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    WHAT 1897 HAS SEEN.
Graeco-Turkisih War and the .Cuban
Insurrection The Great Strike in
the Coal Fields-Political Changes of
Twelve Months. J
A Chronological Table.
The year ISO" has been, it might be said,
almost a commonplace one, since its com
mencement, that is, no events of over
whelming moment have taken place, bt
there has been no dearth of important
occurrences. The war between Turkey
and Greece, the struggle for freedom in
Cuba, the costly and long-drawn-out
strike in the Ohio and Pennsylvania, coal
fields, the change of national administra
tion, the enactment of the Dingley tariff
law, the disastrous spring floods in the
Mississippi valley and autumn fires in the
West and Northwest, and the epidemic of
yellow fever in the Southern Stnta are
clearly not matters of small importance
In the history of the world. The year has
' been; an unusual one from the fact that
but few men of. really great reputation
hare passed from the stage of their earth
' ly labors; their number can be computed
upon the fingers of the two hands. '
The most important events of the year
are recorded below in the order of their
occurrence: '
1 Thirteen miners perish at rachuca,
Mexico. .'. .Extremely high temperature and
. heavy rains in Northwest. . ..Plngree Inaug
urated Governor of Michigan.
2 W. A. Hammond, wrecker of Illinois
National Bank,- commits suicide Fatal
storm in Southwest. .. .Nashville, Tenn., has
1400,000 fire West and Northwest del
uged by rains.
8 Snow and frost succeed rain.
4 Furious blizzard In the West Gov.
Bcoflcld Inaugurated at Madison, Wis....
Three St. Paul banks fall.
K dnxr AltiraM nnrrlnnn 1P criminals. . . .St.
Stanislaus parsonage at Bay City, Mlch.,
saeked by warring church factions. .: .Four
children die by Are near Westfleld, Wis.;
.three near Babcock, Wis.
8 Illinois Legislature nieets Seven TJr-
sullne nuns perish by Are at Convent of Our
Lady of Lake St. Johns, Roberval, Quebec.
11 Tanner inaugurated Governor of Illi
nois with much pomp and ceremony....
Mount Inaugurated Governor of Indiana
- wfth very simple style. . . .House kills Pa
cific' funding bill American-British arbi-
' ration Lieaij j
12 Five children drown, skating, at St.
Louis Four die In powder explosion at
Bhamokln, Pa.
13 Five killed In a Pottsvllle, Pa., coal
14 News of capture of Santa Clara by
Cuban Insurgents Bombay, India, a city
of death'and terror because of ravages of
bubonic plague (black death) and famine;
thousands dying, and city being depopulated;
dead He uuburled, and vultures hover over
the town and country; sky ablaze by night
with funeral pyres; Europe greatly alarmed.
19 Win. K. Mason chosen Senator from
Illinois. .. .Three negroes lynched In Louis
iana. v
. Ol XTI I, Jf t T Tc.ln.wl
22 Mercury falls SO degrees to zero at
Chicago Death of Sir Isaac Pitman at
24 Widespread cold wave; Chicago tem
perature 17 below zero $500,000 fire loss
at Northwestern stove repair works and 0.
I. Barnes' residence In Chicago.
25 Twenty below ssero at Chicago.
20 Fourteen below zero at Chicago; 700
poor families aided; relief measures adopted
over entire city ... .$2,500,000 fire at Phila
delphia $350,000 fire at Chicago.
27 Continued cold weather in Northwest.
, 28 Lyman J. Gage of Chicago accepts
treasury pornouo.
31 Family of seven die by fire In Hobo
ken, N. J Cruiser Brooklyn on the rocks.
2 Pennsylvania State capltol burned: loss
$1,500,000 Venezuelan treaty signed.
8 Admiral Bunce's squadron in a storm off
Hampton Boads; three seamen swept away,
several Injured. .. .$200,000 railroad shop
Are at Prlnceo'n, Ind.
L 10v-Br5dIey-Martln ball at New York costs
fsOO.OOO. .. .Phenomenal drop In price of
steel rails. '
13 Aid. O'Malley acquitted of murder at
Chicago. ...Death of J. Randolph Tucker at
Lexlugton, Va., and Gen. J. O. Shelby at
Adrian, Mo.; both noted Confederates.
14 Greeks bombard Canea, Island of
Crete, under Turkish rule.
15 Appeal of Jos. R. Dunlop, convicted of
Improper use of malls at Chicago, to Supreme
Court fnlls.
10 Millionaire Duestrow hanged at Union,
Mo., for wife murder; Peter Schmidt and
Sam Foster hanged at Clayton, Mo....
Greeks capture Turkish fort at Crete.
17 Powers of Europe protest against ac
tion of Greece. ,
18 Two thousand Moslems slain In Crete
by Greeks. . . .Big shortage of State officials
discovered In Nebraska.
21 Canea bombarded by the powers....
Baby girl at the Harrisons'.
22 General observation of Washington's
birthday. .. .Floods In Ohio Valley.
25 Powers decide Greece must evacuate
4 Mclvlnley Inaugurated."., fsiz killed at
Boston by gas explosion.
5 Extensive floods In Mississippi Valley,
and In .Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana....
Greece defies the powers.
t Foundering of steamer Vllle de St. Na
alre off Carolina; 65 lives lost.
9 Tremendous rainfall In central States.
10 Six killed In a wreck near Princeton,
12 Blizzard sweeps the Northwest $400,
000 wholesale grocery fire at Chicago.
15 $1,500,000 fire at St. Louis Floods In
Mississippi Valley make thousands, of ne
groes homeless.
17 FItzsImmons whips Corbett at Carson
XTm TO It .... 1 1. 1 a i a
vny, jcv, i. ,io nvtra iul uy xouuueriuy oi
Tencu vtcasx? off- i ..rollna.
21 Powers blockade Cretan ports to Greek
22 Cyclone kills eight and Injures 23 school
children at Arlington, Ga. ; family of five
- killed In Henry County, Ala.
23 Heavy full of slushy snow In North
west. .
80 Forty-five killed by a cyclone at Chand
ler, O. T.
31 House passes Dingley tariff bill....
Pnwwfl hnmhnH Hrtflna
6 Carter H. Harrison elected Mayor of
Chicago by 75,000 plurality. .. .Alarming
floods in Mississippi Valley.
8 $1,000,000 fire at Knoxvllle, . Tenn;' 17
people killed.
9 Suow storm In Central States.
10 Daniel W. Voorhees, former U. S. Sen
ator from Indiana, dies at Washington.
16 Riots In Indianapolis over 3-cent ear
fare $500,000 fire nt New Orleans.
17 War between Turkey and Greece.
10 mercB wiimsiorm in umcago; 100,000
20 Desperate fighting In the Levant....
First execution by electricity In Ohio.
23 Osman Pasha assumes, command of
Turkish troops, which have met severe re-
24 Turks capture Larlssa Vast floods
In Missouri. and Mississippi Valleys.
26 Hundreds of families at Ottumwa,
Iowa, and Qulncy, 111., homeless by floods.
27 Dedication of Grant's tomb at New
York. .. .$2,000,000 flre at Newport News, Va.
I 28 Greeks at Athens .riotous because of
enny reverses. .. .Flood , ai. South Guthrie,
O. T., kills over 70. .
'29 Ralll heads new cabinet of Greece....
Wild gale with loss df life and vessels on
Lnke Michigan. ', '
30 Greeks win' a big battle Seven ne-
r groes lynched by a mob of negroes In Texas.
MAY. ' . '
1 Snow at Chicago.
fc-$4,bOO,eOO -flre at Pittsburg, Pa.
4 One hundred die by fire in a Parisian
) 7 Brutal murder of the Harris family,
near Waukesha, Wis., by Win. Pouch.
I Sixteen die by flre on Mallory Line
- .
steamship eona, off SandyTtook. .. .Greece
asks Intervention of powers.
14 Snow at Chicago.
18 Czar Intervenes to Btop war In the
81 Severe earthquake shock In Cincin
nati and southeast. .. .Five of a picnic par
ty killed on Long Island.
JUNK. . . '
2 Spanish cabinet resigns.
IT Two of a moo of lynchers killed at
Urbana, Ohio, and nine wounded, by militia
under command of Sheriff McLean.
7 Six killed in a wreck near Hudson, Wis.
9 $200,000 flre. at Carllnville, 111 Death
ff Alvan Clark, famous lens-maker, at Cam
bridge, Mass.
11 Wife murderer French hanged at
Rockford, 111. i
12 Mayor Richards killed at Bunker Hill,
111., by Editor Hcdley.
18 Attempt to kill President Fa'ure by a
Paris bomb-thrower. . "
14 Suicide of Barney Barnato at sea.
15 Temperature of 08 In Chicago; 40 pros
trations. 16 17 Northwest suffers from awful heat
18 Storm kills four children at Lincoln,
111. .. .Cyclones In many Western localities.
21 Victorian Jubilee celebration com
mences at London.
24 Cyclone In Kansas kills three; hall
bombards Topeka.
25 Lynching at Crystal Springs, Miss....
Race war at Key West over attempted lynch
ing. ...Cornell defeats Yale and Harvard In
college boat race. ...Four legal executions
at St. Joseph, Mo., Fayettevllle, V. Va.,
Atlanta, Ga., and Houston, Texas.
26 Seven killed In a wreck at Missouri
City, Mo.
29 Three killed In wreck of a Christian
Endeavor train at West Chicago; 15 hurt. .. .
Five men drowned at Chicago while bathing
to get relief from terrific heaK .. .Northwest
scorched. - - .-
80 All districts report many fatalities
from heat.
jcly. ' v: v
1 Continuance of fearful heat. .. .Close of
Victorian Jubilee. ,
2 One dead and 16 prostrated by heat at
Chicago, In a temperature of 95 degrees. . . .
Cornell Boat Club defeats Columbia and
8Awful heat in Chicago kills six and
prostrates 40; 18 die at Cincinnati. ..-.Snowstorm
In Colorado. .. .Deluge at Duluth does
$1,000,000 damage. .
4 Heat and fatalities continue east of Mis
sissippi Valley; thunderstorm at midnight
relieves Chicago, after eight have died.
6 Twenty die at Chicago from previous
exhaustion by heat, though temperature did,
not exceed 78 degrees. .. .Celebration claims
five deaths there, and scores of Injured vic
tims. . . ,H. B. Stone of Chicago killed at
NonqulH, Mass. '
6 Ten killed by cyclone at Lowry, Minn.
. .. .Nine killed by boiler explosion at Harts
vllle, Tenn. .. .Coal, miners' strike becomes
general In the East. '
7 Continuance of extreme heat and con
sequent fatalities Senate passes tariff bill.
....Six killed at Bay City, Mich., by street
car plunging Into an open draw.
8 Chicago and Alton freight house burns
at Chicago; loss $250,000. .. .Heat and death
roll Increases... .Death 'of Senator Harris
of Tennessee. . ,..-..'.
10 Drop of 85 degrees In temperature at
Chicago; change general.
12 Death of Millionaire Columbus R. Cum
mlngs of Chicago.
16 Negro lynched for assault and murder
at West Point, Tenn. .. .Illinois and Indiana
coal miners go out.
17- jiNews of fabulons gold finds In Alaska.
19 Tariff bill passes the House. .. .Snow
storm In Chicago.
22 Logan monument unveiled at Chicago.
23 Four killed by explosion of naphtha on
steamer at Bridgeport, Conn. .. .$1,000,000
grape sugar factory flre at Peoria, 111.
24 New tariff law enacted; Congress ad
journs Cloudburst at Boston.
80 Seven killed by cyclone at San Jose,
6 Elevator flre at Chicago kills four fire
men, hurts 20 more, and does $500,000 dam
age. 8 Assassination of Premier Canovas of
15 Orleanlst Prince Henri seriously
wounded by Italian Count of Turin In a duel
at Paris.
16 Great boom In wheat. .. .Cold wave at
17 Snowstorm In South Dakota. .. .Wheat
touches 98c at Chicago. .
19 Unknown man killed by fanners near
Chicago, for assault. .. .Four killed by glu
cose factory explosion at Davenport, Iowa.
21 Wheat reaches the dollar price in sev
eral cities and occasions great excitement.
23 Three hundred Sepoys massacred by
Afrldls In India.
29 President of Uruguay assassinated.
29 News of a great tidal wave in Japan.
80 Steamer Portland arrives at Seattle
with AlaRkan treasure. r
81 Yellow fever breaks ' out at Ocean
Springs, Miss.
2 Crops reported greatly damaged by long
continued drought.
7 Railroad collision near Emporia, Kan.;
several killed. ...Lake' St. Clair yacht cap
sized, drowning six. '
9 Terrible head-end collision near New
castle, Colo., kills 80 people and mangles
many others.
10 Twenty-two striking coal miners near
Latimer, Pa., shot dead by deputy sheriffs;
many others wounded. '
1 11 Miners' convention at Columbus set
tles the great coal strike.
13 Tidal wave along the Texas coast took
many lives and did great damage to prop
erty. 15 Five alleged burglars taken from Jail
by a mob at Versailles, Ind., and lynched.
16 Anarchist assaults President Diaz of
Mexico; death of the assaulter at the
hands of a mob.
20 Outbreak of yellow fever In New Or
leans, i
21 President Ratchford of the United
Mine workers declares the coal strike ended.
26 Nine men killed In a bloody riot' at
Glrnrdvllle, Pa.... Mrs. John Becker and
Ave children slaughtered near Carroll, Iowa.
....Railway hold-up at Moorhead, Minn.
' 29 $1,000,000 flre in Washington, D. G....
Fall of Azcarraga ministry In Spain.
30 Resignation of the Ralll ministry In
i Five bandits held up a train In Indian
Territory.. ..Thirty persons hurt In railway
accident at Medford, Mass.
8 Death of Gen. Neal Dow.
4 Sagasta ministry assumes control In
Spain. .. .Austin, Pa., almost entirely de
stroyed by flre.
- 5 Connecticut votes an educational test
for voters.
6 Alton train held up near Kansas City,
Mo Thousands of lives lost and mnch
property destroyed by a typhoon In the Philippine-Islands
$117,000 flre at Chicago
stock yards. .. .Large flre in Detroit. .. .Six
girls burned to death at Planklnton, S. D. . . .
Disastrous flre at Medora, .111. , .
7 Two prisoners roasted In Opellila;" Alai.,
8 Gen. Weyler recalled from Cuba....
Death of ex-Senator McPherson of New
Jersey. -
12 Bandits rob a train near AnBttn, Tex
as. ...Death at Detroit of ex-Senator Chas.
W. Jones of Florida.
14 Four people killed In a railway acci
dent at Stlttsvllle, Ont.
15 Four persons killed and many Injured
by caving In of a theater roof In Cincin
nati. 16 Steamer Triton sunk In Caribbean Sea
and 160 lives lost '
17 Windsor, N. S., flre-swept and '3,000
people left homeless. .. .Death of Chas. A.
Dana of the New York Sun.
19 Death Hf Geo. M. Pullman of Chicago.
21 Jury In Luetgert nlurder case In Chi
cago disagreed. "
24 Twenty lives lost In NewYork Cen
tral accident at Garrisons, N. Y Bank
wrecked at Blairsburg, Iowa,
27 Wabash Railroad offices In St Louis
29 Henry George, . single-tax advocate,
died of apoplexy at New York. .
1 Sale of the Union Pacific Railroad.
2 Thirteen firemen Injured by a gasoline
explosion at a flre in Philadelphia. .. .Elec
tion day: New York elected Van Wyek
(Tammany) Mayor; Ohio, Pennsylvania,
iowa and Massachusetts went Republican ;
Maryland, Nebraska, New York, Kentucky
arid Virginia Democratic; Colorado was car
ried by silver men, -and in South Dakota Re
publicans $nd Democrats won over Populists:'
4 Chesapeake and Ohio train wreck at
Charlottesville-. Va., In which four people
are killed and maay Injured. .. .Five men
badly burned by molten Iron In Milwaukee,
and two die from their injuries.
6 Train robbery, near Grants, N. M
Fourteen lives lost by. the sinking of the
steamer Idaho on Lake Erie.
11 Yellow fever quarantine declared off
in New Orleans. .. .Thieves steal $14,000 in
money and Jewelry from a Silver Creek, N.
Y., bank.
12 $50,000 flre at Fostorla, Ohio.
13 Three Indians lynched by a mob at
Wllliamsport, N. D. '
17 Three people Injured in a railway
wreck near Cleveland, Ohio. .. .Panic In a
Cincinnati school caused the Injury of four
children. .. .Rozel, Kan., sinks Into the
1 prairie In a night.
19 Three miners killed In railway wreck
at Cool Bluff, Ind.... Great fire In London,
England; loss $25,000,000.
20 Masked negro, attempting to hold up
a Kansas City street car, shot conductor and
motorman. .
21 Flre at Melbourne, Australia, In which
$5,000,000 of mercantile property was de
stroyed. ...Two motormen killed In a collis
ion In Baltimore, Md Flre at La Grange,
Ohio, In which $25,000 worth of property
was destroyed.
23 F. A. Novak found guilty of murder
at Vinton, Iowa.
25 Cnpt. Loverlng found guilty by court
martial at Fort Sheridan, Chicago.
28 Resignation of the Badeni ministry In
.Austria. .. ; Three men asphyxiated ! the
Grand Trunk tunnel at Port Huron, Mich.
80 New cabinet formed in Austria...;
Eleven persons killed in a railway accident
at Warsaw, Poland. ... Martin Thorn con
victed of the murder of Wm. Guldensuppe at
New York, ;
1 Thirty-seven miners killed In Homburg,
Bavaria, by explosion of flre damp. .. .Furious-
riots at Prague. Bohemia. '
4 Three men killed and several persons
Injured In a collision of trolled cars near
Detroit, Mich.
5 Resignation of the Italian ministry.
6 Congress convenes In regular session at
11 Two men killed In railway collision at
Oakland, Cal Haytlan cabinet resigned.
13. New Haytlan ministry formed.
14 Resignation of Chilian cabinet. .
Rudlnl cr.blnet reconstituted In Italy. '
16 Three men killed In C, E. & I. wreck
at Clinton, Ind.. ..Death of Alphonse Dau-
det, noted French author William Ter-
rlss, English actor, assassinated In London.
....Ratification of peace treaty- between
Greece and. Turkey. .. .New Chilian cabinet
17 Six lives lost in flre at Ottawa, Ont. . , .
Three persons perish In an $850,000 flre at
Grand Forks, Dak.
18 Zero weather in Chicago. .. .Death of
Hon. Washington Heslng, of Chicago.
20 Five train wrecks at Castle Rock,
Colo., two persons killed; at Pontlac, 111.,
five persons Injured; near Benson, Ariz., one
man killed; near Rlpton, Ala., four men
killed; at St. Louis, one man killed and tw6
21 Suclde of Miss Leila Herbert at Wash
ington, B. O Three skaters drowned at
Tonawanda, N. Y Three skaters drowned
at Gardner, Mass.
Great Mausoleum Built In Brooklyn
at a Cost of $300,000.
John W. Mackay's "home after death"
Is rapidly nearing completion. The
Mackay-tomb, or mausoleum, near the
Ninth avenue entrance of Greenwood
cemetery, Brooklyn, will soon be com
pleted. This structure, which Mr. Mackay
has erected after the fashion set by sev
eral bf New York's prominent men, who
built their tombs before they died, is one
of the noblest in the necropolis. The ap
proximate cost will be $300,000.: The
Mackay mausoleum is, within, like a min
iature church auditorium. No evidences
of the real character of the place appear.
It is lighted and heated with electricity,
and at Jeast fifty persons ould attend
mass sard in its space. Yet to no way
is iit catacomb-like. There are twenty
two crypts for bodies. The interior is
dined throughout with marble, with a
wainscoting of black Belgian capped with
Comnemara green. The roof is formed of
a tremendous slab of granite the largest
ever quarried in this country. It came
from Maine, and its dimensions are 22
feet square by 16 Inches thick. Its weight
is fifty tons.
Report that Gomez Cannot Be Brought
: to an Engagement.
The correspondent of the MadHd pa
per, El Imparcial, has cabled the state
ment telegraphed by Gen. Parrado to
,Gen. Blanco that the insurrection in Santa
Clara province is triumphing, and that it
is impossible to fight . Gen. Gomez, as he
evades all engagements. The Spanish
troops, he says, are without food. Great
consternation has been caused in Havana
by the execution of Col. Ruiz, the emis
sary of Gen. Blanco to Gen. Aranguren.
The Cubans declare they will execute alj
euiistiuries- who come in favor of auton
omy, without paying any attention to who
they are. ' (.
Forty-three concentrados at work in the
country were captured by tbe forces of
Geji. Maroto, and put to death with the
swOrd. Among them were women and
children. The Spanish forces at Manza
nillo, numbering 18,000 men, are without
food. Gen. Pando has sent word to Gen.
Blanco to send beef to the troops, as many
were dying pf hunger. .'
Told In a Few Lines. '
A Maryland man accused of kissing a
pretty girl has proved an alibi. Give him
the limit of- the law.
Charles Ewald, aged 65, while switch
ing cars with his team at Daggett, Mich.,
fell across the track, the carwheels pass
ing over bim, killing him.
. . The firm of Morton, Bose & Co., bank
ers at London), will be reorganized on Jan.
1, Mr. Rose retiring. The firm thereafter
will be known as Morton, Chaplin & Co.
' William C. Woodward, alias "Big Haw
ley," who was convicted at New York of
attempted blackmail on Samuel W. Brig
ham, was sentenced to five years' impris
onment. ... t ',.
The amount of damages claimed by the
owners of the streamer La -Cauadienne,
which was' in collision with the United
States cruiser Yantic, is understood to be
about $10,000. ' ;
What's this!. A dispatch from Maine
states that "this season's importation of
French sardines will be light, owing to
the small catch of young herring off the
Main coast." Can it be? ,'
' ' ' "
The Government of the United States
owns in the city of Washington 1,600,000
volumes of literature. Of these about one
half, or 787,715, are In the congressional
library. The remainder are scattered
..through the various executive depart
ments. The daily number of readers in
the congressional library averages 3,320.
About 700 persons, including the mem
bers of both houses Ad high officials of
the Government, are entitled to draw
books and take them away from the build
ing, and the average number loaned out
in such a way is 1,440. It is a favorable
commentary upon the honesty and oare of
our public men that during' a period of
thirty years the numbor of books lost or
not returned was only five in a thousand.
Large numbers of petitions, supported
by many signatures and uniform in their
phraseology, are being presented to the
House of Representatives. ' They ask the
passage of a series of laws to protect the
morals of the public. For example, to
prohibit gambling in stocks, produce, rac
ing pools and other forms of speculation
by telegraph, to prohibit the transmission
of stock quotations for speculative pur
poses, and the transmission in- the mails
of newspapers containing pictures or de
scriptions of prize fights, to prohibit the
exhibition of kinetoscope reproductions of
prize fights and other brutalizing specta
cles, and to prohibit the transportation
from State to State of materials for such
,The ladies of the cabinet are decidedly
put out by the edict that forbade their
New Year's receptions and the dinners
that were to precede and folBpw. They
do not see any occasion for it. The Pres
ident did not ask or even suggest a sus
pensionof social affairs.', He told the
menfbers of his cabinet he should close the
White House for thirty days, although he
did hot think it was necessary for them
to follow his example, but without con
sulting their wives, they agreed to do so.
The husbands have since had an unhappy
time, and the Washington social world
has offered them no sympathy. ' .
The opposition to the ratification of the
Hawaiian treaty has simmered down al
most entirely to the sugar trust, the Louis
iana planters and the beet-root sugar
manufacturers. There are a few Senators
who oppose, the treaty on principle, as
they believe It inexpedient for the United
States to assume the responsibility of gov
erning any detached territory, and several
on the Democratic side have joined the
opposition because they regard annexa
tion as a Republican measure.
Chairman Loud of the House Commit
tee on Postoflices has been working during
the recess on the report of the committee
on the Loud bill, and has practically com
pleted it. He believes that the measure
will effect a saving of' at least $10,000,000
annually, and will wipe out the enormous
deficit that confronts the Potsofflce De
partment every year. Mr. Loud believes
the bill is much stronger this session than
last, and, while not absolutely confident,
thinks it will finally carry. .
The agents of the- Cuban junta in
Washington justify the assassination of
Col. Ruiz as necessary to intimidate the
cowardly and corrupt men in their ranks
who are likely to be allured into making
terms with the Spanish authorities either
through fear or bribery. They say that
hereafter no Spanish agent will dare ap
proach an insurgent camp, and that it will
be dangerous for any stranger to do so.
The distressing death of Miss Leila Her
bert has caused a shock to her many
friends and acquaintances in Washing
ton. She was a young woman of beau
tiful character, gentle, amiable and gen
erous, and was generally beloved and ad
mired. Those who knew her best believe
that her suicide was due to fear that she
might be a permanent cripple.
The pension certificate of the Rev. L.
J. iveith of Vlncennes, Ind., will be can
celed, because the holder has informed
the bureau that he does not consider him
self longer entitled to a pension, his dis
ability having disappeared, and has asked
that his name be dropped from the rolls.
There is only one other such case on rec
ord. ' '
''' "
Secretary Wilson is greatly' interested
in legislation for the establishment of
postal savings banks because he believes
they are necessary to the prosperity of
the farmers, , It is sometimes an all day's
job, he-says, for a farmer to go to the
town where the nearest bank Is situated,
while there Is a postoffice in every village.
. The copyright department is a most im
portant branch of the Government, and
Indicates an enormous increase in literary
and musical compositions and In designs"
which are susceptible to copyright In
1870 the number of copyrights granted
was 5,021; in 1880, 20,080; In 1890, 42,.
758; in 1896, 72,470. ,
: :
The recent report of the Comptroller of
the Currency shows that the savings
banks of the United States are mcistly
confined to the northeastern section of the
country. Nearly 80 per cent of the num
ber of banks and amount of deposits is
represented by New York and New Eg-
The committee appointed by the Society
of the Army of the Tennessee to secure
the erection of a monument to: Gen.
George B. McCJellan at Washington has
held Its 'first meeting and elected Adjt,
Gen. Buggies chairman.
Ink erasers are not allowed in either the
War or the Navy Department except un
der the direction of a chief of bureau, and
no one is allowed to erase an entry in any
official record book without explanations
and express permission. '''
The sale of postage stamps for the last
quarter of the year 1897 was the largest
in the history of the country.
Against the probability or possibility of
mischance or accident we can never be too
sure. But if ye should stop to consider
how great is the chance of sudden death,
we would be made too timid and unhappy.
Caution is needed hot to be foolhardy, and
precaution to know what is best to do when
an accident happens. One dav this winter
two men were walking, and one said:
"We're too timid in treading on slippery
places. I tread tir'mly and never think
about them, and so escape a fall." "Never
be too sure," said the other, "it is that that
throws you off and makes the fall the
harder." Just then tliey came upon a place
covered with thin snow, where kids had
been sliding. The first speaker slipped, and
came down with his foot turned, and badly
sprained his ankle. He was , a cripple oh
crutches until a short time ago, having used
many things without benefit. Up to that
time he had not used St. Jacobs Oil, which,
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. Value of the British Navy. i
It is interesting to note that the dapi
tal value of the British navy at the
present time exceeds 94,000,000. The
first cost of the fleet which led to the
downfall of Napoleon was but 10,
000,000. The fleet then comprised be
tween 480 and 490 fighting vessels.
California claims the largest boy in
the world of his age. His name is
John Bardin. He is 15 years' old, six
feet" five inches tall, and weighs 220
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It is estimated that Australia con
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". The laregst parish in London in point
o'f area is Lewisham, which has 5,773
acres; and the largest population1 is
Islington, which has now 880,000 in
habitants. After being swindled by all others, send us stamp
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r The teaohing of music is 'becoming
more general every year in the public
schools of this country.
Two bottles of Piso's Cure for Consump
tion cured me of a bad lung trouble. Mrs.
J. Nichols, Princeton, Ind., Mar. 26, 1895.
, The distance of the earth from the
sun is about 8,000,000 miles less in
December than it is June. i .
Portland. Or,
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H lUHta HYntlit ALL tLSt TAILS. t'J
hd Best Cougk Syrup. Tastes Good. Use K
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liots of women suffer constantly,'
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Our hahits of life and dress tell
sadly upon women's
delicate organiza
' They
ought to
be told
just where
the danger
lies, for
whole fu
ture may
upon that
edge and how to overcome the dangera
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There is no need of our describing
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Sworn to. before me and subscribed in my
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An international congress is being ar
ranged ih Paris for the discussion of
means of preventing fires at theaters
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The Bible was written by' degrees
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anciently called "The Books," but
for the past 700 years the "Bible."
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Frogs , subsist on insects, ' and are "
themselves devoured bv a varietv of
other animals..
Weak Kidneys, Lumbago, Rheumatism
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A strone current
It can be'regu.
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r" ' "cm ldreJT'Ie t h iVc. ,",""'N
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P. X. V.
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