The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 07, 1898, Image 3

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    3ffod River Slaciei
The mail arrives from Mt. Hood at 10 o'
clock A. M. Wednesday aud Saturdays: de
parts ie same days a' soon.
r or uaenuwecQ, leaves afcn v. w. xueauays
ana aaturaavs: arriveH at. r. m.
for White Salmon leaves aMly at I P. M
Arrives at (I o'clock P. M.
. Prom White Salmon, leaves for Fulda, Gil
mer, rroui iaice ana uienwooa Monuays,
Wednesdays and b ridavs.
Laurel Rebekah Decree No. 87. 1. 0.
O. F. Meets first and third Mondays in eaeb.
month. jMKS.kl.oka jHAKTjUh;, jn. .
O. G. Chamberlain, Secretary. .
Canbv Post. No. IB. G. .1. R.. meets at A. O.
V. W, Hall, first Saturday of each month
atzo ciocK p. m. All u. A. it. memDers in
vited to meet with us.
FRANK NOBLE, Commander.
T. J. Cunning, Adjutant.
Canby W. R. C, No. 16, meets first Saturday
- oi eucn montn in a. u. u. w. nan, ai t p, in.
Mrs. aukks uuJNmiNi, rresiaem,
Mrs. Ubsftla Dukes, Secretary. .. ,
Hood River Lodsre. No. 103. A. F. and A. M
Meets Saturday evening on or before each
tun moon. ' ir. u. bhosius, w. m.
W. M. Yates, Secretary.
Hood River Chapter, No. 27, R. A. M.
Meets third Friday nivht of each mont h.
G. E. Williams, Secretary.
Hood River Chapter, No. 25, 0. E. S. Meets
Saturday alter eacn run moon.
Mrs. Rachel Heushneb, Secretary.
Oleta Assembly. No. 103. United Artisans.
meets second and fourth Monday nights of
each month nt hraterntty hull. jBrotnersana
sisters coraiany invuea to meet wnn us.
- A. P. BATE) t AM, M. A.
S. S. Gray, Secretary.
Wnucoma Lodge, No. 80, K. of P., meets In
A. O. U. W. Hall on every Tuesday night.
G. T. Prather, K. of R. & S.
Riverside Lodge, No. 88, A 0. U. W., meets
first and third Saturdays of each mouth.
J. F. Watt, Financier.
H. L. Howe, Reoo der.
Idlew.lde Lodge. No. 107, 1. O. O. F., meets
ta Fraternal hall every Thursday night.
O. G. Chamberlain, Secretary.
A few pairs of ladies' gaiters at the
Racket store.
Mrs. Dr. Barrett went to Portland
Tuesday morning.
Dr Whittaker, dentist, will be in
Hood River Oct. 12th.
Larov Purtuenter of Canly is visit
ing his aunt, Mrs. Alma Howe. .
Hon. J. W. Morton is chairman of
the house committee on horticulture.
Alfalfa seed,' white clover seed, red
clover seed, timothy seed, fresh, at
Bone & McDonald's.
r Mr. W.J. Campbell is laid up from
' the effects of a fall two weeks ago,
when lie liroke a ril.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Noble went to
Portland yesterday, to take in the ex
position and visit for a week or two.
Call early and have your teeth ex
amined by Dr. Bi'iiiamin. dentist, who
will be in Hood River Oct. 14 and 15.
The aged brother of Mr. C.G. Roberts
is quite sick. Dr. Hollisler came down
from The Dulles on Monday to attend
him. .
E. H. Plckard.piifnter and decorator;
estimates gratis; prices moderate; satis
faction guaranteed. Leave orders at
Glacier pharmacy.
' Miss Ruth Rigby has a good many
fine i-pecimens-of Indian arrow heads,
which she picked up during the past
fjuiumeron I lie Idlwilde property.
i. Hon. J. W. Morton's mother arrived
here last week and is visiting her son's
family. Next Monday all the family
will accompany her to her home at
tsalem. , . '
J. P. Neece of Moro, Sherman coun
. ty, advertises in the Glacier that he
has good pasture for stock and will
take horses to winter on reasonable
. . TV.- I a 11 At
Acme Steam (Janner over 100 quarts of
fruit, peas, beans and fish without the
loss of a single jar. Call and see the
caunerat S. E. Bartmess.'
Mr. Henry Hayes, nephew of Mrs.
CI' Koplin, arrived here from Nebraska
two weeks ago and now has charge of
Hon. J VV. Morton's ranch while the
latter is attending the session of the
,Captaln and Lawrence Blowers re
turned Monday from a trip to Golden
da.le, going by way of Grant fn their
own conveyance and traveling alto?"
....fKt.. nl...i,t ISA ...ilr... WI.a.. An..H
that very little rain has fallen above
The Dalles
Uncle Oliver Bartmess went fishing
oii his birthday, last Baturday, and
caught nine tine trout and a dolly vur
den. Although Uncle Oliver is now in
his ei gin ieth year he 'enjoys life'ias
much as any one and is one of the live
liest boys in town. ,
Dr. E. T. Cams, who was taken sick
with hemorrhage of the lungs about
six weeks ago aud has ever since been
. under the doctors' tare, is now mend
ing slowly. Last week he was moved
from the Mt. Hood hotel lo rooms in
Mrs. George P. Crowell's residence.
Members of A. C. church met last
Sunday, October 2d, and organized a
Sunday school, 29 persons being pres
ent. They met in the old armory hall,
and will meet every Lord's da at I
o'clock. Every one is cordially invited
to attend. Secretary.
' The pain of a burn or scald is almost
instantly relieved by applying Cham
berlain's Pain Balm. It also heals the
injured parts more quickly than any
other treatment, and without the burn
is very severe, does not leave a scar.
For sale by Williams & Brosius.
Zan Edwards' Tennessee Students
fave a good show in Hood River last
'riday night. The five singers and
, performers are colored, and three of
them were of the original Jubilee
Singers. Zan Edwards is a whole
show in himself. , ..
G. D. Wood worth is putting in a
new portable saw mill on Samuel Mc-J
.;artney's tiinoer claim. The tratne
tor the mill was put up by Fred Hertz,
and the machinery is now being re
ceived. The mill will cut about 25,000
feet of lumber a day.
Mr.. L. Nealeigh brought In a hand
some hunch of grapes, lat Thursday,
which he intended sending to 1 he ex
position but found that Mr. mith had
gone with the Hood River exhibit.
The bunch is not very large, but the
grapes are packed solid aud hide the
stem and weigh pounds.' Thay are
of the Black Hamburg variety.
Mr. Doug Langille was in town for
several days, unable to return to Cloud
Cap Inn on account of the deep snow
that fell there on the night of Septem
ber 2!)th aud at intervals since. The
storm on the mountain, he says, was
the worst . he ever saw. .Two feet of
snow fell aud the strong winds drifred
it in .planes nine feet deep. The roads
were impassable and Doug was detain
ed from going to the inn with his team
until Tuesday. Fortunately the tel
ephone kept in working order, though
snowed under in many places, and
Mis. Langille was enabled to commu
nicate with Doug. She had the as
sistance of Elmer McCray.
Drs. Sturdevadt & . Whittaker, den
tists, of The Dalles, have decided lo
open an ollice in Hood River. Both
gentlemen are graduates oi reputable
dental colleges, and beside this, are
men of experience. They intend mak
ing regular trips to Hood River. Dr.
Whittaker will he in Hood JKiyer on
Wednesday, October 12th, and will re
main several days. .
The Pine Grove school,! district 7,
will commence next Monday with
Troy Shelley as teacher. Mr. Shelley
is an old citizen of the valley, has
fterved six years as county school super
intendent, and no man is more com-
peteutto teach a uood school. The Pine
Grove school is to lie congraulated upon
securing the services of Mr. Shelley.
Dr. R. W. Benjamin, dentist,of Port
end, was in ' Hood River last Friday
and Saturday and sent out bills an
nouncing that he would open an omce
at the Mt. Hood hotel and make fre
quent visits to attend, to the wants of
our people in his Hue. lie comes well
recommended. .
Please hear. in mind that Bradley's
gallery will be open on Thursdays. Fri
days and Saturdays only during the
coming fall and winter. Mr. Bradley
is now taking orders for enlarging
photos and will give other days of the
week to this work.
A petition was presented tothecoun-
ty court at its session this week, asking
that Hood river be made a public high
way. Commissioner iivans was in
structed lo procure the necessary right
of way, and his report will be present
ed at the next term ofacourt. ..
The Travers Book and Curio club
met last Friday evening, and after the
i-eadiugor tne minutes or the previous
meeting it was moved and, seconded
that the club adjourn until next Fri
day evening, Oct. 7th, at 7 o'clock, and
t lie motion carried.
Mr. Chas. Davis has bargained to
sell his 80-aere place on the East Side
lo u. A. wyman lor S.OUU. Mr. Uavls
aud family will move to his ranch near
Kingsley, 25 miles south of The Dalles.
The ladies of the M. E. church will
hold a pie festival on Friday evening
of this week in A. O. U. W. hall. Ev
erybody come and uet a lunch on pie
and other good things. All for 10c.
Mrs. C. L. Gilbert, son and duuahter,
are expected home next week. They
have been visiting in the East since
July. Mrs. Gilbert's mother died at
Peru, Indiana, September 17th..
The Truvers literary club met last
Monday evening at Dr. unti Mrs. Watt's
residence. There was a good attendance
and all enjoyed a pleasant evening.
Mrs. Allard read theesay.
Last Friday the eighth and ninth
trades of the Hood River public school
iiad a spelling mutch in which Percy
Logsdon won the prize a box of
choice candies.
Mr. C. H. Stranahan is rjrenarinff to
build a dwelling house and a barn on
his ranch in Sherman county, and in
about six weeks wi'il move there with
his family.
Mr. W. J. Campbell hus resigned as
supervisor of the Frankton road district
and J. r. Armor has been appointed
by the county commissioners. .
Mr. J. L. Atkinson of Portland is in
town. He is itist recovering from the
effects of a fall, by which mishap he
broKe lliree bones in ins toot.
The first frost of the season spread
itself over the valley on the morning of
October fitu. Ice covered the mill
pond at Woodworth's mill.
Dr. Benjamin, dentist, will be in
Hood River Oct.. 14th and 15th, at Mt.
Hood hotel. All those desiring dental
work should call early.
The Barrett school, PI. L. Howe
teacher, commenced operations Mon
day with 40 DUDils asrainst 32 first dav
last year. j
-EVS, Udell returned from Wasco
'uesday. He says there has not been
enough rain in Sherman county to lay
the dust. . :
The continued rains have damaged !
the prunes that remained on the trees.
us well as the apples that were on the
ground ,
Miss Alice Frazier, who fe attending
school in Portland, came up on the
boat last Friday for a short visit at
Dr." Olive Hartley of Wasco is snend-
Ing.a few weeks at Hood River, visit
ing her brother, Col. O. B. Hartley,and
Mr. and Mrs. Josenh Purser spent
last week in Portland, visiting friends
and attending the exposition.
John L. Henderson hus been suffer
ing from blood poison, caused bv a
slight cut on his knuckles.
Only first-class work done by Dr.
Benjamin, dentist.of Hood
River, Oct. 14th and 15th.
F. M. Jackson and W. A. Lockman
are among those reported on the sick
list with the grip. i
Station Agent Clark is carrying bis
neck in a sling , while nursing one of
Job's comforters. .
Grand show of new heating stoves at
Denzer'sat prices to accommodate the
poor and rich.
8. J. LaFrance went to Portland
Tuesday to see the exposition and buy
new goods.
Miss Hester Howe, who is teaching
the Vieuto school, spent Saturday at
A spelling bee was held at the resi
dence of'Capt. Dukes Wednesday eve.
Win, Yates, P. M., is authorized agent
for all newspapers and periodicals
Mrs. T. J. Cunning went to Portland
yesterday for a week or ten days' visit.
Harness oil that makes your old har
ness look like new, at Denzer's.
Col. Hartley returned on the boat
yesterday from The Dalles.
E. D. Calkins returned from his
Klickitat ranch yesterday. -
About 150 pupils are now enrolled in
the Hood River school. ,
Our "Fast Mall" working shoes
This is a bargain, and they will not last long. No fake about
it. Usual J2.25 shoe now $1.85.
, Few fall weight Boys' suits, to close, at $1.10.
Meu's Pants, Neverwearout brand, 95c. .
Our prices on everything, shoes, notions, corsets, shirts, belts,
. laces, etc., can't be beat anywhere. We can prove to you by their
catalogues that our prices are far below the Portland department
stores. And, besides this, our Bhoes are warranted. ' v
Mr. E. J. Foley of Lane county,
nephew of M. Foley, has been visiting
bis uncle with his family. He likes
Hood Riverandexpeetstocotneback in
the spring to make his home here.
Mr., G. W. Backus came up from
Portland Tuesday and will remain at
Hnod River for the winter. ;
Lambs' .wool slipper soles at the
Racket Store.
Mr. C. L. Aubel is moving to Port
land. R. M. Hunt and family returned
from the Yakima hop fields on Mon
rln v. Tliev o-Hthel'pd in tliA shekels at
the rate of$5 a day for a family of flveK"6 ra"8 to an.d.
tt.. Z.a ji7Kif-, BiVnianent cure. Dr. Reason would ret-
Underwood Brothers of White Sal
mon have sold to E. C. Goddard of
Portland their old homesteads, consist
ing of 820 acres, for $B,000. They still
have half a section left, some of the
most productive land on the Columbia.
Read of His Own Death.
Mr. Fred Hertz will make final proof
on his homestead at The Dalles land
office next month. Mr. Hertz about
three years ago bad an experience that
not often happens. He read of his own
death aud was mourned by his friends
as having crossed the dark river. The
circumstances of his reported death
were as follows: He had met with an
accident in a saw mill and received in
juries to his head which caused loss of
memory, ana lie sometimes was uuanie
to recognize acquaintances. Realizing
that something was wrong with him,
without saying anything to his friends
he decided to go to Portland and con
sult the advice of physicians. None of
his acquaintances saw mm leave, out
1 he last seen of him he was sitting on a
rock on the river bank near Vieuto.
A few days after his disappearance the
body of a man was found washed
ashore on a point of land some distance
below Viento, on the opposite side ot
the river. Some of his most intimate
acquaintances pronounced the find the
bony or .Fred Hertz. Hertz read oi nls
death in the Oregonlan. After spend
ing a few days in Portland he went to
California and placed himself under
the care of the skilled doctors in the
asylum at Stockton. The doctors tre
panned his skull and he got well. On
returning to Hood tuver be found tnat
Ids old neighbors had believed the re
port of bis death. His cabin had been
broken into and all his personal prop
erty, including a kit of millwright
tools, and even the top of his cook
stove, was carried off. His trip to Cal
ifornia cost hun $o00, but he will never
begrudge the money, as he is now a
sound man and his memory is as good
as ever.
Beauty Is Ulood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im-
Eurities from the body. Begin to-day to
anish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Cascarets, beauty for ten cents. All drue-
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
Gone East.
Jucge L. Henry and wife left on
Tuesday night's train for their old
home at Hastings, Nebraska. The
judge is one of our most prominent
citizens and successful irmt growers.
From his residence block in town,
about three-quarters of an acre, he sold
strawberries, blackberries, peaches,
cherriw, pears and vegetables to the
amount of $184.50 the present season.
Besides this he shipped 50 crates of
prunes for which he has not yet got re
turns. If any fruit grower or rancher
in Hood River or vicinity can beat this
record for a small piece of land we
would like to hear from him. The
judge is an old soldier and served three
years in the civil war. He is a past
commander of Canby post, G. A. R.,
and is at present quartermaster of the
post, an; office lie has held for several
years and for which he is eminently
qualified; Canby post would be poor
indeed without Judge Henry to look
after its finances. The judge is a leader
in the populist party of the county and
state, but never was a fusionist. He
always pays for his Gi-ACIR in advance,
and we wish we had many more popu
list subscribers like him. His friends
are glad to know that be and bis good
wife can enjoy a trip East and a visit
to the Omaha exposition and hope
they may return safe from that country
of cyclones and-blizzards before snow
' Don't Tobacco Spit and. Smoke lour Life lnT.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag
netlo, full ot life, nerve and vigor, take No-To-Boo,
the wonder-worker, tliat makes weak men
strong. All druggists, 60c or SI. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet, and sample free. Address
Sterling Remedy Co. , Chicago or New York.
Among the many things that should
receive consideration at the hands of
our legislators is the matter of our road
laws. They do not need revision; they
should, tie discarded and an entirely
new system devised. Pjineville Jour
nal. J.
The second ballot ut fealem, on Wed
nesday, resulted same ins the first 36
for Corbet t, balance sciittering.
for men we have cut the price to
Three Doctors in Consultation.
From Benjamin Franklin.
"When you are sick, what you like best Is to
be chosen for a medicine In the 11 rut place;
what experience tells you Is the best, to be
chosen in the second place; what reason (i. e.,
theory) says is best to be chosen In the last
place. But if you can get Dr. Inclination, Dr.
Experience and Dr. Reason to hold a consult-
anon logemer, tney win give you tne oesi aa
vice that can be taken."
When you have a bad cold Dr. In
clination would recommend Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy because it is
pleasant and safe to take. Dr. Expe
rieuce would recommend it because it
never fails to effect a speedy and
ommend it because it is prepared on
scientific principles, and acts ou na
ture's plan in relieving the lungs,open-
mg uie secretions ana restoring tne
system to a natural and healthy condi
tion. For sale by Williams & Brosius.
County Endeavor Convention.
The fifth county Christian Endeavor
convention was held at The Dalles
October 1st and 2d. The following so
cieties were represented by delegates,
namely: Union of Dufur, Congrega
tional and Christian of The Dalles,
Christian and Congregational of Hood
River. Mrs. John Wilson, Mr. and
Mrs. H. C. Bateham and Miss Mellie
dinger were present from Hood River.
The principal addresses were delivered
by Rev. J. H. Wood, Rev. Mr. Boltz,
and Rev. D. V. Poling of The Dalles.
H. C. Bateham, president; Mrs. Hart
ley, vice president, and Mrs. J. F. Ar
mor, junior superintendent, are the of
ficers chosen from Hood River. The
next convention will- be held about
.May 1st, in the Congregational church,
iooa Kiveij .
Educate Tour Uonrel. Wit h Cascarets.
Candy Cathartic, ure constipation forever.
100, 25c If C. C. C. fail, driieiiim.a refund money.
'List of Letters
Remaining uncalled for in Hood River
postofflee Oct. 1, 1898.
Backes, J J
Brown, Harry .
Brown, H
Davis, Miss Ethel
Edwins, Mary
Francis, Albert F
Johnson, Mrs J S
Jolex, Mrs Ida
McBee, Ed
McMurry, Samuel
Marshal, W D
Marshal, Mrs Ella G
Potter, Mrs H B
Rand, J C
Reed, A F
Sun berg, Fred
Southwick, R H
Williams, F
In Hood River valley, September 28,
1898, to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ellis, a
In The Dalles, September 28, 1898, to
Mr. aud Mrs. Albert Henderson of
White Salmon, a daughter.
In Hood River valley, October 1,
1898, of diabetes, Roy, son of B. F.
Shoemaker, aged 16 years.
Roy Shoemaker was a youth of more
than average intelligence and gave
promise of a bright future. He was
taken sick at Goldendale, where be
was imployed on the Sentinel, and
about a month ago came home to re
cuperate but disease had taken a firm
hold and he grew gradually worse un
til his death last Saturday. By special
request of deceased, Superintendent
Gilbert, his former teacher, came from
The Dalles and delivered a short ad
dress at the residence, and Mr. T. J.
Cunning spoke briefly at the grave,
Capt. P. 8. Davidson and wife left
on Monday for their home in Wiscon
sin. They expect to return to Hood
River and have not yet given up hopes
of the early removal of all obstacles
to the building of the big saw mill.
Mr. B. Warren has sold his Oakdale
property to Mr. David N. Byerly for
600 dollars.
No-To-Bao for Fifty Cent.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes weak
men strong, blood pure. 60c, tl. All druggists.
We have just received our fall stock
of millinery, consisting of trimmed
and walking hats, turbins, French bon
nets, baby bonnets and trimmings of
all kinds. Miss Alice Graham will,
have charge of this department and
will be pleased to see her friends and
old customers. R. Rand & Son.
Are You Interested?
The O. R. & N. Co's new book on the Re
sources of Oregon, Washington and Idaho Is
being distributed. Our readers are requested
to forward the addresses of their Eastern
friends and acquaintances, and a copy of the
work will be sent them free. This is a matter
ALL should be interested In, and we would
ask that every one take an interest and for
ward such addresses to W. H. Uurlburt. Gen
eral Passenger Agent, O. R. & N. Co.,Fortland.
Everything In my store In the line of dishes,
stationery, school books, school supplies and
confectionary is offered for sale at prices that
defy competition. . I must make room for
Christmas goods.
bone & Mcdonald,
Successors to Wolfard & Bone.
Grerxerstl 2v ercliaii dise,
Also, a full line of Groceries.
For Drugs, Drug Sundries,
7 Patent Medicines and Toilet Articles.'1
Also, Paints, Oils and Wall Paper.
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded.
I have opened a choice lot of Groceries In the store room formerly occupied by the Hood
River Pharmacy. Will also deal In Flour, Feed, etc. .
Onr eroods are all new and choice, and we will aim to keen the best at all times. O.ulck
sales and small profits will be our motto. Come
Successor to E. L. Smith Oldest Established House in ths valley. J
' ' ' DEALER IN . V
IDr3r G-oods, Clot!b.Ian.g:,
.. ; AND ;: . : ' .
G-eneral ZLercDn.a,:n.d.Ise, ;
Flour, Feed, Etc., Etc.
Kitchen Furniture, '
Pruning Tools, Etc.
We have a new and complete stock of hard
ware, stoves and tinware, to which we will
keeD constantly addinsr. Our prices will con
tinue to be as low as Portland prices.
Repairing Tinware a Specialty.
Planet Junior band and horse
Studebaker Wagons.
Canton Clipper chlUeBdte,e?d '
Plows & Cultivators,
All styles and sizes.
For Repairs
Give me a call.
Extra Shares
and Plow Parts
Always in stock.
Attorney-at'Law, Abstracter, Notary"
Public ana Meal ,staie Agent.,
For 21 years a resident of Oreiron and Wash
ington. Has had many years experience in
Real Estate matters, as abstracter, searcher of
titles and agent. Satisfaction guaranteed or
no charge.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.
United States Land Office, The Dalles, Ore
gon, Aue.23, 1898. Notice is hereby given that
incompliance with the provisions of the act
of congress of June 3, 1878, entitled "An act for
the sale of timber lands in the states of Cal
ifornia, Oregon. Nevada and Washington
Of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has this day filed in this office his sworn
statement No. 125, for the purchase of the
northeast yi of northeast of section No. 21,
in townsnip i norm, range ino. v e.,vy .oi., ana
will offer nroof to sbow that the land sought is
more valuable for its timber or stone than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim to said land before the Register and
Receiver of this office at The Dalles. Oregon.
on Saturday, theVth day of October, 1898.
He names as witnesses: Fred Kantz. Frank
Davenport, Fred Hetz and John Nickelsen.all
of Hood River, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
tneir claims in mis omce on or oeiore saia
28th day of October, 1898. .
azrozs jai r, liUUAB, itegister.
Pasture for Stock. ,
I have good pasture for horses. Plenty of
water. 400 acres of grain stubble and 800 of
bunch grass. Terms reasonable. ,
sawn," j. . Kimun;, mot", ur.
Harbison Bros., Prop'rs,
Manufacturers of
Dressed and
Flour, Feed and all kinds of cereals ground.
Whole Wheat Graham
a specialty.
O OD RIVER. - - - - - - -' OREGON.
and see us.
Navigation Co.
Through Freight and
Passenger Line.
All Freight Will Come Through
wnnour ufiiav. .v
Leave The Dalles............. ft.45 a. m.
Leave Portland , 7.00 a. m.
One way .; $1 50
Bound trip , 2 50
Freight Rates Greatly Red ucd
W. C. ALLAWAY, - '
General Agent.
Time Schedules.
Dkpaet Fr'm HOOD RIVER , Abkivb
10:44 p.m.
Salt Lake, Denver, FnsP
Ft Worth.Omaha. Mall
Kansas City. St.; 4:2il a.m.
Louis, Chicago
ana me r.asi.
Walla Walla, Spo-
4:45 p.m.
St Paul, Duluth,
Milwaukee, Chi
cago and East.
Fljvr .
7:45 a.m.
Dalles local
daily ex.
10:45 a. m.
12:45 p. m.
Dalies local
dally ex.
H:4ii p.m.
Sunday. '
4:(IK p.m.
8 p.m.
KJcean Steamships
4 p-m.
All sailing dates sub
ject to change.
For San Francisco
Sail Oct. 2.5,8,11,14,17
7 p.m.
To Alaska-
6 p.m.
Sail iSept. 17.
8 P.m.
Columbia River ! . 4 m,
. 8TEAMEHS. !l?.v.iini!n--
Ex. Sunday
10 p.m.
To Astoria and way.
Willamette River. 4-n m
Oregon City, New- Ex'-Suiiday-berg.Salem
fe wayi
landings. ,
6 a.m.
Ex. Sunday
WlI.I,AMET1Ti ANO () p m
7 a.m. Yamhill Rivers. jy,jn Svd.
Tues. Thur. Oregon'Clty.Dnytoni aIll'i j,'ri.
and Sat.
and way lundingti.!
6 a.m.
Tues, Thur.
and Sat.
Willamette River. 1 t-m ,n
Portland to Corval- TuP8.,Thiir.
ilea ffuj muuiugQ. ana pat.
1:45 a.m.
dally ex.Sat,
Snake River, 's-jt.,. m .,1.
T .' 1 .AM'lufM
Riparia to Iewiston ex'ricoy. 1
Gen'l Pass. Agent, Portland, Or
E. B. Clark, Agent, Hood River.
Skin Diseases.
For the speedy and permanent enre of
tetter, salt rhenm and eczema, Cham
berlain's Eye and Skin Ointment is
withont an equal. It relieves the itch
ing and smarting almost instantly and'
its continued use effects a permanent
cure. It also cures itch, barber's itch,
scald head, sore nipples, itching piles,
chapped hands, chronic sore eyes and
granulated lids.
Dr. Cadys Condition Powders for
horses are the best tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge. Price, 25 cents. Soldbjr
For sale by William & 1.'.'o,.uk