The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 03, 1899, Image 3

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    3od Iftvcr Slacier.
Mrs. C. T. Cams returned from Port
land lant Thursday.
ProHocutins! Attorney Jayne was in
Hood River Monday.
Mr. Noble lias moved into his new
bonne on Rogcra hill.
Money to loan on real estato by
Johx L. HitsDKns.j.v, ai?t.
Frank GibUm lias gonp to Ban Fran
cisco to viHit rulutiveH.
Miss Gertrude Whitoomb returned to
lr home in Portland latt Saturday.
The new bell at Barrett school house
was rung last (Saturday for the first time.
C. It. Iloue fame down from Wasco
last Friday. Mm. D,no has returned
also from Portland,
J.udne Oeo. T. Prat her and t he Peo
ple's Store are having a substantial side
walk built in front of their places of
Jandu bought, Jiold and exchanged at
Emporium. Keep your eye on the Em
porium nd, 2d page of Glacikb.
Sam C. Smith sold his wind mill to
Win. Froebe, who shipped it. to his
r ancn in Mieriiinn county last Friday.
letters remain in the post -office for
N. P. Anderson, W. L. lieshcars, Joseph
Canto, Jas. t'osgrove, C. M. Cook, Ed
George and A. Milne. '
"The King of Spots," for Fide at the
People's Store, is said to be the boss for
taking out grease spots or any kind of
spots except spots on character.
Dr. F. C. Brosius has returned and
can bo found in his oflice over Williams
& Urosius' drugstore, between the hours
of 10-11 a. m., 2-3 and -7 p. m.
Regular meeting of Canby post, G. A.
R. and W. R. C. next Saturday, Nov.
4th. . Nomination of officers will be in
order at this meeting, and a full attcn-
dance is desired.
Win. Froebe returned to his home in
Sherman county last Friday. While
here be purchased a carload of fir wood
from Davenport Bros., besides buying
Bam Smith's wind mill.
Fred Knudson of Mt. Hood was in
town Monday. He reports the apple
erop all gathered and the fruit in tine
condition. He has recently put in 18
days at work on the East Fork Irrigat
ing Co.'s ditch.
John O. Wohlechlegel left last Satur
day for his home at Scholls, Oregon. He
intended to visit the exposition, but the
train was late and he didn't reach Port
land till 9:30 at night. He expects to
return to Hood River in the spring.
To the Public. Telephone communi
cation is now established with the
Mount Hood settlement at W. H.
Edick's residence. All messages will be
promptly delivered at reasonable rates.
, 11. I).
.Several of the workmen on the rail
road grade below town were so badly af
fected by poison oak that they had to be
sent to the hospital in Portland. Poison
k is quite plentiful on the bluff above
the railroad in the neighborhood of the
ice house.
Uncalled for remarks have recently
been made about Dallas wearing his last
season's straw hat. Dallas and his
partner have been kept busy of late trying-to-supply
the demand for stoves and
no one should blame him for wearing
a hftt that will allow his head to expand.
Hi-4 P." Richmond and Henry Ries
brought down from Mt. Hood three
head of fat cattle for Bonney last Thurs
day. Mr. Richmond is one of the forest
rangers' under Capt. Ornisby, and he in
forms us that the rangers were all laid off
duty for the season on October 15th.
Mrs. Albert Pettys of North Freedom,
Wis., is visiting relatives in Hood River
and Portland. Mrs. Pettys is a sister
to D. G. Hill and Mrs. Newton Clark.
Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Pettys cam j up
from Portland last Friday and are visit
ing their brother, D. G. Hill, and fam-
A. IL Tieroan of Mt. Hood was in
town last Saturday. He seems to have
entirely recovered from his late illness
and gets around as spry as of old. He
bought a 110 chain pump of Dallas &
JSpangler and has dug a good well. He
eavs he finds it cheaper to buy a pump
and have good water than it is to have a
pell of typhoid fever,
Mr. L. D. Blount, nephew of Uncle
William mount of this city, ana well
known to a majority of our readers, is
in the city for a rather lengthty visit to
relatives and friends, lie was formerly
resident of this place, but for four
years past has resided near Hood River,
Oregon. He likes that country remark
ably well, the climate being well suited
to his health. Mt. Moriah (Mo.) Ad-
Eggs fine selling at 25 cents a dozen
both in Portland and Hood River. The
Iirice of eggs in Hood River generally
;ceps two or three cents in' advance of
the Portland wholesale price, therefore
we may expect to pay 30 cents a dozen
before Thanksgiving. With the low
priee of wheat nowadays there ought to
oe some profit in chickens if they can be
induced to lav, but the delusive hen can
not always e counted on when her
work is needed.
Edwin Henderson, son of Attorney
Henderson, came up from Vancouver
Barracks last Thursday on a 24-hour
furlough to visit his father. Young
Henderson is a soldier in the 30th reg
iment, which sailed yesterday from
Portland for Manila. lie is a soldierly
looking lad and has youth and health
on his side to help him battle with the
climate of the Philippines as well with
the hostile natives. We hope to see
hira return Uh commission.
E. C. liojrs and w Charley put in
three days Jst week working the road
in front of Mr. Rogers' place at Bel
mont. They dug out the big boulders
mid hauled them off and turnpiked the
road from Rogers' house to the corner
above. This week they will improve the
road as far down as Tom Wickens'
I)lace, and the citizens along the creek
mvignified tbi'ir uiUingHexa to make
A good road from Wiekeu-s' place down
to the State road. -
N. C. Evans and family moved to
(own last week and will occupy their
cottage on Kiver street for the w inter to
give tlie children the advantage of being
near the school. It is said, and it u worthy,
of not, Omt Mr. Evans put in two days
moving and putting up stoves without
once losing his temper. This is remark
able.. A man who can put up stoves
and aioi pij and not lose his tenitier
nor send for Dallas is the right kind of
mau to fill the otlices of county commis
sioner and school director.
James Cooper of Mt. Hood has been
supenaed as a witness in the case of Ja
cobson against the Regulator company
for damages for running into his sail
boat the time bk son was drowned,
about a year Nonstable Olinger
started for Mt. Hood Monday evening,
t 6 o'clock, to serve the summons, and
Mr. Cooper came to town at the same
time to go to Portland in answ er to the
summons of the court. They managed
to pass each other on the road, and Mr.
Olinger had his all-night ride without
getting his man. ,
Halloween was celebrated by the boys
in town in great shape Monday niirht.
They must have put in several hours of
nam laoorto make the showing theyd d.
.-ii vaiv mm wcoiHi streets me pine tree
that laid in the street in front of the
new barber shop was dragged up and
stretched across from Blowers store to
tlieir new brick building. Wairons. fur
niture, wheel-barrows. tmckiiiL' boxes.
step ladders, and any old thing lying
around loose was carried to this point
and the blockade of the street was com
plete. The "old wire and lath fence was
taken from Jackson's corner and made
to da duty in blocking Second street
from Pratlier'g corner to Blowers' store.
uw. i . v roweu s ience was swinging
out into uio street, iwo grindstones
were left at Evans A Russell's burlier
shop. A box containing fii5 worth of
riats was taken from the porch of the
Racket Store, and Mr. Jackson found it
among the debris in the jam at Second
and Gak streets. Ho found his wheel
barrow on Cro well's porch. All the
loose furniture and dxrs and window-
in front of Bartmess and Sherrill's stores
were also found in the jam. Dr. Watt's
sign was hung over the door at Fewel's
pool rooms. An iron bedstead fell on
some sash at Bartmess' store and three
large panes of glass, worth 75 cents
apiece, were broken. Everybody took
the mischief of the boys goixi-natu redly,
thankful, no doubt, that it was no worse.
The above was written supposing that
the halloween festivities were concluded
for this season. But our staid citizens
were surprised Wednesday morning to
find that insurgents had "captured the
town again and tlie streets were block
aded even more effectually than on the
previous night. S. J. La France's lum
ber that he had on the ground for side
walk formed a substantial v. irgima
worm fence across the street from
Blowers store to their new building. A
new privy built for the brick store was
swung by rope and pulley up above the
street in the oak tree "in front of the
building and decorated with the signs
of the photographer and the real estate
emporium. Bonney's chicken coop
with chickens in was at Prather's
corner. A fence made from Bonney's
wood pile completely blocked the street
above the post omee. I he boys paid
their respects to the Glaciku and' hoisted
a pig on its flag pole. This might have
been intended to celebrate the victory
of the Uoers.
Ernest Jensen came up from Astoria
on Tuesday and stopped at Hood River
till ednesday on his way to ihe Dalles.
He has recently had a picture of his
deceased wife enlarged. It is a fine
picture, and those who knew her said it
was the best work they had ever seen.
The late Mrs. Jensen was Mies Mattie
Foley, and the picture will be left with
her parents here. Mr. Jensen was dis
appointed in going to Astoria. The firm
that engaged his services there, he
found out, wanted a cheap man, and as
he wasn't of that calibre, didn't go to
work for them. He will go to San Fran
cisco, where a man of his abilities is
pretty sure to strike a good salary.
John Monroe of the East Side was a
caller at the Glacier office on Wednes
day. Mr. Monroe is probably the oldest
man in Hood Kiver. lie was born in
Ohio, Sept. 27, 1815, and is now in his
85th year. He voted for William Henry
Harrison in 18.1b and again in 1840. He
was a subscriber to the Ohio State Jour
nal in 18.''.) and is a subscriber to that
old-time journal today. Mr. Monroe
retains his faculties to a wonderful
degree and his memory is as keen as
ever. Last June he had an attack of
vertigo and fell against a horse and was
kicked in the head, but he has recovered
from the injuries and bids fair to live
many years.
Mrs. Gillis Hubbard died of heart
disease last Thursday evening at her
home at the planer. She had been sick
but a few days and was thought to be
improving, when she was taken worse
and died suddenly. Deceased was about
30 years old. She was the daughter of
Saul Kiser and was born m Arkansas,
coming to Hood River about seven years
ago. She leaves a husband and one
child, a son about (i years old.
Robt. Leasurc was down from Mt,
Hood Tuesday. He reports that Peter
lelthausen and Geo. Winner, the dis
coverers of the quartz mines on the East
tork, have gone to their mines, accom
panied by others from the Nit. Hood
neighborhood. H. II. Tomlinson, he
says, is afflicted with something like
J. F. Armor added samples of potatoes
to the collection of farm products in the
Glacier window. His potatoes are of
the Mammoth Pearl and Charles Down
ing Early varieties. One spud weighs
three pounds. Mr. Armor wants to
know who can beat him. Bring in your
Lyman Smith is delivering milk In
town. He has three good cows and will
get more if there is a demand for more
milk. Mr. Smith has a good place for a
dairy and can supply a good quality of
milk. The milk famine can now be said
to be at an end.
Robt. Rand says he will file a home
stead on the gravel pile in the street in
front of his property at Oak and Second
streets and thinks there is brush enough
in the street below to fence it.
The semi-annual meeting of the Was
co County Forest Protective association,
that was to have met at The Dalles, has
been changed to meet at Wamic, Fri
day, Nov. 3d.
D. R. Cooper brought down a load of
apples from his ranch at Mt. Hood on
Saturday and shipped them to Portland.
He says he will be hauling apples till
next May.
' At Sherrill's store is a picture that
was captured in the Philippines by Koy
Smith. It was taken from the insur
gents' congressional hall.
The Y. P. S. C. E. society of the U. B.
church will hold a business meeting at
the home of Mrs. O. B. Hartley on Fri
day evening, at 8 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Cole came over
from Bingen on Tuesday and will re
main with their son, V . 11. Cole, and
family during the winter.
Rev. C. F. Clapp, superintendent of
home missions for Oregon, preached two
able sermons at the Congregational
church last Sunday.
March Morse, son of Lee Morse, has
been quite sick at Davenport's mill, and
Dr. W att was called to attend him on
The annual meeting of stockholders of
the Hood River Fruit Growers' Union
m ill be held iiiturday, Nov. 11th.
Chae. Rogers and family have moved
to Portland for the winter. B. F. Belieu
has moved into his house.
W. E. Sherrill is giving away hand
some picture frames to purcliasera of a
f 15 bed-room set.
Miss Kate Davenport went to Mosier
i&aturdav evening to visit her parents
over Sunday.
Rev. Beni. Davidson went to Mower
j&iturday and held services at that place
on Sunday.
Mrs. J. T. Ilayne and neice, Mrs.
Bonser, of Portland are stopping on the
Wuteon place.
S. J. LaFranee liaa lumber on the
ground to make a sidewalk in front of
his residence.
The U. B. quarterly conference will
gonvene on Saturday evening, at 7:30
o ClOCK.
An amusing incident occurred Wed
nesday. A woman who had come to
town in a one-horse rig drew up in front
of Evans & Russell's barber shop, and
taking a bundle of hay from the buggy,
laid it on the barber shop porch, pulled
off the bridle and let the Iwtrse enjoy the
hay. A big dog that had followed the
out fit st retched himself out on Uie porch
and prepared to take a snooze. A crowd
of the idlers on Oak street gathered
around and seemed to enjoy the scene
more than anything the halloween fes
tivities had develoied. Matt Russell
came out and politely informed the
woman that his place was not a corral
and asked her to move on. The woman
probably observed that things were run
ning rather loose in our town and there
fore could see no harm in feeding her
horse on the steps of our tony barber
Mrs. S. A. Knapn went to Viento on
Tuesday, where? she stopHd over till
Wednesday evening attending to the
wants of the ladies of that town in the
millinery line. Monday night she set
her alarm clock to wake her for the
morning train but forgot to wind the
clock. Mr. Knapn awoke at 8 min
utes of fl, and they hustled around and
made quick work of getting ready for her
trip. In coming out of their frontdoor
they encountered the furniture that was
strewn along their new sidewalk by the
Hallow'uen insurgents, and at Prather's
corner they ran into the fence that
crossed the street, but they overcame
all obstacles and reached the desit just
in time.
Will Sears narrowlv escaped a serious
acciuom uie oiner nay. lie was coming
down the grade between Reynolds' place
and the bridge with a load of wood
when the kina holt of his wniron crave
way and the wagon went down against
the railing, knocking three panels of
the railing down the bluff to the river
below. One wheel of the wagon was off
the grade, but by good luck and hard
work he saved "the whole outfit from
going over.
' Some of the bad boys around town
have been guilty of stoning Ho My's
wash house and smashed his street
lantern by throwing stones. The
authorities are watchiug the boys, and
some of these days they may have to
pay dearly for their fun if they do not
desist in time.
The Glacifr traded its Halloween pig
on Wednesday to the 1 copies btore
man for a section of fence. Dallas
claimed that he had a lien on the pig.
The matter was referred to Judge Hen
derson, who decided that the pig had a
lean on the flag pole.
Prof. Barnes and his grades of pupils
at ISarrett school visited l'rof.
Sherrifl's room at Frankton Wednesday
afternoon. A very agreeable afternoon
was spent, both schools enjoying the
visit very much.
Miss Hester Howe, who is attending
the Normal school at Monmouth, writes
home that she is getting along fine with
her studies and is pleased with her sur
roundings. She is assistant teacher in
The Travers Book and Curio club met
last Friday evening with good success.
This club should be better patronized
by the pupils of the school as it was
to their interest that the club was or
ganized. D. Bradley is in town from Albany,
where he now has his headquarters.
Mr. Bradley is chief organizer for the
order of Pendo and has three councils
now in process of organization.
A. P. Clark returned from Vancouver
Tuesday evening. He bought a team
and brought it up with him and is now
at work on the railroad below the
planer. - '
The Glacier force was asked the
Question a good many times on Wednes
av, "What's pork worth?" We could
only answer that pork had gone up.
The Nicolai-Cameron saw mill got up
steam on Wednesday for the first time
and will be cutting lumber for the frame
work of their mill in a day or two.
The new brick store building for
Blowers & Son is about completed, and
in a few days the firm will move their
goods into their new quarters.
Mrs. A. B. Cousin (nee Champlin) is
now living in her new mountain home
in Galice, Oregon. She is much pleased
with the place and scenery.
Earl Bartmess, a student at the agri
cultural college at Corvallis, visited at
Monmouth last Saturday and Sunday.
Judge Kent was called to The FalL's
Wednesday evening on legal business.
He will return Friday.
A pocket looking glass and comb was
found and left at thisoftice for the owner.
Wanted A milk cow, by A. P. Clark.
Inquire at the Glacier office.
Hon. Emil Schanno was in the valley
on Tuesday.
D. E. Miller went to Portland Satur
day. East Hood River.
Peter Odell killed a bear last week.
Sherman Young is finishing up his
house and adding an ell.
Edward Hawkes writes from California
that he has found steady employment
at his trade of bridge building." The
salubrious weather of that land of
flowers and sunshine has already
marked a change for the tetter in his
Everybody in the neighborhood has
decided to'stay away from the Paris ex
position next year on account of the
Dreyfus verdict.
F. H. Stanton, in the employ of Con
tractor Boyed, is r at work on Wm.
Edick's new house at Mt. Hood.
J. R. Jackson and Percy Wells are
back from the grain country, John
comes with a handsome top buggy and
is prepared to lower the plumes on all
such gallants as other young Lochinvars.
Wheat sown in August is making such
a growth that it is in the way of being
smothered if a long spell of deep snow
ensues. 1 he blades in several helds are
a foot in length, and some of our farm
ers are planning to keep a few sheep on
uieir place xo graze on wheat news,
aummerfallow and brush land.
D. A. Turner is making weekly pil
grimages, with his 20 foot fish pole, to
the trout grounds of classic Dog river.
The lumber for Taasch's big barn is
looming up in great shape around his
premises. Looks like he might be going
to start a lumber yard.
Little Rufus Ordway is back at school
again, nearly as good as new since the
accident about a month ago whereby
nis suouiuer was dislocated.
One of our most successful farmers is
Mrs. Susan Mohr. The loss of her hus
band and only grown son was a blow
which might well have disheartened
any one; but with true womanly pluck
slie has kept the ranch and little folks
in tine order and owes not any man. As
compared with man woman in adversity
always bears up better, sees clearer and
lets but few obstacles stand in the way
of success. What is man any way? He
is either a despairing rag or else a
creature pos.sessid with an unwarrant
ably high estimate of his own importance
and business qualifications. In any case
no is uirever in a pecK oi trouble and
makes himself an all-round evesore in
creation. erilv, he oftentimes maketh
an ass of himself.
opal Tailors,
Just Tailors, that's all. Every garment made to individ
ual measurements to YOUR measurement if you say so.
Quality, style, fit and workmanship guaranteed at prices
profitable TO YOU. Over 500 desigus La imported and
domestic fabrics.
See the goods
Get the prices
And order of
Exclusive Resident Dealers in Royal Tailoring.,
The Hcotl River Teachers' Association.
The Hood River teacliern' association
will hold their second meeting on Sat
urday, Nov.. 4th, at 2 p. m. The follow
ing programme has been prepared for
the occasion :
1. Song, Battle Hymn of Republic.
2. Salutatory, by President Barnes.
3. Course of Bludy How shall it be
introduced into the country schools.
Discussion by the society, led by Supt.
4. "The Farmer's Song," motion song
by six primary pupils. ;
5. Recess.
6. Recitation, by Miss Jennie Parsons.
7. Discussion of busy work, led by
Miss K. Davenport. ,
8. Song, "Dear Native Land."
9. Is too much taught in tho public
schools of the day? If so, what should
we eliminate? Prof. Thompson to lead
the discussion, followed by C. M. Sisson,
Miss Copple and Mr. Chastain, an open
discussion following. '
10. Closing song, "Scattering Precious
, .
At Sumner, Wash., October 15, 1809,
to Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Perry, a daughter.
Near Cbenoweth, Wash., Oct. 22, 1809,
to Mr. and Mrs. Emilo Walter, a son.
Church Notices. .
United Brethren Church, Rev. II. K.
Benson, pastor. Preaching and Holy
Communion at 11 a. m., conducted by
Presiding Elder C. C. Bell of Portland.
Preaching at 8 p. ni, by the pasti r.
Sunday school at 10 a. m." Y. P. S. C.
E. meeting, led by Miss Nellie Reynolds,
at 7 p. m. You are cordially invited to
attend these services.
Congregational Church. The pastor
will speak next Sunday at 11 a. m. on
the work of the general association, held
at Eugene, last week. Subject at
evening service will be '.'Ruth's Choice."
A five minute talk wilL tte made to the
children at the morning servioo.
, AT
Wanted to Trade.
A farmer dexlres to trade a good wngnn for
a good cow. Inquire at the Glacier ollice.
l.nml Office nt, The Indies, Oregon. Oct. 12,
l.S'JO. Notice is taerehy glvmi that tho following-named
settler hni II led notice of his in
tention to make final proof in sup
port, of his claim, and that mid proof will
no made before the lirglater and liecelver at
The Dulles, Oregon, on Noretnbcr 2K, 1!H), viz:
Of Hood Itlver, Ori?on, If. E. No. SI 12. for the
south Vii northeast and lots 1 und 2, section
2, township 1 north, ninf 9 east, W. M.
He names Uie following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon und cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
W. It. Wlnatis, Sum Wlrtiins, Thomas Col
lins and O. M. Wheeler, all of Hood Hlver.Or.
o20n21 JAY 1 Ll'CAH, Register.
ljind Office at The Dalles, Oregon, Oct. 5,
ISM). Notice f hereby given that the following-named
settler ha filed notice of her Inten
tion to commute and make final prool In sup
port of her claim, and that suld proof will be
made before tlie Register and Receiver nt The
Dalles, Oregon, on Wednesday, November 22,
ljll, viz:
Of Hood River, Oregon, H. B. No. 6710, for the
southwest '4 southwest '4 section V, township
2 north, range 11 east, Vv. AM
Khc names the fallowing witnesses to prove
her continuotK residence upon Hud cultiva
tion of said land, vlar
Jerome Wells, Charles WplIs.'Mollie Halts
man and V. Stuart, all t-r IU.jil Ktver.Orogon.
oltoU JAY IV lUuAS, Register. :
ImoA Office at Tho DallosJ Oregon, Oct. 5,
ISlitf. Notice Is hereby given that the following-named
settler has fl led -notice of his In
tention to make final proof ill support of his
claim, Hint that said proof will he made before
the Register and Receiver at. The Dalles, Ore
gon, on Tuesday. November 21, 18H9, viz:
Of Moslcr, Oregon, H. E. No. B for the
south southwest section 3, and north
southwest section 10, township 2 north,
range II east, W. M.
He names the fallowing witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz:
I ... I I f T n.DAn..( T T rid..
en port and it V. Fisher, all of Mosier, Oregon.
oi.ini7 JAY l'. IjUUAH, Register.
To Mi Friends and Patrons:
I have secured the services of an expert me
chanic and am ready to do all binds of re
pairing and new work at short notice, either
by tne day or by contract.- I kep constantly
on hand a good stock of builders' supplies,
Including shingles, finishing lumber, mold
ings, lath and lime. To make room for my
increasing trade I have rented two rooms on
Second street and connected them with my
Oak street (tore, hence am better prepared
Uiun ever to please my customers, t wish
also to call attention to my stock of paints
and oils, as well as my complete assortment
of furniture, which I am selllngat Portland
prices and yon save jour freight.
Yours for business,
Farm for Sale.
60 acres, nearly all in cultivation. The vrv
choice of Hood Kiver valley: 2 miles south ot
town. Make me any old offer.
N3 A, S. LiriUKOW.
A gray horse, with bell. Marked 58 on the
right hip and lea ear split at the tip. A
rewurd of 2.50 will bo paid for the return of
me uorse 10 i non, tALMrm,
Side Saddle for Sale.
A Hide Huddle In good order, which will be
sold very reasonable; can tic seen at my house
Iieur TucKnr. MRU. A1.ICK KKMl',
For Sale.
One of fhe enrlletit and best plnces to make
iiwury 1111 uie niiiiravi river. ror pnrtio-
umrs can on or uuorcss v, l.M.lir.L.l
Hay for Sale.
The best aualltv of clover, wheat and oat
hay for sale at fi2 torn, t my place, 5 miles
south of town. A. W. KING.
24 Acres,
One mile from town: 9 In strawberries, one In
blackberries, one In raspberries, (sJO fruit trees,
200 grape vines, Oood Improvements, lu
quire at the Hood River RACK KT HTORK.
If your walls are sick or mutilated, call on
E. L. KiMid. Consultation free. Nochaigefor
prescription. No cure no pa v. Ollice hours
from B A. M. till tt I. M., and all night If nec
essary. Hft
s for Sale.
Trio of Hronze Turkeys. Apply at this office.
Heavy Team.
Heavy team for logging, or trucking, for
saie ny , r-ggen. inquire 01 capt. J. 11.
Has opened in Hood River with ft good stock
of Harness. AH kinds of harness and bicy
cle repairing. In the Odd Fellows' building.
Dyspepsia Curo.
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening? and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans, ltisthelatestdiscovereddlgest
ant and tonic No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It In
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Prepared by E- C DtWItt Co., Chicago.
For suit! by Williums & Bros! us.
Time Schedules.
Dkpabt Fr'm HOOD RIVER Akiuve
10:12 p.m.
Salt take, Denver,
4.-00 p.m.
n wonn.imittiia,
Kansas City, Kt
Lrftuis, Chicago
ana uie r.asu
Wall Walla, Rpo-
4:37 p.m.
5:5T a.m.
Ht, I'aul, uuiiitn,
Milwaukee, Chi
cago and East.
8 p.m.
i p.m.
For Han r ranclsco
Every five days.
8 p.m. Columbia Rives
4 n.m.
nuiuiaay, TO Asioria ana way
hi p.m. landings.
Wlllntnettn lllvr f i-AO n nv
6 a.m.
Ex. Hunday
Oregoii City, New- Ex-Sunduy. (X way
7 a.m.
Tuei. Thur.
and Hut.
ViMMiu. ItivKiuklnn. Wed.
huu way luuuiug..
8 a.m.
Tues, Thur.
ana Sat.
Willamette River. 4.-30 r.m.
Portland to Corval-Tues., Thur.
lis 4 way landlngs.j and Hat.
iLv bewtiit'n
RAKB RlVKR. ;a:4aa.m.dui
Itlparia to Lewiston ex.Frtday.
1:45 a.m.
dally ex.Hnt,
Oen'l Pass. Agent, Portland, Or
E. B. Clakk, Agent, Hood River.
es, Porflanil & Astoria
Navigation Co.
Through Freight and
Passenger Line.
My! Dies id Fnflul
Alt Freight Will Come Through
Without Delay.
Leave Tlie Dalles 7.00 A. M.
Leave Portlaud 7.00 A. M.
One way- fl 50
Round trip.- 2 50
Freight Rates Greatly Reduced
W. C. ALL AW AY, General Agent,
If: i-f ms
Joii Ho iiuO
bone & McDonald
Staple Groceries,
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Whit we will sell at live and let live prices.
Agenta for Osborne
7 YW
Chas. N. Clarke, Agt., at the Glacier Pharmacy.
Oo to hi in for pure fresh Drugs, I'uteut .Medicines nnd Wall Paper, (frcscriptlow and
Funilly lieclpes u specialty.
TTTO TTTrarp TJTJ TpiTTlQ realized; returns made promptly. Consignments to-"
XlXVJnUiOA XXvXVJCiO netted and llbcrul advances imide. We also pu
cbnse large quantities of fruit for can hint; purposes.
All kinds of fruit. boxes and crates ou bund. Come and see us; we mean -bustness. "
Htudcbnker Wnpons and Spring; Wagons: Planet Jr. Garden Tools and Cultivators: Can
ton Clipper flows, Harrows and Discs; HudKcr Hprln Tooth Hurrows. These are the best'
and if HI at as low .prices as are charged for chctiiivr grades of tools. (Jet our prices and.
examine the goods. ., .
Successor to . IbtiinlUi Oldeet Established House In th valley J
DEALtat IX '
IDx-y G-oods, OlotHiiaLgr, :
Flour, Feed, Etc., Etc.
J nut I op of the Peace I
for Hood Kiver littrict
I am oreuared at all times to draw and'execute Deeds and Mortgages, and all kinds of le-..
gal papers carefully prepared.
I am also nrennrcd on short notice to furnish
and strongest Insurance companies; so If you
me ana gel a policy in a rename insurance company.
And when It comes to Real Kstale. I am 1ae you want U see. If ww want to buy, soH '.
or rent anv land in Hood Kiver valley or White
also negotiate htans 011 real estate. I have been
therefore am thoroughly acquainted Willi too
The lest results you must use the best materials. The .
HOOD RIVER PHARMACY continues to be up to
date in everything In the Drug line. ..;
Prescriptions a Specialty. SJ
Spraying materials warranted the pure stuff. , . f
(Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.)
United Btates Land Olllco, The Dalles, Ore
gon, Kept, 5. MOW. Nol lee Is hereby given
that In compliance with the ivovisloiis of the
act of congress of June 8, 1878, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands In the Htates of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," the following-mined persons have
this day filed In this ollice their sworn state
ments, to wit:
Of Hood Bi vcr, count y of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, sworn statement No. 145, for the pur
chase of the north y, northeast i, southwest
northeast M, and lot It. section 7, township 2
north, range f east, W. M.
Of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, sworn statement No. Hil, for the pur
chase of the south southwest section S,
southeast southeast section 6, and north
west northwest ; section 8, township 2
north, range 9 east, V . M.
That they will offer proof to show that the
land sought Is more valuable for Its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish thHr claims to said hind before the
Register and Receiver of this office at The
Ialles, Oregon, on (Saturday, the iHlhdayof
November, 18.09.
Witnesses: O. B. Hartley, W. B. MeCrory,
Perrv MeCrory, Fred K. Hlmpson and Hub
bard" Taylor, all of Hood Rivei , Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lauds are requested to tile
their claims in this office on or before said I8th
day of November, Inwi.
s8n!0 JAY P. LUCAS, Register.
Settle Up.
Alt persons knowing themselves Indebted
to me are respectfully asked to call and set
tie. My books have been lea with my suc
cessor, 11. O. Everhart, who Is authorized to
collect for me and give receipts.
Horses for Sale.
Four good horses and good farm wagon for
sale. Inquire at this office or of
sl5 C. H. LUTHER.
Get Your Horses Heady.
Will staut for Hherman county with horses
abont November Wtb. C. H. tStranahan has
limited the number to sixteen head this sea
son. Fifty cents in advance will be charged
tor feeding at The Dalles and taking horses
through. E. C, MOONEY.
Mowers and Reaper
In the estimation of
Vractlcal Painters.
Every gallon of "
The j
win cover 300 or more square
feet of surface in average con- -dition,
two coats to the gallon.
Every gallon is a Cull U. 5.
standard measure. It is made
to Paint Buildings with. It
is the best and most durable
House Faint made.
(Notary Public for
Oregon. 5. .-
correct Abstracts. Also represent theoldest
want your projierty Insured don'l fall to call on ,,
Walmnn, dont fafl to can on or wrtte to mo. t
a resident of Hood Kiver valley for 10 years.
valley. uw), 1. 1KA 111r.1t, uoou Kiver. . ;
(Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.) '
United filntes Land Office, The Dalles, Ore- .
gun, Aug. ill, iKSta, Notice Is hereby given-'
I luil in .compliance wllii the provisions of the
act of congress of June 3, 1878, entitled "An
act for Uie sale of timber lauds In the Htates of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of Ore-,
gon, has this day tiled in this office her sworn
statement, No. HI, for the purchase of the
north southeast k and north ', soulbwcst
of section No. 25, In township No. 1 north, '
range No. 9 east, W. M., and will offer proof to
show that the land sought Is more valuable '
for lis timber or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish' her claim to said
lima before tlie Register and Receiver of this
office at The Dnllei, Oregon, ou (Saturday, the '
lttrt day of November, 1SI9. . r
She Dttmes as witnesses: W. R. Wlnans, rii
Brndlej, J. L. Henderson and Harry Wyatt,
all of Hood River, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before said
11th day of November, INTO.
XnM JAY P. LUCAS, Register.
tn! Office at Vancouver, Wash., ct. 1
18SB. Notice Is hereby given that the follow
ing named setller lias tiled notice of his In
tention to mnke final proof in support of his
claim, nnd that said proof will be made before
the Register nnd Receiver U. H. Ind Offlceat
Vancouver, Wash., on Tuesday, November 21,
im, iu
H. E. No. W79I, for south half of northeast
quarter and north half of southeast quarter
section nine, township throe north, range
twelve east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence. UMn aud culttva-
tion of said land, vis:
Thomo M. 'Whitcomtt, Joseph Chamber
lin William t-aton and Thomas K roll log, all '
of l.vle P.O., Washington.
ol:inl7 W. R. DUNBAR, Register.
Clubbing Offer.
All subscribers to the Olacler who pay In "
advance and 5Dc additional can have Uie
Twlce-a-week Itepublic or the Toledo Blade
tent to their address for one year. . .