The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 05, 1899, Image 3

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    3(oo'd Iftver lacier.
FRIDAY, MAY 5, 1899.
Buy your school shoes from Bone &
Fu'l line of loggers' shoes at Bone 4&
AicDouaiU's. .
Rural New Yorker seed potatoes at
tlie KacKet store.
Money to loan on real estate by
All kinds of bee supplies at Dallas A
Shirt waists and wrappers, just open
ert, at iioiie & McDonald's.
For 8ale At the Real Estate Empo
rium, lull acres; 4 oiearea; small House
7 mill s out, East Hide; only $300.
Bone & McDonald have placed a
dried-beef cutter uu tueir counter. Just
try It.
A part of the big saw mill of the L
L. Li. Co. is expected to be cutting
lumber within two weeks.
Ladles' shirt waists, men's and boys'
crash hats and caps, and a full line of
straw goods at the Racket Store.
Commencing 1st of May, Bone& Me-
juonaiu viu ucnver ifuous purcuaseu
free to any p.trt of town.
Before buying a mower or rake, see
Dallas & Spajiglcr, 'u are agents for
the gmd olil buckeye mowers and
Ihotnus rakes.
Land For Sale. 6ft. acres 8 miles
from town and A mile south of Bel
niont, cheup and on easy terms. For
particulars, address Chas. El ivy, Was
co. Oreiron.
Notice. Have you a farm for sale or
for rent, or no you Know t any person
hotiilnir tanning latins tnattney wish
to dispose of? It so, please write to any
agent of the O. R & N. o. and he will
win! vim a circular l hat will Interestvou
For the most beautiful, nicely located
and cheapest residence lots ever offered
for sale in H"0l Klver, see Blowers'
Park Ailditioti, flow-lieing surveyed
Riuht In town, on State street, flow
is your time to get cheap homes.
, A. S. Blowers.
It makes no difference Imw bad the
won ml if yon use Of Witt's Witch Hazel
, Salve; it will quie tly heal and leave no
sen-. Williams & urosius.
Just received, a new lot of sailor
walking hats, at Mia Alice Urulmm's
Pneumonia, laari ope, coughs, colds,
crmip mid wliooi'ingcouuh readily yield
to One. Minute Coitirh Cure. . Use this
remedy In time and save a doctor's bill
or I he undertaker's. Williams & Brosius
l lie many irienas oi jj.ii unuerwoon
will lie iilenHcd to l.-am that lie is ira
piovinif and everything is favorable for
Ills recowry.
By allowing the accumulations In the
bowels to remain, I !ie entire system Is
pois ied. De Witt's Liitle Early Risers
regulate the liowela. Try them and you
will always use them. Williams &
Brosius.. v - :
John Koburg shipped two orates of
egnH to fori land on Hnturnay. lie gets
m cent or two above the market price
for fresh ranch eggs. .
: Some of the results of neglected dyspeptic-conditions
of the stomach are
Ciincer, consumption, heart disease and
epilepsy.' Kodol Dysjtepsla Jure pre
vents all this by effecting a quick cure
in all cases of dyspepsia. Williams &
Brosius. ' i
H. Pugli has let a contract to M. A.
Cork to build a two-story, six-room
house on his lot on the west side of his
residence. Tills is one of the finest
building sites in town.
I have anything you may want in
trimmed hats or sailors. Flowers, rib?
rnns ami trimmintts of all kinds, at
Woodworth's. Miss Alice Okaham.
If you have piles, cure them. No use
undergoint; horrible operations that
simply remove the resnltsf the disease
without disturbing the disease itself.
Place your confidence in DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Halve, it bus never failed
to cure others; it will not fail to cure
you. Williams & Brosius.
J. C. Bougs has . laid-the Glacier
force under obligations to him for lib
eral samples of his toothsome green
onions. , : '
T. H. Emerson has come back, to
Hood Rlver. after an absence of a year
or two, and will take up his old busi
ness of painting He has been on Pu
get sound and in British Columbia for
the past year.
If you have a tired feeling do not fill
your' system with poisonous medicine;
buy one of those beautiful hammocks
for sale at Denver's and be relieved.
Dewey day was observed in Hood
River by a few flags hoisted.
J. D. Brlds-e. editor and proprietor of
the Demociiiti I.nncas'er.N. H..savs; "T
would'nnt he without One Ml note Coujth
Cure for my boy. when troubled with a
cough or cold, "'it i the lest remedy for
croup I ever used." Williams & Brosius.
T.nat Knndnv wan cool. With showers
of ralndorinir the day and occasional
flurries! of snow. May day came in
with" snow on the' surrounding hill
tops, and a cold tjorthwest wind kept
tin all dav. - " . .
"Don't think you can cure that
slight a'tak f Dvsneps'a bv diptinor, or
that it w'l cure itself. Kodol Dvpepsia
ure will cure It; It "ditreis what yon
eat" and restores the digestive organs
to health. Williams & Brosius.
Some one has hepn erulltv of hauling
out rubbish and dumpinor it along the
state road near the Ce mansion.
L'-mtn Snii'h has rented his firm to
H. W. Walt and will go to Cascade
Locfc. wberp be will run the planer
for W. J. Smith A Co.'s mill.
If voti pnffr from tenderness or full
nessoii the right s'de.onln. tindershoul-der-hlade.
const I pat'on .hi liousness.sick
head.iche and feel dull, heavy and sleeny
ynr tlver is trr.'d and cnnirps'ed De
Witt's Little Eiirlv Risers will cure you
promp'lv, nlensantlv and permanently
bv repiovlnff tbe enneest'on and cnuslne
tVe bile due's to open mid flow natnr
llv. They are srnod pills Williums
& Brosius.
J TI Aldr'ch of Caseade Trfick was
in Hood River last week. Mr Aldrlch
is a pmfMss'onal cook and b'iker and
came here with the Intention of starr
ing a restaurant and bakery hut found
the field already occupied. We hope
he wld flnd It to his advantage to
make his home In Hood River and en
Fee I n some other bnsine. Tbere Is
plenty of room in Hood River at the
top grp.wlng gtrawbtriks.
Last Friday night, about 12 o'clock,
the breaking of three large plate glasses
in the window of the People's store
akakened the proprietor. After a
hurried Inspection he concluded that
the broken kIuss must have been caused
by the settling of the foundation of his
new building. But a closer inspection
next morning satisfied him, as well as
every one else who examined the
broken glass, that it was the work of
some one striking the window with a
club from the outside. .The condition
of the foundation and of the window
casings precluded the idea of the crash
tiug caused by the settling of the
building, and no other conclusion can
be arrived at but that it was done pur-
fiosely by some person who chose t he
tour of midnight to get in his fiendish
work. The dastardly act has aroused
the public, and no one feels safe while
a man of this characted is at large.
Mr. Kuapp .refuses to disclose the
identity of the party at present.
W. H. Bishop received a dispatch
last Saturday from the commissioner
.fllln ..t ........ I'll..
i.i Aiiviifltii nuaxo a, ,i aoiiiniuii
informing him that he had been ap
pointed store-keeper at the Puyallup
Indian reservation near Tacoma, Wash.
Mr. Bishop will accept the appoint
ment and in a few days will go to Ta
coma to enter upon the discharge of
the duller or bis ornce. Mrs. Bishop
and son Pemc expect to remain in
Hood River for the summer. Mr.
Bishop passed the civil service exam
ination last full in Portland. Though
we may lose a good citizen of Hood
River for awhile, his numerous friends
will be pleased to learn of his appoint
ment in I he government service. He
is well qualified for his new work, and
no one or his acquaintance will doubt
his ability to give satisfaction.
Frank Caddy met with an accident
at the planer lust week. He was load
ing railroad ties on a car when a fellow
workman,, mistaking one of Frank's
feet for a railroad tie, jabbed his pick
arooit into it and took nut a piece of
bone just - aliove his irreat toe. It was
a painful wound and laid Frank up for
a day or two, but he is again at work.
T. C. Dallas' name will go. rlneinir
down the corridors of Time along with
other great inventors of the world's
history. - He has lately Invented a
drinking fountain for watering little
chicks. It is a safety fountain, by
which chicks are prevented from
drowning, i. Call and see it and invest
in one and save your joung chicks. .
R. M. Hunt planted a lot of horse
radish roots last fall. Titey dieaptieared
during the winter. Last week one day,
wiiiie digging seven or eight rods away,
he unearthed about half a bushel of
horse radish .plants which had been
cached by the moles. The plants are
all right, but he bus the work of plant
ing to ao again. '
Mrs. A. Winans has been kindly re-
membeied by James Muir, a soldier in
Company M, Second Oregon, who has
sent tier many nice shells from Manila.
Jimmy Muir was in tbe employ of the
Winans Hios., at rue Dulles, for three
years, and since he has been in the
army, Mrs. Winans speaks of him as
"Our buy."
Mrs. J. H. Cradlebauch was in town
Monday. She has sold her house and
two lots to F. E. Jackson for $2,000.
riiis properly is considered the most
valuable business property iu Hood
River. Mr. Jackson will move the
dwelling house onto the jot fronting
State street and build a business house
n the corner.
The Davidson Fruit Co. received
word from Van Buren, Ark., that the
first carload of strawberries was shipped
fiom that place May 1st, and that that
point will be through shipping June
1st. The tienies are tine. California
will be through shipping strawberries
about May 20ih.
Members of the U. B. church and
friends of Rev. J. T. Merrill gave him
a surprise by calling on him Monday
afternoon, May 1st, ihe occasion being
his 39th birthday. A good many con
tributions of useful articles were taken
along by the gad people who were' in
the party. -
M. H. Steelsmith of Marshaltown,
Iowa, is visltiui; C. D. Moore. Mr.
Steelsmith, who is a successful farmer,
thinks he wouldn't like to farm iu this
country but would- rather take his
chances in the tornado states or the
middle west. . -
Dr. and Mrs. H. K. Hi ties spent the
first part of the week in Hood River.
I he JJr filled the pulpit in the M. ft.
hurch last Sunday. Wednesday he
returned to Portland, leaviug Mrs.
Hi nes to make out her visit.
W. H. Butts of The Dalles was se
riously injured, one day last week, by a
runaway team that run over him on
the street. He was picked up uncon
scious and has since been -iu a preca-
ious condition.
The Chronicle says that under the
able and inspiring leadership of Rev.
D. Nickelsen, a very beautiful and
commodious Methodist church has
lieen erected at Moro at a cost of $2,700.
The old Coe mansion has lately been
remodeled, painted, whitewashed and
added to,, and old-timers who knew it
in its palmiest days say it never looked
belter. This house was built in 18-53.
J.L. Blount of Tacoma is visiting
his brother L. D. and other relatives
n Hood River valley. He expects to
remain all summer and work at his
trade, carpentering.
Mrs. N. J. Mercer is having a new
coat of paint put on her house and
Oakery, felie win ne prepared to rur
nish ice cream when ice-cream weather
The Glacier is in receipt of a letter
from Dr. R. W. Benjamin, who states
that he has beer) prevented from tilling
his eniraKements at Hood River by
Miss Kate Davenport's school at
Frank ton will close today for the term.
She will commence a three-mouths'
term at Mosier in a few days. .
W. A. Morehead came up from Mon
mouth, last Thursday, and stopped in
Hood Rivera day while on his way to
Arlington.; - - .:
Mrs. Dorrance Smith and children
went to their new home at Cascade
Locks ttti Monday.
A pair of girl's shoes was found by
Arthur Disbrow and left at this office
for the owner
' Miss Kate Davenport's little sister,
Gertrude, is visiting her this week.
Miss Jennie Parsons is teaching the
school in the Hillstrom district.
R. R. Erwin returned lust week from
the Republic mines.
M. A. Cook made a trip to Portlan d
during the week. .
RdysPd(ei)J For a number' of years we have practiced
Jylla KariCSsCT footography. It is not a profession, It's a coni Bool bination of art and business. It is the knowl
edge of feet and the art of fitting them right.
. We have learned a good deal about feet, shoes
and leather, also shoemakers; and some of tbem
don't know as much as they ought to; but there
is one at least that knows how to make a shoe
that Is the easiest thing you ever put your foot
in, and at the same time the most elegant. ' You
may think you cannot get a stylish fit that will
be comfortable, but that's a mistake. We can fit anybody with some style of
the faasous "Julia Marlowe." .
Under the auspices of the local W.
C. T. U.. Mrs. Luema Greene Johnson
gave a series of talks and lectures in the
dinerent churches of this place on the
dates or April 2d, 23d and Z4(h. Mrs.
Johnson is a womau of rare intellect
and power. She is not only eloquent
In her utterances but unveils truths
with such intensity of feeling that it
carries conviction. Surely, her whole
heart and mind and soul is thoroughly
consecrated to' the cause 'For God,
and home, and native land." As a re
sult of Mrs. Johnson's visit to Hood
River, the local union was greatly
strengthened in purpose and seven
new members added. H.
Geo. T. Prather has been appointed,
by Judge Bellinger, - United Slates
commissioner for Oregon in Wasco
county. ' He will now do the business
of The Dalles land office in the' matter
of homesteaders making final proof,
which wilt be a (treat convenience to
settlers of the valley. .
H. Ries of Mt. Hood favored this
office with a box of Yellow "Newtown
apples, grown at Mt. Hood. They are
first class. It- lias been claimed by
some that tbe Yellow Newtowus would
not mature so far up the valley,: but
these apples dispute that claim.
Win, Luckey came up from Portland
Tuesday. He is on crutches, having
met with an acccident In Smith Bros,
saw mill, where he works. , A heavy
timber fell on his left foot on the 28th
of March, and he has been laid up ever
since. -
Dr. R. W. Penjamin writes that lie
has been kept from coming to Hood
River through sickness for the past
month or more, but he expects to be
able to come up next week and attend
to the dental work that is needed.
For Rent. A desirable suite of offices.
Apply to Tbe Hood River Trading Co.
Teacher's examination at The Dalles
will begin May 10th, at 1 p. m.
J. R. Niokelsen Is building an ad
dition to his residence.
- Summer Normal. ; '.
Teachers not employed during, the
summer can find opportunity to make
additional preparation for their work,
or to review for either state or county
examinations at the summer term of
the State Normal School at Monmouth.
From (35 to (40 will cover all expenses
for the ten weeks; term beiiiniiing'
Tuesday, June zotu. run iniormaiion
sent on application to ihe secretary of
the Faculty, Normal School, Monmouth
Geo. Alex Off with a New Girl.
Skamania Pioneer. ,
-Two , Indians, Charley Waucomack
and John ii ie Sams, passed through
Stevenson yesterday with blood in their
eyes.. They were hot on the trail ot
the notorious Geo. Alex, who had stolen,
abducted, kidnapped and taken away
the 15-year-old step-daughter ot uuarflry
; Commencement Exercises. .
The commencement exercises of tbe Hood
River school will be held In the TJ. B. church
Friday evening, May 6, 189B, when the follow
ing programme will be rendered:
March "TriumphiU"...... ....Hornbach
K. E. Blod gelt, cornet; E. K. Bartmess,
violin; Grant Evans, trombone; Miss
. Anne C. Smith, piano.
Invocation Rev. J. L. Hersbner
Quartett "Let Us Gather Bright Flow
ers" Olover
.Nellie Clark, Mary Wolfard, Lillian
Shutes, Gladys Hartley.
Salutatory "America's Relation with
the Philippines" ..........Nettie Kemp
"The Ked Cross Society An American
Institution" Belle Howell
''Purpose and Will" Pearl Cox
America's Great Civil Strife"...L.,.C.Baldwin
Solo "Just as the Sun Went Down"
Nellie Clark
America's Two Great Poets
Longfellow .....Ida Stranalian
Whittier E. Hlnrichs
"Character" , Altha Parsons
"American Inventors and Inventions"
....Gladys Hartley
Quartett "Onward Marching". ..Messrs.
Foley, Loesdon and Bartmesg Bros
"Present, Past and Future" S. M. Blowers
Valedictory "America" ..i...C. P. Logsdon, jr
Address to the Class ..Rev. S T. Merrill
Presentation of Diplomas
Chorus "When Circles Are Broken Class
bone & Mcdonald
ury ixootts, .Boots ana onoes,
iVhich we will sell at live and let live prices..
Agents for Osborne Mowers and Reapers.
TTTf3TT7!S'T, PT?Tf11?Q realized; returns made promptly. Consignment s
"J-v"-a"c0 A AXilwJiO licited and liberal advances made. We also p
uuuac if i quuui'iiiivB m u uii ior canning purposes.
All kinds of fruit boxes and crates oh hand. Come and see us; we mean business."
Studebaker Wasons and Spring Wagons; Planet Jr. Garden Tools and Cultivators: Can
ton Clipper Plows, Harrows and Discs; Badger Spring Tooth Harrows. These are the bei
and are sold at as low prices as are charged for cheaper grades of tools. Gat our price, anil
examine the goods.
- ' ' - . - The place to buy your ; .
Church Notices. ' ',
Rev. P P. Underwood will preach in the
valley i;nriBLian cnurcn nexteunauy, morn
ing au d evening.
Regular services at the M. E. church next
Sunday morning. In the evening, Mrs. R,
Warner will speaK oa tbe subject of woman's
work In missions. ,
Plan of services of the M. E. church at Hood
River and Belmont
1st Sundays Hood Kiver,morn and evening
2d Sunday. Belmont morning, Hood River
Sd Sundays hood River morning and even
ing; Belmont, morning, by J. H. Feak.
41 h S'jndays Sunday school and Epworth
Leugue at Hood River, evening service at
Belmont. ' i
Hear Moster, May I, t
Alexander Watt, a sou.
to Mr. and Mrs. J
-.-.:.. ' ' Died.
In Hood River. Mav 2. '.80S. Nicholas Rlllen.
aged 09 years.
Deceased was born in Rhine province, Ger
many, January 29, 1830. He came to Hood
River from Iowa in 1881 and was the pioneer
blacksmith of the town. Nicholas Billen was
a good citizen, an honest man. ana all who
knew him in the days when he was our vil
lage blacksmith will testify that a good man
is gone. He was an Invalid for the post seven
years, but bore his sufferings patiently until
death came as a relief. He left a widow and
one daughter Mrs. Thos. Lacey of Grand
Forks, B. C -
Dyspepsia Cure.
Digests what you eat.
Nature in strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
cans. It is the latest discovered digest-
Wauenmack. They tarried long enough ant and tonic. JNO otner preparation
to swear out a warrant against the said
hard Alex, charging utm with Kidnap
ing, etc. ' George is the greatest masher
along the Columbia river. However.'
should he be caught this lime he will
be dealt with severely. He has one
wife, Nellie Alex, nee Nellie Arquot.
Nellie was a coy maiden, but George
woed and won her, although against
ber parents' will. George has prob
ably crossed the mighty Columbia, and
hence issufe for the nienent. His laat
catch is said to be 15 years old, dark
hair and large bla6k eyes. She bails
from the Cascades, where she was
raised. She loves Geo. Alex and vows
she will cling to him as long as George
clings to her. His wife is sad and for
lorn and exasperated at the conduct of
George, but blames the girl. At last
accounts George had not been appre
hended. ; ' '- -1 :- .
":. A Card. J ;' - :V".. . '
1 desire to state, regarding the break
ing of Ihe glass front of the People's
Store, that ample evidence has de
veloped to prove that it was not caused
by the strain of the building, and no
illume Is attached to either Mr. Cook
and Mr. Howell, the builders, or Mr.
Itood.the glazier. S. A. KNAPP.
List of Letters
Remaining uncalled for in Hood River
postoffice May 1, 1809.
CHAS. N. CLARKE, Proprietor,
Prescriptions and Family Recipes carefully compounded.
N. C. Evans, Pres.
E. E. Savage, Sec. and Treas. '
R. Castner, Vice Pre
It. Bomb.
(Incorporated). ".;
----- - f ' - - - ,'; ; ' . t
Unexcelled facilities for handling real estate. Parties wishing to dispose of real property
will find it to their interests to list the same with us. Conveyancing dime and titles exam
ined. Abstracts furnished. - . , .
Fruit Boxes, crates and packages of all kinds, storage warehouse.
I have opened a choice lot of Groceries in the store room formerly occupied by tlie Hoo4
Klver Pharmacy. Will also deal in Flour, Feed, etc. k
Our eoods are all new and choice, and we will aim to keeD the best at all time. Quick
sales and small proUto will be our motto. Come and see us.
Successor to E. L. Smith Oldest Established House in the valley.J
-.;": : AND
Flour, Feed, Etc., Etc.
HOOD RIVER, - -: - - - - OREGO
Bay, Hern
Cadogan, Alick
Chiles, Biduey
Dum, Jus -Ehlen,
Gorton, M P
Hall, Walter
JoueJ W II
Kropkin, Jim
LeMay, Maggie .
McNay, A T
Miller, Frank
Maulton, W J
Parker, Wm D
Btedlman, F ;
Thompson, Peter
Wm. M. Yates, P. MY"
can approach it in efficiency. It in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Tttfcnanala Tnrltoraat.t An TtAnrt.hiirn.
Flatulence. Sour Stomach. Nausea. I AND CASH ONLY, is what mukes prices so low on
2ft5 Doors, Sash, Paints, Oils,
Prepared by E. c. ocwitc a Co., c&icago.
Time Schedules.
Depart '
' Fast
10:42 p.m.
Flyer -37p.m.c
8 p.m.
8 D.m.
Ex. Hunday
10 p.m.
6 a.m.
Ex. Sunday
Salt. Lake, Denver,
r t wortn.umana,
Kansas City. St
Louis, Chicago
and tbe East. . ..
Walla Walla, Spo
kane, Minneapolis!
St Paul, Duluth,
Milwaukee, Chi
cago and East.
7 a.m.
Tues. TBur.
and Sat,
6 a.m.
Tues, Thar,
and Sat.
Ocean btbaiishifs
For San Francisco
Every nve days.
Columbia Bivkb
To Astoria and way
Willamette River.
Oregon City, New-
oerg.saiem at way
Yamiiu.i. Rivers.
Oregon City .Dayton
ana way landings.
Willamette Rtver.
Portland to Corval-i
lis Away landings.
:V) a.m.
dully ex.Sat
Snakb River.
i Fast 1
4:00 p.m.
5:07 a.m.
i p.m.
4 p.m.
4:30 p.m.
8:80 p.m.
Mon, Wed.
and Frl. -
Lv Lewist'n
6:45 a.rn.dai-
Rlpnria to Lewlston ex. Friday.-
Oen'l Pass. Agent, Portland, Or
E. B. Aeat, Uood Hlver. ;
Guns and Ammunition,
Stoves, Shoe Findings arid Bike Supplies,
Land Office at Vancouver. WasK. March 25,
1899. Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settlers have filed notice of their In
tention to make final proof in support of
their clalms.and that said proofs will be made
before W. B. Presby, U. S. Commissioner for
District. of Washington, at his office in Gol
dendale, Washington, on Thursday, May 18,
1899, viz: ' ,
Homestead Entry No. 9016, for the northeast
quarter of section 22, township 6 north, range
vi east, v .ii.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, Ajwll 4, .
1899. Notice is hereby given that the , lolkiw
ing named settler has tiled notice of IiIh Inten
tion to make final proof in support of hi.
claim, and that aid proof will be made before
He names the following witnesses to prove Khe Register and Receiver, at The Dulled,
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion or, said lana, viz:
Robert Barker, Mary A. Barker, August
Berg and T. J.Shaw, all of Olenwood P. O.,
Washington. Also, -
Homestead Entry No. 8245, for the west half
of southweBt quarter, northeast quarter of
southwest quarter, and lot 8 in section 27,
township 6 north, range 12 east, W. M.
She names the foil wlng witnesses to prove
ber continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz:
Charles Feller, Albert Bertscbl, August Berg
and T. J. Shaw, all of Glenwood P.O., Wash.
mar31mS W. R. DUNBAR, Register.
Land Office at Vancouver, Wash., April 8,
1899. Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
the Register and Receiver U. 8. Land Office ai
Vancouver, Wash., on Tuesday, May 16,
1899, viJK , - ..... .
HomosteaS Entry No. 10,181, for the west
northwest quarter and west southwest j
section 9, township 8 north, range lOeast.W.M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
KnuteS. Knntaon, Charley Knntson, Peter
Bather and Christian Larson, all of White
Salmon, Wash.
a:ml2 W. R.. DUNBAR, Register.
40 Acres
For sale Good apple land: lays well, near
good school. Land not hard to clear. -:marl7
Oregon, on Tuesday , May 28, 1899, xta
Of Mt. Hood, H. E. No. 5800, for the north
southeast i, northeast y southwest ?4, and
lot 8, section 31, township 1 north, range 10
east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
David R. Cooper, W. S. Grlbble, Fred Knud
son and Robert Lcasure. all of Mt. Hood, Or. :
a7ml2 JAY P. LUCAS, Register.
Land Office at Vancouver, Wash., April 10.
1899. Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has tiled notice of his inton- '
tion to make final proof in support of lit.
claim, and that said proof will be made ber
fore F. W. Kale, Clerk of the Superior Court
of the state of Washington for Skamania .
county, at Stevenson, Wash., on Thu sday,
May 25, 1899, viz: . , : . ,
H. E. No. 10,458, for tbe southeast quarter of
i , .. ,j ,.i , ..r
southeast quarter of section 16. and north half
of northeast quarter section 22, townkhlp 3
nor ,h, range 9 east. W. M.
He names the following witnesses to pro'-,
his continuous- residence upon and cuitivu-
tion of said land, viz:
J. M. Coulter, ChnrltK Keves, Wllllcm ItigW
nnd George TyreU, all of CbeSoweth P.
Wnhm(ton. ' ' ;
aUmlK W. U. OV'NAR, KtigUt t,