The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 20, 1898, Image 4

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And Not' ,
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Capital 01" Porto. Rico
: Demolished. !'
liattle-Shlp Iowa Fired the First Shot
Response From Moro Fortress Was
Very Weak Populace Fled to the
Interior for Safety, ..
" Port An Prince, Ilayti, May 14.
The Americfan fleet under ReartAd
miral Sampson, bombarded ; San Juan
de Porto Rico today. ' I
The bombardment began this morn
ing. ' Rear-Admiral t Sampson, ( with
nine , warships, ' arrived before San
Juan just before sunrise. At a signal,
the""" battle-ship " Iowa 'Tired the first
shot, which .-took - effect. The battle
ship Indiana then' -opened fire. In a
few minutes more, Morro fortress;; was
reduced to a heap, of ruins. The fort
made little effort to respond andiwas
silenced almost instaptiy. f ;
The Spanish steamer Rita was cap
tured by the auxiliary oruiser Vale,
which took her crew on board, . 11 ; ; ,";
Morro fired but three shots from her
heavy guns. There were but seven
shots fired from the big guns of the
American squadron.. These left Morro
castle a crumbling ruin, Hoi guns
were mnte and her gunners killed or in
flight. : ; ,w.
Then began the attack on the land
batteries and fortifications about the
government buildings and the palace.
Here the cruisers did effeotivel service
and 60on the postofHce and palace of
the governor were tumbled about the
eais of the officials, the guns dismount
ed or abandoned, wreck, ruin and death
everywhere, 'The 'Spaniards pluckily
served their gunS as long' as there was
anv hope, but their fire. was. slow and
wild. , , ;.' .-' ;,.
One Ameircan seaman aboard the
flagship New York was killed and nine
wounded. ' Not a single American ship
was harmed. , ; .'. .... . , .... . ,
The oity had been deserted by mer
chants and non-combatants. The fori
oign consuls had followed the refugees
into the country and the troops were
reported panic stricken. The volun
teers had fled. . ' v
But Governor Macias stuck to his
post, giving oidcrs and asserting that
he would die before, he would surren
der. , A woman remained by jhis side.
It was his daughter Paulina, the belle,
of San Juan. When other women fled
in , yellow fear, she , remained,. As
great'fehellB.Bhrieked and burst, throw
ing the city .into confusion, she was
urged to go, but she elected to stay by
her father. As the terror-smitten vol
unteers rushed pell-mell through, the
streets, disordered and leaderless, she
appeared and tried to rally them. ' ' ' .
As a last resort she urged the men to
stand by the' mines which haye been:
laid under San Juan's streets, and to '
blow the Yankcos into the air . if they
should snooeod in effecting a' landing.
But her importunities were in vain,
and the story, as it is told hore,' repre
sents the Spaniards as eager to surren
der before the city itself is battered
down . . ... .. : :
Th Garrisons finrrender.
' London, May 14. The Evening News
says: San Juan de Porto Rioo surren
dered at 0 o'clock yesterday evening.
The dispatch adds that damage was
done to tho city and that a number of
important buildings collapsed.
The Iowa and Detroit; according to
this dispatch, fired
430 shots with ter-
nble effect.
The New York was hit once, and one
seaman was killed and four wounded.
The Iowa was hit once and two men
were slightly wounded. ' The dispatch
winds up with announcing that the
American fleet is now outside San Juan
awaiting the coming of : the .' Spanish
fleet; ' ' ' ' " - ;:,:'
Suicide of a Spanish Spy.
Washington, 1 May ; ' 14. ..George
Downing, the Spanish spy arrested here
several days ago, committed suicide
this morning by . hanging himBelf . at
the barracks in whioh he was confined, :
Auburn, Cal.T May 14.. George
Downing, the suspected Spanish "spy,
who hanged himself in Washington, is
believed by many here to, have been
at one time a resident of this place.
HQ was a barber and had a' shop, at
Newcastle. '. i '. . v u , ,
Spanish War Vessels Sighted Off Nan-
;'..,;'' ' tucket Shoals. . ',
, New York, May 14. The British
steamer Menantio. which arrived yes
terday, reports that two torpedo-boats
were passed near Nan tnckot shoals yes
terday.:. Captain Mann said: : - ;
" ''At abont i o'clock on' the' morning
o'i May 11,. in latitude 40:50, longitude
C8, a long,. low-lying craft was seen ap
proaching under the shadows of the
Menantic's smoke. It came along rap
idly and was seen to be a torpedo-boat.
It flashed a light on us and Crossed
under pur stern, going to the east, and
fired a rocket, which was answered by
dot-and-dash flashes. . The night was
too dark to distinguish anything of the
nationality of the stranger. 1
"At daylight, about 20 miles east of
Nantucket south shoal lightship, an
other torpedo-boat was seen in the line
of th sun. which dazzled the water too
much to make her out plainly. She
wa of the "destroyer olass, and a very
large boat with a large funnel. ' Guns
were mounted on the bow. She ap
peared to be one of the recent English
type of torpedo-boat destroyers, and I
am sure there is no vessel of her olass
in the American navy. The Menantio
ran close to the lightship on Nantucket
and reported to the presence of the
torpedo-boats." . 1 '
Securing Those on the Sunken Span
''. Ish Ships. ' 1
Washington, May 14. Secretary
Long this afternoon reoeived the fol-
lowing dispatch, dated Hong Kong:
- "There is little change In the situa
tion - since my last telegram.". I am
transferring to transports the steel
breech loading rifles from tire ennken
Spanish men-of-war. All the stores
from the arsenal are in my possession.
I am maintaining a strict blockade.
Add the Argos to the list of destroyed
vessels. . The El Oorreo is probably the
El Cano. . ; . DEWEY."
The dispatch is evidently a few
days old and does not show that Dewey
has possessed himself of Manila or that
he has received the last orders of' the
department." The nature of these or
ders in indicated by the assignment of
two such persons as Major-Generals
Merritt and Otis to command the
troops to be hurried to the Philippines
as rapidly as steam will take them.
General Merritt is the senloT general in
the United States service after General
Miles, anil in ordinary cases is entitled
to the niost important oommands,.' so
his designation for this work may , be
taken as an evidence of the president's
estimate of the importance of this ex
pedition.'"r" " ' ' ' - , ' 1
Four of the Spanish Ministers Have
. V ' Already Resigned.
V. Madrid, May 14. It is said that
Senor Moret, secretary for the colonies,
and . Senor Gullon, foreign minister of
marine," and Count Xiquena, minister
of public works, are also said to have
resigned. ' -;..-.. '
Aqcprding o ,-thej, last forecast, the
newm1nistry-will consist of Senor
Sagasta, president; Senor . Groizard,
i minister of justice of the dissolving
cabinet, ;as minister' pf.;,foroign affairs;
Senor Annon, minister of marine; Senor
Romero Giron, minister of Justice, and
the Dukof Veragua, minister of pub
lic wprksi . ' ' -t ':.:.'.:
Tho whereabouts of the Atlantlo
squadron still remains undivulged, the
ministers refusing to. give any informa
tion on the subject. - -' ' v : ,
Official dispatches from Havana con
firm the reports of an American repulse
at Cienfuegos.1 , They, assort1 , that, the
firing lasted eight hours, and that the
American-losses; were heavy.:- Record
ing to these dispatches, great enthusi
asm prevails in Cuba. i '. ' :'. '
Took Carbolic Aeld. : '
Loni; Creek. May ',14. Word .comes
from Canyon City that Jack McDonald,
a prisoner in the county ; jail, commit
ted suicide Tuesday riight, by taking
carbolic acid.'- McDonald was arrested,
several -months ago. for assaulting : a
Chinaman with a deadly weapon. He
was sentenced Tuesday to two years )n
the'penitentia'ry,and immediately after
on being taken to his cell, he swallowed
a half , ounce pf carbolice.acid, expiring
JO; mSntues later. ,H '. ft '-. '.
. Chased by a Spaniard. . , '
. Halifax, May 14. Captain Brnnst,
pf. th6 German Steamer- Sophie Rick
mers, reported that while crossing the
Newfoundland hanks, he was chased by
a. Spanish (warship., ..The latter was
very speedy and fired three shells at
the Bickmers, but the latter,,' being an
18-knot boat and the weather becoming
hazy; got away. Captain Brunst says
the Spaniard. was a. torpedo-boat with
three funnels', and was very low in the
water.' IjTbe Eickmera has prbce'e'ded to
Neyrk.' ','" - -'. v- '
Torpedo Boat Damaged
; By Spanish Fire.
Gunboats Wilmington and Hudson Were
In the Fight but Were Uninjured
Dead and Wonnded Taken to Key
West Caused by Carelessness.
. Key WeBt, May 14. America's first
dead fell yesterday in a fierce and
bloody : combat oft Cardenas, on the
north coast of Cuba. Five men were
blown to pieces and five were wonnded
on the torpedo-boat Winslow. The
dead are: "
Worth Bagley, ensign.
, John Varveres, oiler.
, John Denfy, first-class fireman.
Q. B. Meek, first-class fireman.
E. H. B. Tunnell (colored), cabin
COQk. .''.'' , ' ;'''
: Four were wounded. '' ',
The battle lasted 35 tninntes. It
was between the torpedo-boat Winslow,
the auxiliary tug Hudson and the gun
boat Wilmington on one side, and the
Cardenas batteries and four Spanish
gunboats on the other.
The Winslow was the main target of
the enemy, and was put out of service.
The other Ameican vessels were not
damaged, except that the Hudson's two
ventilators were slightly scratched,: by
flying shot.' The enemy's loss is large
ly cOnjeotural. One of their gunboats
caught fire and the men of the Hudson
think it sank. The fire spread to. the
barraoks and swept away several small
warehouses, and for a time the whole
waterfront seemed to be ablaze.
' The Winslow was within 1,600 yards
of shore when the shells struck her.
How she came to be so close . was told
by her commander, Lieutenant John B.
Bernadou. He said: -'', , '
"We were making observations when
the. enemy opened fire : on us. ' The
Wilmington told us to go in and attaok
the gunboats. We went in under full
steam and there is the result.".
He was on the Hudson when he said
this and with the final words he point
ed to a huddle of American flags on the
deck nearby. Under the Stars and
Stripes were outlined five rigid forms.
' The land batteries of Cardenas sup
ported the fire of tho Spanish gunboats.
The engagement commenced at 2:05 P.
M., and lasted for about an hour. The
Wilmington and Hudson were ahead,
and opened fire on the 'Spanish boats,
which were lying at the dock. The
firing began at a range of 3,500 yards.
A few minutes later, the 'Winslow
came up and also opened fire. In an
instant, the entire attention of the
Spanish gunboats' and land batteries
was directed upon her. From all sides,
shot and shell poured in on the little
torpedo-boat The Wilmington and
Hudson still kept up their fire.'- The
crew of the Winslow never faltered for
a second. At 2:33, a solid shot crashed
into . the hull of the WIhbIow and
knocked put her boiler, In a moment,
she began to roll and rock helplessly.
Then there was a moment of awful
suspense. A fierce cheer of triumph
went np from the Spanish on the gun
boats and in the batteries.
The storm of fire was continued upon
the helpless boat. The gunboat Hud
son, lying near by, started to the as
sistance of the Winslow. After about
20 minutes, the Hudson approached
noar enough to throw a line. Ensign
Ragley and six men were standing in a
group on the deck of the . Winslow
ready , to catch a rope. ; A ' line was
thrown, and at about the same instant
a shell burst in the very midst of the
group of men on board the Winslow.
Bagley was instantly killed and a few
others dropped about him. Half a
dozen more men fell groaning on the
blood stained deck. ' One of the men
plunged headlong over the side of the
boat; but his feet caught in .an iron
rail, and he was hauled beck. Bagley 's
body was stretohed on deck, with his
face completely torn away, and the
upper part of his body shattered. '
;. When the shell burst, another wild
shout of triumph went . up from tho
Spanish boats and batteries, and again
a heavy fire was opened on the torpedo
boat ; V; ..; . . .'-
Finally, the Hudson succeeded in
getting a line on board the Winslow,
and was towing her out of the deadly
range when the line parted and again
both boatswere 8t the mercy ' of the
Spanish fire. -' 1
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lne teasDoontui ot
' s
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quart of flour.
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that embraces an area: of 60,000
square miles. It is all meadow - land,
and is filled with lakes, ponds and
oanals. -
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parta of air and one part of acetylene
has proven suitable for ordinary gaB
engines, giving three times the energy
of ordinary illuminating gas.
Tho question has been mooted over and over
attain whether the engrafting of French and
German dishes upon the bills of fare of tho
better class of American restaurants is or is
not an improvement. Many pretend that be
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