The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 09, 1900, Image 3

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    t j
I (ood Iiver Slacier.
jj J FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1000.
1 Are you vaccinated? .
Have you registered? '
: Con Repp is night watchman on
I railroad at Mitchell s roint.
t i Miss Grace Bubcoek and Mies Blanche
f Kantner of Salem returned to their
i homes Saturday. .
I ! S. Koplin received word on Tuesday
I that his daughter at Syracuse, Nebraska,
S was dangerously sick.
Sirs. F. H. Blags has been dangerous-
j ill for the past two or three weeks,
; but is now somewhat butter.
1 J. L. Anderson, organizer for the
I Woodman of America, has undertaken
to organize a lodge in lloud River.
I ) Dr. F. C. Brosius has returned and
! can be found in his olliey over W illiam.-
& Brosius' drugstore, between the hours
S of 10-11 a. m., 2-3 and U-7 p. m.
i 45 acres suitable for fruit and dairy
i ranch. 20 acres well improved. Choice
t acreage tract in town, for sale.
1 ( . E. Savaoi.
s Mrs. S. S. Noteman was called to
White Salmon Falls to nuree Mies Emma
Wilkens, who died last Monday of pnen
l monia. The girl was silk only a week,
i ' H. D. Laneille. Chas. Castner, M. P.
: Isenberg and J. 1$. Hunt represented the
' Hood River McKinlev ulub at the state
; league meeting in Portland on Tuesday
I : The auction of the personal effects of
' the late Dr. Barrett lasted two nays.
I Joe Purser was the auctioneer. The
sale was largely attended and the goods
i sold well
r Mrs. Margaret Lutke and Mrs. D. A.
I Douston of Portland, both grand officers
, of the order of the Eastern Star, were
i guests of Mr. and Mrs. William llaynes
I during tne week
I i Ilieh winds Monday night overturned
I fences and flumes in different parts of
I the valley. Kirbyson and Byerleo's
flume, where it crosses the state road,
f was blown down.
Someone broke into our town jail,
' last week, and robbed it of all the bed
s dine provided by the authorities for the
t use of guests, ft is not often we hear
I of any one breaking into jail.
t i T. C. Dallas has rounded the half-
century milestone. His birthday was
I Feb. 5th. Fat. still fair and fifty. May
I he live several more half centuries. ' It
K would be a cold world, at least in these
(. parts, without t. Calliope Dallas.
Mrs. M. M. Fewel is in Portland ur..
dergoing treatment with a physician
that is making some wonderful cures.
Mrs. Fewel has been greatly benefitted
end is now in better health than she has
been for vears.
i Georee and Holmes, contractors for
clearing the .pine trees in D street, in the
Barrett-Sinma addition, have completed
the job and have also cleared several lots
for individuals. 1 hey made lzu ticks ot
Btove wood, which was sold to Clyde T.
I Miss Emma Wilkens, aped 12 years
II months nnd 14 davs. died of nnue
monia ot her heme at the falls of hite
Salmon. February 5, 1900. She was
daughter of Matt Wilkens. Her mother
is an invalid and has been in the Good
Samaritan hospital, Portland, for the
past four months.
Capt. Blowers wrote to the attorney
eeneral of the state asking his opinion
in regard to publishing a petition for a
saloon license, whether it would require
the publication of the names of petition
ers, ilie attorney general sa:a wit
names would have "to be published to
make the petition complete.
John Leland Henderson received a
letter, last week, from his son Edwin,
In the army in the Philippines. He
passed though one battle with the in
surgents and is now cjuartermaster's
guard. He has been in the hospital
with brain fever, which reduced his
weight from 150 pounds to 108.
i Snow fell and melted about as fast as
it fell, nearly all day last Friday ground
hog day. Saturday was a beautiful day,
and the weather has since been spring
like. We have had no severe weather
so far, and it is not likely the ground
hog, or any other hibernating animal,
ever holed up all winter in this section.
I Railroad work has gone along unin
terruptedly all winter at this place.
Graders are now at work moving the big
bowlders and dirt west of the depot to
make room for a switch that will be put
in on the south side of the main track.
Contractor McLary has a force of about
75 men at work below the ice house,
grading off rocky points and making fills
to straighten this crooked part of the
5 Last Sunday being Honor day at the
Congregational Sunday scnooi, tne ioi
lowinor rmoils and teachers were re
warded with books: Grace Prather,
Georgia Prather, Helen Davidson, Alice
Hill. Helen Howe. Donald Hill, Geo,
Howe. Rov Armor. Teddie Button, Harry
Evans. Mrs. H. F. Davidson, H. C. Bate-
ham. Ex Simerintendent C. J.Hayes,
was also remembered with a book for
his close attention in the Sunday school
,work for the past three years
t Mr. and Mrs. J. A. C. Brant and son
Russell of Vancouver came in on the
Regulator last Thursday and visited
Bflipral Havs with Mr. and Mrs. A. J.
Graham. "Mr. Brant recently disposed
of the Vancouver Columbian, which he
conducted for several years. He is
?delecate to the national editorial asso
ciation meetine at. New Orleans and with
his family will depart next week for the
urescent city. He win biso vim rela
tives in Ohio and expects to be gone
about six weeks.
1 The W. C. T, U. sent for County
Kurvfivor Goit to locate the eastern
. boundrv line of our town. Mr. Goit
came from The Dalles on Monday and
did the work. His survey showed that
Ihe bunk house of the Lost Lake Lum
ber corrmanv was 42 feet east of the cor
poration line. This disqualifies about
25 workmen who make their homes at
the bunk house from voting for town
officers. These men voted at the late
town election, and most of them signed
the petition for the saloon license
1 The Catherine at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. S. W. Arnold of Pleasanton
neighborhood on Saturday evening Feb.
3d, will long be remembered by those
rjresent. an one of unalloyed pleasure
,The event was in honor of Mrs. Arnold's
1 birthday and the gathering was a sur-
InrisA tii'lmr. Tlie evpnine was rjassed
' ----- - . ' r
with games and music. One feature o
I the nr.rram m heiriff a "cake walk.
The participants were roundly applaud
ed. Mr. Lniiia Tsenhere and Miss Bes3
1 Isenbers walked off with the cake. The
jolly party broke up at 12 o'clock after
partaking of a bounteous supper sereu
; by the irenial host and heftess. Those
oresent were: Mr. and Mrs. S. W
Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Isenberg
the Misses Bernice Folev, Mary Foley
Ida Foss. Cora Fields. Bess Isenberg
Ella Isenberg, Sannie Gerking, Mary
Gerking, Marion Sabin, Messrs. Joseph
trailer. Wm. Sabin. m. Slingenanu
F. B. Barnes. M. J. Folev. Wm. Isen
berg, Walter Isenberg, l H. Isenberg,
w. Uerkino. Rov Ellis, waiter nun,
Alfred Inealls. Belieu. Fields, Smith
Conby post, G. A. R., held a good
meeting last Saturday, with ji full at
tendance. One application for member
ship was received,. with a promise ottwQ
more. lue.pojt called in -a body- upon
the relief corps and the commander per
sonally thanked the-ladies for their re
port of relief, work during the past year
and 'the interest' manifested iu the wel
fare of the old soldiers and' their fam
ilies. A committee was appointed to
make arrangements for the observance
of Lincoln day, February 12th, to act
with a like committee trom tne ueliei
Corps. Canby post may be said to be in
a flourishing condition, and it is the in
tention of every individual member to
do all he can towards increasing the
membership. All Union veterans of the
civil war in the valley are earnestly re
quested to join. The dues are but one
dollar a year. -
The joint committee from the G. A. R.
and W. R. C. met Wednesday, at Mrs.
Crowell's, to make arrangements for ob
serving Lincoln aav. jicv. rruiiK
Spaulding was selected to make the
leading address and win oe assisted oy
Rev. J. L. Hershner and Uev. t,. iu.tix.
The exercises will be held at the Congre
.: .i u ....... r..,i.. rk totu
at 2:30 p. m. The Hood River band
will he in attendance and other cood
music furnished. Comrades and others
are invited to make snort addresses.
Everybody invited.
Every person interested in repairing
the state road from faradise tarm to the
planer are invited to meet next Monda
at Stranahan's gravel pit or Cord.
gravel pit, to volunteer work on the road.
Turn out and bring your teams, axes
and shovels or send a hand. Report to
R. M. Hunt or V. 11. Ulngg.
An institute under the auspices of the
Orecon agricultural college will be held
in Hood River ten, 2bth and Z7tn. A
meeting of citizens is called for Saturday,
Feb. 10th, at Judge Prather's office, to
make arrangements for holding the
W. A. Baird of the East Side met with
a serious accident Jan. 25th. While at
work, erubbinc. he was struck in the
rteht eve with a bush, and the sight of
that eve has since been entirely put out-
He will eo to Portland to have the in
jured eye examined by a specialist.
The ladies of the Degree of Honor will
give a Valentino social vveanesaay
even ns Feb. 14th. at A. O. U. W. hall
An interesting programme will do ren
dered. Ice cream and cake served. Ad
mission 15c. The public is cordially in
vited. Come and meet your fate.
C. D. Moore of White Salmon has
leased his ferry privilege to Huckabay &
Bentlev for a term of fivo years. This
will give this firm the ferry for both
sides of the Columbia. In the summer
they will start their stages from Hood
River for Glenwood.
The Hood River Manufacturing Co's
short, alone the railroad below the depot,
has been raided at different times and
about all the loose tools carried off. The
roof of the house has also been punctur
ed in several places by falling rocks from
the blasts let on near by.
A. W. Young of Gig Harbor is visiting
the family of John t. wicRham. so.',
Young is an old soldier of the civil war
havine served in the first Minnesota
battery. He is now senior vice com
mander of H. R. Loomis post, G. A. R.
Gig Harbor, Wash.
Wm. Graham has just completed an
ice house on the lot in rear of the Racket
Store. An ice house don't "cut no ice"
this kind of a winter, but "Jerry" may
have a chance yet to laugh longest. It's
a cold day when the ice man gets left.
The Christian Endeavor society w'll
give a: social on the 22d, the evening of
Washington's birthday. A good pro
lamine will be presented. Kefresh
ments will be served. Particulars
next week.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Savage and son
arrived Wednesday afternoon from Chi
cago and will visit with Mr. Savage's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H,. Hi. havage, lor
a few weeks. They are on their way to
H. F. Davidson has made an improve
ment on his "stumper," which he in
vented two or three years ago and which
was described in the Glacier at the time.
He declines this time to give the details
of his improvement for publication.
The following named Hood River cit
izens will serve their country as jurors
in the circuit court for the February
term : A. J. Graham, E. Locke, C. T.
Bonney, A. S. Blowers, J. H. Koberg. .
8. A. Knano is buildine a house of a
couple of rooms on his lot in Blowers ad
dition. Later he expects to build a
more commodious residence, and these
two rooms will be in the rear.
C. T,. Ttoc?er8. actinc as acent for the
townsite company, sold two lots just
above the old school house, during the
week one to Chas. Tempel, the other
to S. H. Cox.
Antone Wise and family will leave
nevt Monday for their new home at
Goebel, Oregon. Their many mends in
Hood River regret to lose them as
Dr. A. N. Fisher, editor of the Pacific
Christian Advocate, has been rusticating
in Hood River for the past few d ".
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Crowell
O. R. Ball, traveling asent for the
American Tvoe Founders Co., Portland,
was a visitor at the Glacieb office Thurs
day morning.
The laxlies of the W. C. T. U. will
meet with Mrs. Flagg, at the residence
of Mrs. F. E. Jackson, on Feb. 15th, at
2. 30 p. m.
William Russell Hackett died at Good
Samaritan hospital. Feb. 1, 1900. He
was a member of the Masonic lodge of
Hood River.
Herbert Perry came up Saturday from
Portland and visited with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Perry, over Sunday.
T. R. Coon has for sale his residence
block on Hood River Heights. Ihe
finest view in town. Talk to Coon.
It is seldom an advertisement appears
which means so much for the reader as
that eigned by Rand & Stewart.
The ladies' aid society of the Congrega
tional church will meet at Mrs. K. u,
Thompson's on Friday afternoon.
E. 8. Olinzer has been laid up for the
past few days with an attacK oi quinsy,
to which he is Bubject.
For Sale or Trade A good family horse
for a fresh cow. Inquire, b. V. Usher,
Mosier, Oregon.
Miss Emma Bonnev went to Tvgh
Valley yesterday to remain for a couple
of months.
Wm. O. Hadlev of Moro visited his
family in Hood River the first of the
Mrs. Eliza Billen and daughter, Mrs.
Thos. Laoey, went to Viento yesterday.
Mrs. I. C. Kent is dangerously sick
with neuralgia of the heart.
S. P. Shutt came up from Portland on
Wednesday evening's train.
Thos. Laev is now section foreman on
the O. R. i'N. at Viento.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Bone went to
Portland Wednesday.
East Hood River.
The oyster supper given last Thursday
evening at the homo: ot Mr. and. Mrs..
HeriYyllennagin; in the interest o.f the
Methodist church, manced- a pleasant
social event.- About 30 guests were pres
ent and after the feast some hours were
spent in games and other amusements
such as serve to lighten the cares ot oiu
and young. -
While Rev. Frank Spaulding was on
his way over fron Belmont to attend the
above entertainment he stopped on an
errand at a farm house where he was
attacked by a savage dog. The brute
seized him by the trousers leg at the
knee and ripped it open to the ground.
A pair of new pants "on" tho owner oi
the dog.
The annual passing of Feb. 2d, ground
hog day, is always a topic of great inter
est to lovers of weather loro, but the
round hog that interests many of us
most is the one that comes at the turn
jf the sausage mill.
D. II. Sears has caught the land clcar
ng fever and with the aid of -a grubbinj.
machine is preparing several acres oi
,iew laud for cultivation.
Little Pine Grovers keep step at school
to the sound of a new drum and a mar
tial mein confronts us on every side.
fhus "dancer of militarism" continues
to manifest itself throughout the length
and breadth of the land.
Rev. Troy Shelley and Miss Pauline
Shelley returned from California, Tuesday-.
They came via steamship State
f California, and MUs Pauline reports a
delightful trip. Uoth are in hue health,
Having iruveieu oot iimea uy wuguu aim
returned by rail and boats, i be imme
diate cause of Mr. Shelley's return is re
ported to be a violent attack of nostalgia,
which was immediately cured oy iioou
River air. No place like Hood River.
Following is the report of Pine Grove
school for month ending Jan. m, iyuu
Knrnllment for the month. 43: average
daily attendance, 39 J Pupils neither ab
sent nor tardv are, lsiancne naroison,
Hester Harbison, Ruth Harbison, 1'runk
Hennagin, Charley Lage, Ld Lage, At
phonse Mohr. Marie Mohr, Daniel Pra-
thar, Clarence Robinson, Eflie Robin
son. Mabel Robinson, Dean Sisson, Mer
lin Sisson, Warrea Wells, George Win-
chell, Nellie Wishart.
C. M. Sisson, teacher,
Tor every Ukatber.
r 1
The exclusive agency for (hi city
for this popular line.
Sbocs Tor men,
Jit a Popular Price.
Every pair warranted. We have
them in styles that fit and in lea'
thers that wear.
Drivers and Loggers' Shoes a Specialty.
We have tho kind that are made to wear. ' '
Agents for Royal Tailoring.
At The Dalles, Or.. Feb. 5, 1900, by
Rev. D. V. Poling, Charles Warner and
Miss Saliua Paburn.
School Report.
The following named pupils of Hood
River public schools were neither tardy
nor absent during the month ending
Feb. 2, 1900:
Principal's Department. C. D. Thomp
son Vera Jackson, Percy Adams, Lilly
Shute, Chas. Tostevin, Carrie Byerlee,
Lena Evans. Albert tialverson.
Fourth Department, H. L. Howe,
teacher Chas. Shute, Harvey Kand,
Henry Brown, Pansy Baker, Amy Stuhr,
Delia Boling, Ethel Mooney, Margaret
tredien. Webster Kent.
Third Department, Miss White.teacher
Georgia 1'rather, liertha Koroati, j&an
Blagg, Blanche Howe, Walter Parsons,
Lester Foss. Elwood Luckey, Harry Fre
dien, Roy Evinger, Sylvia Russell, Ruth
Coon, Harold Hershner, Maynard Colo,
Zena Millet. Grace Prather, Allie Welds,
Walter Howell, Neil Evans, Florence
Coon. Dolly Welds. Eugene Sagers.
Second Department, Miss Isenberg
teacher Mason Baldwin, George rugh
Lawrence Gerdes, Claude Thompson,
Clinton Mooney, Kenneth Baker, Carl
Kent, Charles Sonniksen, Austin Lock
man, Howard Hartley, Wallace Moody,
Willie Baker, Fred Fredien, James Udell,
Willie Evinger, Lois Campbell, Anna
McCafferty, Hazel dinger, Lena New
ton, Margurito Kent, Etta Blagg, Marie
Lockman, Gertrude Wharton, Anna
Kent, Viola Miller, May Mooney.
Primary department, Miss titon,
teacher Richard Bartlett. Faith Bart-
lett, Viola Kent, Esther Cox, Milo Fred-
neks. Freddie Gee, Edith MulKins, ises-
sio Mooney, Everett Rand, Earl Leslie,
Blanche Stuhr, Koy Jiiagg, Aidine tsari
mess, Hazel McCrorv, Eva Yatoa, Susie
Hall, Willie Pugh, Merle Drake, Harley
Church Notices.
Elder Wyman will preach in the
Bethel A. C. church Sunday, at 11 a. m.
Subject, "The Holy Spirit."
Congregational Church The pastor,
Rev. J. L. Hershner, will conduct ser
vices next Sunday, both morning and
evening. suDject at morning service,
Retribution m the Human boul."
Miss Alice Simmons of Portland is as
sisting Mrs. R. R. Erwin in dressmaking.
Government Aid Asked.
In view of the great damage done to
apples by the ravages of the codlhi mot h,
the Oregon Btate board of horticulture
adopted the following resolutions and
sent copies thereor to tne state Doaros 01
horticulture of uuitornia, Montana,
Idaho and Washington asking them to
co-operate by adopting the same or sim
ilar resolutions. . Copies of the resolu
tions will be duly forwarded to the de
oartment of agriculture and to the mem
bers of congress of the states iu which
the resolutions are adopted:
Whereas. Apple urowing has attained
such immense proportions throughout
the United States that it has become
one of the largest industries, and
Whereas, This industry has been and
in serioiiRlv threatened with destruction
by the codlin moth so universally distrib
uted, delving in a great measure, an
known remedies : and
Whereas. We find that this codlin
moth does not exist nor do injury to ap
pies immediately along the Pacific coast
tide water line as far north as British
Columbia, though repeatedly intro
duced in infested fruit brought from
elsewhere, therefore, be it
Resolved, That we most respectfully
ask our delegates in congress to use
their best efforts with the department of
agriculture to send a special scientist to
investigate this fact and give us the re
sult of his conclusions, andi devise if pos
sible from such examination, some re
liable method of destruction of the pest ;
Whereas, It has been asserted that in
southern France where the codlin moth
is ever present, it has been kept in check
bv its natural enemies, wo beg you to
urge upon the department the advisabil
ity 01 sending into soutn Europe a qual
ified scientiest to ascertain the iacts in
the case, and if the statement is found
to be true, to arrange for the importa
tion of these natural enemies of the
codlin moth.
In Hood River valley, Feb. 4, 1900,
Jonas Kiser, aged 81 years.
Deceased was born in Tennessee At an
early age he joined the Lutheran church
and lived a consistent christian life ever
afterwards. Three years ago he was
paralyzed, from which he never recov
ered, but was a helpless invalid till death
relieved his sufferings. Funeral was
held on Monday, Rev. J. L. Hershner
in charge, and burial in Idlewilde.
Notice. .
Prices on fruit tree have mntprlnlly ad
vanced all over tho country, owing to tho un
precedented demand, but all orders boolied
by me during the month of Fepruury will be
filled at present prices.
Columbia Nursery,
Dyspepsia Cure.
Digests what you cat.
Good icliool
V't'C jUlLl, H1IV Ulll .11(1...... .-.J ... n..,.v
Tt ntlflMalliriilo'oatat.nflfnnn and altia nir.u- in ncr.-u fenced, fi acre cleared: lioune
M.U .1 UlUULtttlJ v.- -w 1 . ,.
-.-.uir. on1 ..Mm. mid barn: county roHdthrouen tne Dieceuiooa
nfftl.IirK III HL CUKIUCUIUK CUM . twu ' .. ..1,1.:: n.. ...I.. 1
. l . J JIa.,I.,a rivur ruilN oil uuu enure Blue; wmwi ,-unij
8tructinar the exhausted digestive or- ... ou, tu lrH2ttIe fl.ora to au atre, l'rice
sans. It iathelatestdiscovereddiftestr nomioto so doiinrs per acre, according to
. I .. , - -T- ... I ninniml urnntnil jnd I.M'ttl Inn. Will soil ill I
can approach It la efficiency. It in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, indigestion, ncuituum,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgi a.Cramps, and
all other results of Imperfect digestion.
Prepared oy lw" wgibuuv.
tor side iiy vMlliuins & Brosius.
MrsJ.K.Miller.Xewton Hamilton,Pa.,
rita. "I think DeWitt's Witch Hizel
Salve the grandest salve made." It cures
niles and heals everything. All fraudu
lent imitations are worthless. Williams
& Broeins,
To Residents of Hood Hiver and Vicinity,
Ghef.tinq: The houM-renovatlng season
will soon be here, and I take this method of
calling yonr attention to the fact that I shall
also be here, ready and anxious to assist you
in .rirv noKsiDie wav.
Frtwti paint and pleasing tonns In Wall
Puner are like unto a 'mantle of charity." In
asmuch as they hide a multitude of delects,
and wln properly applied will cause the In
coneruent room ti the house to become pieas
Ineio the eve and satiufHCtory lo the artistic
taste. Tooblaln that usual desired result l my
KPK.CIAL BUHIXE.S.S. I cannot warrant k-n
dollar effects for a one dollar expenditure, but
I do guarantee satisfactory work and results
at live and let live prices, or no pay. If jon
desire I sball be pleased W call ai your home
wilb samples of Paper, measure your rooms
and make you price. (feriMATESGHATWl
With many thanks for past patron ire and
a respectful solicitation for a share of the same
in the rulure, 1 am very iruiy yonrs,
Painter and Peeorator, Hood River. Or.
To My Friend and ratront:
I havs secured the services of an export me
chanic and am ready to do all kinds of re
pairing and new work at short notice, either
by the day or by contract. 1 keep constantly
on hand a good stock of bulldors' supplies,
Including shingles, finishing lumber, mold
ings, inth and lime. To make room for my
Increasing trade I have rented two rooms on
Second street and connected them with my
Oak street store, hence am better prepared
than ever to please my customers. I wish
also to call attention to my stock of paints
and oils, as well as my complete assortment
of furniture, which I am selling at Portland
prices and you save your freight.
. yours for business,
In the estimation of
Practical fainter.
Every gallon of
will cover 300 or more quart.
feet of surface in average con
dition, two coats to the gallon.
Every gallon is a fu)l U. 8.
standard measure. It is made
to Paint Buildings with. It
is the best and most durable
House Faint made.
Chas. N. Clarke, Agt., at the Glacier Pharmacy.
Oo to him for pure fresh Drugs, latent Medicines and Wall Paper. Prescriptions an
Family Recipes a specialty. . ,
Poilland P&ice.
Land Ofllce at The Dalles. Oreeon. Jan. 8.
1900. Nolle Is hereby given that tho follow-1
Ing-numed settler nus mea notice 01 uis in-i
ton lion to muke flnal proof In sup-1
ixii't of his clulm. and that said proof win
Im mnrln before lleorue T. l'rutlier. U. 8. Com
missioner, ut Hood River, Oregon, on Moii-I
day, February it, tuuu, vis:
Of Hood Itlver. Oregon, II. E. No. 6.T83, for the
east y, southeast 4 section 81, and west V,
southwest section 82, township 2 north,
runue 1. Cllftt. W. M.
He mimes the following witnesses to prove
his continuous resldeuce upon and cultiva
tion of, said lund, viz:
C. V. Kiiupi), V. Wlnchell, C, D. Ilenrlchs
and M. I). Udell, nil of Hood River, Or.
Jiarii JAY P. LUUAH, Register.
Oi 80 Ms if Mm, Carpels, Wall Paper, ete.
t ,ttmnw n v an tn tret lower nrteos on House Furnishing Goods than I can'.quote.
Bpeclul figures given ou building material tor contract work. . . . . ., ,
Successor to E. L. Smith Oldest Established House In the valley.)
JDxr Grood-G, ClotHa-ing,
Flour, Feed, Etc., Etc.
ill), JlLI Im
Time Schedules.
amount wanted and location
quantities to suit purchasers.
one miie.
. - t)n niece 1 miles south of Tucker. 180 sores:
county road through piece; creek, with living
water, runs through for considerable Irriga
tion; several acres good bottom land- good
school "A mile: land unlinuroved. Pi ice from
12 to 20 dollars per acre, according to amount
und piece wanted. I
one niece at inciter, o miie iroui ucpui,
Hood Itlver, ;0 acres; will sell one acre or as
mnn.v more as wanted up to tne wuoio piece,
Price from SB to VMS dollars ner acre; or. If you
Imply want to build a home, will give you a
lece lor iiuu purpose, pruviueu juu mu i
ii I Id noon It.. I
If you wish to locate or kuv land, try Tucker
before you purchase. Will guarantee to give
von more itood sol 1 for nu me amount of money I
tnun you can buy elsewhere in Hood River I
valley. Rerry ground, orchard or grass, or I
anything else raised in this valley. Cull on or
address it. R. TUCKER,
ti TucKer, Oregon.
New Store-
E. Bound.
10:16 p.m.
6:17 p.m.
8 p.m.
8 D.m.
Ex. Hunday
10 p.m.
Salt Lake. Denver,
Ft Wort h.Omahii.
Kansas City. St
Louis, Chicago!
and the bust.
Wnlla Walla, Bpn-
St Paul, Dululh,
Milwaukee, Chi
cago and East.
For Han Francisco
Sail Dec. 8. 8. 13.18.
73, M,& every 6 days.
Columbia Rivkr
To Astoria and way
6 a.m.
W. Bound.
Fart .
4:00 p.m.
K.x press
fi:l; a.m.
4 p.m.
4 p.m.
4:W p.m.
7 a.m.
Tue. Thur,
and Sut.
Willnmet.tii River.
Oregon City, New-;Ex-aunduy.
ners.Maiem at way
Oregon City.Davton
and way lanuings.
Notice of Application to
Sell Real Estate.
To Hood River Lodge, No. 105, A. F. and A.M.,
and the unknown neirs or Anarow a.
Tieman, deceased:
Take notice that an anullcatlon has been
led In the County Court of Wasco county.
sluts of Oregon, for an order of said court (11-1
ri-ci lin the executors of tho will oi Andrew 1
II. 'I'iemun. deceased, to sell the real estate of
said aeceaem, to wit: uovt is anu 10 kb. iu,
and lots 2 und 7 See. 22, T. 1 N., R. 10 E, W. M.,
In limnin. containing ll0 4-100 acres. Also,
commencing at a point In east boundary Hue
and a) rods N. of 8. K. corner of N.W. Sec.
2J, T. 1 N., R. 10 E., W. M., In Oregon; thence
JN. IOU roos tnence v. nu rous: meiu-u o. iw
rods- thence E. 80 rods to place of beginning,
containing 60 acres, and that Tuesday, March
ft. 1900, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, has been
fixed for heurinir and determining said appli
cation, at the county Court House in The I
imlles, in said wasco county, state oi urcgou.
uuwa January ,,1W.A g
9 a.m.
Tues. Thur.
and Sat.
Willamette Itlver.
Portland to Oorval-
lis way landings.
::J0 p.m.
Mon, Wed.
and Frl.
4M t .m
Mon.. Wed.
and rrl.
Lv Lewlst'n
8:30 a.m.
Snakk Rivkr.
Itlparla to Lewlston
Pass. Agent, Portland, Or .
Baoi-ky, Agent, Hood Kiver,
tr .m, wall, are sle.k or mutilated, call on
E. L. Rood. Consultation free. Nocliaigefor
prescriptions. No cure no pay. Ofllce hours
from B A. M. till P. M., and ail night If net.
Notice to Voters.
Under the orovlsions of the Registration
law all cersons when renlHterlng are required
to furnish to the registering offloer the follow
ln Inlh.mal nn.
If naturalized, ine tune, pmc nu ,-uii.
naturalizntKin. In this connection it is nec
essary to produce natural.&ation papers, or
lM.lnrutiitn of intention.
Residence must ne specine, giving precinct.
.wiinn tnurimhln and ranL'c: ir wimin town
or city, the street; mimber, if any, and num.
fit lor. ann diock. ii u hot uiiiiuihk
where rooms are nt.mliered, the number of
.utnAmanil flrtor mnit he Iflven.
T nrrier tn iLvoia unnecessary ueiay anu in
convenience, every person desiring u regisior
should be prepared to furnish tne above in-
fr.rmnf Ion.
facilities will be furnished In every pre-
einci in the county by either Justice or the
peace or notary puune. a. m . iv ri;m i ,
jia Dpnty Clerk,
Land Ofllce at Vanconver. WashJan. 17,
1900. Not i( Is hereby given mat Hie roiiow.
I..,.. no men settler has hied notice of bis in
tention to make final proof In support of
his claim, and that said proof will be made
hefore the letilr and Receiver U. H. ijind
Oilice at Vancouver, Wash., on Tuesday
February V, 1900, viz:
Homestead Entry No. WW, for the east of
northwest , soiitnwest $401 norinwesi y.anu
sontnwest H 01 norioasi iuuu 10, iu.u
hln 1 norlh. ranee 12 east. Will. Mer.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of. aid land viz:
lin R. Reynold and Thomas M. Whltcomb,
11 of 1 .via I. O.. Washington.
iVta' W. R. KUNBAIt. Register.
At Pratlier'8 corner we have opened a fine line of Dress
Goods, Miilliuery, Stationery, School Supplier, Candies, Clgara,
Groceries ond Notions. Our
5 and lOo Counters
will intoreat you. Everything new, neat and clean.
S. H. COX.
Ind Office at Oregon City, Ore., Dec. 80,
num. Notice is hereby si von that the follow
ing named settler has filed notice of his Inten
tion to make final proof In support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made hefore
- , . 1 . . t 1 . Mnn ,.,v
IOC .VI.'K 1 M L; 1 UI1U JVWClVd .,viuu w,.jVJ.
, h'elirimrv 2:1. KlOO. Viz:
The heirs of loim l), wooawaru, uoceasuu,
One of said heirs, II. E. 12S75 for the north
west . norllieaul hi, nortlieasi yt norinwesi yA
and south nortnwest y oi secuout, uiwn-
uliln 1 iiorlli. ranirA M casL
lie names tne following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, vis:
John W. Atwell, Henry P. Harpham, G. L.
Harnham. Harold H. Weston, all of Cascade
tjvu iireiron.
..... ' . . . n ifnAniM DaM(.k
for poultry
Use Crushed Oyster and Clam Shells. The most frequent cause of
hens not laying is the absence in the food of Carbonite of Lime.
These shells are practically pure carbonite of lime.
Try Groosbeck's Egg Troducer and Health Food as .a preventive
and cure for diBease of fowls. It is a mild and stimulating tonic
' ' ' .V
With F. E. JACKSON. He ana tne iAVJ!i-
PORT BROS, have over One Million
feet of good Dry Lumber
at Haynes' Spur.
(Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.
U. B. Ind Omce, The Dalles, Oregon, Jan.
2, 1U0O. -Notice Is hereby given inaiincom
nlianes with the orovlsions of the act of con
gress or June 8, i78, entitled "An act fur the
sale of timber lands In the Mate of California.
........... M.if,.la und tl!iihfnirt,n
Of The Dalles, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has this day (lied In this omce bis sworn
Ztuie.ment No. 152. for the purchase of the
h imir i.i.rt hv st . and north half south
west li of section no. zi, in lowoauiy
north, ranire No. S east. W. M.. and will Oder
Kit to snow mat tne iana nougnv nun t
I liable for Its timber or stone than for agrl-
enliiirul numoses. and to establish Ms claim
to said land before the Register and Receiver
of this otttce atThe Dalles, Oregon, on Satur
day, the lUb day of March, 1000.
lie names as wuuwwn; . ...
Wlnans, A. Wlnans aud E. T. Wlnans, all of
llrwvl itlver. ureuon.
a n v and nil Dersons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims In this omce on or Deiore saia
17th day of March, iww.
J liltl 1J . JAI r. liUijAB, negisier.
r.nnd Offlea at Oreeon Cltr. Oregon. Jan
n iism. Kmlea Is hereby trlven tnat tne lot
lowing-namea Beiuw oas mwy iiwuwv, m.
Intention to make final proof In support of bis
eiiLlm. a nd that said oroof will be made before
the Register and Receiver at Oregon City,
Oivgon, on March 2, 1UU-I, vie -
H. E. W27, for the northeast M of northeast
of section 28, township 1 north, range & east
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence npon and cultiva
tion ,.f auid land, vis:
Isaiah James, ! ran It Devrojr, Virgil Amend
aud John WlilWtl, ail of Bridal Veil, Oregon.
The best results yon must use the best materials. Th
HOOD RIVER PHARMACY coutiaueg to be up to
date In everything In the Drug line.
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Spraying materials warranted the pure stuff.
i t,a nffleji at The Dalles. Orecon. Jan. 29.
inm Nntlea is horebv aiven that the follow
ing-named sett ler has (lied notice of her inten
tion to commute and make llnal proof In sup.
port of ner claim, ana mat suiu uruoi win
made before (Jeore T. Prather, If. H. Commis
sioner, ot Hood River, Oregon.on Baturday,
UlUAii n.. niwi
Of Hood River. Oregon, H. E. No. 4893, for the
lots 9, 10 and 19, section 15, and lot 1, section
22. township 1 north, range ju east, w . ni.
iia namea the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of. said land vis: ,...
James A. Cook of Tucker, Or.. Taul Aubert
ofMt.Hood.Or.:C. P. Odell of Tucker. Or.;
J. A. Lens Of Ml. rtooa, ur. ,.
Him 8 ji r. mtiSBi mini'
Land Offlce at The Dallce. Oregon, Jan. as,
KiO.-Nollie Is hereby given that the follow.
lni-named settler has filed notice of ,hl In
tention to make final proof In support of his
claim, an-1 that said proof will be made before
the Register aud Receiver at The Dalles, Ore-
Ot Hood River, Ore., II. E. KI88, for the lots t
and 2, itoutbcast northeast and northeast
W southeast section 6, lowushlp 1 north,
range 11 east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence npon and cultiva
tion of, sold land, vis:
Robert II. Kemp, Hood River, Or.: frank
Mulllkln, The Dalles, Or.; Ralph fehelley,
iioud River, Or.; Edwin H. Merrll, The
Dalles Or - ' '
fjtultl JAY P. LITCAft, Register.
CH Art. B. MOORKtf, Register.
Tjind Ofllce at Vancouver. Wash., Jan. 22
1900. Notice Is hereby given that the follow.
in..noi,iul saltier bus sled notice of his lnlcn-
iinnu make flnal moof In support of his
claim, and that said proot win ne niaue
betore r . w . Kaie, i iwi oi um nuici i-
of the suite of Washington for Bkamanla
county, at Hlcvenson, Wash., on Thursday,
March is, ww. vis:
Hd. No.So55, for the soutbwestqnarter section
15, township 8 north, range 10 east, W. M.
He names ine loiiowing uhum"-. w
his eontiniious residence npon and cultiva
tion of said land, vis: ,
William KeiieuaoiiK, jm rmucn, ,.ni i
Moore and Henry Olson, allot iioou mver.vr.
inlj W. R. DUNBAR, Register.
Land Offlce at Oregon City, Oregon, Jan. ,
'iven insi iv hiiiuw
led notice of hit inten-
I0OO. Notice Is hereby
Ing-numed settler lias
lion to make final proof In support of hie
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the Register and Reiver at Oregon Uly,
Oregon, on March 2, 1W9, vis:
H. E. 100U, for the west H of northwest of
section T, township 1 north, range 5 east.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon ana eulUv.
tlon of, said land, vis: .'
H. U. Phlllls,Krank Devroy Virgil Amend
and Jonn Wbitsel, ail of Bridal Veil, Oregon.
CilAa. B. MOOUES, KsctStM.