The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 24, 1900, Image 2

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1 TV ry Jle ti tbe tate i.f Oregon. Art. II, Ar
Thu jacii'I'lwl descriptive of Il 1
Jtiver, Usued by tl.e filacer in partner
f)tf with E. H. Bradley, it Mjf. Tl
poblii-hers flutter thunselves that it if
l(it a had piece of pork to be turned or
& coi:ntrv t.rntit-.i: cffieen The bust
flew men of I lot d Iver recjionded pel
frnwh to tl.e ri qiteat for aii atul mad
fl poswble t get out the book, the worl
n whVh wan ell done at Ik pie. Tb
fur, whleh flits tho Inside pago of tin
t ver, if a pirturo of the town of Mm i1
fS'ver, luksn In in the north I auk f tl
Irnib!a, with Mt. Hood i-hoivlnu
the d'etnnre, TJi'f nature is the rl
sf L. Bradley, llocd River' photo art ;s
fr, Bradley also fnrjiVheil thee feller
pftw Xif W. E. Sherrill arid the M. K
tfhvtrch, The cut were piade by tl
flreifn'Bn iftnpanv. Three thorn-am'
opfeK of firs little book have been print
ti. It in a fair statement of the coml.
tu n euV-inc in lh d Ttiver today, aid
)0 one ran my the picture ?n over drawn
Tlx pamphlet w ill be wailed to any nd
flrefa iipm rere'pt of 10 conM.
Tl e 0 R. & K To. In piirrhawd t.i
frcpertv f the Ilvaro r:lrnnd. Tt '
prffd now tint conjictTt'otm will Ik
pde w!h PortYid bv c inp'i Vup the
fit'lrr'Ailnhu'd the north hank nf the
ft Colrmb'a to Vancouver. Tl e Orgoii.
fan ftyn "V I ti'eer Wn n vt it the Ac
Jor'a raitrond, tl.ope interest)" pot repre
sented in it nwiierrMp will want an-pa
fne(i!)Ij:t down the river. Supp'cniented
with rcnTsifltiop of nil it h lniild'nir plan
Inthorrper ronntrv, a railroad to the
fnnutli of the river would p've the O. If
& N. perfect faciVtien for marketing t! e
f fultifU ol the Coli'mh'a basin and dV
Irbiit'ritr mm-hand's throughout it
from Portland an a center."
TWttMnd in nuik'nn txlunsive prepar.
fltions for the street eamlvah Tl'ont 1
f of ten np under tie aiispieei of the
Portland lodtre of Elks, the carnival will
be a street fa'r representing the varied
Interests ut tlie Mat of Orejnn and the
f'ac;fic Nnrthwepf. J?nod fcivw frit
grower cannot afford to m'ca thl pp.
portunity to make an e-bibit of their
fruit'. An attractive dicplay of apple
. from IJomI River would offer an induce
ment for ppple buyer? tp purpl imc our
tiirjfp crop 4 wiuter apple. The. farat
r fl otild furnifli the'r evhihitt) in time
for the opening day, Sept. 4th.
of iuiv pn)k, nciiinent, punij)hlet, let
ter, d ur, r, wtajM )i or utencil of
un ll.itt l.-,n uuir rwltioij it) the
earn wm lenient oi virHion, nietuijf by
iiitti ine oriy ijai urevon lerntor-, wu
L'niifi.-r u fiiv .r iijx ii (i o. II. Il inen. Axktt
Sec, In no fvtiiithiii, Attor mch nci
h'caiion Iih will ,l iiti a ix im, hh i hj
.i wcure the artie! imnmd, together
win iirj uuei'UMij: ii.pii.ry
I! .is l u ;:iile T; IveY.-ar..
0. C. Vii!iu, the su'de at Goveri
inent fa nip, I n beun cind"ct:inr 1'a't'e;
p to the Hnnirti't of M. Ihi -l for tin
ant 12 .tear, lltj in an old Port'ano
ihotoj;rypl er,ai!il woct out ihcre lr,'i-l
n flfriiiiut of fB'I'iiif hf ltli. )lt wen'
iri.t to tin- f. r.f of Vomit ff. i d, in IHfH hah been there ii'mont eont;nnoiisl
-verninee. He been takinir nart'e-
p Mount Hood eery Hear-on, aid never
ad an aee'itent hi udv ire w:u He :kii thorough .itnutilu'neer.
mt aeeord'ni,' to recent report hir
eHltli i not o od a formerly, al-
holljjh he fv n l , to the MlllUli't ver!
imeii every er. Mr. Yici'ni in M)
earn old, and think he will retire bk
.'iiiile. He want w me vouni; man who
will learn the route tip the mountain
ind who u! tra'n to act aa lm'nV.
Unrhv hi X'i M ttrgJe perienee at ti e
oot of J'wont Hot-d.-aud actimr a virde.
Mr. Yicnm Ian gathered qnitfi a rch
ill a oi lncdont coiicerulnii t)ie vr u
artie. lie lux kent the miblVbed nr.
conn! (J all the asrent that have been
made dnrinji that time, and intend to
mt Him in Kj,ae for pubreation m
nik form. It will prove interetim? to
ii wu a i a . i . ?pi I; i in-r.--J reson ui n ,
The slsu f (.'mi4 Titges,
Hut fne are now nothing to what
they will be in, a few week. Eerv-
i dv will then have inoiiev and the ed.
tor will Fin rt a c;ir rrean'onallv
pr. Lably.-rrAHinyton lod -pendent.
Acker' Enul ch Uinndv will ton a
cotiiih at any t me, ai d will cure the
wuM cold in twelve honr;. or umnev re.
iinitna. Mamiww. Mtlilnm15ro'U'.
Therein no doubt that the mot 'm-
portant t nie to t-iirav winter annleH in
Oregon, to keep thi m free fn ni wrirm.
w in the latter part of AimiM and the
wy pjirt of H'pteiior.-Oregin Agri
X Minister Gu.hI Work,
"1 Jiad severe attack of bilious eolic,
got a buttleof Chaniberlaiij'iCoJif.Chol
erand Piarrhoea Keinedy.tuok twodoses
aud win entirely cured," ram Hev. A. A
'ierof Kmpor.a, Kan, il ne;gl,bor
uro ine treer m:k torovera week
. .1 .... . . i i . . i . ,
niKi iwoorn.rce oiuieot met; y ii- fo;ui
tlied.ittiir. heiihed thtni forliireeorfuui
lav without relief.then called uaiiothei
.luctor w ho treated him forHoiiieduuiii
ave tuiii no rvtief.wut reliarged b;m. 1
vent over to ee him net morning. II
it d hi hurt elm ere in a terr.ble ti ',tha
hey had been running ff m long it wa
i niort Ii'imiiIv tint. I n-kt il li'm if liehao
i" ti toamlK-rlainV fbolepatmi
J arrl ce:i Jji med and l.eca d'No.'Iwen'
ineaoil brought h in nit liottleaodau
i tiioiit iJoH,old h'lti to take another it
15 or 20 ntimitti if he d d not find relief.
'nit lie took no mure and wa entireh
etireU. lorhaiebv i, lam t A Biiniif
Etocli pasture.
rRcntxirl flriw. umui l;o .uh ,.f tnrk In
,)HNiiiiPHf iiirKfr tuurti. 1 riwelveiiml
ijw.KHiKlMe f.,r lliciii imill i,f. fr 2 ;
lieud. Wriui W'AUIIKX HAVKXI'iiuT.
A woman to do irPiiprnl tiniineririirk ami lab
ciiienf lslld. hour in fiiiiilly. W'hkch.
For Sale.
A tv horwi! weVl.t 1201) In l"A1 rinnrU-
J-euroUI, Price J, Iineiln! of
6 Acres for Sale.
I will .ell l Hi'ie of luiid. imr,lmlr In cull1.
vhj I'iti, i, utik wem of town. I'l l.' Mm,
u II. IIKI(llfl.
Oreimii Historical Six'iet jr.
A viit to the riM nia of the Oregon
fTMtr'fnl ffc'ety, in the city I. all at
fortlai d., thou s that the ( (Jicer of ti e
feciety have been vrv iii;cfful in the two venraof it a organization in
rrarte; vo,lUe nuiftfUDi uf biatorl
fal rel'c. P:i ueer, native Oregoniau.",
jr.n an cuizim wi.o take an lntereft in.
! e bictory f tle'r fdrt ttd tate wil
Jtprec'ate tie fftort of the- Oregon
it i-tor'cai cc ety iw etiieariua tu ea
ti er into a place of wife keep;rig the
felic of jottrnej ncroc the pla'n and
thine relating to tl e primitive cord'tnim
f'f early life in regon I ha w cetv bar
two room filled, with intertnt;ng juV
liter rui e, xi:u an tint nra 'mptit
fnciit, old nintUKcriptH, book gi d p'
ttircaof irl t?nvfceiii.
A mong the piaiiy valuable and itdere-st-ing
re.Vc mat be see-n the first prinlirg
prer ever ncea on ire rete n M in
toe territory wet ot t lie Aliwouri river.
The hiHtoric o'd pre liears the tanip:
i'A Pamai?e Patent Printinar, Copving
(Ind Heal Pre, No. 1 1" The p-e' har
platen 13 v Ulg" bichen and will print
heot IQ 14 inche. The pre wa
ropatrncted in Jionon, date unknown,
ami In 18111 wn hinped to Honolulu by
the American Imara of foreign m'na'onV
of the f ongregat ontvl ehtvn-.b, wtio im'd
t-twiiogti. i nonoiuia tne tire wn
UFcd in printing tract and niihaionnrv
(iilil'ciition iti the Hawaiian tongue,
j o, ld Kauiage wa hipped to Oregon
t an earlv dav and d:d nervice in a
numherof i ffice !n the Willamette val
ley until it found it way into the tae
printing! nice at r-aleiu, where, it lav
covered vvitlidiit and cohwib nnti
brought UtUt by the UtwricaLs..
Another h!tirV;il rePc of ntore ti ne
raa'Pg inten Ht n the- lnp chet of
t apt Kijiert (inv. It will he r. menu
W'N'd that Capt. firav entered the fol
vmbia n'ver with bis h'p of the ame
pame, Mav 11, 1702, and it wa th'r
e ent wh:ch made the Oregon ri'tttitn
fi 4 kpowntotlw iH-op'eof the lju'tcd
P'ate. f apt. Orav wa the fitvt Anier
lean to carry tl e Mar at d trpe amend
the world. A m rmr of fapt. GravV i
ftloe hitvtcd, and it p-odnce a fcel'ng
of nrnglcd a;e (or t'l'o t think. he
pnr.(. UH th niVrir. that a hnnd-ed
- Ywtrvifitpi -rhewiiiie gla reflected tie
leatnre of the pat'nnt Amer'can aa-lor.
A word ow tit d bv (ienernl Rhpr'dae
While ho wa tnUiiel at Fort VamtiML
(hid an am clmic made for h;m at the
t;nn are e hib'ted here. Among the
old n.uuini'cpu ! a d'arv kept bv one,
W. f Ilemhre. duringr the cnmpVn
tU'rttnt the Ynk"ina IriPana iu Ittfu.
Ilemhree write of two Indians captured
bv hi partv in tb Wplla valle-,
how one was bwnir and ti e other tnrmd
H!e wuh In hemt closely (jhaeed. He I
!i ntarka that the Ind'anwilh tWohavetV
iead eeni(Hl to lie niore eocnied f
ii (ate than the one litin
the worthy ob'ect of the Oiwm II in
torical nofire-ty, n.Hs'uted :n ;t pnamh e;
ff art'cle of o'rgauftH.n. : "The co.
K'ft'on. preservatioii, c hib'tton ai'd
pnblicrttion of nmier a-l of- n hi,,-,i'j
liaraoteis espeivallv that relating tsi the
li'torv of Orcuoii and of tbje tvn;ted
f'ate; tae plore all plaiva of dcpWt
of arch.onloisical matter, to !.." d c
nmein mantia'r!f. and iinti.''Siti.ns
ofeverv dewritktiv.u; i.i iil;n ivr-n-rve
and r.'vms ofthe p'ovw of
Ovgoii Terr tort; to nsevrtru ami v .
aerve the Ind mi name (f mounta'ni
tream and local i tie 'n Ore.wu. Hiid
lhe!r interpivtatiixn ami ijnifieHtn iv;
eather ami pivrve f. Jnd'a.i !(.'
d't-on twltiv to tu bitsv t.f hf V
f'fle Nrvrtlkvvfj! trv. H wh:t eH..
tiwitj tt UVUlt'l'n i; cc.'lWv u( r...'.
fal portra'ture a:ul u wHm .,.
(tiator'oat ninwewm; to puNVh ai d
Otherwiad ('Sie fnformat'on relative to
tb hiatrwof (Ireiion anil of tH.iiM.iil ,
0irn "tt.rv' ; aH !rt iNaiel to ei. I
f "ny a ".it 't'v.-'op w;r,n1
the i-d . ff h!sto ..
" ! lr, f.'i,'J -i'i,i rr-nwf
( ! -wi: it' 0 i r:' .
14 3." ii .'ii i'cr.-t j:'.'. tru.t
P'ck hir.diul.e nbyolntelv nrd rernm
iienm cured in uinu y. k- Tea. A nleap-
it tit herbdr'tik. f ureh cont;patioiiiind!ii
d:gextion,niake voucat, leep, work ar.d
happy. (i;ttifaetion guaranteed or money
back. 25eiid -iOc. V Ubaii & Hrowua.
An orchard't of Mitchell. Or., ha
been trying the old remedc for aphi,
wh'cli I to Lore a hole in the annle tree.
tilUhehole with pulvcr:zi d nnlolmr apil
then plug it up. He claim that he rid
lna irchar i4 aphi b tin menu.
A kerV Iyt pia Tablet are wild on a
ifiwtlve Btiarftutee. Cure heartbiirn,d'-
re attfr eat n''. ra inii if the food, or
any form of dvai p a. One little tablet
give Miiined ute ref:r, voc amj 50. v ItrxiHiUH.
According to a cablecram to the Or
ea,m au received 8aturda--, theO. Ii
N. Co., 'with beadiMiarter at Portland
win-awarded tt e tiist nrV.e. fir crand
gold 111 tint, for ttie bet e luia.tofpcre
ui in 11. e raria exposition.
".My hahyw a terribly e'ek with the d"-
arrl.ura,' m.vJ.m Unak of ill. am. Or
"We cr nuivble to cure birji with the
d' ctor'r iifi.ttiince,8nd 8 a last rcori we
trid fl.iinibeWain'h Col'o, ('ho,le-a and
1 arrlm a f,i medy. I am happy to av it
gave nniied a'e reref and a complete
cure." For rale by Will'ani A Uroiu.
A band of hnrce fn ni Crook comity,
w Pile til ing driven tliroiivb t lie trcet
of The I'alle lat Saturday n'hV, for
h ad:ng iilt ard the aleamer Uegulator,
luchoie froichtenvd at the elect r v lit ht
i n Sefxid hfret-t ai d Htiimpeded. After
n l ard night work, the tour men in
cl aree of the horre mniniged to round
1 p an uut lotirif tl.e Iki.iI.
The roimhition of (Ireater New York.
a iint eatod by the count justci m.pleted
at the ceiiHii 1 (lice, in 3,i:7.202. Thi
incliKHW tbv iiouulation of- the boroui.4
01 jiaiiMiiian 111. it liron ', previoiilv at).
nounced, and thoi-e of P.rooklvn, Kicle
mom! and 'ikh'uh. Au appro ituate e.
t mate of the increase ainee 18'JH thovv
t to have been ;i(.fl per cent.
Attorney V. R. Prenbv was n cand'.
date fort he u pernor judgehiiiof Clarke,
i, 1:,- 01 ; 1 ,- 1 .
v. imviiiz, pKniiiiiiiut linn ivrcKiiat coiin
tit, but wa defeated fr the liouiiiia
foil, by the present inetimlieiit, Judge
A be Miller, d v one vote. Strange to mv
the vote that defeated h ti w that of a
man who pn nied to upiort Mr
t"reby, nml w ho had accented the an-
iHiintnit'Ut (if delegate 011 a nlatform in.
ruetil, the delvatea for Mr, Pret-by.
We lave been aked a 1 1 11 lir 1
ineavvlat e pi a nut inn there if for the
act that there are o few ci dlin moth
.11 Oregon tin car. We don't know
but iniHe h lue iiarunite har drsni ed
of then,i. Tlie.t were never t niimon e.t
a last .vear, and it often happen fl at
vvheu inect. pest beci.iiica more
than UKUiillv prevalent, its parasitic foe
incrvare also at ph.eiu uional unw-d and
get away with it. A few vear aim the
woolly aiihi bocaniee ceedinglv nrev-
alciit in etern Oregon and then nd-
doidv d ra.ppeiireil almoHt entirely, and
l a not even vet tieei tu a very seriou
pet again. Oregon Agriculturfsit,
"Through the nionthsof June and Julv
uur babv mm tenthinu and took a runiiin'u
off of the bowel and ckiieof the atom
acli," Mt,O.P. M. 1 loll day, of Deming,
Ind. "li s bowels would move from 5 to K
t.ive t day. I hud a boMle of Chamber-
it t.f.cthtvieii and I'arrl,tu:a Iem
dy in theioueaiid cave him four drop
11 a p on id f w er ai:d e got Ih tter at .ild i ' if . t il & lirosiii.
5E0 Reward.
The nnf'piKliriK'd mil Kieiifrr l to uny
one fif n!lilii)f ni-- tlie u:lilreit (,rewn't
wlicre.iti -mt "t Ml Alimi Nivhlit ami Mrs.
l ii, ei,.. N'mifv 11.. i.r thp '4lHcirr.
I. N. W II.I.IA.MK. Ilixid Ulver. (lr.
A Beautiful Home.
1Yt uere lti nitie wuiut nf f.iwu: -Ml beiirlnff
fruil lrw: X Ten In ir.i rh 'rrip: rub -r-lle
1111.I ;lui-(,tTrles. price JVJIl. tiei tr uf
atlf. J.'I'.NKAI.KIUII.
Pasture for Stock.
I will tHnPH ilimtfii number !' limiiex unit
illieiopHKliireiil lllversl te Ka-.1, H uiilen
tteBi oi iiiwn. iiurw. 51 m yer lieii ht
tiMtiitit 01 uiivhwt: ritiii,., -i k nea i 11
HMiitlli. I Mtt! 1114 be lpiiiiiileirnv Ij 1 1
ofHWliIentit or lpe. J. W. .MiiKToN,
Sherifl s Sale.
In the CtRralf. f.r the Mtat of Oregon
. f Woo County.
W. h. Sberrll. pUluilir, 1 Civil notion to-
. co er money.
Ht.inA.ltR' uen,drf,-nlHnl I SuwilTii Mile.
Ky virtue i, Hn ..tluelniient, eXM-nliun, lie-
rrri' hii.i iirue file jiilv In-uiHJ 001 ui m
ii iiior Hit- st I i.r diel ir. nil Court 01 ti Mil.
SHinty an I t.ite. lue illra-.-iei, mill dnte
Hie 471.1 dHy hi July, J-m. Un Jndviii'ul fu
.lerru Hml . jilere.l in Mtbl imirl on tlii I It
l.iyiif.lul , Im4. In ttiei,h ,ve enililfil .-n
in f.iv-i.rorilie i l.ilni.ft, w. K. Kbt-mll. an
i.iliMt the rl. f. niiHlil. lion A, Hxvtlen, h
iii.lifiurni iiehior, tu i tumor Hue HniiJrc
ixnM end IAIijU dollum. with IntreM Im-n
ii inim tlitt I tndiiroi July !JIJ. Mt the nil
(i'i (rf-rernt -r milium. li In lnUeil n'
Mild tin.i H10 furlli r xmn of iwveniw'
olliim, -ti, a. ilKhur-eiiM'iils. mid II--w'iif.,n
lup-n IhN I rouinmn-Jlf
ne In liinke Mile l(r H.erenlpM(r ) pn.biaer
11 ilen exisent 1.11 ol sale and beieili.illiT (0
ibud. I will, in,
Monday, til 2'lh dny of Auemf, A T). I'.'OO
M tie-li.ivr of ? o'. I.H-k In tin- afternoon
Mtl l day, anu Mt toe (l.r 01 the eoun
eollrl U.iii- In Imlte i lly, Whmii i-ouiiit
liil(M)l.r.vill. wllal .tiliiu auetlon to lb
lilf!iei bikiler f .rci,!.h in bann. all t !- rife
lilt.' ami Inter,! wlneli ibe Ue.tuiltilit. Kilo
V. ii.ivdv li, Iim I on Hie 2lll llV lt Aor.l, ,
!. 1100, he rtstte nf the uttui h'inriit of !
jni.eily, i-, aij i,-feni1a"t ln bIoi
iUlre,l, 01 now ha. In and to the Mmwln
.ewr.lxsi real pmi eily.siluutrnnil Mint I
V anc.ti'ouniy, xtute of 1 hvkoii; l!nr!niiliiit a
I lie nieibweni cirneror the le.l llixw-t iumt
oriuellou tbieeiMi: ttioiw-e wnitli flfiem bur
dred tlilrtyeven (l"i ) feel; til -nee eaitt in
bnndre.1 llfly-ll-e V, feel: thenee norlli fl
teen humlreU firtcMt'.en (155 1 feel: llieni
wet li hundred llfiy rUe (iVii fnet to I
Jlnnlna. lylmt ana I nit In .cll .n Ihree (: 1
,''w1n'"'l i) north of raiiKe teiMlUien.i
llliiiiiette Men tuu:oro inn liofmilil urn.
erty aa will aallHfy aald J11 iKineiil and Ueciee
v"w. mill ItlTlllIIV C'WIH.
Hald nrotierlv will Im. riiilfl anhlcwl In fnn
fiiTiiatlnn and re le iiiutn,u.a by hiw prnvMvi.
liutadut l lie I'ul.ea. Oreioti, lliis2Ut day n
July. A. It. 1W0 KliUKKI' K K l,V.
jyg.iU Hherlir t, ax o County, tire.
Notice cf Iilingr Plats
Unnen flu le- l.mid (lliee. , ne lmil.. die
Kn. Auat et IUW. Not ee I beivb . alven
lliiiiiiiiSe.lpn.b, r H. !)l. Iliere vill b. filed
In llil Ibee airoved lnt of tlie lollou Inn
intt 11111 1 a: c racl timil towiiftlU' I Miuih.Miiui
W emit, W. !.: riai-iioiial Inwi.aliln a a.. nib
in i eal, W. JJ.jaiel h-nulloual lun;
ti aoiuit, range laeaMr. tt . ai.
J (Y I. I.L't'AS, lte later.
For Jelly.
Ped H!!T!an ('rub Au'il . . ,-eiit ner.ionnil
py lite K0"M or loll. l t. ILVTr.ttAM
1 -1 r i'
,r the 1 e..
r anytWaarmiMof m tow
t n, ty ir ,tnt of tho
aibi i l rf id to be
tiu ! ith lire an Ktoinaoh
ea'ttnai i aa h const. atinu.
(liMiiieat. lua.nutttjUi i4H'Uik
ik'iiu i.i.t Wv ..77
No, 23
pvTWe , Ud em, thw IX
tba fc-'i'ata ot iji a ge. t. liUv
t v ' ty ao I bo lit-r an
t'f-ti-f ,r fluty a tKej
IS-' . '
Cockrels for Sale.
Thoronulibred lliaea .VI moreiia -hi I Sil.'or.
Iavd VV .vaiiiiolltM. Cliii-ki'in b imrnt and
aoi j. Kiaiala mid fi ya aer- eil to order.
oH7 Krankioii I'oiility Viirds,
Kotlce of Sale
Kotloe la ber,-by riven by tne nnneinlcnei
Ulliirdliinc nf tlie esiulea 01 K nine U-lu Udell
unit of vviiiinni Tied Kemp and ln-e Hn
wortb Kemp, beii u uuiliorlieed tliereio by nn
nrneroi tne eininly niurt of Hie aliite ofiin
BOH for 'Vaatii county, will, !tvr tlie llltli.liiy
H "veMier, n;. aeu Hi lite leslllenee
AliiKeiU. Ilivnl llh e'. Ureifon, at pi-tent.
ale. for tlie liivliiMI prlre biiilimlj In easli
Hie f.-ll minif ik-wrilie l pr nilea 01 the mid
eatHto, Hiuule in tl.e munty of v -e.', alale
01 tiveon, l,tv.'ll: n iitvllvmcl hilerest 1,
. inlereat In 11 ml to tlie aoiitlnveat V. of the
Hiiiinwti ti i r ae-tion ImviiKliH. 2 no-lli
range lOenai of WbUinietle meildmn. tVileil
t nuiwi a, Al lt B K KM 11 01 Hie FNtutenf William 1'miiI Kenij
intu i-n,r Manorill rteill.-i, minora.
c. v. iiiircf.t..
ilimrdlan of the Estate of Lebi Udell
"I'linr. iiulOa.'
The Event of the Times.
Great Street
Fair and
Occupying many solid blocks.
taking 111 an entire street,
from curb to curb.
Portland, Oregon,
Sept 4, to .5, igoo.
luder the aui-pice of the
Portland Elk. Surpai-ing
in magnitude and grandeur
nv thing of the kind ever at
tempted on the Pacific coast.
Something to remember up
to the date of vour heart
The Street of Cairo, The Omental the-
iter. 1 he (ierman Vil'iHuo. - .Tl.e Dane.
ituitfirK An Arabian Pageant Crovvie
' He Queen, lie,, King of the Car-
iu auwuteti in in mairmbeent court.
Hie grtHlt liaritde of the Elk a.nd other
omer. iiie Itatiau 1'ark unit tountn n.
I'lie niau'iiirtivnt triiimnhal areh ml
grand M dwav tilled with wonderful at
traction. JUmini!. Mercantile. Alt:.
nlture, Horticulture nn'd other imhia.
trial eJiiWta. The Wt meir Puvilinn.
deaigned by vv.iiieii, built bv women
and decorated by women for the exhibit
ot women m work. The grain
palace built of Oreimn and ahiiiirtin
grain and graces. .
Muaic, Oiitetv and Fun. Ninht ism.
el itii dny,
lAivwt mil and water rates ever given
to Poland In ui all parts u the Pacific
l.nnd otlloe ni Tlie Halt,-. n.nn in. o
iijin v. ,!.... ,u 1 .7 ....... .. . v :r"
; w- iirn-ii,, Ktvvn mill toe totiow-iix-imiucl
aettler luia tiVd tuaieeof bia inlen
j Hon toennimuieHivd make rlnnl pnaii ln suit.
; iNti l nf hl eaw. Mini that wild im-ikm' will
Millie ttV'eliuii.'t C. t'lallier. U S. Coiiiinls
lon, ti ttoul Klvt-f,OregonxouSauirdy,
Wjiiwnbjr l.t nmn. viz:
'If IL aid ttlver. H. K. No km fi.r ih. B...,n.
'i nortbeiist '4 ami north id son he.tst'iae,
inttnsiiip stioitn, runeo Ulwial, W, M
iiniiii i. me loiinivinn ivnne 10 prove
11a font 1 11 -inns resti'.enee outtti una eultivR.
lion of aiibt Innd, viz:
.... vi.wvoiiM. 101 1. 1 11, hi Kiver,, Mivtnt,
uulOaM J , . Llrl A. I.eisMer.
Timber (jiiid, Art JunoS, 1S7H.
If. S. Lnnrt (IfTira. Tlie la'ln rrnn Till
.1118. Nntlee Ih lurt-bv iilven lliullueoiii
plliiaec Willi Hie nrovilon of the H.'t itf C'OII
icrexa of lime :, I- K. entitled "An uet f r tb
aalenf tiuiber luu.laln tlM.ltite-of ijallfornln.
urc'Kon, .Nevada nd W.iatiliurtoa ler. Iiory.'
1'llflEHE M'UihHL
of Hood tiii er, eoutity of VA n-eo, male ofOrt
ifiui, iaa I bia duy tneu ln liiiaoiliee le r awon
Hiaieiiient .No. ;" , f r tbe 1 mvliai tit III,
liorttiweKt iuliiwe-t hii: .uinct
n.irliuvl t i, e- tl. 11 No. Slpiowiwhlpjto.i
north, tniiice No. Henst, . M., mid will otn 1
proof to aliotv llml Hie In 11 I Miuulil la nior.
miIuhU e for Ita limb, r or alone limn for 11,0 1
eiiburul purixiaea. and toeMal.llHh Per eltiin.
to tuiiu Inn 1 IxTote the ItiKlMi-i' Hld Keeeh ci
of llila utile lit The HuLea, Oreuiui, tilt Erl
Uuy, the vilat day of September. I'.KnX
ri.,e aa udlneHeT lt..rt Mfrv,.p,
and Join. a Yvx,er of Ifiaal filter, oresmi:
Mid Mniptixi of 1'Hsewde l.tieH, Orison;!
roinni iMiitiH. pain itiviT, 1 nelson.
.v am, nil laswivtrbtliiiliig .ttl.ersclv tlie
iibove-dcMr bed lands mv rtiiuexted to tile
tneire aiiua in thla ofrli'.. nn iir before auld
2Ih nay o, Hepicinbe-. IKIO.
Jylila:4 JA I'. LL't'AM, Hegister.
f and Offlt at The Ini,, Oregon, July b,
iw .nin e ik neien.t given Hint Hie lollovt
OiK named aultler baa tiled imtne uf his In
leiuioii to nniau ona.i
aiipiairt of ma el dm, nn I I hut aulil proof ivn
oe imete ueroie ueniKP X. riulher. U. . t m
oisaioner. i ti,i liner, uteou, 00 tul
urimy, .itigUHi 4k 1!W. vtx 11. WKTiiii r
ufHiHid Hlver, Orepui, Hd. K No. 50 8, for tin
It W ' N W ', we. l Tp. 2 N, l tf E, W. M.
lie iiuiura iiie folloiviiiK wiln. BM-a to prove
.11" nmuiiguui leaiueuee i.p n aua cu.liva.
iKui 01. wiiu lauu, viz:
r-rHiiK IiaveiiiHiri.Cluirle Cluindler, Ii. H, jae.i lvy. all nf iI.hi.I luver. U,.
AW k'. LUt'AS, llerfiate..
ITIiiiber Limit, Act JtineS, IS 8
United Hliitea Land uill- e. The Hulliw, Ore
ion, .luiie ai. IliC l her. In- irlvei
tlinl In i'oiii.iur,eo tvllli Hie pmv Ismn- 01' ihi
nei'H Kresani; Jun.; a, pi 8, emitted "An
ifi bit me mil,, of timber tonus in l ie S;m,.
I Vht.f inia, ticegtin, iVevndu mid Wusiiiuk
0 u'ivittiory."
'f lliaal lliver. eoinilv , f V eo. aiiiio nf Ore
aon. na una uay pjeii iu Ibis e pjs awoi 1
niiieineiu, A . U tor Hie ptpvluise m' tin
on, t, . a itri I IU of H. cliou .o. pi. In town
ntpro,. 1 11111 III, ranite .v. II enat, V, . .VI.. tin
t ill oner proof o sho tint' the I11111I Koin.i,
in more 1,11111 me lor Ita timhi'i nr inue lim.
inr iiKri-itmiriit pui'iMisea, and to eKinbllali hi
iioiii in Hion itin.i be oie Hie lietrUipr tin
.wel end thiaoiUee at The lHe,Oi'en
.11 augmv, 1 11 iii any o e,n ember, 1IIJ0.
He iimiiiis ua witWR-e: .1. .tnirliiev. Ka
Mai'kley, t. Ken lev and H. .VI;irkie.-. nil r
1 Paid Ui er. Ureiron.
Any unit nil im rsona ..hiliiinM. nderu.-l.. 11.0
iib.ive-,i,n(Tib,r, hinds arc le.iue.Hiea lo Hie
lueirfUtima 111 thla nrl i-e on or before tain
ss-i any in Kieptmiber. IIOJ.
-J2? .IA1 ! l.Ut'AW, Uenlsler.
Commencing Saturday, August 25th a Straw
Hat will be given away to anyone
making a purcha33 at our store.
Remember you will Save Money in buying
from us for CASH.
Denver Clothing Store
For Sale
JULY 20, 1SC0.
1. Four acre? at Frankton, improva).
jff'od spring; only ,550.
2. Lot lOOvir.O f(!Pt,
Pelnw Portland Prioe- and you nlao save the frelit.
YUM VUM " " 2. ?, K dneed.
liiOV I1EI1S 4 00, Same old prlee.
WEfiTKKX WAS1IK!:8 ' - - 8.JJ, UtduceJ.
Lumber, Lath, V.iw, Doorn, WJndowa, Mould'ne, Building
.Material of all kinds. UET MY PKICES.
Funeral IHreetor and Emlialnier.
r.'ctures Franu d. all Taper, Taints and Oils a Spec'alty.
Golden Rule Bazaar.
(Timber Land. Act fune 18 S.)
NO l it K FU'i lUUHi-'AUOX.
unnen xtniin Land tinlee. The IKIIea. Oi-e-
iton, Jiuy w 1SHA1. suttee ta hereby (jiven
linn In eoiiiollunee with t lie nroviMoiia oi'
iiei oi eoniiiv a oi nine L i a, entitled "An net
.or, nie eniei.r limn -r lain. 8 In the Stnlea
Vtitairn(iiAUieon, t'Vlldu and Wiishingtoii
f Hood fflver, eouiity ol Wuseo. st-iloofOre
Hon, una Una i iiy tiled in thia olliee 1 1 i r-
lovoru win Ilii it-ii t No i.II for the inir.-himu
i me wc-iTijUiuuir.ei y4 anu iota . anu 1
eenon ioin.ati.ip 'i nortu, nime v e.isl,
tv. .n nun wi on. r uro.,1 ira i,m ihai
me lann Milium ia more viuimnie lor ilsllm.
tier or atone Hunt f..r ii.rr:,iiltiu.ul oiii.i...uu
and to eMiibl ali bia claim to aaid bind
lu-ltiie tbe Heitiste mid Keeeiverof thia ottlee
ill ine nule, lie .11. on Kr duv. the lit.t
my oi nepiemner. nwu.
He ll.'tnieK Ha u ltnesv-a; Perrv MiJ-r,.,.- nn,l
O. II. Hartley o Hoald lliver.' Ilimron- llui.
tiiird Taylor of naco, OreRon; Fled hiniison
of t'UM'atiea, Oreaon.
Any nol all claltnlni; ndver. ely thi
iiVvV(w;e-etbetf. ra:el -e lequratel tit ttli
their etaitna in thia otnt-eniior h.i'ore sui.
l!lsldiiv of SfptemlHM-, PU).
JJ'4 J.H l.UC.Sv Uwlsier.
(Timber Land, Aet June , 187S.J . .
United Stnlea IliH.v, Tim n..iw
Oreiitou, July 10. IIHXl. Sot lee ia hereby ulvei.
Itutl til soniplianee ivitti the nnivlabina ol th
WHBiilSMw of .lunv S. WK. eniuled "An
W.-1 bki' tbe Mik'nl timber lands In the siox ,,
t-Hliluriiiaaeiron, .Neiada and Wasblnapn
leri'ltory,' , .
Of Hood lover, eounly of Wnsco. alate nfOn
iron, huatlna viuy ntal lt.t Hub otliee bia awore
stiitement, Niv la. fur Hie utinuiase i,r tiu
et V MHilbeaat Va Keeitoii ,. ami waat u
somioteai U of , No. 8. In towiiabl..
.Vo. I nortfi, riinae No. U ast. VVill.niT.
ette Meridian, and will otter pnaif ti,
allow that the laud aniihl la more vnliinbli
lor ita timber or lone than for intrle ilium
pnraie, and to ealablish bia eliiim to atili.
land bef irelbe tteirister and Hnvkuiihi.
oltlee at The I miles, uieiion.ou Snturday, Hn
Sid day of September. fniKV
He namea m . veiinessiwj fe Morse. I.en
Morse, Kiank H. imtton and W ill Uankln.ali
of Iliaal Itlver. tlretron.
Any and all la-ra ma elniniinvt vestv tin
nove-neeribil kinds are requeaterl Ui au
V, . oi una tunc on ui ueiore aau
231 day of September, ivu).
J.'toMt JA t: I.UUAS, Reirisler.
Ladies, Attsntion.
We it- sire to lot' .rut thw,; ..r n.j
tt veritit I vallev tlin no hiv pn .-ai-ed m do
I-1S-ISM VKI.SIU In the latest
an itn-t w.H-hi itppre-iate .tour o iiers. All
Kinds 1 1 n An. I f iney tewlnx imttlv done
K.anilsoii MHtind tt air ot S. K. Ha'-tmess'
' 're. M IH. I H. I'l.AHK,
i M S, si. A. Kit Mil.KY.
5 to 60 Acres.
till sell any part of my 'an-l. -rom 3 In u
ni- -s i wo ninea iroiu lown. r.iirlv iioreg
1 1 ore.m-.t. W. I It IK Kit.
Bone Brcs.
Will ;! v, a wli. Wvji e iwlves. fl nr. 'TheaL
brim, s.iorts, Ml-Uwlieals suit tolte.1 barlev
IheywIU Uiu oai Ooinmlsslou or bay- your
f ulw "f V Mmta. Kememl-r that liiev are
ajietiV Kenreily mnnery. and want
f'i",trtl veiretab ea to inn. Alan hvi,i r..
,-..-. -,. .ii.ti i nites.
Land (litlee at Tbe Dulles. Or.. a "iori
on-,' e neiinv inur tn
nauied settlers have tiled notice of iulettrtoii
nnai prtan on meir reaieellveelalin
itJ ixeKiaier nun Ketviver at. rh:
i u nea, uiegon, on frUIuy. Mep-enita-r II, hoc.
t'.L V'r, o houieateail application x.
oh i, ior me west t anulbeaat K,, m.u hwest
ii'-ruienai t,, aoni.ieaal northwest 14 aee-
-., in. utuKc 11 ettai, tv. ,v,,
f M.wler, en Heinestehd a-'Ileatbtn Xo
iv nw me viol )4 uor'het and lot 4
section la. tottualot, 2 i.oith, range lieasi,
Vv linessea: Wallni-e . Hu.-banits. Axel K, A. H. UiKlberaon. imld Wvs-
Miios ti.KH and s. E. Haher, all nf Mia-ier.
Mtilus'u JAY P. I.PCAH. Keiti&ter.
no net: fo PFinaiuTiox.
t u I UrtJce at The fltitles, Oregon. Ane fi
Xotn-e Is hereby eKeii that thefoilou-
inv-nnniiit settler has tiled 1101 ice of hia in
tetitKk-i to nuiii lliiivl pnaif in support of hi
claim, and tliatsjwd praif will tie made bef ire
tae Keciaier and Risviverat Tie Da ilea. Ore
Son, nil ikiiui'd iy, .September 15, HW, vIk
Of Master. H. K. Xo. fr tbe. anrth
wnithwesi V4 ,.nd n trlli soutbenat 1. section
. iimn-ti!, i no ih. Miife II -aaf, W. M.
He na-.iee tiie t .!l .n in tritn.-aaea to,.
his coiitii-110 is rc.i.ionc upon an I cuiilva
Hon of m;.I land, vis:
W. A. Srark. f Kturk St n Pih. . ..i
CturW liavciiput. vl if Miwler. Oregon.
iu JAY r. Ll'CAS, Kesiater,
V A.1 u t b.
I. -1 s...i'il Jll
1 i-'v eai:i l.-:,i
O'l.S i
cuso for
n-rc". s ii" v s-ro-jui hoiiM- in U n '.-!'
"-vii. I.e.t,.r.-vf J,. UU15UKX
Pads, Peiic!ln and Tablets.
Anylhing needed for school work.
T TGK TWfl T A nX7 T T?
Xotions, Br'c a r,rac, ttc.
In order to make rrcnn for New Goi ds purcliaseiU We lmve plaeed
all oddn and ends of our stock on sate at less half price. See
them before buying.
bone & Mcdonald.
t '-J' V
AMA ink
5? mini
State Normal School,
Ii Term Orens
.1 fc.' . : ',1
J u
The etidenta of the Normal School are
I'rei ana 10 tune tl.e State Certificate ini
Ultd lltelv on uiiiHuntioii
Uradiiatea rend.! secure pord positions.
cj peiihe 01 ear in ni riv0 t0 lyo.
Strong aciidnu'c and professional courses
Jkmv UpeKai Department in Jlamial
ira mug. .....
Veil eoH:pi?i) Training Department.
Fur catalogue containing full announce
nients, address
rt r .P-,.L- C J:I!'KLL, Pres dent.
Or V, . A. Was.v, 8wretrv of Faciltv.
. S. Blowers . & Son
Am still iu the precession and prepared to supply your wants
m Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Flour, Feed, etc.
Just, arrived, a carload of Wk Wulla Flour bought before
the advance in prices. Will uice-t all competition.
In Shoes we have a great deal of competition in ?Km but
none in quality. The Miller Shoe is the best wearer on tarth.
20 Sacks of
nN one day,
I u-ould rather sell 2a Sacks of nn at a small martin than
one at a large proIt.
We buy close for cash and sell close for cash.
BRAN for the cow, - - . ncz
SHORTS for the hog, - -BARLEY
for the horse, . . 7SnJscf
WHEAT for the chickens, . 1 5
and all GOOD
on V.
a-eiHie, iiorili ot J;r. Is haw
idunce. Price, f ilO.
3. .Tnhn Sil ma farm, in lots frcm60
20 acres ; ,50 to ?ltQ per acre ; ternm,
4. Lot opposite schoolhouse ; "5 feel
square. Price, (175.
5. Tlie Atkinson property, cor. First
and Oak streets; best bargain in tom
7. Parrett-Si maaddit'on ; (50 prlrf
(10 down and f6 per month ; noiuterett
8. Four lots on Sherman nve., fomh
of Front st., (400 cauli. Must be sold iu
9. The J. II. Frary place, East Side
near Tucker's mill ; 200 acres, nearly mi
level ; part well iniprtmd; price (12 an
acre; will be sold in fort) -acre traco at
miall advance. Terms,
or more cai-li. A great bargain.
10. T. R. Coon's 80 acres in
7 miles southwest tt town ; 4 acrtbtitar!
ed; (1(1 an acre.
11 The G. T. Gnlligan 40 acre?, lyitif
mi the county n ud north and east ot the
Harrett farm; 20 acres in cuitiititiiui.
WOO fruil trtes Price (1,500. Teimi
12. lf.O acres on Hoed river, 3 mile
above Tucker's mill; 8 acres cltand
Price (1,850.
13. The W. II. Bishop heme in UonJ
River, li t (i nrd part at lot 7,
Waucinui addition to Hoed Kiver-j
pretty hi me. Only (1,100, - '
14. Ti e Allen Fultr n faim, lCOacren
5 miles itist of town j price Vl,U.O.; teiini
15. The F. E. P.ailev nlace: 10
goid improvinients; all in fruit; new
House, oarn ana out buildings. An idal
heme. . Price (2,500.
Hi. John Sinnia farm. Iflfloeroa tzem
- v,vw.
(1,000 or more rath and balance at 8 per
i;rtn, ui me ciim w llfres, 73 Ult'lirta, tor
(2,100. (500 or more cash, balance at S
per cent. Best farm in the valley.
19. The Sun lot and building; (700.
20. P. A. Trana ti'ni-p. White Snlnmn
ins-'ght of Hood Kiver; 8 acres, ia
strawberries and d matrr 17,000 straw-
nerry plants ar:d 1.4U0 t( onto plants,
Xo irrigation required. Price (700.
21. N. (. S. E. V. S. V. N. V. U
4, T. 3 N.."R. 11 E Uh.te Salmon; fini
t.mber land ; (10 per acre.
22. The Emersnn hr Riostend. onlrn
mile east of town ; fine range ; (1,500,
23. Lots 5 and 0. Work 7. WinqnunrY
dition ; (50 a lot, cr (85 for the two.
21. Bernard Warren's fruit farm r
Frankton, plenty of water, good build'
ings, etc. 17 acres. Frice (3,500.
25. Wilkens' fine farm
mon falls, 240 acres; 25 cleared and in
grass; good 'miirovements: fir.e water
Power: Driee sti.eked. or 2.7.enfi.r
2". S. II. Gov's fine ips;ilence in llivil
Riverlot 100 x 100; price (1,200.
27. J. Nirkelson's nttiep nt Efl.
tuont; Nacres; (2,100. Terms enev.
28. A St n'n of lard fn feet n -Mo lie V
mile lone, with th rretvb 1
the west. s:de of Blower's addition and
tne county read at Paradise farm. Prici
2( Tweiltv arres Iv inir north of PptM
Konke's. East Side: t'tir-d Inrrl: nnini
proved. Price (500; terms easv.
31. Emma G. Tir.fvnsnn'H 4(1 nirpji. ,
East S'de, adjoining A. I. Mason's fruit
rvHiuiimn.oiprovea; rsou.
f2. Emma G. Roh'nsnn Ifih nerpRna
hills east of W hit fin'mnn Innivn nn
the Dryer place; fine timber; uniia.
proved; (875.
For f-ale at. the Fmnnrinin 1 f.fl a prp !
0 can be ninde readv for plow for flOOi
40 good timber. Fine soil; no rock on
150 acres; big hay shed ; school and post
( ffierfonly) niiie; on dailv stage line 1
well watered. (50 down, (50 in 1 nif'tith,
(50 in 2 months: fin I in i ipurs Onltf
(500; a rare bargain; 15 niiles distant;
tuac (800, fn am loan,
for MAN, ' "
vho holds dowinioQ
over the rest.
We want m, Trade, guarantee cntr G(,ds and deliver
and free ol charge
CLYDE L BQNNEY, Proprietor.
At the Emporium is kent. a first-claf
surveyor's transit, and the proprietor.
wcinn s prneticai surveyor,, is well
Diired to do thp n-nrlr ni la .,,t ni-rp.
age hronert.v ill lots nurl hi, L-a onrl rltK
ing all kind's of survej ing.
Is . B. Terms easy oa all the above
lands, with interest at 6 per cent. Per
sons desiring lrcaticns on hemesteads
and timber claims ttculd arply at tha.
Money to Lean.
At the Emporium.
Davidson Fruit Co.,
Hood River's Famous
Tl I ...
Hood River Brand of
Canned Iruit3.
Boxes and Fruit Pacfc
Fertilizers and Agricul
Water Notice.
Pprfinna ra.nt...)K. . ..... . rtf
pfoieuHinyany wHtr. make application to
t 5 'u tt riunp. ittnn. toe num""
t I.Hsand h 1rt-oir.j,.tM,)aamp. Alst,ii!t
Piiyment of 75c per lot, or fiactinn of a I?1
nicuamtnatrrtiruttiie will be permitted ex
rpt to ttfta ho oesinnated. All Irrietln5
luiist be dune through reultion nnil "
J r residing u-irth of Onk street win
, il V v ' 'tteert I Of rjoara oi o
i. , ;, 1 : ,h"se south of eaidstrertstm
k) comply with ahoverulf