The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 28, 1901, Image 3

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food River Slacier
FRID VY, JUNE 2i, 1901.
Lemons at Cce
Uriah Keep cigars.. '0)
Firecrackers at Coei'.
Ice lit Cola fc Graham's.
Buy your lime at Sherrill's.
Give Coos' tlrecrackers a trial.
Lemons 20c per do. ; Blowers A 6on.
Up to date crockery at Coe St, Son's.
JoHa' ice cream at CW stand the 4th .
We have some bargains in groccricsat
Hand s.
Remember those Aldon chocolates at
Shirt waists, full line, at Bone &
Bent grade firecrackers at Bone & Me
You can't resist the sweetness of Coes'
KiraimirOoi' will ssrvo Jol Is' ice
If you biv flre w.rks git ths but at
Bone &. McDonald's.
Celebrate the 4th with Coes' fireworki
and bo up to date.
A lot of white tan rubbers, 5 cents i
uoren at Savage's.
Lumber at Tut ker's, and making more.
Send us your orders. 7
For sky rockets and roman candles go
A Ib.nn i. tnn.i.i.
Always in stock,
seed Oil at Sherill's
Best grado of
Just received, a new
tresses, at Sherrill's.
stock of
Don't forget the bed bug proof Iron
ueu sieaus ai Mierriu a,
ThoHe iron beds at Sherrill's are hard
to beat for the money.
anted. Ladies to call and see the
new crockery at Coes'
T. C. Dallas is agent for the Buckeye
mower, me oest mower on earth
A lady's horse, a good buggy and a 1 12
harneas at f 125 for sale by Dr.r .C.Brosiu
When you buy get a Sels shoe; thev
wtll make your feet glad. For sale at
Rand s.
When ron want a good smoke, buy the
"Uriah Hcep" cigar. For sale by all
Bonedc McDonald are aecnta for Os
born farm machinery, reapers, mowers,
rates, etc.
-Now is the time to take pleasure in
liam mocks. Slierrill s is the place to
get them..-, ; -Note
the Price. Stone iars. stone
churns, bean crocks at 13c per gallon, at
J. liana s.
We have plenty of money to loan on
first class real estate for long term. Pra
ttler & Barnes.
... . .
joiig ot rortiand makes an ico
cream that is a standard of excellence
Coes' will serve it on the 4th at both the
stand and the store.
Chas. Riggf, the jeweler, has removed
to llanna & Hartley's grocery store, op
posite t ne iiiacier omce.
We are closing out our stock of Planet
Jr goods. Get some of them before they
are all gone, at Kami's.
Sherrill's in the place to buy your sash
and doors. Call and get his ' prices bo
fore buying elsewhere.
If you wish to sell your strawberries
it will be to your interest to see Bone
lirba. before parting with them.
Bed bugs are holding indignation
meetings all over the valley, jtlfou acr
count of ISartmcss' iron bed steads.
Dr'. F. C. Brosiu has removed to bis
new resilience at the west end of Oak
street, midway between the school house
and armory, and can he found in his of
fice over VtMlliama & Browns' drug store
between the hours of 10-11 a. ni., 2-3
nnd (5-7 p. m. .
Commissioner N. C. Evans and wife
were in The Dulles Monday. '
Master Leon Oppenheimer of Portland
is staying at Mrs.' Alma Howe's.
Contractor L D. Boyed will furnish
100,100 brick for the new store building
of John Otten.
The Glacier editor is in attendance at
the state) encampment of the G. A. R. at
rorest Urove.
Miss Alveiia Hoadley has accepted a
positiou as Ktenographer in the office of
i'ra trier & Uarnes. .
Ed Robert of Pan Francisco arrived in
Hood -River.htst Friday, oil a visit to his
relatives iuOdell district.
Chas. H. Gavlord. secretary of the
Hotel Portland, spent Sunday with his
wife at Mrs. Alma Howe's.
Mrs Margaret Reid was badly hurt
last Thursday. Her horse tell in going
down hill and rolled over her
FC.'Barnes and wife will move into
their new 6-room cottage on the school
house hill about the first of July. Cox
Si Cook w ere the contractors on the new
N.'Tostevin . has sold his residence
property in Blowers, addition to F. P.
Friday, recently from Chehalis, and will
remove with his family to his farm in
tho country.
Geo. T. Prather went to Portland
Tuesday afternoon on the Bailey Gatiert
to secure Hood River's pyrotechnic dis
play for the Fourth.
The Hood River library was recently
presented with 48 volumes of the Cri
. terion Library Series of histories and
biographies. Geo. T. Prather was the
generous donor. -- "
Mr. and Mrs. E.' D. McKee and Miss
Belle of Portland spent last Sunday at
(he Howe lmuse on Lyman Smith ave
tiuo. Mr. MeKee is clerk of the U. 8.
district court at Portland.
Thomas Clark, of Hood River, has
In-en in Stevenson sereral days. He is
looking up a location for Mrs. Clark to
open a, which will bo a
branch of her store in Hood River. Pio
neer. . :
Noble & Eastman, the contractors for
Dr. Shaw's new residence on the corner
of State and Irving streets, have com
pleted their work and P. F. Davidson jr.
and family are moving in.
The Fonrth of July.
P reparajspns for jcelehjating
are progressing satisfactorily.
the 4th
The fin
anee committee have been very success
ful in raising funds. The committee on
ground and decoration have received
(5nal instructions and are going
ahead to beautify the city and to put
things in order for such a celebration as
Hood River has never undertaken be.
fore, feopleare coming from all parts
of Sherman and Wasco county as well as
from the neighboring counties in Wash
ington, So hiok out for a crowd. Every
body i$ expected to bring baskets well
prepared for a feast, and to stay till after
the ficeworks and balloon ascension.
The committee of arrangements will
meet Fridav evening M Williams A
JJrosius store. All sub-committs are
requested to get their work well in hand
and to make definite reports at that
time. . See. Com. of Arrangements.
V' J.liJ. l.nmil!e U' .li... I' ll irv.i i
Hicliarilhon urrived in fmiii Um McCov
creek mining district Monday noon'.
The trip in'rsaid Jim, "was the tough
eat kind of mountaineering. Snow drifts
were eight and ten feet deep in places,
-and the trail so Impassable for horses
that the party had to turn the animals
back when erne day out from Trout Lake,
the rest of the trip being made on foot,
each nun carrying a &0 pound loud ol
blankets and provisions." This was a
month ago, but the snow has not vet
uiBupinssreu. mine at me mines, J in
cleared out some 14 feet of tunneling
which gives him a 1W) foot shaft. Jm
thinks there is something in it. and
hates to give tin after doinu so mm
work, though he has no pay dirt in sigh
The recital In elocution and mnsi
given at the Congregational church
.Monday evening, by Mrs. Louise God
dard and her pupils was another eujov
ble and successful affair that, was mud
appreciated by the large audimice pres
ent. ioia Aiteri)ury,ettie Allen, I'eurJ
Bradley and Elliot Staten did very well
with their piano selection. W. K Rh..r-
rill and W. A. Isenberg contributed ii
good form a couple of comet duets. D
b. Hand appeared in his usual gxn
stylo iu a vocal solo. Mrs. (ioddard
whose work in elocutionary lines is every
where well received, sustained a mini
ber of dilficult parts remurkably well
winning generous applause at each up
pea ranee.
L. R. Bradley, when in the Eust- lant
month, nee u red a unique curio in th
shape of a hand-carved cane nnulu bv i
forger in the North Dakota peiiitentiarv.
i"cr mo iiaiitiie in wie chub are ii
woras "Avengers of the Maine," ami
down the sides of the cane are carved
the pictures of Admiral Dewey, Rear
Admiral Sampson, Lieutenant Hobsot
anu captain ivans. ine pictures Hre
raised about 1-32 of an inch and the out
lines filled with India ink. The wood iP
hard maple, the cane is tipped with buf
falo horn and altogether it makes a very
unique and valuable curiosity.
F. P. Friday and family of Chehalis,
Wash. ,aro expected in Hood Rivr the
fore part of July. Mr. Friday will have
charge of the new general merchandine
establishment which John Otfen.llie re
cent purchaser of t he Hrnaius-Earlv
property, expects to open in Hood Rivrt.
Mr. Otten is a prosperous merchant of
Chehalis and is evidently conlideut of
success in Hood River an he is contract
i ng to erect a two-story brick 60 x 80,
with a plate elaxs front, the proposed
structure to replace the wooden build
ing now occupied by Sherrill's furniture
R. E. Harbison reports as follows from
Hood River for the weekly crop bulletin :
"Clover hay making is well advanced
and a gixxl crop as being r-ecureil.
Wheat will soon be ready to cut for hay.
The strawberry season is nearly eloped.
the apple crop will lack a good deal of
W'ni a full one, as many have dropped
luring the lust few weeks. H heat proin-
ims an average yield. The country is
becoming drv, but no more so than is
common at this time of the vear. Irriga-
ed crops look finu.
The foundation for the Masonic tem
ple, on the E. L. Smith block adjoining
Crowell's store,is completed and work on
the building will begin in a week or ten
davs. Contractor L. D. Boved will fur
nish tho necessary 1U5.000 brick, and ex
pects to complete the work in about 00
lays. 1 he building will bo a two-story
structure. The first floor will lie rented
for store purposes, and the second will
contain the lodce hall and reception
George Baker was arrested on Sunday
by Deputy Constable Maltie Dukes. He
was caught in the act ot seliiuu
whisky to an Indian. Baker resisted ar
rest and was promptly knocked down b.
.Maine. 1 he prisoner was taken lietort
U. S. Commissioner Geo. T. Prather,
oleud guilty and was held to answer be
fore the grand jury.
Prather Si Barnes made sale of real
estate during the past week as follows:
r if teen ncres trom Ihos. Chapman to
G. D. Eatinger, 700. Ten acres from
1'hos Chapman to John Nealeixh, $700.
Ten acres from Thos.Clmpniau to Doug
las Lockman, 1701). twenty acres from
J. S. Tendick to H.W. Chapman, $1,000.
Capt.F. M. Jackson was seriously hurt
on Monday. lie was riding from town
to his home on the Cast side, when his
horse fell and fell upon linn, lie was
picked up insensible and remained in
that state half an hour. He received a
cut in the back of the head and was
bruised in other parts of his body.
The Bailey Gatxert is again
making trips on schedule time, and is do
ing a big passenger and freight business.
The fast time the steamer makes is at
tractive to the traveling public. The
distance from Hood River and Portland
is made in hours. Prather s Barnes
as the Hood River agents are rustling
quite a business.
Monte Arnold, who had his hand se
verely injured at Davenport's little mill
some time ago, still has a very bad hand.
So much of the flesh was burned away
from the back of his hand by contact
with the saw, that it is very difficult to
heal over and Monte says he will have
to go to Portland and undergo the graft
ing process.
The Hood River nine went against it
pretty hard at The Dalles last Sunday
when the sphere twirlers from that city
rolled up a 14 to 6 score. The Hood
River bovs are not done for yet and will
endeavor to reverse the score on the 4th
of July and secure the $50 purse put up
by our townsmen.
T. J. Cunning, L. D. Blount, O. L.
Stranahan, and S. r. Blythe of the G. A.
R.. and Mrs. O.L.tUranahan, airs, bhoe-
maker and Mrs. T.J. Cunning of the W
R. C, are attending the encampment of
the G. A. R and W. R. C at lorest
The defendants counsel in the suit of
Mrs. M. Sue Adams vs. A. P. Bateham,
which was to have been tried June 25th,
not being here, the case has been post
poned Until July 9th, at 10 a. m., when
the case will be tried beore C.J. Hayes.
Invitations have been issued by Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Hill for a reception at
their home Thursday night of this week
to their daughter, Miss Laura, who re
cently returned from hsr work in the
Portland hign scnooi.
The ladies of the Congregational
church will give a lawn party at the
home of Geo. T.Prather, Friday evening,
June 28th. Refresh ments will consist
of ices.cakes and summer beverages.and
there will be music for the occasion.
The public is invited to participate.
The decoration committee for the 4th
have decided to place the mam arch
over Oak street between Crowell's store
and McCartney's cigar stand, instead
of putting it near the depot as at nrst
Harrr Bailev expects to give op his
position as mail carrier for the rural de
livery by the first pf July. Marshall
Isenberg will take his place: '
E. B. Learning and family of Portland
came up during the week and went put
to their ranch in the Crapper district,
next to the I.J. Miller place. ;
Jack Bartmesa and his new wife were
Up from Viento to see the Bloomer base
ball game lasi wee.
Mrs. N. M. Harrell Is visitmg her sis
ter in Seattle. . 1
romom linn n inner rhiincn fur 'Slnvii
liuine tniveiiiK" lii t-ii (ill. ivil limn In tin'' l.i
(in nuiiif .nun nul lor J uly. ! nun U oil I'oint
mi pii'iurvu ny oniricr l.iOim on thecovvr,
rfnilrii may no Willi W. I.. Taylor to e "A
nimy tfcMton nirwt at Hluli Noon;" next try
"(oln' Kluliln' with Jo Jeirorwni" In HornU;
in. i. lruvfi out w with K.rmwt feulon
Thonimm to mt "The MollitT IViilaml ihe
Overlain! Kouir:" next. ko iiluiifr me AiLaulic
rnllHl to fl'Hl Kill lioi tilt) liu-m "V hMtur
i-ounuy iiikmii look loilny; llicnvk North
i ii ii iiilf mi in ntr -inn Miorv in h .Mnpii
Tito.'- by W illiam !h-iiioi tlulln'M; n. x
vMlan fcUKUMit imimiriBt. rtlltur'ii olflw ini't
enjoy Ihe B'Kwl Mmiyiw.l raillery of'-l lie ( aw
AkuuikI lim Keillor."' by Kauaril liokj ami
mniny ximi"iiie ( oiinlrv nf HlurlUmi i
Itltle ' liKiku ItKii iiowinlii v. ThfiH lira liiiuiv
itnvr arl loirs ( roiuil IiiItcI mi vnrlin null.
ji-i'i. ny tn ( iililx riilillnlilnx t'liintiHiiv
rni milt ipiiiB. une Jolliir a ycur lot a copy
Tin y (l..t llir IilKurr-W. J. IIukrr' tx.y
one evenma IhkI iiwk Hiirliit a mnuilirc In h
iihiiow (mk trr bmiiiokaniu i1iwer winirrel
rh trrc tHk Hra In Ihr miitille of the iih-tit
in i in) nrv uurncii up imcoitiir Mi uili-U u
nunlnt the tlfr. Tlirolil lurin uuUi iluil liuiiit
on inn irw hii DiirncMi nit. I liecrackllnir
in tire wakail up Mr. linker In time to nave
iimvitrii iy nam work. I he Inivs aot uu. too,
ana way upon one of the top llini of Uu
ninminolh imik they ileil Mr. Iilvaer. He
xmkii'x l'erl down hy a well-illrecUU etohc
in row and waa killed by the lot.
H. K. Harlnii Ku wa nitn'eably nurprlMil a
irw umiaao in rereive a leiier iroui a bank
ms houe at hU old home il jifuvelle. Iml
eoliUiluing a dnilt rorll..l. The letter stilled
thai IliU umount IihiI been stiimllnx mi Ihe
mink booka lo linriineix' erwllt for u nnmliei
o( yeurn, anil at they were almnt lo close ill
buniiirM they m nl ll In lilm. Mr. liartineM
nan no rrcniieeiion or depiwltlng Ihe iiioney
The Mounlnlneer nrlnla a Mm mil nf lin n
July relt lirallon at "the aanlen iot of the
beaiitiful Northwest. ' The inline ol no pluee
Is loi ni lone.l. lint of euiirae every one will
knowtliHt Hood Kivtir U meant by Ihodo-
The pernon who ordered one of Dr. Hlne'
biNiks of Mr. Weo. I'. Crowell Is aked lo re-
l-oi'l in her. Hhe hm a bisik Unit wiu ordered
and haa forxolien whoonlered lu
lei. Hlneiim write to Hon. E. f.. Hmlth
thai the Hood Hlver apples on extilhlllon al
the llull'ulo eiKilllon are kraplng belter man
llev. J. W. Jenkln left, laat Thuradny frir
I uriier.u lieie he Is alteuilliia the stale eon-
rennun iu ine nrisiiitu cnurcn, ami will re
main over Hiiuday.
II. Ithtelow if Newbera. mate deputy for the
Ain-kiu Order of ihe ltod t'ro. la In town
arniimnu.KMirauriUe a todge.
Mr. and Mm. W. O. Hadluy and two rhlld.
reu visited the fniiiely of Cliai. N. Clara for
few days this week.
Orover Klusher of On fur arrived In flood
tllver Ihe Hrst of the week for a short visit and
in iis-na the 4th with hlaalater.Mra. t'lnu. N
a mi;
llieiub In tliegyinu
imiuiii. rrograinine next
Mra.Iamallle left for ("loud Can Inn Tuesday
to arrange lor me opening ol the Inn on July
Hon. K. t. Hmlth has been Invited In de
liver the tt Ii of July oration al Mommw, Idaho.
J. V. Armor rune no from HI. Marlln'i
aprlnga last Krlday much Improved In health.
Mra. M.C. Miller of Hcholls Is visltlnii ber
aouaanu ineir lamiue in mwi iiiver.
Clinrcli "i.ce
Valley Christian t hureh Sunday arhool al
iu a. in. i. r. n. v. K., 7::iu p. in. rreaeinna
1 1 a. in. bv Kliler Andarson. The monlhlv
ouHiness iiieetinoi me k. win lie held at
me church r rlilay evenlng,June in.
Kplseomi I Church Hervh ea will he held in
the A. o. IU W. hall on Hunday afternsn at
X) hy Itev. Ijike. nasior oI'Mt. Puul'a ehuirh.
1 ne I la lies. All inembera or the r.plsropal
cnureii are reiiiested to be present and a
nearly Invitation la extended to all others.
A special nn Kirn in me at the IT. B Kndeavor
Biiuuuy irvenlng. lllancli l.une, leader.
AdrerlUed letter List.
June ii, 1001.
Knules. Mrs W M Hlielllni. Mtsa M
I'Ihim. jiMin, MraU II - Chiimpttn, John I
Kirk. Win Uilinorr. II W
(Iravea, Mlio l.uuck, Wm
Vanderfoid. J W Wulk It
Wataon, Mra J W. M. Y ATES, P. M.
Must Pupil! ar Young Lady.
The following is the count on the Gui
tar MiUidolin voting contest at the Cloud
Cap Inn confectionery:
Grace Campbell W
ueruia rritiner , a 10
Nellie lloxera i")S
Agnea Dukes 77
Get all vour votes in this time, it's the
last run of shad, as the final count will
be made July 0th.
A Terrible Explosion.
"Of agaHoIinestoveburuedalady here
frightfully,"writes N. E. Palmer.of Kirk-
man, la., " the bestdoctorscouldu theal
the running sore that followed, but Buck-
len's Arnica Salveentirely cured her."In
fallible for cuts, corns.sores, boils, hruises,
skin diseases and piles.25c.atC.N.CIarkes.
Fresh Cow.
A gentle family vow, fresh, for sale by
On the T. H. Coon place.
land Offlce at Vancouver, Wast-.. June 2l.
1HUI. Nollcc Is hereby al veil that tho follow-
Inif-niiiiipd settler has Uled notice of his In
tention to make final proof In support ol
hlseliihn, nnd that said proof will be made
before the Keiflster and Itecolver V. K Land
Ollli'e at Vanmuver, Wash., ou Saturday,
Augunt 10, Hat), viz:
Of I.yle, Wash., H. No. K2I. for the XW y.
il K
k, .1 i'aOl nil V4 llliu nw Yt in w H Ul
V Jn..ll, I') cut U.' 1 1 1 VI ..r
Hu names the follow
nig wiinesses w prove
his continuous reildenve upon and cu
tion or said land, viz:
Oscar a. I'arsons, r.dirnr a. Hopper, iiaswen
Trnhiie nml Hussell It. Hwuin, all of Lyle
P. O., WashlngUin.
jeaiau w. B. dukuau, negisicr.
Tlmber Liuid, Act June S. I,,
United States Land Offloe.Vnneouver.Wash..
June "20. 11X11. Notice Is hereby alven that In
eoinpllanie with the provisions of the act of
congress or June , is.a, eniuiea "An aei lor
the sale of timber lands In the states of Cal
ifornia. Oregon, Nevada and Washington Ter
ritory." as extended tn all the public land
itatee by act of August 4, 1SH2,
Of The Dalles, county of Wasco, slate of Ore
gon, has this day tiled In tula office his sworn
statement, No. 2211, for Ihe purchase of the
south yt southeast , southeast southwest
V, section 9, and southwest Vf southwest ot
secllon No. 10, in township No. S north, range
No v east. w. M., ana will oner prooi to snow
that ihe land soualit is more valuable for it
timber or sione than forngiicullural purisse.
and lo eMaMlMi Ills cliilm to sulci la ml neiore
he lleKter and Kecnver of this ornce at
V siuniiver. W'nsh.. on Thursday, the ISlh day
of Hepu niber, lull, '
Hensmesas wlinessesv Frank O.Connelly
of The llnlle, Or.jThomasW. Laisk and Hugh
,118k of( henowiui, w asii.t ana una, j.biuu-
ling of The Halles. Or.
Ot The Dulles, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has this day tiled tn this office his sworn
statement. No. 2215, for the purchase of the
north y, northeast section ft. and north
northwest Si of section No. 10. In lownahin No.
S north, range No. V east, W. M., and will offer
proof lo show thai ihe land sought is more
valuable for lis Umber or si on- than for agrl
cultural purpose, an! to establish his claim
to said land before the Register and Receiver
of this office at Vancouver. Wash., ou Thur-
uav, ihe IWh day ol September, iwi.
He niinies as wltnesse-: Frank U. Connelly
of Tim Dalles; Thomas W. Lusk and Hugh
Lnsk of Chenowilh. Wssn.: and Arthur C.
Hlub Ing of The Dalles, or.
Any and all persons claiming adversely tne
above-described lands are requested to tile
their claims in this offlce on or before said
ltlth flay of September, inn.
jeasvw v. a. in: haw, rtegister.
Timber Land, Act June S, IH7S.1
United State Land Office. Vancouver. Wash..
June Is, 1HU1. Notice ia hereby gU-en tnal In
compliance with the provisions of the act of
ermgresaof June 3, 1S7S, entfiled "An act for
ine sale pi iimoer ihdos in me siaies oi I ni
fornla, Oregon, Nevada and Washington Ter
ritory, a extended lo all the public land
states by act of August 4, 12,
nf The Dalles, county of Way. stats or
Oregon, has this day filed In this office his
worn sUiU'ineni su lor ine purchase oi
the south U southwest H. and south south
east!, of section No. S, in township No. S
nontt, range No. 11 Mai, W . M..and will offer
proof to show that the land sought la more
valuable ftsr Its timber or suine than forairri-
cultural purpose, and lo establish his claim
lo said Isnd oefoee Ihe Kegister aud Ue-etver
of tin office at Vaneojver, Wah,, on Thurs
day, the ISth nay orseptemtier, M,
He names as wituoe Harry w. Selllngar.
Robert V. Col. HfOi ge K Melllner and August
J' Wagner, all of 1'iont Ijtke, Wash. .
Any ana an persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested lo file inn oui'T ou or more saiu
ISlhdaf September. 1W.
W, R. OUaiR, Regtatai-?
The Fourth in proper style you will need to see us about those
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Men's fine I'oi calf shoes at (2.50.
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vide the profits with their customers as we do.
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F. C. Corsets
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money, and absolute tntisfaction. 60c and $1.
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bunting, etc. cheaper than anybody.
r ; , - U4 a Blkt and get lo o the Tarade.
600 srds Swiss and Cambric Embroideries, 6c values 3c, 10c val
ues 7c, 15c values 10c, 20c values at 15c per yard. All new and beau
tiful patterns. - ) :
IU00 yards Fatin Cros Grain Kibbons, all shades, 7-8 inches
wide, special price per yard, 4c.
Misses light weight union suits, per suit
(ientlemen's wrous knit summer underwear, per suit
Hoys' Stanley shirts, pretty patterns, with collars and cuffs, each
Aew Shapes Ladies' linen colors
Men's embossed leather Belts, each
few sheet music just arrived, the latest songs, waltzes, etc.
OikmI dressers wear U & O corsets, sterling value.
We are agents for McCalls dress patterns.
Petticoats, Duck Shirts, White Shirt Waists.
V Come Just To See.
-.. "
None but the fireat grades of Confections kept. Home-make Taffy,
Ice Cream and Fn its. Ice-cream Sodas served from the finest up-to-date
fountain in U wn.
Agent for The I alles Laundry. Special rates for family washing.
Call on Clarke.
Call on . Clarke.
For all kinds of PATENT MEDICINE3,
I Call on Clarke.
The Glacier
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Having removed to the new store building one door west of old lo
cation, I would respectfully iuyijte old friends and new customers
everybody to give us a call when needing goods in our line. We do
not handle everything but will enlarge along the lines of
Books. MagaziaBS, Stationery anil KinSroil Goo
As the demand may warrant, and shall endeavor to merit a share
of your patronage. Respectfully yours,
Job Printing a Specialty. .
Didn't Marry For Money.'
The Boston man, who latelv'.mafried a
sickly, rich, young woman, is hapny now,
forhegotPr.King's New Life Pills, w hich
restored her to perfect health, ': Infallible i
for jaundice, billiousneNs, malaria, fever
ml airue and all liver and stomach troub
les. Gentle buteffective. Only 25 cents
at Chas. N. Clarke's drug store. ,
McGuire Bros.
Fresh and Cured Meats, '
Lara. Poultry,
Fruits and Vegetables.
MdOalre Bros. I the nlnf lo hoy meat!"'
When yon hear that ex prcMalon from an ex-
perlrnnMi imuseneeper von may be convinced
thil you will alwaya find a InnrcvarlRtv of
good, clean, lender meal and that our price
are right, ton.
Try a boned-rib roant of Bef for dinner.
Yon will find the oiihIIIv and flavor unex
celled, and we will prepare 1t in mich a good
and convenient manner for the knife lhat any
amateur ran carve lu We have all the otn r
etioli-e cnt.
Free Delivery, Phone 36.
Peanut Roaster.
We have a rwannt Itoaxtcr of latent nnt-rn
and oan oiipply mr riiKioinHm with the best
quxllty of iwaiitii. frtwh roaned every day.
Sample them. lUKA UK All AM.
Steamer Iralda
Of the IWalator Line leave Ca'aHc Ixv ks
a ly, ex-ett xunaay-. at s a. m., Iieavtw Hood
l-r a S.-:a. m. Arrive al Ttie ruilea
1xn RMl,nln leav.iJ-hJwlles.u.
W, C ALUlWAT, GeeeraJ Afeqt.
15c to 20c each
Call on Clarke.
Call on Clarke.
Bids Wanted.
Rid for the erection of a school houae at
Nlcolai. In DIMrlcl No. 2, will be received by
the board of director up to July 15, 1901.
Plana and aperiflcallon may be aeen at the
resilience of M. H. Nlckelacn. the dlatrict
clerk. The board reserve the rlaht U reject
any and all bid.
By order of ths Board of Directors of
District 4o.z.
Stockholders' Meeting.
stock lui.dem nf the Knat Kork Irriaatlnt o.
take notice, that there will be a special meet
ing held in Bone Bros.' offlce In Hood Itlver,
at 10 o'clock Saturday, fnne 29, 1101, for the
ptiriKMeof electlnK a director.
Je7 C. K. BONE, Secretary.
Town Lots for Sale.
Apply to
Bec'y oood River Townslte Co.
Dalles, Portland & As
toria Navigation Co.
Regulator and
Dalles City
Dally (except Sunday) between
The Dalles, Hood River, Cascade Locks,
Vancouver and Portland, .
Touching at way point on both aide of tbe
Columbia Klver. ;
Roth of tli above steamer have been re
built and are In excellent aiiape f"i toe sea
son of IKOO, The Regulator line will endaavur
to rive lis patron the beat service posHible.
Kr coirtfia-t, eeon.imy and pleasure, travel
by the Kteamera of the Regulator I .Inc.
Dalle Oly leaves Tue ialles at 7 a. ni
Ttis4a.v. Thursday and Halarday,
Keeulatikr t-aveat 7 a. m. Monday, Wed
nesday aiid Krlday.
Iiive lrUand r a. arrive at The Dalle
5 p. ni. at INirtland 4:0 p.m.
Portland office. Oak si. Dock. Tbe Dalle
vSlce, t.'ourt street. . ; . .
."C.AttAWCY; K
Oeue(l Agent.
Fireworks and Flags
W have a full stock of Best Grade of Fire crackers In all Sim;
Torpedoes, Roman eondles, Uobsoa batteries, Sampson batteries, Sky
Rockets, Dewey bombs, etc., etc. II you art going to celebrat
get the best from
Bone & McDonald
1 Ii
W Welt
V with Inn 1 1
f Com Si
K r.linncsota Shoo Co T.Viul, kiHZ
bone & Mcdonald.
Large assortment of Hammocks. Look at them.
75c and up.
Iron Beds, latest designs and lowest prices,
TAINTS AND OILS. Tho best is the cheapest. I hive thsm.
WMows, Doors, Moldings lie aii Hair,
At Portland prices.
A large assortment of WALL PAPER in new shades and designs.
Undertaking and Embalming.
Get prices on anything in the Furniture line of ine before going else
where At my old stand on Oak street.
Hncceuor to E. L. Smith Oldest Establlalied House In tu valley.)
Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes,
Hardware, Flour and Feed, etc.
This old-established house will continue to pay cash for all its
goods; it pays no rent; it employs a clerk but does not have to divide
with a partner all dividends are made with customers in the way of
reasonable prices.
U. S. Commissioner and Notary Public.
Lots and Blocks for sale.
Township Plats
Telephone 51.
J-si I kkrst
Shoit line
AND Union Pacific
Time Schedules.
E. Bot-KD. Fr'm HOOD KIVER W. Bound,
Bait I.nke. Denver,
11:25 .m.
ti wortn.omaha. fortiana
Kansas City. Ht Hclal, unicago ZA.ijp. m.
ana me tusi.
Walla Walla, flpo-
8:27 p.m.
Kanr, Minneapolis I'ortlnnd
fit Paul, Duluth,
Aiiiwauaee, (Jin
cago and East.
Halt lAke. Denver,!
Kt Worlh.Oniulm, Mall and
Mall and
11:42 p. m,
Kansas City. Kt.
liiiis. Chicago
6:42 a.m.
aua ine t.nui.
8 p.m.
t p.m.
OrKAM Steamships
ror San t ranciaco i
Hall every 6 days.
8 p.m. CoLVMniA Rivkr
4 p.m.
Kx. Hunday1 fc Htkamkkr.
Hatnrday, lOAsionaana way
10 p.m. I landing.
Willamette Elver. 4.W p.m.
8 a.m. lOreron t'Uy, New-Ex-uuday.
Ex. Sunday
beiy.aleiu A way
:. p.m.
7 a.m. I Yam
HII.C KliKRRjt Mon, Wed.
Tue. Tliur. Oregon
il i and rru
and Bat, j and way landings.
Sa.m. V Willamette River.
4: .m.
Tues, Thur. Portland to Corval- Mon., Wed.
ncsai. n way landings. andr rl
Lv Klimria.
Lv Lewiat'n
S: 15 a.m.
Riparla lo fwlaton
A. U OKaIO. (er'l Pas. Aat.Portland.Or.
a. fl.ui..., i'iii, iitim. ititrr,
A MOO team. we matched, lor !.
tit Tur crcr nore
rl I si r t-nva ns
in i ilia ibki tumrvninoLB
Equal lo any $5 Shoo on tht Market
Taxes paid for non-residents.
and Blanks in stock.
Correspondence Solicited.
The young man loves the young woman;,
The young woman loves the young man;
That's her busineps.
The young man and young woman get
That's the preacher's business.
They will need furniture, oarpeta, wall
paper ana Duuuing material ;
my business.
S. fc. tSAKTMbSS-
(Timber Land, Act June 1 WS.
United Btatea Land Oflloe, Vancouver,
Waah., May 21, 1001. Notice Is hereby given
that in compliance with ths provisions of the
act of congress of J nne S, is:s, entitled "An act
for the sale of timber lands In the state of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
territory," as extended to all the public land
late by act of August 4, IKU2,
Of Fnlda, county of Klickitat, tW of Wash
Ington.ha this day filed In tlilKoitt. lib sworn
taiement No. t3M for the puruhuse of tba
lot 1 of section No. 2. and lota 2, 8
and 4 of section No. 1, In township No.
6 north, range No. 11 east, W. M., and
will oiler proof to ahow that tbe land sought
Is more valuable for Its Umber or atone than
for agrlcnllural purposes, and to establish hia
claim to said land before tho Register and
Receiver of this ofllre at Vancouver, Wash.,
on Tuesday, the 27th day of August, 1U01.
He names as witnesses: Halsey 1). Col.John
Wyers. F. Onell and Hamual M.
Cole, all of r'ulda, Washington,
Any nnd all person clHlmlng adversely the
above-ilesrrlbed lands are requested to (lie
their claims in this office on or before said
27th day of August, IWI.
millaa ij.1!- DUNBAR, Register.
ITIinber I-iind, Act June 8, lfft.l
United 8lo tea Land Office, Vancouver,
Wash., May 26, l'JOl. Notice Is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June 8, INS, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands In the Mate of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to all the public land
state by actnf August 4, 1HM2,
Of lluaum, county of Klickitat, state of Wash
ington, baa this day filed In tbl olllce his
sworn statement. No. 2214, for the purchase of
the fcotHlirast quarter of section No. 36, la
township n. 0 nortli, range No, 11 eeal, W.M.,
bud will otter proof to show that the laaa
sought i more valuable for Its timber or
alone than for agricultural purpose, and to
esiabllsh his claim to said lund before tti
Rgistcr and Receiver of this office at Van
couver, Waah., on Friday, tbe lttth day of
August, ttiul.
lie names as wltneasea: Jonlthan L. Stump,
Leonard slump, and Jennie (Hump, all of
Futda. Wash., and Uweolliaa Junes trf
Huaum, Wash,
O W EN Ll .1 A N JON ES,
Of Hnaum, county f Klickitat, atate of Wash
ington, has this day filed In this offlne hi
sworn statement, No. 2215. for the puichase of
the soutnwest quarter of suction No. X, In
township No, 6 north, range No. II east, WW.,
and will uller proof to ahow that tt land
sought is more valuable for It timber orstoua
IIiho for agricultural purposes, and to estab--llkh
hia claim lo said land before the KegiaUT
and Receiver of this office at Vkihohht,
Wash., on Ftlday.the lttth uay of August 1(01.
He names as witweswa; Joullbsn U Htump, -Leonard
Slump and Jeuuie ('lump, all of
r ald.i, Wasbu and Mordical Jooe of llusoJn, ,
V ash.
A n, Md aH rrsinflimlng ad Tersely h ,
above-dPm'nbel lands are rsqaesk-d. f0 4He
tlielr ch Ims In flits l lCde'obbr bt lores 14
luth day of Aagusl, IWi.
eraS W. U IXy'SBAR, Regtster,