The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 28, 1901, Image 2

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1 rirnirTmT l'
4tE 28, 1901.
HiwdJUTer'i titrwbrrr Crop.- "
riood RiVerU most successful strav
berry seaed! has virtually clowd, and
the t'ttjii fliipmeiits'tjf -berries will foot
lip clone to AupiQ iTH aif eostpnrtMi to.
28, 0J0 rusj'iw,. '.Ajtjbiiiiiuli ttif n'Bwu.
wait osrclfVartj and' the' weather" cond;
ttuiis unfavorable to' the prudtictioii of
any where near a full cro i, the berries
Iirodud.were of good qualir-and mar
;ut returns to the grower OMtr
better. It js-;itMo estimate tlmt tliif
vearr'l crop S netted tin Hood Kivi'i
farmers 75,(KX) in hard cash, and there
is hardly an at-re in the vallev i''in'"l
to strawberries that Jiiih not netted the
owtier from flOO to tuO. A Tow of th
farmers with patches alonn the river
bottom favorable to the early rijeninv
of the berries secured fancy prices at tlx
'opcnjiifMif the wmhii, which netted, biy
profits, but a'coiiservativeestimiite'iif th
average returns for the valley would
give the farmers a net profit ot floO per
acre for their strawberry crop. The
shipping union will return to the grow
ers sn average of 1.90 percrate. o
The 40,Ot)O crates sent out from Hood
River wonlll have filled 05 fruit, cars.
There were hilled cut a total of 34 oars,
19 of thftn by the Hoed River Fruit
Grower's Union and the rest by the
Davidson FruitCo. The latter company
shipped something over 10,000 crates.
and the union 15,000, w hile individual
shippers and growers marketed about
8.000. Of the 19 curs billed out bv the
uniotr, eight went to Montana Beven to
KorUi Unkota, three to wiimepevr. ana
oneaoh. to Uiiliith.Denver 6ntl Omaha.
' A Boitit of special interest to iiote here
is tliat Jiood Kiver's 176,000 worth of
strawberri( jyiis brodueed on less Jjuui
400vresi soiiietfunir between that num
ber and 330. This may a pi ear incred
ulous at first glance!, but is nevertheless
true. The average size of the individ
ual berry patches is considerably le
than five acres.
-hecar irtitprnenrs fell off that of oth
er venrs, the small towns nearer horn
affording better markets and higher
prices tli an the big cities, the J:ivii
son Fruit Co. cotitfljfiied but. one car to
Dniaha this year, v title m 1890 llooU
liivcr sent that city 13 carloads of lier
ric.. The peoplcof Omaha and other
cities want our berries bad enough and
constantly send in orders for them, but
it was impossible this year to supply
thedemnnd. vt Inlethe qtmntityol ber
ries in Hood Krer lias materially in
creased it has fallen far short of tilling
tlie ever increasing demand lor the fruit
In North IhiUvlu and the states of the
miiiiu ivaiftiivcst ins people ue
tiianded our berries in car load lots, but
there wereliot enough grown to meet
the demand. Montana this year took
more oerries at nigijer ave.rase prices
than ever before, w hile the cities on the
Bound and isritudi Columbia furnihhed
a Dig demand, at least lour times as
many berries going to Portland and the
Hound citleiTas 'ever went before." Tlie
Davidson FruitCo. made a number' of
consignments to Aliiskn, . some of the
fruit of-whiclf was marketed in tlie in
nm fonrin tor straw berries all over
the United States Is reported to have
been better than ever before, and the
berries from California and the middle
South were "supplying the markets of
tlie large cities at the opening of the
season here which tended to put down
iirices. O. J. (jestding, secretary of the
Iood River Fruit Grower's Union, says,
that at the height of the season, owing
to the supply of Eastern and California
berries. the union couldn't have handled
more berries than they hod, but it was a
bity the carload shipments could not
have been kept up at the end of the
season. ."The farmers in the foothills,"
said Mr. desslirig,' "linve a,, -iiig-,. ad van
tage here, 4s their berries ripen after
the other berries are out of the nmrket,
and furthermore, the berries are of a
better quality, and more of them can be
produced to the aerj.than qiY the Sandy
soil of the lower 'part of the Vallev. The
people in the Crapper district, liuve n
good chance to gut rich just because
there Iwrries are lrtjj..'.' , .
The. strawberry business , in Hood
Rive? never was on a better bais. More
berries were produced this year than
ever before, but tlie demand was fur
from being supplied. The early berries,
f course.oriiig. fancy prices, but for the
past three years there has been an in
creasing -catt-fwr tale berrieswliich would
furgish a good market until the middle
of July. OtLfer berries are out of the
market by this time, and as the land in
the ubper valley can produce berries of
large-size and superior quality the farm
ers of Hood River need never to despair
of overdoing the thing. No section in
the country can produce berries that
wilsHtuml shipment like the Hood River
product, and when the farmers of our
vallev, by raisuijfwawbernes, canclenr
fronsfl0jjstt'JO0, and sometimes f-iOO
peV acre above 'expenses, they have got
something that's a sure thing and which
will pay them better dividend than
most of the gold mines of the country.
1 Said II. F. Davidson of the David-Jon
Fruit Co.," W hat we need is more ber
ries. Why, I actually hate to open 'my
nmil these mornings, for the Eastern
buyer's are'uonstnUy demanding more
berries nnd in most, every other letter
we dre mej, with the querry, 'Why don't
you fijj tur orderT 6r 'Wliy don't you
send tilore strawberries?' "
The strawberry that has made Hood
River famous ami is 'making our fruit
growers rich, is the Clark's Seedling, A
pecilliarky-about this variety is that it
seems particularly adapted to the valley,
and cannotbe grown - succcssfullv else-whete.--
For -shipping quality he. Clark's
SeedliiTg 1 wldiout a doubt the-. best in
the W0.rld-, and as, tp flavor it is equally
hard to lient.- 'Xhwigli within late, years
an attempt has been ujado to put "forth
the, JTagVion berry,nd some of our farm
ers are being deluded iirte thinking it
snrpaVies, the 'good qualities of ' the
ClarkT Seedling. The Oregonian of
the 24th inst. in a lwldatory article upon
tlpe Magoon berry erroneonslv asserted
iHlit thrs berry is now conceeded to sur
pass in every particular the good quali
ties of tlie Clark's Seedling. A few cred
ulous people mav be dei-eived by such
misstatements, but the majority will
prefer to take the fact's as they are. But
Mots or no facts, the Magoon " berry has
already done considerable mischiet, and
if HiKxl,Uiver wants to. sustain its es
tablished ,reputation for strawberries
the Magoxin must be left out. They are
50 pet cent more p'rdiietive than the
Clark's Seedhng.but for shipping purpo
ses they are absolutely worthless.and for
canning tViey afe equally - unfit. When
shipped in cars this .'year, with the
Clark's Needling they invariably brought
from 50 cents, to dollar less per crate.
J he Magoon, will-not stand - shipping at"
all, and 'com mission men everywhere
registered kicks. an, receivingeven'a crate
or twein a'ear of the Cl.irk's Seedliug.
This ougktlo be oo'nvitit-tiig enouj(v to
keep our''f,ruit growers from speculating
further w4ththe worthless.Magtxms.and
to make them satisfied with the sure
thing they have iu- the famous Clark's
Seedling. ' ' ' ' ''' '
Senator Mitchell started for faris on
the Overland Wednesday evening.
Hon. Kobt. Bell, prominent young
aUor&ey of .Portland, will, deliver tU)
Let the Eagle Scream!
th "of Jiily .
Hood IRiTrer, Oroon.
, Music by tho Band and Glee Clubs.
Grand Parade; Comprising Patriotic, Military and Civic Features.
Reading of Declaration of Independence
Log Rolling Contest at the Boat "Landing, upon the arrival of.Eicursion.
$100.00 in Prizes.
Base Ball Game.' Dalles vs. Hood River.
.At the Buso Ball ground in thb. Afternoon.
Creased Pole, Wheelbarrow and Sack Races, and Other Amusing Featdres.
(Liberal awards to tho winners.)
Cash prizes for the handsomest and bust deeorntions. ,
$700.00 DISPLAY
. In the
Cool, Shady Picnic Grounds, w ith Romantic Surroundings for tho Lovers of
Nature. k
&Reduced Rates on all Transportation Lines. JXt
V. ft. Church's Berries al IbifTulo.
Hon. E. L. Smith received the follow
ind from II. E. Dosch, dated Buffalo,
June 18th 1001:
I beg to report that the other two
crates of berries marked 'F G. Church, '
arrived in perfect order. We just- re-ar-sorted
them, picking out a few soft ones,
and thev are the attraction in the hor
ticultural biz You ought to have feen
the crowds gather around bogging for
'just one berry.' Will distribute them
tomorrow as the weather is very clone
and sultry and expect they will mould.
Last night 1 put them on ice to prolong
their keeping and they, look fine today,
especially when compared with their
famous (?) New York, Illinois and Mis
souri berries.
Hood Uiver Aipli s at Buffalo.
Commissioner H. C. Dosch writing
from Buffalo under date of June 20th
"Our apples are holding out wonder
fully. It is wonderful how they keep.
Some of them have been on the table
for six weeks, being polinhed every day,
mid are yet ti rin especially some New
ujwn pippins from E.L.Siiiith, and some
Genet apples grown by Win. Ehrck,, at
Hood River, near the snow line,; which
undoubtedly will get the gold medal, as
Professor Van Deman, the judge, told
me they were the finest Gunets he had
ever seen, .and he knows. Although
our apple exhitit is small only lbv
plates, while such states as Illinois and
New York have over 1,000 each it at
tracts' more attention, and it is difficult
to convinre people that they are not of
watt, on account of their perfect shape
and beautiful color and the high polish
thev take.
In this line we are "IT."
Painter aafl Paper.- Hangat-
All work promptly nnd atlfaotorll.v"ex
eculed. Ulllcc ut .Slit-rrlll's furniture ..Htote..
Itald-fuop sorrel mure, yinrs old. and for
rel -oit. Mars branded Ron left lilp. KlnHy
leave word at Ulaeier office as to wlieroibouOt.
160 Acres for Sale.
Two mllis fniin Miwif-r; lio-me and burn; 30
ncrei In cultivation. Price Sl.000
jyil CHAS. II. PR ATH Alt.
Posts for Sale.
A good qnnllty of cednr post delivered to
the lower valley or In tnwn. at from 5c to 8c
Best is the Cheapest.
I. It. Tucker l agent for Standard Mower
and R ikesand Klsh Bros.' Wagons. Try one.
None better. 1J
At Private Sale.
Will sell at private sale nt my place: Os
borne mower and steel rake, grain separator,
Dsborne Kprlnir-Uxilli narrow, butigy, wuson
and harness, a horses lumber, (0 or .0 rick of
imk nnd pine wood, carpenter tools, 2 stoves,
furniture, and oilier article loo numerous to
mi-ntlon. Allcheup forcash,
Cows for Sale.
Choice family cows, full b'o-xl and grade
Jerseys, for lale by J. A. HKNbEitso.V,
all) White Salmon, Wash.
Hay Press.
The nnderslsnea have fitted np thair hay
press with all the necessary appliances and
are now prepared to bale hay throughout the
valley. Before engaging your hav for baling
ex II on u
Tbose deslrluc a unr-c iu oonflnemenl.
ploi.M ddre it r. W. 1. Uaiwbury, fiCjri
and Bring
the Children
M-n tOftrttbS !r10a-rvon the Mp:
Appiyio u. H.HKAKH.
. : LCiSt.
. i..iim7 mi,, n,uu HMiiir; 'I in ton-
(tlllOtl Wnilld Wl-luil Ill-lit n liV)u lllMIIKs-
9 .vftirn old: no tumid. Klverio lnr rewnnl If
iigiivwi my pinoe. A. N. IIA II M.
Plants Wanted.
In July,
a.OLOgmid Blrnw lx-irj- pliinu.
a.n. it int.
To Water Consumers
I Me rules of Hie company will be strtei
followed uller this (late. All who arv di-lin
quent after the loin day or the month will be
cluiri?ed tlie full prli-.-. vly.: $1.50 per month;
tlieextru lEc going to the eolleelor, who will
iiin.m wnier mi i ill! main troin resmences
Hiere pavmenl Is not promptly made, and It
Will not be turned on again unttUillurreur
aviesarepaid. lieciiiiiliiif lulv 1st next ull
water reiibt wHI lie cliinx-eil to nwnerx of rent-
u uiiiiihiil-s insii-an 01 to tlie occupant.
Timber Land. Act June 3, H;8.1
IT nil oil HtntAa FnnH fm,.n
- - ..... .. 'MU'ti, HII4-MI VIT,
Wnwh Iima'lJ Htfll fc..t,... i-. I ... .
fhi-t In fttiiipllunce wtih Ih provinlonti of Hie
mi iim- mr wiif i umrier mini!. In MioNtuTi
m i 'Ultlnr-rilo hrunim V.,.... . ,
ton (erritorytM us extended to till the public
eiiiivs mij nvi i? AUKUM . lOUy,
TltuMAS K. t'ljYNN,
f f R-attle, count v of Klmr. state
uMhliiirlnn huu tlil ,l.... Al.,,1 1.. . 1. 1.. ..
-' - ...... ,n.- ,,, i inn uiir c
bis sworn statement No. 2ii0, for the mireliiise
of UeHK'A ofMI. U sec. hi - of -If i. i
WofsWiif section No. h In township
-., .., , , (uiikv Ao. iu nisi,, n , m anil wi
olli-r pnsif to show thut the Ian I si.nght,
more valuable for its timber or stone than f
am-idi-tiii.!, I iinpniuiiu u..,i ... . t.i
r . , i- i-i,onirwii ins
claim lo said land beiore Hie Register and lte-
ui.riiniiiijuiiiiT i Vancouver, wasli.. on
Friday, Hept. l.l, 1UII. .
lie mimes its witnesses: Robert V. Cox nnd
A I U'niiiiil, rt '1'..... I iir .... . ...
i I . ,1. ,. . '"" ;, to ami., a. w .
i obdell ol I'ortlarld, Or., and Nile 11. Winans
f f tiu 1 1 I I 1a Wi mx am 1
ffHfutt nioinl ar .it L' ....... ' i r
lon, 1m thlH aay ttlr-t! In thin office hie sworn
HtHtement No 2J51, for the purohniw of I he H
township No. b north, rant-e No. U eaMt , W.M .
Illlil Will iiftt-r turuif in tW. 1 t. i t
, r" ' i"i mitt -tifj iuiiu
Honnht Im more VMluahle lor lutlinberor uw
thnn for iit'rtculttirul pnrpo4e4, find to eslnb
llsh hiffclnlm to ftHld Untl before the HKl8ter
V' i i. ' mf ar vuncouvcT,
. iisii,, mi r i tuny nvpi. UKJI.
He mttiiPH rt witnrs.,is: Hohrrt F. Cox onfl
.i. wagmi. or Trout Luke, Wash.. A. V
' 'r,, mi a i nonius
I- linn ntKtxutt.u V..t. T
Anv Hini till pfftQiiKeliilinliu ndverwly the
tt0 ! 'wW.t.f lun-ty A ...J ... .t . .
thclrt'lulms In thUoftlceon or IxToreHnia mit
JciiuuJU W. R. DUNBAR, Register,
Timber Land, Act Junes, ISrH.l
NO'ilt'li FOK I'UbUfA'llON.
tlnlted States Land (Ifllee, Vancouver, Wash.,
June l.l, iikii. Notice Is hereby elven that in
compllunce w'tn the provisions of tlie act of
congress oi june ;i. i,s, entitled "An net for
the sale of timber lands in the slutes of Call-
:ii-u..iuh-kiiu, iimiii anu wasnington ler
rilory, as extended to all the publie laud
1 ntvuv if L-ruuDe
Of The Dalles, county of Was-.-o' state of Ore
gon, lias this day filed In this office his
sworn siuiineni,.rira. for We purchase of
i lie mis i ami 1,1111a pout; v. ncwtlnvest U of sec
tion Mrt II In ,.....nJ.. I.-:. J ... 1-V .
Beast, W. M., and o'dcr pnv'if to show
- - i ""iii'"'p o nor, ii, rane
that the himl mi.iii, I. ,,... .... i.,nki.
...... n iii'nr.iHiiiituii; l ,r II,
tiltllMT t ut.. ..a ,Ii..m ... i i
". .hoi, mi -narit-iuuirai pur
bos. S. Htin to Avtn llAh itia i..t... ... l.l ,' 1
i - - --' ui. imiiii Himiu ih no
before the Uegisterand Uecelverof this office
t V ,1 mVM.l-u.. VL'n.l. .... , J ,
... . .'I,., i to euuesuay, inc ami
day of August, 1(101.
lie names as witneiftest T. W. Lnsk, Hugh
' nenowitn wain
urn li ii I on mil v .,1-Ti.a f ... 1 1....
Any and all person claiming adversely the
u K, 1 r I ... i .. . . ...
II le
...... uuiius iii iuib- iiiih-o on or Deiore
into my oi auuhi, ihui - -
Jlaj.1 W, It. DUNBAR. Register
Str. "TAHOMA."
Dally Round Trios except Sunday.
ive roruana , 7 . ji
Leave Astoria 7 p j(
lis Dalles - MM Bonis
Dally Round Trip except Monday.
Cascade Lockn, Hood River, White Sal
mon and The Dalles. '
Iave Port land. ..7 A M fav The Dalles.. 4P.M
ArrivThe lHillea-3p.ii Arrlv Portland ll r.M
Meals the Very Best
This Rime has the scenic attrac
tions on earth. Sunday trips a leaotnk leaton.
landing and offlc ftsit Alilee slreeu Both
phones main S5I. Hortlano, Or.
K. W.i Cru-liion, agent Portland; John M.
K(iloon, aent The Dalles; A. J. Tavlor, agept
'iAgenta at Hood Elver.
- Tho old reli
able Harness
Hhop Is bl 111 do
ing business iti
the old stand.
nicyelea for
sale anl bicy
cles repaired.
All work guar
anleed to give
House to Rent.
m1H'"UCr, . A' WliiWORTIt,.
S15 tier Aero
Will buy iiiio of the miwt desirable 40-acre
tracts in HimjU Klvir. Noagcnis.
nfii r. it. io!.
Barber Parlors.
Newly furnished In all the latest modern
harlier rlxlures, iiimUIu-j It is-con l to none for
first-lass service, rorcelain Haiti 1 uua. iiy
urauile limber chairs.
A shoe -polishing artist always on band.
EVANS & DeBORO, Prop'rs
House to Rent.
An S room liouie. water free. In Mowers art
tlllloti; fine view; ipli-udld kH-nMon; Hi int
nioutn. i. vt AHitr.n.
The Glonwood,
select boarding and looming house, corner
r 0111 1 11 ami HaK meets, in western pan 01
town. . je,
Spring Millinery.
Tha ladjpsuf, liood Rlvar and. vicinity are
Invited in visit our nnims and Inspect our
new line of Spring Millinery. We have tlie
latest up-to-date styles and qualities and can
mitisry ine most rasiinious purcimser.
we are also prapawu, 10 nil an oruers in
uressinaitiug.- ..
MflH. T. It. rr.ARIv,
Lots for Sale.
At annul WO'rticb, On tlie ridge overlooking
both rivi-rs. cowred with trees anu siiniDuery
and only alt'ot seven blocks from dewt. Ad
dress AHH Ml It UIMimuw, Hoou Kiver.
IS AttH III, it ui.simuw, HOOU KIV
Frliikton Exnrcss
raH4'iier!4 taken to and triui Nl'lul and
lUivriiinu " i-iiiii ir. nail hiiikiu 1 ik1 "I '""'
for family hImuuIih;. 7 K. I. t'AI.KINS
New Harness Maker.
We have employed a first-class work man and
can iu a' i piirncss nicnmng on stiori nonce.
Mrlng aloni yonr work; give us a trial. We
guarantee untlslactton In work and prices.
Jyl) , HOI, MAN 'N;
And wagon repairing aiu-nded lopioinptly at
my shop on the Ml. Hood load.sonlli of low n.
Uood nork at reasonable pi Ices,
my 17 . ,. . O. A. IIOWEM..
Stenographer and
TVFKWiaThlt. All kinds of stenographic
work done ut reiisoimblc prices. Apply at the
office of Bone Ihns., Ihsid Hlver.
JvM Mlrt-S AlA'liX A HOADt.BY.
Bakery for Sale.
The lliifid ltlver nkrr.v, Including build
ing, brick oven, tools. I' flxtun-s,
sDx-k and Imsiness, Unod location. A busi
ness Hint will bt-iir Investigation. Uood rea-
..ons for kelllng. A splendid opening forsoniek
fiitj. iSi II. i in or n,lit rn -
,t V. M Httm Ell'. Hood River, Or.
For Sale.
A choice of two horses; one gentle for family
use. Also, tworvatiing milk cows, and a full
bioisted i'oluud-Uiina brood sow.
JylO A. O. HF.RS11KY.
, ITiinber Lndj Act June X, im.1
no irk rou 1'Uiilu;atio:.
United Htntes' I.nn Oltlec.The Dalles, Ore
gon, April 2.', ISkJl . Notice Is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of fongit- s or .liuu) .8, w;&, entitled "An
act for the sale of 'timber lands In the Mlalcs
of California, OiWit, Nevada and Washing
ton 'lerritory," as extended to all the public
land stales by act of August i, IKi2.
Of The Dalles, county of Wuwu, state of Ore
gon, lias tins day 11 led In ibis otllce her sworn
statement, No. Mi, for the purchase of the
northeast of section No. !. In town
ship No. 1 north, range No. V east, Willam
ette Meridian, and will otter proof to
show that tlie Infill anuvhl Is more valuable
for Its timber or -stone than for agricultural
fiurposes, and to establish her claim to said
and before the Kcglsler and Receiver of this
ottiee at The Dalles, uregon, on Saturday, the
i.tli day of July, Hl. .
Hhe names as witnesses: J. H. Phrrmnn,
Christine A. l'hii man and Henry Hoyenof The
Dal'es, Oregon, and William Hand of Hood
ltlver, Oregon.
Any ami all persons claiming adverse!) the
Ilboveilcjcrlbed ihnUs ure' requested to Die
their clallus In IhU oillcu on ur beiore said
th davof July, Mil.
mHJ5 JAY P. I.UCAS, Register.
..Timber l.snd, Act June , 1878.
United States Ijind Otllce, Vancouver.Wash.,
June 11, IWI. Notice Is hereby given that In
compliancfl wiib-tlie- provisions of the act of
congrcsS of Junel, 18 ft, entitled "An act for
Hie sale of tlmlx'r lands In the stales ot C'al
Morula, Oregon, Nsvada and Wushlngton Ter
ritory," as extended to all the public land
states by act of August 4, lni2.
Of Fulila, oouaty of Klickitat, state of
Washington, lias: this nay nu-a in tins nmce
his sworn stateiirtnt, Va.ZlJtl, for the purchase
of the southea.- yt southwest section
2, and northeast. & northwest of section
Nil. II, in townl)lp No: IS north, range No. 11
east, W. II., and s ill otter pi-isif to show that
Hie land sought it- more valuable for its It ru
ber or mime than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish- Iris claim to said land before
the Mnistar aud Eecelver of this otllce at Van
couver, Wiiki., wii Tuesday, th 2th day of
August, v.m.
Hu witnesses: ftimtiel M. Cole,
Ilalsey I). Cole, Jonathnn Kiuinp and Court
land Chapmin all of Kulda, Wash.
Any and all persons clal tiling adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
thelrclaihis in. this office on or before said
2. th day of August ItXll. : '
JeltuHI -I. IV i- It. Dt'NIIAH, Register.
t'lmber land, Act June S, !?.)
NOTlt'li-Ji'OK l'UHLlOATlON.
( United State Land Office, Tho rial led, Ore
gon, Muy 3t.-lUil. -Notice hi hereby given
that in compliance with the pTOvMons of the
act in ioiiKiena,ui juiiw a. Htti"r eiiuucu ah
act for the sale oftimber landstn the state of
California. Oregon, Nevada and- Washlnglnn
Territory," as extended to all the public land
states by act of August 4, 1SW.
HKKIitfKT C. tslt AFFER, -Of
HimhI Kiver A-oiinly of.W-asco, suite of Ore
gon, has ltildy filed in tliloit1i-e bis sworn
statement, Uo. lo2, for tne purchase of the
lots I, 2, 5 nd of seation fl No. M, In
lownshln :Ao.,.. 2. north. '-raiurer.-Mo: 9-east:
WlllainetVrf1 Meridian, and 'will otter praf
to snow ttmtr(8"nnn goughcis- more valua
ble lor its UnAn-r ir stone than for agricultur
al purposes, irlin to establish his claim to said
land before the Register and jieueiver of this
otllce at T he finilc.-,. Oregon, on Wednosday,
the 21st day of AuEiist, I'.iOI.'
He names as -linesj,e K-K.'FIx of Pen die
ton, Oregon;- J. 11. L'nkes, 0. 1). Wiodworth
and Miss I,. Inkstand or Hisid River, Oregon.
Any and all p'ersonsvlalming adversely the
nbove-dcscrlbed lands are retinested to file
their claims in this olliceon or before said 21st
day-nf August 1!H)L
JeUalil JAY P. MICAS. Register.
ITiinber Land, Act June S, 1878.1
United states ljind Office, The Dnlles, Ore-
con, .nine 7, ihiii. police Is nereny given
that In compliance with Ihe provisions of tlie
act ofcongrcsof.lurieg. 18 8. entitled "An act
forthesnleof tlmbcc lands In the States of
caiiiorniHtOregiHi, Nevada and Washington
Terrlmry," as exteniled to all the public land
Btatos by act of A n trust -1. 1i2,
AUlirsls A.HoNNEY,
OfTygh Vallev. count v of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has, on Dec. 15, ItHIO, tiled in this office his
sworn statement No.- I9 for Ihe purchase
of the west yt souiheiutt and lots V and 12,
section ?, township 2 north, range V east,
W. M., and will offer proof lo show that
the land sought Ij more valuable for' lta tim
ber or stone than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish his claim to said land
before (he Ileglw'e." and Keeelver of this office
at The Dull,-, Oregon, on Monday, the iitb
day of August, Mil.
He names as witnesses: Clvde ,T. Ronney,
rtonald koss. t-slie Hntler aud O. B. Hartley,
ll of Hood Hlver, Oregon..
.Any and all persons claiming adver-ely the
nbove-desorlbeil lands- are tequested to file
their claims In this offlpe on or before said
lWth day of Anguit. IWI.
jeUnin 1 f. LUCAf, Register.
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On short
Registration of Land Title.
In th mnltnr of thp appllratlon of Archibald
A. Fchi-nck o rpglstpr the (11 le to I,ot letter
eil "I" of the p'M of South Artrtltlon to. the
Town (now nty) of Hood Rfverfcoftnty of
Vnseonn1 stateifOreiron, nil to w'om It
. mnjseori'cern, In the name of the State of
That on the Tth riav of Jun, A. T, ll, an
annlleatlon wn fled bv said Archibald A.
Sohenrk In the elrenH court of Wasco county
for Initial letrixtrutlon of the title of the land
uhove described.
No, nnlesH yon appear on or before the Tth
day of July, A. V. 1M)1, and show cause why
such application ahull not be grunted, the
same will p taken an confes'ed, and a de-ree
will be entered according; to the prayer of the
application, and you will be forever barred
from dli-puling tne tumie.
Witness mv hand and seal of said ,conrt
hereunto affixed this ,Ui day of June. A. D.
Mil. A. E. LAKK,
je!4Jy5 C'erk.
Ijind Office at The Dalles, Oregon, June 15,
1(101 . Notice Is hereby jriven thai the follow
ing named settler has filed notice ol ills inten
tion to. make ttnnl proof In support of Ills
claim, ana llial said proof will be made before
feorKT. I'ratlter. II. 8. t'omiinssionen. at
Hood Klver, Urcgon, on Friday, July 2-1,
1H01, vlK
Of Mt. Hood. Oreiton, H. K. No. M97, for the
northeast si-eliou ao, township 1 north,
ratine Itfeast. W. M.
He names (be following witnesses to prove
his continuous rldence upon and cultiva
tion of, said bind, viz:
D. K. Cooper. W. r. Grlhhle, A. B. nilltnrs
as-1 Itobert Leasure, all of sit. Hisnl, Oivcob.
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(Timber Land, Act June S, 1878.
. .United States Land Office, Vancouver.
Wash., May 25. liiOl.-Notlce Is hereby pi ven
mat in compliance with the provisions of
ir.eaci oi comfress or Juno 8, IK7H, entitled
An act for the sale of timber lands In the
Miatea or i:alirornla, Oregon. Nevada and
Uutiln,rton Tor.,,,,.,, ., w ,,
...... ..... .v-i.t, nr, r.iciiuni 14, II 1 1
the public land states by act of August 4, 1892,
ft IT ,1 1 n n. ....... ,.' , 1 .. I. . - . .... . ... .
. riii,,nuiiij in i iii-Hiini., siHieoi w asn
lngton.nas th is day ft Ii d In t his otllce his sworn
statement .No, for th purchase of the
nortt-ensT qnnrtor of section No. M, in
township No. 6 north, mne No. II east.W.M..
nnd will ofler proof to show that the land
sought is more valuable for its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to estab
lish his claim tosuld land before the Itettister
and Kecr-iverof thisornceat Vnncouver.Wasli..
on Friday, the lmh day of August. 1h01.
He names as witnesses: Leonard 8tumpand
Jennie Stump of Fuldn, Wnih., and Mordlcal
Jones and O. Jones of II iikii rn. Wash.
Of Kipda, county of Kliokltnt, state of Vash
InKton.hastbisdayllled in thisotlice her sworn
slHteinent, No. 2210, for tho purchase of the
northwest quarter of section No. Si, In town
ship No. north, range No. 11 east. w. M..nd
will orTernroot to show that the land sought
Is more valuable ir lt timber or stone than
for ai'iiculluntl purpose, and to establish her
claim lo said land before the Keglster and
Receiver of this offlee at Vancouvor, Wash
on Friday, the lilth dav of Ansust, l)
Hhe names as witnesses: Ieonnrd Stump
and Jon 1 1 Ii an L. Hlunipof Fuld-. Wash.. and
Mord leal Jones nnd O. Jones of H usum ,'h.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
abovivrtewrihed lands are reqnestod to file
thelrclalms In this otflce on or before said
l!h day of Attg"t, ld.
For Sale
1. Tho Lot nlnee. near Tucker's mill.
on Hood rivnr; Miiall houne; 6 acres
cleared ; price f250.
2. Wendorf place, near Underwood.
Wiiiih. ; KiO seres ; 10 in cultivation ; fair
improvements; young orchard; 3 acres
bearing str:i irrws ; plenty of good
water. Price t-'.tKH) ; terms esfy.
3. Eiitht ami's off the W. J. Baker
place, known as the Hilfi-rnsn jtlnce; in
straw berries ; price, w ith crop, fl,0U0.
4. is acre occupied byh.L.liood ;f 1500.
5. The old Roeers place at Frankton:
owned by ti. V. Lane; larpe hoime,
nam, i. springs, part ot I'lielns crek
falln, 2 acres improved, plenty of fruit;
price, fl.100 $.;00 or more cash.
0. Twenty ncres iff J. W. Baker's
place; penr orchard and other fruit In
benring; price (125 per acre.
7: Harrett-Sipma addition ; per lot:.
10 dow n and f.'i per month ; no interest.
8. Ton choice lots in Highland addi
tion, only two blocks east of the post
olficc, m Stiite street, at 75 to 150.
Terms easy. Every lot has a command
ing view. -
9. Fine homestend of 100 acres on
Rock creek near Davenport's. Price
1,000 $300 down, balance at 6 per
10. F.icht lots in Hull's addition ; etch
lot level, 80 x 110 ; center of ball ground ;
f 100 each.
11. The 0. T. Galilean 00 acres. Ivinur
on the county rond north and east of the
I'arrctt farm; 21 acres in cultivation;
900 fruit trees Price (2, 1-50, or(2,20
half rash. New f500 bam on place.
12. The Clms. Rogers 5 acre tract and '
cottage, Frankton. Good springs and
creek. $tijO,terms easy.
14. The Allen Fulton farm. lfiO acres,
S miles east of tow n ; price $1,000 ; terma
t 15. Lots in Henderson sub-division '
37 .f0 o lot. .
17. Two lots and nice cottage, east of
Congregational parttounge; price $650;
terms easy.
. Wi ine oiover larm, well improved,
ftj miles from fiolilendale; 210 acres;
140 acres in cultivation; ti3 acres in
winter wheat; 7 acres in hog pasture,
with a creek running through it; all un
der fence, with cross fences; lsrpe
new barn and fine hom-e. Price f
an acre ; will tuke Hood River property
in part payment.
20. P. A. Trana place, White Salmon,
in sight of Hood River; 8 acres, 5 in
straw berries and tomatoes 17,000 straw
berry plants and 1,400 tomato plant.
No irrigation required.
21. S. S. E. t4', P. K N. E. M sec"
4, T. 3 N., R. 11 E White Salmon ; fiu
timber land ; $10 per acre.
22. The Emerson homestead, otilvon
mile east of town ; fine range; l.oOO.
23. Lots 5 and 6, block 7, Winans ad
dition ; 50 a lot, or tS5 for the two. ,
25. Two beautiful building lots nesr
Bobt. Rand's new house. Price $200
for the two.
2fi. S. H. Cox's fine residence in Hood
River, lot 100 x ItiO; price 1,200.
28. 529 acres, with much fir timber,
including both fulls on Hood river. Re
fer to Butler & Co.
20. Twenty acres lying north of Teter
Kopke's, East Side;' good land; unim
proved. Price $500; terms easy.
SO. Wishart 40 acres, East Side; SO.
or $800 half cash.
31. At Trout Lake, 80 a. ; Sin timothy,
cuts 8 tons a year; 50 a. in heavy saw
timber, white pine, fir and cedsr; weet
fork White Salmon river runs through
the place; prico $1,250.
32. Emms fi. Robinson's lfiO acres on
hills east of White Salmon, known as
the Dryer place; fine timber; unim
proved ; $785.
Eligible residence lots in Ppangler's
subdivision', near cannon house; only
75; terms easy.
200 to $1,200 to loan.
At the Emporium is kept a firnt-clasg
surveyor's transit, and, the proprietor
being a practical surveyor, is well pre
pared to do the work n laving out acre,.
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying.
N. B. Terms are easy on all the above
lands, with interest at 6 per cent. Per
sons desiring locations on homestead!
and timber claims should apply at the
Davidson Fruit Co.,
Shippers of
Hood River's Famous;
I'ackers of the
Hood . River Brand of
Canned Fruits.
Manut'Mftiirpvsi nf
B-xe3 and Fruit Package.
Dealers in Keitlllzers and Agricultural Im
plements. Tun Iter LaTTdTXctTune 3, 181&.
U. S. Land Office. The Dalles, Orefc-on, May
20. UX)1. -Notli is hereby given tbat In com
pliance with the provisions of the act of con
gress of June S, 178. entitled "An act for tHsj
sa,leof tlm.ber landsln t he states of California,
Oregon, Nevada and W.ililnK-ii)n Territory
asexKinde.1 to all the publio land' stafau br
act of AugusM, ISM, .
.... v.., I...
vo i.i sn y ii-ii-j, i-uuniy oi vt usco, slate of Ors
run tins thiu tav nlati in i.i. .x , -
.... ..-v. ... .juiuf, nrr
sworn statement No.M, for the purchase of tha
northwest i sr.ntlnfest V, and southwest W
northwest y of section No. 5 In townshlpNUi
north, runge No.east, W. M., arid will offer
proof to show thnt the land sought Is mora
valuable for Its timber or stone than for agri
cultural purposes, and to establish her claim
to said land bofore the Kegistcr and Receiver
of this office at The Dalles, Oregon, on Bator-
any. tne sl aay of Auxust, 1901.
Hhe names as witnesses: Clyde Bonney of
Ilood Kiver, Oregon; A. A.'Itonnev of Tygh
Valley, Oregon; Kit Mays and Joseph Mara
of Hood Klver, Oregon. - , J
Any nnd all persons claiming adversely the-above-described,
lands are requested to fl
their claims In this offlca on or before laid
3d day of Aufe-uat, Wll. ' 0-
m:ila2 - g AY V. LAJCAP, Register.
. arm ior sale.
Or rent. 2iacrest miles east of Ilood Rlrer
1S acres plow land;:clrnty of atee; rU
u. Apply to i. i. VUVfijitsBT