The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 22, 1897, Image 4

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', ... - - - nmrr moTinr nn n nroinuol PAC,F,C C0AST TRADE-
f in prizes to f make twice as many people
ask their grocers for ' Schillings Best baking
powder and tea.
Schilling's Best baking powder and tea are
hrr.ause. they are money-back.
What is the missing word? not SAFE, although Schilling's Best baking
powder and tea are safe. ' '
Get Schilling's Best baking powder or tea at your grocers'; take eut the
ticket (brown ticket in every package of baking powder; yellow ticket in tiie
tea); send a ticket with each word to address below before December 31st.
, Until October 15th two words allowed for every ticket; after that only one
word for every ticket. ; ". '- I v
If only one person finds the word, that person gets $2000.00; if several find, $3000.00 will be equally divided among them."" ' "
Every one sending a brown or yellow ticket will receive a set of cardboard
creeping babies at the end of the contest.' Those sending three or more in one
envelope will -receive an "1S98 pocket calendar no advertising on it. These
creeping babies and pocket calendars will be different from the ones offered in
' the last contest ; . a . S ? f '; :' " i v . ' S ''
i Abetter cut these rules out.) f ? ?
; i S :- - ' '" ' v '' ' ''
The . records of eighty-eight years
show that tornadoes have a width of 10
' to 1-0,560 feet, a length of track of 800
yards to 200 miles, and a velocity of
.progression of 7 to 100 miles an hour.
ff Professional
u and Rnioteur
Send for Catalogue fllinniirfl
Wt !' theimost complete line of Gymnasium
and Athletic Goods on the Coast.
Send lor Our Athletic Catalogue. ,-"
818-820 Market St.. San Francisco, Cml.
will cure you 01 Dys
pepsia, Indigestion,
and stomach troubles
of all kinds. Price. 1. On receipt ef same we
will deliver It at your nearestexpress office free
of charge,
....FRANK NAU....
Portland Hotel pharmacy, ' Portland OR
.Sixth, and Morrison street, ( Portland, ok.
Portland, Oregon
A. P. Ahmstrono, LL.B.,Prin. J. A. Wraco, Sec'y
Itm preotttalt raploYBUnt to ttnndredl of our grodnfctet , and
';'. win to toouiandi more. Send for our oaulog oe.
ler& ftud how w teach. Vortlj, . . '
Quickly. Thoroughly, Forever Cured
by a new perfected scientifio
in et hod that cannot fail
unless the case is beyond
human aid. Yon feel im
' proved the first day, feel a
benefit every day, soon know
Jour self a king among men
n body, mind and heart.
Drains and losses ended.
ti obstacle to haDoy
married life removed. Herve
itxTOA. will, energy, when
failing or lost, are restored by this treatment All
weak portions of the body enlarged and strength
ened. Write for our book, with explanations and
proofs. Sent sealed, free. Over 2,000 references.
You cannot afford to let physical weakness
tine ambition and mar your iuture. It you
are not the man vou should be at yoor age; II
you have wasted vonr strength ; if you feel the
need of a remedy that will bring bacK the vigor
ofvonth, that will restore vour energy and
, your strength, do not hesitate. Sot that grand
est of all remedies, . -
' "The color in my face is looking muh better
and I feel fine. I have slept well since using
vour Belt,'' writes Louis Engels, Fairfield,
Utah, on August 2, 1897.
Illustrated, is sent free, sealed, by mail, to
U who write, or It may be had at the ofBoe
upon application. Every young, middle-aged
or old man suffering from the slightest wean-
ness should read it. It will show a safe and
speeav way io regain mauir "
everything else has failed. Call or address
S3 West Washington St., Portland, Or.
' Please mention thU Paptr. '.
CHILDREN Tttininu, . .
P MM. Winslow's Boothiko Strup should always b J
ustxl for children teething. It Boothes tiie child, sof t- J
Leas the gums, allays all pain, cure, wind colic. and 11 1
the bust remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty five sena a i
bottle. Ulethebentof all. J
Best Couxb bjrup. Taetes Uooa.
Ul lime, nosa oy omi;
and not a bug
or pest on mem.
Bend for our de
scriptive pries list FREE.
BUELL UMBERSON, Portland, Oregon
" Toothache, as an excuse for absence
from dnty, is not recognized in the
poatofflce of , Geneva, Switzerland
When an employe oomplains of an ach
ing tooth a government doctor pulls it
out. ' . '.
Not ef worldly goods, but of all earthly com.
fort, is the poor wretch tormented by malaria.
The fell scourge is, however, shorn of Its thong
in advance by Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, its
only sure preventive and remedy. Dyspepsia,
biliousness, constipation, rheumatism, ner
vousness and kidney complaints are also
among the bodily aftlictlons which this bene-
ncent medicine overcomes witn certainty, use
it systematically.
There is a 15-year-old widow at Cov
ington, Kj, The girl was married a
year ago to a 19-year-old boy, all the
parents consenting. Her husband died.
a few days ago.
For Women to Remember
That in addressing Mrs. Pinkham they
are communicating with a wonuin a wo
man whose experience in treating woman ' ,
ills is ereater than that of any living physi- i!
cian male or female.
A woman can talk freery to a woman
when it is revolting to relate her private
troubles to a man besides, a man does not
understand simplv because he is a man.
Many women suffer in silence end drift
along from bad to worse, knowing full well
that they should have immediate tssist
ance, bnt a natural modesty impels them
to shrink from exposing themselves to the
questions and probable examinations of
even their family physician. It is unnec
essary. Without money or price you can
consult a woman, whose knowledge from
actual experience is greater than any local
physician living.
The following invitation is freely offered;
accept it in the same spirit:
Women suffering from any form of fe
male weakness are invited to freely com
municate with Mrs Pinkham, at Lynn,
Mass. All letters are received, opened,
read and answered by women only, thus
has been established the eternal contidence
between Mrs. Pinkham and the women of
America which has never been broken and
has induced more than 100,000 sufferers to
write her for advice during the last four
mouths. Out of the vast volume of exper
ience which she has to draw from, it is
more than possible that she has gained the
very knowledge that will help your case.
She asks nothing in return except your
good-will, and her advice has relieved
thousands. Surely, any woman, rich or
poor, is very foolish if she does not take ad
vantage of this generous offer of assistance.
Lydia 1. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn,
Mass.. . ....... .... .
A postofflce clook in Sydney, Hew
South Wales, emits an eleotric light
flash lasting five seconds every hour
during the night, thus enabling those
living miles away to ascertain the exaet
time. . '
100 REWARD, Sloe.
The readers of this paper will be pleased te
learn that there is at least one dreaded disease
that science has been able to cure In all its stages
and that Is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the
enly positive cure now known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional dis
ease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the sys
tem, thereby destroying the foundation of the
disease, and giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and assisting
nature in doing its work. The proprietors have
so much faith in its curative powers, that they
ffer One Hundred Dollars for any case that It
falls to cure. Send for list of testimonials,
Address, F. J. CHENEY, & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 76o. -
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
The effloiency of the Christian En
deavor association as a religious agency
is accounted for by the fact that it con
tains twioe as many women aa men. -
All Eastern Syrup, so-called,
usually very
light oolored and of heavy body, Is made from
glucose. "Ten Garden Itript" is made frem
Sugar Cane and is strictly pure. It Is for sale
by first-class grocers, in eans only. Manufac
tured by the Pacific Coast Stoup Co. All gen
uine "Tea Garden Drips" have the manufac
turer's name lithographed on every can.
Sweet oil, with a little vinegar added,
will restore the leather backs and seats
' 0j 0hairg
For lung and chest diseases, Flso's Cure
is the best medicine we have used. Mrs.
J. L. Northcott, Windsor, Out., Canada. f
Keeping a pan of water in the oven
will keep fowls from scorching.
Tit Schilling's Best tea and baking powder.
A legal working day in Russia after
the 1st of next January will be eleven
hours and a half, but this does not ap
ply to Siberian mines.
. ' Only 27 per oent of the capital of
this country is owned by men holding
between $100,000 worth and f 1,000,000
worth of property.
Served Forty Years on
Judieial Bench.
HI Parted of Service Longer Than Thai
of Any Former Chief Justice A Sue
oeaaor Baa Not Yet Been Named.
"Washington, Oct. 18. Associate Jus
tice Stephen J. Field today formally
retired from the supreme court of the
United States, after 84 years of service
in that tribunal. The correspondence
between Justice Field and the president
whioh was made public today, shows
that his resignation. . was tendered in
April last. J President McKinley, how
ever, did not respond until October 9.
While Justice Field's resignation
does not take effect until December 1,
he will not again sit on the supreme
court. ; - " ... ' "
His colleagues of the supreme "oourt
today called upon him and expressed
regret at his retirement and extended
their congratulations upon his long
eervioe as assooiate justice the longest
on record. :. ' '
The following letter was given out
this afternoon: .' ,
"Washington, Oct. 16. Dear Mr.
Chief Justice and Brethren Near the
close of the last term, feeling that the
duties of my long office had become too
arduous for my strength. I transmitted
my resignation to the president to take
effect on the first day of December
next, and this he has accepted with
kindly expressions of regard. My ju
dicial experience ooveVs many years of
Bervioe. Having been elected a mem
ber of the supreme court of California,
1 assumed that office October 18, 1857,
holding it for five years, seven months
and five days, the latter part of the time
beina chief justice. On the 10th of
March, 1863, I was commissioned by
President Lincoln justice of the supreme
court of the United States, taking the
oath of offloe on the 10th day of. the
following May. . .
"When my resignation takes effeot
my period of service on this bench will
have exceeded that of any of my prede
cessors, while my entire judicial life
will have embraced more than 40 years
I may be pardoned for saying that dur
ing all this period, long in companion
with the brevity of human life, though
in retrospect it has gone with the swift
ness of a tale that is tol '. I have not
shunned to deolare in every case com
ing before me for decision conclusions
which mv deliberate oonviotions exer
cise of suoh abilities and requirements
as I possessed.
''It is a pleasant thing in my memory
that my appointment came from Presi
dent Lincoln, of whose appointees 1 am
the last survivor. Up to -that time,
there had been no representative here
from the Paoific coast. A new empire
had risen in the West, whose laws were
those of another country. The land
titles were from Spanish and Mexican
grants, both of which were often over
laid bv the claims of first settlers. To
bring order out of this confusion, oon
cress nassed an act providing for an
other seat on this bench, with the in
tention that it should be filled by some
one familiar with these conflicting
titles and with the mining laws of the
coast, and it so happened that, as I had
framed the principal of these laws, and
was, moreover, chief justice of Cantor
nia. it was the wisbiiif senators and
representatives of this state, as well as
those from Oregon, that I should sue
ceed to the new position.
"Few appreciate the magnitude of
our labors. . The burden resting upon
us for the last 15 or 20 years has been
enormous. The volumes of our reports
show that I alone have written 620
opinions. If to these are added 57 opin
ons in the cirouit court' and 865 pre
pared while I was on the supreme oourt
of. California, it will be seen I have
voiced the decision in 1,043 cases. It
may be said that all of our decisions
have not met with the universal ap
proval of the American people, yet it is
to the great glory of : that people that
always and everywhere has teen yielded
a willing obedience to them. That fact
is eloquent of the stability of popular
institutions, and demonstrates that the
people of the United States are capable
of self-government.
"As I look back over the more than
a third of a oentury that I have sat on
this benoh, I am more and more im
pressed with the immeasurable import
ance of this court. Now and then we
hear it spoken of as an aristocratic fea
ture of a republican government. But
it is the most democratic of all. Sen
ators represent their states, and repre
sentatives their constituencies, but. this
court stands for the whole country, nha
as such, it is truly of the people, by tiie
people, and for the people.
"It has indeed no power to legislate,
It cannot appropriate a dollar of money,
It carries neither the purse nor the
word. But it does possess the power
of declaring the law, and in that
founded the safeguard which keeps the
whole mighty fabric of government
from rushing to destruction. This
negative power, the power of resist
ance, is the only safety, of a popular
government, and it is an additional as
surance when the power, is in suoh
hands as youTB. ' . . ;
"With this I give place to my suc
cessor, but I can never cease to linger
in memories of the past. Though we
have often differed in our opinions, it
has always been an honest difference,
whioh did not affect our mutual re
gard and respect. '' These many 1 years
have indeed been years of labor and of
toil, but they have brought their own
rewards, and we can all join in thanks
giving to the author of our being thai
we have been permitted to spend sc
muoh of our lives in the lervioe of our
onntry. STEPHEN J. FIELD."
Portland Markets. : ..
Wheat Walla Walla, 79 80c; Val-
ley and Bluestem, 8283c per bushel.
Flour Best grades, 4.50j graham,
8.70; superfine, $2.50' per barrel. ,
Oats Choice white, 88 34c; choice
gray, 31 32c per Dushei. :
Barley Feed barley, $ 1920; Drew-
ing, $20 per ton.
Millstuffs Bran, $14 per ton;
middlings, $21; shorts, $15.50.
Hay Timothy, $12 13.50; olover,
$10 11; California wheat, $10
do oat, $11; Oregon wild hay, $99
10 per ton.
Eggs 20c per dozen.
Butter1 Fancy creamery, 45 50o;
fair to good, 85 40c; dairy, 25S5c
per roll.
Cheese Oregon, llc; xoung
America, 12c; California, 9 10c per
Poultry Chiokens, . mixed, fa. 00(5
2.50 per dozen; broilers, $1.50 2;
geese, $45; ducks, $84 per
dozen; turkeys, live, 8 9c per
pound.' '
Potatoes. Oregon Burbanks, 86(8
40c per sack; sweets, $1.40 per cental.
Onions Oregon, new, red. duo;
yellow, 80o per cental.
Hops 8 15o per pound lor new
crop; 1896 crop, 6 7C
Wool Valley, 1416c per pound;
Eastern Oregon, 7 12c; mohair, 20c
per pound.
Mutton Gross, best sheep, wethers
and ewes, $2. 60 2. 60; dressed mutton,
6o; spring lambs, 6 per pound.
Hogs Gross, choice heavy, " $4.50;
light and feeders, $34; dressed, $5.50
6 per 100 pounds.
Beef Gross, top
steers, $2. 75 3;
cows $2.50; dressed
beef, 45ijC per
Veal Large, 4)$ 6c; small, 5 6o
per pound.
Seattle Markets
Butter Fancy native creamery,
brick, 2825c; ranch, 10 15c.
Cheese Native Washington, 10
12o; California, 9c '
Eggs Fresh ranch, 26a K
Poultry Chickens, live, per pound,
hens, lOo; spring chickens, $2.50
8; dnoks, $8.504.
Wheat Feed wheat, $27 per ton.
Oats Choice, per ton, $21 22.
Corn Whole, $22; cracked, per ton,
$22; feed meal, $222S per ton.
Barley Rolled or ground, per ton,
$22; whole, $22.
Fresh Meats Choice dressed beef,
steers, 6c; cows, 6c; mutton sheep,
6o; pork, 6c; veal, small, 6.
Fresh Fish Halibut, 4c; salmon,
45o; salmon trout, 8c; flounders
and sole, 84; ling cod, 45; rock
cod, 6o; smelt, 244c
San Francisco Markets. -
Wool Choice foothill, 812o; San
Joaquin, 6 months' 5 7c; do year's
staple, 78o; mountain, 10 12c; Ore
gon, 12 14c per pound.
Hops 11 14o per pound.
Millstuffs Middlings, $2022;
California bran, $1515.60 per ton.
Onions New red, 7080o; do new
silverskin, 90o$l. 10 per cental.
Butter Fancy creamery, 2728c; do
seoonds, 2526c; fancy dairy, 2324c;
good to ohoice, 20 22o per pound.
Eggs Store, 1625c; ranch, 84
87o; Eastern, 1521; duck, 200 per
dozen. -
Cheese Fancy mild, new, 9 Jo; fair
to good, 78o per pound.
Potatoes New, in boxes, 80 90c
Citrus fruit Oranges, Valencias,
$1.503;Mexican limes, $33.50;Cali-
fornia lemons, fancy,$2.60;do common,
$12 per box.
Hay Wheat,$12 15; wheat and oat,
$11 14; oat, $10 12; river barley,
$78; best barley, $1012; alfalfa,
$89.60 clover, $810.
Fresh fruit Apples, 6075e per
large box; apricots, 20 40c; Fontam
bleau' grapes, 20 30c; musoats, 20
85c; black, 80c; tokay, 2580o:
peaches, 25 50c; pears, $11.40 per
box; plums, 8540c; crab apples, 20
85c. '-- -
.Unique Honor to a Woman.
The only woman who ever received
the freedom of a Scotch city is Miss
Jessie McEie, of Dumfries, : who re
ceived this honor in company with Mr,
Balfour, first lord Of the treasury, from
the mayor of her town. This signal
distinction has been bestowed on her as
a mark of the respect and gratitude of
her fellow citizens for her efforts to-
improve and beautify the town of Dum
fries. As there are only two other
lady burgesses in the United Kingdom
) the inhabitants of Dumfries could
hardly have ohosen a more flattering
method of conveying their appreciation
of Miss MoKie s generosity;
.Miss Lettice Ilbet, who has this
year obtained a first-class in the Ox
ford final-honors school of modern his
tory, is a daughter of Sir Courtenay
Ilbert, K. C. 8. I. The early years of
Miss Ilbert's life were spent in India
but on the return of Sir Courtenay
Ibert to England to take up the post of
assistant parliamentary counsel Miss
Ilbert became a pupil at the Baker
street High school. In 1893 Miss
Ilbert passed the higher examination
of the Oxford and Cambridge join
board, and in the following year she
went up to Somerville College, Oxford
where she obtained the Margaret Evans
prize. Not satisfied with her brilliant
career at Oxford, Miss Ilbert has de
cided not to rest on her laurels, and
has just been elected to. studentship at
the London School of Economic.
New Electrlo Locomotive.
A new electric locomotive, the Fusee
(Bocket), has been turned out by the
Gail Works for the Paris-Havre . line
savs the New York Sun. It can draw
600 tons at the rate of 86 miles an
hour, 250 tons at 66 miles an hour, and
without any load can make 75 miles an
hour. The locomotive weighs 126 tons
and its tender 50 tons. It is practical
ly a stationary steam engine of 1,400
horse-power, setting in motion the alee-tro-magnets
that drive the dynamos.
One ripe summer, fresh and fair, has
gone glimmering. wnai wun rain ami
breeze and fair sun, the harvest has leit us
grain enough to feed the world, and hard
times are broken by a kindly Hand." But
autumn changes come, and we cannot be
too self-conteiit not to guard against what
autumn brings. It is the changeful tem
perature of midday warmth and night and
morning emu, iroiu tub uaiiijmora
or vapors cast anrnt on . eastern winus.
With the breath of such comes baoK to
very many old time physical troubles of
oains and aches, rheumatism, neuralgia,
Hiireness and stiffness. This is a crop not
spoken of m a farmers a manac, out it
III US b UC Vai PU IUI, C1BC ill U" l(T numw n j
grow nuserv. St. Jacobs on is a reaper
and binder; it reaps the field of pain and
binds up and cures; There is no bodily
pain it won't relieve, and to the whole
group of rheumatic pains, it is a certain
and specific cure. Let not the bounties
that have Deen reapea oemarreu uy iiubcij ,
and pain. St. Jacobs Oil is the helper to (
njoy the better times.
The trap rocks of New Jersey and the
dolerites. of Staten Island are the
strongest stones in the United States, '.
their crushing resistance being
twenty-four pounds to the cubio inch.
, : ' ' . I
Among the portraits recently acqmr-
ed by the trustees of the National Por
trait Gallery, in London, is that 6f Sir
Franois Ronalds, (1788-1878), the in
ventor of the first working electrio tele-.
graph. -.',.-
The largest fruit farm in the world is
Said to be in Olden, Mo. It consists
of 2,500 acres, on which are more than
100,000 peach tree, 60,000 apple trees,
2,000 pear trees, and 40 acres of black- '
berries. (
Chickens are much better if killed
and dressed the day before using.
Keep in ioe or in a cool place.
DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Hyannis, Massachusetts,
the originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA,",
has borne and does
bear the facsimile signature of
This is the original." PITCHER'S CASTORIA," which has been
used in the homes of the mothers of America for over thirty
years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it is
the hind you have always bought sT& s, m ' on the
ana nas tne signature o f A wrap
per. No one has authority from me to use my name except
The Centaur Company of which Chas. H. Fletcher is
President. ' , , .
March 8, 1897. . "Z 2- -C--.;.
Do Not Be Deceived.
Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute
which som? druggist may offer you (because he makes a few more pennies
on it), the ingredients of which even 1 he does not know. ' '
" The Kind You Have Always Bought "
Insist on Having
Kind That Never Failed You.
perfect type of the highest order of excellence In mannfactnre."
Costs Less
Be sure that you get the
genuine article, made at
Jb Established
-M I78o.
Hercules Special
ii actual horsepower)
Price, only $185,
Stop! Women;
And consider that In addressing- Mrs.
Pinkham you are confiding your private
Ills to a woman a woman whose ex
perience in treating, woman's disease
is greater than that of any living phy
sician, male or female. ,
You can talk freely to a woman when
it is revolting to relate your privatej
troubles to a man; besides, a man does
not understand, simply because he 1
man. ' .....
Women suffering from any form of
female weakness are invited to promptly
communicate with Mrs. Pinkham, at
Lynn, Mass. All letters , are re
ceived, opened, read, and answered by
women only. A woman can freely
talk of her private Illness to a woman.
Thus has been established the eternal
confidence between Mrs. Pinkham and -the
women of America which has never
been broken. Out of the vast volume
of experience which she has to draw
from, it is more than possible that she
has gained the very knowledge that
will help your case. She asks nothing"
In return except your good will, and
her advice has relieved thousands.
Surely any woman, rich or poor, Is very
foolish if she does not take advantage
of this generous offer of assistance. -
EiTFTUrtK and PlIES eared; no pay on
, til cured: send for boot. Uiis. Minsfikj
& P jeterfikld, 838 Market St., Sau Francisco.
N. P. X. V. -
So. 43, '7.
HEN writing- to advertisers, pleat .
mention this paper;
on every
Baker & Co.'s
Pure Delicious Nutritious.
than One Cent a Cup.
' 1 ' .: ' By)
Direct from the manufacturer and save middleman's profit, as
we undersell them all. Our garments are custom made and not
like those thrown together in New York sweat-shops, where filth
and disease reign. Our garments are guaranteed as to durabil
ity and stvle. Our prices on fur Capes range from upward.;
on Fur Collarettes, from J5 upwards; Neck Boas, from 75c up
wards; genuine Alaska Sealskin Garments made from 160 up
wards. Write for information and catalogue.
. aUVenieia, ..... 143 XUirdSt., Portland, Ol.
Power that will save you money and
make you money. Hercules Engines
are the cheapest power known. Burn
Gasoline or Distillate Oil; no smoke,
fire, or dirt For pumping, running
dairy or farm machinery, they have no
equal. ' Automatic in action, perfectly
safe and reliable. - ''
Send for illustrated catalog.
Hercules Gas
Engine Works 1
Bay St, San Francisco, Cal.
11 1, '.lusty