The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 22, 1899, Image 3

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    jfood liver Slacicr.
I'll I DAT, PEPTEM I'EK 22, 18!M.
I'ctnrv this; Friday evening.
'T.i'iijaiiiin Franklin,'1" at the
V. 15
Mth. Jon,
Purser in vifitin in l'urt-
Jim MorriH wan
Jiiwn from Arlington
last week.
Mia Nellie Hark
in attoml i njf the
"Walla Wallu college.
Mr. M. 15. l'otter returned last
tirday fn in her trip to Portland.
Rev. "J. W. Jenkins delivered bin
ture in Ileiipner dtirinji thin week.
Pratt Whiti'imili eanio up from Port
land on Saturday' afternoon train.
V. A. Nlmrte and bride went to their
liomp at Arlington Monday evening.
1 you want lumber? If w, we
Money to loan on real entiita by
Joll L. JIkNDKKSO.V, H.'t.
Minn Lottie Robertu returned to her
ft ndieH at Monmouth college. 1 ast Sun
siuy. . -
Mrs. Miildleton unl daughter, Mrs.
Kline, returned to Portland last Mon
lay. Oliver Chilled Plows for Hale by A. is.
lilowern & Son, nolo agents for Hood
Austin Wilnim ban none back to Idaho
and in now with his brother tieurge at
Luul bought, wild and exchanged at
ihnijriiun. Keen your eye on the l'.in
M)iiiiit) ad, 2d age of Olacikr.
Mi'sh Hester Howe went to Monmouth
hint Fridav, where, fhe will spend the
winter in attendance at the state normal
Barton Davwlson left last week for
'orvalliH, where he will take the nie
H-hanical course at the state agricultural
Hon. J. W. Morton cut bin second
Ton of meadow bay and saved it all in
good shane during the present spell of
line weather.
J. R. Nickclsen in building an nddi-
lion on the east side of his Imutiu, which
looks like it anight be as largo um the
main buililuig.
Dr. F. C. Wfosius has
returned and
ran be found ui his office
A 15rosius' drug store,
Lours oi 10-11 a. in.., 2-il
over Williams
between the
and G 7 p. m
Parties intending to plant fruit trees
Mill do well to sec lillett. He has
line lot of trees, and has 1,200 Limbert
cherry trees, two years old, for 10c each
Uncalled for bittern runmin in tliepont
office fir P.ackus, Alma Flenders,
11. Hardestv, ('has Lufferty, J. M. Leu.,
Miss Annetta Heck, Miss P.ebeeen Keten
Rev. Cieo. McPonald started Monday
jnorning for Philomath college. After
graduating next Kpring he will go to
Dayton, Ohio, to complete his theolog
icnJ course.
Mrs. Orr, mlio.-ll from n buggy and
'Jiroke her ankle last summer in Hood
River, has not vet recovered fnmi the
siceident, and the doctors think she may
im crippled for life
Postmaster Yates has bad anew porch
unit up m front of the inst othce ami has
iiliirifoil his oHic.'c insiderably by taking
out n partition. Thu ini!nnsed business
jf the office necessitateil more room
Miss Liur.i Hill want t Portland last
Friday, whew sh j will eater the hi
cho ii ind m ike her holm with the
family ot Newton Clark, h :t uncle.
Rev. lienson of llanon, Pa., who
has been appointed to till the vacancy
.i i v . i t i i. ..t
Ill lilt) jillipil 01 urn I. . w. oiurni 01
Hood River, is expected to arrive here
shortly. lie i. wild to 1)3 ail eloquent
There will ba a business meetmg at
the Valley Christian c hurch Weilnc-day
veninis. Sept. 27. at ?:'M o'clock. livery
member should lie present, as business
of importance will come before the
The young ladien of t!te U. B. aid so
ciety are practicing for a tamborine drill
to be given in about four weeks. In
connection with the drill a "Mother
ioose" reception will be given by the
younger folks.
Some hoys started a fire in the woods
on the Jamison place last Saturday. The
tire spread to the dry leaves and grass
and was soon beyond the boys' control.
Dr. Kliot and others by hard work suc
ceeded in putting out the lire before it
reached the Kliot phu-e.
Barrett-Sipimv Addition Lots 50x130
fuet for sale at Emporium ; IS now sold ;
one house to jro up at once ; $35 Kir lot
$5 down and " per month ; no interest.
After Oct. 1 the price will be4 per lot.
Slow is the tiimi to get a cheap home.
About the tub of August M. F. Loy,
while handling a trunk, received a
flight scratch on his finger. In a few
days his arm bcgiui to pain him and an
iibscess formed under his right arm. He
suffered intense pain with it and finally
had it lanced last week and is now in a
fair way to recover.
The following named persons have
purchased lots in the I5rrett.-Sipma ad
dition: R. E. Fewe.l, two lots; T. C.
Dallas, two lots; V. E. Sherrill, two lots;
I. 11. Barrett, two lot; J. L. Hender
son, two; John Sipina, two; II. C.
Hengst, two; A. L. Stauffer, one.
Jas. Crowley, who is farming the
Knapp place on the Washington side,
has six or seven acres in corn that he
wiys beats any corn he ever saw on this
coast. Some of it is so tall that he am
luirdlv reach the ears with his arm out
stretched to its utmost. This place has
the reputation of producing good corn,
and it is one of the earliest places on the
Columbia river.
Ahio S. Watt, land agent for the O. R.
A N. Co., was in Hood River last week
and secured right of way for straighten
ing the road through the places of Hon.
J. V. Morton, R. S. Andrews and E.
cke. Mr. Watt is the father of our
townsman, Dr. J. F. Watt. He has
been quite sick iwe his return to Port
land, and Dr. Watt was called last week
toutteiui him.
K. A. Knaop received a telegram from
Knith Bend, Wash,, stating that his
father, A. J. Knapp, died at that place
Jept. lath. He died at the home of his
.son, C. D. Knapp. He was born in New
York state, June 3, 182(1, and lived most
of his life in Wisconsin, w here he was
engaged in farming. 1-eaed was in
Hood River for two or three Burntlm hist
.summer, w hen lie made his home with
his mm, S. A. Knapp, proprietor l,l tlje
People's Store.
A chapter of accidents happened on
Monday moruing in about 15 minutes.
The Hiiod River box factory has been
rnnniiii! alomr without an accident all
umiu'.r, till Monday morning Bob Hus
bands tfiit the end of a middle linger
taken off in the slasher. Flint Bradford
went with him to the drug store to have
the wound drewwd and before he got
Lack to the factory Frank Quinn hail
tnanugi'J to get a sim of a finger taken
off by the shingle w. While Flint was
taking the boy to the drug store Joe
Purser's teani r.une dashing up the
street, having started to run at the de
pot, where Joe was unloading freight.
11. C. Judson, industrial agent of the
O. R. t S. Co., brought J. F. Wilcox
and wife of Council Bluffs, Iowa, to see
Hood River last Saturday. Mr. Wilcox
is a wlvolesiile gardener and green-house
man. lie luis 2H0 acres, ti2 of which are
covered with glass. The party while
here visited W. I'. Watson's garden anil
then made a tour of the valley, insect
ing W. A. Slingerl-and's placo among
others on the East Side. Mr. Wilcox is
favorably impressed witli Hood Riveras
a place to locate a gruen house. If he
mts in a l)ig green house licre we can
lave Hood River st rawberrien all the
year round, lie sain ttie from sireei
commission men in Portland vjere unan
imous in recommending llood liuer as
a good place to locate a green house. ,
John Brown, working for Yan John
son, was held up ny a ingliwaynian near
Hackett s corner, in the Crupper district,
Tuesday evening of last week, the
highwayman wore a gunny-sack mask,
with eye holes. When ordered to hold
up his hands .Mr. lirown aitempieu to
tight and tried to tear nwiiy the man's
mask, but the man told him he would
sin ot if he offered resistance. The man
went through Mr. Brown s pockets and
got f5. Next morning Mr. Brown in
spected the ground where he was held
up and found that the man had worn
gunny sacks over his shoes to prevent
Ins footprints giving Mm away.
Attorney John L. Henderson visited
his son, Ivl A. Henderson, at Yancouver
Harrncks, last week. Ed is enlisted m
the iitith infantry and likes the service.
He was actini: corporal, and his promo
tion to that non-commissioned office will
no doubt soon follow. Theeonmmnding
officer of his company snvs Ed is the
best soldier in his command; that if he
had a full company like him he would
have the crack company ol tlie coast.
Mr. Henderson's letter giving his con
sent to his son's enlistment was sent to
Washington by the colonel and it was
filed in the archives of the war depart
B. F. Prt'lieu and son Perry were com
imr into town Saturday morning in their
one-horse rig when the horse took fright
near W. P. Watson s residence and ran
away. Both were thrown out at the
end' of the block. Mr. 15elieii was
thrown violently to the ground but was
not seriously injured. Perry was not so
fortunate; be received a severe cut on
the forehead and was badly bruised.
The horse had always been considered
gentle and reliable. ,
W. R. Winans recently sent n block of
stone from his quarry at Winans to
Portland to have it dressed. The block
was pronounced by experts to be a good
quality of granite. It is susceptible of a
tine polish which looks too sleek for a
fly to light on. Mr. Schuman, the stone
cutter w ho did the polishing, asked for
a piece big enough to make a monument
for exhibition at the Portland exposi
tion, and Mr. Winans will send it down.
Orion Kinersly of The Dalles, travel
ing for the Blake, McFull Paper, Co. and
the Whittier, Fuller Co., was in town
last Friday and did a good day's work
taking orders. Mr. Kinersly being an
old timer is well acquainted, liesides be-
inif a pleasant gentleman to do business
with. He will visit Hood River every
thirty days.
Postmaster Yates makes semi-month
ly statements of the money order busi
ness of his office. Formerly these state.
ments were made monthly. In making
out his last statement he found that the
business has increased so that his semi
monthly statements show as big as the
monthly statements of his predecessor
three vears ago.
Do u ii I.nmsille went with K. Y. Judd
of the Pendleton scouring mills to Lost
lake last week, where the latter secured
some good views of the lake.- This is
the third trip Mr. Judd-has fnade'tiiis
season to the lake to uet a good view of
that romantic spot.
Miss Fav La France will attend the
Corvallis agricultural college, where she
will take special courses in music mid
the science of housekeeping. Mrs
La accompanied her to I orvams,
leaving Hood River Thursday niornm
Mrs. Jerome ells underwent a nur-
gical operation in. a Portland hospital
September tith. .Mr. Wells was witli
her at the time, and when he left her ti
come Home everytmng secmen nivor-
able for her recovery.
John Donahoe, lately from Kent,
Sherman county, has moved on his
place at Belmont, where he has built
ham that be will use for a residence till
next spring, when he expects to build a
good house.
Miss Mella White and Miss Minnie
Elton, teachers in Hood River schools,
have rented rooms at Mrs. Boling s resi
deuce, where they are "housekeeping
for themselves. .
J. T. (ialligan of Portland spent last
week in Hood River and with his broth
er. 11. S.. went up on tne ijikb orancn
and put in two days fishing with splen
did luck.
(!. I). Katinger is representing the
Walton Tailoring Co. of Chicago and is
taking orders in the valley for clothing
made by this pioneer house of high class
Jerome Wells presented the Glacikb
with a turnip weighing ' pouni
srrown on his place on the East Side. He
says be has many -larger ones in the
Scott Boorman made a trip to Camas
Prairie last, week to look after work for
his hav baler. lie found three balers
there and the hay about all baled.
Mrs. Dishman and daughters, Miss
(iladvs Robinson and Mrs. V red Bailey
anil children visited with Mrs. H. II
Bailey last Friday.
E. F. Decker, nephew of L. Henry,
who made a visit here of about a month,
returned to his home in Concordia
Kansas, last week.
L. Neff and family expect to make
their home at Moscow, Idaho, for the
winter, where Mr. Neff has work on the
N. P. railroad.
Miss Susie Mohr returned to The
Dalles last Saturday after week's visit
with relatives on the East Side.
Attorney Henderson has been retained
by Ladd '& Tilton to fight the bank
ruptcy claim of C. L. Rogers.
John Mohr of the East Side brought a
summer cabbage to Bone & McDonald's
that weighed 14Ja pounds.
Mrs. S. A. knapp will arrive from
Portland next week with a complete
stock of fall millinery.
Ixist An Oxford Teachers' Bible, with
thumb index. Finder will please leave
at this office.
Mrs. C. L. Henderson is the guest of
Mrs. J. F. Armor for several weeks.
Mrs. Honeynian and son of Portland
are guests of Mrs. J. F. Armor.
Miss Gladys Robinson of Portland is
visiting Mrs. Fred Bailey.
Mrs. F. t. Perrv and children went to
Portland hist week.
Cillis Hubbard in quite sick and under
the doctor s care.
Doug Langille w as in town Wt week
from l loud I ap.
Fresh creamery butter at Reciprocity
eoruer 50 c.
Mrs. C. A. Bell spent last week in
Mrs. Julia Knapp went to Portland
Read the new ads.
Miss Phebe Newell, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Newell, well know n in
Hood River, w here she spent the sum
mer of ISSHi, died at her home in Port
land, Sejit. l."th, after a lingering ill
ness. The Oregonian says: "After a
heroic and determined light against
death for nearly four years, she suc
cumbed to the disease, consumption,
which had attacked her, and which car
ried off also her brother Rufusand sister
Flora. Through the years of her illness
she was cheerful and tried to make as
little care us possible to her parents, w ho
sought in every way to ward off the in
evitable. Her noble character and
sweet disposition have left a memory
long to be cherished bv her schoolmates
and friends. Thursday night, at 11
o'clock, she realized that, the end was
approaching, ami she took a kindly
farewell from each member of the fam
ily, speaking words of comfort to her
parents. She was a native of Portland,
born March 13, 1K7!)." The Hood River
friends of Miss Phoebe Newell deeply
sympathize with the atllicted family.
S. AV. Arnold, who by the way is one
of the finest carpenters in the country,
is a very quiet man. Recently he
was in one if our stores where pol
iticians sometimes congregate and dis
cuss public men and public measures,
and to their hearts' content, praise or
condemn the policies of our government
officials. The sentiment of the crowd
on this occasion seemed to be all one
way and condemned the president for
not pushing the war in the Philippines
to a satisfactory conclusion by sending
enough men and more able generals.
After about all of the crowd had bad
their say some one asked Arnold what
he thought about, it. "Well," replied
Arnold. "1 think Mckinley s a loot.
Yes, he's a fool for not lacking his cab
inet advisers and generals out of this
H. H. Holmes of Portland, county
clerk of Multnomah county, has liur-
hased the Wheeler place, consisting of
ten acres near town, with good improve
ments, paying therefor $1,250. Mr.
Holmes and wife spent two or three
lavs here during this week to inspect
their new purchase and are very much
pleased with their bargain.
Mr. Martin and family from Prine-
ville, arrived here Tuesday and moved
onto their farm recently purchased ol
('apt. Blowers. This place is known as
the Aaron liackus rancn nno is one oi
the best pieces; of land in the valley.
Mr. Martin is delighted with his pur
chase and savs other of bis Crook county
neighbors will follow him.
All the salmon trout that are being
caught this year in Hood river are large.
Fisherman say this is an indication that
these fish are not going to tie so plenti
ful hereafter unless something is done
to replenish the stream with spawn and
give them protection.
The Travers' Book & Curio club will
hold a meeting for the election of officers
Sept. 2!)th. Every member is expected
to attend. Mrs. "Travers has recently
presented the club with $12.
Drop a postal card to D. II. dough
and he will deliver his choice tomatoes
to you at ?4 of a cent a pound.
Miss Madge Warren was over from
Underwoods to spend Saturday and
Lyman Smith has cut and cured his
third crop of alfalfa for tlfis season.
Howard lsenberg'4 Return.
Howard Isenherg, one of the Hood
River boys who volunteered at the first
call for troops in the war with Spain,
arrived home from the Philippines
Tuesday morning. He was the last of
the lbiod lliver volunteers to return.
He is looking well. " Li km trie rest of the
Hood River boys who went to the Phil
ippines, he stood the change to that en
ervating climate all right. Howard was
on the non-commissioned staff of (ien.
Law ton and was with him through all
his campaigns. On his way home, at
Nagasaki, Japan, he took the cars and
went to Kobe and from there to Tokio,
the capital of Japan and thence to Yo
kohoma, where he re-embarked on his
ship and arrived at San Francisco about
August 27th. Howard is proud of his
record as a soldier, has seen much of
the world since leaving home, and is
glad he went to war, lint he has had
enough of soldiering. Ho was offered a
good position at San Francisco if he
would re-enlist. He wiil now devote
himself to study anil will complete bis
education, and for this purpose will at
tend one of the institutions of learning
in the state, probably the university at
Women's Christian Tempoi-amle Union.
Following is the declaration of prin
ciples of this association :
We believe in the coming of His King
dom whose cervH is perfect freedom,
localise His laws, written in our mem
bers as well as in nature and in grace,
are perfect, converting the soul.
We believe in the gospel of the Golden
Rule, and that each man's habit of life
should be an example safe and benefi
cent for every other man to follow.
We believe that God created both man
and woman in his own image, and.there
fore, we believe in one standard of purity
for both men and women, and in the
equal right of all to hold opinions and
to express the same in the home, on the
platform, in the pulpit and at the ballot
box. We believe in a living wage; in an 8
hourdav; in courts of conciliation and
arbitration; in justice as opposed to
greed of gain; in "peace on earth and
good will to men."
We therefore formulate, and for our
selves adopt the following pledge, ask
ing our sisters and brothersof a common
danger and a common hoe, to make
common cause witn us, in worning ns
reasonable and helptul precepts into the
practice of everyday life :
I hereby solemnly promise, God help
ing mo, to abstain from all distilled, fer
mented and malt, liquors including
wine, beer and cider, as a beverage, and
to employ all proper means to discour
age, the use of and traffic in the same.
To confirm and enforce the rationale
of this pledge, we declare our purpose to
educate the young; to form a better pub
lie sentiment; to reform, so far as possi
ble, by religious, ethical and seieutilie
means, the drinking classes; to seek the
transforming power of divine grace for
ourselves and all for whom we work,
that they and we may wilfully transcend
no law of pure and wholesome living;
and finally we pledge ourselves to labor
and pray that all these principles, found
ed upon" the Gospel of Christ, may lie
worked out into the customs of society
and the laws of the land.
Cliurt'li Notice.
Congregational Church. The pastor
will conduct rrvices next funday at
11 a. 111. and 7.45 p. m. Subject at the
morniiijl service, "Lost Opportunities."
Kveninjt service, "Drifting," Sunday
school will lie held at 10 a. m. V. K.
service at 7 p. in. Dr. F. C. Brosius has
kindly consented to conduct the musical
services at tins eliurcti. Alt are very
heartily invited to attend these services,
unless duty callelsewhere.
There will lie preaching in the Vallev
Christian church Sunday morning and
evening by the pastor. Sunday school
and endeavor at the usual hours. All
not worshiping elsewhere are invited. t
m 4 i
Shoes of great endurance for men. These are made of heavy
calf, three soles, English last, straight tip, lace, and FULL
LEATHER LINED. You would expect the price higher than
we charge you . , $2.50
"Wear Resister'' WELT, best chrome calf, three soles, made
for men w ho want a nice looking shoe that will wear like a log.
j'rVloe.... 3.25
Hen's Hercules
For heavy wear every day, best heavy calf upper, solid oak sole
and heel put on by baud ; never gets loose; sewed with double
wax thread and rivetted; solid as Mt. Hood and cheap in long
run .. 3.00
Men's good quality, genuine kangaroo calf, oak soles, new easy
toes, plain or cap, lace and congress $2.10 and 2.20
Ladies' best and finest vici kid custom shoes, with splendid
welt sole, very best oak tannage, worth $,'!.50 3.00
Ladies' very fine vici kid, excellent oak sole; you would expect
to pay $2.50 or $3, they go fast at 2.15
Our Dis 70 School Shoes are not equaled at tin' price in any
other line out.
If your sole gets loose, don't go around "kicking;" makes it
worse. We peg them and resew all seams free.
You can't get a better deal than we give on shoes.
Presidential Cnnipftiun .r li00.
The policies of the great political par
ties are now' being formed and the
candidates discussed. The voiiv of the
people as recorded by ballot at the ap
proaching presidential election will
probably decide the policy of the nation
for the. next decade. Every cULen
must study the great questions that are
to come before the people. This can
only be done through t,he medium of a
great newspaper. Now is the time,
therefore, for every voter to subscribe
for the best and most reliable newspaper
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While it is democratic, it publishes the
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out prejudice. Its telegraphic and cable
newsservice is superior to-that of any
other paper. Its special features are
the best. In fact, it is the paper for
that large class of readers who cannot
affort or do not have access to the daily
papers. .
Attention i also called to
public's Sunday Magazine
tone illustrations are alone worth t he '
subscription price.
siM'cinl articles bv
It is made up of ,
the best literary
talent, embracing a variety of subjects
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one year. To secure this low rate both
must be ordered and paid for at the
same time.
Address all orders to The Republic,
St. 1jiiis, Mo.
Crushed to Death.
0. F. Hull, eldest son-of Mrs. D. H.
Clough of Hood River, was nccidttutally
killed at Pe. Ell, W;is.!!':, Sept lffli.
Mrs. Clough Wan telegraphed for at t lie i
time, but being too feeble to travel that j
distance, was unable to attend the, fu-
neral. Particulars of the accident are
given in the Oregonian, as follows:
"O. F. Hull, an old-time resident of
Lewis county, was killed this morning
while working in Yeoman's logging camp
at Pe Ell. At the time of the, accul Mit
he was working on the skid road. A
small log that was being hauled in
caught in some manner and upenibd.
Hull saw it and attempted to get out of
the way, but it fell across the center of
his body, pinning him against another
log and cutting hiin nearly in two, caus
ing instant death. The deceased leaves
two grown sons, William and Allen, the
former of w hom is foreman in Yeoman's
camp. His wife still survives him.
"Thevare simply perfect,"writes Robt
Moore, of La Fayette, Ind., of DeWitt's
Little Kurley Risers, the "famous little
pills" for constipation and all liver ail
ments. Never gripe. Williams it Brosius.
At the home of Mrs. C. G. Hansen, in
The Dalles, Sept. 20, 1.H09, Harry Hack-;
ett and Mrs. Emma Crapper.
The happy couple returned to Hood
River Wednesday and w ill .make their
home in Crapper district, where Mr.
Hackett is a prosperous farmer. The
Gl.U'ikr extends best wishes.
River valley, September 15,
Lucy C. Isenberg, aged 6
In Hood
18SM, Mrs.
Deceased was the relict of tlie late A.
K. Isenherg, and was born in Hunting
ton county, Pa., November 14, 1843.
Her maiden name was Dnnlap. In tlie
spring of lrtiMl she waspuralvzed and had
ueen a neiiuess
invalid since that time.
She leaves one son, Lewis
resident of Hood Hiver. "
Isenlier, a
Ex-Congressinan Ellis d-'iiies Uie re
port that he isH caudida-to kit sergeant-at-arnis
of the house of representatives.
He. is attending strietly-1" th practice
of law in his home town of Heppner.
1'our candidates are mentioned for
the census enumeration in the west end
of the county : T. M. Wlntcouib of Lyle,
II. C. Cook of AVlute Salmon, C. M.
Moore of Trout Lake, and 11. D. Cole ot
Fulda : anv of whom would bp satisfac
tory to the" general public tioldendale
Tersons wanting: one tree or a thousand
will save monev, eet flnt-clKs tre s. ami
to NAMK by plm-inx their orders with 11. H.
Uulligan, who Is handling Urea from the
Kost Reliable Hiirserj in Oregon.
Painter and Decorator,
Hood River, Or.
Hmise Patntlne, Hard Oil Finishing, (imln
Inar, l'atwr HniiKiinr, Ka!inining,etc. Thirty
years' experience. Hunmntes satisfactory
results or no puv F.stimates (rraiis. Leave
orders at Cilneier'I'hariuacy.
Hi'.h oh'Mim1 Id IIimmI Hlvcr wllh n kiiih! stock
! lliiriiisH. All Klnil ot luirness iitm nicy,
cle I'l'imli'ltiK. In Hie udil I'. IIuwn tuiihlin
Dyspepsia Cure.
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digeststhcfOTd and alda
Nature In strengtneninp ana ream
Btructlnir the exhausted digestive or
pins. It isthelatestdiscovereddigest
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can atinroach it In efficiency. It in
Btantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, indigestion, iieariDurn,
Flatulence, aour ftiomacn, nausea.
Sick Headache.Gast ralgi a, Cramps, and
all other resul ts of 1 mperf ect di gestion.
Prepared by E. C. Dewitt a Co., tijicogo.
For sale by i 1 anis & Drosius.
Time Schedules.
Di-.i-Aiir Kr ni llunn lilVKl!! Ahkivb
10.12 .m.
ISnlt l.iiltc, Denver,
I Kt Wortli.OniiLlm.l
Kunans 1'ily. S.j
and toe Kiisl..
4:110 p.m.
WllllR Will 111, Sii-
SI Paul, IluliiHi,
Milwaukee, I'lil-i
cao aii'l Kust. I
. Hlyfi
1:;7 p.m.
5:57 a.m.
8 p.m.
(.run rmn'i.ANR;
Koi' Sun KritnriMro
Kvcry live days.
8 p.m.
Kx. Stiniluv
' 10 p.m.
Coi.rMiu A HiVKit 4
Htkamkiis. K.x.Nunilny
To Anuria ami way
lamlliis,'N. i
Willamette River. ! : p.m
II n.m.
Kx. Siunilay
Oregon t'lly. New-K.x-Sumliiy
t('is;.Saleiii & way
lullilills. ;
WlI.t.AMKTTF, AND HfV) p.m.
Yamiiu.i. Uivkiis. Man, Wed.
Oregon Cilv, Dayton and Kri.
and way landings.
Willamette Wver. ! W0 .111.
Portland Id Curval-Tues., Tliur.
lis wav landings.. and Hat.
7 a.m.
Tiii'. Tlmr.
unit Hut.
Tups. Tliur.
uiu. Hat.
1: 15 a.m.
daily ex. S it
I.v U'Hlst'n
Hnakk KtVKH. !,'i;!
Ittparlatn Lewislon ex.l'riday.
" v. n. huri.iu;kt,
(len'l Pass. Agent, 1'oi tliiud, Or
CI.AKK, A','cnt, Hood lliver.
K. H.
THE- -
Navigation Co.
Through Freight and
Passenger Line.
All Freight Will Come Through
Without Delay.
Leave The Dulles 8.45 A. M.
Leave Portland.
7.00 A. M.
One wav ?1 SO
Hound trip i! M
Freight Rates Greatly Reduced
W. C. ALLAWAY, General Agent,
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone senrttn n ketrh snrt rtenerintlon moy
qulnktv ascertain our opinion free whether on
invention is prolntbly tmtentable. Coimminiea
tionsstxictlycniitidenttHl. Handbook on Patents
soirt free. Oiliest iitreney for gecumiK patents.
Piitents taken through Munn & Co. receive
IpfrUti notkSt without cbarae. In ttao
Scientific American.
A hjindnomely HlnntratM wwli'r. I.nrcest rlr
cnlBUon of nny pfienittir .Kurn-iU Terms, 13 ft
year: fmir months, $i. Soldbytll rcwsriPttlerm.
Branch 0"..teu. K6 V Bt, Wciklngiaii, B. C.
24 Acres,
One mile from town; 9 in strnwtierrles. one in
blackberries, one in raspberries. !K) fruit trees,
2Tt) Krape vines, (iood imirovements. lu
For Sale.
One of the earliest mid Ix-st places to make
money on the Columbia river. For tuirtic
ulars t all on or address V. YVINCHLLL.
A cooxl lrl to wnrlt in A private fjimily.
WrIK to Mrs. A. S. Ilcimett, The rulUs, Or.
V i . . IT
bone & Mcdonald
Staple Groceries,
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Which e will sell at
Agents for Osborne
Chas. N. Clarke, Agt, at
(in to III 111 for pure fresh Drugs, 1'atent Mr
family lt'eli-Mi niM-cinlly.
l. VNf
TITPTirOT D'DTriTTQ realized; returns mnilo promptly. ConslOTiiiients sn
XllCrXiillij X XT XVlUiJO Melted nnU liberal nilvnneuH made. We ill no pur
eliase larze ivmntlllex "fl'niit fur eaiinlnn pin pnse.
All klmls of fmit txeM iind crates on I111111I. Come and see us; we mean Tiiisir.esR..
Ktutlelmker Wxson nnd ftprlni; Waitmm: Planet ,lr. (iarden Tools am) ( ultlvators: ( a
ton Clipper flows, lliiiinws mid Tlse; llulisir Spiini? 'l'uutli Harrows. Theso ore tlie lienf.
and are old at es low pris us are-uui-g -i lor cheaper grades of tools. Uet our prices lin.
c.tami:i1 the (foods.
Successor to E. L.HmUfc-Oidcst Established House In lh valley.J , IN
C-erxeral ZLexc!h.a,:rxd-Ice,
Flour, Feed, Etc., Etc.
intie.. f Hip ivnep l
fur Hood Hi ver DiHt rid i I Orcon.
I a m prcpareil at all times Ut draw BiiJYxecnle Heeds ami MorlKagen. nnd all kliitlsof le
gitl iiapers carefully prepared.
1 nm hUo prepared on slmrl notti-e lo furnish correct Abstracts. Also represent the cfldetft
nnd strimk-est Insiiiance ninipHiiiPK; wi If yon want, ymir pn)K'rty ltmurcd don't fail to call o
mu and Ret a policy In n rcliahle Insurance coiupnny.
h ,, i,,.n ii ennieutn itral Kstiite. I a 111 I lie one von want to see. If you want to buy, sell
or rent hiiv land in llood Jiiver valley or While
also ncKiit'inle loans on real estate. I have been
therefore inn thorouiilil.v nciiuiiinti witn iimj
I.uud Otllcc at Vancoin er, Wash., Aiir. 3ft,
WM. -Notice is he-ehy Klvcn that tlie follow
I nK-naincd 't t Icrs have II led not ice oft heir iu
tentinn tomakertnal proof In Kiinportof their
claims, and that said pruofswlll he made he
fore W. II. I'leshy. I'. H. Coninilhstoiier for
District of V'ii.sliini;liii,iit.()ildcndii!e,Viish.,
on Tuesday, Ocloher 17, lSWi, viz:
II. K. Xo. irai, for the nontlienst quarter of
northwest iuurt"i north hall' of southwest
quarter, mid lot ;!, section 1, township 8 north,
ranve 12 east, W. M.
He naiiii tho follow ins witnesses to prove
his continuous residence uiion and cultiva
tion of Miild land, viz:
Joseph HI I vu, John Dairron, Antonio Bran
qninhoiind (Jcoine llrudford, all ot l.ylel'.O.,
II. K. No. (17ol for tlie 'sout h half of southwest
(iiarterof seetion 1, and north half ot north
west quarter wction 12, Uiwiishij) il north,
rani?H 12 east, W. M.
. Who mimes the I'ollow lnB witnessento Drove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, Kuid hind.-vi.:
losenh Si ha. Anlonu KraiKHiinno, jonn
Ii'illVon und Ucui'kc lii-iidford, nil of Lyle I '.().,
It. F.. No. 0172. for the southeast quarter or
seel ion I. township:! mil 111. lance 12east,YV..M.
Win) names the lollowin! wllnessiw to prove j
his wintlnnoiis resilience upon aim cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
Joseph Silva, Antonio Urnnqitinho, Tim
othy Driseoll and Orie Hliippy, all of Jjj lc
1". i')., Washinntou.
slo!i W. R. DL'NU.VR, Register,
(Timher Land, Act June S, ISM.)
I nneu Mtates i.nnu hium, uw ii. ""'
con, isepu o. iybi.-.mhht is oi-h-,,, k,,fm
that in compliance w ith the provisions oi the
m t of eoiicieM-i of June :t. IS7H. entitled "An
act for the sale of llintier hinds ui the states of
iviiiiirmn iireuon. Nevada and Washington
Territory." tlie followinir-ni nied iersons have I
liiisdny Hied In tills otllcc tuclr sworn suuv
ments, to w it:
Of IKtod River, county of Whs'0, state of Ore-'
ijoii, sworn statenient No. 145, t"ir the pur
clmseot the north !j nortln-nst southwest
',4 nortlieiist ,,. anu lot H. section i, townships
north, range 9 east, W. M.
Of llood River, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, sworn statement No. 11:1, for tlte pur
chase of the south wiuthwcst H section 5,
southeast southeast section (I, and north
west northwest !s section ti, township 2
north, rnnite wist, v . .M.
That thev will otter proof to show that tlie
land sought is more valuable for Its timber or
stone than for agricultural purpose, and to
establish their claims tu said land before the
Kiicister and Receiver of this oftieo ut The
Iinlles, Oref-.m, on Saturday, tlie Iglhdayof
November, isfl.t.
wiiimses: O. R. Hartlev. W. R. MeOory,
Perry McCrory, Fred K. Simpson and Hub
bard Tavlor, all of His.d llivi r, Onuoii.
Any nnd all persons claiming adversely the
nbove-des-ri bed lunds are requested to file
thelrehi msln Ihisorl'.i-eonor before Huid lstli
davof Noveuiber. I!.
sSnia JAY P. LCCAS, Register.
live ai4 let live jit-lei.
Mowers and Reapers.
Held high
In the estimation of
Tractlcil Painters.
Every gallon of
a Shebwin-Williams
will cover 300 or moTe srruare
feet of surface in average con
dition, two coats to the gallon.
Kvery gallon is a full U. S.
standard measure. It is made
to Paint Buildings with. It
is the best and most durable
House Faint made.
the Glacier Pharmacy-
ilieli ami Willi Taper, rreserlptions uiti
f Notary' Virtilic
Snlnmn, don't fail to cull on or write tome. 1
resident of llood Kiver viilley lor 1 years,
vhiicv. i,r,u. i. i u.wni-.ui """"
Land Office at Vnnennver, W'asli., Ane. Id,
Nm. Notice l herehy Riven that the ftil low
Ins-numed setller has filed notice of his Inten
tion lo make Html proof in minpnrt or liiR
rlnlin, nnd MuO, salrt i-oo will he niniie.
before V. H. Troliy, S. Conimls.iiolier for
Hislrict. of WashliiKton, at, his oflieo in (lol
(Ieiv4nk Washlnalon, cm Monday, Scptcuiber
2, W, 'te:
Hmnestead K.ntry No. IWi, Ur the south half
of southeast quarter of section i, and th
north half of nort henst. iiitrterf section 8,
township :l nnrUi oil' wmg 12 east, W t.
He names the following witnesses to pfovo
Ills continuous reslrtoncc upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
J in lien Kit,. Ira Ti. Ilewett, James O. I.yle
and Frank Itevnolds, all of l,yle 1'. O., Wash
ington. ialtisi!'4J W. U. IUN bARReglater.
Land Office ftt Vuneouver, Wash., Auk. 17,
ISiitt. Notice Is hereby Rtven that the follow-'
Inis-namcd settlor has tiled mitveeot his In
tention to nndc final proof In Rttpportof hia
claim, and that said proof Mill ho rmula
lefore W. 11. l'reshy, I J. S, Commissioner fr
I xiHt riot of Wnshintilon, at. his ollice, in Gol
dendnle, Wafhlnjfton, on Tuesday, ie,pt, !,
Wtti, viis:
Homcstend Fntry No.KVi."i, frir tire south half
of (oiithenst qoarter sei'tlon 2, northeast quar
ter of northeast quarter section II, and north,
west quarter of northwest quarter section It!,
township S north, lanue 12 cast, V. M.
He iiaines the followiiii? wilnc-ssi's to prov-n
hlscoiitimioiisresldeiK'euismand cvjlttvatimi
or, snia lima viae
Finest Kiihnhaiuien, of Glenwuod t. O.,
Wash.; Henry Restorff, of Fulda Y. )., Wash.;
(ieoi jre Tains, of Uh-nwood P.O., Wash.; Hans
llenriinKsea.of Fulda P. (., Wash.
a2.is2!l W. R. DL'NllAR, Register.
Timlicr Ijand, Act June 3, 1878.
United Slates lnd Office, Tlw llalles, Ore
gon, Aug. IS. lHtm. Notice I licl-chy given
that in compliance wtiii tne provisions oi ut
act ot'coori'Hss Hf June 3. IS78, entitled "An
nri II tlie sale of timber lands in the States of
,iil!frniR, Oregon, Novada and Washington
Of Hood River, comity of Wasco, staljof Ore
gon, has this lav tiled In Uius oftieo her sworn
statement, No. 141, for the purchase of Uie
north southeast yt and north ii southwest
of sect Ion No. I'i, In township No. 1 north,
range No. 1) east, W. M., and will otter proof to
show that tlie land sought, is more valuable,
for its timber or stono thuu tor agricultural
nurisHies, and to establish her claim to said
land before Die Register and Receiver of this
office at The liallcs, Oregon, on Saturday, the
llth day of November, lslitt.
Shi: names as witnesses: W. U. Winans, P.
Bradley, J. I,. Henderson and Harry Wyatt,
all of Hood River, Oregon.
Anv and alt persons claiming adversely the
nbove-descrilirri. lands are rwjuested to file
their claims in tills oillin on or before said
llth day f November, !.
rbiiW JAY P. LUCAW, Register.
Fresh Cows.
Two or three Fresh Cowi for sale st Rlv
side Farm, 3 milei west of town. Inquireof
Hi J. W MOltlON.