The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 27, 1900, Image 2

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    5food Iftver (Slacier.
FRIDAY, JULY 27, 1900.
At a meeting of the board of regents
of the Oregon agricultural college at
Corvallis last week, a resolution was
passed prohibiting the students of that
institution from further participation in
1 athletic contests with other schools or
colleges, alleging that the records of all
educational institutions show that the
standing of those students engaged in
athletics compares in nearly all canes
unfavorably with the standing of other
students. The sweeping action of the
board will be looked upon by the true
college students of the state as an over
bearing act of authority, and the reason
put forth to sustain the board's action
will lie resented with strong con
demnation. The cold fact is that the
reasoning is false. It is not so, in the
case of the leading colleges of the Pacific
coast (and the United States, also) that
the students prominent in athletics are
lcfiniflnt in their studies. Bather on
the contrary, the participants in ath
letics are also prominent in the inter
collegiate contests in oratory and de
bate, and in fact many have class stand
ings the highest in college. The record?
of the institutions will corroborate thit
fact. The faculties of the universities
demand a certain standing from students
before permitting them to enter athletic
contests, jvhich precludes tho debasing
of a college into a mere school icr atn
letes. Collese students need athletics-
as a healthful diversion from their desk
work. They also demand inter-colleg-'
iate athletic contests, and there is no
reason why they should not be permit
ted when-governed with reasonable reg
ulations. Tho impending Far Eastern crisis is
proving the worst kind of a Chinese
puzzlo. What the situation at Pekin is,
or what is the fate of tho foreign min
isters there, no one knows definitely.
Dispatches have been given out by the
Chinese officials' at Shanghai purporting
to bo messages from the besieged foreign
ministers at Pckin. But coming as they
, do through the hands of the Chinese,
the authenticity of the reports is doubt
ful. At Tien Tsin, the allied forces of
Russia, Japan, England, Germany and
America effected a capture of the walled
city on July 14th. After tho fall of Tie
Tsin, Secretary Hay put a request to the
powers that an immediate advance be
made on Pekin, but the commanders on
the Bpot deem Buch a move impossible
until September, owing to climatic con
ditioua and the allies' lack of equipment
The Chinese soldiors are showing sur
prising military ability from that exhib
ited in the Japanese war. They are
well supplied with the latest guns and
munitions and are proving skilled murks
men and good soldiers. In the face of
such conditions an immediate advance
upon Pekin by the small band of allied
forces would be moral suicide. The
latest rumor has it that the Chinese
government will offer tho foreign min
isters safe passage from Pekin to the
sea, but with this report comes othei
stories of probable massacre of all Eu
ropeans. When the present complica
tions will right themselves it is hard tc
supply the need of a commanding dem
ocrntic daily ,and today the Chronicle lias
reached a position where it is recognized
(,,. .,), :,, ,.n:i,,.,t .,... ..:.. i
T, . i ,i "'wca"u Now is the time to spray. The codlin
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Acker's English Remedy will stop a
cougti at any tune, ana will cure the
worst cold in twelve hours, or money re-
iunaeu. zoanu.wc. wiinanis&iirosius
of the United States.
John Russell Young, writing in 1804,
said: "The Chinese are not an 'enthu
siastic people.' Their hearts are not
easily fired. They are not prone to out
bursts of public emotion. China moves as
a glacier, rather than as the volcano or
cyclone. But she moves. You may de
feat her today, you may defeat her to
morrow; you may bombard herTaku
forts; you may even land an army and,
marching over the low, alluvial, fertile
lands of China, spring upon Pekin.
What then? You would have no more
gained the country than by the capture
of Boston you would gain the United
States. It is like macerating the waves.
You may cut and slash and stab. I ho
billows will swirl up and roll. It is war
upon an impalpable enemy, ns if assail
ing the air or the clouds." Mr. Young
seems to have had a picture of present
events in his mind's eve. But of course
he referred to a united Chinese people.
It the Chinese are lighting among them
selves, it presents a clinerent case.
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from now till the upple crop is gathered.
A fruit grower of San Jose, Cal., has
commenced suit against a nurseryman,
claiming $1154 damages for 1000 fruit
trees sold him four years ago, and which
proved to be not true to name.
J. 51. Powell, professor of mathe
matics at the Monmouth normal school,
died last Wednesday morning after an
illness or three days.
During the month of May an infant
child of our neighbor was suffering from
cholera infantum. The doctors had given
up all hopes of recovery. 1 took a bottle
ol Chamuerlain'sColie, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy to the house, telling them
I feltsure it would dogood if Used accord
ing to directions. In two (lavs time the
child had fully recovered. The child is
now vigorous and healthy. 1 have recom
mended this remedy frequently and have
never known it to fail.-Mrs.Curtis Baker,
Bookwater, Ohio. Sold by Williams &
Discrepancies in Boundaries of Lots.
John Leland Henderson in setting
monuments in Hood River found the
improvements of owners' lots consider
ably out. In the old town tho improve
ments are more nearly correct, and the
further west, the greater the discrepancy
For example, Mr. Henderson Bays the
improvements on south side of Oak
street commencing near Front encroach
on the street, increasing lrom aoout ai
inch on the east to about three feet at
Ji die Byrkett'B southwest comer. The
street line cuts tho U. B. parsonage
touching outside of porch. On River
street, Judge Henry s southeast corner
of fence is four feet in the street, whiU
improvements on the south side of Rivet
are back from the street. The armory
building stands eight feet on the west
Sheriff's Sale.
In the Circuit Court for (he State of Oregon
for Wasco County.
W. E. Sherrll, pliitntltr, Civil action tore-
. fcovwr money.
EltonA.Havden.defendantl KhnrilfH gale.
By virtue of an attachment, execution, de
cree and order ol sale duly Issued out of and
under the seal of the Circuit Court of the said
county and ytate. U me directed nnd dated
the I7th duy of July, UXi), upon judgment ren-
w.-reu nnu enu-reu in sum court on me 17U1
day of July. 1000, In the above entitled cause,
In favor of the plaintiff, W. K. Shi-rrill, and
HKiilnst the defendant, Elton A. Hnyden, an
luugmem nemor, in me sura or une Hundred
sixteen and ttu-100 dollars, with Interest there.
on from the 17th day of July, MX), at the rate
of six per cent per annum, all In United Htates
tola coin, and we further sum of seventeen
uouars, coma anu umoiirnements, and the
costs of and upon t his writ, and commanding
me to imiKe sale or the rem m oDert v em braced
In such execution of sale and hereinafter de-
icriuea, i win, on
Monday, the 27th day of August, A. D. 1900,
At the hour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon of
said day, and at the front door of the county
court house In Dalles City. Wasco county.
date of Oregon, sell at public auction to the
(iiKiiesr. oiauer ior casn in nana, an the rignt.
tltlo and Interest which the defendant, Elton
A. Haydcn, had on the 2llh day of April, A.
I. IikjO, the date of the attachment, of said
property, or wnlch said defendant has since
'cqiilred. or now has, in and U) the following
lescnueu real property, situate and be nr in
Wasco county, state of Oregon: Beginning at
In the Circuit Court for the State of Oregon
In the County of Wasco.
Ida M. Brown, plff., 1 Bult for divorce.
vs. i-Huminons for publlea-
r rutin Dnm-n, ueu.L uon.
To Frank Hrowu. the above-numed defend
ant: In the name of the State of Oregon, you
are hereby required to appear and answer the
complaint tiled against you in tills suit In the
aoove enimea court, on or oeiore the ZMti
day or July, A, I). V.W, that being the last day
prescribed In the order for publication of said
summons, wherein it was ordered that said
publication be made once a week for six con
secutive weeks and for seven consecutive In
sertions, in the Hood River Glacier, a news-
fiaper of general circulation, published week
y In the town of Hood Klver, said county
and state; and If you fall toappenrat.d answer
said complaint, for want thereof the pialDtlfl
will take Judgment against you fur a decree
dissolving the bonds of matrimony heretofore
and now existing between the plaintiff and
defendant herein, and giving to plaintiff the
eare, custody and education of Henry, sou oi
said parties, and for general relief. The ser
vice of this summons Is therefore made upon
you by publication thereof in the Hood Klver
Glacier, a newspaper of general circulation,
published weekly in said Wasco County,
State of Oregon, bv order of said Court at Its
regular May term A. J). KAiO. thereof. Hon.
W. L. Iiradshaw presiding, on the 11th day of
June, a. u. r.-uu, tor six consecutive wteKk
and for seven consecutive Insertions, the
date of the first publication of which is the
15th day of June, 1W0.
john Leland iikndkrhon,
Jell)Jy27 Atty. for plaintiff.
fl'lmbcr Land, Act June 3, 1S78.
United States Land Office. The Dalles. Ore
gon, May 11, 1D0O. Notice is hereby given
that in compliance with the provisions ol
the act of congress of June 8, 187S, entitled
"An act for the sale of timber lan-Js In tin
Htates of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory,"
Of The Dalles, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has this day tiled In this office his sworn
statement No. Ki2, for the purchase of the
lots 11 and 12 and south half of southeast
quarter of section No. 1H, in township No. 1
north, range No. a east. W. M.. and will offer
proof to khow that the land souirht is more
valuable for its timber or stone than for ag
ricultural purposes, and to establish his claim
to snia mnu oeiore the Keirlsler and Keceivei
oi tins omce at ine jJalles, Oregon, on Satur
day, the llh day of August, WOO.
lie names as witnesses: w am Kana.ii.i-..
Morse and C. L. Morse, all of Hood Kiver. Or
egon, ann J. rl. i'hlrman or The Dalles.Oregon.
Any ana an persons clalinlnj adversely the
above-described lands are reauested to file
their claims in this office on or before said
1th day of August, MOO.
jeia jay i'. LUUAS, Kegister.
Have just received a line of HANGING LAMPS that are , U worth
vouT attention. A good assortment of Hand Lamps always on hand.
A choice lot of Glassware, Queensware, Confections, Notions, etc.
Headquarters for brie a brae of all kinds.
Branch office of Union Laundry. JgCB
We Call Your Attention to the
United Mates Land Office, The Dalles, Ore
gon, June 20, 1900. A sufficient contest affi
davit having been filed In this office by
jonn Hem, contestant, against Homestead
Entry No. 441(5. made Auirust 21. IH'tt. for south
iiuiiiiiL; PLumis uimib iucl uu ilia ncs .u . ...'.., " . . "... tJ .,.,... - ...
j Tu i i i l i it i I w, '"""'weM. corner m uie iioruiwest quarter xJ( o w yt oi sec. n, I p. 1 south, range 1U east
ueoiuiBiuiHi tun ui n, nuu nuuui u section tnree (hj: thence south ntteen hun- by Andrew Johnson Aoserot, cont
One reason why tho European nations
or the United States do not declare war
upon China for tho massacre of the
foreign ministers at Tikin, outside of the
fact that China is proving a bigger prop
osition to be reckoned with than was
considered at first thought, is because the
world is at a loss regarding what power
war should be declared against. If the
Chinese imperial government, headed
by Emperor Kwang 8u and the empress
dowager, still exists and is endeavoring
to suppress the Boxer uprising, and
should it do so finally- and offer repara
tion to the powers for damage to their
representatives, the Chinese govern
ment could no more be held directly re
sponsible for tho atrocities than the
United States government at the time a
number of Italians wero killed by a New
Orleans mob somo ten years ago. If
Prince Tuan, father to tho heir appur
ent to tho throno, is openly or secretly in
league with the lloxers, aid should the
robels succeed in overthrowing the
present dynasty, responsibility for the
nnti-foreign movement conld not be
shifted and a concerted attack by the
powora upon China would have to follow.
Antelope's new paper,the Republican,
lias made its appearance. It is a neatly
, gotten up, well printed, 4-column, 8-page
publication, all homo print, and issued
every Wednesday by A. M. F. Kirch
heiner. The Republican announces in
its first issue that it has oonio onto this
world's rough seas "to pour oil on its
Buriaee, ami "to tio its share in com
bining tho factions of the republican
party." We admire tho trend of the
publisher's ambitions, but doubt the
wisdom of launching his medium in an
already well-filled field.
An order has been approved by Pres
ident McKinley putting the customs ser
vice in both Porto Rico and Hawaii un
der tho civil service rules, so that here
after appointments to that branch of
the service! will bo made, as in our cus
tom houses, from eligible lists of those
who have passed a competitive exam
ination. This has lieen followed In-
Bending from Washington to Manila the
chairman of the central board of exam
iners of the civil service commission to
put the merit system into operation in
the Philippines under the Taft com
four to 12 inches in tho street. O. C
Bartmess' east and west fences on south
side of River street are eiiiht feet out
and must move that amount west. The
lots about the school house aro all out,
and property lines are found too fat
east. Bchenck's lot is squeezed six feet.
and instead ot being D4 teet wide it
barely 88 feet , wide. Before valuable
improvements are erected it will pa
owners of land to have their lot lines es
tablished, as the town council has set
monuments from which all surveys must
start hereafter. Mr. Henderson Bavt
that he has measured three times from
Front street to west side of Waucoma
and that there is land enough for every
body on Oak street to pet Ins full com-
Dlemont and nave 70-iuu ot a loot t
spare. Now is tho time to get your linet
surveyed. Mr. Henderson will, set tht
corners to any person's lot for If2.60, and
if several contiguous owners combini
the work will not cost as much per lot
The Mazama Outing.
The objective point of the Mazamas fot
their annual outing this year Is Mt.
Jefferson. The party to climb tht
mountain will leave Albany, Tuesdm
morning, August 7th, and will proceed
to Detroit on the Oorvallis & mstern
railroad. The 25 miles from here tt
Lake Parmelia, where permanent camp
will be established, will be made over
land. The ascent of tho mountain will
be made August 11th. Tho railroad
companies have agreed to give reduced
Mt. Jefferson towers 10,507 feet sky
ward, is sixty miles east of Albany,
Lane county, and is ono 01 the leasl
known of the Oregon snow peaks. The
topofMt. Jefferson is a pinnacle 01
steeplo about 400 feet high, with almost
perpendicular sides, and has been scaled
Dy but very few persons, lins trip af
fords an interesting outing at a slight
expense. Any intormation will bo glad-
y furnished by the secretary of the JMa-
zkmas, Mark O iNeill, rortland, Oregon.
Don't Monkey with a Buzz Saw.
Yon can monkey with your proacher,
Bafely lolly him at will;
But don t monkey with a biua saw
Lest you're sure Its standing still.
You cun monkey with the man you owe,
And heat him If It's best:
But don't monkey with n inxr.z saw,
Lest you're sure Its come to rest.
ired tlilrfv-seven n5:47! font.- r.hAnr-A pmuI t.wt
hundred Ufty-tlve (HVi) feet: thence north fif
teen hundred fifty-seven (106.') feet; thence
west two nunarea ntty-nve (zoo) reel to ne-
,'innlng, lying and being in section three (Si.
Lowusiiip iwo zj norin oi range ten (iijjeast,
?riy as win Btuisiy saia juaginent anu aecree,
.viiii cusis anu accruing costs.
Haid Drouertv will be sold sublect to con
firmation and redemDtlon.asbv law nrovlded.
naiea at i 110 uaues. Oregon, this ssist day of
luiy, a. u. jyuu. miiii-.iti KCiL),
jytfam Sheriff Wasco County, Ore.
Ladies, Attention.
We desire to inform the ladles of Hood
River and valley that wo are prepared to do
DRUHHMAKINO In tho latest styles of the
irt anu wouiu appreciate vour orders, ai
Kinds of plain nnd fancy sewing neatly done.
itoomson second noor of S. K. Bartmess
itore. MKH. T. H. CLARK,
Jy! M IM. 8. A. BKA 1LEY.
Bicycle for Sale.
A lady's bicycle, nn Ideal, in eood reDair.
new io cs, tur saiu ui vi'i.
Two Cows for Sale.
I have for sale two eood milch cows. Also.
oungaiid old chickens for sale In numbers
to sun purcnasers u. u. uuryi,K.
Bids for Wood Wanted.
The Board of School Directors of District
Sit. 3 want bids to supply wood for the school
nouse, as 101 lows:
in corusor ubk wooa. 4 reet long, split.
11. ..f li'ln .......4 A -.... 1...... ....II.. nr.
tin f, ii n.Miii, 1 ,,7r;i iiiiih, nfJid; ur 2i)
uorusoi r ir ntuu woou, 4 icei long.
woou to De aenverea auu measured In
basement of school house by Oct, 1, 1(I0. Bids
will be rocoived until 12 o'cIock. Auk. 20. 1UO0.
The board reserves the right to retect anv
anu an 0111s. jj. jii,mti , i;icrit.
which it is alleged that said Andrew Johnson
AOoerot nas wholly abandoned said tract.and
changed his residence therefrom for more than
six months, last uast. and that his absence
iroin saia tract is not aue 10 n is employment
In the military or naval service of the United
Htates in time of war, said parties are hereby
noiineo. to appear, respond and onet
evidence touching said allegation af
10 o'clock a. in. on August 16, 1900.
before Geo. T. Prather. U. H. Commis
sioner, at his office at Hood River. Oreaon
(and that final hearim? will be held at II,
o ciocaa. m. on August 30, 11)00 before) the
Register and Receiver at the United States
Land Office In The Dalles. Oregon.
The said contestant bavini In a nroner af
fidavit, filed June iW, WOO set forth facts
which show that after due diligence, personal
service of this notice can not be made, it it-
herebv ordered and directed that, such not.lcp
be given by due and proper publication.
. j a 1 f. i.uuAM, Register.
For Sale.
You can monkey with a shotgun
If you're sure Its got no load:
But If you should meet a buzz saw,
uive it more man nan me roaa.
You can monkey with the Hpanlards,
Can beat them black and blue;
But any darned old buz, saw
May cut you clean In two,
A Wood Cough Medicine.
Many thousands have been restored to
health aud happiness by the use of Cham
berlain's CoughRemedy. If afllieted with
yeara.havo yielded to this remedy and
perfect health restored. Cases that seem
ed hopeless, that the climate of famous
health resorts tailed to benefit, have been
permanently cured by its use. Sold by
Williams & Brosius.
Not the best, but ono of tho best 40 acres In
(tie valley: good improvements; 1(1 tons of
wheat hay its good; a good set of black-
imith's tools. Fine location for country storo.
inquire at tue iarin, 7 nines south or town.
11. II. BlItAIHHT,
The public Is hereby warned turalnst the
piircnase 01 any 01 tne ionowing school war
rants against school district No. 8: One for&'iO
dated. Keb. 2. 1H00. In favor of Minnie Elton.
endorsed blank: one, snme amount and date,
lavor 01 ri, 1j. iiowe, endorsed blank; One,
payauie to my oruer, uoi enaorsea oy nie.
5 to 60 Acres
I will sell any part of my land, from 0 to 60
acres. Two miles from town. Thirty ncres
in orchard. W. J. iJAKKK,
House for Rent.
B. Warren's new 8-rootn house In Blowers'
audition, inqulwor H. WARREN.
Stray Calf.
A stray steer calf. S or 4 davs old: llthtred
anu wnue came 10 my place, dwner can
have the same by paying cost of this ad and
tor trouble or curing tor calf.
jyi.i i';. u. moukkv,
ITUnber Land, Act June S, 1878.
United States Land Office. The Tlnll
Oregon, July Id. 11)00. Notice Is herebv irlveii
thai in compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of Juno S. 18:8. entitled "An
net for the sule of timber lands lu the States of
Land Office at Vancouver. Wash.. June 18.
1900. Notice Is hereby given that the follow
Ing-named settler has tiled notice of his In
tention to ninke final proof in support o;
his claim, and that said proof will be madt
before the Register and Receiver U. 8. Land
Ofilce at. Vancouver, Wash., on Friday,
August 8. 1900, viz:
of White Salmon. P. O., Wash., who made il.
b. No. 8&7H. tor the south half of S W mmrler
' -""i01111 nan ui n vv quarter 01 sec. ay,
all In Tp, 8 north, range 11 east, Wll. Mer.
He names the followiug witnesses to prove
his continuous residence unon and culiivu.
lion of said land, viz:
Lee Joshua. TImothv Oeorire. .Toh n Pnvniu-
and A. H. Jewett of Wnite Halmou. P. .0..
1..... ' -
,r iir-n uMJlt.
JPVWSL !wiJ?iJ)uABAAilf'8ister:
Land Office at The Dalles. Oremin
I'KXl. Notice is herebv iriven that tlio full.
Ing-numed settler has filed notice of hh
intention to make final m-oof in simnnn
of his claim, and that said proof will hi
made before George T. Prather. U. S. Commis
sioner, at tiooo ttiver, Oregon, on Friday
Augusta, 11)00, viz: .
Of Mt . Hood Oregon. H. E. No. 4073, for the
Nl NE'4, sec. 19, Tp. IN, range 10 E, V. M.
He names the folloivinir wiiiipuklu t
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz:
J. T. Cooper, D. R. Cooper, Warren Cooper,
W.8. Qrlbblo, nil of Mt. Hood. Oregon.
Ju29"u3 JAY P. LUCAS, Register.
. On Eartlb-I
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, Ladies, Boys, Youths, Misses and Children's Shoes.
Men's, Boys', Youths', Children's CLOTHING.
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Underwear, Heavy Underwear. '
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Denver Clothing Store.
Tilwil B? .ml
State Normal School,
4a.' l 1.. .t
The students of the Normal School are
prepared to take the State Certificate im
mediately on graduation.
Graduates readily secure good positions.
Jfcxpense of year from 1120 to floi).
Strong academic and professional courses.
New Special Department in Manual
Training. ,
Well equipped Training Department.
f't lor catalogue containing full announce-
:VniPlir..c. flrirlrpMH
P. L. CAMPBELL, President.
Or W. A. AVann, Secretary of Faculty.
A. S. Blowers &Son
Are still in the procession and prepared to supply your wants
in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Flour, Feed, etc.
Just arrived, a carload of Walla Walla Flour hought before
the advance in prices. Will meet all competition.
In Shoes we have a great deal of competition in pricks but
none in quality. The Miller Shoe is the best wearer on earth.
Timber Land, Act June 8, 1878.
U.S. Land Office. The Dalles, Oregon, July
0, 1900. -Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions of the act of con
gress of June 3, 178, entitled "An act for the
sale of timber hinds in the Htates of California
Oregon, Nevada and Washington Territory,"
Of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has this day tiled in this office her sworn
statement rvo. ion, ror the purchase of the
northwest southwest yt, and southwest k
northwest of section No. 5 in townshipNo 5
north, range No. 9 east, W: M., and will offer
proot to show that the land sought is more
valuable for Its timber or stonn ti,,.,. r,
cultural purposes, and toestuhllsu her claim
to said land before the KeulHter unri bw.
of this office at The Dalles, Oregon, on Fri-
ouo iitimca net wi messes: Kel't Mi-rpnrv
20 Bitks of
ror bale
. JULY 20, 1900,
1. Four acres at Franktoii, m,
ctiiiiH snrmir! onlv SKO h
e. -t C. , j IW",
2. Lot 100x180 foet, on
nvenue, norm or ur. Shaw's form
3. John Sipma farm, in lii..
20 acres; 50 to per aero ;teri(r
4. Lot opposite Hehoolhouse-"
square. Price, f 175. ' 1
nT,he4AtkinS01,1 IlroPerty,cor.
and Oak streets ; best bargain in
7- Barrett-Sipma addition ; 5(W
$10 down and f5 per month; nofc
8. Four lots on Sherman avp
of ront St., f 100 cash. Mustbes.
9. The J. II. Frary place. Et
near Tucker's mill ; 200 acres, ntJ.
ivvuij I'an wiui improved; jjrice '
acre; will be sold m forty-acre in
small advance. Terms, threc-nt
or more cash. A great bargain,
10. T. R. Coon's 80 acres in Pn!,
nines soumwesi or town; 4ac
ea ; ?io un acre.
11. than. . Gilmer home.
uu nter, wasn., inu acres; nneoi
Der; gooa son ; wen watered; odIi
A rare bargain.
12. 1G0 acres on Hood river, !
above Tucker's mill; 8 acres ti
Price $1,850.
13. The W. II. Lisbon
River, lot 6 and part of lot 7, y
Waucoma addition to Hood I:
pretty home. Only $1,100,
14. The Allen Fulton farm. lf,i
e ; i i t . . . . '
o nines east oi town ; price
15. The F. E. Bailev nlnce:
good improvements: a in fruit
House, Darn and out buildings. A
iiomc. i rice ifz.ouu.
10. JohnSinma farm. 100 nem
$1,000 or more cash and balanwi
cent, or the east 40 acres, ctai
ipouu or more casn, oaai
per cent, ltest farm m the vulk
19. The Sun lot and building
20. P. A. Trana place, Wliitefj
msigiitot Hood Kiver: 8 acn
strawberries and tomatoes VIM-
berry plants and 1,400 tomato i
No irrigation required. Priced
21. X. V, S. E
4, T. 3 X., R. 11 E
timber land ; $10 per acre.
22. The Emerson homestead, u
mile eaist of town ; fine range; L-
23. Lots 5 nnd fi, block 7, Wit;
dition ; $50 a lot, or $85 for the tit
i X.E.'.
White Salmd
24. Bernard
Warren8 fruit fa
J would rather sell 20 SarJcs of Bran at a small m argin than
one at alar $e profit.
We buy close for cash and sell close for cash.
BRAN for the cow, - -
SHORTS for the hog, - -BARLEY
for the horsei -
WHEAT for the chickens, -
35 cents per sack.
60 cents per sack.
75 cents per sack.
14 cents per pound.
James KcEert of Hood UI
Simpson of Cascade Locks. Oregon-
liiilifornla Oresfon Nevaila ami Wnuhi,,itn aoovc-ciescriueu lands are lvuneste
f throat or lung trouble, give it a trial ltoiU)?y?A Washington their claims in this office oa or be
it is certain to prove beueticinl.Coufshs . MICHAEL E, wh,ch, fvmY p i a' 'ii ra n
it have resisted all other treatment for Wft.?!!'?!; X?0' -lB
What'a the difference between a cat
and a'match? One always lights on its
feet and tho other always lights on its
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take IjAx ativk Hkomo OitininisTahmcth.
All uriiKirtsts i-cfniul the money if it fails to
cure. i-.. w.urove s siirnature is on each box.
2uo. 1S
gon. nas tnis aay nica in tnis office h s sworn
statement, No. lim, for t lie purchase of the
easi soiiuieasi -4 seciion 7, anu west ;
southwest i of swtlon No. 8, In township
L-wu 1 iiuitn, luiiue i-u. v 1 ast. - uiuni-
ette Meridian, und will offer nrn.i'
show that the land somrht Is more valuable
ior 11s tiniDer or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish his claim to said
land before the Register and Receiver of this
"ttlee at The Dalles. Ore-iron, on Hatnrdnv. the
.!il ilaviifMAntiimlMr llkm
tie mimes as witnesses: l,eo Morse, Lew
Morse. Frank II. Button and Will Runkln. nil
of Hixid Klver. Oreiron.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are renuesUid to file
iih-ii- claims 111 mis omce on or Detore said
iid day of Septoinber, JtWft.
JyUsit jay r. 1.
.CCAW, KpRtster.
vVUIin.111 1t.-il,,n ll,ul l?u. n !
Any nnd all persons i-liiiminu- snU-uVoi.. ,i.
above-described lands are leu nestnii A hi.,
before said
Land Office at The Dalles.
. ..... . umcuj KIVCII lliat Hie IlltlOW
Ing named settler has filed uotice of his in-
u-uinMi 10 innKe nnu ir,,,f 1..
support 01 111s Claim, and that said proof wil
be made before George T. Prather, U. 8. t'oinl
mlssioner. at Hood Kiver, Oregon, on Sat
urday, August 25. 1!KK), viz: '
Ctf,yS0dJ?!Xe,r' rW Hd. K. No. W 18, for the
X W ,V4, N W sec. 28, Tp. 2 N, R 9 K, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
hla dentin,, 1, 1111 t.uu1.l., .... r. .
i X 1 . . I-0'1"-'"-0 auu cuitiva-
bitfll ui. MtlU inuii, v lie
for MAN,
who holds dominion '
' over the rest.
TEA, 1
and all GOOD
We want your Trade, guarantee our Goods and deliver promptly
and free of charge.
PhgQLgL CLYDE T. BOWJEY, Proprietor.
" oi. emu mini, via;
Frank Davenport, Charles Chandler, R, B
Indsay, Jack Levy, all of Hood Kiver. Ol.
x: luu.vs, Register,
The Chicago Chronicle offers a unique
case of success in American newspaper
enterprise. . Its first issue appeared
May 28, 1895, and in the five years of
its existence its Circulation has grown to
a daily average of over 60,000 copies.
The Chronicle was literaHy"liorn great,"
and has been a record broaker from its
beginning. . It entered tho field of Chi
cago ar.d the states cf the iniJili west to
is euiRed from the stomach not
l-eKinninK its work immediately,
I-mil it geU to work you feei d -trMedtlu
food lays iu your stom
ach uk weight.
To start diuestion to make th
stuinacU do its work you must assist
It if your stomach is weali or klow
to work.
No. 21
taken after meal tnnpiles foe stoin
h with nessary acids and juicea
which ..iitftst th food quirslv in ft
pwper mamwr. To Ret th tit
rsul use Baldwin Ilsiilth TMvta
ho. M with the Dysiwpsm Tablets.
The l)ysp,-jwi Tablaw codt Wo and
can be fcrnl at
(Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.1
ITnited States Land Office, The Dalles. Ore
gon, July a 1W0. Notice Is hereby iflven
that in conuuiance with the nrm tsmiw ut ti.o
actofconiricssof JuneH, lsrtt, entitled "An act
for the sale of timber lands In the mijii.. c.r
ralil'ornln.Orejrou, Nevada and Washington
Of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of Ore
iron, has this day tiled In this office his
sworn statement Nn. ISO fur the purchase
of the west southeast and lota 7 aud Vi,
-viiuii i, ii,Hii.iinp a norin, ranre y east
NV. M and will otter pnxif to show that
ine mnu sousitt is moi-e valuable fl,r its tim
ber or stone tlmu for agricultural purpiwos,
and to establish his claim u said land
before the Keciste? and Keceiverof tills otlii-e
at ine panes, ureaon, on Krldny, the 21st
oay oi tseptcmoer, isnni.
He names as witnesses: IVrrv Mi-rnwrun,!
O.H.Hartley of Hood Klver, Oregon; Hub-
i-uiu injiiT t-i nsi-o, vrcttou; r reu Simpson
of Cusi-ades, oreson.
Any and all persona clnimliiir adversely the
above-tiescribej lands are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before said
uay oi sepiemwr, iwu.
J.vUislt J.VY 1'. LUCAS, Register.
I-and Offlie at The Dalles. Oremm. .Inn-i
Notice Is hereby iriven that the follow
in named settler has tiled uotice of his Inten
tion to make Hnal proof In support of his
claim, and that said proof w ill be made before
OeoiycT. Prather. U. 8. Commissioner, at
Hood River, Oregon, on Friday-, August S,
Of Mt. llood,Ore!ton,H. K. No. -ISVi, ftr the
X X K H '' X ij, N W.V, sec 21, Tp, 1 north,
ramie 10 east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cuitiva-!
t:ou of said lurid, j
on. B. Ttr.liiiss. P. TC. K.-bert!
I."-s-;r. J. T. it r. : ' m' Mi. '.. .
.iUJ'auj J.WV 1. LiVvJAS, lirjj.siec I luiuor.
Timber ljiud. Act Juue 3, 18,8.1
United States Ijnd Office, The Dalles, Ore
ra, June 29. ISmo. Noti.-e Is li..rh 'Y1Z
that in compliance with the provisions of the
act of Congress of June 3, 18;8, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lnn.i in n. a........
of California, Oregon, Nevada and Wiuhiuit-
ifmmrv - w
Of Hood Kiver, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has this day tiled In this office his sworn
statement. No bid. for the purchase of the
V, ir' ! " ""lion o. in, in town
ship No. 1 norin, range No. east, W. M and
will offer proof to show that the land soinrht
Is more valuable for lu n,,,h " . . h "J
for agricultui-al purposes, and to establish Ins
ri2J.V. ; . ?. "l V',lmU 'ssr and
on Saturday, they'd dav of September IAW
He names as witncssis: J. Murklc'v.' Kav
,, ,V " ."e' d Marklcy. all of
Any nnd all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
. """"J '"!" '"ce on or before said
i'd day of September. isKXI.
Notice of Sale.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned
guardians of the estates of Eunice tela o Dell'
and of WllllHin 1'uul Kem
B'.irrli k'anm wl.. 1- i a Y.T 1
" - i in u. uri iia: a II fill I7,fll I IIUTVlt.l
order of the county court of the state of bre-
of Jnlv, hW, sell at the residence of Alice
Kemp, Hood River, Oftvon, at private sale
for the highest price obtainable in cash the
following described premises of the said es
tates, situate in the countv Of Vt,N,
Oregon, ttvwit: An undivided interest 3,7 in
terest In and to the Southwest 1-t of the north
west 1-4 of section Sri, township 2, north, range
wrobv.i uinuiciio uirriuian. latHi.June
iX l!W. A I .IPI,- V l u u
Guardian of the estate of William Pani Kemn
and IVive a.tnortti K-n:; n:uurs.
'. ) '
UusHlanof the estate vfKuojce L.rii..'.i .
The Proof
Of good Cofiee is in the drinkin, thereof. The lovers of good Coffee
do not expect to find quality in a low grade package good.
Jas.HeekmccCo.'s Best Mocha and Java.
Old Government Blend Mocha and Java
Daisy Blend (Costa Rica and Guatemala Blend), are each cuaran
teed to give satisfaction in the cup. We have in tU I ,8"
of Coffees and Teas in balk or UWg&
to suit every one. Your patronage solicited in these lines
Water Notice.
rersons requiring water for irrigat ing must
before using any water, make application to
the secretary n writing ij.ti .i, ".. lo
of lots and a description of same. Also make
payment of 7oe per lot, or fraction of a loL
peri month in advance. Application will be
ii.ed and no irrigating will be permitted le.
SJH. . 11. u
River, lot 100 x IPO ; price f 1,11
27. J. R. Niekelppn'8 place
mont : 35 acres : 2,100. Terms i-
28. A strip of land 30 feet wi'
mile long, with tne erecK, lyins'.
the west side ;of Blower's addit
the county road at Paradise farm
29. Twentv acres lyinpr north'
Kopke's, East Side; good land:
proved. Price $500 ; terms ea.!-
31. Emma G. Kobmwns
East Side,, adjoining A. I. -Ma:
ranch ; unimproved ; lfS50.
32. Emma G. Robinson's If
the Dryer place; fine timber,
proved; $875.
To Loan $S00, in one loan.
At the Emporium is kept a i
surveyor's transit, ami ukij
l.nt unrveVOr. 18 c
uciilf a jiim.nvui -r-
Iared to do the work ot my
age property in lots and blow
ing all kinds of surveying
X. r.. Terms are easyonall!
lands, with interest at 6 p8j
sons desiring locations
and timber claims should 1!
Money to
At the Emporium-
Ukl,,nfr Of
Pier's th
11,,.lrflrl! Of
Hood River
Canned iruwj
Boxes and Fruit'
Fertilizers and
tural Implex
ein on lots go Acs All
must be done through regulation nole W
spray. Ail residina north of ot ..J V
use wafer only between the hoars of 5 and 9
No water will be rnrnished any ote faiiine
to comply with above rules. "unng
x5ees ror Sal
KA.ian l.-vs for sale ly
Bone Bros.
bn.iVldwStmr' !2!
They will h! ' at', Rnd rolled barlev
fruits o all kfndl T ,ta,j? or
agenu for the Kennedmemb'r tbfrt
fruit and veVetabl4 u, ynanry' Hni a"t
the Bainwlion AcrnAlso af?ents f'"
the Racine migiiet H21ers d
almost all eoous ti h. H,ackg. i hey bay
load, disur'a uZlteV, , h r
525Lleash ligon8van1 Wlil with
ZXSSLW. thorixod by the
all hills due the est ii.,;. eleh toneet
Call DP,.n aaSre",11 Pay "