The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 12, 1899, Image 2

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    'jHood Jiver Slacier.
J FRIDAY, MAY 12, 1S99.
Clarence English .Writes of War.
'-"MA-KlLA,March 21,1809. Dear Moth
er: We tiave been out -fighting insur-
travtet at-wt In', oot tmpk vi-Rtprriu v. YVf
,VIM..MMftv v. v
were out at Pasig, a small city on an
: Island In the big lake, nine miles east
' tit - '' were in five- dUIVreni
fiubls. "', Three of rriy company were
wounded,- one seiiotisly, hemp shot 111
the instep. I was in the thickest of it
every time liut. didii't. get n scratch.
YA'e made the niggers get every time;
lrove them out of their trendies. My
com puny was in the swim every time.
We were out eight days. The first day
we, went to San Pedro McUarti and
camped I'm- the night; got up at sunrise
and started far the insurgents. We had
to carry lif.nkct'S, rmnchos, towel, soap,
..!.. ' l ,4...... I.1..1 r.K..W.i. f,...
v, haversack. wi:h . 24 hours' rations, 200
,.. .ron-tnia oi ammunition, cuiiitun, u ion
of bandages, tin (late, cup, knife, fork
and spoon; wore brown pants, blue
fchirts, brown Coat and . leggings and
' campaign hat. You can see that, fur a
tropical climate, we had enough to
carry. -But after the first two days we
yere furnished with a caraboo and cart
'to carry our blankets, tents and under
wear. Home ot tue uoys gave out, out
my camping out trips hardened me so
J staud it fine.- The first day we drove
the natives back about four or. Ave
miles, to Pasig.. We took a good many
.rW'lgorififs.ud-'killed lots of them, ''Tlie
next day we bad a skirmish in the
morning and another in the afternoon
My company and I company were sent
BtwsSr tlie Piisig river to attack the. in
''siirgen'ts oti the left of the city of Pasig.
fWt. formed in line and marched down
In.lliii.MiiraK lt,,lr atiH l,o-f a. lint fiirlit
l relive, I'ann hum iiiiu iivviijiii
Three men were wounded. We gave it
to them hard and nearly silenced their
tire, but the 'gunboat got stuck on a
. fn(Hiar ana couiu uo noimug, so uie
'. Washingtons, who were to land on the
iamit'U wintri lint, rnaft n n(l wprptflkptk
'.-hack. 1 company was neici in reserve
. this day, so E company did all the
righting. -Next day we went over and
had it out with . tbem. I company
went In with us and we cleaned them
iut. They were in rifle trenches,
breast high, with a river in front of
them; we had no protection and were
' In full view most of the time. "The
captain ordered rue to takeMhree good
shots and go down on a point and do
barp shooting. We had a fitieposi-
t ion only 100-yards .from 'the-- nearest
part f their. .tranches. We stopped
ome of tlicni from doing any more
damage; in fact, cleaned those in our
front out entirely. One of them cut a
twig about a foot from my head, ljut
. mar uiuu l uoiuer me as iiuu pre
viously got used to it. They can shoot
all aroilmt im bilt ''Seldom hit. Bullets
were whiet'litig all the time, as they do
Jots of firipg and shoot twice to our
once..." Weffcl'lled a lot : .of 'them this
'nay. The battery did good work, also
the 22d, and the Washington boys
bltKKlU r-L I lit DWUltl HIIU VVJV
: I lie IKiw II. 1 lir luuuu M ninua ui
dead negroes where we killed them
when they jumped out of their trenches
aiid started - to run.. ' We then Went
back to our can 4) and staid three days,
resting. On the third day we brpke
camp after dark and 'marched tip-the
road to the lake andcamped for-the
night. Next morning, Sunday, the
19th, we started out south along the
lake, formed in line of battle from the
" lake wrst toward the bay to our lines
J11 that' direction about three miles;
t he 22d regulars on theyright and the
Oregontans in .the center; with the
Washingtons on the left along the lake.
; The regulars, coming right from home,
'could dot stand the heat like the vol
unteers, consequently we Jeft them be
. Jiijid so far that they were hardly in it
at-'aii uus lime, we ournen- very
f hing es we came to it.:' The Washing
ton bos ; burnt villages air the way
aloi'g the lake. The Oregoirlatis" lost
ne killed and three wounded; and the
Washingtons several killed and wound
ed, -We cleaned this part of the coun
try for about nine miles back and re
turned to camp, leaving the Washing
tons and 23d to keep the line. I forgot mention I have been appointed cor
poral. . .
April 8. 1 have just time to drop
you a line or two So you will know I
. Rot ' through all the fighting all o. k.
My company has been in the thickest"
ot it right straight turougn, out we
have not lost a man. We have had
six wounded up to date, from start to
finish. I don't think our regiment
will see any more fighting, as we have
been stationed at different points Uong
the line to do guard duty over the con
j (iuered towns. The regiment did its
,aniy, 1 tnitiK, ngni etraignt inrougn,
and we are all willing to come home as
Boon as possible. We lost 8 or 9 killed
and, 41$ -wounded on Saturday, the 25th
of March, the biggest battle which hi e
" hen fought So far in .the; -entire w a rf
Y ur loving son,'1
""" " ''"'-' ' j.ti .. ; " ' '',1'
The class' M twelve graduates frotjo
.wtftelKglitgffidej-'Hood'' Blver school,-
held their, 'com mencement exercises at
- the Ui B. church, Friday evening,May
6tli.yfTie. church was beautifully dec
oYat'eo,UVe color effect oblueand white,
, jthe,,clas,polors, being carried out,, The
rostrum . ceiling:., was- festooned aiter
itely ,jwith blue and .white' bunting
.JWpa uacK wun niue ana wnite no
"tebna". ?(Tbe. bunting falling in long, soft,
graceful folds' gave; a splendid effect.
Tlie chancel' railiiig was banked with
v Orefebh grape ''ft nd crow tied with apple
v blossoms. .Placed here aiid there were
" jialms or vases of wild fern. Thechurch
wtf s 'packed 'Utftll t here wasn't standing
'rooih.'hn'd 'rriany were turned a way. at
,?;tl)e. door. Prompt' at 8 p. m; the class
marched in to Hprnbach's "Triumphal
iHTch",'1 played 'by Miss Anne Smith
at the piano; E. E. Blodgett, cornet;
and E. K. Bartmess, violin. ftey.J.L.
Tfprstinor' nnenfd tbo pxprfiifir bv
irjer. ...Miisses Nellie Kemp, Mary
AVolfnrd, Lillian Shntes and Gladys
r"3fiVrt.h'.v; Fting a beautiful piece entitled
1' ''Irff 'lJsijother Bright Flowers." Miss
; Ncttie aXijimp pave a ' tieally-worded
Sijluta.tory aiirt' t hep a short discourse
on "America's Itelations with the Phil-
lipincs," reviewing the cause, of the
; ; c j)anish?American war, and ,the value
.of :;ttie Pliillipines and disposition of
the natives.' Miss Belle Howell spoke
' lipon "'Ih.e ..Bed. Cross SocietyA n
I.AmeHea'ii Tiis'tituf tot)." She spoke
biiefly of its working and paid high
! t,f ihntfl rrt- Clilm Harton hnrl lir nn-
"tyoVkers. Miss Peail (ox's oration on
"Purpose and Will" contained a beau
tiful sentiment. At this point in the
programme Miss Agnes Iughretaon, as
representative of the seventh rade,
made a presentation of a beautiful
floral piece, arranged in the form of a
ladder and tied with both class colors,
in a carefully worded speech. . P.
Logsdon, jr., president-of the gradu
ation class, responded, in a few concise
words,thanking them for their thought
fulness and esteem. Miss Nellie Clark,'
in the rendering of the song "Just as
the Sun Went Down," did extremely
well. Miss Ida Stranahan gave a brief
but carefully-worded review of the hie
and works of Longfellow. E. Ilinrichs
had Whitlier as ilia subject. Mr. Hin
richs brought out quite forcibly Whit
tier's connection with the anti-slavery
cause, and his pictures of home and
boyhood life. .The class of '93, repre
sented by Miss Agnes Dukes, in a neat
little speech, presented each member
in the class of '99 witli a lovely bunch
of red and white carnations. An ac
ceptance and response whs ably made
by Miss Mary Wolfard in behalf of the
class of Jt)9. MissAltha Parsons gave
a good sketch of "Character," its value
and importance, showing that she had
given her subject much thought.
"American Inventions and Inventors"
was well handled by Miss Gladys Hart
ley. She brought before us the prin
cipal inventors," from Watt down to
Edison and Bell, and their inventions
and their effect upon the progress of
mankind. The quartett by Folt'y,
Logsdon and Bartmess Bros, was nice
ly rendered. The "Present, Past and
Future,'" by S.' M. Blowers, was one of
the - most . in)ereatliig.i orations of the
evening. It .will be published in next
week's Glacier. The valedictory by
C. P. Logsdon, jr., was well worded,
thanking every onein general for their
interest in educational matters; paying
tribute to the class ..Instructor and giv
ing a word of encouragement to class
mates. His oration on "America1? and
his manner of delivery promise some
thing better than the ordinary in the
future. Misses Mary Wolfard and
Gladys Hartley played a very pretty
duet on the piano. lie v. J. T Merrill
earnestly addressed the class for ten
minutes. : li. II. Allard.'piiuelpal of the
school, in a few concise words presented
the diplomas to the class. The chorus,
"wneu uncles are uroKcn,": was wen
sung. One member of the class, L., C.
Baldwin, was .absent 011 acount of
sickness. This is the second exercise
of the kind in Hood ' River, and the
classes of '98 and '99 have established
precedents hard to excel.
Sad Life of- a Hood River Girl.""
New Whatcom, Wash., April 24.
Editor GijACii'tf: I thought. I would
drop you a word to let the Hood River
folks know how my sister, Fredrickia
York, is'getting along. She fell off the
Barrett school-house step when but 9
years old and is now 24. She has been
suffering ever since with her hips and
arms and is now confined in her bed;
never will be able to be out again. Her
trouble is now, in. her back; and the
worst, of it is she can not hear a word
and has not heard for 12 years. This
world has been very hard on her, and
now she is only Waiting for the end to
come. She has been thiijking she
would get back to dear old Hood River
once more, but now - all her hopes- are
gone and she has only her sickness and
trouble to remember it by." Hood River
is a very ; pretty place,, aud ajarettier
place could not fye fqundpn the Sjuiid.
It makes me homesick wheu I think.
Of it. ;.'; ::: MilS. FLOHA HENNES,
' - 1198 Cortina street, v
Heavy rain Thursday raoi-ning, with
snow on the hills. "
Lost A door key. Finder will please
return to C. R. Bone. ...
Mrs. A..R..Middleton and Mrs.Ebert
of Vancouver came up from Portland
yesterday, . ' 1 -
The twin boys of Dr. and Mrs. Jones
of Portland are stopping with Mrs.
Rose McCoy.-' , , , . :,
Jones the tombstone man is getting
out some nice stone for tombstone bases
on Walter Dickey's town lots.
John L. Hendersan made sale of 160
acres of land on the East Side to Prof.
F. A. Huntley of the Idaho university.
Mrs. W. H. Luckey of Portland is
visiting Mrs-J. J Luckey.
FatroDlze Horns Inflnstry,
' We have man ufactured and on hand a large
stock of the best berry crates ever gold in
Hood Klver. . . ; . ,
, Hood River Box Factory.'
P. F. BRADFORD, Prop'r.
The Dalles
; Steam Laundry.
Grant Evans is agent for' this excellent
Laundry and will collect and deliver laundry
to patrons within six blocks of his barber
shop. Laundry shipped every Sunday night.
Special rates ou family washing. .
.'First class Finishing" Lumber. ' Carpenter
Shop, Furniture repaired and saws filed.
Also, Upholstering and picture framing will
be made specialties. . Screen Doors complete
and hung for Vac, ...W. E, HKRKJLL.
Fruit Farm of 6 Acres
For sale." Strawberries, apples and other
fruit. . .. ; . . 1) H. CLOUGH.
H Buggy for Sale.
; A top biiKg.v, nearly pew; will sell for cash
or trade for cordwood. J. T. MERitlLL.
Land Office at The Dalles,' Oregon, May
9, 18i)(). Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in supportof his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
the Register and Receiver at The Dalles, Ore
gon, on Thursday, June 22, 1899, viz:
: - . - EDWIN H. MERRILL. ' '
X)t Thd Dalles, Oregon, H. E. No. 4487, for the
south y northeast and lots 1 and 2 section
1, township J north, range 10 east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continnotw residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz:
Troy Shelley, Hood Rlver. Oregon; Lathrop
Roberts, The Dalles, Oregon; and Ralph Shel
ley and Harry Kemp of Hood Kiver, Oregon.
ml2J16 : JAY P. LUCAS, Register.
Feather Keuovator
Is cleaning feather beds and pillows at Hood
River. Have .your new feathers renovated to
destroy the effective feather moth and also its
organ; your older ones for health as well as
cleanliness, for they will be good as new and
as large. - in nouse cieaninar von c ean in ev
erything but the feathers. After sickness or
death in the family, yon clean up everything .
but the feathers. -By having them renovated
by this new and improved process your feath- i
ers will have more life and bulk; as an iiius-.:
tratlon, twurptllowa will be as large as three..;
Give us a trial and be convinced. Satisfac-1
tion guaranteed or no charges rnade. :',
. O. A. K A: U N h Proprietor.
In the MorscA Eiirly.buildingHood Rtvr. '
Land Office at Vancouver, Wash., April 1,
1899. Notice is hereby given tlort theiollow-ing-named
settlers have Hied notice ot their in
tention to make final proot in supportof .their
claims. and Uiatsnld proof will be madebefore
W. H. Piesby, United Htates commissioner
for District of Washington, at Ills ol lice In
(Joldenaale, Wash., on Tuesday, MalOj 1899,
viz: - -,. ..
Homestead Entry No. 9012, for the north
west quarter of Jie northeast quurter, the
north half of northwest quarter, and south
west quarter ot northwest quarter section 22,
township ti north of range 10 east, W. M.
He names: thefollowing witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz: , - - j- :
Alois Welngartner, Christian Guler, William
Coate and Claus H. Pearson, all of Trout Lake
V. O., Washington. Alsoj ' -
Homestead Entry No. 8377, for the east half
of southwest quarter, southeast quarter of
hort Invest quarter and southwest quarter of
northeast quarter section 25, township 5 north
of range 10 east, W; M. i - '' , ;
He names tlie following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence npony and cultiva-.
tion of, said land, viz:
Alois Weingartncr, Fred J. Eckcrt, Anton
Guler and John Bernneger, all of Trout Lake
P. O., Washington. Also, --.
ANTON GULER, ' ' '-, - .' "
Homestead Entry No. 0515, for the southwest,
quarter ot northwest quarter, and west hall of
southwest quarter of section 25, and south
east quarter of southeast quarter of section 2ii,
township 5 north of range 10 east, W. M. r
He names. the following wituesses to iprove
his continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz: -
Fred J. Eckert, A lois Weingartncr, Jacob
Sehmid and John Wyder, all ot Trout Lake
P.O., Washington. Also, . ,
Homestead Entry No. mi. for the lots 2, 3wt
southeast quarter of northwest quutt&iynn
northeast quarter oi souuiwest quarter oi sei!
tlon 19, townships north of range llcust.W.M.
He nam& the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon .anil, piUuvar.
tion oi said land, viz: r
Christian Guler, Anton .GuleK, John BerriT
negorand William Cuatc, ...jvll. ot -Trout. ijakfe
P. O., Washington. .-. - , r ... ,i '-'
, a7m!2 , - .,. W.;Xt. )UNfe,Ul,teglsteivj
' '.-i. Timber Lan-d, Act J'n'ne 3, jSrS.1' T'
i United States Ltrnd Office; The Dales', Ore
gon, Mt.rch 25. 1S99. Nonce is tierebyi given
that in compliance with the provisionsCof the
act of congress of June 3, 1878, entitled ''An
act for the sale wf timber lands in-the Htsitesot
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," - . -. -,.
Of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has this day. tiled in this oilice hisworn
statement, No. 131, for the purchase-sof the
southeast V of southeast section No. K, in
township tto. 2 north, range No. 10 eastjW.M.,
and will offer proof to show that .U14 land
sought is more valuable lor its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to.estab
lish his claim to said land belore the Kegister
and Keceiverof this office at The Dalles. Ore
gon, on Monday, t he 5th day of June; 1899.
He names as witnesses: Henry Piigge. O. A.
Hickei, John T. Nealeigh and .George Stran
ahan, all of Hood River, Oregon. , u
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-des'jribed lauds are requested to file
their claims In this oflice on or before said 5th
day of June, 1899. - ' : r
mar3ij2 '- JAY P. LUCAS, Register. '
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878. ,"
United States Land Oflice, The Dalles, Ore
gon, March 28, 1899. Notice Is hereby given
that in compliance with the provisions wf the
act of congress of June 3, 18.8, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands in the .States ot
California. Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory, ' .
Of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has this day filed In this office ins sworn
statement, No. 135, for the purchase of the
south northwest and north southwest
of section In o. 21, in township No. 1 north;
range No. 9 east, W. M., and will oiler proof to
show that the iund sought is more val liable
for its timber or stone than for agricultural
fmrposes, and to establish his claim to said
and before the Register and Receiver of this
office at The Dalles, Oregon, on baturday, the
10th day of June, 1899. ...... j . - r,
He' names as witnesses: L. W loans, iKpn
Winans, M' V. Neft and.W. R. Wmans, ll of
Hood River, Oregon. ; - ;
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
abovedescribed3and8.-aws.. reiiuestedi 1o file
their claims in this oilhse on .or belore isavdi
10th day of June, 1899. ss . i. ,
mar31J2- ;-. .. JAY P. LUCAft, Keglstcr.
tr. S. Land Office, The Dallas, OregonMarch
14 1899. Notice is hereby given thatinrcorn
pliance with the provisions of the act of- con
gress of June 3, 1T8, entitled "An act for the
sale of timber lands in thehtalesof California,
Oregon, Nevada and Washington lerritory,"
the following-named persons have this day
filed in thlaolhce their respective aworn stale
ments for the purchase of the tracts described
herein and will ofler proof to show that the
land sought is more valuable: for Its limber
or stone than for agricultural purposes, and
to establish their claims to said land before
the Register and Receiver of this olhceat ihe
Dalles, Oregon, on Saturday, the 20th day of
May, 1899, viz: " : .-. : -
HARRY G. WYATT, of Hood River, on
sworn statement No. 129, for SW V. hec 24, Tp
1 N, R9E, W M. -r - .' . . :
BERT V. WYATT, of Hood River, on sworn
statement No.. 130, for the NE V Sec 2!i, Tp 1
N, R E, W M.; ' -
CHARLF;S H. MATNEY, of Hood River,
on sworn statement No. 131, for the N W, bee
2B, Tp 1 N, R 9 P. W M ,
WILLIAM THOMi'SON, of Hood River, on
sworn statement No. I;s2, for the N SEli aud
N y, SW y. Sec 25, Tp 1 N, R 9 E, W TVJ. ,
DARWIN BttADLEY, of Hood River, on
sworn statement No. 188, for the S SE and
S y, SW Sec 25, Tp 1 N, R 9 E, W M, i t .,
Witnesses: E Butler, Charles Matney,.W A
Winans. William Thompson, W Moittgom
ery, H G Wyntt, Bert V Wyatt and D Brad
lev, all of Hood River, Oregon. : ,,,-
jnarl7ml9 JAY P. LUCAS, Register. ,L
Land Office at Vancouver, Wash., April
1, 1899. Notiue is hereby given that rthe.
following named settlers have filed notice of
their intention to make final proof in support
of their claims, and that said proof will be
made before W . B. Bresby, U. Si Cam mis-,
sioner for District of Washington, at his of
fice in Ooldendale, , Wash., on Wedjiesday,
May 17, 1890, m s. . , - '
Homestead Entry No. 87t7, for (lie east natf of
northeast quarter, north west quarter of fiorth
east quarter; and nort"icastquarter ofjn(Jvl
west quarter section 24, township oo(th ofi
range lOeast, W. M. ; ( .
.Henames tlie following wltnessw9to piCote
his-contJnuous resldunucr uputjauit cultiva
tion of said land, vizv "1 tl 1 i
Fred J, Eckert, Clans IL. Pearson,. Christian
Guler and Alois Weingartncr, all of Trout
LakeP. 0.,.Wahlngtott. Mso, .i.liJ I
Homestead entry, No. 9;i.(s, lor the -east -hwlf tf
southeast quarter and southwest quarter of
southeast quarter section 24, and.. lutrth west
quest quarter of northeast quarter. :ol .section
25, township () north ot range 10 eool, UM. '
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of, said land, viz: - -
. William Coate, Fred J. Eckert, Anton Gulor
and Jacob: Sch mid, all ot Trout Lak,P. O.,
Washington. Also. . : i
Homestead Entry No. 8209, for the south half
of northeast quarter, and northeast quarter of
northeast quarter of section 27, and northwest
quarter of northwest quarter of setflton 2j,.
township 6 north of range 10 east, W. M.
He names the follow-ing witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upuu and cultivation
of, said land viz: .' . :'
John Bernneger, Jacob Schmid, Clirlstian
Guler and Anton Guler, all ol Trout Lake P.
O., Washington. Also, I
Tfomestead Entry No. 8J22. for the lots L 2and
3, and the northeast quarter of the sohth west
quarter section SO, township j north of range
11 east, W. M. . - -
. lie names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upof and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz: - - , :
Claus H. Pearson, William Oontc, John Wv
der and John Bernneger, all ot Trout Lake P.
O., Washington. Also,- . .. 5
. JC01i SCHMID, - '
Homestead Entry No. &tti8,ltr the west half of
southwest quarUr section 27, the northwest
nnnrtfir iff norhwest niin.rter section S4. mid
northeast quarter of northeast quarter ot sec-'
tlon S3,'ownshi p 6 north of range W easl.AV .M. I
lie names tne iouowing witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and culliva
tion.of.'.iSH'id inncV . vijk - "
John 'Bernntcjei!, John Wy'le'V "'liristiair
Guler and Anton Gnlfor,- all of TroufcLake P.
O., WashLngton. - - :,:,: . ' ;s
"dTinia V&4l. ijUItWHI,.B.(fri-Jrr.:
Tlie hest results yon must use the hest materials. The
HOOD RIVER PHARMACY continues to he up to '
date in everything in the Drug line. .. ..
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Spraying materials warrunted the pure stuff. i.i"-
' That is the basis an which we ask for your patronage. We wouldn't expect
you to buy at this store for any other reason. We pay spot cash for every dollar's
worth of goods we handle, buy cheaper than people who do not, aud are therefore
in position to give our customers the benefit. Give us a chance to prove our as-"
sertions; it will be money In your pocket to do so.
; A. S. BLOWERS & SON. " '
If Yon Slwi Trais'al Wpcity Gorner, . -
Hood River's Leading Business House.
). We kill in our own slaughter house all tbe beef we sell.
;.'. -2. We sell all the beef and pork we kill. We have a gopd pns- :
f tore in which to hold stock, and in consequence our beef is abso-: ;,
- . lutely first class. . .. . ;
. 3. We render in our own kettle all the lard we sell.
: ;. ' 4. We sell all the lard we render, and- we' don't have to lie
, about our competitors' article to do it. -
... ...... .: a ' '' . i" i: ..'.'...-.'.. . ... ' . r... t.; ;i ...
. ; . 5. ' -, We keep a complte and up-to-date stock of Groceries, Fancy .:.
- Breukfust Bacon'. Sugar-cured Hams, Flour and Feed, and as we
.pay spot cash for.our goods and spend none of our time in wither-
,". ing and gossipingi we are able to occasionally get some bargains. - :.
;.. 6.WUon we buy bargains for cash we sell bargains for cash. '
7. We shall have a special sale on many articles Saturday af- ' .-.
ternoon aud evening. If you miss this sale you will lose money. "
8. We guarantee all goods we sell. You cannot make a mis
take by buying all goods at Reciprocity Corner. That' the public
appreciate this is shown by the fact that our list of regular custom
ers is daily increasing. Our trade is growing rapidly upon the '
trade of those who patronize us day by day. Our customer once,
our customer always. - ,! ' " . ;' , . ,i . .
We deliver goods promptly and free of t'harge to any part' ' '
of, town. . '' '
10. We deal also in WOOD delivered to any part of town. ,
We are receiving three or four cases of eggs a week. - . ;y,
CLYDE T. BONNEY, Proprietor.
PUMP. Best in Use.
Can sing, but this SINGER is a bird. We are-selling Singer
Sewing Machines for $25 cash, or $30 on the installment plan; $10
down, balance in. monthly- payments of $5 each ' These are high
arm, five-drawer machines, finished In oak, with all modern im-'
; provements.' . 2fo one need be without a sewing machine at these'
i prices and pa these easy terms. Come and see them. -
Dealer in General Merchandise, Farm Implements, Lumber.etc.
y;',', Hood River, Oregon.
Yum Yum woven wire Mattress..
Common woven wire Mattress.....
; 'Wool Mattress
Excelsior, wool top Mattress
Redsteads ...,
I challenge any one to got lower prices in
nave 10 sea. 1 "' . ' . '. . ,.:
- Justice of the Peace . V . . -
for Hood River District J ,
I am prepared at all times to draw and execute Deeds and Mortgages, and all kinds of le
gal papers carefully prepared.
I am also prepared on short notice to furnish correct Abstracts. Also represent, the oldest
and strongest insurance companies: so if you want your property insured don't fail to call on
ine and got a policy in a reliable insurance company. , ... . . t...
And when It Comes to Real Kstate, I am t he one you want to see. If you want to buy, sell
or rent an v land in Hood Kiver vallev or White Salmon, don't tail to call on or write to rne. I
also negotiate loans on real estate. 1 have been a resident of Hood Kiver valley for 19 years,:
therefore am tlloronsrhiv 'acquainted with the vallev. KO. T. PRATHER, Hood River.
Mason Work.
1 Witj Ehrck and E. W. Udell have formed a
partnership and are prepured to make con
tracts for all work In their line, such as plas
torlnpr, bricklaying, stone ivoi'k , (t. a21 -
. For Sale.
" One-rtf -the earliest and best places to make
mmA-y on. trve Coltirrtbia''iver. b'or pnrtio
nlars rail on or address ... ."VrWfMt'H KLL. .
i4 1
.... : ..-'
I .
V f -
This pump can be seen at, the store of A. S
Blowers & Son. WM. TILLETf, Agent.
S2 6.)
.......... 1 50
2 60
. ... 2 25
1 50
Portland on these goods or any others that I
. '
( Notary Publiejbr
: Oregon.
Ice Cream Parlors.
" ,- . . j.;:...' . . .
Mrs. Mercer defilres to make knovn.toher
friends and customers that ehe will furnish
Ice cream through the summer months. Also,
will carry ip full linoot bakery goodK -i
Iiiinchn's fterved at all honrn. m5
" Horses for Sale.
A good team vf horses, age 5 and (t years;1
weignt about 1200 and- 1;100- pomMls -For, lur
ther information inquire at Glacier olhee.l
Is the place to get the latest and best In con
lectloneries, candies, uuU, tobacco, cigars, etc.
Home-Made Candies.
W. B. COLE, Proprietor.
Wagon Repairing:.
All kinds of wagon repalring'done on short
Rotlee and at reasonable "prices, at the old
nogers mill In FranktOn. C: H. ROGERS.
u, A Desirable Home.
For sale. Fonr acres, one In strawberries;
bearing fruit trees; plenty of water for Irriga
tion. . Loeated near Frankton graded scliool.
Price reasonable for cash. P. CORIES.
Fresh Milk, .
Areated and doodorized, 5 cents a quart.
20 Acres.
I will sell 20 acres, improved or nnimproved
land, within one mile of Hood River school;
prettiest building site In the valley,- ' ;
J27 . W. J. BAKER.
24 Acres,-
One mile from town; 9 in strawberries; one in
blackberries, one in raspberries, 900 fruit trees,
200 grape vines. Good improvements." In
quire at the Hood Blver RACKET STORE.
C. D. Hbnrich,
r .' s: M.' Blovkks.
1 , ' , -. . i Ul
, DEALK118 ., ' T
Machinery : and : .Vehicles; - 'Mitchell
Wagons, Henny Buugies,-''"
Myers' Pumps and Hay Toolai Bissell
. and Case Plow's anci Harrows-'
''Champion Mowers and Rakes, eto.
Has opened in Hood River with a good stock
of Harness. All kinds of harness and shoe
repairing. In the Odd Fellows' building.
A brown mare, about lti hands high: 5 years
old; box brand on left shoulder; righ hind an
kle has been cut on wire and Is not yet . healed.
Liberal reward will be paid for her return or
Information given to: , WM . .THOMPSON. -
Good Ranch fdi? Sale.
Six miles below Hood River, -on'the river
and railroad; well adapted, for early fruit,
strawberries and other small fruits on the
filace. Rearing orchard. Plenty of water for
rngation. Also, good timber for lumber or
wood, For terms apply to
ml7 CON 11 A.D REPP, Hood River. .
To rent.a small house, 'preferably furnished,
in Hood River or vieinitv, for June, July and
Augui-t, ISM). Address, slating terms, size and
locution, Mrs. C. K. Cranston, Pendleton, Or.
Alarm clocks."-",.'. ,
Just received. Price SJ.25,. Warranted for 2
years and good lor t years.
n!31 CHAS. it. TEMPLE.
, Wagon for Sale.T,
A second-hand' wagon, nearly good,
for S 10. - . A'. S. mSBROW.
The Old Reliable
Shoemaker is still on deck aud rnends snoes
while you wait. . , Q.: W1SL1JH.
Ice Delivered.
Leave orders for ice at Williams & Brossus'
drug store. It will be delivered twice a day,
morning and evening. - WM. ORA11AM. -
Notice of Assessment.
To the Stockholders of the Hood -River
Transportation and Room Company: You are
hereby notilied that an assessment of ten (10)
per cent on the capital stock (81.00 per share)
has this day been levied, due and payable at
once, and delinquent lrom and alter the 15th
day of Mav, lstw. Payable to ''tlie treasurer,
Geo. P. Crowell, at Hood River Oregon.-. By
order of Hoard of Directors. . ,
Dated April 29, 181)9. '
. Timber Land, Act Jnnej8,187S.n
United States Land Office, Vancou ver, Wash.,
March 13; 1891). Notice is hereby given that
in compliance with the provisions of the act
of congress oi J line 3. 18,8, entitled "An act for
the sale of timber lands in the states of Cal
ifornia, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to all lh$ Public Land
States by act of August 4, 18')2,
Of Portland, county of Multnomah, si ate of Or
egon, has this day filed in this office his sworn
statement No. 1899, for the purchase of , the
south southeast , northwest southeast
V. and southeast southwest section No.8,
in township 3 north, range No.10 E.,W.M.. and
will ofler proof to show that the land sought is
more valuable for its timber or stone than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim to said land before the Register and
Receiver ol this office at Vancouver, Wash.,
on Friday, the 2th day of Mav, 1899.
He names as witnesses: Ronald IX. Cameron,
Charles I). Moore, William Wendorf andlver
Hamre, all of White Salmon P. O., Wash, '
Any and all persons claiming adverselythe
above-described lands are requested:) nle
their claims in this office on pt : belore, said
2uth day of.May, 1899. i ' - r. !
marI7nu W. It. DU,RAR, Roglater.
.'" Timber Land, Act June S, 1878-. t'1
.:: United States LanrtOfhceiVanobuVer, Vaslh.,
Marcli 20, 1899. Notice is hereby given tlBt in
compliance with the provisions of the. act of
congress of June 8, 18715, entitled "An act for
tlie sale of timber lands in the stales -of Cal
ifornia? Oregon, .Nevada, , and .Washington
Territory," as extended to all the public lands
states by act of August-4, 1892, -
Por'iand, county of Multnomah, state of
Oregon, has this- day filed in this office ber
sworn statement; No. 1901; for the purchase! of
tlie east southeast , northwest y4 southeast
li, and southeast northeast of seetiotj, No.
4, in township No. i north, range-No. 10 east,
W. M., and will offer proof to show that the
land sought is more valuable for I to tlmberor
stone than tor agricultural purposes, and to
establish tier claim to said land before the
Register and Receiver of this office at Van
couver, Washington, ou Friday, the 2jth day
of May, 1899. . .. .. . . .
tshe naine-i as witnesses: Ronald D. Cam
eron, Ivre Hamre, Charles D. Moore and WilU
lam Wendorf, all ot White Salmon P- O.,
Washington. i. , -
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims in this office ou or before, said
2Uth dav of May, 1 ..
mar242it W, R, DUNBAR, Register, .
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, April" 25,
1899. Notice Is hereby given that, the -follow
ing-named settler has filed notice ot his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the Register and,;at The Dalles,
Oregon, on featnrdav, June 3, MM, viz: v- v
Of Mosler, Oregon, II. E. No. 50211, for the
southwest 4 northwest .northwest J, south
west y, section 80, township 2 north, range 12
east, W. M. . ... ' ...'
He names the followinj witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon; and -cultivation
ot said land, viz:
Carl J. E. Carlson, Adolph Godberson and
Wallace Husbands, ol Motrin", and Lmil
Schanno of The Dalles, Oregoni ..-..-,.,,
n2Sje2 ' 1 iX V. LUCAS, Register.