The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 29, 1900, Image 2

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    5ood Iftver Slacier.
FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 1900,
If Uie United States should declare
war on China, the 150,000 Chinese res
idents of thw country would, according
to international law, have to leave the
borders of the United States within
"thirty days alter a declaration of war.
In case of war the Chinese ambassador
fit Washington would receive his pasg-
jKjrtfl, and his intercourse with this gov
eminent would end until hostilities
ceased, as in the case of Spain. The
minkter would thereupon notify the
consuls of his government in every city
of the United States, telling them that
lie had received his passports and order
ing them to collect together the subjects
, of his government, notifying them that
irithin thirty days they must leave the
territory. International lav would re
quire that the Chinese be deported at
' the expense of their home country, but
as China has no ships her countrymen
would hove to be transjorted on ships
hired (ron) nation with whom she
vouLj likely be at war. However, they
would be protected on the ocean and
Allowed to reach their port within any
reasonable time after thirty days from
the time of leaving Uie United states.
What would be done with those who
could not get back to China is a ques
. tion that would have to be decided later,
t j . . .
In the Cuban municipal election?,
June 10th, the first in which the elect-
. jrs of the island participated since the
overthrow of Spanish authority, only
one-third of those entitled to vote exer
cised their right of suffrage. The fran
chise, by order of American authorities,
wag limited to males above 21 years of
, age who could read or write, or who had
, property valued at $250, with an except
. Ion granting suffrage to veterans of the
Cuban army. In the city of Havana,
there were about 00,000 men entitled to
vote. Of these, 25,000 registered, but
only 19,000 took interest enough in the
election to' go to tho polls and vote.
. ..'
All tho amendments to the state con
stitution voted on at tho late election
yere dofpated. Tho equal suffrage
amendment received 20,205 to 28,402
cast against it. A dispatch tothcOre
conian from Salem sayst "A blank
counts a 'no' vote according to the con
ptruction hero given, so that while the
p,q,ual suffrage amendment, at first
thought, seems to be defeated by only
2,137 votes, when tho total number of
votes cast in tho state shall have been
ascertained, it will appear that the
amendment has been lost by about
W. II. II. Pufur, forest supervisor, of
fers a reward of $150 for tho arrest and
conviction of anyone starting fires in the
Cascads forest reserve that causes dam
Ago. Mr. Pufur and his efficient corps
of forest rangers have been of great ser
vice in preventing forest flres. One
year of tholr work has proven the wis
dom of creating tho forest reserves and
giving them protection. Last year, for
the first time in the history of Oregon,
there were no Ores in the mountains and
. the atmosphere was free from smoke.
A reader of the New York Independ
ent offers t)ie following explanation of
the meaning of tho wqrd "IJoxers":
The "Iloxers" or "Righteousness and
Peace Fimt Society" ns thev have been
called, represent the periodical revolt of
. Chinese conservatism against tne innux
of foreign influence and foreign methods
They originated with the people of the
western provinces, largely in Sliuutung,
who looked aghast as they saw foreigners
coming in and taking by force what they
: considered tneir own patrimony,
The Philadelphia convention renom"
dinted President McKinlev and induced
Gov. Roosevelt to accept the nomination
for vice president. Tho democrats will
. nominate noxt week at Kansas City.
(State Encampment W. A. R. itnd TV. R. C
Thp editor of tho Glacikr attended
the state encampment of tho Grand
Army of the Republic at La Grande,
last week. It was his first trip to that
pari oi uragon, aim ne was ngreeaoiy
Hiirurlsed to find such a delightful
. country as the Grand Hondo valley. The
town of La Grande put on its best bib
and tucker and gave tho veterans and
' tho loval women of tho W. R. C. a
hearty welcome. Tho town was hand-
fomely deoorated with flags and bunt
ng, their flue band furnished an abund
ance of music, and there was base bull
. and other games to interest and amuse
the guests, Tho reoeption committee,
. however, uroved a flat failure. It faileo
. to show up at the depot Monday even
ing, when most ol the delegates arrived
But several citizens interested themselves
and piloted the strangers to the hotols
and private houses where rooms had
been assigned them. The hotels and
some of tha private hoarding houses
that (tad promised one-dollar-n-dav
rates put up the price to two dollars a
day. But very few of tho old soldiers al
lowed that kind of a job to be played on
themt they skirmished round till they
ound quarters In private houses at one
dollar a dav, and were well treated. The
liverv stables also attempted ft graft and
doubled up on their prices j but thev
were not patronised by the strangers
wttbln the citv. the encampment,
though few in numlxrs, was one of the
nest ever held In the state. It was a
, business encampment, and much work
was accomplished for the good of the
order, uilicers were qlccto.4, (qr tho en
piling' year as follows :
State Department Commander A. J
Goodbrod of Union.
Senior Vice Commander B. F. Pike
of Moro.
Junior Vice Commander Wm. Bates
of Portland.
. Mudipul Director II. L. Buell.
, Department Chaplain C. E. Cline.
Assistant Adjutant General J. E
JHyo of Portland.
t Members of Council of Administra
tionPatrick Colbert, J. R. Warner,
J. 11. WJjliAirjS, E. T, JSeers, T. 8. lien
person. Delegates to Xatinnal Encampment at
Chicago H. 8.' Allan, M. Hathaway,
J. N. Pancake.
Tha W. II. C. elected pacers as fol
lows: Department President Mrs. Clara V,
Lvlo, La Grande.
Senior Vice Department President
Mrs. Sargent, Portland.
Junior Vice Department President
Mrs. Anderson, Forest Grove.
Treasurer Mrs. Aldrich, La Grande.
Secretary Mrs. Rose Tate.LaGrande.
Chaplain Mrs. Wmede, Heppner
Executive Board Mrs. Dewey. Port-1
land j Mrs. Finney, Hillsboro; Mrs. Do-
lan, Portland; Mrs. swan, Lebanon;
Mrs. Older, Portland.
I. N. S. Mrs. GaIlowav,Oregon City, j
Delegates Mrs. Kelly. llenpner; :
Mra. I. S. Pancake, Pine.
The Gucikx man. went as far as Baker
City on his trip. In this metropolis of
the fcastern Oregon gold nelds he found
several old-tioie acqaintances, among
them L li. Bowen, one of the editors
and proprietors of the Daily Morning1
Democrat. The Democrat i the lead- i
ing newspaper of Eastern Oregon, and
Meters. Jiowcn & Bmall, vis) have been
associated together in its publication for
thirteen years, have a business that!
pays a handsome income.
Fred Ernest, another old-timer, was
met. Mr. Ernest is proprietor of the
St. Lawrence hotel, one of the best-paying
institutions of its kind in the state. I
treu knows how to run a hotel, lie
was connected with the old Occidental
hotel in Portland when that was the
leading hotel of the Northwest, and is
known by all old-timers.
Mrs. A. E. Curtis was a delegate from
the W. 11. C. of Geo. Wright post, Port
Mrs. E. T. Mathews was met on the
cars, accompanied by her little girl, aged
I.1) months, lier husband is in charge
of the bridge builders at Huron, on the
O, It. 4 N. Mra. Mathews is in excel
lent health. She inquired after friends
at Hood River.
Former Jlood River residents were
met everywhere, or inquiries were made
after Hood River people.
J. K, Warner of Bingen, Wash., a
member of tho post at The Dalles, was
honored by being elected a member of
tho council of administration,
The writer was the sole representative
of the Grand Army from Wasco county.
From every town in the state where a
state encampment has been held, out
side of Portland, there was a small at
tendance or none at all.
Jas. T. Cooper of Mt. Hood was met
at La Grande. He had just got in from
Wallowa, where he had been shearing
John Castncr and family ftro located
at La Grande. John is still interested
in base ball and was pitcher for the
La Grande nine, which was vanquished
by the Walla Wallas in a tournament
during the encampment.
J. Q. A. Richardson of La Grande, an
Indian war veteran of Co. K. Oregon
and Washington volunteers, said his
com nan v tiassed through Hood River in
1850. While in camp hero a soldier
named Thos. Allen accidentally shot
himself ana was killed, tie was buried
on the spot, in one of the gulches near
the mouth of jlooa river.
The most popular member of tho en
campment was 11. . (.rates, department
commander. Ho presided with diirnitv
and impartiality, and hjs speech in re
ply to the address of welcome was a
masterpiece of eloquence and patriotic
sentiment. His humor is overpowering
and was thoroughly enjoyed by the
largo audience. Mr. Gates visited more
posts while in ofhee than any of his pre
decessors, and under his Administration
the department made substantial gains
in membership. 1 lie a. A. it. of Ore
gon will never see his equal as depart
ment commander,
B. F. Pike of Sherman county, elected
senior vice commander, is popular and
could have been elected department
commander had he not declined.
J. E. Mayo, assistant adjutant gen
eral, is the right man in the right place.
No man has the good of tho order more
at heart, and no one is doing or has
done more to straighten out the records
and give credit where it is due than
J. iu. Mayo.
The heavy rain that visited Sherman
county last Friday evening was the
proper thing, and came at the proper
time to insure Sherman county one of
the largest grain yields in the history of
the county. Since tho rain, it has been
cloudy and cool and it looks as tliouirl
a big crop was going to be thrust upon
(us farmers) whether we wanted it or
not. If you seo any harvest hands, fire
'em up this way. Grass Valley Journal
These very people who send away to
buy their goods own property here and
expect the business men to buy their
goods and growl because the town Is no
better, hvery dollar you spend at home
makes your property worth more, makes
better streets, sidewalks, houses, livery
stables, hotels, newspapers and a better
town in general. independence West
Of the 40 forest rangers appointed by
ciijivniiu-nuuiii, vMiusuy uiur ar rem
dents of Wasco county. They are W. C
Walker, John M. Staats and A. C. Wood
of Dufur, and 11. S. Richmond of Mt
Hood. All of the rangers aro deputy
game and forest wardens, and are au
thorized to arrest anv violators of the
forestry laws,
Moki Tea positively cures sick head
ache, indigestion and constipation. .A
delightful herb drink. Removes all
eruptions of tho skin, producing a per
fect complexion, or money refunded
2oc. and oOe. Y illuims it Brosius.
The seventh annual reunion of the
Washington County Veterans' associa
tion will convene at Forest Grove, June
30th, and hold till July 3d.
Summer Boarders,
1 nm prepared to accommodate summer
bonrtlom hi my place In Mowers addition to
uooa itiver, nine from tne million. Jv
house, newly furnished, mountain nlr. iro
wHtnr, aood tmrrounitlngs and accommoda
tion, i-rii-en reasouiiuie.
Severn! hundred fi-et of second-hand Vt or
much pipe. w. A. KI4.NHh;iU.AND.
City Property for Sale.
I have ftir mile the well-known Chumptln
propeny in noou mver, i-wisikiiihoi s lots
mid good building, the hitler ronlliiK tor Sill a
month. Thin piiM'rty In nitutited on two
business street, within a block of the depot.
l'rteeH.TtX). T. C. HAI.1...
Fresh Cows.
I have two or three fresh ftwn nt nit-oNid
Farm, H miles west of town, that I will soli
Mowing Machine.
H your clover been eut clean where It
drifted by any nmoMne yet 'tried? If not, trv
a Standard. You ran Kill list Die sickle i.unv
desired angle and pick it up lth t he guards.
Sample machine at Tucker. Call mid exam
ine it; will soon try it and you can see the
worn, liuy the best; it costs no more. Trv
H. K. Tl'OKKK."
n25 Tucker, Or.
5 to 60 Acres.
I will sell any nurt of mv land, from S to firt
acres. Two miles from town. Thirty acres
luorynuru. , J. MAKKR,
Bees For Sale.
Italian Rees for sale by PBTKR MOHR.
For Sale or Trade.
For stock or Hood Rlrer firm or ilmlur
land, ft -room house and three residence lots.
50x100 each. In the suburbs of Oivgon, Citv. A
tine Miring of water never oel ilrv. some
small fruit, rood chicken-yard and ohieken
house. Two lots entirely sub-irrliialed. Make
me an offer and give good description of what
yon have to trade. O. K. K Kf.UKiG,
jet - Mow, Oregon
Romance In a Strawberry Box.
Helena Independent.
Thwo is a chance down in Oregon for
some young Montana man who wanta a
wife 'without the intermeddling of a soul
less matrimonial agency. And if this
reaches tlie eye of any desirable young
man who is mat rimonially inclined there
will, mayhap, he a seonel to write with
a title something like "The Eomance of
a Strawberry liox." fiuch things have
happonod before. When the tories
come from the east, they are as a rule
brought out by billetl tloux written on
cigarette papers that found their way in
to the hands of the right parties. But
there is something about young men
who are in the way ot receiving notes
written on that material that takes half
the romance out of Uie tiling to begin
The romance of the strawberry box,
however, has no drawbacks. While the
succulent fruit is ripening on the vine
and Is being packed in boxes down in
the valley of the Hood, the girls who are
doing the packing are yearning for the
young men of other states, in a box
that came to a Helena grocery yesterday
was written in lead pencil the follow
ing dainty bit of verse :
Mrzle Is my name:
I'mlile la my Htutlo.
The boy that answers this shall be
My nearest relutlon.
The name of the author is appended,
as an evidence of good faith, and her ad
dress is Hood River, Or. Lizzie does
not say whether the edition of her pro
duction is limited, or whether she has
sent it broadcast, hit or miss, in a sort
of drag net style, and so the young man
who expects to win will do well to an
swer quickly, trusting to no fickle fortune
to deprive him of a prize so rare.
Astoria Excursion, July 4tli.
The Young Men's Christian Associa
tion of The Dalles has arranged to give
an excursion on July 4th to Astoria,
leaving The Dalles at 7 a. m., July 3d,
on the D.P. & A.N. steamers, arriving in
Portland at 2:30 p. in., giving five hours
in Portland ; leaving Portland at 7:30
the same evening for Astoria, arriving in
Astoria at 10 o'clock m the evening.
Returning, will leave Astoria the morn
ing of the 5th at 6 o'clock, arriving in
Portland in time to take the boat for
home ; arriving in The Dalles at 5 p. m
the same day.
The battleship Philadelphia will be in
the harbor, and this together with other
marine attractions, and the regiment at
lort Stevens will help to make an en
joyable dav. There will also be the an
nual regatta and yacht carnival, and
the training shin Adams, etc.
Tickets, are on sale at the drug store.
To Cnrc a Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative ISkomo Quinine Tarlets
All driiKKists refund the money if it fails to
cure, w.urove s signature is ou eucu dox.
am;. ' oa
W.S.Whedon.cashier of the First Na
tional Bank of Winteraet,Iowa,in a recent
letter gives some experience with a car
penter m his employ, that win be ot value
toother mechanics, llesays:"! had a car
penter working for me who was obliged to
stop work lor several days on account oi
being troubled with diarrhoea. I mention
ed to him that I had been similarly troub
led and that Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy had cured tne. He
bought a bottle of it from the druggiHt
here and informed me thatonedose cured
him, and ho is again at his work." For
sale by Williams & Brosius.
Cascade Locks will celebrate the 4th.
The public Is hereby warned against the
purchase of any of the following school war
runts BKalnst. school district No. 3: One fortiO
Uiited, r eb. 3, IIKX), in favor or Aliunio Klton,
endorsed blank; one, same ainnuntand date,
favor of II. I.. Howe, endorsed blank; One,
payable to my oruer, not eimoi-sea ty me.
, Notice of Sale.
Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned,
guardians of the estates of Ennicn l.ela O'Dell,
ana or William lam jveinp ana unve itn
worth Kemp, being authorized thereto by an
order of the county court of the state of Ore
gon, for Wasco county, will, after tlie 2Sth day
of Julv, 1WX), sell at the residence of Alice
Kemp, Hood Kiver, Oregon, nt privato sale,
..... ,1.. I. Inline, ..nlj.f. i.Kf ll.lillili 1.1 t..ull lh.
following desert bed premises of the snij es
tates, suuuto in tne county oi w asco, state oi
Oregon, to-wit: An undivided Interest ;7 In
terest in and to the Sou til west 1-4 of the north
west 1-4 of section Sti, township 2, north, range
10 east of Willamette meridian. Dated, June
25, IM. A LICK K KM P,
Onnrdlan of the estate of William Paul Kemp
nu uavo uuwortu Kemp, minors.
O. I. O'OF.LL.
Uunrdlanof the estateof Eunice IclaO'Dell, a
minor. jirajiyai
United Htatcs Land Office, The Dalles, Ore
gon. June ssi, liw. A snnicient contest nm
davit having been tiled in tills otfiee by
John Hois, contestant, ngalnst Homestead
Kntry No. 41!).), made August 21, 18it2, for south
';, B W 4 of sec. t), Tp. 1 south, range II) east,
by Andrew Johnson Aoserot, contestee, in
which It Is alleged thiitsnld Andrew Johnson
Aoserot has wholly abandoned s-.iid traet.and
changed his residence therefrom for more than
six months, last past, and that his absem-e
from said tract Is not due to his employment
in the military or naval service ot uie t inted
States lu time of war, said parties are hereby
nodded to appear, respond and offer
evidence touching said allegation at
10 o'clock n. in. on August 15, 11XW,
beforu Ueo. T. l'ralher, I'. 8. Commis
sioner, at ills oltlee at Hood Kiver. Oregon
(and that final hearing will be held ut 10
o'clock u. in. on August 30, lUOO before) the
Keglsterand Receiver at the United Stales
Land Office In The Dalles. Oregon.
The said contestant having, In a proper af
fidavit, filed June 2il, ltKX), set fortli facts
which show that alter due diligence, personal
service of this notice can not be made, it is
hereby ordered and directed that such notice
be given by due and uroper publication.
Ju2J127 JAY V. LUCAS, Ueglster.
Land Office ntTheDnlles, Oregon, June 23,
I'Xlo. Notice is hereby given Unit the follow-
log-named settler has tiled notice of his
intention to innKo ttnal proof in sutmort
of his ulaini, and that said proof will be
made before tieorge T. Prat her, V. S. Commis
sioner, at HihhI Kiver, Oresou, on Friday,
aukum a, vir.:
Of Mt, Hood Oregon, H. E. No. 4073. for the
K "ii. ri i, see. is; v ji, w i, see. 17. ami
N K;. N K. see. Hi. Tp. IN. range 10 K. W. M
He names the following witnesses to prove
hU continuous residence "upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz:
J. T, (kii.or, 1. R. Cooper, Warren Cooper,
vt . . uriooie, ail ot mu ttoou, Oregon.
Ju;Siau3 JAY P. l.U CAS, Register.
tind Office nt The Dalles. Oregon. June 23.
llW). Notice is hereby given that tlie follow
ing named seiner nas uied Hours ot ins inten
tion to make Una! proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
tieorge T. I'rnther. I. S. Commissioner, at
Hood Hlver, Oregon, ou Friday, August 8,
Of Mt. Hood, Oregon, H. E. No. 4SW, for the
N V N r- n'1 N '-a. N W fi, see. XI, TP. I north,
range 10 east. W. if.
He names the lollowlng witnesses to prove
ins coin moons resilience upon sua euitiva-
iioii oi sum land, viz:
Amos R. Hillings, D. 11. Cooper, Robert
i.ensure. j. i. iooper, all ot .lit. iiood, or.
JiiJSiaua JAY P. LAC AS. Register.
Bids Wanted.
EV. aLI IT1.... I 0. i T' t . .
nr iiicuut t urn vn'w rm t mull w nriUHlM.'
at th dopot. liuistotwiu bv FrUtnv, Julvrtth.
For Sale,
Not the best, but one of the best 40 acres in
the Talley; good Improvements; Irt tons of
whetit hay its good: a wwHt set of black.
smiih'j Uxils. Fine kHtiou for country store.
inauirai tue r.irni, 7 mties south oi town
l, 11 UTU
4. 4. C1U.1IMIII,
House for Rent.
: Warren's new S-room house in Blowers
addition 514 a montb. Inquire of
GEO. F. C0E & SON.
(Successors to 8. J. LaFrance.
Choice Confections
Queensware, Lamps and Classware.
Racine Stocking Feet.
Branch Office for Union Laundry.
In the Circuit Court for the State of Oregon,
in wie ixuiiuy oj wjisco.
Ida M. Brown, plflT., 1 Suit for divorce.
vs. -.Summons for publlco-
Frank Brown, deft.) tlon.
To Frank Browu, the above-named defend
ant: In the name of the State of Oregon, you
are hereby required to appear and answer the
complaint filed ogaiust jog in this suit In the
aoove eniuiea court, on or neiore tne zxtn
day of July, A, I). MX), that being the last day
prescribed in the order for publication of said
summons, wherein It wag ordered that said
publication be made once a week for six con
secutive weeks and for seven consecutive In
sertions, In tlie Hood River Glacier, a news
paper or general circulation, published weeK
lylnthe town of Kood River, said county
and flute; and if you fail to appear and answer
said complaint, for want thereof the plaintiff
wtll take Jiiogmenl against you for a decree
dissolving the bonds of matrimony heretofore
and now existing between the plaintiff and
defendant herein, and giving to plaintiff the
care, custody and education of Henry, son ol
said parties, and for general relief. The ser
vice of this summon 1 therefore made upon
you by publication thereof in the Hood River
Glacier, ft newspaper of general circulation,
published weekly In said Wasco County,
State of Oregon, by order of said Court at its
regular May term A. D. 1U0O. thereof. Hon.
W. L. Hradshaw presiding, on the 11th day of
j tine, a. u. J'.jou, tor six consecutive weens
and for seven consecutive Insertions, the
date of the first publication of which is the
15th day of June, WOO.
Jcl5)y27 Atty. for plaintiff.
Land Office at Vancouver, Wash., June5,
1900. Notice Is hereby given that the follow
ing-named settler I mis filed nottoe of his in
tention to inakeflnul proof In support of his
clulm. and thai said nriKif will be made before
F, W. Kale, clerk of tlie Superior Court of
rocamaina county, ievenson
Washington, on Thursday, July 2U, 1U00, viz:
lid No. 101H9, for the lots 3 section 1, township
4 north, range 9 east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion ot said land, viz:
Thomas W. Lusk. Charley Myers. John W.
Hill and George W. Fisher, nil ot Chenoweth,
w asn,
JeSJyIS W. It. DUNBAR, Register.
notice;foii publication.
Land Office at Vancouver, Wash., June 4,
juuu. jNonce is nereny given mat tne ionow-lng-nained
settlers have Hied notice of their In
tention to make flnal proof in support of their
claims, and tnatsiud proois win tie miioeueiore
W. U. Presby, United States Commissioner
for district of Washington, at his omee in
(iniiicntuiie, vi ashluglon, on saturuuy, July
i4, UU0, viz:
Homestead Entry No. !H). for the southeast
quarter of southeast quarter section 27, north
hail' of northeast Quarter and northeast quar
ter of iiortliwest quarter of section 34, town
ship 5 north of range 12 east, Will. iter.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon aud cultivation
of. said land viz:
Tlieeda E. Anderson of Fulda P. O.. Wash
ington; Edson E. Wrlgluof Goldemiule P. O.,
Washington; Christian Spanglerof Lyle P. O.,
Washington; crocKci castie oi i-iuua r. u.
Washington, viz:
Homestead Entry No. Kill, for the north half
ot southeast quarter and nortnnaiiot south
west quarter section US, township 5 north of
range 12 east, Will. Mer.
She names the following witnesses to prove
her continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion oi said limn, viz:
Nelson Anderson of Fulda P. O.. Washing
ton; Edson K. Wright of Goldeudale P. O.,
Washington; Christian Spanglerof Lyle P.O.,
Washington; Crockett Castle of Fulda P. O.,
jcHjyln W. R. DUNBAR, Register,
Tim ber Land, Act June 3, 1878.1
notice fob publication.
United States Lund Oltlce.The Dalles, Ore
gon, May 11, 1!hji. Notice is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of
iiieuei or congress or June , i7, entitled
"An act for the sale of timber lands in the
Stales of California, Oregon, Nevada and
vi asningion territory,
Of The Dalles, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has this day tiled in this office his sworn
statement No, Ki2, for the purchase of the
lots n ana 12 ana south halt ot southeast
quarter of section No. III. in township No. 1
north, range No. 9 east. w. M.. and will oiler
proof to show that the land sought is more
valuable for lis timber or slone than for ag
ricultural purposes, and to establish hl.sclaim
to said land before tlie Register and Receiver
ot tins omee at me uaiies, oregou, ou Satur
day, tho 4th day of August, KMX).
He names as witnesses: William Rand.L.E.
Morse and C. L. Morse, all of Hood Itiver, Or
egon, and J. II. I llinium of The Diilles.Oresron
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
obove-described lands aro requested to lile
tneir claims in tins otrice on or belore said
4th duy of August, WOO.
Jela;l . JAY 1'. LUCAS. Register.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.
United States Lnnd Office, The Dalles, Ore
gon, April 21, nwo. JNotice is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June 8. 1878. entitled "An act
for the sale of timber lands In the States of
( iilllornln, Oregou, Nevada and Washington
Of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gou, lias this day tiled in this office his
sworn statement No. 150 for the purchase
oi me wesi , soutneasi yt ana lots 7 and 12,
section 7. townshlu 2 north, runue east.
W ,M.. and will offer nroof to show that
the land sought is more valuable for its tim
ber or stone than for agricultural purposes
and to establish his claim to said land
before the Register and Receiver of this office
at The Dalles, Oregon, on Friday, the 20th
un.v oi june, i-.iiiu.
He names oa witnesses: Perrv McCrorvand
O. B. Hartley of Hood Kiver, Oregon; Hub-
uniu myioroi n iisco, uregon; r reu ounptioii
of Cascades. Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
iiuuvtHim-i luc-u iniius Hre requested to me
their claims in this office on or before said
aim nay oi June, mw.
n27Jea JAY P. LUCAS, Register.
Foreclosure Sale.
Notice is hereby glvdn that hv virtue of nn
esoeu tion issued out ot tlie circuit court of
me Kiaie oi Oregon Mr Wasco county, on the
no imy oi june, r.Mj, upon a judgment and
decree In favor of Robt- Mm es anit I. K.
Crowe, partners doing business under tlie
mime oi aiays iv. Crowe, piuinttrts, and against
Wilson R, Wimius. Marv d.
fendants, and to me dim-ted and command
ins me to sell the SW i iSE NE H and the
I1, UK NE 4 section 1, township 1
north, ningefl In Wasco county, Ore-
k-.ii, smi km v n jiiiiKineni tor kiho.00 aua SSI'.UU
iiiioruey s ices, anu 910.UU costs, t will, on
Saturday, the 21st day of July, IslOO,
At the hour of 10 o'clock A. M., at the court
iiouse uoorin iaiies city, vtasco county, Ore
gou. sell to the highest blililer fnrcush n,.
nbove-niiineil and di-seribed real estate, to
Diilles City, Oi-ehn. June 15, 1S0O. ROBERT KELLY,
Sheriff of Wasco county, O.-egon.
Tjind Offlce at Vancouver. Wash., June 18
1SXXI. Notice is hereby gtven that the follow-ing-naiiied
settlor has tiled notice of his in
tention to make final proof in support of
his claim, and that said proof will be made
before tlie Register aud Receiver U. S. Ijind
Office at Vancouver, Wash., on Fridav
Augusta, liHX), viz:
t V 11 1 1 V U-llTTtM1-.iK-i
of bite salmon, P. o., Wash., who made II.
r.. ior uie somn nan ot w quarter
st-. l umt hrtif ,,f v u- U,A t .
all in Tp. 3 north, range 11 east, Wil. Mer." ,'
iiMii- mo ioiiiming witnesses to prove
his COIltillUOIls UK., n ,i.i,l ..,,1,1....
tion of said land, viz:
I HA .t,l-.lllta Tilnnltf riA.-.MA T.U. ss
and A. H. Juwett of Wnite eialinou, P. u.
Ju22Jl.v27 ' W. R. DUNBAR, Register.
Choice Town Property
rort-aie, lllock Kwitb n 10-room house
gixvi orchard; 8 lots lu straw berries and other
r"i'- U Henrv.
Bricks for Sale.
Brickmay be obtained from mv kiln nt
He.tnnnt ftir xr thousand. The kiln is I
under ti.u charge of M. H. Mekelsen. Sample !
bricks may be seen at V, E, Sherrlll's.
U l BUYEP. '
20 Backe
I would rather sell 20 SacJcs of Bran at a small vrargui than
one at a large profit.
We buy close for cash and sell close for cash.
BRAN for the cow, - - - 35 cents per sack.
SHORTS for the hog, - - 60 cents per sack.
BARLEY for the horse, - - 75 cents pet sack.
WHEAT for the chickens, - 1 lA cents per pound.
and all GOOD
for MAN,
We want your Trade, guarantee our Goods and deliver promptly
and free of charge. ,
phone 21. CLYDE T. BONNEY, Proprietor.
We take pleasure in inviting everybody to come to our store
Men's and Boys' Shoes, Youth's Shoes, Ladies' and Misses'
Shoes, Children's Shoes.
Men's, Boys and Children's
And Gents' Furnishing Goods. A fine line of rants. Look for
the sign
The Proo
Of good Cofiee is in the drinking thereof. The lovers of good Coffee
do not expect to find quality in a low grade package goods.
Jas. Ileekin & Co.'s Best Mocha and Java.
Old Government Blend Mocha and Jaa.
Daisy Blend (Costa Rica and Guatainala Blend), are each guaran
teed to give satisfaction in the cup. AVe have in stock a complete line
of Coffees and Teas, in bulk or packages. QUALITY AND PRICE
to suit every one. Your patronage solicited in these lines.
And all kinds
JlUUUiUHUl iwu iiuiutuui mini;
Printing papers, card mounts, developers aud toning solutions.
Prices range from $5 to $20 for Kodaks.
In the Circuit Court of tho Stntcof Oregon, In
the County of Wiisco.
W. E. Sherrlll, plff, ) Civil action to re
v". cover money. Knin-
Elton A. Hayden, deft,) wont! fur publication
To Elton A. Hayden, fie above-named de
fendant: In the name of the State of Oregon
you are hereby required to appear and. an
swer the complaint filed aaaiust vou in this
action in the above entitled court, on or be
fore the i)th day of July, A. 1). luuu, that being
the last dav prescribed in the order for pub
lication, heretofore made for the publication
of said summons, wherein it was ordered
that said publication be made at least once a
week for six consecutive weeks, or for seven
insertions thereof, in the Hood River Glacier
and if you fail to appear and answer said
complaint, for want thereof the plaintiff will
take judgment ngninst you for tlie sum of
eighty dollars due and owing for the funeral
expenses of your deceased wile, and for the
further sum of thirty-live dollars due and ow
ing plaintitt for medicines and services of
your physicmn, xssresatinK the sum of one
bundled fifteen dollars, together with in
terest thereon from the first of April at
the rate of six per rent per annum, and'for
the cost-s and disbursements of this action
Ihe service of this summons is therefore
made upon you by publication thereof in the
said Hood Kiver ulacier, a newspaper of
ceneial circulation, published weeklv in said
ivsoo county, Oregon (by order of said court
?! m wT'lf l?lla"y '". IIKX), thereof,
Hon. I,. IJradshaw presiding, on the 19th
day of May, jmm for six eonsmitive weeks
i!r .i.SSY " ,eynseV""ve 'insertions- the date
ria;-'offlMavp,;ra,ion r m
"'J.v" Attorney for Plaintiff.
Bone Bros.
Will sell you at wholesale prices, flour, wheat rolled wheat, and foiled Umrlev
They will ship on commission or buv voiif
fruits of nil kinds. Remember that thev are
agent for ,he Kennedy cannery a, d Twam
run and vegetables to can. Also agent" f r
he BainwHuon. Acme mowers and rake
the Kaoine bugles and Hacks. Thev bS
almost all goods they have for sale bvThecaf.
load, discount all bills aud win trade xv th
you on a cash basis only. irauewun
Hav Proa
MySonthwick hay press with a r
tonS per day. Is iom'ie re, r and rdv
business. I wish to lei il, . , r" ,'or
I w.ll bale hay in Hood River vallevthmn i''
out the season. Yours for bns "lr0"gh-
of Bran
holds dominion
over the rest.
of supplies for
rtoTin Dlintfi
In the Circuit Court for the State of Ore
for the County of Wasco.
B.C. Brosius. Plff. Suit to Foroclosp
r o. vs i Mortgage. Summons
" onninons, iieit, Dy Publication.
To O. L Simmons, the above named defend
jo uie name oi me stale ol Oregon,
are hereby required to appear and answer
complaint Hied against you in this suit in
, you
r the
i tin-
of August, A. I)., 1100, that being the lust dav
I day
i-iraiiucummeuraer ior puoucation. here
tolore made, for the publication of said sum
mons, wherein it was ordered, thutsaid pub
lication he made once a week for six consecu
tive weeks, and for seven insertions, in the
wood Kiver Ulacier, a newspaper of general
circulation published weekly in the town of
Hood Kiver, said county of Wasco and state
ot Uretron! nnrt if v.... f..n -
!H1fH,iC01!lplalnt- for want thereof the
he sum of One Hundred ten Dollars, with in
terest thereon from from theTthdavofSent-
f,?,', ,eri' 1'JlK I1 ,he ra,c of ,en Per cent per an
num being the amount due on two certain
promissory notes secured by mortgage on cer
tain real estate in tills county of Wasca us
herein described: together with the fur
ther 8um of Two and 87-100 doll rs
n e?eqs;t;,,lfaXeS',0'1,ar!?es and inierest? and
interest thereon at 1 he rate of ten per cent nor
annum from the Utl, day of Jim", i" uXlb.
er with the funiifrLMi ,r -11. j ".T. L-.-.-'j, r.vlu
fe eVts ofhis U
nreniUMi tV. 01 sala mortsaged
fhere om JJ Serv,ce of t,lis "nimons is
i?n redeSrin,a RerPao
"'"""fy mr t'lHintiff.i
Watfir 'Mntino
the secretary nVr tini T, J?-e "Plication to
of lotsan hi ,Wri n-i ,n S a"n2 the nuinbr
rayniemof tv"P, ?u" s"ni": Also.mahJ
rmon l a i; or frnctlnn of a
tiled and no irr"wtmrwmPi'l"atl"n. Wi" V
sprav. ah i reside Sh.,5,?,lo n" '
For Sale
JUNE 15, 1900.
1. Four acres nt Frankton, imiiroved
good springs only fWO. '
2. Lot 100x130 foet. on Waucnm.
nvenue, north of Dr. Shaw'a former res-
laence. rnce, f-tuu-
3. John Sipma farm, in lots from B in
20 acres ; $50 to.fuO per acre ; terms easy.
4. Lot opposite schoolhouee-, 75 feet
square. 1 rice, f I7d.
5. The Atkinson property, cor. Flrt
and Oak streets ; best bargain iu town.
6. N. N. W. X, S. W. U. K. W. V
and N. W. X S. W. X eec. 8, T.2 N fi
10 E., 100 acrtw. $000.
7. Barrett-Sinma addition : $50 per lot-
$10 down and $5 per month ; no interest.
8. Four lots on Sherman ave.. south
of Front st., $400 cash. Must be eoltiiu
30 days.
9. The J. IT. Frary place, East Bide,
near Tucker's -mill ; 200 acres, nearly all
level; part well improved; price $12 an
acre ; will be sold iu forty-acre tracts at
small advance. Terms, three-quartern
or more casn. a greai Bargain.
10. T. It. Coon's 80 acres in Tole Flat,
7 miles southwest of town; 4 acres clear
ed ; $16 an acre.
11. Chas. W. Gilmer homestead, at
Gilmer, Wash., KiO acres ; hue saw tim
ber; good soil; well watered; only $500.
A rare bargain.
12. 100 acres on Hood river, 3 miles
above Tucker's mill; 8 acres cleared.
Price $1,850. .
13. The W. II. Bishop home in Hood
River, lot 6 and part of lot 7, block 1,
Waucoma addition to Hood Kiver; a
pretty home. Only $1,100,
14. The Allen Fulton farm, 100 acres,
5 miles east of town ; price $1,000 ; terms
15. The Trana lot, on Oak street.
Price $050. Best bargain in town.
10. John Sipma farm, 100 acres, $5,000.
$1,000 or more cash and balance at 8 per
cent, or tlie east 40 acres, cleared, for
$2,100. $500 or more cash, balance at 8
per cent. Best farm in the valley.
17. 2500 acres deeded land, well wa
tered; fine range for stock ; $1.50 an acre.
18. The Barrett farm, best in Hood
River valley ; 140 acres, 70 acres in cul
tivation; 4,000 fruit trees; 50 inches free
water ; 5 miles from Hood Itiver. $5,500;
f 1,500 cash, balance in 5 years, interest
at 0 per cent. For sale at tlie Emporium,
. 19. The Sun lot and building; $700.
20. P. A. Trana place, White Salmon,
in sight of Hood Itiver; 8 acres, 5 in
strawberries and tomatoes 17,000 straw
berry plants and 1,400 tomato plants.
No irrigation required. Price $700.
21: X. M S.'E. U, S. U N. E. V. sec,
4, T. 3 X., It, 11 E White Salmon; fine
timber land ; $10 per acre. -
22. The Emerson homestead, only one
mile east ot town; hue range; $1,500.
23. Lots 5 and 0, block 7, Winans ad
dition; $50 a lot, or $85 for the two.
24. Bernard Warren's fruit farm at
Frankton, plenty of water, good build
ings, etc. 17 acres. Price $3,500.
25. Wilkens' fine farm at White Sal
mon falls, 240 acres ; 25 cleared and in
grass; good improvements; fine water
power ; price $3,300 stocked, er 2,70 for
land. '
20. S. II. Cox's fine residence in Hood
Itiver, lot 100 x 100; price $1,200.
28. A strip of land 30 feet wide by
mile long, with the creek, lying between
the west side of Blower's addition and
the county road at Paradise farm. Price
29. Fifteen acres, 6 under cultivation;
small house-; good water; adjoins E. L.
Smith's place. Only $250.
31. Emma G. Robinson's 40 new,
East 8ide, adjoining A. I, Alason's fruit
ranch ; unimproved ; $850,
32. Emma G. Robinson's 100 acres on
hills east of AVhite Salmon, known an
the Dryer place; fine timber; unim
proved ; $875.
For rent Mrs. Harwood's place, .east
side; house, barn and good orchard, and
plenty of good water. Cash rent, $40 1
At the Emporium is kept a first-clas
surveyor's transit, and the proprietor
being a practical surveyor, is well pre
pared to do the work of laying out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and doing-all
kinds of surveying.
N. B. Terms are easy pn all the abov
lands, with interest at 6 per cent. Pw
sons desiring locations on hotnesteaai
and timber claims should apply at I-"
Money to Loan.
At the Emporium.
Davidson Fruit Co.,
Shippers of
Hood River's Famous
Tuckers of the
Hood River Brand ol
Canned Fruits.
Manufacturers of .
Boxes and Fruit Pac.