The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 04, 1901, Image 3

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    3(ood River Slacier.
Uriuh Heap cigars,
KjceUior 1901 diaries at Coe's.
Dr. Br6siun' horse fur eule, $75.
Wood gutters aud spouting at Savage's.
Builder's hardware, wiils at Savage's.
Light wagon (or Bale. Inquire of II.
Hot broad daily, 4 p. m. at Hood Riv
er Bakery. .
, Old papers 23c a hundred, at the Gla
cier ollico.
K. E. Savage, sole agent for Oliver
plows and extras.
Have you tried them? Tho Uriah
Heap cigars.' For ?ale by all dealers.
Call in and examine those fine auto
graph, photo and scrap albums At Brad
ley's book store.
Ausonia open face watched, good time
pieces. Jui-t the thing for a, holiday
present for tho boys, Bt $1.00 each while
they last, at Chas. Kiggs, tho Jeweler.
Strayed. A 1100-pound brown horse,
branded W. II. in left flank.. Informa
tion leading to his whereabouts will be
.properly rewarded by Dr. F. C. Prositis.
This is the season of the year to cut
cord wood, grub trues and 'do your prun
ning. Get your cross-cut caws, mattocks,
axes, wedges, pruning shears and saws
.nt'SAvage's. . ' ' "
Dr. F. C Browns has removed to his
new residence at the west end of Oak
street, midway between the school house
And armory, and can be found in his of
fice over Williams & Urositis' drug store
between the hours of 10-11 a. ni.. 2-3
.and 6-7 p. m.
8. V. Arnold is laid up with a sprain
d hjp. .
The masque ball given at Jones' liall,
New Year's eve, was voted a success..
Howard Iscnberz left Tuesday for Cas
cade ixn-kR, Wliere lie lias been secured
as principal of tho public school.,
Arker'sEnglish Remedy will stop a
cough at any time, and will cure the
worst cold in twelve hours, or money re
funded. 25 and 50e. Williams it Brosius.
Mrs. O. J. Storerof Cat-cade Lock vis
ited with Sirs. J. J. Luckey during the
week. Mrs. Storey and Mrs. Luckey
were acquainted in the East and had
not met for 13 years.
.... T rr t-l-i I 1 -
rtcaer s isyspepsiu muieis are soiu on a
positive guarantee. Cure heartburn, dis
tress after eating, raising of the food, or
auy form of dyspepsia. One little tablet,
vivos immediate relief. 2oe and 50c.
Williams & lirosius.
. The little three-year-old child of Mr.
and Mrs D rrance Smith, on Tuesday.
drank a half-cupful of Ayer'g cherry
pectoral and ha since been under the
doctor's care, with chances favorable for
its recovery.
The merited reputation fur curing piles,
ores and skin diseases acquired by De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, has led to the
quaking of worthless counterfeits. Be
sure to get only DeWitt's Salve. Chas.
N. Clarke, Glacier Pharmacy.
Sleighing on the country roads was
extra good Wednesday night, and several
parties took advantage of the occasion to
Mjoy a moonlight ride In the snow.
The prospects are that the good sleigh
ing will continue. -
Such little pills as DeWitt's Little Early
Risers are very easily taken, and they are
wonderfully effective in cleansing the liv
er and bowels,. Chas. SL Clarke.
i.L. Carter and daughter of Salem were
cuests at the Parker house during the
jiolidays. Mr. Carter is superintendent
of the state school for the blind, and his
daughter, Miss Carter, js physical direc
tor at Willamette university. Both were
delighted with onr valley. Mr. Carter
came here to' recuperate from a sick
spell, and only returned home on ac
count of urgent business.
Pepsin preparations often fail to relieve
indigestion because they can digest only
albuminous foods. There is one prepara
tion that digests all classes of food, and
thatis Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It cures the
worst cases of indigestion and gives in
stant relief, for it digests what you eat.
Chas. N. Clarke, Glacier Pharmacy.
Rev. and Mrs. J. II. Ilershner, on
New Year's night, entertained at their
residence about thirty of Hood River's
voting people. The evening was spent
in playing crokonole, and for securing
the largest score at the game Miss Pansy
linker was presented with a beautiful
China cup and saucer. Delicious re
freshment' were served and a far more
enjoyable time was had than the more
worus expressing it couiu suggest.
We learn from a conversation with
A. A. ISonney that he has cut about 700
cords of wood, at -uyetri during the
(jnonth of December? paying for the cut
ting $1 per cord. The most of this
money was paid to Hood River people
and went into Hood River channels of
.trade. .
The entertainment at the A. O. U. W.
hall, Monday night, brought out. it good
sized audience, and demonstrated that
Hood River's musicians and amateur
.dramatists are as good as any. The se
lection by Clarence Gilbert on the violin
with the guitar accompaniment of J. S.
Booth was of especial merit. The pre
sentation in dramatic form of the anvil
chorus and solo from Iltravatore, Verdi
Agevena, called forth a repetition. The
gypsie witch Agevena was splendidly
impersonated by Mrs. Louise Boyden
Goddard. ' '
" When threatened by pneumonia or any
.other lung tronble.prompt relief is neces
sary, as it lsdangeroustodelay. We would
ow;i7r:i. Hint iirr i.i in it ic voiiii vuiv
.taken as soon as indicationsof having tak
en cold are noticed. It cures quickly and
its early use ptvents consumption.
Chas; N. Clarke, Glacier Pharmacy.
A serious runaway accident happened
Wednesday. Jos. Frazier, jy., and the
Misses Bernice and Mary Foley were
taking a sleigh ride on the state road.
Miss Bernice was driving, and while the
team was going at a lively rate tho pin
that connects the pole of the sleigh with
the runners gave way. The horses
'started at once to run away, The sleigh
was tipped to one side and the occupants
thrown out. Miss Bernice Foley's left
shoulder was dislocated and crushed.
Dr. Shaw, who was called to attend the
injured woman, says that it will be some
time before she can recover from her in
juries. At the residence of Miss Teal, Wednes
day, Dec. 2oth, a pleasant afternoon was
spent. The party was given in honor of
Percival Harrel, who arrived on that
day to spend a week with his mother.
Those present werei Mrs. Connell, Eva
and Johnnie Connell, Mrs. Lewis, Wal.
ton Lewis, Misses Lillian, Elsie, Cath
erine Lewis, Harry Lewis, Migs Van
Wyck.Mrs. Garner, Violet Garner.Ethel,
May, Bessie and Clinton Mooney,
Clarance, Anna, Gussie and Victor Foss
herg, Elsie and Don Udell, Miss Teal,
Mrs.Harrell arid Percival HarrcH. There
were recitations and music, after which
Christmas tokens were distributed.
. - .ynaiity ami not qn.nntuv makes i"
.m i.viie nan., n.cii.s uvu tuuakitr
little liver pilia. Chas. N. Clarke.
The fiiOUiuore Belle Who Made tho .Most
BrllHuut Mulch of uny Otrl tn America " l' ni an article In the Limit;' JJonie
Journal .for Jutiumy, ' Hnusekeeiilus; in a
Millionaire's fiimii'," "Tliu' Utile Womun 1
Piny," adapted from Miss Aloott'il clnmn
lua story, lor muiie i.ii'srnlulioii.iiiiii illumrul'
ni by lUKiiialil II. I'.irrli, and two pictorial
(juki's, A w tutor h'-j vioe at i nurcn, uy w,
L.. liiylor. aud " i lls Xowu Metlm." by A.M.
Ir mm, are some others of the leading literary
and artistic tvaturua with which the Jomuul
begins the twentieth ecnlury. " Tho Kore-
tianaeilncuso Luclmta hmlib," hyMosiaii Al
len's W'tte," lilii'.atjflli Mtuarl 1'uelpn'a " Tll
HoccetMoiK ot Mury the," ' Tnu aiory ol
a oung Man," by Clillord liowaid, anil an
other Uluc Uiver Hear Jt4ry," by Churleii
Ma lor. uro alo aiuoiiK tnu iminv exeullent
tliuiKH prtwentotl in the Jiiiiunrv Joiirual, Two
artic.ea miow Huii unu neiau tur a country
iiouau ut MuxleruUi (JoHt." anil "A houllidiu
farniiionse to (Jimt (K.UOU." KUwarU Bok
writes of ' 'The Two Centuries and UiU Mana-
xlne " the Jouriiiil. i here Is ulo a iloubie
iniKB. " T'IiioukIi TlettirauQUB Aniei'iea," i(lv-
Iii(i eleven views of the inaijiillleeiit wenely ol
V HalilliKUiii mill Oregon, l lucui iii ainuiea
t,liow tnu fimliioint In wouiau'a Weur, :iud
loueh upm u.'tnost every subject for tne home.
Hy the I urlis 1'ubllnlitiin Compiiny, 1'hlladi'l
lilu. .One Uollur a year; teu tenls a copy.
Wltii Its characteristic enterprise, the Chi
cago Chruiilele, easily tlie1Jiin?iiU.'St and best
ot ih (Sunday puiiers oiTne west, bus com
pleted airuiiiienieiits for h series of masterly
levlews of piojrress In various line during the
nineteenth eeiuury. Tile first artlele.on "iivo
lutiou," appeari'd in the issue of lai Hunday,
and is from the pen of Alfred Hussell Wallace,
tiiu emtiuiit llruisli philosopher. FoIIowIhk
this lil appear nn essiiy on "Ch.'tuistry," by
1'rofe.Ksor Vv llllam Hiiinseu of the i;ntverslty
College of London, other equally Interesting
subjects will be treated In tliu scries, which
win continue Ihroimiioiit the wlnUr svuson.
Another extremely interesting and valuable
Innovation Is the beautiful inuslcsiippluinent,
the Ursl ol wlilcli accompanied last Sunday's
issue. The Chronicle bus always maintained
Its reputation of doing well everyUilUK it un
tlertaaes, and we are satisfied that Its new de
partures will not prove an exception.
Mrs. J. E. Dlfhmnn writes front rajiadotial
Cat., 1'ee. -M, 1MD, as follows:' "TIiIiiUIiik our
ft lends w ould be iglat) of a word from the land
of sunshine, 1 will send a few lines. We ar
rived het Leo. llil, .after a very pleasant llp
by laud uud water. There has not been a
drop of rain since wo came every day ono
of sunshine, as 1 write the doors and win
dows are open wide and thcr ts no fire, but
the warm ravsof trie sun make it comfortable.
1 (lowers are In lull bloom every wnere. The
oratiae tiees ate bright with (rolueu fruit, aud
us I look around 1 wonder If it is really min
ing at liood Hlver. Many would be glad here
to have spine of the rain that falls In Oregon.
Though th clunaie here is more pleasant 1
doubt iritis as healthy as Hood Uiver. Cli
mate aud oranges are good, but they' call
never lake the place or the woi id-renowued
Hood Kiverapple."
The Crapper district, as usual, enjoyed a
very pleKMiut and happy Christmas. Kxer
clses were held Christmas night by the child
ren and young eople of the uistriet which re
flected much ciedii upon all who took part.
There w ere two large trees loaded With ciindy
nuts and presents for the IfH) peoplejprest'iit.
Wednesday evening the following resolution
was adopted by the people of the neighbor
hood: "Hcsolved, That we, tho peoplo of
school district No. 61, Wasco county. Oregon,
do hereby extend our hearty unu sincere
thanks to the merclinnts of hood Kiver fur
their liberal contributions for ti.e beuelitof
inn Christmas tree." (Hlgned) Jasper Wick
ham, chairman.
Chns. B. I'rathar and son Daniel spent
Christmas tn Portland. It was their first visit
to the metropolis, and they took In the sights
by spending eight hours on tiie trolley curs,
seeing then-it jr by nlghU They think Portland
is all right. Miss Msliuda I'rathar was slay
ing In Portland when they made their visit.
Win. Graham and his sister, Mr. Bartsch,
arrived here from Dawson City last Hnturdny.
Mr. linrtscli is in Senttle and will be here In
u few days. The party left Dawson Dei;. Villi,
nod jvcre;nlne days coming out over Hip ice.
The mercury was down to Ui delow uero before
they left Dawson.
ludlnii Oardein ranch furnished tho turkey
for the Olaclcr's Christmas dinner. It was
the tlncst bird that ever graced the tilacier
table, was raised last summer and dressed ID
pounds, it lasted the family a full week.
Jacob Young, who has been at work at the
sftwmlll Bt Casiade Locks, raine homo last
week with n broken arm. He fell through a
sciitt'old, and he thinks he was lucky to escape
with bis life.
C. L. (ilbert of Hood Kiver, school superin
tendent lor Wasco county, was re-elecled sec
retary of the Oregon statu teachers' associa
tion, at the meeting In Albany, last week. .
Richard Klibjson start eJ for Hlverslde.Cal.,
last Krlday. fie expects to be gone till straw
berries are ripe in Hood Kiver, and has left
his place in charge of Mr, Leavenworth.
Frances Word 'nrd, the 8-yenr-old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs W. K. Woodward, well ktiown
in Hood Uiver, "Was killed by being run over
by a trolley car, in l'ortland, Dec. a, th.
More work Is needed on the school house hill.
W. 11. Fngh, K. L. Rood, A. (J. Ilershey aud
others have ottered to do the hunting of gravel
If the shovelers can be secured.
Frank Davenport, jr., who has been doing
missionary work at Forest Grove, came home
Monday and went out to his homestead.
H. V. Ray and family of Waltsburjr. Wash.,
are visiting Allen Fulton and wife. Mid. Hay
a the daughter of Mis. Fulton.
' Mr. and Mrs. Mutt Watson and children of
Lincoln, Wash., are visiting his parents Mr.
and Mrs. W. P. Watson.
Mrs. Win. Thompson Is in Rpokane, visiting
her son, Courtlund Hunt, who is a conductor
on the .Northern FueiUe.
Joseph Burger, an oi l cl llzen of The Dalles
and a pioneer of '411 died in that city, Dec.2, th.
He Was aged 09.
John Bradley and family, who have been
visiting in the Willamette valley, returned
home Saturday.
Vm. Jackson of Sherman county left his
ranch to spend the holiday s ut his old home
In Hood Kiver.-' -
W. 1'. Watson has ono of his Red June seed
ling apples that Is yet as sound as a dpllzen
berg. Crafinnr district Is o have a spelling school
that will meet once a week, Friday evenings.
Cnptr Keigiu'Oti has had a neat paling fence
built to inclose his lot on Oak street.
Mrs. J. H. Fmry of l'ortland spent Christ
mas with her parents at Tucker. .
Pr. lirosius Is having a bum bnllt.
Annual 1! meting.'
The annual, business meeting of the'
Congregational church was held last
Thursday. Tho different reports sub '
Blitfed (show that the church has enjoyed
a very encouraging growth during the
past year. There is no indebtedness on
the church, all bills incurred have been
met, and there remains $30 in the treas
ury. The ladies' aid society, expended
more than $150 and has a balance of
$75 on hand. The church extended a
vote of thanks to E. E. Savage for eight
copies of Exall's anthem books. The
election of officers reunited as. follows':
Geo. P. Crowell, deacon ; Ci J. Haves,
clerk; Gdo, T. Prather, trensufer; F. B.
Barnes, financial secretary ; J. F. Armor,
O. K. Castnor and P. F. Bradford, trus
tees ; J. F. Armor, Edward Benson and
F. B. Barnes, ushers. The unday
school organization on Sunday resulted
4s follows! Prof, F, B. Barnes, superin-'
tendent; Mrs. Henry Howe, assistant
superintendent'; Miss Bertha Prather,
secretary ; Edward Byeilee, treasurer;
J. L. Ilershner, chorister; Misa Clara
Blytlrc, organist; Miss May Fredericks,
assistant organist.
A Prominent Chicago Woman Speaks.
ProL.Boxa Tyler of Chicago, vice presi
dent Illinois Woman's Alliance, speaking
of Chamberlain'sCough Remedy, says :"I
suffered with a severe cold this winter
which threatened to run into pneumonia.
I tried different remedies but I seemed to
grow worse and the medicine upset my
stomach. A friend advised me to try
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and I
found it was pleasant to take and it reliev
ed me at once. I am now entirely recov
ered, save a doctor's bill, time and suffer
ing, and I will never be without this
splendid medicine again." For sale by
Williams & Brosius.
Week of Prayer,
The week of prayer beginning on Mon
day evening will be observed by the
churches of Hood River. The first ser
vice, on the 7th inst. will be held at the
Congregational church, at 7:30 p. ni.
Rev. H. C. Sfraffer and Rev. J. L.
Hershner will conduct theso services.
Rev. F. R. Spaulding will be engaged
elsewhere in revival work. .
The most soothing, healing and anti.
septic application everdevised isDeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve. . It relieves at once
and cures piles, sores, eczema and skin
diseases. Beware of imitations. Chas.
N. Clarke, Giader Pharmacy.
The city marshal gives warning that
all loose stock must fie kept up. "
A cold wave struck Hood Kiver Satur
day morning, and the mercury dropjaid
down autong tho twenties, where it re
mained during Monday and Tuesday.
Tuesday morning enow began falling
and continued all day, until, at night
over a foot of the poet's "beautiful"
covered the grouiul. The now storm
continfled ut intervals up till noon Wed
nesday, when tho . weather became
warmer anu the snow beean to d ne It
The snow was welcomed by strawberry
The Congregational church, according
to its tiiu tune custom, gave its anuttal
diiiiir and fellowship meeting t the
parsonage on New - ear's day. Not
withstanding tuo stormy weather the
parsonage was thronged with members
and triendaof the -church from 12 to 3.
Had the weather been favorablo a good
many more would have lieen in :attend
ance. The ladies of tho church fur
nished a bounteous dinner.
Robt. Leasure came down from Mt.
Hood Wednesday in his sleigh. He re
ports 14 inches of enow in the Mt. Hood
settlement. IIe came to meet' bis
brother-in-law, A. W. Quinn of Dtifur.
Mr. Quiun recently lost his wife and is
left, with four small children, who will
bo cured for by Mr. end Mrs. Ix'itHuro. ,
It didn't take long for people to get
on to the fact that Coe & Bon'g fresh
roasted peanuts are always of superior
quality, and during the holiday season
the hrni Mere unable to supply their pa
trons with peanuts, so great was the de
mand. Last Saturday night 21 new members ,
were initiated into Riverside lodne, A.
). U. W. - This makes addition -of 44,
membvera in, two weeks, which makes
the membership roll over 100.
' II. D. St: night lawt week made side of
his 40 acres on tho East Side to John
Lawless a newcomer. Mr. Straight will
go to Eastern Washington, where his
family reside, , ' i
Fred Bailey returned to Portland
Wednesday afternoon. Fred ispractii
ing for a drum position with the orches
tra at the Marquam Grand theater. I
One person was baptized at the Valley
Christian church, Sunday, and three
others were received into the member
ship of the church.
The Hood River Poultry club will
meet in tho A. O. U. W. hall, Saturday,
January 12, 1801. '
l). y ., secy.
A watchmeoting was held at the Odell
school house to see the old year out and
the new year in. '
The name of McOuire Bros, new meat
market is Eureka, meaning, "We have
struck it." '
Played Out.
Dull headache, pains in various parts of
the body,sinkingat the pitof the stomach,
loss of appetite, feverishness, pimples or
sores are all positive evidences of impure
blood. No matter how it became so it mnut
be purified in order to obtain good health.
Acker's Wood Klixer has never failed to
cure scrofulous or syphilitic poisona'or
any other blood diseases. It is certainly a
wonderful remedy, and we sell every bot
tle on a positive guarantee. Williams &
In Hood River valley, Dec. 25, 1900, to
Mr. and MrB. Frank Gregory, a son.
In Hood River, Dec. 27, 1901, to Mr.
and Mrs. Chris Christenson, a sou.
Iii Eugene, Or., Tuesday, Jan. 1, 1900,
Claude E. Copple and Miss Flora G.
The young eoople arrived iu Hood
River Wednesday morning and were the
re ipiei.ts of congratulations from Mr.
Copple's many friends, here. The bride
is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Young of Eugene.
Sick headache absolutely and perma
nently cured by using Mold Tea. A pleas
ant herb drink. Cures constipation and in
digestion, makes you eat, sleep, work and
happy. Satisfaction guaranteed or money
back." 25c and 50c. Williams Brosius.
Church Notices.
Congregational Church. The pastor
will conduct services next Sunday at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. The Lord's Suppor
will be observed at the morning service.
Sunday school at 10 a. m. Y. P. S. C.
E. at 6:30; leader, Miss Emma Bon
ney. Strangers are especially invited to
these services.
Valley Christian Church. Sunday
school at 10 a. tn. ; preaching at 11 a.m. ;
Endeavor meeting at 6 :30 p. tn. ; preach
ing at 7:30 p.m.
Pine Grove. Quarterly meeting ser
vices will be held at the Pine Grove
church, Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 5th
and 6th ; preaching, Sunday, at ll a. m.,
by Rev. Warner, presiding elder.
U. B. Church. Sunday school at 10
a. m. ; sermon by the pastor at 11 a. m.
and 7 p. m.; C. E. at 6:30; Brotherhood
of A ndrew "and Philip,- Tuesday even
ening at 8; Prayer "service Wednesday at
7:30. Mr. Truman Butler will address
the young men -next Tuesday evening.
All men are invited to be present. H. C.
Shaffer, pastor. ' ,
' Appointments, Belmont Charge 1st
Sunday Pine Grove, 11 a. m, ; Crapper,
3 p. m. ; Belmont, 7:30 p. m.
.2d Sunday Belmont, 11; Crapper, 3;
Pine Grove, 7:30.
3d Snndny Mosier, on the hill, 11;
lower sehiWI house, 7:30. Pine Grove
and Belmont supplied at 11.
"4th Sunday Mount Hood, 11; Bel
mont, 7 :30.
At Belmoiit, ,' prayer meeting each
Thursday evening, at 7; Junior League,
Sunday, at 3;S. L., Sunday, at 6:30.
Everybody invited. J. G. Alford, pastor.
M. E. Church Service. Sunday-school
10 a. m. ; preaching followed by class
service; 11 a. m. ; Epworth League
6:30 p. m.; preaching at 7:30 p. m.;
regular prayer meeting Thursday even
ing at 8 p. bi. F. R. Spanlding, pastor.
Advertised Letter List.
Dec. 31, 1900,
Carlson, Mrs Mary Shilling, Mra A L
Clark; Mrs E 8 Warren, Miss Maude
Ruby, Miss Watkius, MrsC
Armstrong, W M Lombard, L L
Curloeon, T Matson, O L
Clark, D S Messuer, Leunis
Dunn, J V Moreying, C J
Eddv, James S Roth, Louis
W, M. Yates, P. M.
Our Line.
We sell at Hood Rivery Bakery
Crackers, Sardines, Bread,
Cranberries, Salmon, Butter,
Candies, Salt (table), Dates,
Cookies,. 8ugar(powd'd)Oysterg,
Cheese, Sweet potatoes.Oranges,
Coffee, Spices, Bananas,
Chewing gumSoda, Nuts,
Chipped beef Soap, Eggs,
Currants, Deviled Ham, Extracts,
Citron, Lemons, Pies,
Pies, Mincemeat, Yeast,
Bread baked daily, except Sunday,
A. F. IIehshser.
Csitiioi &M lip,
Hood River. Or.
Estimate furnjshetL Plans drawn.
Original in design .
Attractive in appearance and
'Perfect in fit.- K .
Tlw name alone does not make tine man,
ftor does it make a slioo.
"A'rose by any other name
MAY smell as sweet," .
But no shoe BY WHATEVER name
Like the Famous "Julia Marlowe."
THEY fit lik a glove,
THEY' never pinch the foot. . .'.'.-
THEY are beautiful in design. , . ',.
THEY fit high or low instep.
TIIEY' yield to every action of the foot. . ,
THEY' conform in vital points to tho shape of the wearer's foot in
stead of pressing the foot into the shape of the shoe.
TRY a pair."1 They are sure to please you. For sale by
. v;' v-.; j- i.,a . .'''".';,.., '.'.., ;:'. '"
FOR SATURDAY' ONLY Mittens, seasonable goods, heavy ribbed worst-
' ed, double throughout, ladies' sizes , 18c
Children's sizes, special , lEc
It will payVtm to takc advantage' of these money-saving sales.
There's no easier way. of making iitoney than buying of us. Your
pennies are good at 1
Selz "Kroo Calf" Skin is a special tannage, so
named to define and express its tough, yet pliable
qualities and its great powers of endurance.
"Kroo" is the original name of a powerful tribe of
' negroes on the Northwest Coast of Africa, com
The TwIcc-a-Week Republic
Every Monday and Thursday a news
paper as good as a magazine and better,
for it contains the latest by telegraph as
well as interesting stories is sent to the
subscribers of the Twice-a-Wcek Repub-
lie, which is only $1 a year.
The man who rends the Twice-a-Week
Republic knows all Djbout political, do
mestic and foreign events; is posted
about the markets find commercial mat
ters generally. The woman who reads
the lwice-a-Week Republic gathers a
bit of valuable information, about house,
hold affairs and late fashions and finds
recreation in the bright stories that
comes under both te' headings of fact
and fiction. There is gossip about new
books and a dozen other topics of special
interest to the wide-awake man and
Dyspepsia Cur
Digests whal you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans. Itisthe latest d isco vered d i gest
antand tonic. No, rjther preparation
can approach It irv efficiency. It In
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, .Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach,'. Nausea,
Sick Headache, GastfalglaUramps and
all otherresultsof Imperfect digestion.
Price 50c. and $t. LaWsslte contains time
amallsbte. Book all about dyspepsia DOHiledfree
Prepared by E. C. DeWITT A CO., Cbicaga
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone senrltng ft Bklph and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Inrentlon tn probably patentable. Communlea
ttonaatrloti? confidential. Handbook on Patent!
ent free. Oldest apency fur ecunnjr patents.
Patents taken through Muim A Co. receive
tptcuti notice wittiout chnrge, in the
Scientific Jlmerican.
A handsomely Illustrated wwWf Lnypest cir
culation of any scientific ionrtial. Terms, $3 ft
year; four month, $1. tiuldbyall newsdealers.
MUNN & Co.36Sfo- New York
Branch Office. 625 F Bt, Washington, D.
News and Opinions
National Importance
Alone contains both.
THiliy, by mll , II? year
Daily and Sunday; by mall . a year
Is the greatest Snrulay Newspaper In the
Price 5c a copy. in?, 1 1 two dollars a yfr.
Ad-iren TBK tyjr, Ve YorV
o nr
P ' A
Kief Patent
monly known as "Kroo Boys,' . They are re
nowned for their hardiness, suppleness and .
, staying powers; and what the "Kitoo Boy"
in among negroes, "Kaoo Calf" is among ,-.
t skins tough, enduring, rolinblo. -. - ,
Look for the sign of "Selz" it
marks the Popular Dealer.
Selz, Schwab & Co., chicaco.
Largest Manufacturers of Boots and Shoes in the World.
Time Schedules.
E. BouxD. Fr'mHOODIUVERiW. Bound,
H pedal
11:25 a.m.
Bnlt Lake, Penvpr,
Ft Worth.Omalia, Portlftnd
Kanmts City, Ht Hpcclal
Lou Ih, I 'h Icago 2:05 p. 111.
aud the East.
Walla Walla, Bpo-
8:27 p.m.
Bt Paul, Duluth,
Milwaukee, Uul
cugo and East.
Salt Lake, Penver,
Kt wortii.tniiarja,
Kansas City. Bt.
Mall and
5:50 a.m.
Mall and
Rx press.
11:42 p. m,
. LouIb. Chicago
ana the r.arn.
8 p.m.
i p.m.
or nan r ranciHco
Bali every 5 days.
8 p.m.
Ex. Hunday
10 p.m.
Columbia Rivkb
4 p.m.
To Astoria and way
Willamette River.
4:30 p.m.
6 a.m.
Ex. Buuday
lOresou City, New-
Derg,aiem s way
7 a.m. Yaxiiiu Rivkrs.
Tues. Thur. Oregon City.Dayton
3:30 p.m.
Mon, Wed.
aud Fri.
anu Bat. ana way landings.'
0 a.m.
Tues, Thur.
and Hat.
Willamette River.
Portland to Corval
lis & way landings.
4:30 r.m.
Mon., Wed.
5:35 a.m.
Lv Lewlst'n
8 a. in.
Snakr Rivkr.
Elparla to Iwiston
Gen'l Pass. Ajrent, Portland, Or, Agent, Hood River.
Dalles, Portland & As
toria Navigation Co.
Regulator and
Dalles City
Pally (except Sunday) between
The Dalles, Hood River, Cascade Locka,
Vancouver and Portland,
Touching at way points on both sides of the
Columbia Kiver. ;
Both of the above steamers have been re
built and are in excellent shape foi the sea
son of 1900. The Regulator line will endeavor
to give its patrons the best service possible.
For comfort, economy and pleasure, travel
by the steamers of the Regulator Line.
Dalles City leaves The Dalles at 7 a. m.,
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Regulator leaves at 7 a. m. Monday, Wed
nesday and Friday.
lave Portland 7 a, m.; arrive at The Dalles
5 p. ni. Arrive at Portland 4:30 p. ni.
Portland office. Oft at. Dock. The Dalles
offlee, Court street.
Oeneral Agent.
Clubbing Offer.
AM subscribers to the Glacier who pay In
advance and 50e additional ran have the
Twlce-a-wet-k Kepublio or the Toledo Blade
sent to their address tor one year.
Two Lots.
Two lots in Barrett-Stpma addition for sale
KttSOalot. This is eholee residence property
Apply at tbe Glacier offioa.
bone & McDonald
Carry a nice line of
Dry Goods, Shoes, Hats, Caps and Underwear,
'Choice Cured Meats and first-grade Lnrd, '
Flour and Feed.
Our priced will be found as low as is-eouwisteiit with fnir deal
ing and legitimate profit.
J0T Goods delivered free o charge, jgrjf
l- 1 - - --i ' : iU.
Ilia SH jj
I hitve jtiHt opened a line of elegant Pictures for the holiday trade,
the finest assortment that had ever been shown in Hood River, In-
eluding Botne of the fluent designs in Photo Panels and" Color Photos.
Also, tho newest designs in frames.' r am offering these to my pa
trons at very low prices. , ', ", r ' ' '
, I shall open a stock, of now Furniture this week, including the
" liewetrt patterns ' hi iiedroom , Suites, Iron Jieds, Kockers, Dining
Chairs, etc., at Portland prices. I have air expert mechauie hi tho
.shop to frame pictures. My stock of Doors, Windows, Moldings, '
Paints and Oils is unsurpassed for a town of this size.
f 't,
Chas. N. Clarke, Agt, at
00 to him ror pure fresh Drugs, Patent
Family Keclpcs a specialty.
U. S. Commssioner. Notary Public.
- Abstracter an! Coiveyaiicer, Real Ett ml Insurance,
I have lots and blocka for sale in different parts of the town of Hood Hlver.
Also, have the exclusive ale of lot In Blowers' Addition, the most beautiful build
ing location in town.
Business, such as paying taxes for non-residents, or anything pertaining to the
1 County Court, promptly attended to. Can furnish townxhlp plain to home-seekers
or those looking for lands. Have been tt resident of Hood Hlv,r Valley for 21
years. Correspondence solicited. ! Telephone 55.
Buocessor to E. L. Smith Oldest Established House In the valley.
Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes,
Hardware, Flour and Feed, etc.
. This old-established house will continue to pay eash for all its '
goods; it pays no rent; it employs alerk tmt does not have to divide
with partner rail dividends are made with customers in the way of
reasonable price.
E. R. Bradley,
Job Printing, Books, Stationery, Mag.
azines and Periodicals.
In addition to my line of Books and Magazines, I carry a complete
and well selected stock of Stationery. I am also constantly adding
to my Job Printing Department and respectfully solicit your patron
age along these lines.
Ordors by mail given prompt attention.
"W f !.T.T" -V
And all kinds of supplies for
Professional anil Amatenr PiiotograDliers.
Printing papers, card mounts, developers and toning solutions.
Prices range from $5 to $20 for Kodaks. .
With F. E. JACKSON. He and the DAVEN
PORT BROS, have over One Million
feet of good Dry Lumber
at Haynes' Spur.
f 1
rn 1
u in i i a
Held high
In tbe estimation of
Practical Painters.
-Every gallon, of
will cover 300 or more square
feet of surface in averagetcott
dition, two coats to the gallon.
Every gallon is a full U. S.
standard measure. It is made
to Paint Buildings with. It
is the best and most durable
House Paint made.
the Glacier Pharmacy.
Medicines and Wall rupee. Prescriptions, ftttd
STOCK. The Columbia Nursery ts on nan.
a?atn, as nstial, with a large stock of Kruit Trees.
Straw berry PlanU, and all kinds of Niuwrjr stock
uur juiot'B uuu see onceviftc.
Below Portland prices arid you also save
Uonmion W.Wattress, fl.wl
price.. Yum Ytwi W..VV. Mat
-same old
f 2. 25 reduced. Eicelsior Wool Top
Mattress, 2 same old price. Washing Ma
chines, $3.50 reduced, Iron beds, 3.50
Lumber, Lath, Lime Doors, Windows,
Vfoldings, Building Material of all kinds.
Lowest prices on Wall Paper.