The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 26, 1901, Image 3

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    3fo3d Iiver Slacier
FUIDAY, APRIL 2(1, 1W)1.
Uriah Heep cigars.
Go to McCartney's for your grocerfes.
AVo have some bargains in groceries at
Shirt waists, full lino, at Hone & Mc
Donald s.
Old papers 23c a hundred at the Gla
cier oitice.
Early Hose potatoes (or seed at Bone
jlcUonalq .
A new stock of groceries Just arri ed
St McCartney's.
Fresh and complete stock of groceries
at iMCAtiriney g.
r or me nost logger shoe in town eo
A. It. a- f . i ii c
VO DUMB IX .ucuonahi.
Six thousand untrlmmcd strawberry
jiimiia tor saie oy vy . j. mxer.
The Piano mowers and hay rakes for
aie uy- u,. t,. lavage. Call and see earn
When you buy get a gel shoe; they
win make your teetglad. tor sale at
Whon you want a good smoke, Inivthe
"Uriah lleop" cigar. For sale by all
Note the Price. 8tone Jars, stone
churns, bean crocks at 15c per gallon, at
J. Kand s.
Wo have plenty of money to loan oh
first class real estate for long torni. Pra
ttler & Barnes. . ,
. E..K.' Savage is preparinst to put in a
full Hue of susli, doors, shingles, build
ing material, etc.
. Baled beardless barley hay, the best
of horse feed, for sale at (U a ton at
Reciprocity Corner.
We are closing out our stock of Planet
Jr goods. Get sojjio of thwu before they
are all gone, at Hand's.
If your watch should stop.Chas RiggN,
the jeweler, will, charge you nothing lor
an accurate diagnosis.
E. E. Savage lias been appointed agent
for the Singer sewing machine for Hood
River and vicinity. Machines for rent to
responsible parties. Old machines taken
in exchange. Needles and supplies on
Dr, F. C. Brosius has removed to his
new residence at the west end of Oak
utreot, midway between the school house
1 aud armory, and can he found in his of
fice over Williams & Brosius' drug store
between the hours of 10-U a. in., 2-3
and p. m.
Relinquishment of Government Land.
ItiO acres, 7 acres in crop; 160 acres
aood land can bo plowed; house and
barn ; 50 acres slashed; running water;
pan of good horses, new f 10J stump
puller, spring tooth harrow and other
implements. Must bo sold by May 5th,
at any old price, at the Emporium.
Box social at BemoritTuesdaynext.
The Hood River public school closes
Miss Laura Cramer is nssiatant "Cen
tral" at the telephone office.
Mrs. Geo. F. Coo returned last Satur
day from her trip to Michigan.
Mr. and Mrs Richmond of Mt. Hood
visited Mr. aud Mrs. 11. H. Bailey Tuos
lay. Mrs. E. II. Pickard is dangerously
sick at Oregon City with typhoid-pneumonia.
Letters remained in the post office,
April 22d, for Battista Beoletto, Jas. R.
J-ratios and W. k, llines.
Lou Morse and family moved up from
fitevenson on Monday and aw occupy
ing a houso in Blowers addition.
Rev. J. L. Hershner was elected state
chaplain of the order of the Maccabees
at the late state review in Portland.
II. II. Weston of Wyeth was in town
Jast I'riday and purchased a team of Col
Hartley for his wood-hauliug business
Miss Bessie Wright returned to Hood
River last week after a visit of two
months with relatives and friends in
Tho Christian Endeavor society of the
Congregational church will hold a bus
iness meeting at tho church on Friday
(this) evening.
H. II. Uailey is rwittine in the iron
gauges recently procured by the Valley
Improvement Co. fur measuring water
to its patrons for irrigation.
Mrs. H. C. Shaffer and Miss Grace
Campbell took a spin up the valley on
their wheels and called on Mrs. Harry
Bailey Tuesday of last week.
Horses for Sale. I will have a band of
about 10 head of good horses in the town
of Hood River forsale on Thursday, May,
2d. B. 1. iouno
Misses Emetine and Jane Coate of
Emporia, Kansas, sisters of Mrs. K. D.
Calkins, are visiting Mrs. Calkins. They
are introducing a new system of ladies'
Chris Dothman says he hasn't sold his
real estate in Hood River valley, never
had any such intention, and never had
any one come around wanting to buy
. him out. .. ,
E. D. Calkins lias sold his pen of
white vaivlotte chickens to tj. JJ.
Woodworth. Mr. Calkins has sold most
of his chickens and is now virtually out
of the poultry busnvess.
Mrs. Lucv Bailey and children visited
with Mrs. B. F. Shoemaker on Wednes
day of last week. On the same day,
Mrs. Chas. Chandler entertained Mrs.
H. II. and Mrs. Harry Bailey and Mrs.
Martin and daughter.
Mrs." A." P. Mcrrse arrived from Kansas
Ust Friday. Since leaving here, two
vears ago, she has been visiting relatives
in Dakota, Michigan and Kansas. It is
unnecessary to state that she is glad to
get back to Hood Kiver.
Geo. Booth, who has been suffering
from the effects of a spell of the grip,
went to Portland on Sundayand entered
Good Samaritan hospital. His daugh
ter, Mrs. J. L. Atkinson, came up from
Portland and accompanied him to the
John Sipnia returned last week from
Portland, where ho spent two months
in St. Vincent's hospital. More than
two mouths ago his right eye became
affected by enlargement of the pupil and
gave him eevere pain. The best occu
Tists in Portland could not give him re
lief. Three weeks ago the eye was re
moved. He is now elowly regaining his
The Junior League of Belmont will
give a box social next Tuesday evening,
April 30th, at the residence of M. H.
Nickelsen. The Juniors are making ex
tra efforts to provide entertainment for
their guests on that evening, and ask for
liberal-patronage. Two prizes will be
given, one for the handsomest box nd
one for the most unique or oddest-shaped
box. tdulies, bring vour boxes and trv
for a prize,. and in that way help a good
came and at the same time havea pleas
ant evening. The Juniors are doing a
good work" thi.8 vear. They have bnmjht
and presented "to the Belmont church n
handsome pulpit bible and have p id;
for having the church windows frosted.
There is other work they have under
tiUn Arid" .hopF to 'accomplish before
iecftuIoreuwjiuUsewJ' '
Hon. K. L. Flllitli hint week reci-ivHil
his spraying outfit ordered from Ruck-
port, A. 1., Jtis the completed thing
of the kind ever seen in Hood River, if
not in Oregon. It j the Orchard Mon
arch; weight 1,400 pounds. Power to
run tho pump is generated by the turn
ing of the wheels us tho muctiiuit is
uriveu along. A gauge shows when the
reservoir of tho force pump is full and
the pressure can he thrown off. One
man could operate it. All ho has to dt
is to hold the nozzle and tuide thusnrav
and the machine does the rent. It is
mounted on wheels, all running gear
complete, it throws a lino spray, sum
cient to cover a large apple tree. The
price of the machine was $120, and the
ireight cost f-H.HU.
J. W. V. Chiterbos of White Salmon
was in town Saturday. Mr. Claterbns,
while a student in college at Kanipen,
Holland, in the '80s, met Ooin Paul.
Jhe president of the Dutch African re
public visited K am pen, and the citizens
gave him a big reception. Exercises
with an extensive programme were held
in a public hall, and (here was a banquet
at which wine flowed freely. Oom Panl
refuted to drink anything but water.
Next day some one sent him a barrvl of
water. Mrs. Claterbos has cousins in
the Boer army. Their families are
within tlie British lines. They write
that they have to live on very short ra
Cox & Cook have contracted for build
ing as follows: A two-story house for
r. 1,. Jackson, on the corner of Itnrd
and Oak .streets. Size, 43x50, with 14
foot story ttelow and U feet above J store
rooms ou first floor and eight rooms
aoovo. i'or W. f.. hherrill, an addition
to his dwelling, 12x20. A dwelling house
fori. b. names, on lot recently pur
chased of Cox & Langille, on Park street,
adjoining Dr. Shaw's residence on the
north. J Ins firm is also getting up
specifications for dwelling houses for
lrs. Jofui Mohr and Chris Dethman
of tho East Side, to cost about 1,0UU
Hon. E.L. Smith on Saturday shipped
apples lor exhibition purposes to iiuf
fulo. The varieties were Yellow New
town, Hyde's King, Baldwin, Northern
Spy, Ben Davis and Arkansas Black, and
came from the orchards of in. Elirck,
Geo. Booth, Mr. Knutson, D. U. Cooper,
B. IL Tucker, E. D. Calkins and W. W.
G. Kershaw, who has a homestead on
upper Hood River, showed the Glacier
some line specimens of gold nuggets he
dug out of one of his placer discoveries
One nugget weighed over (25. Mr. Ker
shaw is an old prospector, and the place
where he gathered liis specimens is 175
miles distant from Hood River.
II. E. Blocher, on Monday, sold his 30
acres, 3 miles south of tow n, to Nels Nel
son, recently arrived from Hancock Co.,
Iowa, the consideration was 4'HJ0
Fifteen acres of the land are in straw
berries, 7 in wheat and 3 in potatoes
Mr. Nelson was a neighbor of Andrew
tonniekson in Iowa for years.
H. D. Langille started, Tuesday to
fake up his work with the United States
geological survey, uis work will lie in
Oregon this year and w ill be confined
to the counties of Wasco, .Multnomah
and Clackamas. W. B. Cole and Bert
Stranahan of Hood River will accom
pany him as assistants.
Geo. M. Cornwall, editor and pub
lisher of the Oregon Tiuiberman of Port
land, was in town Saturday, looking
alter items of interest to his many read
ers in the saw-mill business. Mr. Corn
wall gets out a lirrit-class publication,
one that the saw-mill trade may well
be proud of.
The Glacier was in error last week in
stating that Ralph Shelley had received
a third grade certificate at the teacher's
examination at lhe Dalles. It was Al
bert B. Shelley that passed the exami
nation. Ralph Shelley is attending the
state university at fcugene.
Sam Bartmess is not agent tor Hay ne's
eeven-year-old doublo copper distilled
rye, but w hen he gets a circular letter
quoting prices on these goods, he gives
his friends a chance to take advantage
of a liberal offer by posting his letter in
a conspicuous place.
The new warehouso for the Hood
River Fruit Growers' Union is about
completed. H. J. Hibbard, presidentof
the union, superintended tho construc
tion. The building is 2(1 x 50 feet with
a platform 10 x 50. It will hold 10,000
boxes of apples.
Mrs J. C. Meins of The Dalles, who
has taken the place of her late husliand
as pension attorney, was in Hood Kiver,
Monday, interviewing old soldiers in re
gard to helping them towards getting an
increase of pensions.
Orders are coming in to the Hood Riv
er Fruit Growers' Union for straw berries.
An order was received on Saturday for
10 crates a day at the market price
Present prospects for prices are better
this year than last.
Win. Foss of the East Side finds that
100 acres of land is too much for him to
care for and is willing to part with a 40
or more for a fair consideration. His
place is one-half mile southeast of town.
Judge Blakely, Commissioner Ilarri
mau and CommissionerEvans reviewed
lhe roads in Hood River the first of the
week. The new grade on the East Side
received their particularattcntion.
W. T. Cummins, an old schoolmate of
Jos. A. Wilson, formerly of Indiana Co.,
Pa., spent several days in Hood River
lant week, visiting his friend. Mr.Cum
inins lived 14 years in Omaha.
Ned Blythe, business manager of the
University Annual, made a business
trip to Portland last week in the interest
of his publication, and came to Hood
River to spend Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. LaFrance came up
from Portland last Friday. Mrs. La
France, after a pleasant visit with old
friends.returued to Portland first of the
week. ,
Uncle Billy Eastman came to town
last Monday for the first time since the
election. He has been greatly troubled
with the rheumatism all winter.
John L. Henderson, last week, sold
5 acres off the Stallings 20 to E. N. Ben
son for f 100 per acre. This is unim
proved land one mile from town.
One of the fine old oaks on the Cra
dlebaugh corner was grubbed out Mon
day to make room tor the increasing
traffic on Third street.
The 30th regiment arrived in San
Francisco last week to be mustered out.
Edwin llendersoti is a member of the
O. P. McFall is now residing at Mt.
Tabor and holds down a clerkship in the
wholesale book house of J. K. Gill & Co.
of Portland.
Robt. Leasure of Mt. Hood was in
town Saturday. Has had the grip and
is very much under the weather.
Sam Harbison, supervisor on the East
Side, is beincomplimented on the good
work he is doing on the roads.
Mrs. E. Rfchardson and daughter
Velma spent the past two weeks in Port
land visiting friends.
Mrs. J. L. Henderson returned from
the hospital in Portland last week.much
lmpepved in neaitn.
Mr. ami Mrs. Elmer Rand were pas
sengers on Tuesday's afternoon train for
Miss Emma Bonney visited her heme
at Tigh valley last wfcek.
II. Hamilton Abbott, v. ho has been
the guest of Miss Teal for the past thrue
weeks, returned to mrtlaiHl ednesdav.
Mr. Abbott is general freight and lias-
senger agent for the Canadian Pacific.
billowing to illness, has not been in his
olhce for nearly four months. lie came
to Hood Kiver for his health, winch,
much to his delight was greatly improved
when he left. Mr. Abbott says Hood
Kiver will always hold a warm place in
inn man., niiu no noiirs lo nave the
pleasure of visiting the beautiful place
again in the near future.
John Myrtle Peugh gave a party last
Saturday evening at his father's place
in t he country. Following were present :
Mrs. Donation, Ella Miller, Myrtle Coe,
Carrie and Lillie Shute, Alice Rea, Pan
sy and Marguerite Baker, Ruie Blagg,
Cora and Nettie Peugh, Howell Metcalf,
Harvey Kiind, Howard Searles, Chas.
Shute, Chas. Peugh, Joe Morris, Fred
Coe. A pleasant time was enjoyed by all.
E. W. Eaton, special agent of the Fi
delity Mutual Aid Association of San
Francisco, is in town, a guest at the
Glenwood. Mr. Eaton represents a
good company that Insures against acci
dents aud sickness. He is au old sol
dier and a past commander of Lincoln
Garfield post, G. A. K., of Portland. He
served in the 177th New York in the
civil war.
Much complaint is being made by
residents living in the neighborhood of
the public school about children w riting
on the fences. There is nothing smart
about this kind of work, but tho guilty
ones are taking chances of being pun
ished oy the law. J here is a heavy line
for disfiguring property belonging to
A lady resident of Hood River lost her
pocket book containing a large sum of
money. Of course she called at the
Glacier odiee to advertise it.. Upon her
return home she found the purse right
where it had oeeu put, in a sate place.
All of which shows that it pays to ad
vertise in the Glacier.
II. E. Blocher came to Hood River
with his family six years ago. Arriving
here his worldly goods amounted to $4.50
in cash. He engaged in strawberry
growing and bought 40 acres on time for
f 3,000. Two mouths ago he sold 10 acres
for fl,000, aud on Monday tho balance
for $4,000.
W. M. Shipman and crew from the
government hatchery on the Little
H lute Salmon brought up 21,000 young
salmon and turned them out in tho
Columbia at the mouth of Hood
river. Tho hatchery has been very
successful in turning out the young
Bob Husbands has his houso swung up
about 20 feet above the ground on the
side lull above State street. Looks like
he intends building underneath. The
assessor says he couldn't very well assuss
a house that high above the ground, and
it may escape taxation.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Eggcrt of Viento
came up on Monday on a visit to Mrs.
Eggert's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ehrckof
the East Side. Mr. Eggert has taken
contract to get out 2,000,000 feet of logs,
a mile Delow V lento, for hlmer James.
The late frosts have done some dam
age to straw berries, and the crop will be
about two weeks later than usual.
Peaches and cherries have also suffered
In some parts of the valley prunes and
pears will be a short crop.
Mrs. A. A. Jayne will sing a solo at
the entertainment to bo given by the
Misses uaniboll and Holmes, Saturday
evening, April suth, m the Congrega
tional church, for the peneht of the
school library.
Paul Von Fridagh, wife and daughter.
and Mrs. Jordan, all of Portland, are
guests of the Parker house and will
probably spend the summer at that
pleasant summer resort.
Mrs. R. L. Sabin, wife of the
manager of tho Merchants' Pro
tective Union, and her two children, are
guests at Mrs. Alma Howe's summer
boarding house.
Mrs. Margaret Reid will teach a two-
months term of scliool in the Hillstrom
district alter her school closes in the
Pine Grove district in about two weeks
W. V. Johnson and family aro back
in Hood River again and are camped
on their place on the East Side. Mr,
Johnson has his orchard land leased.
Harry Kemp of Hood River and Char-
lay Cramer and Chester Woods of Mosier
returned from their trip East last week
They got as far as Lewiston, Idaho.
Marriage licenses were issued during
the week to R. T. Elliff and Patie Wil
son of Hood River, and W'm. Rowland
and tiessie Middles wart of Mosier.
Ed McKee returned to Portland Wed
nesday afternoon. Mrs. aud Miss Mc
Kee are btill guests at Mrs. Howe s and
expect to remain for some time.
Mrs. Carrie Fisk and daughter Mar
garet of Chicago are visiting relatives in
Hood Kiver. Airs, tisk is a daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. James Graham.
E. W. Winans returned from Port
land Sunday, lie has been in a hospi
tal where he underwent a successful
operation for dropsy.
The Masons advertise for bids on - a
Masonic building, with new plans and
specifications to be seen at the store of
E. E. Savage. .
A practice game of base ball will be
played on the ball ground next Sunday.
at 2 o'clock, for the purpose of organiz
ing a club. . .
Hood River has had no rainfall worth
mentioning since Easter, and farmers
say the country needs rain badly.
Mrs. Joseph Teal of Portland came
up, Tuesday, for a few days rest and a
visit with her daughter, Miss Teal.
The ladies' aid society of the M. E.
church will meet Friday afternoon at 2
o'clock with Mrs. John Bradley.
Uncle John Smith left Wednesday
for Tacoma, where he may visit for a
while and may go i-ast.
Booth's store, "The Little Storo with
Little Prices," has a neat new sign.
Olds was the artist.
H. II. Holmes is expected to come to
Hood River Saturday to look after his
Attorney S. W. Stark of Tho Dalles
was a visitor in Hood River during the
Howard Isenberg made a business
trip to Portland first of the week.
Hood River Zouaves.
It is not generally known that Hood
River has a company of young soldiers
drilling one night a week in the armory.
Maj. J. S. Booth has organized a com
pany of young lady zouaves, and they
drill Tuesday evenings. A Glacier re
porter witnessed the sword exercise and
evolutions in military tactics by the
company Tuesday evening. About 20
healthy-looking Hood Kiver girls were
being instructed by their captain. Maj.
Booth is an excellent drill master and
exhibited much patience with bis awk
ward squad, lhe company organized
only alwut a month ago but already
show their training in the sword exer
cise and in marching. They are armed
with wooden swords. lhe girls will
make a good show ing in the parade in
Portland that will take place when
President McKinley visits that city,
Mav 2:d. Tbev ought to be uiven the
post of honor act aa tlie president's
body guard.
Ladies' Kid Gloves.
We have been looking two years for a line of Gloves suited to our
trado in price and quality. Now we have them.
The American Dent, f 1.50, equal hi the imjiorted at $2.
Tho Aywon and Sorosis, all colors, $1; guaranteed and equal to
any at $1.50, except the Dent.
Chamois washable gloves, 85c.
Here is the extreme limit Of $1 glove values. You cannot boat it
anywhere. Strong claims, but the goods aro equal to It.
The American Beauty, in all colors. Every corset with F. C. brand
is fully guaranteed, and if not satisfactory in 30 days, full purchase
price will be returned. What stronger guarantee could you think of?
Do yon think we would give that guarantee if the. goods were not
equal to it? All colors, new styles, straight front and French waist,
75c and $1. Same make without the F. C. brand, all colors and
styles, 50c.
We have the latest and newest arriving every few days, thui keeping
in touch with the VERY LATEST, and our low price system applies
in millinery as in all other lines.
1 Rambler 4 Hartford Bicycles.
Fast Black Cotton Hose Ladies and misses' sizes, 5 to 10, double heel,
toe and knee, regular 15c article, special 10 cents per pair
Lead Pencils, the good sort, each lc
Japanese Fans, pretty and useful, each 3c
Arm Bands, to keep your sleeves up these work days, per pair 5c
French Violet Toilet Soap, delicate and lasting, per box of 3 cakes 14c
(Winch Nickel Plated Shears, good cutters, per pair 15c
Men's Silk Garters, they're genteel and save bother, per pair 20c
Double Swing Razor Strops (worth a good deal more) 20c
Hovs' Brownie Overalls, stand the racket, tier nnir anr
New SHEET MUSIC Instrumental and
There's always
Chas. N. Clarke, Agt., at the Glacier Pharmacy
lo 10 him for Dure fresli Drill's. I'atenl Modlclnes and Wall Patxr. Preanrlptlons an
Fnmily Rwlppw a apwlHlty.
Had their day, but their1 time is past
and gone, and the smoker of today buys
"Uriah Heep," the best 5c cigar on the
market. Trv one. , '
Remember the date of meeting of the
Hood River Poultry Club, May 4th.
Every member should be there and
bring as manv new members as possible.
A. O. U. W. hall 2 o'clock p. in.
For the entertainment to be given Sat
urday.evening, April 30th, by the Misses
Holmes and Gambell, for the benefit of
the school library :
Music Selected
Mrs. A. A. Jftvne.
"Tho Heart of Old Hickory".... Dromgoole
Miss Uraee A. Holmes.
Son Miss Susie M. Gambell
'The Merchant of Venice" Act JV.,
scene I Miss Holmes
Son .....Mis Gnmboll
Musle .....Selected
To be supplied,
"The Da"y of Judgment'1 ,7 Phelps
Miss Holmes.
8ont : ; Miss Gambell
Arena scene from "Utto Vadls '...Miss Holmes
Hong Miss Gum bull
Church Notices.
Conprejiratlonnl Church The pastor, Rev. J.
UHershmT.wlll preach a series of sermons for
4 consecutive Mondays at 11 a. m. on character
studies. The following- will be the subjects:
Thomas, the doubter, or the melancholy char
acter; Judas, the traitor, or the treacherous
character, and Pilate, the coward, or the cow.
anlly character. Ie)(t Sunday at 11 a. ni. the
subject will be Thomas, the Ooubter, or the
l plnnphnl v f linrni-lpf V.Tnlnr uovxilnn at
8 p. m., V. E. service at 7 p. m., Sunday school
at 10 a. in.
United Brethren Church Sunday school at
10 a. in. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 8 11.n1. C.K. at
7: 80 p. m. Hpeclal music next Hunday
evenlnjr. Prayer service everv Wednes
day evening at 7:30. You are cordially Invited
to all these services. H. C- Shsller, pastor.
Valley Christian Church. Sunday school
at 10 a.m. Preaching at 11a.m. Endeavor
at 7 p.m. Preaching at 8 p. m. Endeavor
monthly business meeting will be held in tho
church Friday evening, it 7:30. All are In-
vuea to attena these services.
Appointments. Belmont Oharere FlrstSun.
day Pine (irove, 11 a, m; Crupper. 3 p. m.;
iM-iuioiH, r.-iu p. m.
Second Sunday Belmont. 11: Crapoer. S:
Pine G rove, 7:30.
Third Sunday Mosier, on the hill, 1J;
lower school house, 7:iW. Pine Grove and
ueimoni sappnea at 11.
Fourth Sunday Mt. Hood, II; Bt'lmont.7:30.
At Belmont, prayer meeting each Thursday
evening, at 7; Junior League, Sunday at 3; S.L.
Snnday.rt.-aii. All invited. J. G. Alford. pastor
.... ... UHUIVU ruimtij rii-n-l, iu K.lli;
preaching, followed by class service, II a, ni.;
Kpworth leatrue. :30 n.m: preachlne . 7:: d.iii:
regular prayer meeting, Thursday evening at
8 p. m. F. R. Span ding, pastor.
Prices Cut in Two.
April 21. IH01. I will sell from now nnt.ll
July li-tthe full-blooded SilverSpaneled Him.
burg eegs at 75c a setting of 13. Also, wbitti
faced Black Spanish eggs at same price.
mz4 vt. m. KLLI3.
Light Wagon.
Lleht snrimi wneon. two seaujd. with tonrno
and shafts, for sale cheap by
m M. w. WAIT.
Clubbing Rates.
The Glacier clubs w ith the Toledo mfa
republican, and the Twice-B-Week Republic.
democratic. Subscribers can have either of
these well-known and reliable Eastern news
papers sent to them one year by paying 50
ceois extra at the time of paying ibeir sub
scription to the ulafler.
Warranty. Deeds.
'Blank Warranty Deed for sale at tha nu.
eter office.
vocal. Come in and try it on our piauo.
something new at
Held high
In the estimation of
Practical Painters.
Every gallon of
will cover 300 or more square
feet of surface in average con
dition, two coats to the gallon.
Every gallon is a full U. S.
standard measure. It is made
to Paint Buildings with. It
is the best and most durable
House Faint made.
Dalles, Portland & As
toria Navigation Co.
Dalles City
Dally (except Sunday) between
The Dalles, Hood River, Cascade Locks,
Vancouver and Portland,
Touching at way points on both sides of the
Columbia River. I
Both of the ahove steamers have been re
built and are in excellent shape foi the sea
son of 1900. The Regulator line will endeavor
to give Its patrons the best service possible.
For comfort, economy and pleasure, travel
by the steamers of the Uegulator Line.
Dalles City leaves The Dulles at 7 a. m.,
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Regulator leaves at 7 a. m. Monday, Wed
nesday and Friday.
Leave Portland 7 a. m.; arrive at The Dalles
6 p. m. Arrive at Portland t:W p. m.
Portland office, Oak st. Dock. The Dalles
office, Court street.
General Agent,
Timber Land, Act June S, 18TB.
United States Land Office, Vancouver,
Wash., March 5. 1001. Notice is hereby given
thut In compliance with the provisions of
me act oi congress oi .nine a, iss, entitled
"An act fpr the Rale of timber lands in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended to all
tbe public land stales by act of August 4, lHM'i,
Of Decorah, county of Winneshiek, state ol
Iowa, has this day tiled In thlsoflicehlssworn
statement No. 2138, for the purchase of the
soumeasi quarter gouinwest quarter, souin
half southeast quarter, and northeast quar
ter southeas quarter of section No. 32, In
township No. 6 north, range No. 10 east.W.M.,
and will oiler proof to show that the land
sought is more valuable for Its tlmberor stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to estab-
nsn nis ciuiin io saia istnu neiore me rtegisier
and Kecelverof thlsoiticeat Vancouver.Wash..
on Tuesday, the 21st day of Mav, ItWl.
He namcsas witnesses: H. Stone and
William W. Pnchnrd of spirit Lake, Iowa;
Ronald U. Cameron ol w nite Salmon, W asn.;
and Christian GulerofTrout Lake. Wash. Also,
Of Spirit Lake, county of Dickinson, Mote of
Iown, has this day tiled In this odlce hissworn
statement. No. 2139, for the purchase of the
southeast quarter of section No. 33, In town
ship No. north, range No. lOeast, W. M..and
will offer proof to show that the land Bought
is more valuable for IU timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
cluim to said laud before the Register and
Receiver of this ofHce ut Vancouver, Wash.,
on Tuesday, the 21st day of May, 1(101. i
He names as wltnessi-s- Albert C. Baker of
Decorah, Iowa; William W. Prichard of Spirit
Lake, Iowa: Ronald I). Cameron of White Sal
mon, Wash; Cbrisllun Guler of Trout Lake,
Wash. And
Of Spirit Lake, county of Dickinson, state of
Iowa, has this day tiled in thlsotlice hissworn
ktaieiKent No. 21M for the purchase of the
southwest quarter of section No. as. In town
ship No. 6 north, range No. 10 east, W. M.,and
will otter proof to show that the land sought
Is more valuable for I W timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim to said land before the Register and
Receiver of this office at Vancouver, Wash.,
on Tuesday, the 21st day of May, IDOL
He names as witnesses: Albert C. Baker of
Deoomh, Iowa; Charles H.StoneofSpirlt ljke,
Iowa; Ronald D. Cameron of White Salmon,
Wash.; Christian Guler of Trout Lake. Wash.
Any and all persons clnlmiror adversely the
above-described lands are requested to We
their claims In this office on or before aaid
21st day of May, IMul.
mlitnl7 W. R. DUNBAR. RegUtmr.
WANTED Trustworthy men and women
to travel and advertise for old established
house of lirt financial standing. Salary S.S0 a
ve&r and iayable4nvsh. No
canvassing' required. Give reference and en
close self-addressed stamped envelope. Ad
dress Manager, loo Caxton mag, Chicago.
YOU KNOW, m not always easily attainable. Sometimes the price
is objectionable; often it ia the quality, and occasionally BOTH art
We always try to have both price and quality right. If we can
furnish you a shoo that meets these requirements, we know you will
become a shoe customer of ours. The
Combine both essentials to a remarkable degree. We carried them
last year and are now restocking with the same make. We hav
them in men's, women's, youths, misses and children's, and ask you
l" "'
'ii;' Jsj rnnncrT
wits IfimisLt
Cons Sou
f jiftir
?) m a g C. GOTZIAN a CO., Proo .
i&mncsota &noc ho st. paul, inn.
bone & McDonald.
I am better prepared than ever to furnish my patrons with the
best goods in my lino at prices as low as the lowest.
At prices that will save money for the buyer.
I shall open up soon the best and most complete line of WALL
PAPER that has ever been shown in Hood River.
Floor Matting in new patterns. Fuller's Prepared Paint has mad
for itself an enviable reputation in this valley. I expect to carry a
larger stock of these goods than ever before.
A goodtock of Trunks, Linoleum, Building Paper and Furnitura
always on hand. Yours for business,
Successor to E. L. Smith Oldest Established House In the valley.)
Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes,
Hardware, Flour and Feed, etc.
This old-established house will continue to pay cash for all Its
goods; it pays no rent; it employs a clerk but does not have to divide
with a partner all dividends are made with customers in the way ol
reasonable prices.. ' ' -
U. S. Commissioner and Notary Public.
AuStKCts, CoavByanciiiE. Real Estate, Insnrance, Money toLoan.
Lots aud Blocks for sale. Taxes paid for non-residents.
Township Plats and Blanks in stock.
Telephone 61. Correspondence Solicited.
And all kinds of supplies for
Professional ana Aiatenr Pfiotograpliers.
Printing papers, card mounts, developers and toning solutions.
Prices range from 5 to $20 for Kodaks.
Timber Land, Act June 8, 18:8-1
United States Land Ott'lce.Vanconyer.Wash.,
Aorll mil. Notice Is hereby eiven that In
compliance wltn the provisions of the act of
congress oi June s, 1S7S, entuiea "An aei lor
the saleof timber lands In the states of Call
lornla, Oregon, Nevada and Washington Ter
ritory," as extended to all the public land
stales by act of August 4, WJi.
Of St. Paul, county of ftaniKey, state of Min
nesota, has this any hied In this office his
sworn statement. No., for the purchase of
the east s northwest y ana lots i ana zor cc
tlon No. 7, In township No. 4 north, range No.
13 east, W. M., and will oiler proof to show
that the land sought Is more valuable for its
timber or stone than for agricultural pur
noses, and to (lnbl,Mli bis claim to said land
before the Keglster and Kecelverof this oQlce
at Vancouver, Wash., on Tuesday, the nth
any or July, iwi.
He names as witnesses: Frank Gray and
John H. Hanson of Glenwood, Wash.; Charles
W. Gilmer of Gilmer, Wash.; and Martin
Hcstness of Glenwood, Wash.
Any and all oersons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to tile
their claims In this oU'lce on or before said
9th day of July, IH01.
allien t. v. k. iifusAK, Kramer,
A Rfl nnroa being; the north half
XOVS Cttl CB, and part of the south
half of section 1 1, township 1 north, range 10
cast, near Mt. Hood post office, 12 miles south
of Hood Kiver.
This land Is covered with vine maple; owi
fir timber, r ine grilling and orchard lands.
$10 per Acre.
Addrf-w BELL STUART. 617 and 61S Ore-
gooUn Buildiug, Portland, Oregon.
I fir , iKMaav a.
6 r tTfi pimrninn
Equal to any $5 Shoe oa (he Mark el
yonrdMltr doa not tp thm, Intlft mi Mb rttln( a
M jrou. itMrf IM I ilock Row ii lo Kfc iu UiuM.
C. 60TZIAN a CO., Proo'rs.
The young man loves the young woman ;
J hat s his business.
The young woman loves the young man ;
That's her business.
The jotuig man and young woman got
married ;
That's the preacher's business.
They will need furniture, carpets, wall
paper and building material ; ,
That's my business.
HTuiJK. The Columbia Nursery Is on han
s?Hln, tis tminl, with a lunre stork of Fruit Trees
Ht raw berry i'lants, nnd nil kinds of Nursery stock:
Uet our prices and see the stock.
11. v. UAltn AM.
Timber f.nnd, Act June It, 1S78.
XI. 8. Land Office, Tho Dalles, Oregon, Feb.
2lt, 1H01. Notice is hereby given that In com
pliance with the provisions of the act of con
gress of June 3, IsTS. entitled "An act for tha
sale of timber lands In the States of California,
Oregon, Nevada and Washington Territory,''
as extended to all the public land states by
act of August 4, l!i2,
Of Hood River, countv or Wasco, state of Ore
gon, haaon Hept. 21, 1H00, filed In this office her
sworn statement No.lHK, for the purchase of tha
northwest southwest and soul h west
northwest V of section No. 5 In township No.3
north, range No. 9 east, W. M., and will ofTer
proof to show that t he land sought Is mora
valuable for Its timber or stone than for agri
cultural purposes, and to establish her claim
to said land before the Register and Receiver
of this olhce at The Ftollm, Oregon, oa Satur
day, the 11th day of May, l'.Kll.
Hhe names as witnesses: Joseph Mays, Kd
ward Mays and Clyde Bonney of Hood Kiver,
O't'gon, and A. A. Honncy of T.vgh Valley ,Or.
lKve-descriied lands are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before said
11th day of May, 1H01.
mlm.1 JAY P. LUCAS, Register.
Land Office, at Vancouver, Wash., Aprtl 11,
lliul. Notice Is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his In
teniiou to make final proof In support of his
claim, and t hat said proof will be made before
W. H. l'resby, I'nlted Htates Commissioner
for district of Washington, at his office In
Goldendale, Washington, on Monday, May
2'. 110 1 , v I r.: MINNA WEN DT ,
Homestead Entry No. bi'ti, for the west of
the northeast '4 and east Vt of the northwest
quarter of section 21, township 4 north, range
12eat, w. m.
He names the following witnesses to Drove
his continuous residence upon and cuiliva-
lion of said land, via: ' "
Joseph Bilva, Frank Reynolds, James O.
Lyleand George B. Lyle, all of Lyle P. O.,
ainm2i W. R. DCXBAR, Rfgltr
. '