The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 13, 1898, Image 2

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    3og& iiver Slacier.
Published every Friday by
S. F. Blythe.
Terms of Subscription fl.60
paid in advance; $2 if not paid In advance.
Our Public School.
The examination of pupils or pro
motion and for diplomas in the Hood
River public school closed last Friday
and the result is very gratifying to the
tencners una uie patrons or toe school
year when generally. The following pupils have
completed tne worm ot the eighth
grade and passed a satisfactory exani'
ination before the committee appoint'
ed for the purpose by the school board
tve gentlemen or ladies to travel for re
sponslble.established house In Oregon. Month
ly Sea and expenses. Position steady. Refer
ence. Inclose self-addressed stamped envelope.
Tlie Dominion Company, Dept. Y, Chicago.
Fay LaFrance,
Maud fetianahaii,
Meigs Km rt mess,
Kuiily I'almer,
Grace Howell,
Agnes Dukes,
Clara Blythe,
Earl Bart met,
Carrie Cop pie.
The following letter of kind regards
from one who has always taken a deep
inierest in the Hood River school is
fully appreciated by the recipients:
Clifford, Oregon, May 6, 181)8. To th
niigiibii uraae, nooa itlveroiiool: The best
wishes and the earnest hope of your former
teacher go with you In your final examina
tion, a wish and a hope for your fullest
measure of success. Although never to be
your teacher again, a kindly recollection will
follow each ot you wherever you may go.
iiiuvi a Juliet me scvem-n graue. Many
a cheery, pleasant thought follows each of
you. Truly your friend and former teacher,
Commencement exercises by the
eighth grade will be held in the M. E.
churh on Saturday evening, May21st,
when the graduates will receive their
diplomas. The seventh grade promo
tion exercises will be held at the same
place tomorrow evening, Muy 14th, at j
8 o'clock, when the 1'ollowinir Dro-1
gramma will be rendered:
"A Motion Song".: Second grade
(a) "Teeny W eeny" Eugene Field
Austin Lockman.
(b) ".Little Boy Blue" Eugene Field
Lenore Adams.
"The Parting Song" Third grade
(a) "the Three Fishers" Kingslev
Freddie bell.
(b) "The Lost Doll" Kingsley
May Alooney.
"The Village Blacksmith" Fourth grade
(a) "Th Minuet" ....Mary M. Dodge
Alary LaFrance.
(b) Vocal solo, Lessons Made Easy
. ; Annabel Stranahan
I'Work with a Will" Fifth grade
(a) "Thanatopsis"... Bryant
wccibvh vvonaru.
..Sixth grade
Portland, May 12. The Spanish
fleet, which was reported to have re
turned to Cadiz, is now said not to be
at that place.' i
No word yet from Sampson.
Tour A merican vessels opened fire on
Cieufuegis. A hot fight lasted eight
hours. The Americans made two at
tempts to .land, but were forced to re
treat. The first Oregon troops left Portland
last evening for San Francisco.
The East Oreponian, the leading
democratic paper of the state, breathes
the true spirit of patriotism when it
V wiys: "In this country at this time
there is room for only-one parly the
people. There is only'one cause the
country's. Tliere- is only one leader
the president. There is only one flag
the Star Spangled Banner long may
it wave." ' ,
Bear Admiral George Dewey, the
hero of Manila, is a republican in pol
itics and a Roman Catholic in religion.
Hood River has been honored bv the
nomination of two men for the office of
county commissioner, one of each po
litical party. Bo.h are good nom ina
ctions and it will lie hard for some of us
to decide which one to vote for when
we go to the polls. Mr. Evans, being
secretary of the Hood River fruit
uniou, will have his hands full with
the business of his office until after elec
tion, and in consequence can not make
a canvass of the county. Both Capt-Jacki-on
and N. G. Evans are. well to
do farmers, and knowing how'to man
age their own business the people can
rest assured the county will be well
serveu wnicn ever is elected to this
important office.
The editor of the Vancouver Colum
bian contributes one son to the war
Louis J. Brant, who went out with his
company in the national guard.
Prido in Our Nary.
Hood Rivkb, May 6, 1898. Editor stilTjP8 "P the lazy liver and driving all im-
Glacier: In the late naval battle at SxUl
Manila our navy has shown to the 5Jld that sickly bilious complexion by taking
worio inin u nas not lost any ot Us pa- "-"iiiv ior ten cents. All drug-
uiuusiu since .raui j ones immortalized ' iac, ma, ouc,
himself in the Revolutionary war. It rnrr
WHS thl-nmrll l.iu Killf.r ..l..l, H,... i WHIlHy LOUlt.
we gained ourindepen'dence. We have The May term of the county court
learned in our present war with Spain .was very short this yeur, although a
i i ionow wasningtoirs advice and "in good deal of business was nttenderl tn
time of peace prepare for war." Let The following are the proc'eedinirs re-
rr . r. .keen u ijiiyj laung lo mis part ot tne county:
that will command the respect of other Tho petition of Lyman Smith locat
ing county road was granted.
In reirard to the petition of TT. W
Patterson for locating county road, L.
Lamb, A Stewart and VV. T. McClure
were appointed appraisers to meet
June 28.
The petition for location' of county
road by Thos. Bishop was granted.
Regarding the petition of J. A.
Knox for location of county road,
Chas. Chandler, H. H. Bailey and
C. H. Stranahan were appointed ap
praisers to meet June 27.
The petition of Joseph Purser for re
duction of taxes was not nllowed.
The petition of W. R. Winans for an
appropriation of $500 for building and
repairing roads was not allowed.
The petition of E. O. McCoy for re
mittance of tax was allowed.
The petition of Mrs. Helen Rowe for
reduction of taxes was hot allowed.
The petition of E. A. Bryant for lo
cation of ,county road, allowed, L.
Lamb, T. V. McClure, Axtel Patter
son, were appointed viewers and will
surveyor Goit.
W. jDornhpr-ker
for road of public easement was con
Petition of Mrs. Sue Adams for re-
oate on taxes was not allowed
Pickers Wanted.;
Six strawberry pickers will find employ
ment for the season by applying to
Tomato and Cabbage
Plants, grown by Geo. Rordan, can be fur
nished in any quantity, at 40 cents per 100.
Apply to M. H. NICKELSEN.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, Mav
9, 1898. Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his
tentiou to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
the Register and Receiver at The Dalles, Ore
gon, on Tuesday, June 28, 18118, viz:
of Mosier. Homestead Application No. 3412,
for the west V, northeast lA. northeast V. nnrt h.
west section 18, townsiiip 2 north, range 12
east, w. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of. said iand, viz:
James Brown, J. M. Elliott and Wm. John
son, all of Mosier, Oregon; R. McNeil of The
Dalles, Oregon.
mitqw. jab. F. MOORE, Register.
Highest Prices Paid Promptly for Consignments
Especially prepared to
Handle Strawberries
And other fruits. Plenty of first-class crates and boxes of all kinds always on
hand. ive years' practical experience in shipping fruit from this vicinity. If
you are growing fruit for profit, J
Bring Us Your Shipments.
H.F.DAVIDSON. rvTanae-i-.
80 Acres for Sale.
Five miles southwest of town; one mile from
good school; 85 acres in cultivation; 2 acres in
strawberries; bearing orchards; good improve
ments; Can all be irrigated from a ditch oaV
highest part of the farm. Will sell all or part.
Address box 114. Hood River, Or. mi
(b) "The Hunter's Vision
(irHCft Priilhir
"Evening Song"
(a) "Boston Hymn"
William Fois.
(b) "Golden Vineyard Walls"
Blanche Blowers.
"Once Again We Meet Together'
Kavnntli irmHa
(a) "The Two Armies" Holmes
f Adams,
(b) Vocal solo. Only a Rose and n Let-
, , ter. ..- i. Maud McCray
wiuiiigiu, nit) vjciu oj me ucean
, , ...i Eighth grade
(n)"The Castle Builder" .f. .7
(b) "Killed at the Ford" Longfellow
( (c) Instrumental solo,selected,Mary Wolfard
Benuty Is Illood Deep.
Uean b ood means a clean skin. No
oeauiy witnout it. L'ascarets, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
Land Office at Vancouver. Wash.. Mlnv a
18U8. Notice is hereby irlvpn Mint. t.h faiinu,-
ing-named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof commutation in sup
portof his claim, and that said proof will be
made before C. G. Green. Clerk Snnmnr rvmrt
Skamania county, at 8tevenson, Wash., on
uuut4j, 1000, via;
Homestead Entry No. 10,451, for the west X
of..... y4 iiui LUC.IBL y soutiiwesi. y, ana
northwest southeast y. section 15, township
8 north, range 9 east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residenco upon and cultiva-
wuii ui otiu itiuu, viz;
John P. Gillett, George M. Berry, John M.
vuuiuji aim vyiiaries w. ueenng, all of Chen-
mm 17 B. F. SHAW, Register.
i '
Sneh'crhVmanilfactnrers and dealers in
Red Cedar SHINGLES. Correspondence solicited.
I have onnnwd o ihnlA lfr nMnnHiAn i. i . ' , .
River Pharmacy. Wi aTso V e in roora IOeny occupied by the Hood
cDi goous are ail new and choice, and we will aim to keep the best at all times
sales and small profits will be our motto. Come and see us.
nations, It is hoped our government
will equip our commanders in the Asi
utic seas with a fleet to which we. can
point with pride, for they have shown
themselves worthy. Commodore
Dewey should be applauded by all
Americans, as all naval experts admit
It is one of the m6st brilliant achieve
ments of (he age. E. D. Calkins.
Crops in Oregon.
There is no record iu Oregon of a
failure of crops. From all parts of the
slate come reports of bright promises
for the nrnin, hay, fruit, hop and vege
laJile.cruiis. Some sections noiiHus
Josephine and Jackson counties .west
of l he Cascades, and all the counties to
the east of them, especially the stock
counties report that the continuation
of the dry weather for a much longer
period will be detrimental to crops.
The barometric conditions peculiar to
the winter season continue to prevail,
and it is almost absolutely certain that
rain will fail, that it will be copious f"". wre appo.nte.l vie
and general before the summer or dry "Tp 0,1 J,4'r 27
season really .sets in. Past records , Petit,'"Vrf R V
snow mat wnen fllaich and April have
been dry, or comparatively so, May
and June have had generous showers,
and such may reasonably be expected
this year, so that for several weeks
more, there need be no fear of a drouth
or injury to crops . Weather Bureau
Land Office at Vancouver, Wash., May 5
1898. Notice is hereby given that the following-named
set tler has tiled notice of his inten
tion U make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
C. O. Green, Clerk Superior Court Skamania
uuuiiiy, at oievenson, wash., on June 27,
Homestead Entry No. 8,604. for the lots 1. 2, 3
cm i, bouhwii i, Luwiigiuu o norm, rauge V
east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultlva-
Charles A. Breedinsr. John P. Olllett. Tnhi
M. Coulter and Sam Samson, all of Cheno-
mlaj!7. B. F. SHAW, Register.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, May 3,
-"come is nereoy given uiai tne follow
ing named settler has filed notice of his Inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
mo ivegnsber anu neceiver, at The Dalles.
Ill'airl.n .in 1i.t.l... T..nn it io.o -i '
i pun; , it U1IC It t 100, VIZI
of Mt. Hood, homestead application No. 3859,
tor the south northeast yt, southeast'
northwest V.. ami lot, 9. stin sii
north, range 10 east, W. M. '
He names the fnllowimr wii.nocDAo r
mowuwimuuB icsiuence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, vi,:
Bert Sandman, fiartvrrn WonnQ. w tt c,i
"u a. xv. cooper, an oi mi, nood, Oregon.
""'Ji' jam, r. moo HE. Kegister,
May 1st we will open in our new quarters, the
Langille building, Hood River, Oregon. ." ' '
Today, and untjl further notice, we will sell -
At Cost, and for Cash on Delivery Only,
Any and all of our varied stock of Drugs, Medicines,
Chemicals and sundries, Oils, Sprays, etc., etc.
If you are hunting bargains in our line you will '
buy of us.
Successor" to
ZPa.cDszIrD-g: Co.
From the range near the town of Hood River
one light sorrel horse, about 0 years old. No
brands. White stripe iu face. Quite gentle.
Had rime around neck whnn inGr Bn
able reward for information leading to recov
ery of same. ' J. E. HANNA.
Lumber Waoron. IV. inch n nn
ucn . iwiu ijui uuss , 15 00 j
Grade Jersey heifer """ 15 00
ii. i,. SAVAGE.
House to Rent.
A five-room cottaara for rent.
Glacier office.
Apply at the
Keeps constantly on haiid CHOICE HAMS,
FRESH BACON, purest of kettle-rendered ' '
LARD, and FRESH MEATS, at lowest mar
ket prices. Dealer in and shipper of
--11 ZKInzLd-s of "Wood.
" bells on commission all kinds of FRUIT
and PRODUCE. Growers will find it to their
advantage to see usbeforeconsigningelsewhere
Highest Cash Price Paid for Stock.
'.- Harness Mended.
Brinsr your barnnsa for mnnHinv tn
Harness for Sale.
An extra heavv donhiA bm. nf hanaaa 1
ottie :ueap ior casn.
(Successor to A. S. Blowers & Son)
White Wash.
White wash of the following ingre
dients has been found by experience to
do on wood, brick and stone nearly as
well as oil paint, and is much cheaper.
Slack half a bushel of unslacked lime,
with boiling water, keeping it covered
during the process. Strain it and add
a peck of salt dissolved iu warm water;
At the residence of the bride's grand
mother, Mrs. A. P. Morse, in Hood
River valley, May 11, 1898, Mr. Charles
H. 'Castner and Miss Theresa D.
Morse; Rev. J. L.. Hershner officia
ting. The bride is the only (laughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Morse of White
Salmon, Wash. The groom is a son of
Mr. G. R. Castner of Hood River.
The ceremony was witnessed by about
50 invited' guests. . The rooms were
astetully decorated with flowers. A
opouuusoi giounn rice put into boil- urinal canopy had been erected, beau-
ing water and boiled to a thin paste; tifully trimmed with evergreens, white
half a pound of Spanish whiiing and a lilacs, snow halls and rose buds, with a
pound of clear glue, dissolved in warm horse shoe suspended, covered with
Dissolution Notice.
The firm of WnoriumMh jb Ti.nn , ,.,
day dissolved by mutual consent; G. V.
Woodworth continuing the business, collect
ing all bills and notes and th vlnir ail nut.
Dateft April 21, 1898,
The Young Man
Going to war will want to leave his photo
with his best girl. Call at Bradlev'son Thurs
days, Fridays and Saturdays. He is better
prepared t han ever to do good work.
Special attentien given lo view work in the,
country. . D. BHADLEY.
Second door East of Glacier office.
water; mix these well together, and white pansies. The back ground was
.vi u,c iMiAui.cMaiiu iur several nays, mane up wun lerns, snow balls and
Keep the wash thus prepared in a ket- white lilar-s. Th h HiIm U till ri-nnivi
tie or portable furnace, and when used, took a position under the canopy while
llllt It fl Ma !l.l.. . . V
rv iV i,,, o ra - imsiuit mm. line i-eiemoiiy, was Pionotinceo. 1 he
painters' or whitewash brush.
Mr. G. D. Woodworth has rented the
Cradlebaugh residence and Mrs. Cra storing her household
goods in Wood worth's warehouse.
All loyal woman are invited to call
at the old army hall tomorrow, Satur
day, at 2 p. m. to join the emergency
corps. Fees 10 cents.
Mr. Frank Chnndlpr lum nrittor
from Montana to the Masonic lodge of Phased to entertain their friends.
ivivfi sibling mas uouirias av
tnn ,. f.,n sTu r
nary mioilj ES1CK 111111 IJU1CK
bride was tastefully attired in whit
and carried a bride's rbe. Mr. Cast
ner wore a suit of black. After reciv
ing congratulations ofThe- company,
excellent refreshments, with ice cream
ana cake, were served. -The number
of presents given to the couple if des
cribed, would occupy a column In Ihe
Glacier. The gifts were all appro
priale and many eltgant. Mr. and
Mrs. Castner are at home and will l.
Carpenter Tools.
A Chest. Of Cftl'DPntr tOOla orOfi oa nanr ft,.
sale. Will trade for a one-horse snrinr mamn
sumption and needed assistance. The
lodge will send him help.
Dr. Jones will visit Hood River
Wednesday, May 18th and remain 4
days. Those who wish to see him
must call early, as he has appointments
for most of the time. If you are con
templating having teeth put in it will
he well to see Dr. Jones on this trip.
Watch the Glacibh for speiial offer i
nun inuucement in tne near future.
Another Hood River boy, M. W.
Roberlson, has joined the army and is
on his way to California with Co. H,
Oregon volunteers.
Strawbery shipments to date: May'
7th, 3 lbs; 9th, 1 crate; 10th 4 crates;
11th 6 crates. . '
Tft Cure Consi lutln l'orovnr. ' '
Take Cuscarets Candy Catlmrlio. lOo or 85o,
If C. C. C. fail to cure, druggists refund money.
There are sixteen applicants for cer
tificates before the teachers' examina
tion at The Dalles. :
EducntoYonr lloweli VVMh Ctiscaret.n.
in?1I?dy J;n''2';j''' c",',, onfuipntlon foreer.
I0c,85c. If C. C. C. fail, money.
Land Office at Vancouver. Wtiuh IMtur s
188. otice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed noticeof his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore C. G. Green, Clerk Superior Court Ska
mania county, at titevenson, Wush., on June
27, 18(18, viz:
Homestead Entrv No. IKiR. for tho nnrtliMiziot
. section 22, township i north, range 9 east,
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upyn and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz: ,
iteorge i -yrren, jonn I . Gillette. John M.
bamson, all of Chciioiyeth.
Hereafter I Will Sell for CASH onlv or Its ermlvnlont PActarHInn nrlnaa
ueiy conioeiiMon. jl am not airaia to meet, ve nricps t. anvt mA
ituu unco auu m. win meek jou w uu jToi iiKQu prices. , uau ana see
...til .1 . r
will ou,f kllUU L
Meet me on Port-
Light Brahmas.
I have decided to put the pricex of my thor
oughbred Light Brahma eggs down to 50 cts
per li for the balance of the season.
Notice of Filing Plats.
United States Land office, The Dalles, Ore
gon, April 8, 1S!I8. Notice is hereby given that
the approved plat, of survey of township 12
south, range 28 east of the Willamette Merid
ian, Oregon, has been received at this office
and will be officially filed in this office on Sat
urday, the L8th day of May, 1W, at 10 o'clock.
A.M. JAS. F. M60KE, Register.
WM. H. BIGGS, Kecelvcr.
Coulter and Sam
B. F. PIIAW, Iteglsfer.,
It Costs Less
To be dressed fltt.inwl v and hncnmlnoriv
than to go about in a slip-shod manner, if
you know where to buy your suits. Having
received the American Woolen Mills Co.'s
sample book and price list for spring and
summer styles of men's clothing, -1 am pre
pared to take orders and furnish suits that
will give satisfaction at the smallest cost.
Here are some of my prices for suits:
Dudley Casslmere Suits .....85 50
ueuuine ttecior Gray cnevolt 7 00
Black Bacon Chevolt .' . 8 75
Caryville all wool black Chevolt 9 00
And from these prices up to $18 and $20 for
the finest material. Pan Is from S2 up.
B. R. TUCKER. Tucker, Or.
For Sale.
Two small farms close to Hood River, all
improved. Seven acres set to strawberries.
Houses, barns, sheds, orchards, wells, etc.
Terms easy. Address T. R. COON.
Klondike Bakery.
I 'can supply people of Hood River with
fresh bread, pies and cake after this date, and
will have on hand everything connected with
a bakery. M . H. NICKELSEN.
Marcn i, 1898. '
Mt. Hood Saw Mills,
Of the best quality always on hand at prices
to suit the times. , Jy24
Fresh Milk,
Areated and deodorized, 5 cents a quart.
. K. H. BUTTON. '
Bargains in Real Estate
20 acres fine fruit land, 1s also good farm
land; all cleared jpr under contract. 400 fence
posts. 5,000 feet fence lumber. Cabin, etc.
Price J900. Make me a spot cash offer.
The Glacier
Post OlHce Building, Hood River, Or.
'C work.
All work
riffifNv TAKE
$1.00 UottleHO Cl 13 J 5p;
Onecent a dose. baWiCJliSmiJf'
This Grbat Connn ?ttu nmmntiv
Where all others fail. Coughs, Croup, Sore
Throat, Hoarseness, Whooping Cough and
Asthma. For Consumption it has no rival:
has cured thousands, and will CURB YOU If
taken in time. Sold by Druggists on a guar
antee. For a Lame Back or Chest, -use
jiavo you auirrn r xnis remedy is guaran
teed to cure you. Price, 60 cts. Injector free.
For sule by H. A. YORK. .
Fotofe comfort for present
seeming; economy, fcut buy the
sewing- macnine with an estab
lished reputation, that guar
antees you long1 and satisfac
tory service. '& . J
' . . AND , ,
(devices for regulating and
showing the exact tension) are
a few of the features that
emphasize the high grade
character of the White.
Send for our elegant H.T.
White Sewing Machine Co.,
Taken Up.
A Nice Little Home.
For sale. 1J acres within city limits; house
28 x 28. story and a half: store house and cel
lar; 120 fruit trees, blackberries, raspberries,
currant, one acre in strawberries; good well
of water. Terms reasonable. Inquire of -
marlg T. H. CLARK, Hood River.
Double harness, single harness, saddle and
bridles, corn, planter, sewing machine, chest,
ot tools, cross-cut saw, rakes, hoes, seythesj
..... , ,u,,jri wtmwu, worn noise, oeusieao,
spiuiK mattress, dishes, sundry household
articles, stove-at the J. W. Conneil farm.
Inquire of U. R. CASTNKU.
160 Acres
Homestead Relinquishment for sale. Small
house and some clearlnK. Price 50 cash. See
Idlewilde Cemetery.
Pipes have been laid and very facility is
now given for Irrigating lots. The sexton is
prepared to seed dow n lots, or the ownere can
attend to it themselves. L. NKALKK5H.
m Hex ton."'
A dark sorrel horse, about 6 years old. No
brands visible. White star in forehead.
Owner will come and prove property, pay
damages and take him awav.
29 W. W. NASON, Mi. Hood.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, April 25,
1898. Notice Is hereby given that the follow
ing named settler has tiled notice of his in
tention to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that, said proof will be made before
Register and Receiver at The Dalles, Oregon,
on Saturday, June 4. 1898, viz: .
of Mosier, Homestead Application No. 8872,
for the easl southeast southwest y4 south
east and southeast southwest section
i, Lwvnnui a uui to, range 11 east, .v.ivi.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
Frank Lanier, James Hunter, W.E. Hnskey
and William A. Hay, all of Mosier, Oregon.
a2fj3 . , JAS. F. MOORE, Register.
Skin Diseases.
For the SDeedv and
tetter, salt rheum and eczema, Cham
berlain's Eve and Skin Oi
without an equal. It relieves the itch
ing and smarting almost instantly and
its continued use effects a permanent
cure- , K also cures itch, barber's itch,
scald head, sore nipples, itching piles, -chapped
hands, , chronic sore eyes and
granulated lids. . 1 '
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders for
horses are the best tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge. Price, 25 cents. Sold by
Forsale by Williams & Rrosius.
Land Office a t The Dalles, Oregon, April 20.
1898. Notice is hereby given that the following-named
sett ler has tiler notice of his inten-
lion to make final nroof in sunnorf. of Ma
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the Register and Receiver, at The Dalles;
Oregon, on Saturday, June 4. lft8, viz?
PALL L AI 111 RT -
ot. Hood River, II. E. No. illoO, for the lots 2, 7,
10 and 15, section 10, township 1 north, range -10
east, W, M. . - ! . .
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon- ami cultiva- V
tionof said liuid. viz'
D. K. Cooper, George Booth. Clarence Knapp.
and William Grihble. all of Mt.lloofi- Orcon.
n-23m27 .1 A fc. K, MOOitK. Kegister.