The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 07, 1900, Image 2

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    ?(scd River Slacier.
It ii the Ptua-man of opinion nwt
the school teachers and p.le ictereet
d in educational work, that the Whm
toonty teachers' ar.r.eal ir.rt:tu?e, held
last week in Hood River, van a
complete succe! in every particular,
nd one of the mot profitable institute
ever held in the eonr.ty. Wasco county's
ruperiritenderit of (school, C. I.. Gilbert,
deserves the thank of the ed.'icationai
fnteretUof the county for the programme
f instruction he arranged and no noc
rfcirt'uily carnal out nith muta&I profit
to all. The complete nccc.Nf of thi
institute off-r inducement for holding a
Kion 0 the tate teacher' association
in Hood River in the not distant fntore.
f-'npt. Gilbert has pron;id to lend his
aid to this end.
'. 1
The Wallowa Chieftain ha recently
nlarjjl to six-eolnmn, eijrht pa;r'f , and
othemis-e materially bettered tlie ap-jM-arance
of the paj r.
Jfood Rirer Fair, OIoIkt 5th and Ctb.
The executive committee of the Fourth
Jlienriial Fair for Hood River held a
rneeting last Saturday, at which there
a quit a full attendance. Officer!
were elected as follow: President, H.F.
Itevidson; secretary, E. E. Savage;
treasurer, W.,. hlinerlaud; wipcnn
tendent, O. II. Castbcr.
1 ne onicers or me lair were roalc a
rrmmittee to draft rule for the govern
rent of the fair, to report at next meet
ing 01 iue committee.
On motion, the ladies of the valley
and town were invited to meet at A. O.
L. . hail on Saturday, at 4 t. tn., to
organize for a disolay of fancy work,
curios, etc., at tne lair.
A. II. Jewett of White f-'almon, Lee
Evan of Mooter, and I). R. Ca,t of
Mt. Ifood, were elected member of the
executive coin nut tee.
J lie committee adjourned to meet
j;ext haturday, at 4 p.m.
Favorable Mention.
A little pamphlet, descrintive of Hood
civer valley and the town of Hood River,
hail been received at this office. It give
a (plenum description of tlie ereat fruit
and timber interests of the valley, it re
source and it capabilities for develop
rnent. The publication in a credit to the
gentlemen who issued it H. F. Blythe,
editor of Uie Glacier, and E. K. Bradley,
the enterprising job printer of Hood
River. Mountaineer.
Tlie Wert Hide in in receipt of a neat
pamphlet from the Hood River Glacier,
embodying all the good points of that
famotiH valley. Bro. I'.Iythe, the author,
deserve the congratulations of hi
neighbor; op hi good work, which sure
ly will bring reKulta. Independence
West Hide,
Tli's Kentinel ha received a pamphlet
tmblis.Vd by H. F. I'.Iythe and E. K.
Bradley descriptive of Hood River and
surrounding country. They publish the
following about V bite Haltnon and vi
cinity. Goldendale Kentinel.
An interesting pen picture of Hood
Itiver and Hood Jliver vulley published
by H, V. Blythe, the editor of the Hood
Biver Glacier, and E. It. Bradley, job
printer and stationer, of that place. The
matter contained in the neat little pam
phlet of 40 pitmen in written from a eon
retentions Mandoiiit mid is attractively
pet off with half torn from photographii
fil local institutions. Jt is a gvl adver
tisement (or that section. Arlington
The Glacier has issued n very Inter
CftiiiL' mill vnliiiible piiniphh't descript
ive of th town and valley of Hood Biver.
That section ha long since Income fam
ous for the excellence of its fruit pro
duct, and this publication will do much
f?ood in advertising this fact. The pam
phlet was titiblished by the Ghn ier and
reflects credit 011 the iiierhanicul taste of
the publisher, Hum Blythe, one of the
neatest printers in Oregon, as well as for
the matter it contains. Portland Dis
patch. P.y courtesy of the Hood Biver Glacier
we are in receipt of a neat I v arranged
n nd well printed booklet giving an illus
trated pen picture of the wonderful re
sources ami ttfiKsiblc development of
Iloml Biver and the Hood Biver valley,
by H. I. Blythe and K. B. Bradley.
Tliis little pn Id lent ion is full of valuable
information for the invester or homo
seeker, and is tt credit to the enterprise
nt the gentlemen preparing it. It can
ho had ut 10 cents pur copy. Wusco
We have received a neatpampblet.thc
work of K. B. Bradley of Hood Itivcr.en
titlud "A Pen Picture of Hood Biver and
Hood Biver Valley." The workman
ship is first class, and it will bo a good
advertising medium for I ho resources of
that country. Columbia County Xowg.
We nre in receipt of "A Pen Picture
of II 001 1 Biver mid Hood Biver Valley,"
with compliments of the Glacier. It is
tt brief illustrated review of their indus
tries and posHiblo future development,
and is a credit to its editors, Messrs.
Blythe and Bradley. Wusco Bepublic.
Walla Walht, Wash., Sept. 1, BXXh
The Glacier, I bind Biver, Or.: Wo have
the Glacier with kindly mention of the
Inland Knipiro. Your words are np
jireciuted very much. A copy of your
brochure has also come to my dusk. I
desire a thank you for it and compli
ment you on its completeness. By the
way, can we secure tho half tone used
on inside front cover for use in the I. E.T
no may be able to use it with a little
text in the heptenibor or Octolssr issue
A loan of the cut w ill lie appreciated.
erv resKciiuuy, A. IJ. mitHis.
I ho half-tone has been sent to the
JiilunU l-.niptro. Eo.)
Inaorence Abroad.
Hood Biver, Or., Atig. 25, lSOO.-Ed-iter
Glacier: A my trip U PortlawJ
and the valley has been one of pleasure
ar.y profit, wn! pen yoo a few lines.
ine inp oown on tre Keirniator was
tireme. They took on Iambs at
the landinz and 4J0 slxrep at t! Warm
springs jnrt below the locks. Tlie bover
told me Ie paid f2.25 a head, and that
they were lor the Ala-kan tra-le.
sheep, lor local market, cost
a head fair prica (or sl-ep from the
range. V hile in Portlawl I viited with I Meew BiziiU."
tV?iT. I?' . T aitslMtrg Time. say. the follow.
ooultrr sur.olie,. Visits! Ht. VineJnt's ,rttr wa fw,wd y tlie postmaster
hospital to see Comrade John haw,wbo 'A town. We copy it in full becan
recently hit limb amputate!, ami 1 we know ol several Hood River bach-
umwi 1,1m improving ami in grAmn. elors who are the "rite kind of UAlen
treated for injuries received on the rail- Wa xr, S ' MJ,nltT 19,
roadr Vs-nto; also, young Ordway f'7K 7? dTvt'T, 1 f,Te
of the East fi,ie. All were imr,rovine tlflih?' " lo'ot. 'ely yoon?
f ri-lavir.rnirI tr.k tK ft -fix c wnav naini got mucti
ChaaberLiia's Coah Remedy a Great
Tle soot him; and healing properties of
this remedy ,It pleasant tasteand prompt j
and rrmarentcnreh-ivemadejtagreat
favririte with fople everv where. It is es
pecially prized by mothers of small child
ren for cold .eroop and wbooirg er,ng I
a it always affords qnick relief, and as it 1
contain noopiom or other harmful dm?. !
,1" r: ilmyf?ianfidentIytrtaVJalvas
t him in t an da;t' For 3le b? William's A f
t bim p Broeions. ' . 1
the fciuthern lrifir to r,A n. m'"x Y' ,narr7 i account inri t-
the day with A. W. Bo tterfiehi, a fancier
of .50 year' exnence, from whom I
got much valuable information. He is
an Englishman and was em
shipping house in Hootharn
tlie civil war. They were d
being tor tne (with, linsiness was at a
standstill. Henry Ward Bcher's
speech changed him for the union and
he jmrniirrated to this countrr. I r.ur.
c hated a trio of his white tf'yandotte
and had a cof of five hens from Gerir?e
Chrisman's pen at tavten, wlo net
ing so skearce now if i could find the rite
tellers I wonldnt mind uefin 1
Marryed onlr i got no nse for kind of !
ptojej in a y,,,t i- ,,.r.,i r.,i ,...!,
r,tin liirin, . ' win 1-iMunn an tuf
gvsl wife an is alrite an haint in habit
gettin drank on oneary occashnns lam
well todo mii-elf if i haint so ohi good
lookin. I am 31 years old net fall an
way I'M about lite brown I iare an evc
an belong U the Baptis chnrch. , i hav
got a Purty good edieatin. I own 120
me in I'ort and. Kalnnlnr mr-.rnino I I
VA P t 2 o'clock, thinking it wa, gVT T,'" CoDnt-T
morning. Went to tU car line and took itlTZ7 heaJ an ,
a two-boors' .homer Uth in the rain, tZ' Atihn b,nt ' 'A
- ul,. 1 1 ... . ..' hence an a good armitite fur work an 2
tmmw tsif aiiiuie biiu vii me ill
M cwascd tmm th stomach vA
btlumc iu work tamxliafif.
I'BUi it rU to work tun M d
trvmr4ti toad kft ia yowr Koo
ch Uka a wmg hv
To atari A-irirmtn ukt tha
tnmaea dV tu won fm matt aana
tt U fooi ati-nnack ia waal cr akisr
to work.
No. 21
takan after isfais aoppMea tlie ttocs
ark witii Hmiuy ai-i-is aod javca
which Wwt tiie f i (avl. in a
prop DiMnw. To r-t th Kms
rwuharsM Baiil vin'a Hrai:b TaUeu
No. witn the lrI '- T):eu.
Tha LypTi TauaU cost Me aod
can bahad at
was 4 o clock. Twk my coop of birds
V anotlier street so I could catch an
early trnck wagon, and arrived at boat
lamling at 5 o'clock. This reminded
me of ?Ji yearn ag5, the campaign of
12, of .,-cond Bull Kan, South Moan
tain ana Antieiam. , e. jj.
The IteorynIze4 Cliorth.
Hood Biver, Or., Sept. 4, 1900. Ed
itor Glacier: Tlie reorganized chnrch of
weaks ago I iust finish lavin bv i abera
of as fine bottom corn as'yoa ever laved
eyes on. I would like to eo out thair as
1 neer 11s a nne conntrv to wrow nn wit
so if yoa no of the rite'kind of feller wh
wants a wife of my deskrinshun and
meens it tell him to rite to me an send
bis picteur as 1 meen biznis of conine
can Mary plenty fellers but thay air so
menny mat haint no gooa for notlnn on
inn. iioisj 10 here irom von soon
would like to have an ancer from some
Jesus Christ of letter Day Saints.whose feller that got some propty hisself bnt
headquarters are at Panvmi. Iowa, will ,,e hussler it "dont make
have representatives in the valtev net 8"t "t-al (Jiferns. yours Truly
week. We are eoinar tn niteli our vr,t.l Mixxib Bei.i. Jex.vixgs.
tent on the Temiirk r.n.ij.rt v u,ut ,.,.rti. I Cellar Bluff Mo. Texan Co.
of Mr. Hansherry's p!?e. 'We invite a I p, 8 "'nt never been Maryed before
careiui investigation of what we have to I . 1 oemicrai an lor tsnan bnt if
present, using a Hcriptural motto, rit kin.''. of feller come along religin
j-rove ail tilings anl hold fast to that uur P""w "m cut no ise.
.!.:,.!. '.m l I
one of your King James translation, and
we will use it while we are here, nrom-
Tear of JSufferlnf.
'I suffered for 30 year w ith diarrhoea
isingyon that every principle we teach and thought I w as past being cored," says
VEhZtrffiT ,i,1S- Mml 3oha S' 1Ia11ay French Camp, Miss,
wish to state that we challenge any and ii,.,km, ; ... ,
all of the Utah faction (knoWn as'Utah litil fh.VTi .moneynS
Mormon) to prove that polygamy or any F,,, T xhat 1 '' P,?1 np ?U
,.( i. i;,i.i,:i. J hopes of recovery. I was so feeble from the
. ,in ni'jj.j cii b arc aiiv imn. ill liih
any tiart
teachings of Joseph Hnnth. Come and
give us a hearing. T. C.
Hood River, Or., Sept. 3,
effects of thediarrhosathatlconlddo no
kind of labor.could not even travel.butbv
accident I was permitted to find a bottleof
i-riamberiain's Colic, Cholera and Diar-
1 .1 ...a Tl... 1.. 1 I. . 1 .
iQiYi P,l 1 jkninjjr, mill auer lading several
J WW. JjU- 1 K,,., La1,.nu. ,1. . 4 it
Uor Glacier: In your last issue I read a I am so oleased with the rennlt that T nm
letter from air. John Leland Henderson be in reach of all who
suffer as I have. For sale bv Williams
r. i -
a uroaius.
The Belgian Hare Craze.
Mr. Grundy, in Farm and Fireside
gives this warning:
I want to warn my farmer friend
concerning a check which was refused
papment at our local bank, and I take
nun iKcuHiiin u maiiK air. iienoerson
for the strong friendshio which the let.
ter reveals. While 1 appreciate all that
Mr. Henderson has said, I feel that it is
incumbent upon me to say that the let
ter is misleading and does not do from being "worked" by the Belgian
.Messrs. J'.utler & Co. mxtice. Kinrelliare boomers. ThesA .ntlpmi.n o
these gentlemen have come into our val- pushing this fad at a lively rate just
ley it ha been my pleasure to do Quite now, and many people w ill "be led into
n litiln !..:... t. .1 1 . It : 1 1;. " ...
iimc uuim:nn nun uieiii, ana our re-1 "living orueuing siock at large prices,
lation have alwavs been the very bent, only to lose every nennv invested The
My experience with them leada tri tn Workers of thin fad tell 11a in nrini.
1.1: : 11... .-1 . .... I..1 .. ... .
" uiui 1,0 nonesi man win tje re- u maiier mat uie nesti 01 the lielKian
r.......i .. 1 1 . ... 1 1 .
iiirei, a renixjiiauie request when it is nare is lar superior to that of voung
Tiiiniu ineir ours I :uicKen aim nnos reaoy sale in all lead
'fly, Fhank Davf.npokt. ing markets at 15 to 30 cents a nound
. . . : , . and would be taken at those prices if it
.icKer s iyspepsia I ablets are sold on a I could he f.t.iainwt ti
js.mtiveguarantee. Cure heartburn.dis- that the skins are worth 50 cl-'nts te H
irec Biiereaunir. raisine 01 the tood. or oaeh n..d i.......t.. 1... i.:'
any form of dyss:psia. f0ne Jittle tablet robes and clothing. There is not a word
''Y" ".iiinc reiiei. 60V aim OUC. ol truth in it,. T h iih r, l,a Pl'.n
lllinillH A. itrimiim I I . .... . h
Mount Hood Notes.
Mrs. Sandman has Wn verw iek fnr
tho past week, but was better at last
hare is very similar to that of our com
mon rabbit, and there is no greater de
mand for the former than there is for
the latter, as anybody can soon learn if
he will ask the market men. As to hides,
there is no market for them to seak of
I he sheep range is getting short, and They will not bring enough to pay for
the sheep men are hunting out all the carina for them. The, tl,i i .
w.i.. .n. nivie 111 ue no range ien lor take and should be let aloue.
tuiue in year or iwo,
I). B. Conner has cut his second crop
of clover. He has 10 or 12 acres in
clover, from which he cut 35 tens of the
first crop. His second crop beats the
Mr. Larewood, who lwught the Tom
i redenburg ranch, has moved in and
becomes a settler here for good.
John Dillimick. foreHt rimm.r at. TW
lake, enmo home lust Saturday to get
auiiie gruo iiooucco;.
Miss Lizzie Davis of Walla Walla is I
viHtting her mother, Mrs. Perkins of Mt.
noon. Mio win return next week to
ana, where her mother resides. I
Sorrowful Homecoming.
Captain and Mrs. Andrew Hobcn of
Albina have received a letter from their
nephew, Lieut. A. B. Dillion, who serv
ed in the South African war with the
Canadian volunteers, saying the troops
are returning home. He belongs to the
regiment from Charlottetoun. Prine
Edward Island, and out of 1200 men
Chickens for Sale.
Two dozen rounir nullplannd
ir -tnie vy J HUM. CHAPMAN.
Jersey Cow.
One thnmnirtibrcd Jrrwv four Ilnmii
fum'k, ior wile uy int. J. K. WAIT.
Jersey Heifer.
A flnp Jorwv llf'lfi r lll ho fmh lhl fl.ll
mrwie oy JlltH. JOHJI I'AKKKll.
Belffian Hare Buck.
For bnTiilm Durrxom. hi mv nluwol Whiia
Ralmon. Thorooglibred iivlKlun hnrp. Clinnjeti
rnuFiMiuu.c. j. cl.ATtUlKJS.
Look at the Stars
inroiiKii tho! iKiwerful Telescope ot C. H.
1 en.ple 8 Jewelry Wore. Tliey ure the bent
mm t-iii ik iibu ior i ne money. (til
Plymouth Rocks.
A few pure blooded l'lvmouth H-li Bn.
urn ior auie. i-ricc si.iw.
Bids Wanted.
8a led blit Will h rMwlviwl tnr (ha Ion oa r
hi iiii'ii 1 tiitrinii m'.iiiHii riniiHA if in 1 hinhnut ki,i,i...
that left for tho war, only 21 are return- f?r nB" J"rPe. for a term-' of one or more
All Were not killed in hnttlo how. IV TI . ""imn 'wmwr 10, iimi.
.. .. iT in oauie, now- 1 he Hoard reserve the rlicht to relwt nnv or
all bids.
Clerk 80I100I I)lu No. 8.
"One Hundred Years in the White
House," ommtmr the Sentenils-r iJidlus'
Homo Journal, gives some highly inter
esting glimpses of the social life of the
century, and of the home life of our
presidents sinco tho time tho Adamses
moved into tho executive mansion as its
first occupants, tn November, 1S00. The
Koniaiues of Some Southern Homes,"
111 the same Issue, pictures the most
notable historic mansions of the South,
ond recalls the incidents which made
them famous their brave men and
Is-autiful women. Some new anecdotes
ntt met further interest to the beloved
Phillips ltrooks, as a man mid as a
preacher. They aw characteristic and
exceedingly well told. Anticipating the
rather radical change that fashion has
decreed in women's attire, ten sjiecial
articles are devoted to the fall and win
ter modes. Tho pictorial features of the
Septeinlmr Journal include a page draw
ing of "Loiterers nt tho Hailroad Sta
tion," as A, It. Frost sees them; "The
Wonders of California Hardens," and
the beauties of Yellowstone Park. There
lire numerous practical articles and
inucl) t'lso that is helpful in tho depart
ments. Hy the Curtis Publishing Co.,
Philadelphia; ft a year; It) cents a copy.
. Acker's English Kerned y will stop a
cough at any time, ond will cure the
worst cold in twelve hours, or money re
funded, i5 ttnd 50c. Williams A lWius.
For Sale.
Ws milk eowN. Durham hull t hon.l hnnu
wotem, 'plow, cultivator, net hiirnew. Held
iiid.v, T "C ' pump, oy jju:m kay
l.ymnn Smlih place.
Stock Pasture.
Davenport Itros. wsnt 100 head or .toolr o
itu.iurt' in i iirner town. v i" iwelve and be
i,;.p,nmiFirnjr t.irm mil It LI I 'I, ror 82 Der
luwl. Write WAIU'KN UAVENHIK'f?
ever, as maiignani levers cut quite a
bhuiii inrougii me volunteer regiments
the lighting with the Boers, Lieut. Dil
lion states, was warm enough to keep
mo nniiui'KB nniiKu ana iiutKe them teel
homesick. As may be imagined, the
iiuiiifcouiuiK ot tno soldiers will lie n
sorrowful ono because of the missing
.miin. l uruuuu leiegram
l'ifty men are employed in riprapping
mo ruuKHur ai me v usoado lxicks. The
work will last all w inter, but the present
contract will not comnlete the south
vnllu t a.... 1 i
einditu A "7K .1o d2 Kmemi h"'orl, and take
exiienuiture ot fl.'j,UO0 will be necessary care of elilld. In family. Wanea. i:
to iitnli.. tl... iL.L. ......I.... 1. 1.. ... . iwr nw.iiil. VnniM.v v ,w
-w ."vo imi lunula III HlUgCB Ol
uimieraie iiign water, in its present
condition, river boats are obliged to sus-
IH.-HU imici hi cerium stages ol flood,
out tno next contract will enable craft
to go through the locks with the river
nvo teet higher.
One of the teachers w ho is attending
mu iiiBviiuiu in iioou itiver writes that
tne peuegogues are having a splendid
time in the riverside city, most of them
being housed at Supt. tiilbert's Mount
mxw nuiv., iuo iistrinunuent proves
a most gemnl host, supplying them w ith
Knnulre of
For Sale.
A bay horw; weleht, 1200 to 1300 pounds: 9
rrieesi inquire of
yeurs old.
if Imber Land, Act June S, 1S7A
United Htiitea luil oma v
Wash., Sent. i. IHOtt. N'otliw i hn,h
thai In ronipllanee with the pnivlKlon's of (he
at ofeonsrewi of Junes, 1S78, entitled "Anarl
for the wile of timber In the sliitea of
a room and thro mealsdaily for the lerVW '..e'xwnd",. tue pJb iiefuud
modest sum of one dol ar a dnv. TIibv ttea by act of Aununu. KMJ.
are so taken with Ihsxi River, its people WH.HELM 8TADE1.MAXX,
and its obliging huidlord that a niakntv ?.?T?nt Uk'- unty of Klickitat, state of
oi mem favor holding the hist tute there m. .2 r"1'0 '" "oitice
everv vear Mountnin.wr ,ule ulere yw"rn.,,,,,,I"n No-!5.forthepurchwe
viry jiar, .Mountaineer. oftheenut northeast . and northeast V
Miss Belle Wilson went to Sninti.m u'hw,t. ,S i-tlon l, and northwest l'
Monday n.or.,i.,tt h SSSSTK? JJI'ip No,, northt
the scUmil in that district. Miss Wilson
lias waded through snow waist deep in
Michik'an maiiv a time in nnlor to m.t to
and from her school. Sim ia o? ti.o
heroic type we read about in the papers
from the blizzard aweut nmirlen of tbu
East. Coudon Cdolie.
IV. J. B. Pilkiiwhm.
Baker City, was renortod .wrioiwtv tit
hist week.
iiiuu wiugni Mi.iore valuable for lt
timber or stone thnn for aKriculiural pur
po and to establish his claim to aaid land
before the KcKtster ami ilwivur.rf iki.
at Vancouver, w ash., ou TueaUuy, the JJth
day of November, ItU).
He OUMHH lljt tlllii.w lHA,k UUI
JulliuC. Hoke, Hush Wllltiifer and I'h..
H. Hltteiibuir, all of Troitl Lake. Waali.
Any and all iurMiinii u.i.... ....
abovMteserlbed liimU are requested to tll
their claims lu this nffl ,,n .,r .r..
aOlli day of November, Knu.
It. UI JBJK. iv l
(Timber Land, Act Jane J,
V. . Ind Office The lAlks, Oreon, Joly
t. lii. Notice U hereby tivco that in com
pliance with the provlnkHW of the act of con
(mu of Joue J, 1st, entitled "An act kit the
Mie of timber lands to the mate of I alif.irnia.
Oregon, Nevada and Washington Territory,
Of Hood niver, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, baa this day tiled Id thfflce tier sworn
atatement No. l-V, for the porehase of the
northwest aoolhwest M, and amiihwest
Dorrhweot of section No. i ia tnwnhip".
north, rane No. S eat, W. M.. and will ofTt-r
proof to sIhiw that the land sought f more
valuable tor Ita limber or stone than for eri-
eultaral nuri. and to establish her claim
Ut mid land before the Kes-ister and keeeiver
of this office at The Ille. Oo-eon, on Fri
day, the zist day or sv-pteuiher. vu.
Hhe names as witnew Kert Jlcfrory
and Jamea tefrt ia Hood Kiver, Oregon
rnta sttmpson or imkh, uregon
William KaUm. Hood River. Oreyon.
Any and all persons claiminz adversely the
aboveleacribed land are requested to file
their claim In this offlce on or before said
21t day of September, 10.
jy JAY K LUCAS, Register.
To Whom it Hay Concern:
Orders from headquarters are to make a
Commencing Sept 8th, for a short time only, comprising
of gds, of which we will make mention here of only a lew lines.
A big rtock of the latest tailor-made Pants, the strongest on earth,
to sell at less than manufactnrins cost
A large assortment of newly-received Hats.
A mammoth stock of newly-received Shoes of all kinds.
A fine lot of the best Underwear, jast received.
A nice lot of Shirts, received this week.
"ewly-rcived Clothing fur men and boys.
Xew line of Sweaters, just received
Gloves, Leggings, Suspenders, and other lines of goods too numer
ous to mention in this space, in order to make room for more goods
daily arriving from the East. REMEMBER TIIE PLACE, at the
Denver Clothing: Store.
For Sail
Golden Rule Bazaar.
Lamps, Lanterns, etc. Fruit in season. Nuts and Confections.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1ST8.)
United Ktates iJtnd Office, The Dalle. Ore
gon, juiy issju. notice i nereoy given
that in compliance wlih the provisions of the
act of congress of June . 1S7. entitled "An act
for the sale of timber lands In the Slates of
'ailftiniia, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Of Hood Rl ver. eou n t y of Waaeo. state of Ore
goo, lias this day filed In this office his
sworn statement No. L70 for the purchase
of the west southeast and lots 7 and 12,
section uiwnsiiip z nonn, range v can,
W. M., and will ofT.-r proof to show that
the land sought la more valuable fur Ita tim
ber or alone than for atrricultnral mirnnse.
and to establish bis claim to said land
before the Regiaer and Receiver of this office
at Ihe Dalles, Oregon, on Irlday, the 21st
day of Henteinber. WO.
He names as witnesses: Perry MeCrory and
O.K. Hartley of Hood Biver, Oregon; Hub-
oaru lay lor oi wasco. oresoo: hred Mlinusfiu
of Cascade. Oregon.
Any and all persons cla mlng adversely the
above-described lands are reueted to file
iiieir claims in in is on cconor ociore Raid
Zlt day of Meptemtier, I'M).
Jyt14 JAY P. LVCAI, Register.
(Timber lind, Act June 3, 1S78.
United Slab lnd Office. The Dalles.
Oregon, July 10, 1!KJ0. Notice Is hereby given
that in coinnliance with the nrovlsionsofthe
act of ctingresH of June S. 1S:S. entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands In the Ktates of
i an iorniaA Oregon, Nevada and w anbtngtoo
' michael e. wir:ir.
Of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, nas mis day nied In this office his sworn
statement. No. In. for the nurchaxe of the
east southeast '4 section 7, and west y.
souiuwesi y. oi section o. s. Hi township
No. 1 north, range No. 9 nst. Wlllfmi-
ett Meridian, and will otter proof to
"jw uiut uie tana songnt is more valuable
for Ita timber or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish his claim to said
land before the Reirlster and Receiver of this
office nt The Dulles. Oregon, on Katnrdnv. the
U uay in neptemoer, i:.JO.
ne names as witnesses: le Morse, lw
Morse. Frank H. Button and Will Rankin. nil
of Hood River, Oregon.
Any and aljwraons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are rcuuexted to file
thelrclalms in this office on or In fnre Mild
iid day of (September, l!W).
-" . V!1 J A l ' LbfAH, Itt-KlKter.
Ijind Office at The Dalles. Or.. A n A iml
Notice Is hereby given that the follnwlog
nanied settlers have tiled notice of intention
t make final proof on their rnctivwiiiitiiii
before the Register and Receiver at The
Dalles. Oregon, on Krhhiv. Kcnemiu.r u m
viz: " ' " "
Of Mosler. on homestead application No.
5H0, for the west southeast V southwest
M nonueasi y., soutiieast northwest V, sec
tion 24, township 2 north, runge 11 east, W. M.
Of Mosler. on Homestead nnnliratinn vn
612:1, for the west yt northwest and lot4
"vtlon 1U, township 2 i.ortb, range 12 cast.
WitnesHeK WAllnce A Hii.Unn Aval V
Petersfin, A. H. Uodberson, Gerald Wyss,
Amos Root and H. V. KUher nil nt M.l...
Oregon. '
u"J"H JAY P, LUCAS, Register,
l.and Office t The Dalles, Oregon, Ang. 8,
1100. Notice is herehv civen ihnf tho r,.ii,,u-
ing-nnuied setller litis tiled notice of his In
tention to make final nrnnf In immvirt ,r
claim, and that said proof will tie made before
the Register and Receiver at The Dnllea, Ore
gon, on Saturday, September 15, 1900, viz:
Of Mosler, II. E. No. 6573, for the north
southwest VA and north southeast M section
it, township 2 north, range II east, W. M.
iienameatne following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
W. A. Hlnrk. I' Kinrlr a n
Charles Davenport, all of Mosler. Oregon.
Notice of Sale.
police is nercbv elven bv the iinrir.inri
guardians of the estates of Eunice Lela Odell!
nd of William l"aul Kemp and Dave Ra-
""" iveinp, oeing autnorizea thereto by an
order of the county court of the state of Ore
gon for -.V asco county, will, after the 10th day
if..Ht'P.,e,,UK'rt 'WW. e nt the residence of
rtucc tveiiio. iioou Kiver. nriwnn ut ...
sale, for the highest price obtalnahle In mih
the following described Dremlses of tlm u.ui
estati. situate In the cotintvor w nbVk tit (its
of Oregon, to-wlt: An nndivlded interest of
vi mimni io ma 10 tne southwest M or the
,Wl-t 1 '.J . ... . .1. k . I ,
v. n (Kn-Liwu oo, mwusnip i norm,
range 10 east of Willamette meridian. Dated
August R. 1IKI0. Ai.ieii vnm .
Uuardlan of the Estate of William I"au"l Kemp
and IIUVM UnU'.trtl, L'.mn n . I ....... 1
Guardian of the Estate of Eunice Lela Odell,
a minor. aiU0s7
Land Office at The Ihiilra Ommn in. i
'10a Notice U hereby given that the foliiiw-
ig-uaiiiea seiner nas nied notice of bis inteu
ion tocomiiiuieand make final nrnnrin ann.
Irt of his claim, and that said proof will be
made before George T. Prnther, if. S.Oimmls-
.loner. at noou uiver. insvtin mi sutnninv
September 15, HWO, vie
Of Hood River, H. E. No. 5B4S, for the sonth
i uuiuirsui v, soa nonn y, son t neaKt v. see
on , township i north, range 10 east, w, M.
ne names me following witnesses to prove
Is continuous residence noon and ciiUiva.
on of suld hind, viz:
John J. Gibbons. J. W. Moore J X KrM.
nd D. M. Gibbons, all of Hood Klver.Oreuon.
aulOsM JAY P. LUCAS. Reirlster.
Below Portland prices nnd you also save
the freight.
Do not buy without first getting i
Lumber, Lath, Lime, Poors, Windows,
Moldings, JJuilding .Material of ail kinds.
Pictures framed.
Lowest prices on Wall Paper.
Are what every housekeeper wants. At the same time the econom
ical buyer insists on low prices. It is easy to get good groceries at
some stores, and low prices at others, but it is not often that you can
find both at the same store as you will at ours. For instance :
- -16
Arbuckle's Coffee, per pound - - -
Cudahy's Diamond C Soap,
Thompson's Soap Foam Washing Powder,
Sioux Brand Soap, six for
Pride of Japan Tea, -
Schilling's Soda, five for
We guarantee everything wo sell, and if anything is not satisfac
tory, we are always ready to exchange it or refund the money.
Phone 21. twit
Reciprocity Corner,
CLYDE T. BONNEY, Proprietor.
OS a si
In order to make room for New Goods purchased. We have placed
all odds and ends of our stock on sale at less than half price. See
them before buying.
bone & Mcdonald.
JULY 20, Kioo
1. Four acres at Frankton :
good spring ; only $.5o, ' "
iilenc. Pric. t4(l " lw!
3. John Sipma farm, in u,,.
2() acres; 30 to $bo per one iw
4. Ixit opposite schoollioug..
siuare. Price, 1 75. ""
5. The Atkinson property
and Oak streets; best bargViniB
7. I!arrett-Sipma addition-la.
i-vi iiiuiiui ; no in
8. Four lots on Sherman
of Front St., f-RX) cash. JiU8.T
30 days.
9. The J. II. Frary place, tv,
near TneL-pr'a n.ill . Oil .. ' m
lm-i.1 r.nrt -a11 ...... 1 'ai
acre; will be sold in fortv-acrefe
or ninrp ih- A trail I . .
10. T. R. Coon's 80 acres in Pjit
t miles southwest of town ; 4 im,,
ed; flOan acre. "
11. TheG. T. Galligan 40 acrwi-
.ii iuc luiiui t niu iiurill ailll Mil,!
?W0 fruit trees Price f 1,500 -easy.
12. lfiO acres on Hood river 1,
above Tucker's mill; 8 acre,
Price f l,8o0.
13. TheW. II. Bishop homeinii
River, lot 6 and part of lot 7, tw,
aucoma addition to Hood Kim
pretty home. Only $1,100,
14. The Allen Fulton farm, Mb
v ii.iico cui ui w ii ; price f 1,UUU; ter!
ia. tne r. uailey place; lol
cood imnrovements: nil in imu.'.'
house,bamaniI out buildings. Ail
home. Price $2,500. .
10. John Sipma farm, lOOacresJ
$1,000 or more cash and balance atti
cent, or the east 40 acres. H ctW
$2,100. $.500 or more cash, UuWt'
(ii tt-m. iK i lurni in me vaiiev.
19. The Sun lot and building; ;(
, 20. P. A. Trana place, White Sab
in sight of Hood Kiver: 8
strawberries and tomatoes 17,Oo6stm
larry plants and 1,400 tomato pin
No irrigation required. Price $'00.
S. E
. iVS. E. 'j, P. .i X. E. V c
t, i. o iv. n r.,,, h lute alInon;t
timber hind; $10 per acre.
22. The Emerson homestead, onlvn
mile east of town ; fine range; fl,500.
23. Its5and ft. block 7. Win.
dition ; $50 a lot, or $S5 for the two.
24. Bernard Warren's fruit farm s
l-rankton, plenty of water, good
ings, etc. 17 acres. . Price $3,500.
2a. V likens' fine farm at Whitefe'
mon falls, 240 acres ; 25 cleared nml i
grass; good improvements; fine wat
pott-er; price $3,300 stocked, or 2,750k:
2fi. S. II. Cos's fine residence in Hi
Kiver, lot 100 x UK); price $1,200.
27. J. R. Xickelsen's place at W
mout j 35 acres ; $2, 100. Terms easy.
28. A strip of land 30 feet wide br
mile lonsr. with the creek, lvinir bctwen
the west side of Blower's addition nitl
the county road at I'aradise farm. fri
29. Twenty acres lvincr north of P
ivopKe s, cast Mde; good lanu; unn
provea. rnce f 500 ; terms easy.
ai. I'.mma u. Kobmson's 40 acre
East Side, adjoining A. I. Mason's M
ranch ; unimproved ; $850.
32. Emma G. Robinson's KiO acres
lulls east of White Salmon, known
tlie Dryer place; fine timber; unin-
provea; fS7o.
For Sale at the Emporium 160 aero;
00 can be made ready for plow forJW;
40 good timber. Fine soil; no rock on
150 acres; big hay shed ; school and pest
office onlv i mile: on dnilv sta"el!
veu watered. $50 down, $50 m 1 mown,
too in 3 months: Da . in 4 vears. urn
$500; a rare bargain; 15 miles distant;
To Loan $800, iu one loan. ;
Steamer IRALDA
WIU leave Caneadii lock nta.m.: Hood
River at SJ0 a. m.. dnilv i..
Th DnlloD mid way Inndinira. Ketnfntnt
rlll leave The Ualk-s at i p. in. Pasneneers
nil liKlit IrvlxliU Keturn tickrU fmra Dalles
uy ana Kegulnlor are food on this biwt.
t;. AIjLAH Ai, Agnt.
Warranty Deeds
eler ettn-e. ' ' v'
A. S. Blowers & Son
Are still in the procession and prepared to supply your wants
in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Flour, Feed, etc.
Just arrived, a carload of Walla Walla Flour bought before
the advance in prices. Will meet all competition.
In Shoes we have a great deal of competition in prices but
on earth.
6 to 60 Acres.
IJ!",e11 anyPar' f my land, from 5 to 00
aeres. Iwo miles from town. Thiriv acres
In orchard. W. J. BAKERS
n.lfni?,catThe Ual'ea. Oregon. Anit 2v
DUX-Notice U hereby glvS tlmt tbe foftowi
nit-named wuler has Bled notice of hi. In!
Wniion to commute and make final proof in
support of hi claim, and that said proof w u
.... - . . i . . . i miner. I
rv T
missmner, ai n.vxl Kiver. Ureiroh. on aiinVL
I'nutier, V. 8. Corn-
day, October 6, 1SU), viz:
FRANK a V. ILSOX, of Hood Itiver, Or.,
H. E. No. T:rs for the northeast y. northeast
M section 12. townxliln n.n. '2. :.,-sl
and tot 1. Hectlon 7, and kit 7. wtlon a toTn!
snip i nonn, range 10 east. W. M
He name, the following witness to prove
his contiuuoua reaidence upon and cultiS!
lion of, iwid land, vl tuuiva.
U A. Hlckle, C. L. Ropers. Prank rwv.
that in compliance" wit ffi Jf?1? K'vpn
act of Conpre o "une l '8 " '!s ot tl,e
act for the sale or itfLt'i 18TJ, ,ent'led "An
oflifornla, Oregon NevL"!8Jn Sta
tonlerrluiry,"1 ' e,,Mla and Washing-
Of HoodRi ftL yUm0
man ho. ...J! ?"' of w asco. state nrrw
rp.,. has this day fl" ed'in .T!5S ' '
ouiiement, Xn liiS f. i """V sworn
t 7. 8, 9 and lo.r Z.,Vle I"rohase of the
l'lp X.. "north r?L?o Xo-ln wn!
. inure valuable tor iti ii7kl "u """S'U
fr.a,-.icultnra K JlrL"!"1' w tone tlian
id i.mi'irN estbl sh his
thismceVH'rJ'f?' nd
fVra' -cultural Vurnosli .in .ror8tone '
' aim to Mi anrt J1?? .?s,wsu hi
uect lver of this offlcTat The niif818 and
on Sjuurda v, Ule 22- 2jjSiS?
Marklev, U Nealet J- Mrkley, Rav
HKl hYuS, " H. JIarkley; all of
b? vLAl$Lclatmln dversely the
their ciaini.,, L" guested to fill
ja1 p. ixeAs, Barter.
At the Emporium is kept a first-cta
SllrVfiVfll St f pnnoit on .1 tl nrnnrlelot
oeing a practical surveyor, is well
pared to do theTvork of laving out im
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying.
. N. B. Terms are easvon all the above
lands, with interest at G per cent. Per
sons desiring locations on homestead
and timber claims should apply at the
Money to Loan.
At the Emporium.
Davidson Fruit Co.,
Shippers of
Hood River's Famous
Packers of the ,
Hood River Brand of
' Canned Fruits.
lunuuitHJllllVia ul a
Boxes and Fruit Pack
Fertilizers and Agricul
tural Implements.
Water Notice. .
Persons . .i.ratfn?niu.s,
Jefore using any water, make applicatio" it
the secretary In wrttliiK. statin the nnmr
of lots and a description ol same. Also.iiia"
payment of 7.5c per lot, or fraction of a s.
gfFmonth in advance. Application i 1 Jf
nied and no irri?ntinir win & ncrniiltel
cept on lou so designated. All irrigau
must be done through reifiilatlon nw
spray. All residing north of Oak street wt
us watt-r nniv h.ion . v... of .1aDl
o'clock A. M.j those souih of said strce
."Jiiia i . -LI .
NO Wlpr will U .nt- nr.P fillilf
to comply with above rules. ,
nwjD KIVEtt SSPKiNQ WATttt -