The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 23, 1898, Image 4

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    there Is So Telling.
': Be sure not to let rhenmatiem itay In
tV. tvatam lnticrnr than vnri nan trot a
bottle of St. Jacobs Oil to care it.
There is no telling what part it may
strike or how much misery it may give.
Hndion Bay Is Disappearing. '
Hudson bay will in the course of a few
centuries become dry land, the rise of
its surface being more temarkable than
any other portion of the earth. Beaohes
oovered with driftwood are found 20 to
70 feet above the bay, and the old bat
, bors have become very shallow.
Why the Best
How the Truth of a Welt Known
Statement is Established.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is the best medicine
money can buy. It has stood the test of
time and trial. Its great merit is demon
strated by its cures of Scrofula, ' Salt
Rheum, Humor, Psoriasis, Scald Head,
Boils, Blood Foisonine, Rheumatism,
Catarrh, Stomach Troubles, Dyspepsia,
Indigestion, Nervousness, eto.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is America's Greatest Medicine. Price, fl.
Hood's Pills cure all Liver Ills. 26 cents.
To Electrocute a Safety vault.
An experiment of soientifio interest
is to be tried in getting rid of the safety
vault of the old Cincinnati (O.) Deposit
and Trust Company. The walls are
constructed of layers of hard spring
steel to a thickness of one and one
quarter inches. Two operators will be
placed in the vault and a wire for each
run in through a vent hold. Tbe'wire
will be attaohed td a carbon, which
will be manipulated with a heavy
handle. . They -.will pass the carbon
over the steel walls, burning them in
' Intersecting lines. . .
A powder to be shaken Into the shoes.
At this season your feet feel swollen, ner
vous and uncomfortable. If you have
smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's
Foot-Ease. It rests and comforts; makes
walking easy. Cures swollen and sweating
feet, blisters and callous spots. Relieves
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tain cure for Chilblains, Sweating, damp
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sand testimonials. Try it ttday. Sold by
, all druggists and shoo stores for 25c. Trial
package FREE. Address, Allen S. Olm
sted, to Roy, N. Y. . . . j -
One of the choioest delicacies In Ja
ttuica is a huge white worm found In
the heart of the cabbage palm. It
tastes when cooked like almonds.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund money if it fails to
cure. 25o.
No household is complete without a bot
lie oi ine lamous jesse jyioore vvniBKey. n
is a pure and wholesome stimulant rec
ommended by all physicians. Don't ne
glect this necessity.
Submarine volcanos are constantly
being disoovered, and are at times ow
ing to their sudden appearance a great
danger to navigation.
If you want the best wind mill, pumps,
tanks, plows, wagons, bells of all sizes
Vinilers. engines, nr p-ftneral nar-.hinflrv. see
or write JOHN POOLE, foot of Morrison
street, Portland, Oregon.
Dallas, Texas, has a colored printer's
union. ' , : ".. . '
When coming to San Francisco go to
Brooklyn Hotel, 1 208-212 Bush street.
American or European plan. Room and
board $1.00 to $1.50 per day ; roomB 50 cents
to $1.00 per day; single meals 25 cents.
Free coacn. Chas. Montgomery.
The aristocracy of China and Spain
will agree that it has been a very hard
year for boy monarchs. , ' i
Now at Burlingame, will remove to its
beautiful new home at Menlo Park, San
Mateo Countv, Cal., and re-open January
19th, 1809. Address Ira G. Hoitt, Ph. D.,
Menlo Park, Cal.
In Japan poor children have labelt
with their names and addresses hung
around their necks as a safeguard
against being lost.
Women Everywhere Express their
Gratitude to Mrs. Pinkham.
firs. T. A. WALDEN, Gibson, a., writeft
" Dear Mrs. Pinkham: Before tak
ing" your medicine, ,Jife was a burden
to me. I never saw a well day. At
my monthly period I suffered untold
misery, and a great deal of the time I
was troubled with a severe pain in my
side. Before finishing the first bottle
of your Vegetable Compound I could
tell it was doing me good. I continued
its use. also used: th Liver Pills and
Sanative Wash, and have been greatly
helped. I would like to have yon use
ray letter for the benefit of others." '
" " -j - .
rirs. FLORENCE A.--w"OLFB, S'B HulbMry
St., Lancaster, Ohio, writes i -
, " Dear Mrs. Pinkham: For two
years I was troubled with what the
local physicians told me was inflamma
tion of the womh. Every month I suf-.
fered terribly. I had taken enough
medicine from the doctors to cure any
one, but obtained relief for a short
time only. At last I concluded to write
to you in regard to my case, and can
say that by following your advice I am
now pefectly well." '
fin. W. R. BATES, ilansfleld, La., writes
' Before writing to you I suffered
dreadfully from painful menstrua
tion, leucorrhcea and sore feeling In
the, lower part of the bowels. Now my
friends want to know what makes me
look so well. I do not hesitate one min
ute in telling them what has brought
about this great change. I cannot
praise Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound enough. It is the greatest
remedy of the age." ; ; - '
Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. TJse I
in time, woiq py qrqggiBEB.
From All Parts of the New
World and the Old.
Comprehensive Bevlew of the Import
ant Happenings of the Past Wert
Culled From the Telegraph Column.
The drought in California has ended
nd rainfall is , reported from nearly
every section of the state.
Puget sound oystermen have formed
an association, and will make an effort
to Secure needed legislation. '
i The war department has decided to
have the remains if all soldieis who
died in Manila returned to this country.
Clyde Bennington aged 22, has been
entenoed to life imprisonment in San
Quentin for his part in the Oro Gi ancle
train robberies.
The death sentence of Private Lind
say, Tenth cavalry, has been oommuted
by the president to life imprisonment,
on recommendation of General Wheeler.
(Since the oessation of hostilities this
government has spent about $1,000,000
in feeding the starving Cubans, and the
work is still going on with untiring
vigor. , s. ,; ... '
The United States troops in Cuba and
Porto Rico have not beer, forgotten.
Tbey will be sent for Christmas 10,000
pounds of prime turkey and 8,000
pounds of cranberries.
' The body of an unknown man was
found on one of the bars of the Willam
ette, three miles east of Monroe. The
head and feet were missing. There was
no means of identification.'
The halibut schooner Two Brothers,
plying in Alaska waters, has been miss
ing nearly six weeks, and it is feaied
that she has been lost with all on board.
One of her boats was recently found in
a badly battered condition. ; V.
Eight additional survivois of the crew
of the lost ship Londonian were brought
into Baltimore by the North German
Lloyd steamship Maria Rickmers. They
are: Captain V. B. Lee, Third Officer
Joseph Cottier, Boatswain T. Behem,
Quartermaster F. Carlsen, Able Sea
men J. Webb and W, Cadness, Second
Steward D. Darnell and Second Cook
W. Martin. , '
In the German reichstag, Count von
Eardorff, leader of the free conserva
tives, condemned the sentimental Ger
man sympathy with Spain, and wel
oomed the appearance of the ."great
and vigorous American nation" among
the oolonizing powers. He said he
hoped that, in accordance with Bis
marck's principle, commercial ques
tions would ; be kept separate from
political relations, for, if this were
done, Germany could he on very good
terms with the United States. . ..
Colonel William J. Bryan has de
clared himself as opposed to expansion.
Spaniards opened ' fire on ' a Cuban
funeral procession in Havana, and
wounded several. One will probably
die. ; '.' , ... ;
By the explosion of a shell at Fort
Constantino, at Cronstadt, Russia, nine
sqldiers were killed and three officers
and seven soldiers wounded.
. By an explosion in the grist mill at
Pettysville, Nate Thomas and Clarende
Emmons were killed outright and Will
Markley was fatally injured. ;
i Chicago packers will spend a large
amount of money in ereoting immense
oold -storage plants in Santiago and Ha
vana for the reoeption and storing of
tuesh meat. .;)..
Five deaths ' occurred in Butte,
Mont., which are olaiuied to have been
oaused by the dreadful sulphur and
arsenic fumes from the smelters. Many
people who oan do so are loaving the
city to get out of tne smoke.
. It is probable that Secretary Bliss
will, within a short time, tender his
resignation to. the president. He has
had the step under consideration for
some time, deeming it necessary that
he should be free to devote more time
to his large business interests. ,
' The Brooklyn, Texas, Castine and
Resolute have been ordered to Havana.
While there is not the faintest desire
to convey a tlfreat in the dispatch of
these warships to Havana, it may be
noted that when they lie within the
harbor they will hold the town in per
feet subjection.
; The Clearwater Short Line. Railway
Company, which is the official title of
the branch Northern Pacific cut-off,
has filed certificates in the office of the
secretary of state at Olympia, designat
ing Thomas Cooper as its agent in
Washington, and showing the route of
the proposed road, now under construc
tion. ' ; .' ; ' . ;'
f Word has been reoeived from United
States Consul Allen that John C. Flan
agan, the confidential clerk of George
W. Lake, a rich merchant of Chemul
po, who Was murdered August 29, has
been sentenced by a consular couit to
Imprisonment for life. .; Flanagan had
been robbing his employer .systematic
ally and committed the orime to oover
up his misdeeds. ' '
Minor News Items. '.
The will of the late Edward Austin,
of Boston, bequeaths 11,100,000 to
public uses. . i '
The czar has recently issued an edict
ordering a trial by jury in Siberia
after January 1.
The British government has decided
to make a generous grant for the relief
of the distress and damage caused by
the recent hurricane in the West In
dies. .., -;
;;r.r;. (.--. LATER ; NEWS. -
Terre Haute Ind., was visited by a
million dollar fire. ....
. Three lives were lost and several in
jured by a fire and explosion at Fort
Adams, R. I. ; .
Ambassador Jules Cambon will sail
from Havre for New York on January
7, to resume his duties at Washington.
Senator Hanna has introduced in the
senate, and Representative Payne in
the house, a bill to grant subsidies for
American shipping. ,, .... ,;
When the president in his southern
tour readied Macon, Ga., great enthu
siasm was shown and the Confederate
veterans tendered bim a reception. ,
i About $700 in spurious coin was
captured in an Italian tenement-house
in Buffalo. Supposed counterfeiters
are under, airest in the persons of
Frank Perrel and Pasquale Antonach,
who were captured Saturday evening
while engaged in passing counterfeit
money. . ' - - .' .."
The National Casket Company, of
Pittsburg, Pa., has received from the
United StateB government an order for
4,000 caskets, the largest ' single order
of the kind ever given. The coffins
will be used for the purpose Of bring
ing to this country . the bodies of all
the soldiers killed in battle in Cuba, or
who died trom disease there. .
The agricultural appropriation bill
passed by congress contains a retalia
tory olause authorizing the 6eoretary of
agriculture to inspect imported artioles
dangerous to health, and also author
izing the secretary of the treasury to ex
clude such articles. The restriction is
designed to apply to a large number of
articles imported from foreign coun
tries., .,.,':,,.,:.;..,;, ' .. ...
A special from Washington, D. C,
says: There are seers who predict that
Uncle Sam will become the banker for
the world. Two Old World govern
ments, Russia and Japan, have turned
their faces to . the United States in
search of loans. Russia, at least, has
had agents sound American financiers.
This is the first time foreign nations
have sought to float great national
loans in America, and . the wise men
think it is the beginning of the new
era. '. . .-, , V ..
'At the Mozoro insane asylum, in
Havana, a horrible state of affairs was
discovered. One hundred and twenty
inmates, emaoiated and showing every
sign of starvation, are confined there.
Six months ago there were over 800 in
this asylum, but death and starvation
have reduced their numbers to about
one-seventh of that figure. The Span
ish government withdrew its frant,
and although money was raised for the
institution, oorrupt officials embezzled
most of it, leaving the patients desti
tute. ' ' .: :-. :,
At a meeting of the various religious
denominations held In London, the
czar's disarmament proposal "was in
dorsed. ; ... , t . '
Four persons were killed and others
seriously injured in Paris by the col
lapse of a house in course of construc
tion. It is feared that five bodies still
remain burled in the debris. . . '
Mrs. Mary Tutt Throckmorton, who
in her early 'life was a leader in Wash
ington society,, is dead from the effects
of inhaling illuminating gas which es-'
capud by accident in her room. She
was 88 years of age. , : '
. The British steamer Pawnee has ar
rived in New York from Mediterran
ean ports, and brought 10 ship-wrecked
people, eight men and two women, who
were taken from the disabled schooner
Deer Hill, .of St. John's, N. B., in
midocean. ' ' - . , ' ;
The navy department has made pub
lio a report from Admiral Schley cov
ering that part of the operations and
movements of the flying squadron
from its sailing from Key West for
Cienfuegos up to, but not including the
first bombardment. . ' ' '
, ' As a result of a coasting accident at
Tuitle oreek, eight4 miles from" Pitts
burg. Joseph West, aged 80 years, is
dead and eleven others are injured, two
seriously. The. sled collapsed at the
bottom of a steep hill and hurled the
party with great force in ''every direc
tion.' ; , ., '.-
Thomas Jones,, living near Greer,
W. Va., attempted to light a fire with
crude oil. An explosion oocorred,
wrecking the room, and the dresses of
his twin daughters, aged 4 years, ig
nited. He was too badly burned to
assit them, and they were so badly
burned that both of them died shortly
afterwards. ' , 1 '
Exports to Cuba are already begin
ning to show the effeot of returning
peaoe and the reopening of our ports to
commeroe. The October figures of the
treasury department bureau of statis
tics show a marked increase in the ex
Imports of the United States to Cuba in
nearly all articles, comparing Uctooer,
1898," with October, 1897.
1' The international anti-anarohistio
conference which has been in session
here for several weeks, has proved a
success. Great secrecy 1b maintained
regarding the .proceedings and conclu
sions, but the delegates seem satisfied
that they have laid a splendid founda
tion for a uniform system of dealings
with 'anarchists. The oonference de
clined to recognize anarchist outrages
as politioal orimes.
Leon Favier, who fought under the
great Napoleon, has just celebrated his
96th birthday at Philadelphia. ". f ,
The president of the municipal coun
cil of Paris has informed Mme. ' Sara
Bernhardt that the council has accept
ed her recent offer to take a lease of
the Theater des Nacions.
Preparations are on foot in Honolulu
to test the applicability of the United
States immigration laws to the Hawa
iian islands by the importation to the
cane fields of 1,000 Corean laborers.
Senator Piatt Speaks Against the Test
Washington, Deo. 21. The senate
had a busy day, and there were several
im portant speeches. : Piatt of Connecti
cut, spoke against the Vest resolution,
which declares that the United States
has no power to acquire territory. He
said that the power of a nation to . ao
quire territory was as inherent as its
sovereignty. The United States had
the right to govern suoh territory in the
best manner possible until the people
of the acquired lands were capable tit
self-government. .
Proctor of Vermont, and Hal ot
Maine, explained divergent views upon
the subject of a commission of senators
to visit Cuba. : Proctor thought Such
committee was necessary,, while Hale
said he thought it would be in extreme
ly bad taste, and useless. , ; '
'. The Nicaragua canal bill was up dur
ing the latter part of the day, and Sen
ators Berry, Allen, Hoar, ' Caff ery and
Morgan discussed the measure. ..-,
This was suspension day in the house
and several bills were passed, the most
important of which was the bill appro
priating $350,000 for the Philadelphia
exposition of 1899. The vote was ex
ceedingly olosej it had but two votes
more than the necessary two-thirds.
Bills were also passed under suspension
of the rules to authorize the distribu
tion of the assets of the ' Freedmen's
banki'-to enlarge the , scope of the fish
commission to include game birds; for
the relief of the Fourth mounted Ar
kansas infantry, and for the relief of
John W. Lewis, of Oregon.
Bailey of Texas, introduced a resolu
tion in open house, directing the ju
diciary committee to investigate and
report on the question as to whether
members of the house who had accept
ed commissions in the army had for
feited their seats in the house. , He
made the resolution the text for some
remarks, taking occasion to denounce
anew the statement that in his attitude
on this question he had been made a'
catspaw by Republicans jn the house.
He denounced the Republican who had
instigated the statement as an infa
mous liar, and challenged him to
father it. There was ho reply to Mr.
Bailey's statement, and the resolutions
were referred to the committee on
rules. , ,! '. . .-. ' . ,' , ' "
rolicy of Expansion Rooelves the Moral
, Support of That Nation.
, Seattle, Wash., Deo. 21. Command
er I. Mori, who is on his way to San
Francisco to take charge of the new
Japanese ' cruiser Chi lose, says ' the
policy of expansion whioh has been ad
opted by the United States receives the
most cordial moral support of the Jap
anese from sentimental and commercial
reasons.1 :" ": ": ' , i ' 'J
Commander Mori places Admiral
Dewey in the same olass with Admirals
Ito and Nelson. "He is not only a
great naval officer,'' said he, "but a
general and a statesman. " He did not
know Admiral Dewey personally, but
be saw the result of his work, having
arrived at Manila in command of the
cruiser NoniWa to look out foi the Jap
anese interests there. ' ; 1 . , .
Commander Mori thinks a' considera
ble portion of future oontracts for war
ships will be let to 'American firms.
One 'of the "principal reasons of ' this,
aside from the superior workmanship,
will be because the United States is
nearer to the home country, so that the
vessels oan be taken across the Pacific
without the long voyage thiough the
Suez canal or around the Cape of Good
Hope, v..., ' ' .. . : . 1 ' . .:'.; ''
.Two Americans' Unjustly Kept Under
Surveillance Jor Two Years. '!
'" Los Angeles, Cal.,' Dec 21. Charles
Nelson and H. K. Spring have just
reached this city from the United
States' of .' Colombia,' where for two
years they were held pnder surveillance
without i being granted a , trial, on a
charge of having killed Jason Hubbard,
August 27, 1896. :
They are both from Colton, and went
to South America and entered the em
ploy of Hubbard, whose dead body was
found on the date mentioned with a
rifle by its' It was thought that
he had aooidentally killed himself, but
Nelson and Spring were arrested on sus
picion, and imprisoned for 25 days,
when they were released on bail. They
oon'd not leave the country, but on
November. 4 their bondsmen secured
their release, and they at once started
for home. There was no evidence to
connect them with the death of Hub
bard. .," ' '';' '
Gold in Pike's Peak. , .
Colorado Sprigs, Colo.Deo. 21. A
strike of gold in the Strickler tunnel,
being driven through Pike's Peak to in
crease the water supply of this city,
has caused the most intense excitement
in Colorado Springs. : A splendid .vein
bearing large, quantities of , sylvanite
has been encountered by the contractor,
George W. Jackson,- and samples from
the find assay up into the thousands.
Today pieces of the ore were roasted,
and globules of gold were apparent in
the rock. . . " :; ; .-,. .
..The find is of importance to this city,
as the riches will revert to the city . of
Colorado Springs. ,, ,Vi- , ; ;
Experts who have examined the prop
erty say that millions of dollars' worth
of gold are contained in ' the rein en
oonntered.1 " ' "'
American Locomotives for Knglahd.
London, Dec.'21. The Midland Rail
way Company has ordered 28 engines
in Philadelphia and New York. - As a
consequence of the engineer's strike,
English firms are only able to cope
with arrears of work. ,, ; -jVi
'' Flag; Was lowered.-, .
Cairo, Dec. 2 1; Major, Marohand
and his party evaonated Fashoda during
the morning of December 11, when
the French flag was lowered and the
British and Egyptian flags were hoisted.
, . . ftatk xrhtti on the' SVw Dlirie?
If you have one of the new dimes,
you are carrying in your pocket a very
good pioture of Miss Ruth White, of
San ; Francisoo. . Miss White might
have sat to Uncle Sam's artist, the re
semblance is so close. Miss White was
a member of the Castle Square Com
pan'y last season. , 1 ,
The Enormous Oold Produot of 1898.
.From South Africa, the Klondike and
Australia gold Is being shipped In large
quantities. This year's output will nearly
double that of any previous twelve months.
The sale of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters
are also increasing very fast. , This famous
remedy will cure dyspepsia, indigestion,
constipation, nervousness and weakness.
'A medical , writer in India declares
that segregation of patients, the ony
effective way , of dealing with 'the
plague, is so repugnant to the Hindoos
that they prefer to' die by the million
rather than submit to it.
, . Strong; as a Steel Ramrod.
If' you want to feel your spine Is a
pipe stem ready, to snap, juBt get lum
bago. If vou want to feel as strong as
a steel ramrod, use St Jacobs Oil; it
has magic' ' ' - j .- . " " v
It is . estimated that all the gold
mined in California since 1848 could
be put inro a room 12 yards long, 6
yards wide and 6 2-3 yards high.
CT$ Permanently Cured. So flu or nerronsnes
III after first day's use of Dr. Kline's Oieat
Nerve Restorer. Bead for VRbB SS.OO trial
bottle and treatise. DR. B. H, iLLTNiS. litd.. WO
Axcn street, miadelptiia. Pa. ' , ,
Australia sends cocoanut oil to Eng
land.: . : .i .''
' For Lung and chest diseases, Plso's Cure
is the best medicine we have used. Mrs.
J. L. Northcott, Windsor, Out.. Canada.
.Thunder can be heard nine miles
away. . ', ' ." '. . .
By local applications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion ol the ear. There Is only one
way to cure deafness, and that is by constitu
tional remedies. Deafness is caoeed by an in
flamed condition of the nnoons lining; of the
Eustachian Tnbe. When this tnbe gets In
flamed you hare a rumbling sound or Imper
fect hearing, and when it is entirely closed
deafness is the result, and nnlessthetnflamma
tion can be taken out and this tnbe restored to
its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed
forever j nine cases out ot ten are caused by
catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed
condition of the macous surf aoes.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
circulars, free.
F. 3. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
. , Sold by DrnggistB, 75o. . ;
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
' Massachusetts claims to have more
different kinds of native trees than any
kingdom in : Europe; the number ex
ceeding 60, among tbem being nine
large oaks. . , ' ; , '
- ; ' Sinking- of the Merrlmao. w
' The complete story of the sinking of
the Merrlmao and the capture and im
prisonment of her crew at Santiago,
will' be graphically told in an article by
Osborn W., Deignan, U.-S. Navy, late
helmsman of the Merrimao, in the Jan
nary Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly,
now 10 cents, and to be published De
cember 24th. The story will be fully
and richly illustrated with authentic
portraits of Hobson and all the crew,
besides many new drawings especially
prepared under Mr.Deignan's personal
supervision. Other features promised
for the January Frank Leslie's are:
Bret Harte's new story "Jack Hamlin's
Mediation"; Joaquin Miller's "In a
Klondike Cabin") and : Thomas R.
Dawley's "Campaigning With Gomez."
Submits a List of Special Diseases He
, Treats With Electricity "
. and Medicine.
rhea, Stricture, Syphillis, Weakness of
Organs quickly, cured without pain or de
tention from business. ; . r
LOST MANHOOD and vigor quickly re
stored; varicocele, weak and undeveloped
parts fully restored.
LADIES who suffer from apathy, indif
ference, nervous debility or diseases pecu
liar to women, can consult the doctor with
perfect confidence. . -
BLADDER, Inflammation, Cystitis, Ca
tarrh of the Bladder. These diseases in
variably yield to this treatment.
VARICOCELE, Hydrocele, Piles, Fis
tula, Swelling and Tenderness of Glands,
and Shrunken Organs treated with unfail
ing Buccess.
KIDNEYS. Inflammation ' of the Kid
neys. Diabetes, Congestion of the Kidnevs,
Uraemia, Gravel, Stone, all scientifically
and successfully treated.
BLOOD AND SKIN Diseases, Sores,
Spots, Pimples. Scrofula, Syphllitio Taints,
Tumors, Rheumatism, Eruptions, etc.,
promptly -cured, leaving $he system in a
pure, strong and healthful state.,
. YODNG MEN, If you are troubled with
tired feelings, gloomy forebodings, palpi
Saw Mill and Mining Machinery.
Dealers In Flour Mill and Grain Cleaning Machinery and Supplies. Repalr
lng Promptly Attended to.
Don't neglect yourself; It is the
perfect fitting truss applied in
season which eftaota a era re; the
imperfect never; 2,000 styles to
select from enables us to guar
antee a fit, or no charge; If your
druggist does not keep them
write us for directions for self
measurement: correspondence
confidential and trusses sent se
cure from observation, to any
address; money refunded if not
satisfactory. C. H. Woodard
& Co., Expert Truss Fitters, 108
Second St., Portland, Or, .
, Makes the Muscles Strong.
From hard wOrk or excessive exeroisi
soreness and stiffness sets-in'fl'd lays
up, St. Jacobs Oil will Cure it Mter a
few applications and make the muscles
limber and strong.
Leather money circulated in Russia
so recently as the time of Peter the
Great. ';'', '
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination, but also
to the care and skill with which it ia
manufactured by soientifio processes
known to the. California Fio Svbup
Cft. rn1v. and WA wirK tn im-msm imnn
all the importance Of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
by the California Fia Syrup Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding, the worthies
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. The hisrh standing- of the Cali.
FORNIA Fia Sykitp Co. with thn mndl. '
eal profession, and the satisfaction,
which, the genuine Syrup of Figs haa
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. ' It ia
far in advance of all other laxatives,
as it acts on the kidneys, liver ana
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
the Company .
? ' ; BAN FltANClSCO, Cal. ?
, A big yield of both
profit and satisfaction
win result li you plant
are Always the bent.
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buy none but Kerry'i.
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seed Annual free.
- tow.
wwsa mm, m Keep It Right)
Moore's Revealed Remedy will do it. Three
doses will make you feel better. Get it front
your druggist or any -wholesale drug house, of
trom Stewart 6 Holmes Drug Co., Seattle.
Gut Rate
Drug Catalogue
- 4
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Woodard, Clarke & Co.. 'mpabtbbnt b.
tation of the heart, hot flushes, blood rush
ing to the head, ringing in the ears, wan
denng mind, weak memory, dark circles
under the eyes, dizziness, poor appetite,
ouuu.ui.coo, ucojjuiiucm.., mas ui energy,
ambition and self-confidence, which abso
lutely unfits you for study or business, you
should take treatment before it is too late.
There are thousands of von troubled with
weak, aohing backs and kidneys, and other
unmistakable signs of nervous debilitv and
premature decay. Many die of this'difn
culty, ignorant of the cause, which is the
second stage of seminal weakness. The
most obstinate cases of . this, character
treated with unfailing success. . ,
fieult breathing and suffoeating feeling,
fullness of the head, a tired, irritable, dis.
contented feeling and fear of impending
danger or death, a dread of being alone, or
the reverse desire to be alone,-, if your
memory is failing, and you aregloomyand
despondent, or if you dream much or often
and have an aversion to society, you arei
suffering from a serious disease of .-tht
nerves, brain and heart. You have no' time
to lose. Call at once on Dr., Darrin, at
265 Morrison street, Portland. Hours, 10
w5; evenings, 7 to 8; Sundays, 10 to 13.
Examination free and confidential. Cir
culars and question blanks sent free. No
cures published of a private nature. Bat
teries and belts furnished when necessary.
a abieiiMi wriug piease mention tnispapc,.
Nrf . .-" .
. "Best Wheels on Earth."
1899 Ideals $22.90, (25, $30. Send for catalogue.
Live agents wanted everywhere.
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ensoaarge, inflammations, '
ixii.auunji or uicera-tloLS DMugloa. Painless, and not astra
TheE80hemiolC2j gent or Poisonous.
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Circular semt on 'request. -
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N. P. N. V.
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mention tnis paper -
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