The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 27, 1898, Image 4

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This is
It will
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Hood's Sarsaparilla and begin to
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Warehouse Fired by si Metoor.
. An extraordinary aocideht Is reported
from Austria. Some extensive ware
houses were destroyed by fire lately at
Flume, the result, as was believed, of a
Btroke of lightning. It is now reported
that in clearing the debris a great
meteorlo stone, weighing four tons,
was discovered imbedded in a deep pit
among the ruins, and the experts have
decided that the premises were set on
fire by the glowing stone.
Careful measurements prove that the
average curvature of the earth is 6.99
inches to the statute mile.
The policy of this country regarding foreign
complications seems likely to remain conserva
tive. The Monroe doctrine, according to the
.declaration of onr leading politicians; will bo
'sustained, bntpatitnceand prudence m official
iquarters will restrain the exuberance of public
opinion. The wisest and most prudent course
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Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which also cures
kidney oomplalnt and dyspepsia.
It is estimated that 400,000 larks
ara onlfl vnarlv fro fr,rvl at f.Kft TiAftflan.
hall market, London.
ceiving large Invoices of the celebrated Htough
ton wagons. These are superior to any ever put
upon this market. Before buying a wagon cull
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' foot of Morrison street, Portland, Oregon.
The time required for Niagara to cut
its gorge has been variously estimated
at 7,000 to 83,000 years.
1 Ptso's Core for Consumption has saved
me large '(doctor bills. . C. h. Baker, 4228
Regent Sq.I'hiladelphia, X'o., Deo. 8, IB.
The elephant does not amill with
his trunk. His olfactory" nerves are
'contained in a single nostril, whioh is
in the root ol tne moutn, near the rront.
i ...
The barking of a dog on the earth
nan be distinctly heard by a ballonist
at an elevation of four miles. . , :
;pleorisy. l;
A powder to be shaken into the- shoes,;
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vous, and hot, and get tired easily. If you
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The prefix "O" before so many of the!
names of Iilsb families is an abbrevia
tion of the word, "ogha," meaning
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Personally Conducted Excursions.
ow Kates.
14irect lino to Tranft-lKfSflf ssippl and
Iti&ernatloiial Exposition held In Omaha,
NebrAska, June Co November.
Write. undersigned for rates, time tables and
ltilormatlon pertaining to Union Pacillo
R. V. BAXTER, Getut Agent,
133 Third fit., Portlands Oregon.
WILL t F1HCK CQS KSffio?.1"
Plain or with Cutter. The best needle In the mar
ket. Used by all sack sewers. Ifor sale by all gen
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820 Market Street, San FranclBCO, Cal.
nunc L,,muL lit iTi cioc t.ili
bunco'Dncnc ll elol rniLO. sr,
wnign oyrup." iaates ucoa. use ft
,ime. hold by oruggtats.
mmt rap tigkets
w ' via nia 1
Kl Best
NROLL the tattered
battle Hugs, bring
Out the bfo and
Let the funeral bells
be tolled and let
the voice of hate
be dumb;
Shut the shop and took
the office, bid them
stop the noisy
Tor a ghostly army
passes and a
mourning nation kneels.
Knools to pray and scatter blossoms under
neath their measured tread,
And stoops to bless the spectral pole bat
talions of the dead.
Once was weeping In the village, once were
tears like winter rain,
When that grand old army matched away
and came not beck again,
there was music In the bugle bloet and
music n the air,
But death was In the too of battle, battle
'Mid the thunder ot the cannon and the
shriek of shot and Bhell,
In the shouting ot the bluecoots and the
growsome rebel yelL
"Mid the rattle of the musketry, their com
rades' dying cheer, :
Blory crowned the war-worn veteran and
eager volunteer.
And now the grim old pensioner, whose
ranks are thinning fast, .
Plghts all his battles ovet, from the first
, onto the last.
Dull Run to Appomattox, from Atlanta to
the sea.
Each tells a different story, but the stories
air agree,
And we who stand and listen feel crar eager
pulses thrill.
As they ten the tales of slaughter and we
see tbem living still.
And our hearts beat fast and fastef ret
against a cruel fate,
Fhat for the cause of war and anus our
Souls were born too late.
Out the graves are heaped with blossoms
and the pensioners are fed,
Por we honor still the living, and cannot for
get the dead. .
Edwin S. Hofiklns. ,
THOMAS JUDD, Jn., was perched
on tbe school house fence, waving
his arms wildly and talking, ns he
usually talked, o toe top of his voice.
But Tommy's ojudienoe didn't mind his
voice in the least; and beside, they were
very much Interested tn what be had to
my, so they were all listening Intently.
Little Willie Lamkin, who was lamo,
at quietly on an old tree stump, his
crutches by his side, and looked wistfully
ftp into Tommy's fuoo as ha went on with
the story.
It was a Jotifl story, all about n Memo
rial Day parade which Tommy had seen
last year; aiiid'as none of tlcse village
school children had ever seen a Memo
Hal Day parade, you ean imagine bow
pleased thoy wore to bear this interesting,
though noisy account.
Tommy had told them all Qbotit tho
Unos of matching men, the bands of mu
sic, the waving flogs and the swoet (low
ers on a hundred Brave soldiers graves,
md now wound on by asking:
"I say, why:onn t we have a parade to
morrow, ourselves? Tho girls can cot the
Sowers, I'll bring my drum, and we'U
stmj to mahe the rest of the music; and
I'll borrow Vm$b Jim's Qag. Won't It
be glorious?"
, With the final word Thomas givvo a-n
extra (lap which landed him po the wroig
side of the fence, right on his back. Noth
ing was ever known to hurt him, so he
walked qiiictly hi through the gate, set
tling his oop on bis tousled bnir, and ask
ed, "Now what do you say to it?"
"Pretty good." answered little Charlie
Sprout; "but whore's your graves?'
Buro enough, Tommy hadnt thought pf
that. Ho scratched his head slowly, and
went and looked over the wall which di
vided the little tangled graveyard, ne they
called It, from the schoolyard. The oth
er children Joined him one hy one, even to
little Lamkln on hie crutches. They all
stood In solemn line and looked 6 ver the
Bid stone wall into the peaceful place.
They wore at) very still that the robins
and bluebirds didn't mind them a bit, and
kept on wlth'their twitter and flutter
among the bushes and over the quiet
mounds. Softly the children trooped back
again, and it was a few minutes before
tny one spoke. Then it was l'ommy, who
said, quite mournfully:
"Yes, all the soldiers m our place eame
back alive, didn't they?"
"Anyhow, my father was shot in both
legs!" piped np Mary Lee.
"Well, he didn't die," replied Tommy;
and all the children looked quite reproach
fully at Mary.
But ft happy thought came to one of the
little girls. There was, on the main road
of this village by tho sea, a square gran
ite stone placed there many years borore,
in memory of a young soldier who had left
the war with, wounded lungs, and had
Come home to die. When he could go no
farther in the Jolting stago conch he beg
ged to be left to lie by tbe fresh, green
roadside, under a beautiful tree, and here
he died in his brother's arms.
The telling of his simple story had al
ways. filled the children with awe. They
never pnssed the place without reading on
the plain headstone his name and tho date
f his sad death. Thoy could not do much,
but here was a little thing they could do
fo one bra-ve soldlet, wnora they bad
never seen but whose name they loved.
So the next dny, which was Memorial
Day, the neighbors looked ont on a queer
little procession, headed by Thomas Judd,
Jr., beating lustily on his drum, and end
ed by " little lame Lamkln with his
crutches. And because he had no hand
free to carry his flowers, as the rest of
the boys and girls did, Mary Lee had
made a beautiful wreath of purple and
white lilacs and placed it about hi neck.
There were tn all three boys and flr
girls, with arms full of flowers. As they
marched they sang "Onward, Christian
Soldiers," because they thought that was
most appropriate. It was all about war
and soldiers and marching, and they sang
lustily, while the drum beat, and Charlie
Sprout, in the middle of tbe line, shook
Uncle Jim's flag.
When Lamkln's lovely wreath was put
over the top of tho stone, nnd the arm
fuls of sweet flowers were strewn beneath
it, they sang "The Soldier True" they
had just learned in school, while the drum
beat softly and the Stars and Stripes
waved tenderly above tbe headstone..
After that they marched slowly back,
with little hearts soft a"nd grateful toward
all the brave soldiers in nil the brnve land.
The flowers kept fresh for sevorul days,
and to the birds' sweet songs nbove tbe
place, 'the trees waved a soft reply. Many
pnssed by and saw the work of loving
hands, while eyes grew moist and voices
trembled as they said that nowhere, on
this Memorial Day, could a brave soldier
have been more sweetly remembered than
In this little village by the sea. Youth's
The Rapid Passing of the Organiza
tion Is a Had Spectacle.
"-ll-'HB passing, of the
Grand Army of the
Republic is a sad spec
tacle in tbe brilliant
panorama incident to
the close of this electro
glaring nineteenth cen
tury, during which
more hiBtory has been mndc nnd more pro
gress marked than in any other era since
the nets of human beings were told in
written annals. ; Within the next quarter
of a century the participants In the great
struggles of the civil war will be known
only in memory,, and the bravest army
thnt defeated the bravest floe will have
disbanded forever. ; The tragic drama will
bo told in song nnd story, but the actors
In the scenes of carnage whose charmed
lives defied the whlxzing bullets nnd the
screaming shell will have obeyed tho Im
mutable laws of Father Time, leaving to
their descendants the glorious heritage of
ft valorous nnd unsullied name.
Pecoratlnff Soldiers' Craves.
' The setting apart of a, day for tbe deco
ration of soldiers' grnves, o custom ob
served by North and South, bnd its origin
with the French colonists. On Nov. 2,
All Souls' day, tho mourners would re
pair t the cities of tbe dead, there to
twine garlands for the tombs, , Wo have
made this custom our own, and on Memo
rial Day nil over the land the fairest
flowers are laid upon the graves of fallen
heroes. In the lower suburbs of New Or-
leans Is the cemetery containing tho world
famed shrine of St. Roque, Dainty, ten
derly reared women trudge the long, dus
ty road from the city to St. Roque, nnd
there their costly favors are laid on the
altar beside the humble offerings of the
less favored sisters. Within, from the
flower ' decked altar, the status of St.
Roque smiles down upon the supplicant.
In recognition of cures and favors grant
ed through the Intercession of St. Roque
many have caused tablets to be Inscribed
and set in the wall. Donnhoe's Maga
zine. .
Our Fayen Heroes.
No marble shaft It needs, with nanies en
graved, To tell to whom the floral trlbttto pay;
A nation recollects A nation saved, - '
And knows the mounds It decorates to-dnyl
O'er graves of heroes fallen In the fight,
These flowery wreaths that loving hands
here spread,
Like rings of adamant this day unite
The memory Of the living with tho deadl
Children, bring your sweetest flowersl
North and South and East and West,
Bring the flowers you love the best,
Lay them where the soldiers rest.
Children, bring your sweetest flowersl
In memory of the gift they gave,
JBvery noble man and brave
Who sleeps within a soldier's grave.
Daniel Webster was extremely fond
of oxen, and all those on his farm knew
him by Bight and would follow him like
1 "Jtti
V 1 u
Trade Conditions In the Leading .Cities
of the World. '
rRenorted by PownlnK, Hopkins" Co.. Inc..
Board of Trade Brokers, 711 to 714 Chamber of
commerce building, rortiana, oregon.j . ..
Not in the memory of the oldest
wheat trader has there been a time
when the wheat markets tbe world over
exhibited as much activity and irregu
laritv as chracterized them the last
week. The buying furore that started
in the previous week was continued
with increased force. Sensational ad
vances were reported evorywhere on
Monday and Tuesday. May in Chicago
touched 81.85; in New York it was
$1.91; in Duluth $1.80; in Minneap
olis $1.60; in Toledo $1.65; in Liver
pool $1.64, and in Paris $1.64 May
at one time was $1 over last year, and
at another $1.15. These were the
highest prices, with one exception,
sinoo August, 1809, and that was tho
September oorner rnn by B. P. Hutch
inson, in 1888, when the price was put
to $2. In 1877 it advanced to$l,78J4
Short eeliers suffered terrific losses, and
tho tension became extreme. The bulge
culminated Tuesday, and prices, de
clined irregularly, Chioago showing a
loss of 55c, New York 47o, Duluth 40o,
Minneapolis 20c, Toledo 28c, and Liv-.
erpool 8o. The advance 'has been of
material benefit to farmers and millers
having wheat to eell. They took ad
vantage of it both here and in Europe,
and the wheat was rushed to market,
as there has seldom been a chance to
Eell it for such prices for more than a
dy or two at a time. Arrivals at pri
mary points were 4,228,222 bushels or
more tiian double last year s. English
farmers' deliveries were 84,400 quar
ters, an inorease of 84,000 quarters for
the week, with an advance of 8a per
quarter, the price being 45s, lid, the
highest in over 16 years.
Leiter sold over 1,000,000 bushels
last week, and in five weeks has dis
posed of about 10,000,000 bushels,
How much more he owns no one but
himself knows. His interests' in May
have been largely reduced, but he is eo
largely spread out in other markets,
the wheat being held there in some in
stances on joint account, that no relia
ble figures can be made as to his -posi
tion. His interest, however, is the
lightest in a year.
' " Seattle Market). '
. Potatoes Yakimas, $11 12 per ton;
natives, $810; sweets, 2cper pound;
box of 60 pounds, $1.75.
Butter Fancy native oreamery,
brick, 21c; 1 ranch, 1013c; dairy,
1416c; Iowa fancy creamery, 20c.
Cheese Native Washington, 11
12c; Eastern cheese, 12c.
Eggs Fresh ranch, 15c; California
ranch, 14o. . ' i
Meats Choice dressed beef steers,
8c; cows, 77fjc; mutton, 8c; pork,
7jc; veal, small, 80,
Poultry Chickens, live, per pound,
hens, 14c; dressed, 16c; turkeys,
live, 14c; dressed, 1718o.
Fresh Fish Halibut, 67c; . steel
heads. 78cj salmon trout; OiglOc;
flounders and sole, 84o; torn cod, 4c;
ling cod, 45c; rock cod, 5c; smelt, 3
5c; lierring, 4o.
Olympia oysters, per saflk, $3 8.25.
Corn Whole, $25; cracked, per ton,
$25; feed meal, $25 per ton. . ;
Barley Rolled or ground, per ton,
$26; whole, $25. -
Flour Patents, per barrel, $5.25
5.50; straights, $5.00; California
brands, $6.25; Dakota brands, . $5.00
$5.75; buokwheat flour, $6.50. ,.
Millstufls Bran, per ton,$17; sliorts,
per ton, $18. '
;Feed-5-Chopped feed, $2122 per
ton; middlings, per ton, $18 10; oil
cake meal, per ton, $85. .
Hay Puget Sound, new, per ton,
$10 13; Eastern Washington timothy,
$17; alfalfa, $11; straw, $7.
Oats Choice, per ton, $28 30.
Wheat Feed wheat, per ton, $26".
Portland Market.
Wheat Walla Walla, 8788c; Val
ley and Bluestem, OOo per bushel. -Flour
Best grades, $5.00; graham,
$4.85; superfine, $2.75 per barrel. , :
Oats Choice white, 4248c; choice
gray, 39 40o per bushel.
I arley Feed barley, $28; brewing,
$24 per ton.
Millstufls Bran, $19 per ton; mid
dlings, $25; shorts, $19.
Hay Timothy, $1213; clover. $11
12; Oregon wild hay, $910 per ton.
. Eggs Oregon, 12 12 Jo per dozen.
Butter Fancy creamery, 32 85c;
fair to good, 2580cj dairy, 2530o
per roll. '-
Cheese Oregon full cream, lie;
Young America, 12)0. .. .;
Poultrv Chickens, mixed, $3.50 per
dozen; hens, $1 00; springs, $2.004;
geese, $0.006.50; ducks, young, $4
5.00 per dozen; turkeys, live; 1012c
per pound. '
Potatoes Oregon Burbanks, 4050o
per sack; sweets, $1.752 per cental.'
Onions Oregon, $2.252.60 per
sack. '
Hops 5 12)0 per pound for new
orop; 1896 crop, 46o.
Wool Valley,' 1415o per pound;
Eastern Oregon, 8 12c; mohair,
25c per pound.
Mutton Gross, best sheep, wethers
and ewes, 8o; dressed mutton, 7c;
spring lambs, 9c per lb.
Hogs Gross, choice heavy, $4.75;
light and feeders, $3.004.00; dressed,
$5. 50 8. 50 per 100 pounds. .
Beef Gross, top steers, . $3.50
4.00; cows, $2. C0 3. 25; dressed beef,
67cper pound. ;
Veal Large, 6c; small, 80 per
San Francisco Market. ,
Wool Southern coast lambs, 7 8c;
San Joaquin, 78c; Northern, ll12c
per lb.
Millstuffs Middlings, $21.5023;
California bran, $18.50 19.60 per ton..
Onions New. 40 60c per sack.
Butter Fancy creamery, ' 20c, do
seconds, 19c; fancy dairy, 19c; good
to choice, 16 19c per pound. - . -
Potatoes Early Kose,' 40 50o.
Land of garlic and tortillas, -Land
of xebecs and mantillas,
Land of mules and smuggled bitters,
Land of raisins and of fritters, '.
Land of Pedro and 8ancho,
Land of Weyler and Blanco,
Land of bull fights and pesetas, X
Land of dusky senoritas, ;. ' V
Land of manners stiff and haughty,
Land of Isabella naughty,
Land of Boabdil and Hamil, -; ;
Don't you hear your Uncle Sam'l?
. "GitP'
Cleveland Plain Dealer. .
As far as calculations oan decide the
temperature of comets is believed to be
2,000 times fiercer than that of ledhot
iron. . - '.
We are asserting In the courts our right to the
exclusive use of tho word " CASTOR1A," and
" PITCHER'S CA3TORIA," as our Trade Mark.
I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hyannla, Massachusetts,
was the originator 0 " PITCHER'S CASTORIA,"
the same that has borne and does now bear the
fac simile signature of CH A3. H. FLETCHER on
every wrapper. This is the original " PITCHER'S
CASTORIA " which has been used In tbe homes
Of the mothers of America for over thirty years.
Look Carefully at the wrapper and see that It is
tht kind you have always taught, and has the
signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on tbe
wrapper. No one has authority from me to use
tny name except The Centaur Company of which
Chas'. H. Fletcher is President t "
March 8, 1897. SAMUEL PITCHER, MJX
. If tha waieht of the bndv he . divided
into 11 parts eight of these parts will
he pure pater. - . - i
CIT Permanently Cured. No fits or nervousnes
II after first day's use of Dr. Kllue's Great
Nerve Itestorer. Send for FBKlC 9 a .OO trial
bottle and treatise. DA. B. H. iLLLNii, JMl,, M0
Arch street, Philadelphia, Fa,
There are several varieties of flgh
that - cannot swim. In every instance
they are deep sea dwellers, and orawl
about the rocks, using their tails and
fins as legs. j
State o? Ohio, City of Toledo, ' v -,
Lucas Coukty.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he Is the
Senior parter of the firm erf V. 3. Cheney & Co.,
doing Duslness in the City of Toledo, County
and mate alpresaid, and that said firm will pay
the sum 01 ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each
and every case of Catarrh that cannot be oured
by the use of Hall's Catarrh Curb.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, this 0th day of December, A. D. 1886.
t T7l - ' ' A. W. GLEASON,
Hotary Public
HaTlVCatarrh Cure is taken Internally and acts
direotly on the blood and mucous surfaces of
the syBtem. Send for testimonials, free.
V. . CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
, Sold by druggists, 75c. -Hall's
Family Pills are the best. .
- Among the Pboenioians the wearing
of earrings was a badge of servitude, the
same custom obtaining with tho He
brews. ' ' .'
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination, but also
to the care and skill with which it is
manufactured by scientiflo processes
known to the California Fia Sybup
Co. only, and we wish to impress upon
all the Importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
by the California Fio Syrup Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par-.
ties. The high standing of the Cali
fornia Fig Sykup Co. with the medf
cal Profession, and the Kntisf nation
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to minions 01 lamiiies, makes
the came of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of it.a mm Adv. Tt. la
far in advance of all other laxatives,
as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritatlno- or wealren.
ing them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
me tympany . ,
William Rufus Kills, the Union nominee for Governor ol Oreeon. is .13 vears of af?-
and is trulv a self-made man, having carved his way, unaided and alone, through trials
and privations of life until his strong mentality, individuality, honesty pf purpose and
devotion to principle have inspired the confidence and respect of all, and marked, alm
as a fearless, safe and Intelligent leader of men.
' P
Owing to modern methods of living,
not one woman in a thousand ap
proaches this perfectly natural change
without experiencing a train of very
annoying and sometimes painful symp
toms. " -Those dreadful hot flashes, sending
the blood surging to tho heart until it
seems ready to
burst, and the
faint feeling
that follows,
with chills, as
If the heart .
were going to
stop for
good, are
of a dan
gerous nervous trouble. The nerves are cry
ing ont for assistance. . The cry should
be heeded in time. Lydla E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound was' pre
pared, to meet the needs ot woman's
system at this trying period of her life.
Mrs. Della Watson, 634 West 6th
St., Cincinnati, Ohio, says:
" I have been using Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound for some
time during the change of life and It
has been a ' saviour of life unto me.
I can cheerfully recommend it to all wo
men, and I know it will give permanent
relief. I would be glad to relate my ex
perience to any sufferer."
: m f p i a run
' Best Reputation.
Best Paint for Dealer or Consumer.
Color Cards Sent Free.
Cleveland Oil & Paint MfgJ Co.,
Ss the working capital
of humanity. He who
loses that is wreokefl
Indeed. Isyonrheltb
failing you, your am
bition, vigor, vitality
wasting away f
When others fail con
For tho speedy, safe and permanent cure of all
Nervous, Ohronlo and Special diseases, even
... .iivii mug. n.,inrimu iviiu. 4 uciu in II U Ultwi
in the world who has effected eo manv nermanenft
cureB in both Men and Women of troubles which
ower pnysicans or acknowledged ability had given
up as hopeless as this eminent specialist
NEKVOUS DKBILIT1T and ail its attending
atlmeuw,of VOUNO, IvfinDLK-AGBD and OLD
MEN. The awful effects of neglected or improp
erly treated cases, causing drains, weakness of
body and brain, dizziness, failing memory, lack of
energy and confidence, pains in back, loins and
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nhilttlngone for study, business or enjoyment of
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WEAK HEN. He restores loBt vigor and vi
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strengtn and vigor tnrougn Uls own successful sys-
VARICOCELE, hydrocele, swelling and ten
derness of the glands treated with untaillng success.
SPECIAL DISEASES. Inflammation, dis
charges, etc., which, If neglected or Improperly
treated, break down the system, cause kidney and
bladder diseases, etc
DTSEAKEN oir WOMEN. PromDt and ea.
pedal attention given to all their many ailments.
WRITE If you are aware of any trouble. DO
NOT DELAY. Gallon Dr. Batcllttetoday. Ifyoa
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N. P. N. V.
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