliow that the land sought I more
valuame lor It iimDeror ione man n,r asri
cultural rjuriioxes. and to establish hi claim
to Hld land before the keglster and Uecelver
oPtliisofflc at Vancouver, Wash., on Tliur-
aav, the imn aay oi wpn-mwr, r"i.
lie names as wltnesi: Harry W. Selllmrer,
Robert K. IJoMJeorgeB.Sellinitcr and August
J. Wagner, all of Trout Lake, Wash.
Any and all persooi claiming adversely the
above-described land are requested to (lie
theirclaims In this office oo or before said
Itflhrim of September, 1K)1.
Jc-atO W. It. DUNBAR, Register.
To Water Consumers
Th.mlMi( ihx vnmnanr will be stricti
rn'.inwMt aftr this date. All ho are delin
quent after the Knh day of the month will tm
charged the full rrlc vi: tl.W per month;
the extra 2Sc gum- to the collector, who will
shut odT water at the main from residence
whera iMvment 1 not iiroinmlv ruaiie. and
will not be turned on as-a'n nniit all arrea
m in milil. Hertnninit July 14 next, n
water rent will be churned to owners of rent
ed buil'timrs Instead of to the m-cupanu
UwD'HlV'fcU HJ'RJNUWATttt 00.
We have a full stock of Best Grade of Fire crackers in all Sizes;
Torpedoes, Roman condles, Hobson batteries, Sampson batteries, Sky
Rockets, Dewey bombs, etc., etc. If you are going to celebrate
get the best from
yLc::. -
; rnnncfT
Cor Sul
v. ,v
fj Llisincsota Shoo Go st.Vaui.. kinn.
bone & Mcdonald.
Large assortment of Hammocks. Lock at them.
75c and up.
Iron Beds, latest designs and lowest prices.
PAIXT8 AND OILS. Tlie best la the cheapest. I have them.
ilfiTirTnTrrn Tlnnnn Ifftlrliiirr!
I lUUllUllol
At Tortland prices,
A large assortment of WALL PAPER in new shades and designs.
Undertaking and Embalming.
Get prices on anything in ibe Furniture line of me beforo going else
where. At my old stand on Oak street.
Call on Clarke.
Call on Clarko.
For all kinds of PATENT MEDICINES,
Call on Clarko.
The Glacier
Prescriptions a Specialty.
till 0
jnTir 1,1 " "" ' " 1 11 '"'
NOTICE FOB PUBLICATION. I Ofnoe at Vancouver, Wnsl-., Juno H,
10OI. Not is hereby Klvcn thut tho tullciw-
nif-nnnicil set tler lias tl leu notice or til in
tention to make html proof In support or
hisclnlin, niul tlmt suld prmir will be made
before the Hvalstur ond Kecelver U. H. Land
Office at Vancouver, Wash., on Suturduy,
August 10, 1(K)1, VlU!
OfLvle. Wash., It. K. No. WM, for the NW M
of HE '4, H y., ofBW '4 ami riV of N W of
sec. m, Tp. t nonn, ranK n east, win. ir.
He niiine tlio rollowinK witnesses to prove
hi continuous residence upon and cuitivu
tlon of Hiild land, viz:
O-cur H. fursons, haaar A. Hopper, iiusuen
Trahue and Kusscll ii. Hwuiu, all of Lyle
O., Washington.
Jc28au2 W. R. PUNBAR, Register.
Timber l-and, Act Junes, 18TR.
tlnllcd Slates Uinrt Ofliee.VHncouver.Wash.,
.Tiiiu all. IK1. Notice 1 hereby alven that In
com pllnnie with the provision of tlioact of
conitres or June , 1M B, entnico "An act ior
lie sale or timber land in me state ot ( in-
Ifornia, Orcf on, Nevada and Washington ler
r I lory," as extended to all the public land
states by act of Aii"ii 4, W2,
Of The Dalle, county of Womti, late of Ore
gon, hn this day tiled in this office hi woni
siatement. No. 22tt, for the purchase of the
south ', southeast , outncat south weit
4 section , anu souinwesi. a iuuiwuui
section No. 10, In township No. H north, ranve
No V east. W. M.. and will oiler proof to show
that the hind sought I more valuable for It
timber orsloue than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish his cliilm to suld lund before
the ltlster and Receiver of this otllce at
V apcouver, Wcl on 1 hursday, the Ulli aay
of KepUiiiber,
He names as wllne: Frank O. Connelly
of The Dulles. Or.-. Thomas W. lusk and Huiih
l.nsK or i iieriowitn, h an.: anu iiia. j.niuu-
llnKOtThe lulles, Or.
Of The Dalles, county of Wasco, tte of Ore-
son, ba I lii day (lied In thl ottli-e lil swora
suitemer.t, no, ior ine purcnase oi ino
n-rth northeast section . and north V,
northwest of section Mi tu, in lownxmp ro.
i north, raiue No. H eat, W. M., and will oiler
proof to show that the land souk lit I more
valuable for It timber or sloii' than for aicrl
cullural piirpoxe. an I U esUiblltii hi claim
to ld land efore the Register and Receiver
of this otllce at Vancouver. Wash., on Thur
Uhv, the tilth day of Hcptrmber. liOI.
lie nnmesas wltnnwe : Krank O. Connelly
of The Uaile', Thomas W. Luxk and Hugh
Lnlt of Cmmowito, Wh.: and Arthur C.
wiub Inar of The Imllea, or.
Any and all person claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to tile
their claim In this office on or before aid
titlh dav of KepUsniher. hil.
Jevt J W, K, I if S BAB, Register,
Fresh Cow.
A eeotle family cow, freb. for sale tr
H. M. ABBorf,
Ou to X. U. Coon pluvo-
and Flags
" a
for WOMEN.
ft -Th CTfl cimrninn
Equal to any $3 Shoo on the Market
If roardtaWr dni noi kr thum. Inlfi on lt'm ft(lifT
(tiir forjrii. Wocwty lJjiaawekifiaCtottiiu-vilt'.
gun xuu
Call on Clarke.
Call on Clarke.
The youiijr nmn loves the young woman;
t-i. V. i.;u i.i.unnDfl
The young woman loves the young .man:;
That's her business.
Tha voung man and young woman get
That's tlie preacher's business.
They will need furniture, carpets, wall
patur rnd building material;
Ihttt s my business.
ITImber Land, Act June 3, 1H7S.)
United Btalo Lund Office, . Vancouver,
Wash,, Mav 21, 1(101. Notice Is hereby given
that in compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June 8, 1H 8, entitled "Anact
for the hule of timber lands in the stales of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
territory, asextentieu louu me puuuc iuiiu
lute by act of August 4. Mi,
OLIVER I'. Kit Kill,
of Fulda, county of Klickitat, state of Wash
Itigton.liasllilailny tiled In Hum. (lice hlsswui n
sltttemeiit No. 'iAli for tlie purchase of the
lot I of section No, 2. and lot i, H
and 4 of section No. t. In township No.
5 north, range No. 11 east, W, M., and
will oiler proof to show thut the land sought
I more valuable for Its timber or tone limn
for agricultural purposes, and to establish hi
claim to suld land before the Register and
Receiver of thl office at Vancouver. Wash.,
on Tuesday, the 27tli day of August, 1W)1.
He names as wllnesse: Halsey D.Cole,John
Wycrs. Bunlarnlu V. Onell and aamuel M.
Colo, all of Ktildu, WoHhlngion.
Any and all persons c)iiiiing adversely tho
above-described lands are requested to file
tlieir claims In thl citllcu on or before said
27th day of AugtiKl, 1!01.
inShi-i W. R. DUNBAR, Register.
" fTimher Land; Act June 3, lWH.
United State Land Office, Vancouver,
Wash., May itfi, IWll. Notice i hereby given
tiiatln compliance with tlie provision of tho
act of congress of June , IS 8, entiiled "An
uel for the aie of limber lands In the Mtatcs of
t'ulllorniu, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory, as extended to all the public land
stale by act of August 4, 1W,
Of Husum, county of K lickilai, state of Wash-.
Ington, hiut tbi day tiled in this oftlce hi
woru statement. No. 2214, for the of
the outheast quarter of section No, K5, in
township No. north, rauge No, II east, W.M..
and will otl'er proof to show that the land
sought Is more valuable for Its timber or
stone than for agricultural purpose, and to
establish hi claim to said land before the
Register and Reeetvr of this office at Van
couver, Wash., ou Friday, the lutU day of
August. lvOI. ... . ,.
He name 0 Wlineshe: joniman u. mump,
a a
Leonard Htunip, and
Jtoule Hiump,
r nmn, usu., anu
Uenllian Jonea
Husum, xwash.
Of ff iisum, county of Klickitat, slate of Wash
ington, ha this day tiled In this .ftic hi
uoru statement. No. for the puichuse of
the mninwest quarter of sei-ticn No. S3, iu
township No. north, r.'.r;e No. 11 east, W ,M.,
and w,l! oiler pioof lo show that the ihud
sought I more valuable for its timber or Mens
than fur agrlcullurul puro, and Me tib
lish hiselalm to suld lund lo-toie the Retit .cr
and Kt-eelver of tin olllce at Viiuii tl er,
Wusli., on Friday . tisu ICth uay of A uguat tujl.
lie name a witnesses: Jonithuu L. btump,
looard Slump and Jennie Kuiiiip, ail of
V nldn, Wash., and ilordical Joaes ot llasum,
Any and all person claiming adversely tha
bove-de'ribe(l land are request! to flio
their eli ims la tbi otlica Ouor beftiusiaus..
bJUi day ol August, Ii01. ,
Jt7 W. U DCSBAE, EWtcr.