The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 31, 1901, Image 2

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    5ood iiver (Slacier.
FRIDAY, AlAV 31, 1901.
UiicitliiN Address at (Mtysbiirt;.
Four score and seven year ago our
fathers brought forth on thin continent ti
new uution, conceived in liberty, and
dedicated to the proposition that all men
re created equal. Now we are engaged
In a great civil war; testing whether
that nation, or any nation so conceived
and so dedicated, can long endure. We
are met on a great battlefield of that
war. We have come to dedicate a tac
tion of that Held as a tlnal resting place
for those w ho here gave their lives that
that nation might live. It is altogether
litt ng and pror tlmt weshoulddothis.
JSut, in a larger sense, wc cannot ded
icate we cannot consecrate we cannot
hallow this ground. The brave men,
living or dead, who struggled here, have
consecrated it far above our poor power to
add or detract. The world will little
note, nor long remember w hat we say
here, but it can never forget what they
did here. It is for tis, the living, rather,
to be dedicated here to the untiuished
work which they who fought here have
thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather
for us to be here dedicated to the- great
task remaining before us that from these
honored dead w e take increased devotion
to that cause for which they gave the
hint full measure of devotion that we
here highly resolve that these dead
shall not have died in vain that
this nation, under tied shall have a new
birth of freedom and that government
of tin) people, by the ooi for the
people, shall not perish from the earth.
Memorial Day Exercises.
Can by pout, G. A. R., and V. R. C,
w ill assemble at 2 o'clock p. m., Memorial
day at the ball grounds, on the hill, and
march from there to the cemetery. All
old soldiers of all wars are invited to fall
in with them. All who do not feel like
marching can join the procession in
their carriages or other conveyances.
Capt. J. II. flukes will act as Marshal
of the day. All civilians are invited to
join the procession. At the cemetery
the graves will be decorated and the
Grand Army and Relief Corps will con
duct Memorial services according to the
service book. Everybody invited and
all are expected to bring flowers.
Record of Hbrli Water.
The Dalles Chronicle.
Following is the record of high water
in the Columbia as kept by Special Ob
server S. L. Brooks:
1871! June 23 51 1 1M-May 81 2S
isso-.lul.v 2 4S.7 IS!i2-.Iiine 24 35
1SSI June IK IH.7 IS June U as..1
1HM2 June II 4H.2 lHlH-Jiine H 6M
l.snt June l;i .T1.7 IS!i5-My SI a.
lHSl-Jiine. 1!) H7.7 HI! June 22 42.7
)SM.-June 24 2 ,S I lsir May 24 42.7
lHSti-Jiine 9 a; .2 1SHS June 21 W .11
inn: June 111 4H1 IMM June 22. 4:1
KK-.Iuie 21 HS.5 l!Ki() Muy 111 .'12.2
lsuu-june 12 liil.S Highest yet, 19.11.. .111.1
The Mountaineer tells a joke on Pr.V
C. Cook, who lives across the r ver from
The Dalles. On Tuesday he was lament
ing to an old Indian medicine man that
no rain had fallen to make the crops
prow. The Indian asked how much he
would give for a good rain. The doctor
said he would give $ UN). "Very well,"
said tho Indian, "I make it rain; you
give ! f 100." The doctor assented and the
Indian repaired to his wigwam, smoked
nimsoii ana oitereii up prayers to the gol
of rain. Rain liegan falling Wednesday
night and by Thursday was pouring
aown in torrents. 1110 next lav Sir
Indian appeared at the doctor's home
and demanded his nav. dec arini? that
he had brought the rain. The doctor is
somewhat skeptical about the Ihdimi
having produced the rain, but doesn't
know how to get out of his bargain.
Thq town of Hood River ia soon to
jiave an elegant gymnasium w hich is be
ing built by contributions, in connection
with the L nited Brethren church. The
building, w hich is Hearing completion, is
two stories high, and will be supplied
with all innocent amusements to make
it an attractive resort to the youth of
the riverside city. The people of Hood
River are certainly to be congratulated
upon the enterprise they have shown in
erecting the gymnasium. Mountaineer.
The Heppner Gazette has changed
hands. Col. .1. W T!uilimrti its.
founder, and one of the best newspaper
men on uie const, w in fane a rest trom
editorial work. The Gazette, under the
n id iiQifomnn f if lVwl . ,.!- a V
P. Michell, shows that these gentlemen
Know now 10 run a newspaper.
A copy of the first Junior Annual ever
imblislied at the University of Oroion
lias made its appearance under the title
01 "lho Vtebloot. Hie publication is
sunstantmiiy hound 111 blue cloth and
has as iU frontispiece a splendid cut of
the university building and camnus
The dedication reads: "To the men and
women who blazed the path we now
tread, who have sacrificed that we might
enjoy, who have laid a foundation upon
which we may build to the pioneers of
Oregon we dedicate this book." Sam
L. Simpson's immortal poem "Beautiful
Willamette" follows next. The volume
contains 1(18 pages, is neatly illustrated,
having tlu p ecures of ex-Presidents
Johnson,Chapnian and President Strong,
members of the faculty and students.
The publication is a credit to the Uni
versity of Oregon and is a step in its
progress that win m terially aid in its
advancement. Allen 11. fcaton, editor;
Kdward Blythe, manager.
yiU Uoud .Notes.
The first sheep niiide their appearance on
Paid Hutte today, aDd llieold butle looks very
Mrs. Ijirewnod's Bister, who hns hn hrro
from (Southern Oregon on a visit, left lust Ht-.....i.,.-
ri 1... 1.. 11.... '
UIU'I.I i.JI 1IIU Jlllll'N.
Frank O raves of Oregon City mudo a trip
to ML Hood lust woeK to look at a piece of
muu. nc is iiiucu pieaseu wun mis country.
Work on the water ditch seems to he the go
at present. The hot weather makes it nece.
sury 10 have plenty of water to make the clo
ver grow.
Mr. Bird Is getting along nicely with his
dam considering tne adverse olrriimstHnees
lie nus had 10 ton lend against. The water Is
still a Utile hitch, but he works Just the same.
C. H. Bone ha broken mm 11 nt. lho Inn
place and will use such men only an oho board
at nome. tie lias tne diuh utmost completed
to that point. jj.
School Report.
In district No. 44 Mosler, Oregon, the fol.
lowing lift mod pupils were neither absent nor
tardy durln? the month ending May 21th:
Irene Fisher, Kiirina Cask, I.urllne Fisher,
luVl-nna ll...r Al" ...... i'l 1 l ... . . .
u. ....... ...1 jas, 1 iiniin, w.VMM, It'ior
Cask, F.rnesl Fvnns, lessle Hardwlik, Christ
iana UoU hereon, Willie Ulherl, Flossie filbert.
tnflii l-AKsorts, leactier,
Base Ball. June 2d.
The following is the personal of TheJ
liaiies and Hood Kiver base ball clubs
to play in Hood River June 2d :
tik dalles. hood river.
Ward, c Davidson, c
Emerson, p J. Dinner, p and 1 1
Fergerson, 1st Harry, s nd u
Bartell, 2J Blowe s, 1st
Ball, 3rd t'. Castner, 24
lluott. Foul. 3rd
Karle, 1 f Knapp, I f
Dufur, c f Rud, c t
Cooper, rf Tompkln$,r f
a sub.
A. P. Clark and family arrived from
Yakima last week for the berry season.
Mr. Clark is agio it work for Daven
port Bros., while the rest of the family
re picking berries oU tjio Chaajburliiii
Condition or Oregon li iilt.
Hon. E. I.. Smith, president of the
state board of horticulture, has received
reoorts on the prospective yield of fruit
throughout the state and under date of
May 24th furnishes tho Glacier with the
following tabulated report :
Med ford
If....hiii 1
AlllUllV ft
(.'mitral Point
II. l Klver
N011I1 Vunihill
Kutfene... 4U
KiiL'ine 40
LaUrandi) i
Saves TiT' from Death.
Oiirlittledaughtcr had an almost fatal
attack of whooping cough and bronchitis,'
writes Mrs W.K. llavilandof Armonk.N.
V., "hut when all other lemedies failed we
saved her life with Dr.King'sNew Discov
ery .Our niece, who had consumption in an
advanced stage, aiso used tins woimenui
medicine and today she is perfectly well."
Desperate throat and lungdiscases yield
to lir. king s:ew uiscovery ai to no otner
niAilioltm 111 anriti I n f ill I i lll,i for COUL'llS
and colds. 50c and 1 bottlesgtmranteed by
Chas. N. Clarke. Trial bottles free.
Seven Yearn in lh'tl.
"Will wonderseverotase?" inquire the
friendsof Mrs.L. Pease of Lawrence, Kan.
They knew she had been unable to leave
her bed in seven years on account of kid
ney and liver trouble, nervous prostration
and peneral debility ; but, "Three bottles
of Electric Bitters enabled me. to walk,"
she writes, "and in three months I felt like
a new person." Women suffering from
headache, backache, nervousness, sleep
lessness, melancholy, fainting and dizzy
spells w ill find it u priceless blessing. Try
it. Satisfaction is guaranteed by Chas. N.
Clarke. Only 50c.
Your Face
Shows the state of your feelings and the
state of your health as woll. Impure
blood makes itself apparent in ft pale
and sallow complexion, Pimples and
Skin Eruptions. If you are feeling
weak and worn out, and do not have a
healthy appearance, you should try
Acker's Blood Elixir. It cures all blood
diseases, where cheap sarsapurillas and
so-called purifiers fail ; knowing this, we
sell every bottle on a positive guarantee.
Williams & Brosius.
Dyspepsiacan be cured by using Acker's
Dyspepaiii Tablets. One little tablet w ill
give immediate relief or money refunded.
2oc and 5tc. Williams & Brosius.
Moki Tea positively cures sick head
ache, indigestion and constipation. A
delightful herb drink. Removes all
eruptions of the skin, producing a per
fect complexion, or ifoiiev refunded.
!.'5c. and 50c. Williams & Brosius.
Experience is the best teacher. Use Ack
er's English Remedy in any caseof colds,
coughs or croup. Should it fail to give im
mediate relief money refunded. 25c and
50c, Williams & Brosius.
The following firms generously donat
ed their advertising space to the carnival
commission for this week ; their ads will
uppear next week better than ever: W.
E. Sherrill, Geo. P. Crovvell, Prat her &
Barnes, The Glacier Pharmacy and
soniiigand all skin tortures arequiekWcu
red by DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. The
certain pile cure. Chas. N. Clarke.
Stages leave Bingen three times a
week for Camas Prairie.
A surgical operation is not necessary to
cure piles, DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve
savesall that expenseand neverfails. Be
ware of counterfeits. Chas. X. Clarke.
Hon. E. 15. Dufur, if he can dispose of
his property in The Dulles, will proba
bly open a law office at Gold Hill, near
his placer mine, in Jackson county.
Jus. Brownof Putsniouth, Va., over 90
years of age.suffered for years with a bad
soreon his face. Physicians could not help
him. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve cured
him permanently. Chas. N.Clarke.
Danger.diseaseand death follow neglect
of the bowels. Use DeWitt'eLittleEarlyRi
sers to regulate them and you will'add
years to your life and life to your years.
Easy to take,nevergripe. Cha's.N.C'laike.
The bilious, tired, nervous man cannot
successfully compete with his healthy ri
val. DeWitt's Little Early Risers.the fam
ouspillsforconatipation, will remove the
cause of your troubles. Chas. X. Clarke
"The doctors told me mv cough was incur
able. One Minute Cough Cure made me a
well man. "Norris Silver, North Stratford,
N.H. Because you've not found relief from
a stubborn cough, don'tdespair.OneMin
uteCoughCure has cured thonsandsand it
will cere you. Safe and sure. C.N.Clarke.
"A few monthsago food which I ate for
breakfast would not remain on my stom
ach for half an hour. I used one bottle of
your Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and can now
eat my breakfast and other meals with a
relish and m v food is thoroughly digested.
Nothingeqiials Kodol Dyspepsia Cure for
stomach troubles. H. S.' Pitts, Arlington,
Tex. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what
you eat. (Jbas. .V (Jiarke.
Dyspeptics cannot lielonglived because to
live requires nourishment. Food is not
nourishing until it isdigested. A disorder
ed stomachcan't diuest food, it must have
assistance. Kodol Dyspepsia Curedigests
ell kinds of food without aid from the
stomach, allowing it to rest and regain its
natural functions. Itselementsareexactly
the same as the natural digestive fluids
and itsimplr can't help but do you good.
Chas. N. Clarke. Glacier Pharmacy.
Horses for Sale.
A team of B'm1 work horses, irrnys, perfect
ly true. Also, a large Poland China sow.
Je21 J. C. BOtiOS.
Bids Wanted.
Bids for the purchase of the bulldine now
occupied by w, K. Hhcrrlll as a furniture
store, una tor tne removal of itie same within
80 days, will be received by the nnderslirn.'d
up till 0 o'clock 8atunl.1v evening. June 1 1901.
Advertised letter List.
May 27. 1001.
Dock. M O
"hiiley, H E
Wenliitfer. K
Hayes, Mrs. I E
Smith. Mrs L
Wells, Mrs L
Fresh Cow for Sale,
Fresh cow and calf for sale hv
m:!l T. J. CrXMXO.
None hut the nest prudes of Confections
kept. Home-made Tair.v. Joe Cream and
hYuits. Light l.unehes, with cotR-e or tea,
served nt all hours.
Ie en-am sodus will he served to customers
f.0111 the Mm-st un lo date fountain in town.
Agent for The 1 miles I-numlrv.
One hnckskln ponv. with Idnek stripe down
his hack. Branded MB on left hip. $1 lor his
reltirn. JDK ITBsi It.
Buggy for Sale.
Droti-spai l.i.v, wiili shafts and j ole. Also
one sai ao-y. Aryly to
mi7 A. S. EtiOWtBS.
j 7 ; f S
n 3 sr 5 2. 3
8 , - a a j f
! ! Hi I
i ! ; 9 M j
....11B -,s ;t a') w 7 rr,
.. no 10 as w n su so
-S uO 25 l' l(l 15 ...
UW 1(1(1 ...
lJ IWi IW uv in, iu
o .. 7.1 ... ; ...
is in ;o in) no is 10
.,') &l & Id IU) m ...
2i) Bi ... 10 lit M ...
K'i til) ... 25 2!) 1U0 ...
o .. a so
W) 70 WO I'D 10 ...
20 M 2j 1U0 W) ...
if ;& ...
f. - i
) :.
' 1
f - , 1 -
A Cyclone of Electricity
II5S struck Hood River, which will wipe the rheumatism and all nervous and
chronic tli serges -clear off the face ot tho earth, it you will avail yourself of
the great opportunity that is now'offered to you. If you are sick and not able Jo
buy at present, call and see our appliances any way, for you will have to have
electricity Ix-fore you can regain your health ; and by ao doing you can see that we
have the'best. Ve will gladly explain all about our electric appliances. Our
time is yours.
Electricity is the most wonderful curative power 011 earth for the cure of all
diseases of a chronic nature. I will say that in patronizing us you are not buying
of an a iron t that does not know the first thing about the article ho is selling or
nothing at all about the uses and abides of electricity ; but with a person that has
cured hinise f of that horrible disease culled consumption after liniieHng for lit)
years and after being pronounced incurable by a great many eminent physicians,
aftertlie right lung was gone entirely, I wasperstiaded to try electricity, and from that
time on 1 have been a great believer and practitioner in that line, and am also the
inventor of (lie l'ratt Electric Appliance, which is the best in existence. Cull and
see me and be convinced. We will furnish you with testimonials of some of the
great cures vie have made, on application, and some of them people of your own
town. Since I have cured myself I have cured thousands of others of all diseases.
Call toilav. Delays are dangerous. I will remain in Hood Kiveruntil June 4th
only. Hood iiiver otiico at the Glenwood house; ollico hours from 2 p. m. to 8
it. m. Portland ollice in Aliskev buildinir. corner Third and Morrison streets.
If you can't call while I am here,
our treatment; but you should not let
us at once. Mamioatmu and consultation
House to Rent.
An 8 room house, water free, In Blowers ad
dition; tine view; splendid location: tl2 per
month. B. WAKHKN.
Prices Cut in Two.
Apnl 21, Hull, ( will sell from now until
July l.-tllielull tilioil'-dsillverNpanKled H11111
burn eo-irs al trc a fetlinn of 11. AN", while
faeed Black Kpanlsh ikes at "np price.
m24 W. Id. K.I.U8.
Tomato Plants.
Hlronn and healthy tomato plants for sale
at Hhiimii & JJartli') ' store; 50 ei-nts pr 100.
Town Lots for Sale.
Apply lo J. V. WATT,
Hec'y tiood River TownslteCo.
The Glenwood,
Heleet boiirillnir and rocmmir house, corner
Kouttli und dak streets, In western part of
town. if!
Houses to Rent
And spfond-hnud iuinilure for sate on Par
udiHe Kurin.
Butterick's Patterns.
11. licrbrinir, the well-known und relinhle
dry itooils men-hunt of The Dalles, wishes to
Inform the Indies of Hood Hivernnd vli-inlty
thai he lias aeeepled the niteney for the eel-ehriili-d
Uutterick l'ubllshltin Co.'s Patterns
and their publications. A full assortment of
patPrns Is always kept on hand, and any
mail order sent to him will be promptly lUicil.
Barber Parlors.
Newly furnished In all the latest modern
barber flMurt-s, imtkln it second 10 none for
first-class seivh e. Porcelain Until Tubs. Hy
draulic Barber ( halls.
t'so Ilerplcide for the bald side;
(let your whiskers pulled 011 ull sides;
For we are th boys that suits
We pull your hair out by the roots.
Wc don't (tnarniilee nnytliinif.
A shoe-polisliinx artist alaayson hand.
EVANS & DeBORD, Prop'rs
Timber Land. Act June ? 1S"8
1'nlted States Land OfMee, Vancouver.
Wash., May 25. 111(11. Notice is hereby given
that in compliata-e -ftli the provisions of
the net of congress of June ;l, ISTs, entitled
"An net for the sale of timber Inn is In the
States of Cullfurnla, (Jreon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended to all
the public land states hv act of August 4, lti!)2,
Of Fulda, coiliily of Klickilat, slaU? of Wash
ington, has tills dsy lll'-d in 1 b Is otlice his sworn
statement No. 2MI, for the purehaFe of the
norlhwes quarter if section No. in
township No. a north, rnnc,c No. 11 east,vV ,M.,
and will oiler proof to show tlmt the hind
sought Is more valuable for Its tlmherorstone
tlian for airrleultiiral purposes, ami to estali
lish bis claim to said liiud before Hie liCKl.stcr
and Keeeiverof tliisultiee at Vancouver, Wash..
011 Friday, the 1 ,th day of August. I'M.
He names us witnesses: Leonard Stump and
Jennie Slump of Fulda, Wash., and Mordccal
Jones and (j. Jones of llusiim, Wash.
J K.N' .NIK STL! .Ml',
Of Ku'da, county of Klickitat, stateof Wash
ington, has thlsdn U led In this ollice Iter sworn
statement, No. 2J10, for tho purchase of the
northwest quarter of section No. a."). In town
ship No. north, range No. II east, W. M..und
will ofl'er proof to show that the land sought
is more valuable tor its timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish her
claim to said laud before the Register und
Keeeiverof this office at Vancouver, Wash.,
on Friday, the bith day of August. 11:01.
She names as witnesses: Leonard Stump
and Jonitnan L. Stump of Fulda, Wash., and
Mordccal Jones and (J.Jones of Hiisnm.Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
Above-described lands are requested to file
their claims In Ibis office on or before said
Kith day of Aug 1st, linjl.
m:lla2 W. R. JiUNBAR. Itegl.-iter.
I . -. - .n .. , .. . , . . r a
i.tiu.i wuitc ub v iiiicuii ver,, may e,
iiiui. i-oiieu is nenuiy ijivcn tnai tne lonow-ing-named
settlers have tiled notice of Inten
tion to make final proof on their res?ctive
Claims before F. W. Kale, Clerk of the Supe
rior Court of Skamania County, Washington,
at Stevenson, Wash., on June 2H, IDOL via:
On Homestead Application No. msiXI, for the
southwest yt southeast Vt, east southwest
and northwest Vt southwest seetlou 2j,town
sliip 4 north, range I) east, W. M.
Who names the following wltnesestorrove
her continuous residence upon und cultiva
tion of said land, viz: ' o
John A. Fisher, Suintiel C. Dickinson, John
W. Hill and Sondre Toryuson, ull of C'ben
owlth, Wash.
On Homestead Application No. U8hl), for the
northwest ',4 of section 2J, township 4 north,
ran.'e a east, W. M.
Wlio names t lie following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of siid land, viz:
Kmtle Wlllard, Joint W. Hill, flondre Tor
guson and John A. Fisher, all of Ciienowith,
On Homestead Application No. 07:T!), for the
southeast southwest . south ij southeast
nnJ northeast southeast 1 seenon 15, town
ship north, range (least, w. M.
Who names the following; wiinessesto prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion ol said land, viz:
Kmlle Wlllard, John W. Hill, Sondre Tor
guson and Samuel u. Dickinson, all of Chen
owith. Wushinion.
Je2t W. R. Dt'S'RAR, Register.
Timber Uind, Aet Jmie 8, 1SW.1
U.S. lnd Offlee. The Dalles, Oregon, May
20. 1H01. Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions of the act of con
gress of June :t, IX a. entitled "An aet for the
sale of timber lands in the stntesof California,
Oregon, Nevada nd Washington Territory.''
as extended to all the public, land states by
aet of August 1, isi2,
Of Tygh Va'ley, county of Wai stateof Ore
ton, has this day filed In this otliee her
sworn statement .o.l-l, f.,r the purehaseof the
northwest 1,4 southwest !-4, and soil ch west -.
northwest . ol section No.o in townshipN'0.2
north, range No. a east, W. M-, und will otter
proor to show that the land sought Is more
valuable for its limber or stone than for agri
cultural purposes, and to establish her claim
to said land before the Register and Ueeeiver
of this otliee at The Dalies, Oregou, on Satur
day, the ;ij day of A ugust, bull. "
she i.umes as witnesses: cicdo Rnnnevof
Hood hiver. Oivson; A. A. llonnev of Ti gti
valley, Oregon; r.d. Mays und Joseph Majs
01 liisid hivei , 1 Hegon,
Any and nil persons claiming adversely the
nhove-dt-scribeU lands are rt,nesle:t to file
tnelrcieims In this offlee on or before suid
3d day 01 August, 101.
ra.ili JAYj'.LUCaa.RegUtcr.
' 1, ..rik. '. v
write to Portland ollice when in need of
this opportunity go by without calling on
tree. I'K. A. A. l'KAii,
Inventor mid Manager,
Tho old nil
able Harness
Shop Is slill do
ing tiosiness ni
the old sin ml.
Ten tier cent
discount Ktven
for easfi.
Bicycles for
sale and bicy
cles repaired.
All work fruur-
untced lo give
Houso to Rent.
On the Mutton place. Apply 10
n.lT . U. WllonWORTIf.
Eres for Hatching:.
Mv hints are from the best strains. My
Light Brahma rooslcr scored III points at the
Mullnomah County Poultry show in IK'HI and
r."i oolnts nt the Albany show In Win, reeel
lug first prize nt both shows. My Black Mi
norca stock comes from (leo. 11. Norlhup's
yards at Kncevine. i. .
Eggs 7'X! 11 sell ing. or ft sellings for 81.
(i'Kjd Haired PlMiioutli Itin k eg-s, SDen set.
ting. (mSJ K. vV - m?s.
$15 per Acre
Will buy one of the most desirable 40-acre
tracts in Hood Klver. No ugems.
Spring Millinery.
The ladles of Hood Kiver und vicinity are
Invited to visit our rooms and Inspect our
new line of Spring Millinery. We have the
latest up-to-date styles ami qualities and can
satisty the most lssttuious purchaser.
We "are also prepared to till all orders In
Mr!. T. It. CLARK',
MliS. .;. KMtADLJ.Y.
Land Offlcc nt. Vancouver, Wash., April 19,
1901. Notice Is hereby given that the follow-ing-niimed
settler bus nied notice of bis In.
tcntiou to make ilnnl proof in support of his
claim, mid that said proof will be mndu
before tho Ilegister und Uecelver U. M. Land
otllee nt Vancouver, Washington, on Frl
day, Juno 7, lid, viz:
Of Trout Lake P. ()., Washington, who made
II. K. No. 1 1 l.'il, for the southeast quarter ol
seei ion 1 tow ns in p.i non u, range lueast, w.M,
He names (he following witnesses to prove
Ins continuous iv.-iiuence upon and cultiva
tion of said laud, viz:
Charles Moore. Robert K. Cox. Tivard C.
Hamilton, Peter McMillln, all of Trout IjUio
r. (., " Halnngtiiii.
n2tlm:il W. R. 1U7N1UR, Register.
Timber Lund, Act June :l, IS"S.l
United Stales Lund Ofllee, The Dalles, Ore
gon, April 2, WW. Notice Is hereby given
mai 111 compliance wun 1 lie provisions 01 tne
act of Congress of Jnue 8, Ml. entitled "An
act for the sale of timber hinds In the States
of California. On gon. Nevada und Washing
ton Territory," as extended to all the public
laua sillies ny nci 01 August 1, iw.v
Of The Dalles, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, nas tins day men in tins omee tier sworn
statement, No. imi, for the purchase of the
northeast i of section No. i.l, In town
ship No, 1 north, range No. 9 east, Willam
ette Meridian, and will offer proof to
show that the land sought is more valuable
tor Its timber or stone than tor aurieiillttral
puriioses, und to establish her claim to said
land before the Keglster and Keeeiverof this
otfiee nt The Dalles, Ougon, on Saturday, the
Uli day of July, l'.MJl.
she names ns witnesses: J. H. Phlrman,
Christine A. Phlrman and Henry BoyenofTbe
Dalles, Oregon, und Wiliiam Hand of Hood
River, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
Biiove-aescrincu lanos are requested to nte
their claims in this ollice on or belore said
t.ii day 01 July, 1WI.
mstJyS JAY 'P. LUCAS, Register.
(Timber ijind. Act June 3, 1878.1
United Rtnten Ijmd Ortlee. Vancouver
Wash., May 21, 1(101. Notice is hereby given
that in compliance with the orovislons of the
act of congress of June a. 18 8. entitled "Anact
for the sale of timber lands In the states of
California. Oregon, Nevada and Washington
territory," as extended to all the public land
muius oy aci 01 August -i, iswa
Of Fulda. countv of Klickitat, slate of Wash
inglon.hns thlsditv filed In thisotlleehlsswnrn
slaiemetit No. 2JU8 for the purchase of the
101. 1 01 section jno. s, ana lots 2, a
and i of section No. 1. In township No.
5 north, range Nr.. 11 cast. W. M.. and
will oll'or proist to Ms how thatthe land sought
Is more valuable for Its timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to e-dablisli his
ciaini 10 saxt 111ml be Hue me Register ana
Receiver of this otlice at Vancouver, Wash.,
on Tuesday, the27lw day of August, IHOI.
He names 11s witnesses: Halsey D. Cole.John
wyers, ticnia.nin r . Oneil and umuel M
Cole, all ol'Eulda. Washington.
Any and all persons el .lining adversely the
above-described lauds are requested to file
ineir claims in this oinee on or beioro said
in nay t August, 1SWI.
mSlicj w. K. DUNBAR. Register.
Notice Is hereby giv, n that the un lerslgned
will make application lo the common council
of Hood River, at a regular ineeiini in June,
foralicmso to sell spirituous, vinous and
mall liquois in )p.m quantities than one gal
lon for a period of one ye ir.
Hood Kiver, Or., May 15, KOI.
Uyspepssa mm
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in atrengthening and rccun
Etructlng th". exhausted ditiestive or
gans. It is thelatest discovered ditrest
ant and tonic. No ether preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in
stantly relievesnnd permanently ernes
I'yspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Fl:lt lllftMU-0 Knu. CtAne.,h qihps
- , 1 ui, 11 . u .1 , , m 1. . v. . ,
Sick Headache, Onptralgia.t ramppr.d
allotherresultsofiaiperfect digestion'. I
Prlce5nr.. and $1. LanresUecontalns timet
Small sizo. Book all bouldyspepsiainaiiedfree j
Prepared by E. C- CeWITT C0, ChJS 1
Such uh Frying rHiin, CofToe I'otH, Knives and Forks, l'liiteu (till,
cliiim und granite), Dlunkcta and Conifortorn.
Ono-pint I'tipf, full si.c, two for 5c.
Tid PlntcH, good Kizc and deep, two for 5c.
Pins, tlireo pnpers for Sc. c
Cull and wo our lino of Cc'Calicocfl.
Visitors am always welcome.
Every day in a Hargiiin Day with us.
Is the best
...... . . I 2-lb lots
V, hito Araenic. u f c
Sal Soda
Turkey f eatSier dusters
Inch .
12 inch .
Also, new Glassware, Lunch Baskets, Stationery and Harmonicas.
Phone 101.
f,i ?'J
mm m
Battle Axe Tohacco ,
Canned Peaclu-s, per can
2-B can Oysters ,
Sardines in nuisUid, largu size can and finest quality, per can
Fresh vegetables arrive Thursdays and Saturdays. Rehatu cheeks
given with all cash purchases. Your orders will receive prompt at
tention. Baled Hay, per ton, f 14.
23eciprcit3r Coiiigi-
I, YDS &
mithmg and
Ilorse-shocing a specialty. All work guaranteed.
Are running their two Mills, Planer and Box Factory, and can fill orders for
Boxes, "Weed 6z oata
On short notice.
At EerhartssH
A dip play of assorted fancy Fruits
Highest grade table delicacies: Strawberry, Raspberry and Black
berry Jam.
Selected fruits in Sugar Syrup: Gooseberries, Blackberries, Straw
berries, Peeled Plums, Pears, Black and Royal Anne Cherries.
Also, Cherries, Apples, Pears and Pumpkin canned in 1-gal. tir.s.
Try something j;cod.
We now have the largest and most complete stock of General Mer
chandise that we have ever carried in this town.
When yon want a pair of GOOD Shoes see us; we handle the old
reliable Miller make; no better shoes on earth.
Iu men's and boys' hats and caps we have a magnificent stock, all
new and up to date. t
Men's Suit3 from $7.50 to $16. Don't bnv until you see them.
Delinquent Taxpayers.
The county court tias Instructed the county
clerk lo place a warrant on the tux roll of HU0
comnmudinc nie to col ect the taxf-a for said
y-nr hv inxkine sale. Ifne'-t-sary, of the proo
ertv therein mentioned, and to retina the roll
Inside of sixty dnys.
I hiii sworn to ,1o my duty, nni nm also nn
Vr twin s tor its dot li fill performance: th.-re-lore
have no al ernaiive but to ohey the man
date, ol the rourt, un1 will immediately pro
,.r. ,., m.iii out n Ms o' delinquents and ad
vertise the property for snl
The Us 1 1. -s, .May 111, I 'll
rr lQil lierlfl ot Wau (Juaiity.
we can buy.
10-lt) iotrt. 50-lt. lotn,
m pur Bji l)c ,,t.r tj,.
4-n loti, 20-It. lots, 100 tb io,
4c per ft. 3c per Hi. lie per C.
I 10 inch .
111 inch ,
State Normal School,
maud for graduates of the Normal-Schools
during tho pant vear has been much he
voml the gupnlv. Positions with from
f 10 to f75 per month.
MAS Students are prepared for the state
examinations and readily take state pa
pern on graduation.
Strong academic and professional courses
Well-eqnii'ped Training Department.
p:xpciiscH range from f lL'U to fl75 a year.
1 nil term opens .ept. Itn.
ror catalogue containing lull announce
P. L. CAMPBELL, President.
Or J. B. V. Hi'Ti.ER, Secretarv.
canned by the Davidson Fruit Co.
Kotle Is hereby (tlven that the undersigned
will mske application to t e common council
of Hood Kiver, at a regular meeting in June
for a licence to sell Hfiritnou, vmoun nd
malt liquors In loss quantities man one gal
lon for a perio I of one year.
Hood Klver, Or., Slav IS. Il0l.
I'. V. FoUTS 4 SON.
And wagon repalrinif attended to promptly at
my shop on Mie Mr. Hood road.soutn of tow n,
work at rMMriHl)lo prtccfe.
For Sale
1 The Lov piace, near Tucker's mill,
on Ihiod river; small house; 0 ucrcii
cleared ; price f;(50. ...
2. Wemlort-place, near l ntierwoon,
Wk1i. : ItiO acres; 10 in cultivation; fair
improvements; voting orchard ; 3 acre
la'aring straw tierncs, ; pienty oi goon
water. Price (2, 000; terms easv.
S. I'iu'ht ucrea ott tint . J. Lttker
place, known as the Heflernan place; in
utrawlsrries; price, with crop, f 1 ,(XH).
4. lrutcret-oceupie'l oy I'.. I.. Uooil ;f Law.
5. The old Kofcrs place at Krankton;
owned by l-iic; large hout-e,
barn, 2 sprain, part of 1 helps crclc
falls, 2 acres iniprovid, jilciity of fruit",
price, $1,100 f.;00or more cash.
tj. Twenty acres off J. W. Daker'
place ; pear orchard and other fruit iu
bearinn; price flL'5 per acre.
7. liarrett-Sipnia addition ; JHO per lot:
$10 down and per month; no interest.
S. 'fen choice lots in Highland addi
tion, only two Mocks (at of tho post
(.Mice, on' State street, at $75 to $150.
Terms ein-y. livery lot has a command
ing view.
(. Fine homestead of KiO acres on
Kock creels near Davenport's. Price
$l,0Ot! $;;00 down, balance at 0 per
10. Kiu'ht lots in Hull's addition ; each
lot level, 80 x 1?0 ; center of ball ground ;
$100 each.
11. TlioG.T. (inllVnn CO acres, lving
on the county rond north und east of the
Harrett farm'; 24 acres in cultivation;
1HK) fruit trees Price $2,150,' or $2,210
half cash. New $500 barn on place.
12. The Chas. Rogers 5 acre tract and
cottage, Frankton. Good springs and
creek. $li50, terms easy.
13. The . II. Ilishop home in Hood
River; a pretty home; price $1,100.
14. The Allen Fulton farm, 100 acres,
5 miles cast of town ; price $1,000 ; terms
15. Lots in Henderson sub-diviision
$:i7.f 0 a lot.
Hi. John Sipma farm, 100 acres, $5,000.
$1,000 or more cash and balance at 8 per
cent, or the (fist 40 acres, cleared, for
$2,100. $5iX) or more cash, balance at 8
per cent. P.est farm in tho valley.
17. Two hits and nice cottage, east of
Congregational parsonage; price $00;
terms easy.
IS. fjhas. Rogers place, 120 ncres, in
section IS, adjoining Jack Binn's place;
price $500.
l'J. The Glover farm, well improved,
4).j miles from Goldeudiile ; 240 acres:
110 acres in cultivation; i3 acres in
winter w heat; 7 acres in hog pasture,
with a creek running through it; all un
der fcuco, with cross fences; lare
new burn and fine house. Price $12 60
an acre; will take Hood River property
in part pavnient.
20. P. A. Tmna place, White Falmon,
in sight of Hood River; 8 acres, 5 in
strawberriesaial tomatoes 17,000 straw
berry plants end 1,400 tomato plunls.
Xo irrigation required. Price $700.
1. N. S S. K. !, 8. N. K. see.
4, T. :i X., R. 11 K White Salmon; fine
timber land ; $10 per acre.
22. The Emerson homestead, only ono
mile east of town ; tine range: $1,500.
23. Lots 5 and 6, block 7, Winans ad
dition ; $50 a lot, or $85 for the two.
24. J. F. WickLam's 3 acres and ert
tasre, near Mrs. Alma Howe's. Price
$s'50; $350 cat:h, balance on time. Will
be for sale for 'M days.
25. Two beautiful building hits near
Robl. Rand's new houso. Price $200
for the two.
20. 8. II. Cox's fine residence in Hood
River, lot 100 x ICO; price -1,200.
28. 52!) acres, with lunch tir timber,
including both falls on Hood river. Re
fer to Ilutlcr e; Co.
29. Twenty acres lying north of Petor
Kopke's, Fast Side ; good land; unim
proved. Price $500; terms easy.
30. W'ishart 40 acres, East Side ; $750,
or $300 half cash.
31. At Trout Lake, 80 a. ; 3 in timothy,
cuts 8 tons a year; 50 a. in heavy saw
timber, white pine, lir and cedar; west
fork White Salmon river runs through
the place ; price $1,250.
32. Emma G. Robinson's 100 acres on
hills cast of White Salmon, known as
the Dryer place; fine timber; unim
proved"; $780.
33. The Monroe homestead claim,
on the Esst Side; 125 acres; 50 in
cultivation; new house and burn: $3,000
cash for 30 days only. Subject to Cros
by's lease. Also, 70 acres, of which 60
belong to the John Monroe homestead,
and 10 join on the east;the land west of
road $10 an acre; east of the road $20;
half cash, balance, on time.
Eligible residence lots in Spangler's
subdivision, near canuou house; only
$75 ; terms easy.
$200 to $1,200 to loan.
At the Emporium is kept a flrst-class
surveyor's transit, and the proprietor
being a practical surveyor, is well pre
pared to do the work of laying out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying.
N. B. Terms are easy on all the above
lands, with interest at 0 per cent. Per
sons desiring locations on homesteads
and timber claims should apply at the
Davidson Fruit Co.,
Hhlppers of
Hood River's Famous
Packers of the
Hood River Brand of
Canned Fruits.
Manufacturers of
Boxes arid Fruit Packages.
Dealers In fertilizers and Agricultural lax-
(Timber Land, Act June 3, 187S.1
United states l and Otllee, VaneoHver.Wash..
March St, Idol. Notice is herehv given that III
compliance with the provthionsof the not of
consressof June 8, 18.S, entitled "An act for
the sale of tiinbor lauds In the stales of Cal
llornla. Oregon. Nevada and Washington ter
ritory, as extended to all the public land
states by act of Auenst 4, IS92, '
n, , , Fit AN K OKAY,
Of Olenwood, county of Klickitat, state of
Washington, ban thtx day filed In thin offlc
.... . .. ,..,,,,.,..,,,, .i.J)lir ia,. purenflae
of the southwest J.4' northeast 4, west V, south
east V nrul nnrll.A.,., I.' w - .
o-A'n inwofhlp No. 4 north, ranee No. 11
east. W M., and will offer pnmf to show that
the land sought Is more x Kimble for Its tim
ber or stone than for agricultural purp.
and to eshibllsh his claim to said lnd befor
the Reylfiterand Receiver of thlsolllce at Van
couver. Wah.. On l.,nrl. C.v. 1.
July. 1901. " 0,u "7 m
Me names witnesses.- Jullns A. Onnnaf
son and John H. Hanson of Ulenwood.Wasb.:
Char es V oilmen mil... 'i
Ollmer.Wa.h. " "'"'"r
Any and all persons. elBlmlng adversely th
aboviMl,.cribed !nd are requested to fl
the re a m in tv.i- .rr,. I1'"
day of July 1901. ; w,ur" "11Q e,a
"V'l W. K. PTTNBAH. T?e.t.t-
Farm for Saio
Or rent. 2f0 acres S mile. .it nt vir. m.-..
IS ctM plow land; plenty of -sir; rni