The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 16, 1898, Image 2

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    5ood Iftver (Slacierv
Published every Friday by
8. F. Blythk.
Terms of Subscription 81.50 a year when
paid In advance; $2 If not paid In advance.
The resignation of President Chap
man of the state university will de
prive that institution of a man whose
place will ho hard to fill. He is em
inently fitted for the position, and stu
dents and patrons of the university
generally regret that he is to leave it.
He is a man of too much independence
of character to court the good will of
any faction in any lines other than
that of duty. It is hoped the good
sense of 4 lie board ff regents will fill
Mr. Chapman's 'place with some one
outside the rings which have been
working for his removal. ,
Hon. J. W. Morton, being asked by
the Portland Telegram how he stood
on the state fair question, replied as
follows: "lam no longer in favor
of state aid for the Salem fair, nor-for
any of the district fairs. I dp not
believe these fairs accomplish the ob
jects for which they were createdj I
certainly should not object to the state
fair being held at Portland, If, as you
state, no appropriation will be asked
or given said fair."
The town council of "Wasco has
granted a saloon license in spite of the
earnest protest of 80 per cent of the
citizens. The Republic, the populist
paper of Sherman county, scores a
point when it prints, with pointed com
ment, the nine reasons in favor of
'Direct. Legislation by the People,"
written by Martin Rittinghausen near-
Representative Brlgham H. Roberts,
elected to the next congress from Utah,
Is a Mormon with three wives. It is
I 1 1. ... ! II .. 1. V. ! . L .. . . H.I..AB I-,.
pmu lie win in&e uio unco wivro iai
Washington, and' an effort will be
made to prevent his taking bis seat.
It would be a national disgrace to have
a congress with three wives
attending all the social festivities of
our gay capital. " .
, The Heppner Times endorses the
suggestion' of W. P, Watson that a
law I enacted to provide for the con
fiscation of one half the , possessions
of the man who kills another in mis
take for a wild animal, and says it
should receive the attention cf legis
lators, v .
The general business of the post office
department shows an increase' of over
$6,000,000 in the last fiscal year. This
department of the government is al
ways a good Index to the state of trade.
If Hood River gets a big saw mill in
its Christmas stocking Santa Claus will
be doing the fair thing by us. And
there will be no kick if she gets two
big mills. '
. The Dtifur Dispatch has changed its
form and done away with the' patent
outside. '
Prospects Good for the Big Mill.
Hood River has been considerably
agitated of late over the advent of cap
italists from Wisconsin who desired to
establish a saw mill' at the mouth of
Hood river, inside the corporation, and
Improve Hood river so that the val
uable timber at its headwaters might
be floated down the stream to the mill.
Capt. P. S. Davidson, a practical saw
mill man and owner of a large mill at
La Crosse, Wis., will move part of bis
mill to Hood River and set it up on
F. H. Button's land, on the East Side,
where the mill can receive logs also
from White Salmon and other points
along the Columbia. Obstacles that
at one time threatened to prevent the
establishment of this mill now seem in
a fair way to be removed and the work
will go ahead. :
The Hood River Lumbering Co., a
corporation that obtained a franchise
from the county commissioners two
jeare ago to control the river, claim
that their , franchise is still good and
that they will go ahead and build a
boom and drive, the river. This com
pany, it is stated, also claim to be ready
to put in a saw mill and that their
plant is already on the way here. On
the other hand, it is claimed that the
Hood River Lumbering Co. has for
feited all rights to the river by not ful
filling their part .of the contract, which
required a certain amount of work to
be done every year, the building of a
dam or boom, securing right of way.elc.
The Hood River Transportation and
Boom Co. organized last Saturday.
The incorporators are: P. F. Davidson,
jr., F. H. Button, G. D. Woodworth,
A. 8. Blowers, E. L. Smith, S, E.
Bartmess, C. A. Bell. Geo. P. Crowell
and D. McDonald. The directors elect
ed at the organization on Saturday
are as follows: P. F. Davidson, jr., G.
D. Woodworth. E. E. Savage, F. H.
Button and Geo. P. Crowell. The
board elected as officers: G. D. Wood
worth, president; F. H. Button, vice
president; E. E. Savage, secretary;
Geo. P. Crowell, treasurer. Executive
committee G. D. Woodworth, chair
wan ex-offlcio; F. H. Button and P. 8.
Davidson, jr. The capital stock of the
company is $10,000, of which $5,800 has
beeu subscribed.
Why We Take the Philippines.
We are taking the Philippine islands
from Spain because we have the right.
They are spoils of, the victor and a vic
tor's rights are coterminous with ids
power. We are taking them from the
Filipinos because we want them. Our
action has no other character than pur
veyance to our own desires. YVIiy
should we not candidly say so, and free
ourselves from the charge of sniveling
hypocrisy? All this talk about our
new responsibilities, thrust upon us by
t lie fortunes of war, and so forth, is
f(Mil talk. For what we do r don't
over there we are responsible to no
body. We could let go if we chose,
and if other nations chose to fake hold,
and should come to blows over what
we left, that would 1 their own affair,
not ours. , Nothing lias been thrust
upon us; we iiad not been pitchforked
into the van of the landgrabbers; we
have deliberately entered into the
t-quabble and elbowed our way to the
front. If we are really concerned
about the fate of Great Britain, Fiance,
Germany and Russia if we fear that
in precipitating themselves headlong
upon what we leave they may crack
their precious skulls, and in their greed
to grab it scratch one another's hand,
we can do as we propose to do in Cuba
give the natives selfgovernment un
der our protection. It does not greatly
matter what we do, but it greatl.v
matters how we do it. If we want
the Philippines let us hold them, but
let -us do so with dignity and self-respect,
giving no reasons or true ones.
It is well enough to understand that
national magnanimity is a lie; that na
tions act from no higher motives than
the desire to promote their own in
terest; that the basis of international
relations is selfishness tempered by
mistrust. The entire business of being
a nation is as innocent of morality as
that of a thief or a pirate. Diplomacy
is the art of getting what you can in
exchange for what you cannot.
These things being so. and generally
known to be so, what is the good of
gilding our honest greed with ' glitter
ing platitudes that deceive nobody, not
even'ourselves. To the Spaniards we
owe' no explanation; to yie Filipinos
we can make none; but to ourselves, in
the privacy of the newspapers, we
might with moral advantage admit
that when the savage Philippine
islands came running after us to bite
us we could have got away from them
if we had tried. Ambrose Bierce in
Educate otxr Bowels With Cascarets.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever.
100,86a. If C. O. C. fall, druggists refund money.
Talking Around the Earth.
With Edison all things' in the electri
cal field seem possible. His latest pre
diction is that people will soon talk
across seas and continents, he having
evolved a new plan full of wouderful
possibilities for a telephone around the
earth. It is to have mid-Atlantic sta
tions enabling conversation to be car
ried on around a 25,000 mile circuit.
This statement coming from the great
and successful electrical in ventor and
engineer has a great deal of weight and
will be received with the consideration
due one of the most wonderful men of
all time. In this age of electricity,
Edison's plan of carrying the human
yoiee around the earth is not so sur
prising today as the short distance tel
ephone was when introduced to the
public. Today the human voice is tel
ephoned from Los Angeles by way of
San Francisco and Portland to Spo
kane, a distance of about ,i)00 miles.
Had this been predicted fifty years ago
the man making the prediction would
have been credited with simply "talking
through his hat." We believe the day
is not tar distant when a merchant can
sit in Mi Portland office and talk to
his agent in Hongkong or Yokohama.
Indeed, this is a most wonderful age
more wonderful by far than the fabu
lous days of the ancients, whose strange
and imaginary exploits pale into insig
nificance in comparison with the pract
ical accomplishments and deeds of the
nineteenth century. Portland Times.
To Cure Coniit.lpHi.loii Forever.
Take Cascarets Candy Cathartic 10c or 250.
If C. C. C. fail to cure, druggists refund money.
The Girl Soldiers of McMitinville.
The members of company A, Second
Oregon regiment, at Manila, are mostly
McMinnville boys, and they have done
the handsome thing by their sisters
and sweethearts who are members of
the Manila Guards, the girl-soldier
company of McMinnville. The boys
have made, at Manila and sent home,
a silver medal for each of the girl-soldiers.
It is made from a new and shin
ing 20-cent piece, one side of which is
ground smooth, and has engraved on
it crossed cavalry sabers and the letters,
"M. G." meaning either My Girl or
Manila Guard. On the reverse side is
the Spanish coat of arms and denomi
nation of the piece. The pin is behind
a silver bar, on which can be engraved
the wearer's name, and the medal is
suspended from this bar by a red, white
and blue ribbon. It makes a very at
tractive and historically valuable
medal. The Manila Guards are keep
ing right up with their drills, but have.
recently lost one oi tneir number oy
marriage Miss Mercy Flesher. . They
now have 40 girls in the ranks, and
have received an invitation from Governor-elect
Geer to attend his inaugura
tion, which they will probably accept.
Beauty la Ulood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im-
Eurities from the body. Begin to-day to
anish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
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Cascarets, beauty for ten cents. All drug
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25e, 50c.
It pleases us to hear 'I lie 'Glacier
raise its voice against.peddlers of wormy
apples at the trains passing Hood River
station. . The Observer expressed its
views on this topic last August. There
is noobjection to boys peddling fruit, but
let them peddle good fruit, and there
will be more money In the business for
them and less disgrace for Hood River.
A favorable impression made upon the
writer 36 years ago by Father Coe,
handing Hood River peaches to pas
sengers on the boat, was clearly dis
pelled when it came to apples this
year. Moro Observer. .
There is at Hood River a little in
dustry that has as yet attracted but
little attention. It is the djstillery
started by Mr. itutzier, which 'is being
used to work up fruit that Is not mar
ketable. It will turn out several hun
dred gallons of apple-jack aud brandy
tuis tseasuu. iuuuuiuiueer.
A death blow has been struck the so
called Salem state fair by the national
trotiing association blacklisting it for
the nonpayment of purses. As horse
racing has for some years been the
chief, if not the only, attraction at the
stale fair, this act will most likely rob
it of its last particle of vitality. Port
land Telegram. ;
' The Trout Lake correspondent of the
Goldendale Sentinel says: "Messrs.
Siadleman and -Coate, viewers of the
resurvey of the Trout, Lake and White
Salmon road, returned home Saturday.
They report that the road will be an
excellent one when built on the new
survey; also will be much shorter than
the present road."
Pains in the chest when a person
has a cold indicate a tendency toward
pneumonia. A piece of flannel damp
ened with Chamberlain's Pain Balm
and bound on to the chest over the
seat of pain will promprly relieve the
pain and prevent the threatened attack
of pneumonia. This same treatment
will cure a lame back in a few hours.
Sold by Williams & Brosius.
The editor of this paper enjoyed a
very pleasant visit last week at Univer
sity Paik with W.fW. Bracken, a com
rade who served with him in the 22d
Ohio during the civil war. Thirty
four years had elapsed since last we
met, and reminiscences f the days f
'61-5 were gone over with a zest. W
also had the pleasure of visiting Dr
Hines and wife and found them cosily
situated at the university.
Don't Tobacco Suit and Smoke lour Life Anav.
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netic. full of life, nerve and vigor, take No-To-Bac,
the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. All druggists, 60o or tl. Cure guaran
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Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York.
A. Sad Week.
The year had gloomily begun
For Willie Weeks, a poor man's ' SUN.
He was beset with bill and dun,
And lie had very little ' " MON.
'This cash," said he, "won't pay my due:
I've nothing here but ones aud TtJES."
A bright thought struck him, and he said,
"The rich Miss Ooldrocks I will WKD."
But when he paid his court to her,
(She lisped, but firmly said, "No, THUR."
"Alas!" said he, "then I must diet
I'm done! I'll drown, I'll burn, I'll FRI."
They found his gloves and coat and hat;
The coroner upon them , SAT.
lve gentlemen or ladies to travel for re
sponsiblc.established house in Oregon. Month
ly 465 and expenses, Position steady. Refer
ence. Inclose self-addressed stamped envelope.
The Domiuion Company, Dept. Y, Chicago.
Notice of Assessment.
To theStockholdersof TheHoftd River Trans
portation and Boom Company: i .
Yon are hereby notified that an assessment
of 16 per centum on the capital stock ($1.50 per
share) has been levied, due and payable at
once, to be delinquent ten days from the date
of this notice. By order of Board of Direct
ors. Payable to Geo. P. Crowell, Treasurer.
Dated Decj 16, 1898. -' '
Bob Sleds.
A pair of heavy Bob Sleds forsale. Inquire
Three head of cattle, coming two years old.
Earmarked and branded Jj on right hip.
Will pay a reward for any Information con
cerning thenar S. W. CURRAN, Vlento.
120 Acres at Clatskanie
For sale. Oood house, 16 by 24; two acres
fenced; stream of water oh the place. Good
range for stock. Price 9400. Address Miss E.
Brettell. Woodstock, Or.; or, Mrs. W. H. Con
yers, Clatskanie, Or.
A half Jersey, red heifer, 2 years old; crop
ped on top of right ear and bottom of left ear.
dlfl . . c. I.. MORSE.
Turkey Shooting.
Turkey shooting will be held at Hood River
on Saturday, December 24th, commencing at
10 o'clock.
Carpet Weaving.
We have purchased the celebrated New
comb Fly-Shuttle Ijoom and are prepared to
do all kinds of carpet and rug weaving. We
furnish warp and weave for IS and 23 cents
per yard.
Call at Bone A McDonald's store and exam
ine our work. V. WINCHELL.
Jewelry and Watches
At New York prices. My Jewelry is tested be
fore leaving I he factory and is all gold-braced.
These goods are warranted to give satlsfac
tion. . , . i d9 C. II. TEMPLE.
Estray Notice.
Dark red yearling heifer, dark stripes on
sides, left horn drooped. Any knowledge of
the animal will be thankfully received by
d9 , G. R. CASTNER, Hood River.
Semi-Weekly Republic
; and Glacier
The Semi-Weekly REPUBLIC Is so well
known that about all that Is necessary to se
cure a subscription is to call attention to it.
It is the best general newspaper of its class
published, and has a larger circulation now
than any other news weekly or semi-weekly.
It has command not oniy of all the great
sourcesof news from the Daily and Sunday
REPUBLIC, but also receives the special ser
vice of the New York Herald and New York
Journal. The telegraphic and cable service
of the REPUBLIC and the papers mentioned
have never been equaled In the history of
journalism in this or any other country.
The special features and Illustrations are al
ways the best. More noted writers contribute
to Its columns than to any other pi.per of Its
class. It Is published especially to meet the
wants of that large class of readers who have
not the opportunity or cannot afford to read
a dally paper.
By a special arrangement made for a lim
ited time only, our friends will be given an
opportunity to take advantage of this liberal
Remember the offer, the Twlce-a-Week RE
PUBLIC, 16 pages a week, and the GLACIER,
both one year for only two dollars.
Address the Glacier, Hood River, Or.
Land Office at Vancouver, Wash., Dec. 7,
1888. Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
the Register and Receiver U. S. Land Office at
Vancouver, Wash., on Monday, January 16,
1899, viz:
H. E. No. 7521, for the lots one, two, three and
four, section 22, toWnship a north, range 10
east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
Amos Underwood. Edward Underwood,
George Duvenal and Henrv Kellendonk. all
of Underwood (Hood River P.O.), Washington.
uhjio w. k, jjyjsuAK, Kegisier.
140 Acres for Sale.
One hundred and forty acres of good land In
southwestquarter section 13, township2north,
range 9 east, W. M., known as the Charles t
V. Ilerger place. Good roomy house and
some fruit trees on the place. For price,
terms, etc., address or call on J. M. flunling
ton & Co., The Dalles, Or. d2
To close out my stock of Shoes More than two thousand dollars
' worth of shoes will be slaughtered. ' Come early and get your pick
of the stock at prices that ure almost' like giving them to you.
,1 mean exactly what I say, that the entire stock goes at prices
lower than you ever heard of before. ' I have un immense stock of
Shoes coming from the East, and I must close out what I have be
fore they arrive. '
Don't let your neighbors get all the bargains, for I will slaughter
Shoes as long as there are any in sight but only for' CASH.
Dealer in General Merchandise, Farm Implements, Lumber.etc.
Hood River, Oregon.
All Teams stop at Reciprocity Corner.
'f'i J . I . - ' '
s ; .V 1 wimJchMJ:
Hood River's IVSeat Market
: Buvs absolutely for cash sells absolutely for cash. In
other words, buys bargains and sells bargains.
Can handle your wood, butter, egirs, cabbage, potatoes,
onions, at a cash price,, and can yive in ezebange cash, or at
cash price, the BEST GROCERIES and the BEST
MEATS in the state. '
. Just, received, an extremely fine lot of sugar-cured
Hams, Breakfast Bacon, Heavy Side Bacon and dry Bait
Make cut-rate prices to purchasers whojbuy at onetime
$)0 worth of goods. ; '
Parties who have not yet bousrht yonr!winter supplies,
TAKE NOTICE It is your financial interest .to call aud
get prices before purchasing elsewhere;
Goods delivered to patrons in the city.
AND CASH ONLY, is what mskes prices so low on 1 .. i
Hardware, Harness, Doors, Sash, Paints, Oils,
Guns and Ammunition, ,
Stoves, Shoe Findings and Bike Supplies,
Weight, (I pounds; Price, IBo.OO.
Interchangeable tvpo. Visible
writing. Uses no ribbons.
M. S. & L.
Of Hood River can furnish comfortable conveyances to all parts of the valley and vicin
ity. Heavy draying and transferring done with care and promptness. v
Hereafter I will sell for CASH only or its equivalent. Regarding prices, will say that I
defy competition. Iam not afraid to meet competitive prices at any time. Meet me on Port
land lines and I will meet you with Portland prices. Call and see
25c 50c , SSSISW
' Photographer.
Gallery open three days iu the week Thurs
day. Friday and Saturday until further no
tice. First-class work and
All Work Warranted.
Wagon Repairing.
All kinds of wnsrnn repairing done" on short
Roliee and at reasonable prices, at the old
nogers mill in Frankton. C. H. ROGERS.
Does the same work equally as welt(if
not belter) than the more complica ed ,
and higher pujced machine.
A. A. LEWIS, Manager
Oregon Agency,
H72 Stark street, Portland.
EOT Send for Descriptive Catalogue.
:b m. e
Good Ranch for Sale.
Six miles below Hood Kiver, on the river
and railroad; well adapted for early fruit.
Strawberries and other small fruits on the
filace. Bearing orchard. Plenty of water for
rrigation. Also, good timber for lumber or
wood. For terms a pply to
ol4 CONRAD REPP, Hood River.
I Challenge
You to find better bargains than I now offer.
. SO acres In foot hills.
40 acres near town.
10 acres near town.
My property until sold,
nl T. It. COOX.
Bit. Hood Saw Mills,
Of the best quality always on hand at prices
to suit the times. jy24
M. F. SHAW, M. D.
' ' (Successor to Dr. Morgan) .
All Calls Promptly Attended
Office up stairs over Copple's store. All
calls left at the office or residence will be
promptly attended to.
Fresh Milk,
Areated and deodorized, 5 cents a
5 cents a quart.
The Glacier
i" .4 .
Hood River, Or. ?
Fruit Ranch for Sale.
40 acres, 2 miles from town. All kinds of
fruit; 2 acres in strawberries; natural water
privileges; bearing orchard. Terms reason
able. W. 3. CAMPBELL.
5 Acre Tracts.
Some of the most desirable places In Hood
River have been placed in my hands for sale.
Sixty acres for sale In five-acre tracts.
If you wish to buy or sell lands in Hood
River valley, call on or address
Real Estate Agent, Hood River, Or.
Lumber Wagon, 2 Inch
w ill sen part or an oi my raocn.
120 AcresTor.Sale or Eeit.
With good Improvements, 8 miles southwest
of town. Good school near by, good roads,
plenty of fruit and the best of land. Call ou
or address JOHN SIPMA.
Klondike Bakery.
I can supply people of Hood River with
f-esh bread, pies and cake after this date, and
will have on hand everything connected with
a bakery. M. H. NICKELSEN,
Marco 4, 1S9S. ,
Land Office at Vancouver, Wash'., Nov. 9,
1S(. Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settlers have filed notice ot their in
tention to make final proofs In support oi their
claims, and that said proofs will be made be
fore the Register and Receiver U. S.. Land
Office at Vancouver, Wash., on December 20,
1898, viz: .
H. E. No. 8205, for the east of northwest
and west of northeast section 'ii, town
ship 3 rortn, range 10 east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz: .
Daniel D. Underwood, Robert M. Clemens,
Joel T. White and Charles S. Bancroft, all of
White Salmon P. O., Washington.
H. E. No. 7772, for the northeast section 9,
township 8 north, range 11 east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
bis continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
Ira W. P. Rathbone, Joel T. White, Henry
Evans and Daniel D. Underwood, all of ".Vhite
Salmon P. O., Washington.
H. E. No. 8200, for the west of southeast M
and northeast of southeast y section 27,and
northwest of southwest H section 28, town
ship 4'north, range 11 east. W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of, said land, viz: .
Joel T. White, Robert M. Clemens, L. E.
Morse and H. C. White, all of White Salmon
P. O., Washington.
H. E. No. 8057, for the southeast section 9.'
townseip 8 north, range 11 east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
Robert M. Clemens, Joel T. White, Daniel
D. Underwood and Alexander Miller, all of
White Salmon P. O., Washington.
H. E. No. 7561, for the north of northwest X,
southeast of northwest Vt and southwest
of northeast hi section 10, township 3 north,
range li east, w. M.
He names the fwllowing witnesses U prov.
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz:
Robert M, Clemens, Joel T. White, Henry
Johnson and N; M. Wood, all of -White Sal
mon P. O., Washington.
Heir of Urben Bancroft, deceased, who made
n. E. No. 8497, for the southwest Vt section 8,
township 8 north, range 11 east, W. M.
. He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz: '
Howard C. Cook. Robert M. Clemens. Daniel
D. Underwood and Joel T. White, all of White
Salmon P. O., Washington.
H. E. No. 8045, for the southwest V section 3,
township 3 north, range 11 east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residenqp upon and cultivation
of, said land viz:
Alexander Miller, Daniel D. Underwood,
Robert M. Clemens and Ira W. P. Rathbone,
all of White Salmon P. O.. Washington.
nlldltf - W. R. DUNBAR. Register.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, Nov.
2, 1898. Notice Is hereby given that the
following-named settler has filed notice of
his intention to make final proof In
support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before Register and Receiver at
The Dalles, Oregon, on Saturday, Dec. 17,
1898, viz:
Of Hod River, Homestead Application No.
4880, for the east northeast JW section 7,
township 2 north, range 11 east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz:
F. M. Jackson, H. Lage, C. H. Wells and R.
E. Robertson, all of Hood River, Oregon.
n4d7 JAY P. LUCAS, Register.
U. 8. Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon.Nov.
80, 1898.-Notlce is hereby given t at in pursu
ance of Instructions from the Commissioner
of the General Land Office, under authority
vested in him by section 2465, V. 8. 'Rev.
Stat., as amended by the act of congress ap
proved February 26, 1895, we will proceed to
offer at public sale on the 14th day of January
next, at this office, the following tract of land,
to wit: NE N W)4 Sec.14, Tp.2N, R.11E.W.M..
containing acres.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are advised to file their
claims In this olllceon or before the day above
designated for the commencement of said sale,
otherwise their rights will be forfeited.
d2J6 JAY P. LUCAS. Register.
''' nnRVDICUTK An.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
L quickly ascertain, free, whether an Invention is
probably patentable. Communications strictly
confidential. Oldest agency for securing patents
In America. We have a Washington office.
Patents taken through Muiin & Co. receive
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