The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 11, 1897, Image 3

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    3ced 1$ ver Slaci er .
FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 1807.
Th mall arrives from Mt.tTood at 10 o'
clock A. M. Wednesdays and Saturdays; de
parts le same aays ar. noon.
For Chenowoth, leaves at 8 A. M. Tuesdays
and Saturdays; arrived at 6 P. M,
For White Salmon leaves cully at 1 P. M.;
arrives at 6 o'clock P. M.
From White Salmon, leaves for Fulda, Gil
mer, Trout Lake and Glenwood Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.
' -, SOCIETIES. ' '
Canby Post, No. It, O. .. R., meets at School
House Hall, first Saturday of each month
at 2 o'clock d. m. All G. A. R. members in
vited to attend. The ladles of the Relief
Corps meet at same time in the adjoining
room. S. F. BLYTHK, Commander.
C. J. Hayes, Adjutant, .y.
Hood Biver Camp, No. 2"0, W. O. W. Meets
In I. O. O. F, hall second Wednesday of each
month. F. C. BROSIUS, C. C.
HJ.Hknn, Clerk.
Wauooma Lodge, No. 80, K. of P., meets In
their Castle Hall on every Tuesday night.
W. H. Bishop, C. C.
Wm. Haynks, K. of R. a S.
Riverside Lodge, 'No. 88, A O. TJ. W., meets
Bret and third Saturdays of each month.
C. L. MORSE, M. W. f
J. K. Watt, Financier. ., .. . . "
H. U Howe, Reeoider. ' ' ' , K
IdlewJde Lodge. No. 107, 1. O. O. F, meets
in Fraternal hall every Thursday night.
F. E. Jones, Sec'y.
Fruit Jars have again declined,
and we will give mr customers the
benefit. We will sell 1-quart jarsat50c
and 2-quart 70c per doz. Best syrup 40c
ir gal., and all other goods at equally
low prices. One price to all i9 our
motto. A. 8. Blowers & Son.
Kimball's Are Here!
Pianos and Organs from, the Factory
Direct. I am In Hood River with a
sample line of the celebrated Kimball
Plands and Organs, which I will sell to
the public at wholesale prices, plus the
expense of laying them down in Hood
River. ' :
v Old pianos and organs will be taken
in nnrl. nnvitiAiit fnr nw niMtina ntiri
. - i I j . . - - r i -
easy terms given on the balance, if de
sired. Thin is an opportunity of a life
time to get a fine piano or organ, right
at home from themanufacturerH direct,
for less than retail deultrs and auerits
at-k you fur a second Or third grade in-
strument. ' - . ,
Call and see and hear these beautiful
instruments and get full particulars at
once, as I shall only lie here a few
days. Every one is cordially invited
. to call and see them ..- '
L. V. MOORE, ..
Representative Kimball Kaciories.
. Champlin building.
W. T. Hibbard is again in the livery
business. . '. ,.
Khiisho whole or cracked corn at the
Racket Store. - .- , . ;
Save the wrappers of Hoe dike soap;
they are worth lc each. , W. & B.,
Did you notice how pure and white
Snap Fou in wunhitiw powder looks?
Win. Yates, P. M.-, is authorized auent
for all jiewspaeis and ' periodicals.
We presume vou iisesimri.atid if so the
, lest l cheapest. Hoe Cake is' strictly
pure, with no free alkali. 1
A band of horses, wintered, in Sher
lnan county, were returned to Hood
River Monday in fine condition.
. A washina: powder thnt is yellow will
make clothes the same color. Avoid this
by using Soap Foam. Wolfard & Bone.
Lye packed iri sifting top can J pure
, granulated potash. Allothers contain h
. large portion of suit. Ask for Red Seal.
Sick headache can he. quickly andj
completely overcome by usinur those'
famous little pills known as "'DeWitt's
Little Early Risers." , Williams &
Brosius. ; :.. ' . j
Don't let. the cat lick the dishes, but
make nice soft soap with Soap Fonm.
Directions on the package. W. & B.
Not only piles of the very worst kind
can oe cured by DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve, hut eczema.scalds.burns, bruises,
bulls, ulcers and all other skin troubles 1
can be Instantly relieved by the same
remefty. Williams & Brosius. ! 1
' Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Taylor came up
from Portland, last week, and will
camp for a month or so at their place.
. They are well pleased with their new
1 , i-itvi of fWhatt ii t"i rt . linth hal'Q l,vl
. 1 1 1 1 1 1 V I1H X ...... 1, H11U W.U UU.V 41U
proved in health. ' . ;.;
Mr. J M. Han na. a cattle buyer from
Nebraska, arrived here last wpek. He
is buying cattle' for the ranu-e and the
Omaha market and has shipped ten
carloads from Eastern Oregon. He is
a brother of our townsman, James E.
Hanna. - " ,
1 W.B.Johnsou,Newark,0..8ays, "One
Minute Couuh Cure saved my only
child from dying, by croup." It has
saved thousands of' others sufferimr
from croup, pneumonia, bronchitis and
other serious throat and lung troubles.
Willlams& Brosius. ; :
Write to Davenport Bros.' Lumber
. Co. for delivered prices on all kinds of
lumber, rough or dressed. They have
a large and good assortment of finish
ing lumber on hand, good and dry.
. Call and get our cash prices before pur
chasing elsewhere. .
-. AT Tncuinl, A Wllann or.11 a norlnnH
of telegraph poles on Monday that had
been lying at Trontdale, awaiting a
market, for the past five years.
. Some for ten, some for twenty, some
for thirty years have suffered from piles
and have been quickly and permanent
ly cured by using DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve, the great remedy for piles
and all forms of skin diseases. Williams
&-Brosl us.
J. B. Hunt will have 200,000 straw
berry plants ready for setting July 1,
and will sell the same at f 1 per 1000 if
old before that date.
Hundreds of thousands have been in-
- duced to try' Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy by reading what it. has done
. for others, and having tested its merits
for themselves are today its warmest
friends. ,Jor sale by , Williams &
Brosius. . ' v
Mr. Amos Underwood shipped a
: crate of strawberries to his sister In
Eddyville, Iowa. The berries went,
through In four days and were received
in fine condition. - .They created a
food deal of favorable oomment. Mr.
Inderwood has not seen his folks in
the old home for 45 years, and he says
the strawberries will be apt to bring
some of them out to see the country
where such strawberries are grown.
Mr. Antone Wise sent the Glacier
a box of Clark's Seedling strawberries
that topped out with 28. A note ac
companied the berries, In which ho
says: "I have read in your paper about
the prolific' strawberry plants, and
want to tell you that I can beat them
all out of sight. I have one-year-old
Elauts that are fine. One has 258 set
erries, another 245, another 222, and
another 168, and there are plenty more
that will beat those mentioned in the
paper. Not wishing to boast, but as
others have advertised, we should like
them to know what can be produced
on the mountain." Mr. Wise's plants
heat the record for this season. -
A lively runaway took place in town
Tuesday. W. A. Slingerland left his
team in charge of a lmy at NickelHeu's
corner. One of the lines fell and the
hoy got out of the wagon to pick it up,
when the team started to run. They
ran up Oak street, and by the time
they reached West Bros.'s market they
were under full headway. The Sorses
passed the big oak tree standing in the
middle of the street, with the tree be
tween them. The pole of the wagon
struck the center of the tree, the wagon
stopped and the horses went on. A
broken tongue was the only damage to
the wagon, and the horses were over
taken and brought back uninjured.
It Is evident that the Clark's Seed
ling is not the only variety of strawber
ries grown hi the valley. We have of
late' acknowledged receipt of several
sample boxes of other varieties, and
now it becomes our pleasant duty to
mention a nice box of Oregon Ever
bearing received from the grounds of
H. C. Batehani. The berries are good
size, fine flavor and color and not near
so sour as the (Marks. But lis great
point of merit is its long fruiting sea
son; commencing with other lierries, it
con i i nues fruiting most of the season.
No -family should lie without a few
plants of this variety.
Work commenced last week in earn
est on the East Side Irrigating ditch.
Mr. C. K. Bone has purchased stock in
this company and is a member of the
board of directors, which Is good as
surance that the work will now be
pushed to completion.' Two. shove
scrapers have been constructed, faced
with plow steel, that are doing very
effective work. This ditch will irri
gate all tillable land o n't tie East Side,
and when complete will cover more
than three times the area of the Im
provement Co 's ditch..
Mrs. P. A. LaFrance started on the
return trip to her home In Elmira, N.
Y., lust Monday, 'after a very enjoyable
visit Willi relatives and frit n'ds in Hood
River, all of whom wish her a pleasant
trip, with the hope that she may come
again. At Henpiier Junction she was
joined by Mr. M. A. Potter and Miss
n,diti foiter, and all will travel to
gether to Elmira. Miss Edith will
make her home with her uncle in El
mira and attend school for at least one
year... ,. .. ' .. .... . ,
Mr. T. C. Dallas has received a letter
from Jas. L. Langille, dated at McCoy
Creek, May 291 h. Jim and son Douir.
arrived at the mines in good shape, go
ing in by way of Toledo, where they
on i fit ted and packed their supplies ou
a iiorsc. iney louna tne water in flic
Coy creek lower than it was at same
date last year. They did some pros
pecting and afterwards put In sluice
boxen and will work off a piece of the
bar till the water lowers. Mr. T. H.
Clark will leave here about the 5th of
July to Join them. :
The Wiley B. Allen Co. of Portland
have shipped to Hood River some fine
pianos and organs, and will sell them
at specially low prices, and on easy
terms, for a tew days. The Wiley B.
Alien i;o. is tne o iciest ana largest mu
sic house in the Northwest. They sell
unicKeniig, titiabe, Haraman, Har
rington, Fisi her, Ludwig and other
pianos, and Ji&tey, Crown and Mason
& Hamlin organs. Call at Mt. Hood
hotel to see the instruments aud get
prices. ' -
The nrina of Hnnrt P.lvpr QtrnwhorrlAa
In Butte advanced 25 cents per. crate
luesday. Un tnat date Mr. loon re
ceived a carload of berries from the
Hoi id River union, but having the
field all to himself, was able to raise
the price. The car contained 611J
crates. A few days previous 300 crates
of Hood River lierries blocked the
market and reduced prices at that
point. .
The board of directors of the Hood
River school district held a meeting
last Saturday and engaged the teach
ers for a term of five months, com
mencing (September 20tb. Vrox. f. A.
Snyder has .been secured as principal.
and Miss Graham and Miss Stevens
will continue in the intermediate and
primary departments. ;;;
A crate of berries picked and packed
by J. J. Luckey Was.shipped by Jos. A.
Wilson at midnight May 25th, and
reached its destination, 133 miles east
of Pittsburg, May 31st. : A letter re
ceived troiu tne recipient states tnat
the crate ariived "in excellent condi
tion, bot a bruised strawberry. in the
lot. .. ' .... . .
The Glacier has been presented by
Mr. F. E. Bailey with a pecan tree,
started from pecan nuts he received
last fall from Indian Territory. Mf.
Bailey has about thirty young' pecan
trees growing and thinks they will live
aud flourish in this climate. .
West Bros.' market is doing a good
business these aay. Besides a Rood
supply of choice meats always on hand,
tnev deal in tresn vegetables and iruit.
The firm did considerable in shipping
ripe berries to near-by markets. ,
At the regular meeting of Canby
post, last Saturday, Mr. T. J. Cunning
was elected a delegate to attend the
state encampment at Independence, in
place of Mr. H. H. Bailey, resigned.
The camp at Belmont where the
Oregon National Guard will gather on
the 2Ulb of June has been named Camp
Jackson, iu honor of Lieutenant-Col-ouel
Jackson, U. S. A., ' '
Van Johnson bad the honor of being
first to pay his subscription to the
Glacier since returns from the straw
berry crop commenced coming in.
Arrivals at the Parker House Wed
nesday: Mr. and Mrs. Leadbetter,
Portland. Thursday: Mrs. Means and
sou, Miss King, Portland.
, Prof. H. L. Howe did some artistic
work on the blackboards and cards in
Blowers' store windows.
Tillett is growing a fine lot of nur
sery trees for delivery next fall. H
never had better success with trees
than be is having this year.
Mrs. McDonald of The Dalles visited
Mr. and Mrs. Pcnler during the week.
Honesty is the
But It isn't good policy to blow too much about your
honesty In the matter of weights and measures, or peo
ple will suspect you. Yes, we are the Leaders in
Low Prices, and here is . .
Mason half-gallon Fruit Jars
cts per
You can also take your time about coming for these
Jars, because the next lot will probably be cheaper. '
We'll have plenty more when these are gone. We
buy our goods iu the East for v i ..
Wrhen we have the cash same as other, people, but
whether we buy in the East for "spot cash'.' or in the
On Tick,
We sell goods as cheap as any "concern In Wasco
county" or any other county. That is one thing we
' like about us. Another thing we like about us Is that
We are the People that brought
Prices Down in Hood Biver.
..That others only follow
stay," but not to stay in
nation. Come and see us
BY THE WAY, Our Soda weighs 32 ounces for 10
cents, not 16. . . ,
Hood Biver and
Best Policy,
he of
our lead. ' "We are here to
a condition of business stag
and bring your folks along. '
White Salmon.
Is now open for business,
Perfumery and
Always on band.
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded and Prions Reasonable. r
At the old stand of the Glacier office, Hood River, Oregon.
H. A. YORK, Proprietor.
M. S. &
STA 5 Xj e s
Of Hood River can furnish comfortnble conveyances to all parts of the valley and vicin
ity. Heavy draying and transferring done Willi care and promptness.
i Notary Public.
DR. E. T. CARNS is now located in Hood
River. Klrst-class work at reasonable rates.
All work guaranteed. Office In the Langille
House. Jyl9
Repaired and all kinds of
Sold by
Also, Boots and Shoes repaired.
Columbia Nursery
Offers a large stock of Fruit Trees and all oth
er kinds of nursery stock. All trees are well
grown, carefully dug, free from pests and true
to label. Whether you want one tree or 1,000,
It will pay you to examine this stock. Re
member, trees grown here give the best satis
faction. No trouble to show goods. Orders
niled on short notice. H. 0. BA.TKHAM,
Hood River, Oregon.
Three miles south, on Mt. Hood Road.
HoodRiver Nursery
WM. T1LLETT, Proprietor.
I planted 850 trees bought of Wm, Tillett
last spring, and they are all doing nnelv, unci
I never lost a tree. WM, DOORMAN.
I planted over 700 young apple trees last
spring, bought of Wm. Tillett. They all lived,
and some have made 4 feet growth. Best
trees to grow I ever bought. Drop around
and see them. J.J. GIBBOIss.
We planted over 1100 trees boueht of Wm.
Tillett last spring. They have all made a
good growth, and we have not lost a tree.
Dron In and see the trees I boueht from
Tillett 18 months ago, and you will see the
nest iu acres oi young orcnara in mount iiooa
district, or Hood Rl ver. either.
D. R. OOOPER & SON, Mt. Hood.
Harbison Bros., Prop'rs,
Manufacturers of ' .
Oregon Lite
Dressed and
Flour, Feed and All kinds ofceieals ground.
' Whole Wheat Graham
a specialty.
Poultry and Supply Co.
. Fancy and Market Poultry, Game,
Eggs, Butter, Cheese, Dressed Hogs,
Veal, etc. Farm and Garden Products, .
Green and' Dried Kruits, Poultry Sur
plies ot every description, Nursery ;
Stock, etc., etc.
124 First St., Portland,. Oregon.
Horses for Sale.
I have three or four good work horses for
sale or for trade. Apply to
ap-. ,. - J. W.FORBES
The Glacier
. GRANT EVANS. Prop'r,
Post Office Building, Hood River, Or.
, Kitchen Furniture, ,
); ' Pruning Tools,' Etc
Repairing Tinware a Specialty,
Child's Castor Laxative
A vegetable remedv for regnlatlne th stom
ach and bowels of babies and children, con
taining no opium, morphine or other narcot
ics. It is harmless, pleasant to take and a
most valuable remedy. Price li cent, at the
Hood River Pharinooy.
carrying a fill line of
and Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles,
L. CO3
To tlb-e Bast,
Gives the choice of
. Via
' Via : ''.
Minneapolis OMAHA
' AND . ' ' AND
ST. PAUL. Kansas City.
Low Rates to All East
ern Cities.
No 1, Union Paeifie..... 2.38 a. M.
No. 3, Spokane.-.....: 0.27 a. m.
' ; " . EAST BOCXO. . ' ' ' -'
No. 4, Ppok an e.. 5.11 p. sc.
No. a, Union Pacific, ....... ...12.09'a. it.
Leave Portlan d very five days for
. E. McNEILJj, Tre-sklent,
For full dot-ails call on O. R. -A K. Agent
flood Biver, or address -
, ' j W H. HURLBURT,
, , . Gen'l Pass. Agent,
, Portland, Or.
- Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, June '
1, 1897. Notloe i hereby uiveti , that, tbe
following-named settler has tiled notice of ,
his Intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, And that said proof '
will be made before Register and Receiver at
The Dallea, Oregon, on July 17,1897, vnss ;
Hd. K No. 4852, for the lot i, east y, northrast
Yi and southwest northeast section &i,
township 8 north, range lOeast. i
Re names the following witnesses to pi ovo
bis claim to xald land, viz:
8. F. Blytbe, . T. Prather, F. R. Abate
and' R. J. Ellis, all of Hood River, Oretson.
J4jy9 JAS. F. MOORE, KegUtct '
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, May (,
189". Notice is heneby given that tne follow
ing named settler has tiled notice of .hi In
tention to make linal proof In support of bl
claim, and that said proof will be madetoefor
Register and Receiver at The Dalles, Oregon,
on June i. 1897,', vie:
Hd. E. No: 4119, for tiie lots 1, 2, 8 and 4, sec
tion 8, township 2 north, range 11 cost, W. M.
He names the fallowing wu,iiese ti ,prov
his continuous residence upon afud cultiva
tion of, caid land, viz: .
J. J. Lewis, 8. D. Fisher, h. J. Davenport
and Newel Harlan, all of Mosier, Oregon.
ruUj!8 JAS. F. JlOttttE, Kegister. .
Land Office at Vancouver, "Wash:, May 4,
1897. Notice is hereby given that the tollow-ing-named
settler has tiled notice of h is Inten
tion! to make1 final proof in suppoft of bl
claira, and that said proof wllliie madebefor
C, G. Green, Clerk Superior Court for kin
nla county, Wash., at Stevcuson, ?., o ,
June 22, 1897, viz:
H. E. No. 8035, for the northeast orthcnt
H section 15, and north northwest1, section
14,town8hip8 north, rangeSeast, W, M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and -euKiivar
tlon of, said land, viz:
. John M. Coulter, George M. Berry. John P. ..
Gillette and Sara Samson, all of
Wash. ... . " B.F.KHAW, . .,
iyJU - i. UtssiHter.
Tetter, Salt-Bheum au4 Kfitema. :
Tha intense itching and smai-tiagineJ-dent
to thesediseases is instantly allayed
by applying Chaaiberlaiii'a Eye and
Skin Ointment. Many very bad cases
have been permanently enredby it. It
is equally efficient for itching piles and
a favorite remedy for sore uapplee;
chapped hands, chilblains, few "bite
and chronic sore eyes. 25ct3-yer box.
Dr. Cady'g Condition Powders. a :
just what a horse needs when in bud i
condition. , Tonic, blood purifier and
vermifuge. They are not food but -medicine
and the best in two to put a .
horse in' prime condition. Price JH
cents per package. , .
for 8l by V Hllaina k litmiuc. '