The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 06, 1899, Image 4

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    The Fields of Sport.
From the fields of sport we go to bed
ind get up full of pains' and aches.
The next night, by the use of St.
laoobs Oil, we are soothed to sleep and
get up oured.
When the French President Travels.
The French president travels free on
the railways during his official tour in
France, but when the return journey is
conoluded, his secretary .calculates
what it would have cost if pfid for at
regular rates, and this sum is handed
I over to be distributed among the poor
est paid of the railway men. Tit-Bits.
Good News
It Comes From Many Homes Made
Happy, "Dyspepsia Is Cured."
For years Hood's Sarsaparilla has been
curing dyspepsia It is curing it today and
it will continue to cufe it when given a fair
opportunitv by those who suffer from this
disease. If, you have dyspepsia take
Hood's Sarsaparilla. If you have a friend
Buttering from it, tell thai friend to take
Hood's Sarsaparilla
' America's Greatest Medicine for Dyspepsia.
Hood's Pills cure all liver Ills. 25 cents.
At last Speaker Reed has been over
ruled. At a recent annual meeting of
the Daughters of the Confederacy, at
Hot Springs, Ark., a lively debate
arose as to whether the minutes of the
previous meeting should be read before
business could proceed or not. One
daughter ventured to quote Speaker
Reed on the subject, but she was
promptly overruled and the reading
was dispensed with on the motion of
another daughter, who asserted ve
hemently that "Tom Reed didn't
known what he was talking about."
Every monarch in Europe, with the
exception of the Bultan of Turkey, is
descended from one of two sisters the
daughters of Duke Ludwig Rudolf of
Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, who lived in
the 18th century.
A powder to be shaken into the shoes.
At this season your feet feel swollen, ner
vous and uncomfortable. If you have
smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's
Foot-Ease. It rests and comforts; makes
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tain cure for Chilblains, Sweating, damp
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sand testimonials. Try it today. Sold by
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package FREE Address, Allen S. Olm
sted, o Roy, N. Y.
' . Among the many mysteries of bird
migration is the fact that over-sea jour
neys are generally conducted in the
darkness, and invariably against a head
wind '
To Cure n Cold In One Iay
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund money if it fails to
cure. . 25c. - - -
There is some talk of a tunnel under
neath the straits of Gibraltar, and as
it would have to be onl 20 miles long,,
there is no reason why it sliouTfl not
be feasible, particularly, as there is a
bed of hard rock all the way.
i No household is complete without a bot
tle of the famous Jesse Moore Whiskey. It
is a pure and wholesome stimulant rec
ommended by all physicians. Don't ne
glect this necessity.
Probably the most inflammable
among substances whioh are not spon
taneously inflammable is phosphiiret
ted hydrogen (PII3). The heat of a
thin glass tube containing boiling wa
ter is quite sufficient to ignite this gas.
FIT? Permanently Cured. No fltsor nervousnes
III after tirst day's use of lr. Kline's Ureat
Nerve Bestcrfr. Send for FitKIt Wa.oo trial
bottle and treatise. DR. B. H. KLLNK, Ltd., Uitt)
&.!cb atrat, fUiladelphia, Fa.
When a woman buyB canned mince
meat she chops a few more apples into
it and adds a dash of brandy and then
ehe thinks she has made it.
When coming to San Francisco go to
Brooklyn Hotel, 208-212 .Bush street.
American or European plan. Koom and
board $1.00 to $1.50 per day; rooms 50 cents
to $1.00 per day; single- meals 25 cents.
Free coacli. Chas. Montgomery,
It is an interesting fact that the very
fiist use made by the British govern
ment of the Atlantic cable laid down
by Bright in 1858 immediately result
ed in saving the treasury $250,000.
The cable enabled the government to
countermand an order for the trans
mission of tropps from Canada to Eng
In securing the COLUMBIA 'AGENCY
. for 1899; one day's delav may result in your
competitor getting it. VVe are the only bicycle
house having a delivery point in the North
west. Prompt delivery of all orders assured.
Dealers who handle the OOLIHllin and
II utTTOKl) line will have a double advant
age over others who do not. We have im-
f iroved the quality of our products, while our
ncreased output enables us to reduce our
prices, as follows:
Columbia Chainless $75 00
Columbia Models 57-68 60 00
Columbia Models 45-49, '98"pattern, '99 im
provements - 40 00
Controlling Oregon Washington, Montana and Idaho. 132-34. Sixth St., Portland, Or.
Actor James O'Neill has played the
Count of Monte Cristo 4,000 times, in
his time, therefore, he has assisted at
the killing of 12,000 stage villians.
This is a record of which any man
could be proud.
For Mills, Mines, Shops and Farms; Steel Log
ging and Hoisting Engines; Hoe Chisel
Tooth Saws, Albany Grease, etc.
. 27 to 35 First Street Portland, Or.
J4-36 Fremont Street, San Francisco.
Nutritions Stews.
A stew is the most economical and
most nutritious dish that can be pre
pared from meat. It is prepared with
a less quantity of water than in mak
ing soups and cooked at a moderate
heat for a longer time. As a part oi
the nutriment is to be in the meat, you
do not cut it small, as for soups; cut
into pieces convenient for serving
Put the bones, gristly bits and the
poorer parts of the lean meat into cold
water. This draws out the richness
and gives added nutritive value to the
broth. When the water boils add the
tender portions, then the juices are
kept in them. By slow, tender aim
mering rather than by fierce boiling
the fibres are softened and the coarsest
and cheapest kinds of meat are made
tender and nutritious. Pieces of meat
from the shin, the aitchbone, the flank,
the neck and the shoulder are suitable
for stews; but the shin is the richest, it
has so much marrow in the bone.
Fowls, the tougher parts of mutton,
lamb and veal may all be used in stews,
Sallie Joy White in the December
Woman's Home Companion.
George Knox, who died in London
recently, called himself "the last of
the Rosicrucians. " He spent a long
life and a great fortune in looking for
the philosopher's stone, the elixir of
life and other myths of the rosy
cross. ,
Now at Burlingame, will remove to its
beautiful new home at 'Menlo Park. San
Mateo Countv, Cal., and re-open Januarv
l(!th,1899. Address Ira G. Hoitt, Ph. D.,
Memo i'ark, Cal.
Spreading Like Wild Bre. ,
Despite business depression, panics
and war, and every other commercial
disturbing faotor, the installation of
electrical power transmission maohin
ery has progressed with . marvelous
machinery. One of the largest com
panies installed in mining and power
maohinery alone 18,379 horse-power in
1892; 18,762 in 1893; 42,879 in 1894;
46,727 in 1895, and in 1896 a wonder
ful jump was made to 75.000 ' horse
power, while last year the aggregate
was 83,000 horse-power. This record
it should be remembered . is that of a
single company and purely power
transmitting apparatus, the numerous
other applications of electricity not be
ing included, v
Instead of reshoeing horses with
sharper shoes when the ground freezes
an Ohio man has invented a device
which screws on the under side of the
shoe and can be removed easily when
the ground thaws. . ,
is due not onljj to the originality and
simplicity of the combination, but also
to the care and skill with which it is
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, and we wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing- the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
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only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. , The high standing of the Cali
fornia Fig Sykup Co. with the medi
cal profession, and the satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It is
far in advance of all other laxatives,
as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the Dame of
the Company
Columbia Model 49, J
Vedettes, Strictly Up-to-Date
We Job bicycle sundries.
Write for terms and discounts.
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.. 2a 00
were famous years ago their fame 1
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tlm hne. For sale bv leading J
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. insist on Having tnem. tun ,
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t X iwwtfMeea Annual is rree.
Vk, ' S. Detroit, Mleh.
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IVI In ttmn HnM hv rlrncrirLta I
From All Parts of the New
World arid the Old.
Comprehensive Review of the Import
ant Happenines of the Past Week
Culled From the Telegraph Column
William K. Vanderbilt, Jr.. is to wed
Miss Virginia Fair, of San Francisco.
Only about $400 worth of property
was recovered from the wreck of the
Maria Teresa.
Gold shipments from Australia for
the year 1898 amounted 12,820,000.
Shipments to America increased by
A deficit in the German beet sugar
crop of at .least 850,000 tons is figured
upon by United States Consul Diedrioh,
at Madgeburg. He says that, the back
ward season resulted In a deficiency.
Negotiations aie progressing iii the
matter of the payment of the Cuban
troops, so that on laying down their
arms they enabled to enter
upon civil pursuits and earn their
living. Probably no further appropria
tion by congress will be necessary to
enable the president to carry out the
plan, if it should be decided, as the
money will eventually come out of the.
revenues of the island. '
Immediately upon the ratification of
the peace treaty by the senate, the
president will recommend to congress
the enaotment of legislation looking to
the settlement of the olaims of Amen
can citizens for damages sustained in
Cuba, Poito Bico and other Spanish
possessions whioh formed the seat of
war. Claims to the amount of $2
000,000 on this score have already been
lodged with the state department.
Near Austin, Tex., a passenger train
escaped a serious wreck through the in
tervention of a bird. Some one had
tied a rail securely across the truck. A
few miles before reaching the spot a
bird, blinded by the headlight, flew
against the glass, breaking and extin
guishing the light, which necessitated
running slowly to the next gtation
The train, at reduced speed, struck the
obstruotion, tearing up the track and
damaging the front of the engine, but
no one was injured.
Part of Red Rock mountain, accord
ing to a dispatch from Airolo. a village
of Switzerland, canton of Ticino, has
fallen into Airolo, destroying a hotel
and several houses. The scene of the
disaster presents a terrible speotacle,
the debris of the avalanche covering a
square mile. The hotel, with eight
houses, and 12 other buildings, were
swept, into a great heap of matchwood
A new terror was added by the outbreak
of fire amid the ruins. Three dead
bodies have been recoveied. It is esti
mated that the damage will reach
Admiral Dewey is now the senior
officer of the American navv, having
reached that position without congres
sional action through the retirement
of Admiral Bunce.
The American Newspaper Publish
ers' Association has presented to the
Anglo-American joint high commission
a carefully prepared argument in favor
of free paper and free pulp.
Senator McBride has offered an
amendment to the naval bill, which
provides for the construction of a stone
drydock on the Columbia river and
appropriates $200,000 for .immediate
use in beginning the work.
One-half the largest foreign order for
finished steel ever sent to this country
has been offered the Illinois Steel Com
pany, of Chicago. The order amounts
to $2,000,000, and is for water pipes
to be used by the Australian govern
ment. The Caruegie Company will
supply half the amount. -
Senator MoBride has introduced a
bill appropiiating $4,000 for the pur
chase or construction of a launch for
the use of the customs officials at As
toria. A craft capable of giving a good
speed and one that will stand knocking
about is badly needed in the customs
service at Astoria, and Senator Mc-
Bride's bill ii intended to supply the
deficiency. . ,
The German ambassador, Dr. Von
Holleben, has returned to Washington
after an extended absence, during which
he held several important conferences
with the authorities at Berlin relative
to American affairs. It is expected
that his return will soon bring about
exchanges with the state department,
and perhaps direotly with the presi
dent, relative to a number of current
questions in which both, countiies are
William F. Moore, oonvicted of
robbing Martin Mahon, a hotel-keeper
of New York, by the "badger game,"
was sentenced to 19 years in the state
prison. - The charge against Moore was
that he conspired with his wife, Fayne
Moore, to rob Mahon, and that Mahon
was enticed by the woman to apart
ments -occupied by the Mootes and
there compelled by the husband to pay
blackmail. Moore was convicted on
his second trial, the jury in the first
instance having, disagreed. Fayne
Moore formerly resided in Portland, Or.
minor News Itmn.
Prof. JKitridge, of Harvard, is said to
be the only man living wlio can read
Eliot's Indian Bible.
The French vintage of 1898 is offi
cially estimated at 83,282,000 hecto
liters, which is 68,000 hectoliters he
low the vintage of last year.
James H. Southall, convicted of deal
ings 'in fraudulent government time
checks, was sentenoed in St: Paul to
tate's prison for 10 veai's at hard la-,
William Stockley and his wife were
ourned to death in their home at Da)
las, Wis. Their three children wer.
saved with difficulty. -
A dispatoh from Rome says a mob of
4,000 people had assaulted an internal
revenue sentry box, and stoned the
gendarmes around Niscemi, Sicily, as
a protest against ex iommunication. A
number of persons were wounded. ,
John Wellmer, of Lafayette, Niool
lett oounty, Minn, was shot in the head
and hip by two tramps, to whom he
had given shelter. They bound Mrs,
Wellmer to a lounge with a clothes line
and escaped with Wellmer's team.
The grip, and the ailments attendant
upon it, that are now included in its
train of ills, have piostrated an unus
ual number of residents of Washington,
D. C. An observant pharmacist esti
mates that 10 per cent of the District's
population is suffering in one way or
another from the new generic grip.
The governor's offloe at the state-
house in Springfield, III., was entered
by parties unknown and $580 stolen
from a drawer. The crime is sai round
ed in mystery, as all floors of the build
ing are guarded by watchmen. The
theft was discovered by Colonel J. M.
Tanner and an investigation is pend
ing.' ,, '
One of the most notable oelebra
tionna in the history of American col
leges was in commemoration of the
100th anniversary of Transylvania uni
versity, At Lexington. Ky. It was no
table on account of its many famous
alumni, including Jefferson Davis,
prosident of the Confederate states, and
Justice Harlan, of the supreme court
of the United States, scores of con
gressmen and men prominent in public
life. , .
King Charles has opened the oortee
gerares at Lisbon. In the course of his
speech from the throne, King Charles
said that daring the war between the
United States and Spain, two friendly
nations, Portugal proclaimed, and, as
was her duty, maintained strict and
absolute neutrality. His majesty said
he greatly sympathized with the czar's
disarmament proposals, and made a
reference to the colonies whioh appar
ently disposes of the rumors of the sale
of Delagoa bay.
In Chuna the Yellow river floods
have destroyed the crops,- and famine
has resulted. Thousands of natives
are starving. Thousands of hungry
and ragged refugees are moving down
the river in boats, only to find the
walls of the cities lower down closed
against the starving hordes. The gov
ernment appropriated 800,000 taels for
their relief, but less than one-fifth has
been distributed. It is claimed dis
honest officials have pocketed the bal
ance. A relief fund has been started
at Shanghai. Rev. B. Craig Patter
son, of the Chian Kian mission, appeals
to American friends for aid.
The British government favors the
canal being built by the United States
with guarantees of its neutrality in case
of war.
Ordres have been issued for the dis
patch of additional troops to Cuba to
assist in the maintenance of good gov
ernment there.
A crisis is imminent at Berlin. The
emperor and chancellor cannot agree,
and a new cabinet is looked for. The
principal, trouble is over the wholesale
expulsions of Danes and Austrians.
The new year brings Ireland the
greatest experiment since Catholic
emancipation, namely, the initiation
of the local government act, which
really, in many of its features, is an
extension of the emancipation acts and
The war department has come to the
conclusion that it will be neoessary to
accord General Brooke, military gover
nor of Cuba, the assistance of a special
cabinet approaching in functions the
late autonomist cabinet of Cuban ad
ministration of the civil affairs of the
The situation at Iloilo is grave. Fif
teen hundred natives, fully armed,
are at Melo, a suburb of Iloilo. Seven
teen thousand more, it is reported, are
awaiting orders to embark at several
points on he island of Negros, 15
hours' sail from Iloilo. All the women
have withdrawn, and many families
have taken refuge with the Americans.
(Jnlees congress should pass a law
authorizing him to remain on the ac
tive list, Rear-Admiral Dewey will be
Dlaced on the retired list on December
26, 1899. Only one other retirement
will occur this year, that of Commo
dore H. L. Howison, now commandant
of the Boston navy-yard. There is a
strong sentiment in naval oiroles in
favor of the passage of a law which
will permit the, retention of Admiral
Dewey upon the aotive list for 10
years, as was done in the case of heroes
of the civil war.
The American line steamship Pails,
which has an ived in New York from
Southampton, after a tempestuous pas
sage, reports that Tuesday, December
27, in latitude 49:29 north, and longi
tude 81:29 west, at 83:0 in the morning,
she sighted a steamer flying signals of
distress. She proved to be the British
tank steamer Vindobala, Captain
Clark, from Rouen, Franoe, December
15, for Philadelphia, in ballast. She
showed the signal letters, "Must aban
don vessel." The Paris rescued her
orew, and no lives were lost.
The will of the late Charles P. Wil
der, of Wellsley Hills, Mass., be
queaths $102,000 to Mount Holyoke
The shortage in the California wine
crop of 1898 and the fairly good demand
that has existed during the past year
have resulted in advancing prices.
M. Constantin, a yonng Frenchman
of 19, who lives in Paris, is eight feet
tall and probably bigger than other
man who has ever lived. Heis per
fectly proportioned. t
Two Letters to Mrs. Pinkham.
Mrs. John Williams, Englishtown,
K. J., writes : ' '
" Deab Mrs. Pinkham: I cannot be
gin to tell you how I suffered "before
taking your remedies. I was so weak
that I could hardly walk across the floor
without falling. I had womb trouble
and such a bearing-down feeling ; also
suffered with my back and limbs, pain
in womb, inflammation of the bladder,
piles and indigestion. Before I had
taken one bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound I felt a great deal
better, and after taking two and one
half bottles and half a box of your
Liver Pills I was cured. If more would
take your medicine thej' would not
have to suffer so much."
Mrs. Joseph Peterson, 513 East St.,
Warren, Pa., writes:
"Deab Mrs. Pinkham: I have suf
fered with womb trouble over fifteen
years. I had inflammation, enlarge-'
ment and displacement of the womb.
I had the backache constantly, also
headache, and was so dizzy. I had
heart trouble, it seemed as though my
heart was in my throat at times chok
ing me. I could not walk around and
I could not lie down, for then my heart
would beat so fast I would feel as
though I was smothering. I hadi to
sit up in bed nights in order to breathe.
I was so weak I conld not do any
thing. . '
"I have now taken several bot
tles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, and used, three pack
ages of Sanative Wash, and can say
I am perfectly cured. I do not think
I cruld have lived long if Mrs. Pink
ham's medicine had not helped me."
The elephant has more muscles in
its trunk than any other creature pos
sesses in its entire body, their number
being no feweer than 40,000. ,
The Most Common of All. ' ,
The most common of all ailments
from sports of all kinds are sprains and
bruises. The most common and surest
oure of them is by the use of St. Jacobs
Oil., which is prompt in its action.
Transparent leather, is made in
I shall recommend Piso's Cure for Con
sumption far and wide. Mrs. Mulligan,
Plumstead, Kent, England, Nov. 8, 1895.
The woman of 20 asks, "Who is he?"
the woman of 80, "What is he?" the
woman past 80, "Where is he?"
HeaJthytlappy Girls
often, from no apparent s
C&use, become languid &nd
despondent in the early days
of their womanhood They -
dTag along always tiTed,
never hungry, breathles
&nd with 6. palpitating
hear after slight exercise
so that merely to walk
op stairs ii
Sometime a short. dry-cough
leads to the feat that they
oxe"gotng into consumption"
They are aneemic. doc
tors tell them, vthich means
that they have too little
blood Are you like that? have yu too little blood?
More aneemic people have been made strong, hungTy.
, energetic men and women by the use of Dt. Williams
Pink Pills foT Pale People
are tne oest tonic n tne wotiol.
Miss Lulu Stevens, of Oasport, Niagara Co., N. Y., had been a very
healthy girl until about a year ago, when she grew weak and pale. She
lost her appetite, was as tired in the morning as on retiring, and lost flesh
until she became so emaciated that her friends hardly knew her. The doc
tors declared the disease aneemia, and gave her up to die.- A physician
. who was visiting in Gasport prevailed upon her to try Dr. Williams' Pink
, Pills for Pale People. She did so, and was benefited at once. She is now
well and strong the very picture of health. Buffalo (N. Y.) Courier.
TUe genufne &re sold only in package, the wrapper
always bearing the full name. For ale by&U drug
gists or sent , postpaid, by the Dr Williams; Medicine
Company, Schenectady. N Y., on receipt of price, fifty
cents per bo, oook or
I, C. R. Rollins, M. D., of Grass Valley, Or., voluntarily make the following statement:
After having mv teeth extracted I have had five sets made at in tervals of about nine m,
three in Portland, one in San Francisco and one in Spokane. With neither of these have
able to eat a meal's victuals or even an apple or ripe peach. On December 10. 1898, 1 h
sixth set made by Dr. Strvker, I. O. O. F. Temple, First and Alder, Portland, Or., and v minutes after the time they were put into my mouth I was able to eat a commoi
winter apple and a piece of dried venison, and at this time, December 13th, have eaten
meal since with the greatest comfort and with no trouble at all. They are a perfect
satisfactory In everv respect. C. R. ROLLINS, .
References: French Bros. Bank, The Dalles, Or.; Sherman Co. Bank, Wasco, Or,, Wia
Holder, Sheriff of Sherman Co.; Drs. A. S. Nichols and Brother, Portland, Or.' , ,
Subscribed ana sworn to Deiore me this istn
Seal , ,
Cut Rate
Drug Catalogue
Woodard,C1arlie&Co., rlWon.
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Get it Right
Keep it Right
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doses will wake you feel better. Get it from
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- Roots Crowned. Bridges Made :
Vainless fill in if and extraction.
Dr. T. H. White,
May Brine Leprosy1
It ia pointed out that tl
diers in Hawaii may con
and brtnff it to this countr
While leprosy is much to b
a thousand times as many
disorders and blood diseast
for them in Hostetter's 8to'
common ailments that the
for are malaria, fever and
drug stores.
The best pineapples
Cuba. They are very
only little capital is r
vious experience is
DIATOMS Vegetable and
of nature, noted as the bt
world for silver, gold, brass,
tity sufficient for years, fi
stamps. It is infusorial an
mav be repaired with it. Ad
INGER, 601 Mutual Life Build
The polar fox changes
coat. In summer it is i
in winter it is so whitt
mal can scarcely be seen ,
over the snow-
A Short Kljjh
The damp autumn nigh
ings stirs up sciatica, and
tug of pain. Use St. Jai
then comes a tug to cure
short fight and the cure is
If you want the best wind
tanks, plows, wagons, bells
boilers, engines, or gemral n
or write JOHN POOLE, foi
street, Portland, Oregon.
The hair of rabbits and otht
in Russia is oonverted hit
dishes and plates, which are v
their srength, durability and h
The articles have theappearanc
nished leather.
By local applications, as they cannot r
diseased portion of the ear. There is (
way to cure deafness, and that is by c
tionalemedies. Deafness is caused b
flamed condition of the mucous linin,
Eustachian Tube. When this tube g
flamed vou have a rumbling sound or
feet hearing, and when it is entirely
deafness is the result, and unless the iiifH
tion can be taken out and this tube rest
its normal condition, hearing willbedes
forever; nine cases out ot ten are caul
catarrh, which is nothing but an ini
condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars fi
case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) thf
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Bei
circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Tol
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The most active volcano in the
isMt. Sangay, 17,199 feet high,
ated on the eastern chain of the Al
South America. It has been in
stant eruption since 1728, and
sound of its explosions is some!
heard at Quito, a distance of 150 ri
267 having been counted in an ho
than by any "otheT means They
"Best Wheels on Earth."
1899 Ideals (22.50, $25, $30. Send for catali
Live agents wanted everywhere.
aay oi uecemDer, isao.
JOHN OGILBiSK, Notary Public for Oregon.
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Ur Kiff f frir uiitintiim
discharges, iiiHuiiiniHtionf
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