The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 10, 1897, Image 4

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Their Conduct and Health Often MyitlUe
Their Mothers.
Young1 girls often feel, and conse
quently act, very strangely.
They shed tears without Apparent
cause, are restless, nervous, and at
times almost
Officials Claim the Camp for
' Uncle Sam.
seem self-absorbed, and heedless of
things going on around them. Some
times they complain of pain In lower
parts of body, flushes of heat in head,
, cold feet, etc.
Young girls are not free from incipi
ent womb troubles. .'
Mothers should see to it that Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is
promptly taken; all druggists have It
The girl will speedily be " herself
again," and a probable danger be
averted. . Any information on this sub
ject, or regarding all female ailments,
will be cheerfully given free by Mrs,
pinkham, Lynn, Mass. Write her.
Lame Back,
Railroad Back,
Stitch Id the
Back, Lumbago
and ail .back
troubles are in
stantly relieved
Fart of the Yukon District la Really In
Alaska Effort! Will Be Made to Ke
claim It Complications May Follow.
Port Townsend, Sept. 6. A letter
just received from John U. Smith,
United States coramisioner at Dyea and
bkaguay, intimates that government
officials now on the way to the Upper
Jfukon may by their official acts bring
on serious international .complications
with the Dominion government. He
It is announced here by a deputy
United States marshal that the United
States government is to make claim for
a large portion of the Yukon gold fields
which have heretofore been supposed to
be in British territory, and that the
territory which is claimed as being
within Alaska includes Dawson City.
"The basis of the claim to be .made
by the United States official to the dis
puted territory is in the fact that tbe
boundary line has never been deter
mined, and that .the United Statef
claim to possess information as to sur
veys made by the Canadian government
that fixes Dawson City and a large por
tion ot the district in Alaska."
Its soothing, warming, Invig
orating current penetrates the
weakened - tissues, sends the
life-blood bounding through your
veins, relieves the pain, takes
out the soreness, warms, tones
and strengthens,
re-enforces na
ture and
It Is worn while
you sleep, and
can be regulated.
Read about it in
the little book
"Three Classes
of Men," free by
mail or at the
office. A physician's advice
free. Call or address
253 W ent Washington St., Portland. Or.
Please mention this Paper
Albany College, Albany, Or.
Gives the most systematic and complete coarse
in music of any music school on the' Pacific
coast. Piano, singing in the Italian method,
harmony, counterpoint, and all other Import
ant branches of music taught. Diplomas given
on completion of course. Tuition Is low for the
high grade of work. Send for . circulars and
WALLACE H. LEE, A. M., President.
ZIMR1 M. PARV1N, Musical Director
Portland, Oregon ...
A. P. Armstrong, LL.B.,Prin, J. A. Wesco, Sec'y
Tars Attacked by Gold Fever.
Santa Rosa, Cal., Sept. 6. A lettei
has been reoeived by Deputy Postmas
ter Griggs from his son, Joseph, who is
a member of -the crew of the United
States gunboat Concord. The letter is
dated Juneau, 'August 25, and gives
details of .the desertions of 45 men from
the Concord during its cruise in Alas
kan waters. It save:
"Some of the boys got the gold fevei
and ran away, but were brought back,
and are now in double irons. The ship
lost 45 good seamen, but if thev ar
fools enough to go and starve this
winter they are not fit for the ship."
To Klondike by Balloon.
Toronto, Sept. 6. Aeronaut Leo
Stevens has successfully tested his new
generator for manufaturing gas for his
balloon, and says he will leave for
Klondike the latter part of this month.
He declares he will go to Andree's res
cue providing his later experiments are
successful. ; '
Members o? the Lulgi Farty Say They
Saw the Mirage.
Seattle, Sept. 6. Alaska's Silent
City has emerged once more from its
mysterious hiding place, and revealed
its presence to five members or the
party that acompanied Prince Luigi up
Mount St. Jilias. in the early morn
ing of July 18, the party, while return
ing from the ocean with supplies, sud
denly saw the city mirrored in the
oiear atmoepnere. rne vision was so
clear that C. W. Thornton, who first
noticed it, wrote in his notebook as fol
lows: .
"It required no effort of the imagina
tion to liken it to a city, for the image
wag so distinct and plain that it re
quired, instead, a strong faith 'to be
lieve that it was not in reality, a oity.
Whereas the Silent City, of which
Minor W. Bruce wrote, was seen from
Muir glacier, the one obsereved by Mr.
Thornton and company was observed
from Malaspina glacier, more than 100
miles distant. It remained a perfect
image for 80 minutes, and then slowly
faded away, while in its place appeared
a rocky ridge.
Downing, Hopkins & Company's Review
of Trade.
We have had a week of ner
vous, erratio markets, fluctuations
covering a wide range, but finally set
tling near the figures of a week ago.
Receipts are comparatively light, with
a good demand both home and abroad.
Exports for the week were again very
heavy (6,268,247 bushels), and that
ratio will probably be increased short
ly. The report of the Hungarian min
ister of agriculture estimates the deficit
in the world's wheat crop at about 826,
000,000 bushels. This a very bullish
estimate and will make itself felt in the
calculations of the grain trade. Thresh
ing returns from the Northwest, while
meagre as yet, are very disappointing,
the yield falling below even the latest
estimates, while the quality is very
poor indeed, and there will be a great
deal of low grade and rejected wheat on
the market when the orop gets to mov
ing more freely. We feel very bullish
indeed on the general outlook, and be
lieve that wheat will sell far above the
dollar mark before Christmas. It is
perfectly natural that we should have
reactions; it is a sign of a healthy mar
ket, but we consider we have, had ours
after the late advance.
There has been a very firm undertone
to corn, and while it has reacted from
the sharp rally that followed the break
of last week, yet there is no sign of any
real weakness and there is a feeling
that it will seek a much higher level of
prices-than those now prevailing. Re
ceipts have been large, with a good de
mand. The export demand still con
tinues to make itself felt, and clear
ances last week aggregated nearly 8,-
000,000 bushels, and would have been
larger had there been vessel room to
ship it in. Crop news contineus prac
tically unohanged, the crop making fair
progress during the week.
Portland Markets.
Wheat Walla Walla,1 84c: Val
ley and Bluestem. 87c per bushel
i lour Beat grades, $4.40: eraham.
$3.85; superfine, $2.50 per barrel.
Oats Choice white, 86c; choice
gray, 85c per bushel. ,
Barley Feed barley, $18; brew
ing, $1819 per ton.
.Millstuffs Bran, $14 per ton:
middlings, $21; shorts, $15.50.
Hay Timothy, $1212.50; olover.
$1011; California' wheat, $10
11; do oat, $11; Oregon wild hay, $9
10 per ton.
liggs 18 14c per dozen.
Butter Fancy creamery, 47!55o:
fair to good, 37 45c; dairy, 8Q85c
per roll. '' t
Cheese Oregon, lllc; Youne
America, 12c; California, 910c per
Poultry Clnokens, mixed, $2.50
The Age of Deer.
Romance has played a prominent part
with regard to the longevity of deer,
says a writer in Chamber's Journal
What says the Highland adage?
xnrice tne age oi a nog is that of a
Thrice the age of ahorse is that of
man, . .
Thrice the age of a man is that of
deer, "
Thrice the age of a deer is that of an
Thrice the age of an eagle is that of an
oak tree.
This is to assign the deer a period of
more than 200 years; and the estimate
issiipporte J ym ny hijh'y cirjmmtan
tial stories. Thus. Captain MaoDonald.
of Tulloch, who died in 1776, aged 86
years, is said to have known the white
hind of Loch Treig for 50 years; his
father for a like period before him
and his grandfather for 60 years before
him So, in 1826, Macdonald of Glen
garrys is reported to have killed a stag
which bore a mark on the left ear
identical with that made on all the
calves, he could catch by Bwen-Mac-Ian-Og,
who had been dead 150 years.
Analogous stories, it may be noted,
are told in countries on the continent
of Europe, where deer are to be found
in any number. But alas I the general
opinion among experts would seem to
be that 30 years or thereabouts is the
limit of a deer's life.
United States Senate Employes.
Thirty years ago 70 employes of the
United Slates senate were on the pay
roll. Today the number is 854. The
large increase is in proportion not only
to the size of the senate, but as well to
the increase in public business, due to
the enormous development of the coun
try. It takes more employes to trans
act this business. But the number of
high-priced employes has not increased
in proportion to the increase in the to
tal number. Thus, two years ago an
$1,800 cieik in the postofflce was cut
off and two men at $900 each were
added to the carrier service. It was said
that the clerk was not needed, but the
additional carriers were.-
Field Glass Range Finder.
An improved range finder for field
glasses has a flat dial plate, subdivided
to correspond witfo the focus of the
glasses, rigidly attached near the rear
end of the adjusting screw to the frame
of the glasses indicating the adjustment
upon a dial. A small wheel upon the
adjusting screw turns it so that it will
readily focus the glasses for various dis
tances, and enabling the user to also
estimate correotly the speed of advanc
ing or withdrawing objects. '
J, JDR. SAM UEL PITCHER, oft Eyannis, Massachusetts,
was the originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the sama
that has borne and does now T"" on every
bear the facsimile signature of ajcUcotk( wrapper.
This is the original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," which has been
used in the homes of the mothers of America for over thirty
years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it is
the kind you have always bought njf yr, ." on the
and has the signature o f '(-a&X wrap
per. No one has authority from me to use my name except
The Centaur Company of which Chas. H. Fletcher is
President. )
March 8, 1897. 2
Do Not Be Deceived. '
Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute
which some druggist may offer you (because he makes a few more pennies
on it), the ingredients of which even he does not know.
"The Kind You Have Always Bought"
Insist on Having
Kind That Never Failed
Jfcf Established
"A perfect type of the highest order of excellence In manufacture."
Walter Baker & Co.'s &
: Ff"
Absolutely Pure Delicious Nutritious.
Costs Less than One Cent a Cup.
Be sure that you get the DOPCHESTEP MASS
genuine article, made at WKncaiCK, iUASJ.
2.75 Per dozen; broilers, fl.252.25 J ton. John Casson and his son, Schley
live profitable employment to Bnodredi oroar gradnatea, and
will to thouianda more. Send for oar eatalog ae.
Learn what aud how we teaoh. VorUj,
normal, dusi
ness. mnsipal.
Rn. uien uttrinai nnn rtrRiiH.rn.rtrvpniireA. Mt.ta
diplomas lor normal course, "fwenty-eight in..
siruciors, a.i siuaenis. vocation Deautllul,
sightly, in the suburbs, with all the advantages
of a great city and none of its disadvantages.
Free from saloons and immoral places. Board
ing halls connected with school. Government
mild but iirin. Exprnses for year from 100 to
T200. School opens September 21, 1897. Cata
logue sent free. Address,
Thos. Van Scov, D. D., University Park, Or.
High grade, classical and academic training.
The coming year will record some new features:
1 A regular business college, under the leader
ship of a regular business college man. 2 Ele
mentary and advanced German taught by an
American-born and American-educated Ger
man. 8 Military tactics, involving the regu
lations of a first-class military school In dress,
habits and drill. Opens Sept. 16. Send for cat
alogue. Wallace Howe Lee, president.
Get them at headquarters. 1 carry by far the
largest assortment on the coast. Remember
the best is always the cheapest. Send for cat
alogue. K. J. BOWIN,
201 and 203 Front St., Portland, Or.
n e carry me most complete line or uymnasiam
and A thletic Goods on the Coast.
Send for Our Athletic Catalogue.
818-820 Market St., San Francisco, Cal.
nUIUu H n u and Amateur
Send for Catalogue Q 1 1 n n 1 1 r n
nmmitt. WW X
fUTPTTJKK and PILES cared; no pay nn
i. til cured : send for book. Dm. Mansfield
Portkkfisld, 838 Market St., Sao Franoifco.
Bis Life Probably the Penalty of Ilia
New York, Sept. 6. William Orton
jumped from the Brooklyn bridge this
afternoon, and now, lies in a critical
condition at the marine hospital. He
rode on a truck going to Brooklyn
shortly before 2 o'clock. When the
truck was near the center of the bridge,
Orton got off and quickly climbed upon
the rail. The bridge was crowded with
promenaders, but no policeman was
near. : Orton stood on the rail for a
few momenta, and throwing off his hat,
jumped out into space. He turned
over several times in his descent, and
struck the water on his right side.
When he came -to the Burface, the crew
of the tug gratitude fished him out.
Orton was in an exhausted condition,
and, after a while said:
"I did it; I did it; didn't I?" Then
he sank off into a state of coma, from
which he had not recovered at last ac
counts. '
Fly Wheel Burst.
Porstmouth, O., Sept. 8. A 40-ton
fly-wheel at the Burgess steel and iron
works was bursted by a 4,800-pound
ingot stopping a roll. The mill was
crowded with workmen. John Murphy
was hurled 80 feet and badly bruised.
The roof was wrecked. Beams two feet
iquare were cut in two like straws. The
mill was set on fire, but the flames were
soon extinguished and the furnaoe de
stroyed. The loss cannot be estimated,
but the damages will close the mill un
til a new fly wheel is secured.
Chinese Marries an English Girl.
Minneapolis, Minn., Sept. 8. John
H. Taylor, an Americanized Chinese,
was married yesterday to Carol Dis-
more, a pretty woman 22 years old.
The bride was born in Manchester,
England. She first met her husband
in the Mott street mission, after he had
moved here from Oakland, Cal.
In the public schools in Japan the
English language is required by law to
be taught. ': '
geeue, fitffit.ou; auoKS, f33.bU per
dozen; turkeys, live, 10 11c per pound.
potatoes. U.egon Burbanks, 40
45c per saok; new potatoes, 60c per
sacK; sweets, $ 1.40 per cental.
Onions California, new, red, $1.25:
yellow, f 1 percental. ,
Hops 10c per pound , for new
crop; 1890 crop, 5 6c. ..
Wool Valley, 14l5c per pound:
Eastern Oregon. 10 12c; mohair. 20c
per pound.
Mutton Gross, best sheep, wethers
and ewes, 2.2Jc; dressed mutton,
6o; spring lambs, 6 per pound.
liogs Uross, choice heavy, $4.50:
light and feeders, $34; dressed, $3
4.25 per 100 pounds. :
Beef Gross, top steers, $2. 75 3;
cows $2.25; dressed beef, 45c per
pound. , -
Veal Large, 4c; small. 5c per
pound. -
Seattle Markets.
Butter Fancy native
brick, 20c; ranch, 10 12c.
Cheese Native Washington,
lie; Ualiiornia, 9jjC.
Eggs Fresh ranch, 1920o.
Poultry Chickens, live, per pound.
hens, 10 lie; spring chickens, $2
3.60; ducks, $2.503.75.
Wheat Feed wheat, $80 per ton.
Oats Choice, per ton, $22.
Corn Whole, $22; oracked, per ton.
$22; feed meal, $22 per ton.
Barley Rolled or ground, per ton.
$22; whole, $22.
Fresh Meats Choice dressed beef,
steers, eo; cows, 5c; mutton
55o; pork, 7c; veal, small; 6.
Fresh Fish Halibut, 4c; salmon.
45c5 salmon trout, 7 10c; flounders
and sole, 8 4; ling cod, 45; rock
cod, 5c; smelt, 24c.
v San Franolseo Markets. v
Wool Choice foothill, 912c; San
Joaquin, 6 months' 810o; do year's
staple, 7 9c; mountain, 11 13c; Ore
gon, 10 13c per pound.
Hops 510o per pound. , .
Millstuffs Middlings,! $1922:
California bran, $14 14. 50 per ton.
Onions .New red, 7080o; do new
silverskin, $1 1.10 per cental.
Potatoes New, in boxes, 4060o.
Fresh fruit Apples, 40 65c per
large box; apricots, 20 40c; Fontain-
bleau grapes, 20 85c; muscats, 40
50c; black, 80 50c; tokay, 4050o;
peaches, 25 60c; pears, 40 50 per
box; plums, 2040o; crab'apples, 15
Hay Wheat,$12 15; wheat and oat.
$11 14; oat, $10 12; river barley,
$78; best barley, $912; alfalfa,
$8.50 10 clover, $7. 50 9. 50.
Cheese Fancy mild, new, 8c; fair
to good, 7o per pound.
Butter Fancy creamery, 22ic: do
seoonds, 2122c; fanny dairy, 20c;
good to ohoice, 18 20o per pound.
Eggs Store, 15 18c; ranch, .20
24o; Eastern, 14 17; duok, 16o per
Citrus fruit Oranges, Valenc'ias.
$83.00; Mexican limes, $56; Cali
fornia lemons, fancy, $3; do common,
$12 per box. '
A large flock of pigeons has taken
possession of a grove in Shasta county,
Cal 1
Gave His Father the Promotion.
A case of a son's thoughtfulness and
affection for a father has come to light
in the navy department, at Washing-
rm r hundred rn ttrees
-and not a bug
or pest on them.
Send for our de-
6criptive price Hot FREE.
BUELL UMBERSOH, Portland, Oregan
Casson, are clerks in the office of Secre
tary Long at salaries until recently at
$1,200 each. The work of the young
nian attracted attention, and he was
notified of a promotion, with $1,400
salary. , young Casson refused to ac
cept, saying that his father had been
longer in the service and was more de
serving. At the young man's request
the promotion was . transferred to the
By no means. Persons of herculean build fre
quently possess a minimum of genuine vigor,
exhibit less endurance than very small people.
Real vigor means the ability to digest and sleep
well, and to perform a reasonable amount of
dally physical and mental labor without un
natural fatigue. It is because a course of Hos
tetter's Stomach Bitters enables the enfeebled
dyspeptic to resume the alloted activity of
every day life, as well as to participate without
discomfort in its enjoyments, that it is such a
pre-eminently useful medicine.
Vaccination has just been introduced
into Afghanistan by the advice of Miss
Hamilton an English physician, -who is
in attendance upon the Ameer.
. . .
There is more Catarrh In this section of the
country than all other diseases put together,
and until the last few years was supposed to be
incurable. For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly failing to cure by
local treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science has proven catarrh to be a constitu
tional disease, and therefore requires consti
tutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh finre. man
ufactured by F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo, O., is
the only constitutional cure on the market. It
is taken internally in doses from 10 drops to a
teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. They offer one
hundred dollars for any case It fails to cure.
Send for circulars and testimonials. Address
. A F. J. CHENEY i CO., Toledo, O.
Sold bv druggists, 76c.
' Hall's Family Pills are the best.
The ancients knew how to cheat.'
Loaded dice have been found in the
ruins of Herculaneum.
Power that will save you money and
make you money. Hercules Engines
are the cheapest power known. Burn
Gasoline or Distillate Oil; no smoke,
fire, or dirt. For pumping, running
dairy or farm machinery, they have no
equal. Automatic in action, perfectly
safe and reliable.
Send for illustrated catalog. '
Hercules Gas
Engine Works
BaV St., San Francisco, Cal. " "
Hercules Special
1 (24 actual horsepower)
Price, only $183.
I believe my prompt use of Piso's Cure
evented quick consumption. Mrs. Lucv
12, '95.
prevented quick consumption. Mrs
Wallace, Marquette, Kans., Dec
Lincoln county, Kentucky, has a
new-found cave rivaling Mammoth cave
in size and novelty.
A Georgia jury brought in this ver
dict the other day: "We find the de
fendant almost guilty."
Mr. Grocer: there are
thousands of- people who
Two Unique Colonies. t
A farming community in which every
one of the 145 workers may be expected
to drop his hoe or plow handles or her
broom or dish tray at any moment
without warning, and writhe upon the
ground in convulsive agonies, is rather
unique among all colonization schemes.
Such, however, is the Craig colony or
epileptics at Sonyea, N. Y., with its
group of 69 men and 76 women. At
the national conference of charities and
correction in Toronto, I had been
strongly assured that no view of East
ern philanthropists could be complete
without a visit to the new, but famous
Craig colony. ... Accordingly I pedaled
my bicycle over country roads south
from Rochester, through Genesee and
Mount Morris, to diminutive Sonyea,
whose residents are exclusively epilep
tics or theifattendants. The new col
ony opened in 1896 is possessed of
1,800 acres, and oocupies the buildings
of an old Shaker sect, whose members
were followers of Ann Lee and practiced
her doctrine of celibacy. Whether the
Shaker sect wasted away for lack of
Want 00(1 tea many don't I progeny or not, the property was duly
o "V J I ; 1 U .U. TVT . V 1.
j . , . . . i auncu uj njo Dbnio ui xcw J. urn,
uiiiiK. icd now, uctausc n nas
been either costly or bad)
and here is Schilling's Best
good tea at a fair price.
Don't you want to sell
lots of such tea, and money
back it if your customers
don't like it?
A Schilling & Company
San Francisco
KLONDIKE Book on Alaskaand Gold Fields,
routes, equipment, etc. Complete with illustra
tions and maps, 60c. H. U. Wells, Portland, Or.
nM cWswhiSe all else fails. t
. L J Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Use f 1
Jn.1 to time. Bold by dmtrglsta. f 'I
and the legislators at Albany deter
mined to collect here another set of
celibates, the 900 or 1,000 epileptio
patients who were scattered about in
almshouses, in asylums for. the insane
or feeble-minded, and indigent private
homes. In none of these places Were
they securing proper or curative treat
ment I. Morris, in N. Y. Sun. '
A 16-inch gun casting was made at
the Bethlehem Iron Works on August
12. It is intended for the tube of a 16
inch gun now being" built for the gov
ernment, and is 19 feet 6 inches long,
octagonal in shape and 74 inches in
diameter. More than 100 tons of metal
were used in the casting, the first and
the largest of its kind ever made in this
A large Mock of wild pigeons has
taken possession of a grove in Shasta
county, California.
Easily, Quickly, Permanently Restored
Weakness, Nervousness, Debility,
ana ail the train of evilfl
from early errors or later
exeeBses ; the results oi
overwork, sickness, wor
. ry, etc. Full strength,
i development and tone
1 given to every organ
II nnd Dortion of th hmiv
I Simple, natural methods.
Immediate imDrovement
seen. Failure impossible.
2,000 references. Rnolr-
explanation and proof
mailed (sealed) free.
HEAD complete, in from 17 minutes to two
SPECIFIC." requiring no previous or af
ter treatment, such as fasting, starving,
dieting, and the taking of nauseous and
poisonous drugs, causing no pain, sickness,
discomfort or bad after effects. No loss of
time, meals or detention from business.
This reniedv has NEVER failed. CURE
GUARANTEED. Over 6,000 cases suc
cessfully treated since 1883. Write tor free
information and question blank. Addrels,
Auditorium bid. Spokane, Wash. ,
'Make money by suc
cesslul speculation in
Chicago. We huv and
sell wheat there oh mar-
ins. Fortunes have been macie nn a small
eginning by trailing In futures. Write for,
full particulars. Best of reference given. Sev
eral years' experience on the Chicago Board ofi
Trade, and a thorough knowledge of the busi
ness. Downing, Hopkins fe Co., Chicago Boara
of Trade Brokers. Offices in Portlaud, Oregon,
Spokane and Seattle, Wash. v
Rcnova Chemical Ca.. 68
t'heaiieal Ca..
ARBS can be saved with
out their knowledge by
ANTI JAG, the marvelous
cure for the drink habit.
All druggists, or write
Broadwai'. Mew York Cflv.
aV. f
MltftV Wtnst.OW' SnnTHTWO Nvwirv nlinuM alwam Ka 9
fc used for children teething. It soothes tne child, soft- 4
p ens me gums, auays an pain, cures wind colic,
m vuo oew. rttmeaT lor uiarrncea. iwontr nvo
lie, and is 4
e cenU ft
N. P. X. U.
No. 37, '97-
WHKX writing to ad vertigeii, pleftl
mention tula paper.