The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 05, 1901, Image 2

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    5(ood Iiver Slacier.
FRIDAY, JULY 5, 1901.
The Fourth In Hood River.
, Food River will celebrate the Fourth
of July with a good old-fashioned celc
bration, and one that will surpass nil
previous efforts for anything of the kind
in the town. Extensive preparations
have been made for the occasion, and
much credit and praise in due the mem
berg 01 trie various committees wim
have had the management of affairs in
charge. The business houses and pri
vate residences of the town have been
profusely decorated with flags and bunt-
ins. and streamer! of red, white and
blue are everywhere to be seen. Span'
nine Oak street, at the intersection of
Second, a large arch has been erected
The framework of the structure is com
posed ol scantling, over which canvass
was tacked and with the aid of the ar
tist's brush the whole thing has been
riven the appearance of stone masonry.
Across the face of the arch Is the word
"Welcome" and under the arch are 24
Incandescent lamps, which produce a
verv brilliant effect at niaht.
More people are expected in Hood
Kiver lor the fourth than ever were
here before. The Dalles will turn out
in force and the people from the snr
rounding towns and country will all be
here. And to all who come Hood River
extends a hearty welcome. Let the
eagle scream, and the celebration at
Hood River for 1001 be one long to
be remembered
At sunrise, the national salute of 13
guns will be fired. The early part of the
morning will be given up to the recep
tion ot visitors, who will arrive from
other towns by train and boat. At 10
o'clock the parade will be formed in the
east end of town, and after passing
in review through the main streets, will
proceed to, the grove in Blowers addi
tion. The principal feature of the pa
rade will be the liberty car, with Miss
Agnes Dukes as Goddess of Liberty, and
60 little girls to represent the stutes and
territories of the union, with Alaska and
Hawaii added. A large arch and well
decorated platform have been erected in
the shady grove on the Mil, and here
the oration of the dav will be delivered
by Hon. Robert F. Bell of Portland. The
Declaration of Independence will be
rend by Mrs. Louise Uoddard. Martial
music will be furnished by the Hood
Kiver brass band, and the Glee club will
sing. After the exercises, will occur
the picnic dinner.
The afternoon will be given over to
games and races, for which liberal prizes
will be awarded the winners. The Dalles
and Hood River base ball nines will con
test for a 50 purse.- After the theatri
cal entainment at the armory, the (700
display of tire works will be set oil from
a scow at the mouth of Hood river.
Following is a detailed programme of
the events ot tne any :
Let tlie Eagle Scream!
n h
If n Hh if
Hood EiTrer, Oregon.
i 1 1 .
Music by the Band and Glee Clubs.
Grand Parade, Comprising Patriotic, Military and Civic Features.
Reading of Declaration of Independence
Log Rolling Contest at the Boat Landing, upon the arrival of Excursion.
$100.00 in Prizes.
Base Ball Game. Dalles vs. Hood River.
At the Base Ball Ground in the Afternoon.
Greased Pole, Wheelbarrow and Sack Races, and Other Amusing Features.
(Liberal awards to the winners.)
Cash prizes for the handsomest and best decorations.
In the Evening.
Cool, Shady Picnic Grounds, with Romantic Surroundings for the Lovers of
BTReduced Rates on all Transportation Lines.
Everybody Come
and Brine:
the Children
I. National Haliiteof thirteen runs nt sunrise.
II. 8:30 to II o'clock, Heceptlonof Visitor..
H. 8:M. Balloon Ascension.
4. 9:00, Log Kolllnir Contest. Prices: Jockey
mil, iirniK'ii ron,
8, 1000,. Parade. ProcoMMon form on First
street at Kiver street, Line of march
south itn Flint to Oak: went on Oak lo
Fourth; sout h on Fnm th to Htate; went on
Hint, to ntncmir: soul n on Hinclalr to Hie
ground". Feature, or the Parade; Liber
ty far, Zouaves, Hlcvcles, Martial and
Ilrass Hands, Trade Noul., civic orders,
carriages, cllisens on foot.
0. 11:00, Kxerclses at the (Jrounds.
a. Music by the Hand.
b. Invocation.
c. Muxlc by the Gleo Club.
d. Heading Declaration of Independence,
e. Music,
f. Declamation: Recitation bv K. F. Ken
nedy, Assistant Urand Muster United
fr. Oration,
i. Mnslo,
7. 12:00 o'clock, Dinner,
J. lr.TO. Btue bullDalles VI Hood, Purss, avt,
i. 8:00, ('limbing pressed pole. Prize at top, ft.
3. 3:, Juvenile: Hood Kiver Juvenile versus
Dalles (Mir Club.
4. 8:15, Catching greased plr. Prize til. Dlir.
6. 8:.'tO, Hack race. Prise, J2 50.
6. H:15, three limited race. Prlite, 91 50. 1 '
7. :m, vvneiiuiirrow race. Prize, 12,
B. 4M, foot race-100 yard Uush. Puniei, 1st
piace j ,ou; i pince li ou.
9, :!, Fat men's race, limited lo men weigh
ing 210 pound and over. Prize 80.00.
10. 4:45, Halloon ascension.
11. 6:W, I'ony race. I'rizo S10 00.
U. 6:1k), llleyelo parade. For tlneat decorated
wneoiann uispiny or riding, tint plane,
5.00: second place, 9,1:00.
in. e;iu, supper.
ti. r.w, iiriirnaiin entertainment at the ar-
mory under the uunlces of the Fourth of
uiiiy i.o'uniiude. rue orient, luiuhbl,i,
Mimrkilnif conietlv. "a Hmiii..,r,, f,,.iw.v ''
in four acts, under the direction or iilr.
Percy H. Levin. General admission 23
rem: rcscrvea sent due. rtee inmll bills.
la. :., uranu uispiay or f ireworks, boiubi,
balloons, rocket, and act pieces on the
Hturteri and JiKlgoa of the various contests
win ue annouuecu M tne events occur,
On the evening of the Fourth, at the
. , .. i ,i ,, ,
armory, wir. jrevin, me wen Known and
popular young actor Wl)0 maae such a
splendid record tn The Panes this sprinar,
assisted by a number of Jiood River's
amateur thespians, will present the so.
ciety.comedy, "A Summer's Fancy."
1 he proceeds of the evening are to bo
divided with the finance couimittee,who
are snort some fou on tne cost of the
celebration, and not wiuhinir to (mil nh
the business men for further iunds.after
tneir generous response, it was deemed
advisable to produce the pluy, and use
Hits muiicy ior hub purpose
1 he curtain will rise at 7:15 and be
down by 9:15. ' Immediately after the
yet many new orchards are coming into
bearing and altogether the mason has
been very favorable to the production of
a good fruit crop. Some of the orchard
ists are learning that it pays to thin out
the fruit when the trees are too heavilv
loaded, and those who did this last sea
son find they have a good crop this year,
while trees that were permitted to bear
too heavily have no fruit at all this year.
Hood Kiver fruit growers, said Mr.
Bchanno, are thorough sprayers and are
securing better results with their work
than the farmers in any other cart of
une thing that our orcnardists are
overdoing, sBid Mr. Schanno, is prun
ring. Too many of our farmers, lie
claims, prime for ornament and ruin the
truit-beanng qualities of the trees by
cutting away the fruit spurs. Trees
should be left to themselves after the
third year, as it is natural that a tree
should regulate itself, exccntim? that an
f . ' r. .
occasional extra growth should be re
moved. Mr. tSclmnno claims more in
jury is done the Hood Kiver orchards bv
the knife and the saw thun by the trim
pests. The successful orchard of D. II
rars on the Last Side is a practical ex
ample that a tree will take care of itself
with better results than artificial aid can
Another point on which too many of
the Hood Kiver farmers are in error is
the planting of vearly apple trees, and
the fact that many are making a great
mistake in planting scrawny, stunted
trees, The best apple trees to plant are
two-year-olds, and the trees at that age
should have a growth the size ol a whip
stock, stnntei trees, like stunted stock,
win never produce the best results.
White Man Turned Yellow.
Great consternation was felt by the
irienusoiM.A.Hogartyof Loxington.Ky
when thev saw he was tnrninir vellnw.H
skin slowiv changed color, a I no his even
and he suffered terribly. His malady was
yenow jaundice, tie was treated by the
best doctors.but without benefit. Then he
was advised to try kleotno Bitters, the
wonderful stomach and liver remedy. and
he writes; "After takingtwo bottles! was
wholly cured." A trio proves its match
less merit for all stomach, liver and kid
ney troubles. Only 50o. "SoldbyChas.
ii. via r kb, druggist.
Mt. Hood Notes.
Every one is busy makine hav. and
those who have clover are haulinu half
of it over on his neighbor's Held, so he
can cure it, as it ji too thick to cure at
William Cox of Kinuslev. enme down
close of the performance at the armory to v''t his sister, Mrs. James Knight
the fireworks will be set off. Admission report a good prospect for a big crop
to the armory will be placed at 60 cents
for reserved seats and 25 cents general
admission. Seats may be secured at
jwoth a store, and as there are only a
lituitea number of them, those intend
mg to purchase should do so early,
The cast is as follows:
Jack Henderson Mr. Percv II. Ijsvin
Harry Woodlhorpe. . Mr. Edward Blythe g tndvedup
Jethry Baxter -Mr. Chas. Foster Lt mud. Z
I he lander Potts. ... .Mr. Maltio Dukes thing if all th
Jake Baxter, Mr. John Berry
Edith Henderson, , , .Miss Blanche Lane
P.ninm V stuou .... Miss Gladys Hartley
Mrs. Henderson Miss Nellie Clurk
fliercy Baxter.
Act I. Camping
time, summer,
Act II, Baxter's farm house; time,
Act III. .lack's cottage) winter.
Act IV. Mrs, Henderson's Sew
house ; four years later,
. ..Miss Gloria Lane
in the Adirondack;
at Kiugsley.
Workmen have started in raisins the
rafters at the site of the new dam on the
hast Fork. The dam will be completed
oy tne last oi tins monta, not sooner,
Not long since one sheepman got on
another sheepman's range, and one of
tne neruers ami one of the camp-tenders
) in tne orusn but there was
XHished. It would be a flue
ng if all the settlers at Mt. Hood had
sheep enough to hold the little range
inure is a run im nere.
C. R. Bono turned the water into liia
ditch, last ruin v, to soak the ground
and flume. His ditch is a great success.
Mrs. Geonre Wtshart is verv ill. Kim
had the measles and never altogether
recovereu. biie lias been verv noorlv of
late. Ir. Brosius is in attendance.
L. W. Tomlinson came down from
Ashwood, last week, where he has been
working for a mining company for the
Mr. Levin has Crodilid this nlav In luat
The Dalles, twice, and the papers speak to the water and when he came away
flatteringly of him and his work. The ho hud risen to the position of foreman.
Goldendale Sentinel, commenting on Certainly that is an honorable record
the play, Mid it was "a huge success." for a stranr to make in twelvemonths,
The Astoria pars termed it "The lead- and shows what intelligence and applica-
ing event of the society season a line atiou to business cat) accomplish.
play well rendered." i
As the committee will hold the fire- U Dawles Hie World,
works until after the uerformancA. the 'n,lia,),-ii'ari h ni,i;,,!,ml,o,.....n.
hour has been set early in the evening, ed one-quarter of the excitement that has
bu h nui iu ixinii ri iiiiu in tri ve an w in iwtn rnuwxi hv I ir K m'a Xuiu n, ......
desire to do so an opportunity to lauuh forconaumntittn. li'ir,.H.,.
The old relt
able Ilarnewi
Hhop l Hilt do
ne bimlncKi at
tne old itund.
Bicycle! for
ale and b c
ciei repairea.
All work guar
anteed lo give
House to Kent.
On the Hut ion place. Apply to
n.17 (i. n. WiJODWOftTH,
$15 per
Will bnv one of
tracta In flood ltlver,
most deirable 40-acre
Mo agemi.
Barber Parlors.
Newly furnished In all the latent modern
barber fixture, ma k Inn It second to none for
nrnt--ia lei-vice, forcelaln Batn J tibs. y'
uraunc nar?r i nnun.
A shoe-polishing artist always on band.
EVANS & DeBORO, Prop'rs
House to Kent.
An 8-room house, water free, In Blower ad
anion; one view; spienuia locaimn: srz pt
The Glenwood,
Helect boarding and rooming houae, corner
rourinanu iiuk streets, in western part oi
town. je
Lots for Sale.
At aboutlMO each. On the rldire overlooking
coin rivers. coverea witn ireesanasnruDDery,
and only six or wven blocka from depot. Ad
areas aki hl h niMttitiw, iiooii K.ver.
Frankton Express.
Pasaenarers taken to and from Nlcolal and
Davenport eampa. and single rlKs furnished
ror lamuy shopping. 7 b. u tALKlH.
And wagon repairing attended to promptly at
my snop on me .m i. nooa roaa, sou in oi town,
(iood work at reasonable prices.
myi7 u. A. HUWKLtU
At Private Sale.
Will sell at private sale at inv place: Os
borne mower and steel rake, grain separator,
Oaborne sprlnz-tootb narrow, buiisv. wagon
and ha mem, it boreea, lumber, id or ,0 ricks of
oaa ana pine wooa, carpenter loots, i stoves,
furniture, and other articles too numerous to
men uon. Ail cneap ior casn.
Best is the Cheapest.
B. H. Tucker Is airent for Htandurd Mowers
and Rakes and Fish Bros.' Wagons. Try one.
none oeiier. hi
To Rent.
ty ac
p best
l hlrty or mrty acres of the finest, of straw
rrrv iiino. lie
Kaslly watered
land, the Lest for berries in the county.
' watered and clone in l,u r ,,,, ha
cint u on snares on 1 aradlse rarm.
Men to grub 8 or 10 acres on the East Side.
"Wf IK H. HKAH8,
A bay hnrso with stub mmw trtn
dltlon would weigh between 1(0 and 1100 lbs:
years old; no brand. Five dollars reward If
"""" "y piace. A.H. It A 11 M.
Plants Wanted.
In July, 21,ou) good strawberry plants.
J'28 A. N. RAHM.
Team for Sale.
A 2200 team, well matched, tor S12.5.
Stenographer and
TY PEWinTKIl. All kinds of stenogrnphle
Zm li at "If' ,aonabe prleea. Apply at the
160 Acres for Sale.
two miles from Mosler; house and barn: 20
hnl 111 niil(U-ntl..n 1,-1,. a, rt.wi '
J)i C1IA8. B. PR A THAR.
Posts for Sale.
A good quality of cedar post", delivered to
the lower valluv or In i,nvn r,n... , u.
Hay Press.
The undersigned have fitted nn thip
press with all the necessary Appliances and
s now prepared to bale hay throughout the
lley. Before engaging your hav for baling
call on us.
,ifni.v1c,'Th? !. Oregon, jniy
11101.- Notice Ik hereby given that the follow-
nig naniea se tter has tiled notice of Ills
intention to make final proof. In shd nrt
III. num . , , ....... i . -
... w,.,., kiiu umv-- KttlU piXMII Will
oo mane Don. re the Heglster and Receiver at
les.Oreiton.on Monday, AuguatU 1U01
?r. Oreiron. H. Kn rha .v..
northeast W southwest M and nnnh V ,k
east M section Stil, and northwest V southwest
quarter section JB, towusbip 1 north, range 11
east, w. M.
He names the ntllnwlnir wiinM... A
his contlnnou resldeaee upou ami cultiva
tion of said land, via;
Axsel K. Peterson. Mm
Rorden. The llle, OteKon; 8. K. Fisher and
Oeorge Wood of Mosler, Oregon.
jy'" JAY P. LUCAS. Register.
n Imber Ijinil. Act lm .4 la-u i
United Plates Tjinii nm,w
Wash.. June 24. 1001. Notl.v, ii" h.t... .....T. '
that In compliance wlih thr provisions of the
act of Congress of June 8, 1K78. entitled "An
mi n-, ii.r inn unit, ui u I ntr imiiiih in iiim.,..
ot Calltornla, Orexon, Nevada aiid Wl,in.
hmi inmiory, n extended to alltheuublie
iHllit ctjit.ui hi- n r A ......... .
TlluMAS K. fcl.VNV '
Of 8,-nttle, county of King, state
Wasnlngton.has this day filed inlhlsoffl.
ins sworn statement No. if tvi Ar ih. .,..i.....
of HmSKU .ifi: i ,i. iy";,i; . .
h No. In township
No. K, north, r.mre No. 10 east, W. M.. and win
otter pnsif to show that the land sought 's
more valuable Rir Its timber or stone than tr
agricultural purposes, and i.i thii.i. i.u
claim lo said lan, I beiore the Register and Ke-
vy,,r. uiwoiu.-r i aucouver, Wash., on
Friday, Mept. l i, lull.
no names as witnesses; Robert V. Cos and
, J. W Mtfnttl or Trtllll, tk. VLUUK A VI-
l.olxlcllol Portland. Or., and Nn, 4 vi...
Of Seattle, county of King, state of Washing.
liUt IkUki I Vila .it... NI..J I . V. i . .k. . .
v:" " ' ttrace mm worn
Cows for Sale.
Choice family cows, full blood and rra
Jerseys, for sale by J. A. HKNDERSON,
aiw wnite watmon, wasn.
ITImber Land, Act June :i, 1878.1 '
United States Tand Office, The Dalles, Ore
gon, April 27, IDOL Notice Is hereby given
iniii in compliance wun tne provisions oi tne
act of Congress of June t. Is 8. entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands In the States
of California, Oregon. Nevada and Washlm
ton lerriiory, as exienaea to an tne public
lauu siaies oy aci oi August 4, iku,
Of The Dalles, count y of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, tins this day nied in this omee her sworn
statement, No. 180, for the purchase of the
northeast or section No. ax. in town
ship No. 1 north, range No. 9 east, Willam
ette Meridian, and will otter proof to
show that the land sought is more valuable
tor its limner or stone man for agricultural
fiurposes, and to establish her claim to said
and before the Item Inter and Receiver of this
orilce at The Dalles, Oregon, on Saturday, the
tith day of July, 1H01.
She names as witnesses: J. H. Phlrman.
Christine A.Phlrmau and Henry Boyenof The
uaues, uregon, ana w imam nana or iiooa
Kiver, uregon.
Any and all persons elnlmlnir ad verse v the
nuove-uescriucu lunas ure requesiea u nie
ineir claims in ints omee on or Deiore laid
otn aayor juiy, ihoi.
m:iy8 JAY P. LUCAS, Register.
Timber Land, Act June 8, 1878.1
United States Land Office, Vancouver, Wash.,
June 11, 1001, Notice is hereby given that In
compliance wlih the provisions of the act of
congress or June s, IH 8, entttled "An act for
me sale or umber lunas in the states of Cul
Horn, a, Oregon, Nnvada and Washington Ter
ritory," as extended to all the public land
tutes uy uctoi August 4, jniz,
Of Falda, county of Klickitat, state of
vi asningion, lias this day n led in this office
his sworn statement, No. 2222, for the purchase
01 me souineasi souinwesi yt section
and northeast y. northwest li of section
No. 11, in townhlp No. 5 north, range No. 11
east, W. M., and will oiler proof to show that
me mn a sougni is more vaiuaoie ror Its tim
ber or stone than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish his claim to said land before
the Register and Keceiver of Ihlsofflce at Van
couver, Wash., on Tuesday, the 27th day of
Ilitigunk, IWI,
He names as witnesses: Samuel M. Cole,
Ilalsey D Cole, Jonathan Stump and Court
land Chapman, all of Fulda, Wash.
Any and all Dersous cluiminir ndveraplv thn
above-described lunds are requested to tile
tbelrclulms in this offleo on or hcforii uui.i
27th day of August l'JOl.
jeniiin w. 11. UUSUAK, Register.
Timber Land, Act June 8, 1878.
United States 1-and Office, The Dalles, Ore
ion, May 81, 1001. Notice is hereby given
hat in compliance with the nrnvlsionsor Mm
act of Congress of June 8, I818, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands In the states of
California. Oregon. Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to all the public land
states by act of August 4, 1802,
Of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has this day filed In this office his sworn
statement, No. 182, for the purchase of the
lots 1, 2, 6 and t) of section No. 8.1, in
inwiisiiip no.- norm, range wo. 8 east,
Willamette Meridian, and will oiler proof
l BI11F1V HULL L11K IM1111 HlllILTni. IB mil-n
ble for its timber or stone thnn for nirrl,.uli,,r.
al purposes, and to establish his claim to said
land before the Register and Receiver of this
office at The Dalles. Oregon, on Wednesday,
the 21st day of August, 1WI.
He names as witnesses: E. E. Fix of Pendle
ton, ureffon: j. m. iiirhs. ti iv u'umi,
and Miss l. Hlestand of Hood River, Oregon.
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
above-described IhikIb are requested to file
toeir ciaims in mis omee on or before said 21st
U.J Ol AllgUSt, IW1,
jeaiB JAY P. LUCAS, Register,
Pasis Fais'o
For Sale
We have a nice lino of goods, all new.
We have no old moth-eaten goods to sell you-no old stylo goods
to get rid of.
We bought our goods for cash and are selling for cash on a very
small margin.
Call and see our line and becon.-inced that we can savo you money.
Visitors are welcome.
We Give You Bargains Every Day.
- -T-ti
1. The Lov place, near Tucker's mill
on ilnoa river j simut house: 8 n,.rJ.
cleared ; price 1250.
2. Wendorf place, near Underwood
Wash. ; KiO acres; 10 in cultivation - fair
improvements; young orchard; 3 uore.
twilling musm-iiiw, piunty OI enoH
.Price f 2,000 j terms easy. "
Cheapness is often deamcss disguised. We handle first-class Goods
at rock-bottom prices. Our stock is complete, and it will pay you to
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Decoration ana Arcadia Flow Blue.
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need the money.
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IF YOU were canning fruit and should break the top of the jar or burn your
fingers, "woman t it jar you 7 ' Avoid such mistakes by using the
Absolutely the
best Jar made
Sun Fruit Jar.
Easv to seal.
Easy to open.
Danger of fruit spoiling.
II Loss by breakage.
1 1 U Metal to corrode or taint contents.
Danger of burning hands.
J Woman losing her temper.
' Call and see the Jar and get prices.
Spraying Material
Is the best we can buy.
White Arsenic I lot8 n"& lof'
) 12c per lb. 10c per lb.
Sal Soda l-10 20- lota,
) 4c per lb. 3c per lb.
i'iiii . .
Battle Axe Tobacco
Canned Peaches, per can
2-lb can Oysters. .....1
Sardines in mustard, large size can and finest quality, per can
Fresh vegetables arrive Thursdays and Saturdays. Rebate checks
given with all cash purchases. Your orders will receive prompt at
tention. .
Baled Hay, per ton, 14.
.Eeciprocitsr Corner.
and enjoy the comedy.
6ood Outlook for Apples.
Emile Schanno, horticultural commis
sioner for the fourth district, was in
Jiood River last week inspecting the or
chards of the valley. Mr. Schanno re
port that the prospects eive premise of j
gooa appie crop, mouru not o larxe
an the record-breaking crop of last year, (Trial Miles free.
been on hopeless viotimsof consumution.
pneumonia, hemorrhage, pleurisy and
bronchitis, thousands of whom it iiaa re.
stored to perfect health. For coinrhs.colds,
asthma croup, hay fever, hoarstuet and
whoopitiKCOUuh it is the Quickest, surest
cure in the world. U is sold by Chas. N.
Clark, who guarantees satisiaeiioti or refund-
money. Larue bottles 60c and II.
stutonijnt No. . 2X1, l,.r the pur,hse..f ides
township .No. north, range No. II est. W.M..
anil will oltrr ).io.f to how that the nintt
"M n re vuiuuoie lorimini.boror Mono
thn ft,r irriculturul purinvnw, nmi to -stb-lish
Ills clulm to mlil ln.l he ore the MetiiMer
mid Ketviver of thl ottUv hi Viinvuvtr
lie intnir wjlnes Robm F. Ooi sn l
A. J. W HKHltl of Tront Ike. Wash.. A. W.
r linn orsttittie. Hh,
An. Hmi all hi oi clalmtn; advrrMMy the
Nbove 1s, nixtl v i-a)-i moI t-, rtie
day ,. tv'(.i. 1AU.
Timber 1 .and, Act June 8, 1878.1
United States Land Offlee, The Dalles. Ore-
gvu, juuo i, ivui. rvoiu-e is nereov vlven
that In comDltani.'e with the nmviiinni nrtw
act ofconitress of Junes. lN;X.niltlii "Anon,
for thosnle of timber lands in the HtUs of
Culifornln, Oregon, Nevada and WashlnEtnn
1 ,, 1-1 1 111- V" 1 ' ua ... I, . I . - ..1.11. .
states by act of August 4, 18H2,
AUGUSllia A. Illl.MNRV
Of Tyh Valley. county of Waseo. state of Ore.
gon. has, on Deo. 15, 1U00. filed In this offiee his
sworn statement No. 1U for the purchase
oi me wmi k souineHMi ana kits 7 and 11
section 7, township 8 north, ran east,
VV. M and will offer proof to show that
the land nought Is more valuable for its tim
ber or stone than f.r ni?H,ii!tiirai P,Uw
and to establish his claim to said linrf
before the Register and Receiver of this office
at The Italles. Oregon, nn Mnnrluv ihn ln.h
; migusi. IWI,
He naniea ns witnesses; Clyde T. Bonner,
ixniald Koss, Islie Duller and O. B. llartlev.
all of Hmul Fiver, Orea-on.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
aboveHtescrlbed lands are requested to file
their claims In this offiee on or before said
lth day of August, ltl.
JfltolS JAY 1'. LUCAS, Register.
Timber Land, Act June S, 1878.1
United States Land omee. Vancouver, Wash..
June 13, UW1. Notice is hereby given that In
compliance wtta the provisions of the act of
-'iiKm jiimw.v m,n, eniuiea "An aci-for
tlie sale of timber lands in the states of Call-
lyn.iu. vrnn, .evmiH and washineton Ter
ritory, as extended lo all the public land
states by act of Aucnst 4, 1S!4.
Of The Dalles, county of Was-n, state of Ore
gon, has this day filed in this office his
sworn statement, N, .-t, for the purchase of
the lota S and 4. and soul' north west u.f sec
tion No. S. ill klWnsltln Nil M norlh r.... v..
Seast, W. M., and w ill oirer proof uTsho
that the land sought is more valuable for lis
timber r stone Ilian for avru-niiLmi
e k, and to hia claim to said land
'Aire the Kea later and tht. .i ....
at io.uve . Wah ou Wednesday, tbe
day oi August, ls'l
He names as witnesses: T. W., Huch
" " ., . ,iin oi tienowith. W ash..
ad K. ti. fonnolly L'The Dalles. tr.
Anv and all persona clAiiiiiii .) . ru.,w. hA I
he-deTibed lauds Mm rv.ii 1,.1 1 1, i i a
i tlieir claims In this ottfee on or beivre said
j iJitli dav of Auns, tnoi
--jiClitdt W, li, PCS BAR, Register.
Blacksmithing and
.1. : ,. ... '
Horse-shoeing a specialty. All work guaranteed.
3. Eight acres r.ff the V. J.
place, known as the Htffernan place- jn
strawlerries; price, with crop,
4. ' 15 acres occupied byE.L.Rood ;fl500.
5. The old Ropers place at Frankton'
owned Dy u. w. J.ane: larce hnnu
harn, 2 springs, part of Phelps cre.k
falls, 2 acres intprowd, plenty of fruit
price, fl.iuu fdOO or more cash.
0. Twenty acres off J. V. Baker's
place; pear orchard and other fruit in
bearing; price $125 per acre.
7. Barrett-Si pma addition : IfiOneri.
10 down and $5 per month ; no interest'.
8. Ten choice lots in HichlanH o,iil
tion, only two blocks east of the post
office, on State street, at 75 to f 150
Terms easy. Every lot has a command
ing view. r .
O FlnA 1,s,v.aa1aa .1 .1 111
i I c i in iiuuiuaicmi ut j rm acrpjt on
CeCOratlOn. Rock creek near Davenport's. Pri
$1,000 foOO down, balance at 6 tr
10. Eiaht lots in Hull's addition eanK
lot level, 80 x 140; center of ball
100 each. . 1
11. The G. T. Galliean GO acres. K-in-
on the county road north and east of the
Barrett farm; 24 acres in cultivation
900 fruit trees Price $2,150. orJ2!in
half cash. New $500 barn on olam
12. The Chas. Rogers 5 acre tract and
cottage, Frankton. Good springs and
creek. $050, terms easy.
14. The Allen Fulton farm. lfiO
5 miles east of town ; price $1,000 ; termi
15. Lots fn Henderson snb-div!
17. Two lots and nice cottace. en at nf
Congregational parsonage; price $650:
terms easy. f
19. The Glover farm, well imnrnveil
4) miles from Goldendale; 240 acres
140 acres in cultivation; 03 acres in
winter wheat; 7 acres in hog pasture,
with a creek runninu thronarh it: nil nn.
der fence, with cross fences; larpe
new barn and fine house. Price $12.60
an acre ; will take Hood River property
in part payment.
20. P. A. Trana place. White Salmon.
in sight of Hood River; 8 acres, 5 in
strawberries and tomatoes 17,000 straw
berry plants and 1,400 tomato plants,
No irrigation required.
21. N. S. E. U. S. 14 N. E. M .
4, T. 3 N., R. 11 E White Salmon; fine
timber land ; $10 per acre.
22. The Emerson homestead, only one
mile east of town ; fine range; $1,500,
23. Lots 5 and 6. block 7. Wi nuns nd.
dition ; $50 a lot, or $85 for the two.
25. Two beautiful Imililintr lnts nent.
Robt. Rand's new house. Price $200
for the two.
20. S. II. Cox's fine residence in Honil
River, lot 100 x 100 ; price $1,200.
28. 529 acres, with miwh fir timber,
including both falls on Hood river. Re
fer to Butler & Co.
29. Twenty acres lvintr north of TVtnr
Kopke's, East Side:' cood land: nnim.
proved. Priee $500; terms easy.
30. Wishart 40 acres. East Sido: JT50.
or $800 half cash.
81. At Trout Lake. 80 a. : 3 in timothv.
cuts 8 tons a vear: 50 a. in lmnw sn'w
35c timber, white pine, fir and cedar; west
15c ")rlt -iiite Mimon river runs through
20c H ' lJrll'e tJt, sou.
hi. Jimma G. Robinson's 1B0 acres on
hills east of White Salmon, tnnu-n s
the Dryer place; fine timber; unim
proved; $785.
Eligible residencn lots in Snnnorli'r'i
subdivision, near cannon iinnw- nnlv
$75; terms easy.
$200 to $1,200 to loan.
At the Emporium is keot a' first-class
surveyor's transit, and the proprietor
oeine a practical surveyor, is well pre
pared to do the work' ot laving out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying. ;
N. B. Terms nrp. pnvnn nil thpnhnve
lands, with interest at '6 per cent. Per
sons desiring locations on homesteads
and timber claims should apply at ths
9c per ft.
100 ft lots,
2)c per ft.
Are running their two Mills, Planer and Box Factory, and can fill orders for'
Boses, "Wood da ZFosts
On short notice.
Registration of Land Title.
In the mntter of the application of Archibald
A; frl?,',ck reel"''"' he title to Lot letter
ed ! of the ritnt nf Rnnlh AHii..H .A i
Town (nonr Oltyl of Hood River, count v of i V'sh.
"""riii vM. Ton, nn io wnom It
Timber Land, Aot June 8, irs.1
Inter ijPw-Hr.
All work nmmnilw cti.l ontierdotnrllr z
ecuted. Office at KhPrriir fnrni tme store.
nlav concern. In t.h num .if ka ua
That on the 7th rinvnf Tnn. a r. irv,,
KnnllCAtlon wun tlleH h ..ih' lLk';i' , i .
Schenck In the circuit conrt of Wasco oonnty
nr Initial rtstrallon of the title of tbe land
above described.
Now, unless you appear on or before the Tth
day of July. A. It. lk.l, unit show cause why
such application shall not he rranti i.i
'ne will be taken as confessed, and a decree
will be entered avcordlni; to the pravernfthe
nj.plication.aud y.ia will be forever burred
f;-om ai.'putinv the same.
W Ituess my hand ond seal or said court
hereunto affixed this nh day of June, A. D
l!Vi; - A. E. LAKK,
iWl Oerk.
J,fa v- Tne Oregon, Jane 15,
lMOl.NotU-e l hereby uiven that the follow
ing named settler baa tiled notice of tis Inten
tion to make tinal proof in support of lis
elttiiu, and that said onf will be made beiore
f1'.. .Rlver' Oroii. on Friday. July 2;
iwi, vis; -
Of-Mt- Rood, uretron. H. K. Nr. sr.
nortiieast s.:Soa
ranee lt)eat. w. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
... . n',ia nviufum upon and cultiva
tion of, siiid lam), vim:
Ilwlf-V.!i.Hrlbb,e, A. B. Billings
n 1 Robert Unsure, al of ,t. HolhI. )re?.b
JcSyyi JAV P. LI" CAS, HtgiMer, '
3ft, towr.suip i north.
Bald-face sorrAl o nU a nrt cor.
rel colt. Mare branded h on left, hin.' Kinlly
leave word at Glacier office as to wliereabouts
Timber Land. Act June S. 1878.1
U. 8. Limit I1fftn ri. i,n rnr, fT
20, 1901. -Notice is Wreby given tbat in com
pliance with the nrnviulrLna ,,f llia.i.lnf con-
gressof Junes, 1K78. entitled "An act forth"
wash rzrs im jss.
Washineton fm ? a"
tbe pubKnWoy aad &E
statement No. 2-m ''n. &?W!?rii
uonnens' quarter of x- ' lne IS;, o, ms, cniutca "An aei wr i "
township Kit. north n S? x?-ln rif of timoer lands In theHtatesof Caiifornis.
and wlif neb. .ne H east.W.M.. Oregon. Nevada and W:,vhinir, Territory.'
fjupht Is more valuable forih.ii tlle Public land Btotes by
lish his cliim P"rP?ie? snl estab- EMMA F. IinVNEV
and heceiverofthisofficetv15ho Riser O'Tygh VoMey, connty ot ' Wasco, slateof Ore
J.thl,itiVK hi8"i ?y fi'ed in this office lief
. He names as witnessed ' I ilW.901 lwo.ln statement No.lHl, for tliepurehaseof the
Jennie stump of Fulda wT.i. Irr.VmJBn'1 - lSwe81' southwent M, and southwest
u. Jones of Hnsum.'wasn '
Watement, No. 2210 u, thl ioffifetwsworn
northwest LV.'? P'base of the
hip No. north, ranVeNa V- lown
wIlToffer p,f to shfw tll'.SU'V" !
iiiore valuable for Its tinitirrv, . ',"!Ut
foraer cultiir.1 ...,l.niReror stone than
claim to said laud,rre",iSj4Ssblish her
Iverof this om .rx!he K'ster and
on Friday, the lthd
J'VeHlescribVd Hnd,' alS''! advly the
northwest of section No.3 in townsbio No.i
nee Po. seast, W. M., and will oner
f?n blf kt the ,an'1 soufllt is mo7
ti. farX, and to establish her claim
w said land before the Register and Receiver
of th s ofhee nt The Dalles, Oregon, ou Satur
day, the Sd day of A nHi.
tiS S?meB witnesses: Clvdc Bonneyof
Ror- "ok A. A. Bouncy of Tygn
ValleV. Omnn. IVl !..... , t...k Mir,
of Hid River. Oregon.
iiL2yf nd 8,1 Persons claiming adversely the
fr? wibed lands are requested W Bl?
Iheircl&lm in V. 4 . .,i 71- w r taid
"ny of August. 1'JGI.
"'itu2 Jtv i trcn Kecistcr.
Farm fm Pnla.
Ornt. SSUacresSmiliHiaMnrHrwwl KfvtT,
rU-v land: nicriv rf r4
raiije. to
1" scies