The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 31, 1897, Image 3

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"SXood leaver lacier.
The mail arrives from ttt. Hood at 10 o'
clock A. M. Wednesdays and Saturdays; de
parts ie same days at noon.
For Chenoweth, leave at R A. M. Tuesdays
and Saturdays: arrives at 6 P. M.
For White Salmon leaves daily at 1 P. M.;
arrives at o'ciock tr. m.
From White Salmon, leaves for Fulda. Oil
sner. Trout Lake and Glenwood Mondays,
w eanesaays ana rriaavs.
Ttood River Lodge. No. 105. A. F. and A. M,
Meets Saturday evening on or before each
W. M. Yates, Secretary. '
Hood River Chapter, No. 27, R. A. H.
.meets tnira vriaay mem oi eacn momn.
G. E. Williams, Secretary.
Hood River Chapter, No. 25, 0. E. 8. Meets
Hatiiraay after eacn full moon.
Mrs. Rachel Hkkshnek, Secretary.
Can by Post, No. 16, G. A. R., meets at School
House uau, nrst Haturaay or eacn montn
t 2 o'clock n. ra. AUG. A. R. members In
vited to attend. The ladles of the Relief
Corps meet at same time in the adjoining
room. h. r. hliX, commander.
C. J. Hayes, Adjutant.
- rkiAfA a 1.1 Krn 'inn TTf,ut A ... I ...
meets second and fourth Monday nights of
eacn montn at f raternity nan. Brotners ana
isters ooraiaiiy lnvitea to meet witn vis.
E. T. CARNS, M. A.
E. V. Husbands, Sec'y.
Hood River Camp, No. 70, W. O. W. Meets
in i. u. u. e , nail seoona w eanesnay oi encn
montn. . u. uuusius, tj. u.
H. Hknn, Clerk.
Wauooma Lodge, No. 80, K. of P., meets In
ineir uastie Halt on every Tuesday mgnu
W. H. Bishop, C. C,
WK, H ATNE8, K. of R. & 8.
Riverside Lodge, No. 68, A O. TJ. W., meets
first ana tnira Saturdays oi eacn montn.
0. L. MORSE, M. W,
J. F. Watt, Financier.
H. L. Howe, Recoider.
Idlewilde Lodge. No. 107, t. O. O. F meets
: in f raternal nau every rnursaay nignt-
THUS. LAC i, N. ,
F. !E. fesKS, See'y. ,
. Happy New Year.
Tomorrow we will write it '98. .
Bushnell, this Thursday evening.
The . best assortment of Christmas
goods at JNlckelsen's.
The only place in town to get fresh
peanuts is at M. H. Nickelsen's.
Win. Yates, P. M., is authorized agent
for all newspapers and periodicals
All the choicest vegetables of the sea
son at the Columbia Packing Co.'s
fly. That's what you want! Williams
fe Brosius. ..
Mrs. Howells started Monday for
(California, where she will make her
future home.
A fine assortment of rocking chairs
for Christmas, all sizes, from $1 up, at
the furniture store.
.: The artist's crayou will recall tomind
i ender recollections and scenes of child
. hood, at Congregational ch urcb, Thurs
day evening, December 30tb. -
, Mr. W. A. Slingerland started last
' week for a trip to Southern Oregon and
r California and will go as far south as
', ILos Angeles before bis return.
: ' Constant surprises, meaningless lines
i and masses of black develop into forms
of life and beautiful scenes, at Congre
, jgational church, December 30th.
F. H. Vatts, general agent for the
' Monumental Bronze Co., Dufur, Or.,
will make periodical visits to Hood
Kiver. Hee his work in the cemeteries
jtnd then see him for terms.
. - . Santa Claus visited Hood River and
.generously distributed his presents.
The churches all had Christmas trees
and all the good Sunday school child-
' ren were remembered with presents.
The Hood River public school closed
1 last Friday for a two weeks' vacation.
" Prof. Snyder, Miss Grace Graham and
- Mips Eliza Stevens, the teachers, will
iio to Portland next Week and will visit
the public schools of that city. .
: Don't spend all your money' buying
.Xmas presents for others but save it
' and buy yourself something needful,
' useful as well as ornamental by having
' your teeth fixed up by Dr. E. T. Cams
oh his next trip, January 1st. Office at
Mt. Hood hotel. " ..'....-
i Write to Davenport Bros.' Lumber
Co. for delivered prices on all kinds of
:! lumber, rough or dressed. They have
a large and good .assortment of finish
ing lumber on hand, good and dry.
v Call and get our cash prices before pur
chasing elsewhere.
Mrs. Stark. Pleasant Ridge, O., says:
"After two doctors gave up my bov to
. die, I saved him from croup by using One
Minute Cough Cure." It is the quick --est
and most certain remedy for coughs,
: .colds and all throat and lung troubles.
'Williams & Brosius.
Likenesses of representative rnen
' idrawn in a few moments, at Congre
gational church Thursday evening,
, December 80th. . ' .
George Knapp and Charley Tubbs
are building an "air-line electric roud"
to Klondike. They are building right
' up the bluff from Knapp's place. All
who want stock in this road can have
it by reporting to George Kuapp with'
tt pick, shovel and grub stake and tbey
will come in as equul shareholders.
Bert Graham, Will Graham and
v Prank Watson came ddwu frota Wasco'
, to spend Christmas at home. Fred
Shoemaker came home from Pendle-
' ton. Peter Jochimsen, Larry Mocgau,'
C. Edduigs, Wju. Allen, Hod Allen
.And Mr. Kelley of the railroad crew.
' were also here on Christmas.
' Santa Claus unexpectedly appeared
at the school house last Friday, just
' . before the closing hour, and distributed .
.bags of candy and nuts to the pupils in
each room. He was received with de
light by the youngsters. This was a;
new. departure for Santa Claus, and it
is suspected that the teachers gave him
. a liiut that it would be the right place
iurblin to visit. Hereafter every pupil
7: Willi be In bis place ou the day before
Christmas. , - ;, -
On Cbj-islmas eve, when Mr. and
. ' Mrs. J. L. Hershner returned home
- from the Christmas entertainment,
tbey found their door barricaded with
a large box, upon which was the fol-
, lowing label; "To Rev. and Mrs. J. L.
Hershner, with the compliments of the
oeasou. . From your congnegation."
The box was removed in the bouse,
where it waa found lo contain a baud
cHirue tea and diuner set, consisting of
70 pieces. ' Many, many tliauka for
Mtcli a wealth of Chrw-inus reuiem
brance. .. ., . . ,r
Word comes from Hardscrabble of a
pig story' that lays the Item from
Phelps creek about a six-month-old pig
that dressed 220 pounds several degrees
in the shade. Joe Purser says he has
a pig that is over eight mouths old and
weighs 6 pounds! Several years ago be
owned a pig that he fed for a year and
a half He traded it to Rev. Eldridge
for a day's plowing, and the preacher
toted the pi it home in a poke. The
preacher fed it for six months and then
traded it to Elishup Rogers for lumber.
Rotters fed the animal six months and
then butchered It and it dressed 60
pounds! it's a cold day when Hard
scrabble gets left on a pig story.
The entertainment given by Mr. D.
Bradley, with the graphopbone Moo-
day evening, was good. This wonder
ful instrument gave those, present a
regular concert, with music from some
of the best orchestras and brass bands
iu America. Mr. S. E. Bartuiess
medley was given so distinctly that
the Voice was recognized at once. We
are sorry to say the audience was small;
too much Christmas had busted too
many of us. It is hoped Mr. Bradley
will consent to give auotber entertain
ment some day when times may be
more propitious for drawing a full
house. , ...
The family of Mr. Milton Sunder
land had a bouse full of their relatives
and friends come, to see them during
Christmas. His son, C. J. Sunderland
and wife; his son-in-law, Harry Beck
with and wife, and his daughter. Miss
Bertha, all came up from Portland,
and all had a merrv Christmas. Mr.
and Mrs. Hughes of Iowa, uncle and
aunt ot Mrs. eunaeriana, were aiso
eominir. but Mrs. Hughes was taken
sick and detained in Portland.
Alton Cunning and Bob Wright gave
a dinner at their . bacneiors nan in
their wood camp on the Nichols place
on Christmas. One of the guests in
forms us tbev had roast chicken with
dressing, and all the accompaniments
including pumpkin pie. All the din
ner lacked was a 'possom to make it
an old-fashioned Missouri meal. The
cooking was all done in the highest
style ol the art.
J.H. Shoemaker informs us that of si x
girls who have been employed at his
house during tne past two years nve
have since got married, and the sixth
is likely to be married before the new
year comes in. If this item gains wide
circulation, Mrs. Shoemaker will nave
no trouble hereafter in securing domes
tic help. .
The Travers literary society will meet
with Mr. and Mrs. E. I . Smith, Mon
day evening, January 3d. Subject for
tne evening, jviy jjavorue Auinor."
Members of the Girls' Essay club are j
requested to be present, as the prizes
lor the essay contest will be given out.
Mr. Fred Dornhecker. son-in-law of
Mr. George Rordan, came dowu from
Umatilla with bis family to spend tbe
holidays with the family of Mr. Ror
dan. Miss Lula Rordan, who has been
with her sister at Umatilla for the past
three years, came home to stay.
Hood River had a white Christmas,
with about three inches of snow 011 tbe
ground. It commenced raining 011
Christmas morning and kept it up
Cretty steadily till Monday morning,
y which time tbe snow had about all
disappeared from our streets.
Mr. George Booth returned from
Portland Tuesday, accompanied by
Myron Champlin. Mr. Booth' has
about recovered from his runaway ac
cident. Myron Cbamnlin went with
bim to his ranch and will remain with
him for the winter. ,
Wednesday of last week, while Mr.
S. W. King and family were iu town,
some thief entered their apple house
and stole 16 quarts of the choicest of
Mrs. King's can nea lruit. ir tne tniet
will return the cans there will be no
questions asked. '
Tbe United Brethren people will ob
serve the week ot prayer, wmcn win
be the beginning of a protrated meet
ing. Presiding Elder Parker is expect
ed to be here and help in the meeting.
Also Rev. W. E. Rossman.
The Barrett literary society will hold
forth airaiu on the second Saturday
evening iu January, with the. follow
ing question . lor ueoaie: "itesoivea,
That improved machinery is a benefit
to the laboring man."
A protracted meeting is being held in
the new Advent Christian church at
'1 ticker. Rev. Anderson of Boise,
Idaho, preached ou Sunday. Rev. Dix
of Portland is assisting. .
The big drift that collected and rest
ed just aboye the falls in Hood river,
caused by the freshet of November,
1898, went out with the first freshet iu
November this year.
Eph WinanS, Pete Nesson aud
James Muir left Monday for Chen
oweth, where they will . cut . shingle
bolts for the new lumber! ug company
at that place. ,
W. H. Perry has bought the Ketch-
em place and moved, in during the
nrst part or tne week. Mr. - teener
moved into Charley Wallace's house.
Miss Edith" Potter, who has been
spending the past six months with rel
atives 111 New York state, returned
home for tbe holidays. -
The water in Hood river is too high
for fishing and time hangs heavily on
tbe bands of some of ourlzaak Waltous.
Mr.' aud Mrs. William Luckey of
Portland are spending the holidays
with Mr. J. J. Luckey and family.
Mr. and Mrs. William Ellis went to
Portland Tuesday and will speud New
Year's with tbelr sou Frank.
ii. A. R. and W. R. C. installation
will be held Monday, January 10th, at
1 o'clock. .
The Glacier Is indebted to Mr. Geo.
T. Prather for a supply of calendars for
Columbia Packing Co.'s market sold
20 turkeys and 32 chickens for Christ
Mr.' Alfred Bobrman and daughter
Miss May went to Portland Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fried I y are spending
the holidays in Portland.
-Mr. Clvde Bonnev is soendintr the
holidays in Eugene.
Mm. W. H. Perry went to Portland
Springlike days and frosty nights.
It is easy to catch a cold and just as
easy to get rid of it if you commence
early to use One Minute CougH Cure.
It cures roughs, eolda, bronchitis.pneu
tuonia and all throataud. lung troubles.
It Is pleasant Co take, wife to use and
sure to cure. Williams &, Brosiua.
Officers Installed.
'Joint installation of the following
officers elect was held at Odd Fellows'
hall Monday afternoon, Dec. 27th:
Hood River Lodge, No. 105, A. F.
and A. M. F C Brosius, W M; A N
Rahm, S W; A S Blowers, JW; W J
Baker, treasurer; W M Yates, secre
tary: J R Nickelsen. S D: R E Fewel
J D; L Nealeigh, tyler; A L Phelps
and C L Morse, stewards.
Hood River Chapter, No. 27. R.A.M.
b C Brosius, H P; A 8 Blowers, K
FH Button, 8; E L Smith, C O H;
E E Savage, P S; G R Castner, R A C;
W A Slingerland, M 8d V; J L Hersh
ner, M zd V; J w uoiineii, m 1st v;
W J Baker, treasurer; G E Williams,
secretary: L Nealeigh, sentinel.
Hood River Chapter, No. 25, O.E.S.
Mrs Emma Brosius, VY M; if U .Brosius,
W P; Miss Alice Cleaver, A M; Mrs
Phoebe Morse, C: Mrs Eva Haynes, A
C; Mrs Elda Bartmess, treasurer; Mrs
Rachel Hershner.seoretary; SisterAnna
Flagg, Chap; Mrs JUay Yates, Ada;
Miss Lena Hinrichs, Ruth; Mrs Minnie
Nickelsen, Esther; Mrs Ellen Blowers,
Martha; Mrs Annabell Morse, Electa:
bister Sarah Phelps, warden; Bro A
L Phelps, sentinel. ,
From White Salmon.
Mrs. Rowland of Lyle is visiting her
son, tne ferryman.
Lou Morse's turkey shoot on Christ
mas was a financial success. 4
Several teams are engaged hauling
the stringers to complete the steamship
dock. , . : .
J. Clatterbush is breaking ground for
bis new saw mill three miles up the
wnite aimon. v
Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Warner are spend
ing tbe holidays with their daughter,
miss Anna Henderson, in roruana
Within tbe past ten days at least
half a dozen bears have been killed in
this neighborhood by citizens of this
Thirty-three numbers were sold for
the dance at Lauterbach's ball Christ
mas eve, and the dance was a complete
success. , -
C. W. Moore of Fulda. while visiting
here last week, sprained his back by a
fall and had to be taken home by Geo.
Rankin in a back.
The literary society will give an en
tertainment In Lauterbach's hall Fri
day night, with a dance and refresh
ments to follow. Mr. Bradley will be
present with his graphoplione, aud a
an enjoyable eveuing is expected.
' How to Prevent Pneumonia.
At this time of the year a cold is very
easily contracted, and if left to run its
course without the aid of some reliable
cough medicine is liable to result in
that dread disease, pneumonia. We
know of no better remedy to cure a
cough or cold than Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. We have used it
quite extensively and It has always
fiven entire satisfaction. Olagah,
nd. Ter. Chier. -This
Is the only remedy that is
known to be a certain preventive of
pneumonia. Among tne many thou
sands who have used it foi colds and
la grippe; we have never yet learned of
a single case having resulted iu pneu
monia. Persons who have weak lungs
or have reason to fear an attack of
pneumonia, should keep the remedy at
hand. The 25 and 60 cent sizes for sale
by Williams and BKisius.
The Wasco News has moved Into
new and more commodious quarters.
for 8 years from dyspepsia and chronic
constipation and was finally cured by
using De Witt's Little Early Risers, the
famous little pills for all stomach and
liver troubles. Williams & Brosius.
An oratorical candidate for a Mel
bourne constituency, in a tine burst of
eloquence, asked the question, "What
is it that has made England what she
is mighty, revered, feared and re
spected?" "Oireland," was the prompt
and unexpected reply, in a racy brogue
from the rear of tbe hall.
Miss Allie Hughes, Norfolk, Va., was
frightfully burned on the face and neck.
Pain was instantly relieved byDeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve.whicb healed the in
jury without leaving a scar. It is the fa
mous pile remedy. Williams otiirosius.
, Mrs. Mary Bird, Harrisburg,Pa.,says:
"My child is worth iiiillionso me, yet 1
would have lost her by croup had I not
invested 25 cents in a bottle of One Min
ute Cough Cure." It cures coughs, colds
and all throat and lung troubles. Will
iams & Brosius.
J.A. Perkinsof Antiquity, O., wasfor
30 years needlessly tortured by physi
cians for the cure of eczema. He was
quickly cured by using DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve, the famous heal I ng sal ve for
pilesand skin diseases. Williams & Bro
sius. - .
, , , .
Don't be persuaded into buying lini
ments without reputation or merit
Chamberlain's Pain Balm costs no
more, and its merits have been proven
by a test of mauy years. Such letters
as the following, irom L. G. Bagley,
Hueneme, Cal., are constantly being
received: "The best remedy for pain I
have ever used is Chamberlain's Pain
Balm, and I say so after having used it
in my family for several years." It
cures rheumatism, lame buck, sprains
and swellings. ; For sale by Williams &
. Pointed Paragraphs.
The quiet hog gets the most slop.
' Never look a toy pistol in the muzzle.
It's the custom of advertising that
brings customers.
Those Indian football players proba
bly travel on scalpers' tickets.
It's enough to make the pot boil
when the ket tle calls it black.
The man with tbe most sand is the
one who gets the girl with tbe rocks.
Talk is cheap especially when you
make use of your neighbor's telephone.
'There is room for every body in this
big world, but we can't all have front
The man who makes the best of
every thing is always sure ot a market
for his products.
It's the man who has the will power
to stop drinking when be sees fit that
never sees fit..
No marl waa ever blamed for being
a gentleman, but many have been
falsely accused of It.
When a man turns over a new leaf
tie is never satisfied until he gets it
blotted up worse than the old one.'
When a woman's friends refer to her
as being of uncertain age It roeana-that
she Is getting pretty - well alottg In
ycurs. ; .
East Hood River.
Work is being pushed on the new
Mr. James Eggert went to Salem for
tne holidays. ' ;
Mr. Sawyer expects to leave for Cal
ltornia tnis week.
Home for the holidays in tbe valley
Mr. and Mrs. Porter and Miss Gladys
Sears. Miss Anna Sears. Mr. W. G.
Clelland, Mr. and Mrs. Koberg, Miss
Marguerite Shelley and Mr. Vester
Hardin. y
Mr. Wm. Jackson, the supervisor, has
bad prepared some substantially built
and wen painted sign Doarus, ana nas
placed them at all the cross roads in
his district. They are by far the finest
in tbe valley, and other supervisors
would do well to follow his example,
Santa Claus stopped at the- Pine
Grove school house Friday evening
fend found there a beautiful Christmas
tree well lighted and loaded with pre
sents both useful and ornamental. Bags
of candy and nuts were distributed to
those present and a general good time
was indulged in. Mr. James risk
made some very appropriate opening
remarks, afterward children or tne
school entertained the audience for an
hour with recitations, readings and
songs. The children showed the. ex
cellent training they had received from
their teacher, Mrs. Busbnell, in the
orderly and systematic manner in
which tbey marched to and from the
stage, and in their chorus singing.
which was as one voice; all, from the
largest to tbe smallest taking part, and
after being started carrying the song
through alone in good time and Har
mony. ...
School Report.
Report of Pine Grove school, district
number 7, for tbe month ending De
cember 24, 1897: Number of pupils be
longing 33; average daily attendance
31; cases of tardiness 31; different
pupils tardy 17: number or visitors 0.
Pupils neither absent nor tardy, Elmer
Boardman, Don Crosby, Blanche Har
bison, Eddie Lage, Mamie Mohr,
Frank Boardman, Gertie Crosby, Char
ley .Lage, Hester Harbison.
mrs. Jennie fJusHNELi., teacher.
Notice to Homesteaders.
s Oregon City Enterprise. .
The local land office has been send
ing out circulars to all homesteaders in
this land district whose five years time
has elapsld, calling their attention to
such fact, i I ve years residence must
be proven in each case, but seven vears
is the limit from the time of filing
within which proof must be made.
except in cases where the filing was
made prior to 1894. in 1894 congress
passed an act giving homestead claim
ants who had filed prior to the passing
of the act an additional year, but this
act does not apply to filings made after
that time. So that all those persons
who filed prior to 1894 have eight years
within which to make proof.
- Church Notices.
A "church rally day" service will be
held at the Congregational church next
Sunday, at 11 a. m. Next week the
week of prayer will be observed; ser
vices each evening, beginning at 7
'clock. A cordial welcome to all who
Rev. A. G. Dix is conducting the
protracted meeting in tbe Advent
Christian church at Tucker, and will
preach there every night during this
week aud on Sunday at 11 a. m. aud
m. ;
M. E. Church. Monthly appoint
ments on Hood River circuit: , '
1st Sunday Hood River, 11a. m.......Hlnes.
Hood mver, 7:au p.-m Archer.
j Belmont, 7:30 p. m .Hlnes.
Pine Grove. 11 a. m Archer.
2d Sunday Hood River, ( 11 a. m Archer.
Mood Kiver, 7:au p. ni Mines.
Belmont. 11 a. m Hlnes.
Crapper, 2:30 p. m Archer.
3d Sunday Hood River, 11a. m Archer.
iiooa Kiver, 7:uo p. m nines.
Belmont, 7:30 p. m Archer.
Pine Grove. 11 a. in Hlnes.
4th Sunday Hood River, 11 a. m Hlnes.
1100a mver, 7:80 p. m Arcner.
Belmont, 11 a. m Archer.
CraDDer. 2:30 d. m Hlnes.
6th Sunday Hood River, 11 a. m Hlnes.
. 1100a Kiver, 7:o p. m nines.
Mount Hood, 11 a. m Archer.
In Bickleton, Wash., December 17.
1897. to Rev. and Mrs. Chas. El rev. a
daughter. - . - .
Harried. ,
In Hood . River valley, at the resi
dence of R. J. Ellis, December 24,
1897, William L. Ellis aud Miss Kate
M. Wallace.
1897, Mr. Harry Hansberry aud Miss
Edith Montgomery. .
- '
After hearing some friends contin
ually ' praising Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, Curtis
t leek, of Anaheim, California, pur
chased a bottle of it for his .own use
and is now as enthusiastic ' over its
wonderful work as anyone can be. The
25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by Will
iams and Brosius.
Prosperity comes quickest to the man
whose liver is in good condition. De
Witt's Little Early Risers are famous
little pills for constipation, biliousness,
indigestion and all stomach and liver
troubles. Williams & Brosius..
Strawberries sold in St. Louis on
Thanksgiving day at 50 cents a box.
' Waterjor 1898.
Parties wishing to purchase water
from the Valley Improvement Co. for
tbe season of 1898 are requested to send
n their written applications at once.
stating how niany inches of water are
wanted and where tne same is to be
used. ;
In order to sell more than 200 or 250
inches of water considerable work will
have to be done, and unless w.e are sure
we can sell more than this number of
inches next season, we do not wish to
incur the expense of , enlarging the
ditch. Written applications for the
exact amount, to be used will be re
quired. F. Davenport.
To Cure a (told in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablet. All
druggists refund the money It it fails tocure.25c
Ive gentlemen or ladies to travel for re
(ponslble.e8tallisbed house In Oregon. Month
ly 80S and expenses. Position steady. Refer Htamped envelope
The Dominion Company, Dept. V, Chicago.
. ; r . '
Is now open for business,
FU CjJ S and Patent Medicines,
f ermmery ana Toilet Articles,
Always on band. , , v .
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded and Prices Reasonable.
" ' - At the old stand of the Glacier oflloe, Hood River, Oregon.
::&&H. A. YORK, Proprietor.
H. S. &
S 'JL' A I.
' Of Hood River can furnish comfortable
ity. Heavy draylng and transferring done
Successor to E. L. Smith Oldest Established House in the valley. J '
' '. DEALER IN . '
!Dr37" G-oods, piot2a.i3Lgr,
': '. ' ' ( AND
Flour, Feed, Etc.; Etc.
Deal only in first-class Nursery Stock. Send
proprietors and make a specialty of the now
a rata
Has made his headquarters again with
With the best selected stock ever brought
mention. Come and see for yourself. -.
Columbia Nursery
Offers a large stock of Fruit Trees and all oth
er kinds of nursery stock. All trees are well
grown, carefully dug, free from pests and true
to laDei. w netner you want, one tree or i,iu,
It will pay yon to examine this stock. Re
member, trees grown here give the best satis
faction. No trouble to show goods. Orders
filled on short notice. H. C. BATEHAM, '
Hood River, Oregon.
Three miles south, on Mt. Hood Road.
Harbison Bros., Prop'rs,
Manufacturers of
Dressed and
U ndressed
Flour, Feed and all kinds of cereals ground.
'.' Whole WheatGraham
a specialty.
The Glacier
Post.Office Building, Hood River, Or.
M. F. SHAW, M. D.
(Successor to Dr. Morgan)
Will do a general practice and devote special
attention to surgical cases and Diseases of
Office and residence, second door north of
Nickelsen's store. . s3.
Is now located In Portland, at 113 Russell
street. Will make regular trips to Hood
River on the first of every month and remain
three days.
Hoon Kiver,
Painter & Decorator
ISH. I make a specialty of my trade, and or
ders will receive prompt attention. Satisfac
tory work at live and letlive prices guaran
teed. Jusumaies gratis, jyz
Kitchen Furniture,
Pruning Tools, Etc.
W have a new and complete stock of hard
ware, stoves and tinware, to whteh we will
keep constantly adding. Our prices will con
tinue to be at 'ow a Portland prices.
Repairing Tinware a Specialty.
AND - - . . . 'V ' v '
carrying a full line of
L. CO.'S
ZE3 LX-j jj
conveyances to all Darts of the valley and vicin
with eareajid promptness.
r - - OREGOM
for Catalogue and Price List. Tbey aeol
to Hood River. Too many Christmas Goods t ;
To tla.e Eastk
Gives tbe etKnee of
NoiltaEy. H IM
Spokane, Salt Lake,
Minneapolis, Denver,
St. Paul, Omaha,
Chicago, Kansas City.
Lowest Rates to All v
Eastern Cities.
No. 1, Oregon Short Line... 4.30 a-'m.
No. 3, Spokane ....!. W A. l.
No. 4, Spokane 4.83 v. M.
No, 2, Oregon Short Line.l 1.48 P. M.
Leave Portland every Ave days fi ;. '
Steamers monthly from Porttanci tn Yoko
homa and Hong Kong, via tie Northern Pa
cific Steamship connection with O.K. 4N
For full details call on O. R. A N. Agent
Hood River, or address
. Gen'l Pass. Agenk) Portland, O
A Jersey Bull, 15 months old. No brand.
A suitable reward will be paid for Informa
tion of his whereabouts or his return to my
place. : JOHN KOBERG.
Skin Diseases.
. ,
For the speedy and permanent enre of
tetter, salt rheum and eczema, Cham- -berlain's
Eye and Skin Ointment is
without an equal. It relieves the Itch
ing and smarting almost instantly and
its continued use effects a permanent
cure. It also cures itch, barber's itch,
scald bead, sore nipples. Itching piles,
chapped hands, chronic sore eyes and
granulated lids. -
Dr. Cady's Condition Powder ' for
horses are the best tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge. Price, 25 cents. Solday "
I'owule by Villiuiu,ii, liiot-itiM.