The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 22, 1899, Image 2

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    3c3d Iiver Slacier.
Christmas, the glati time for tbs little
folks, and when everybody feels at peace
vnth bis neighbor and the rest cf man
kind, is at hand. The problem of giv
ing presents, the kind most suitable for
your friends, is now the leading ques
tion to distract the generous minded.
If your selections arg things useful you
cannot go far amiss, Our home mer
chants are well prepared to meet the
demand fur all necessary and useful
Christmas present. The Glacieii will
assihtthe prudent buyer of Christmas
goods by mentioning the dealers in cer
tain lines of Roods. Begin with us at
th ViPnrl of the businesa street. First
comes the well-known house of Dallas &
fpangler. Everybody who comes to
town has occasion to call on Dallas, and
therefore it is hardly necessary to add
that all have seen that excellent cooking
range that would gladden the heart of
the housewife more than anything in
the thane of a Christmas present. Next
comes the Glacier office. Think what
an acceptable present a year's subscrip
tion to the home paper would be to an
absent friend or relative. And before
goini any further on your rounds to
wok presents for your fnemH, a.-K your
self if you are square with the printer
If you find you are not, walk into the
Ulacick office and kettle up, and we can
assure you the printer will be a? thank
ful to receive what is clue mm as any
recipient of your most generous gifts
It is well to remember that no man can
consoidiitiuiisly make costly gifts if he
has unpaid bills i ho would be spending
money put his own. Next to the Ola
CiKB oflice Is the Hood Kiver Pharmacy
where you will find displayed in neat
array, besides drugs, the most tempting
goods for Christmas presents, such as
perfumery, toilet articles, etc Next
pomes the largo general merchandise
stor-3 of Rand & Stewart, where you will
find a big stock from which to select
useful present for home or those do
nervine charity. Herman Evcrharfs
store conies next, with a well-assorted
Btock of croceriea, from which you can
select something for the Christmas din
ner, Vp ctai", at the Emporium, you
can secure one or two of those desirable
lots in the Karrett-Sipma addition, be
fore the price is advanced Jan. 1st
C'has, Higgs will take"" your photo In a
style that will please tjio old folks back
in the ''States ' The Kacket More man
don't you forget, will show you goods in
his line that will prove most acceptable
Christmas presents. Next iloor,
Welds, the pioneer shoemaker, can fix
your shoes or gum hoots so that it will
not lo necessary to treat yourself to a
new pair before spring. At V . E. Sher
rill's you will find neat designs in furni'
ture and house furnishing goods. Up
stairs, Dr. C. T. Cams, the dentist, will
be found ready to make that new set of
V;eth promised yourself or your wife for
next door, deals in watches and jewelry
goods always in demand at Christmas
time. Then comes the People's Store,
where it wiU not be dillicult to find
goods to. suit yourself or friends, The
window display at the People's Store is
attractive for seekers after something
nice for Christmas. At the new store of
g. H. Cox, presided oyer by Mrs. liar
wood, you will find something to please
old and voting, in the way of miHuier;
dry goods, toys, notions and candies
At Bone & McDonald's general
merchandise store will be found a, hi
stock of goods, from which can be se
leoted useful and substantial present
for self or friend- S. J. LaFnmce's store
is well stocked with a cla&aof goods most
suitftbjo far the holiday trade. Santa
Claus outfits at this store in his lines of
best grades of Christmas presents. A- 8.
Blowers & Son, in their new brick, show
their hrge stack ol goods to good advan
taae. This store will catch a fair share
of the holiday trade. Geo. P. Crowell
genera.! merchandise store is well stock
d with goods of a description that will
picet the wants of those looking for bar
gains in useful holiday presents. W
CoVa confectionery will supply your
needs in candies most delioious, hornet
made and imported. At "Reciprocity
Corner you can procure your Christinas
turkey, which should Uo ordered in
time' also, the choicest meats for Christ
pias stnd other good things. Mr. Bouncy
will spare no expense to make his place
attractive during the holidays. lb
Glacier' eoes nesi, wlie
you wit! find an excellent stock of toilet
articles and other goods that are alway
demand, for Christmas presents
S. F,. Bart mess, the pipiecr fiirnitu
dealer, has choice articles in his Hue
that will delight the most fastidious re
tipient of a Christmas present. John
llullt comes Ust on the list, at the end
p$ you round, down ono side of the
street and up the other. He is in the
harness and bike repair business, in
Which you might desire somhjs for
ChjiutiM. it is more blessed to give
haii to receive. Remember the deserv
ing poor in your bcuefioence, and your
reward will be in the knowledge that
you have accomplished good.
The Glaciks tins week contains a
communication giving some pointers in
the poultry business from one who is
capable of giving good advice in this
fine. Others are requested to write of
their experiences, and the Glacier will
be glad to give them, space. An inter
change of opinions and experiences will
be beneficial. Then? is something to be
made in keeping a few hens on the
farm. If you have a range of eight or
ten acres 50 heas can be kept to good
advantage. Fifty beus will not bring
as much, income as a good cow, but they
will help materially in. providing for a
family, furaish.imj esgs and fowl for the
table at all seasons if properly manaied.
No more than 50, hens should be k,ep.'
on a farm in Hood River 25 would be a
better nui&her and probably more prof
lt$b.te. TAere. are. times when, it bq-
comes necessury to pea up the chickens
to save cropa of fruit, grain and garden
vegetables from their depredations. The
least number of chickens you nave at
this time the better, When chickens
are kept for the profit there is in eggs at
the market price, 50 hens are enough.
If you go above this number you aie
more likely to lose than rain. Those
who succeed best in the poultry busi
ness keen thoroughbred stock and sell
etrsia only for hatching at an advanced
price. Those we hear of wno nave suc
ceeded in making big money off chick
ens iu large numbers always live a long
wav off, You never hear of any of your
.eighbors getting rich in the cnienen
business. Some will tell you mere is
money in the chicken business they
put it there themselves but have never
been able to got n out.
Tho Northwest Herald of Portland
suspended publication last week. The
proprietor announces that the paper
ill resume after the hrst oi tno now
year, when he will isue a daily. Over
pressure of business is given as the cause
of susicnsion too much prosperity
something never before heard of m the
istorv of journalism, tiut then a jour
nal like the Herald was never before
heard of. It was ably edited and gotten
up In 0 stylo new to tho craft and the
reading public The editor had a vo
cabulary extraordinary his big words
seemed to be first selected and sentences
constructed to fit them, For a paper
that posed as the "organ" of the dem
oemtic party, the Herald could hardly
be expected to make much progress t
wards healing the breach in thut party
by its uncalled-for abuse of Grover
Cleveland, a man who, though out c:
politics, is a more consistent represent
ative of his party s principles than any
of the so-called democrats who continue
to assail him,
! L J - . Jit
The Boers are proving themselves to
be a brave and chivalrous people,worthy
of their independence of Great Britain
or any other nation that may seek to
teach them how to piake laws to govern
those who come among them only to
gather the precious metals, The terri
ble reverses suffered by tho British ar
mies at the hands of the Boer forces
teaches England that she has a foe more
to be feared than any she lias tackled
since she undertook to quell tho revolt
in her thirteen colonies in America. All
England is in mourning over the loss of
the iluwer o.f the British army in Africa
Queen Victoria, w hose voice has always
been for peace, but w ho. has no voice in
the diplomatic affairs of her kingdom
is overwhelmed with grief for the fallen
on both sides. Americans generauy
. . . . I
sympathize with the Boers in their des'
perate struggle for the life of their re
public. Our old friend, J. A. C: Brant has
sold his paper, the Vancouver Colum
bian, to Sam J. Miller. Joe, it is said,
will retire from the newspaper business.
i '.m Z.utiL w-.- UU J Jba. . lor.
gent bullet in an attack on Sap Mateo
last Tuesday;
Von 1 try Hints,
Hoon River, Or,, Pec. 10, lS09.-Ed
jlor Glacieh; In. these times of the
chicken craze, a few thoughts from those
Who have succeeded or would like to
succeed would be timely. The most im
portant thing to be considered 13 suit
able buildings. One needs a good, warm,
dry hen house, that can be ventilated
Dy letting in an we supiigni possiuie,
w'ith sullioient air ta keep it fresh; with
most of the windows on the south, and
if they are fortunate enough to have a
place protected irom tho strong west
winds, also iroin tne coiu east wmas, so
much the better. But if they are not
tjlius situated, a couple of thicknesses of
building paper in the walls is an the
more necessary, A poor hen house will
be a source of expense, while a good
warni one will be a profitable invest
pient, Without the warm dry hen
house there will be no winter eggs, nor
will there he early pulMs, from which
we must expect to derive an income tile
following winter, as layers. I believe
that w ith a sufficiently w arm house there
would be eggs the year round and not
an over-abundance "in the spring, when
eggs are cheap. If your hens lay well
during winter they are ready to set early,
but il they don't begin until spring it is
late before any of them become broody,
consequently piore late chickens, with
none of them old, enough to lay before
the cold weather comes on, and you w ill
have another year without profit. It
will take all the profit of the sumnier to
winter a lot of chickens which should be
triviim vou iiood returns. Neither will
late-hutched roosters be large enough to
supply the market until it is too late to
get the fancy prices!
A hen was never known to lay with a
frosted comb or frozen toes, and it takes
months if they ever get over it, Proper
feeding is another important matter.
They need, a good, warm feed in the
mornings, but not enough to satify them ;
then let them finish thuir , breakfast by
scratching urani out ot some kind 01
litter. My warm feed is milk, with the
scraps from the table 01 the day before,
mixed with shorts. I also put in some
fine clover, w hich the htns reli.h. At
noon a small feed of wheat in the litter,
and at night a good, generous feed of
corn or w heut. All the good feeding du
ring the cold winter months will not
produce eggs if tho h&na have cold,
damp, dirty, drafty building in which to
roost, especially if it he a large house
My advice to those who expect to go
into chicken raising as a business is to
be sure and have w hat buildings they
provide warm and comfortable, and
they will not reirret the little extra ex
penso. It is very important that the
poultry houses are kept clean and free
from vermin.
Let others give heir ideas and ex-,
periences, and we will learn on what
lines others have the best success.
Alma Hows
A Cerm'tion..
Editor Glacier: Iu the rioem en
titled "Man," which you published in
your last week's issue, the third line of
the second verse should read, Made for
this creature only," instead of "Made
for the 'creature only." H,
Mt. Iloqd School.
The following is the report cf Mount
Hood school for month ending Dec. 15,
Total number enrolled, 13; total nuni-.
ber days' attendance, Wd: average at
tendance, 10.3. Tbos neither absent
nor tardy during the month are Joseph
Hess and Clvde Fredenburg.
Jessie; Papons, Teacher.
Mr. Yt'atson Replies.
Hood River. Dec. 13, 1899.-Editor
.i lacier (several oi my jnnu
. . . i-
reed uie to reply to the viewg ot v . Tl
Adams in your issue of the 12th inst.
For near fifty years my acquaintance
with the doctor has been ot the most
genial nature. There is so much that it.
commendable in our former acquaint-
anee that now I am disposed to throw
the mantle of charity over his age ana
In the interest of a consistent prolu-
bition record, will say I have not made
or caused to be made, kept or aitowcu llt
keot. a txtrtiele ot wine or other nitox-
icants in my ceuar Horn i vuuiiuvhou
to the present, Dr, W, L. to the con
trary notwithstanding. But will give
r -- , I..
the doctor this benciit: My sou loin
vears airo made a number of gallons ol n
straw berry wine ana piaceu mo tunic m
i . i a i . ....... ;. I.
my cellar. The doctor passing (and at
the solicitation of my wile, who was
anxious to know if the same could be
converted to vinenar), he was called on
to sample some and give his opinion.
After much Huuiphng, and with hmusua.
gravity, he said (I give his own words) :
"Mv opinion is that a man had better
use pure alcohol rather than the adul
terated liquors of the present time, as
its use lias a kind ot a pickling lenuency
on tho human anatomy. fvow, as
there was no chaw (or this prescrip
tion I have not felt at liberty to taae
any advantage of it to tho preseut time.
And now, doctor, be assured you taut
no more pleasure 111 taking your stand
with the majority in, tho wrong thun.l
do by taking mv platfo with Uie minor
ity 111 the right.
A ten-year-old school boy ought to
know that there never was a law enact
ed in Maine to imprison a man for hav
ing a pint or even a hundred barrels ot
cider or whisky 111 Ins cellar if an im
proper use was not made of it. As this
is in keening with the balance of the
doctor's assertions, we leave the balance
to a thinking publiu and awu't the doc
tor's pobt mortem of tho saloon keeper
to the bull ring and operate on him
Before I closo this allow mo to cum
plimeut the doctor tor associating my
humble name with the most distin
guished names of the oentury, With
malice to none and charity for all, I am
now, and ever will bo, for prohibition
V. iJ. Watson
Two Wrecks,
In the year 1891 two young men came
to Dufur from Fresno, Cali
in search
of work. Both w-ere well dressed and
bore the marks of good breading and ed
ucation in their countenances, One was
a skilled jeweler and had a set of jewel
er's tools with him. They easily secured
temporary employment, but Uie first
day one was taken ill. His friend had
1,,,, iob,,n tn ut.olti.r ami l,r ur.vprnl rtuuy
provided for his sick companion by sao-
1 a..:.... -:..!...... . 4 .., Tl,,.' ,!,
rilicinn trinkets of his own. The sick
nmn was removed to a hotel and had
the best of medical skill nnq uursim;,
his companion hardly leaving his eiue
for necessary rest, but all to no avail tor
in little over a week Ed Albaugh died in
his friend's arms and lies buried in the
cemetery over the hill. Pride would
not allow me survivor iu nave us oeuu
friend buried at the expense of strangers,
so he sold his own jeweler's tools anU all
personal belongings to pay expenses ot
the illness and funeral. This man who
showed so much nobleness of character
was D. K. Carmichael, the same D. K.
Cannichael w ho last week attempted to
take the ?275 from the dead body ot hi
mother who was drowned at the wreck
of the Weeott at llumbolt Bar, Cali.,
and ordered her buried without expense.
ill.. ..J olu,; illin Ul WC lUSt
seven ye;rs in the lives o this young
man and his mother, a utorv Keldom
equaled in the complete ruination of a
H,, i , , S . l
noble man by alcohol or the devotion ol
alovimr mother tor an errini;son, ihose
who have watched the curiam rise ana
fall on the different acts of this tragedy
do not know all, but they know this
j i v ,v., i ..,i , .V
und family iu ebraska and hpent the
nr.h u uon.iiTi irr, v nn hpr Hiran . I,
last four or live years and all her fortune
in thrt ellort to Rave, her bov. From the
urik'Ui. uuensesa umi oj, eiKiivv;uo K,
Whose good quvtuues, drunk or sober,
kept friends about him, young Car
michael became a "whisky fiend" whom
all recognized to be beyond reformation
except his mother, who nursed him out
of delirium arid took him repeatedly to
out of tho way daces, awav from temp
tation ; at one time purchasing a liuwe
,, ' , ,
miiooa itiver vauey anu Keeping mm
there a vear or more, llns last and
fatal trin on the AVceott is Bunposod to
, l . . . i . , . . -
nave Deen laKen uy uns poor woman io
nna a new nome lor ner lneuriate son,
and when Uie vessel went to pieces on
the jetty and the unfortunate woman
was drowned, this wreck of a once noble
manhood, who had sold his belongings
to bury his friend, attempted to rob the
body of his dead mother who had given
up home, tortune auu me tor him at
i ,
tenmted to take her curse, contaiiiinii
hio, anu omereii ner ouuy uirowH into
a box and buried without exneni-e.
Una is not told as a warning to unnk?
nil; men ; such tales never serve as a
warning ; it is simply one of tho last
ecenes in the lite ot a man who "could
drink whisky or let it alone, just a, he
desired, or thought he could when we
nrst met him. Dutur iisiatch.
It takes but a minute to overcome tick
ling in the throat and to stop a couirh by
the use of One Minute Cough Cure. This
remedy quickly cures allturnisof throat
.indluneuouWes. ilarillless and pleasant
to take. It prevents consumption. A ta-
mous epecilic for grippe and its after
eUects, illiams &. Urosius.
Mount (looil .Notes.
lion. D. R, Cooper has been sick for
the past levy clays, lie is attected with
dysentery, . v
Mrs. O. II. Rhoads is abla ta he out
Winter has come to stay, and as usual
caught most of us without our wood in
the shed. Very few of us were ready
lor winter.
Louis F. Burkhard is siaVine cedar
poets. He intends getting out about ten
thousand posts tfus winter.
Norman Williams went to Hood River
last baturday and brought up a load of
lurmture ior nimseit..
n tt tji,j i i,. , .
I , , rf., . . . , "
J. 11. lllloailO Httl UUI, I1UIIU1IZ 1118
uorst-s last, inurfcuav, ana navine two
small tiupr,u'8 along. ;hev tracked a fine
. . . . ,w - . ...
bear to its den and went ija after him
Jlr, Khoads had his cun with him and
killed the bear. He would not take toll
each tor his young Dear dogs,
Every one seems to be eettinz ready
ior isauta uiaus at er p.urg,
Yqd & Mb,
Mr- J Sheer, Sedalia, Mo., raved his
child s lite dv Une ilinule Coutb Cure.
1 1nnfc l. J .: - 1 . - .1 :
COkls, pneumonia, bronchitis and throat
and lunx troubles, ReUeve at once.
Williams k Brosius.
A(her! Ued Letter List,
Pec. IS, 1S99.
Chjt.k, FH
Case, C'arenee
Dolph, G O.
Lark, A
Eankin, A W
Stephenson, C T
SteSauson, Henry
Allison, Mrs tj
Eben, Mrs C
Noble, Emery
Milne, A
WJI. M, YA.T5S, ?-. M,
jwi-iuisimogivi u tier i ptouiewuucroup Kl0.--Noiiw is hereby siven that the follow
It s an infallible cure forcomrhs. ermue. inu-named settler iiaa'nled notice of his in-1
IiMd lllveMVliile Salmon Ferry.
There will be three applicants before
the commissioners next moiitii ior u
.. "VC in.i.. aanu,n f.rr
cumn,u,mvrti probably grant
the license to ttio, present proprietor,
Clyde T. Bonney, of" Hood River. This
gentleman bought out the interests oi
the former ferryman and it would be no
more than just to grant him the license,
If other parties wish to run tho ferry,
they should buy out tne nneresis oi .ur.
Bonney. Goldendule Sentinel.
On the courthouse bulletin board. J. E.
Jneobson of U'hito Salmon, (jives notice
t)iat ti,e jalUi,vrv term of the board of
county commissioners he will apply for
a license to maintain a terry on uie Col
umbia river, running from the Rankin
steamboat landing to some point near
Hood Uiver. Also, at the same session,
n Moore of White Salmon will apply
,or hreiuo to run a ferry irom rainier
landing to some point across the Col
umbia river. Agriculturist,
Jude Davennort of Mosier recently
marketed It heud of 2-year-old steers
that netted him f-ll" a head in Portland
"Iwasncarlvdond withdvspeps'a, tried
doctors, visited mineral springs, and grew
worse. 1 used k dulDyspepsiaUire. that
eurea me. it Quests wnaiyoueui.. vures
indigestion, sour stomach, heartburn and
allformsof dyspepsia. WillianistSt Brosius
By order of Judge Bellinger, David
Garrison was released from tail last
Thursday and is now a free man. He
had been scntciccd to serve 500 days.
Miss Annie E.6o?ming, Tyre, Mich.,
Fays, I sutlerd a laug ume lroni dyspep
sia; loattleshund became very weak. Ko-
dol DyspepsiuCureeonipletely cured me."
It digests w hat you eat and cures all forms
of stomach trouble, it never tans to give
immediate relief in the worst cases.
illiams & Brosius,
The Sherman County Bank at Wasco
closed its doors last week, lhe suspen
sion is thought to be only temporary.
Mrs. R. Churchill, Berlin, Vt, says,
"Our babv was eovered with running
sores. DeVVitt's Witch Hazel Salve cured
her." A specific for piles and skiu diseases
Beware of worthless counterfeits. Will
iams & Brosius.
The trial of Frank MeDaniol for the
murder of Claire I' itch resulted in a
verdict of manslaughter. He w ill go to
prison for 15 vears, but he should be
hanged. .
.T.RClnrk. Peoria. Ill..savs. "Surtroons
ui'uiaw .-.i, iv, jj,, jv,
cured inem vuii ye wins vtiiun uazei
Halve." It is infallible for piles and skin
diseases. Beware of counterfeits. W ill-
iums & Brosius,
Folding Saw,
A FoUUmk Suwinir .Miwhinc, nearly new for
sale. luuull'C Hi tli UtAC'lltR OUICC, lja
Ordinance No. 19.
An Ordinance to Regulate the S;ilo of Spirit-
l'reveiil lliu Sale Tlierouf Wilnouc iiuvlny
h list ubluiiiBil u License J liereior, and U)
Kepeul ah Ordinance and I'm la ol' Ol'di
niiiiceii hi Conflict . Therewith.
Bell oruaineU by Uie Cuiiuuun Councilor
the Town ui lluod Uivki'i beulion i. linn
no, I'urnoii Biiah be nerinitied to hell suirltuoiiK,
.all or vmoud liquoiH vv itiiiii me orpoiaiu
limit!! ot Uie limu i itoou itiver u km
uuaiilitie man one (tudou without hav-
lux ublumeil a hceiiM) (roiu tna cuiuuion
unncii ul Kind loun I'M- lliul uui'iKisf.
.ec. 2. livery person ooiainuiK a license u
sell iiritiioti, mall or vinous li(Uor snail
iuiv ml, i tliu Lreiiaurv of saiu town oi ltoou
itiver I no nam ol one tliouaii(l dollars iter
ainiuni, and i(l Uie alne uniburilull fui' a les
nerioJi l'rovmovi. uo Uetuse iiail lue tor a
iHh, i.Hi-iod Lan alx nioiiina.
ojc. ii. avery UeroB U)piying nir a iichbo
to sell fcualiuuiia. mull anU vinous lliiuora.
Ijelore securing tne nnie, niihII execute u tne
i'j'jf,, ,.,t.,:i iw .-j.' a bonil I" tot. ,..ii
HUM) oi out: illOUMVW uoo"", V1I11 .11
oh, id euitirieiu .uieuea. to Iw aopioveu by
tlie coniinoii eoiinuil, eonUitioneU mat lie wnl
a.pau onim iy nouse, ami iiiatne wiil noi
oennil any unlaw ui iiitn ng or riotous eon-
r l,u lll3" na tlllll ,ie wil
notonen or yeniut ,o be o,eueU ma place oi
U! ll,l!i""i'l'i """r" ""?"1
M 2v'o r ,!
unit live o'eloeK a. w. at any lime: Hial lie
Ul UV Kive, wu or tuuiny puuuoua, ina.i
or vluoua liuuijia to uiiaurs or habitual
'.., ,, ,'. i,.,.nv , ,., ,,ni, .u,. m a
unmkcu or iiiioxu-Hteu eondiiion, ami tnui
he Will Umlni; Kit term sul.i licenaeco-'jpiy
it.vplii war,iiHiinir or uir...ftiiu toe
truilii: in or Uuiiuling oi pt,, malt or
.lie person obialning suuh Ikenaa of uu.v oi
tne eonulitons o, bui'l bond. u,c mayor snail
liuiiivuiulely eoiniiicnce u proceeding in tne
recoruer's court upoii aald bond to recover Uie
penalty tlieieiu proviitcd. And II Judgment
Miuii be recovered In aaiii ucuon iigaliial slum
boiiuainen, the reconier aliall, ea a pari oi
aiwi J"""--"1! cultl ui
sue llceiiku.
iSl(!- 4 lual Boy perioa Wishlag to sell
Miirhuoua. malt or vinous liquor before ob.
kilning a license ti .Hereinafter provided,
Kuall, at lna own trouble and expenae, ob,aiii
tne Mimulurni of an actual majority ol Lie
M lioie number of volei s iu siild 'I'cvu o
Hood Iviver Ui a pitition to tne uoiumou
ouni ll of .mid town praying Unit bald lieeuae
be granted: ami no applicant auau ue ueeiucu
lo liuvea umiinity nf Ilia legal oters ol aaiu
town whom.' piliiioa doea not contain tne
names of a number ol leal voter of Bald
town equal to a ui.ijority of u the voles caul
In said imvu at Uie i.i.-t preceiin cityeloe-
liou, and Krenier man uie wuoie numocroi
uauie ol Iceal voleis ol said town wuieii may
....... ,...'r ,: ...... ou..,.,-,
aiuiuniK oi sueu license.
hee. 6. lliatwoen Uie sienntures of an act
ual majority of tlie whole number of lejjul
volets have been oblulned, as piotided In Hie
last uivo.-d.oj teotioii. tlie applieam shall, ai
Ills ow n exi ense, cause tne said petition to be
iiiilillslied In a weekly newsoiiner of ceuciul
circiila ion in said 'town of ln,d Kner, In
two consecutive editions ot suld newspaper.
to,.fa: litr Willi notice of tlie lime when he wul
anolv lo the common council mr su h license.
'liie publication oi the petition and notice
herein piuvtiteu for siiull tM proved bjr Vie
tittidavit of the editor or publisher of the
paper 111 w mcii the putincalion was mane.
See. . On the aoplicant prodlicintr to tlie
cominon couiicil loe iteeipi of n.e treasurer
heieinbefoio prescribed, and proof oj com
of said town for laa oaymem ot iue sum
pliauce witti all tne preceding provisions of
tnls ordinance, tne c.uiiicit may Klve him a I
license tor tde term his receipt may call ior.
See. 7. 11' an ? oersoti or persons snail bai ler,
sell or in uu.v manner dispose of any sptntr
iiovis, nmlt or vinous liquors w iimn we ior
Doiaie limits of nud 'iown w llood Klver
w llhoof Ilrst tiavlh-obiained a license there- I
lor as provided in tins ordinance, ncu peison
shall be deemed gulily of a hitsumieaiior,
anil uuon conviction thereof snail be rtned
not less than twin Imudred dollars nor more
than tour hundred dollars,
tiec. S. TliaLif i.nv nersoii hitvine obtained
a license to sell tpiriluou.s. M'alt n vinous
lKjuorstts In this oidiuance provided, siiull
i;iveor sell anv such liouor to any woman or
ulrl or to hiiv minor, or shall permit any
woman or Kin or any male minor to fieuuent
in o, uusiiivnn, v,J. b.--. "- .
waiter, waitress. dancer, siiiior, actor
or. musician
or nioslctio, or Khali eiv& or sell any
such liquor io an habitual di unl;ard, or to a
person at tuo time in a uruuitvu or intox
icated eondiiion, such person small b" deemed
rriilnv oi a misileoiennor. and uisin conviction
tuereof shall he ftued ti'oi less than ten nor
more man llly dollars. Ann u any person
shall Uecouikied of nnY onene unoer me
shall Uecouiicied of any on.ene unoer
i. . ., tl... ro,.,..,o.r whul
I h, i.mmni mis secii.'"', ... ....... .
enter up. to a nartof suitt JudKineiitoi con-
yh-uon, n oruer forleunig such jjerson
I lion,.
Sec . All ordinances find parts of or
dinances in connicA, -herewith are hereby
Approved December I. ,,.
ifayor of Hood. Klver, ureon.
j. H. JvtCKEIFW,
Heeoruer of Hie Town of Hood River.
tenttou to make final proof in support of Ins
VAVV "Jii1'." .ll,-.l",,l"tfet, I
gon, our rioay. t ebruary a, w v v
Of Hood Elver, Ore., H. for the lots;
aiid 2. soulneaat i. noriheast W and northeast
yA otuneisi section D, wwusuijii uunu.
raiifc-e 11 east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
in coiiimiioua residence ujuo auu euitiva
tion id. said Inllil. viz-
Hbert 11. Kemo. o nod River, Or Frank
( MuUiain, Tne Dalles, nr.; ttalpli Shelley,
iH.KKl Klver. Dr.: tdwm 11. ilerrit i'ue
Liail.-s, Or.
We are now located in our ne store, and while we do not claim
to have the only good stock in town, WE ARE PREPARED TO
MEET ALE COMPETITION. We have paid cash for every bill of
merchandise that wo have bought for the last ten years and believe
we can bay as cheap as any other concern in tho state, Call and see
us; if we cannot suit you do not buy. We are hero to do business
and are doing some.
HSil '--til
a a,:rCL
Sweet Potatoes
and Cranberries.
Here are some
weoi yon will find hard to duplicate:
Western Refined Sugar, per sack $5 25
Fresh Sugar-cured Hams, per pound , . . 13o
Breakfast Bacon, per pound 13c
Jumbo Mush, 2J4 pound package l"c
Fresh Creamery Butter, per roll , .' 65o
Other prices in proportion.
Onr terms are CASH and it is BUSINESS we are after.'0j
Phone St, ; '' " "" Free delivery.
CLYDE T, 'BONNEY, Proprietor,
Are the Order of tlio Bay.
To make good Mince Pies, buy your Minco Meat at Evcrhart's
At the same store you will find in stock the BFST QUALITY
of Chow Chow, Sweet or Sour Pickle Dined Peaches and Pears,
Good Value in Exchange for Your Money.
Rand & Stewart,
Have cut prices again on DRY GOODS, to secure space for new stoek.
Have flashed prices on Fancy Goods and Ribbons, for same reason.
Have ruined prices on BOOTS AND SHOi-.S to close out broken Unos.
The largt st and most upM,&4ate stock ever s?en here is now being
made for us.
Have decided to close out CLOTHING ,15 suits now ,9.05,
Have tiow on sale a GROCERY stock which laeks nothing.
Have opened a Flour, Feed and Produce department at startling
prices, '
Have completely reorganized HARDWARE. You caa jet what you.
Have put in line Staves and. House burnishing, at old pr'ees.
Have made prices to close out Jewelry, Harness ajid other odd lines.
Have put ourselves in nhape to moe-t any competition, furnish yon with
the best of everything, and deliver promptly iu any part of the
city, FREE.
Have deserved your patronage.
FORT BROS, have over One Million
feet of good Dry Lumber
at Haynea' Spur,
Tbe liext retiulU you niBst use the liest malerials. Tke
HOOD. RIVER J'HARMACY continues tu Uf up tm
date hi everythiug in the Drug line.
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Spraying materials warranted the pore "tufT.
Breakfast Bacon and
Sugar-Cured Hams.
SPECIALS for tin's
He and the DAVJ3N-
for Bale
i ,ipop hliwrk n inrKimr", omy i".
lleautlliil view, lot l:l by IM fret. I
o u r i.,rn w i'ipo.i:. in, i a., n. iu
K.,'nniiiiproveil; 8M. )
. John Kliinm fur in. In lot from 6 to 21)
ncres. and iroin m io vrj ptr Kir. ,u
4 S.K l"fl.82.T.8N..K.I0E.broolyT00.
Home liiiproveiiienu; IM urrv. )
k a iy nt a -V U of W. i H. 12. T.2 N..R.
10 E.;'20 acres; wmiu luiprovcuients. TtW.
0. N. K of N. W. Vt, S. W. Va "t N. W.'. nt
N V. W -f . W. . 8, T. 2 W K.; Ul)
aeies, S CO. I
7. Harii'tl-Klpinn AilJIllon; JlOpertot; ler
tnlr down and the dollars er iiiuiiin; no
merest. .
a l...a TT tf.ttrnra Jt-npptf, TIAloPKtfnri
Krankliin: a I cottage und bum; uprliig
water. I'rieei-.w.
o Tl, hl Kiurrra Mill nropcrty M Frank.
ion. Willi I'hIIm and water power bu I'lielps
creek. J'rlteieO.
10. The lr. Pnrrett Improved PrAlt Farm, 4
on I Ii wesi of lloou liivcr. iuuiii'B . aire.
in ciililvntlom-KJ acres In fruit: line Hprlim; fto
inclieH IrriKiitlng wuter. 1'rUc i,W0; will he
Hold Iu parcels.
II, raocreoo'i Hood rlvrr. hiuHHlde,Zmllea
0 gallon pruiK. Only gl.luO.
12 The I. NefT Home; if) acren on Hnod rlv.
: i in cs: aood wniur; ineui.v in null: a
lieautiriil home. TrlcoSl.-mO. Ten ucren aud
house lor it .50.
lt'Chmt W.rilhner llomestend. t Gilmer.
WhkIi.; liiO acres; tiiif saw limber; good noil;
well watered, only oOU: a rare bargain.
U. The Wpldnor llomeslwid, ll'Oaerca, near
Mosier: 30 acres cleared: 2 spl ines; 4l fruit
irecsjtrood liiiprovemeiits. Only 1,010.
I.",. The W. II. Clslion Homo 111 Hood Ulvcr.
lion loliood ltivii;n picliy home. OnlySl.luO.
Mu.,.l I .1 I.. I . m.tfl I W't,,iiu nihil
I,.,. ,t,r ni "H tl. ,,, v" v , , ....
4. ill I Invest of Hood Itiver. Only lii.
II VI ..n nlunnull ., A In nl.v.,tp U. n.
1'. The lliiiiflieiry homo. 1)4 miles wmth,
west ol low n: 10 aereii. KverylliliiK iiiinplelu
and liaii(ly;KHd iruit, 1,'oou wider, uulj HI 'Mt
IS. The :liester Wt,ld home. In tliehllls.oiie
mile east ol lown: a pretty home; good fruit
and water; 40 ucres. Only l,lt0.
in TI.a lliirirni' IVnmr Mfl rnll pnrin
lie of Uie la st In the valb y All till niture.
ill' ill i.upieini'iiis anil ll'H A Kti nuu 11,1,,:.
-Soil, wilier, I' utt and iinptoveiiieiils Ilrsl
class, n ice M.UUt.
It.). The Dr. Morgan house and lot In Hood
uiver; new barn, i nly bto.
21. The Frank I'hiindhT Improved fruit nut
iiain luriir. H Helen: 4,i in iuIHvhiioii: i.iou
OciiriiiK npple trees; In rat house and burn; lino
.later and pleniv ot it; noiise anu Hum iur
mslicd. I'l lee 4S,00); tei ins easy.
22. The .1. Wicklinm farm, , inllessoutliwest.
if town: si) acres: eood hiiiiilliiesiiuu Improve.
incuts; sprin-; wider and 60 inchi' lice loi lr
r't-'U. iiiK, I'l Ice tl,,0U.
21. r'orlv a'-rt. .t e eiireit; iiorth f ytmnir
'.u'linril and easl of ( 'nsln 's; .,11' Levi Munioo
lariii. A .vo. 1 laud. Only $'ai.
2i. The Ilusklrk id ice, ) mile west of (own;
4 acres; kooJ sprhiK inner; uood ori liiiid; new
Irnn.e iiuii.uiiirs. uniy itnoii, one-iniru cam.
I bnl.uice at il is-r cent per aiiuuiii.
Vt. The Kliieison luiiin slearl, only one niiki
east of town; line iunee; l,ji.0.
27. The Swan hoines'eiid tit White Knlmon.
only 2,iAMJ: will be sol i in npar.ue lorlles.
2S. Tlie Herier pluee. U0 acres; 40 ucren
denied; HI Hi res Kiubhcd; (ret wat'-r. 2,00
null ea:i; .v sh,i (hiii.
The ilordon t'nili Karm. 20 aen s y., miles
nest ol town, tl.ldi; ami nhe coUiiue nint
lot In Hood Klver, only 00,
The Unint Kvuns home, lot 5, block 4, Hood
Itiver, ihOO.
V. n Terms arcv ruse nn nil tlie ntiovc.
1 lands, Willi InU iest at ii pei; vein. 1 pikoiis d.
I slrinir local Inns m liomesteiids and tuiiuer
eliiims should itp.ply at Tlie Kuiporium,
tlSf Kip your rjir. on (he JUu rtlt-
Atjjiita Addition .$3
Land Offlw at The Hnlles, Oregon, lice. (I.
IHti. Xotice Is lii-reliy iriicii UuvV llie tollow-.
in-nnmed settler lias Uleu liotlou oi Ins in-,
tenllon to nuilir ti mil proof id support of liU
In lm. and I lint sunt proor win ie niiule beioro
(lie liivisu r and Un eiverut The 1 mill's. Ore-.
gon, on, Hal niMuy. Junuai y it', lliOO. viz,;
1'ltANKUX li. Sl UAltT,
(If Mosier, 0ri;i.l, 11. K. No. 428:1, for the,
lUlluust section 4, tow usliip 2 north, raueo
II east, W. M.
He names the foUowinii witnesses to nrova
Ills continuous re-idence upon and cnlvlvu
lion of snUI Uuul, i la;
r. s,teiiiaii, i.ucie i, r.iexnnucr, trianea
Wells and f. ISullziiian, ull of liuod Klver.
tj. S. Land Office. Tlie Dalle". Oreirnn. Nov.
l.M,-A KUtlleient conlCKl iilfldavlt liuvlt'B
been nied in mis otin e by t h.. r lelds, con-,
leslaiil, titfiil iiht. Iionientead J lr No. b'M
made Nov. Ul, Innf, ior lots 8 ud 4 and the-
simlh Vj huUiv.rsI U si'Clluu & lowimlilp 1
north, iaue 11 east, iy w. Mitchell.
coiilcftee, in which It la aliened that wild -ik
tryman. Kohert V. .Mtlctiell, Iimh wholly
abandoned hiiUI tinct and changed his resi
dence thereirom lor more than six molitlia.
since ninklMt said eulyy aud uext (M;lor lo.
date of I tils contest, and Hint fiiid tract is not
settled upon and cultivated by said party nn
required by law, said pintles ar- hereby notu
tied to appear, respond and otter evidenift
toucliimr suld alUi'iiilon at :o o'clock a. in. on
Hee. 21 tsuu. beiore the Kenlswr anil Hecehet
at the U. . Land I ifrice I The fMa.Oreuon.
1 he said contestant havimr. In a oroiaTaf.
fldavit, tiled Nov. 2, ISKi, set fortli racts which
show that alter due diligence, pei-soiial ser
vice or mis nonce can not im madcj ii is here-,
by ordered ami direct, d that such notice bo
given .v due and pioper puhikatlon.
niiUSZ J AX I'. I.UUA, Kejister.
U. Lnnd fMTice. The Dalles. Oretron. Nov.
H, ItSHfc A H'.itficli'iil contest art'ldavit havihK
been filed In this oll'ce by Warren Cooper.
contestant, uguinst Homestead Kutry Nos
VM), made Oetolwr !, Wi, for nonli norh
easl and Mortii mirthwi-wt y, sot Ion XI,
loivnsmp , ma in, ranue iu east, oy Tno,v
A. t onner, eontestiv. In whic I II. is alleged,
thai Thomas A. Conner has wholly nbainlm.
Ied said tract ami Changed Ills rest ience there
tvoni I'm more than six mouths sjilce making
said entry and uextprioji to dale of eoiyVsl,
ash iuh uiwemiani uiu not leave uruMD.v
dona renwu-e lhereiii hi enter Hie nillllarv.
or naval service of the United suites In time
of w ar.
sfekhl parties. are hereby notirted to nonpar.
t,-isiHkd and oBi-r .yidence toiichinir said U
ieKulwi at IU o'clock a. vu. on Dec. SO, l8i, be-,
fore tin Kenlsu-r and Itewiver at (he U.
' uind ViSut In lhe Dalles, Orce
i f ie said contestant having. Iu a imirwr nf
fldavit tiled Nov. 11. ISMi. forih fuels whli h,
show that after due diligence, personal service
o tW noil, e ciwi, u ik Mnle, Il Is hereby
ordered and dir cted Htat suelt Dutice be
Iflven. tlue-a,!! Driller publication.
'"" j. i . LttAS, uegister.
ITlmber tandk Act June 8, !78.
United State Laud utOc The IWIes, Ore.
koi., Nov. li, lhW.-v.oiic Is liei-ektv given
that tn ooinpUaoce with the provisions of the
wt(tconKr.s.t iS Juk) it entitled "An
act r the sale of tiuibr tuuu l the Bii),tesof
Califoo-iila, oregott, Nevart wul Wajthltttitoa
Of Hood Rive , tounXy of Wasex state of l)e
gon, has this day tiled In
statement. No. 141. for the purchase of lb
north southeast and norlli U soulbmesl
f section No. , la fciwsgjblp No. k Biilb.
range No. fceast, W. it., frnd wlVoir ui.oirft4
sliom ihal the land w.uxlil w nun valnabl.
jr its timber or stone than R rleullural
turposes, and to eslabtlsli bet nmnu to-said
iud lhe Ucgisie aud Keeelver of thin
ottice at The Dnlles,irei;ou,uu Saturday, the
rtn day of Jtan4Hy, Ijjoa
Hhe uaoieas witaeses: W. R. Wlnans, D.
Bradley, J. U Heudersoa and Hrry Wyatt.
U of Houd Klver, Oregon.
Any and all peson claiming adversely th
oove-des-rila. lands re reiuested Ui rile.
tbeU claims la, Uiu utttce on oi belore said
i. Ui day of Juiuarv, I'M!
al il3 JAV P, kUXiVS, Kegister.
Wanted to Trade.
A fiirmerdeHlre to trade d wneon .(
good cow. Innnire at lb e, lacier oUi.ce.. ,