The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 28, 1897, Image 3

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3feodiver Slacier.
FRIDAY, MAY 28, 1S97.
The mall arrives from Mt. Hood at 10 o'
elock A. M. Wednesdays and Saturdays; de
parts ,vi8 same days at noon.
For Chenoweth, leaves at H A.. M. Tuesdays
and Saturdays; arrives at 6 P. M.
For White Salmori leaves dally at 1 P. M.;
arrives at B o'clock P. M.
From White Salmon, leaves for Fulda, Gil
mer, Trout Lake and Gleuwood Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.
Canby Post, No. in, G. X. R,, meets at School
House Hall, first Saturday of each month
t 2 o'clock p.m. AUG. A. B. members in
vited to attend. The ladles of the Relief
tJorps meet at same time In the adjoining
room. s. f . ui.ixr.riu, uommanuer.
C. J. Hayes, Adjutant.
' Hood River Camp, No. 2"0, W. O. W. Meets
in I. O. O. F. hall second Wednesday of each
month. . u. aiiusiua, u. u,
H. HKNN, Clerk.
Waucoma Lod(re, No. SO, K. of P., meets In
their Castle Hall on every Tuesday night.
W. H. Bishop, C. C.
Wm. Haynes, K. of It. & S.
Riverside Lodge, No. 08, A O. TJ. W., meets
first and third Saturdays of eaeh month.
C. L. MOUSE, M. W,
J. K. Watt, Financier.
H. L. Howe, Reooi der.
Idlew.lde Lodge. No. 107, 1. O. O. F., meets
in Fraternal hall every rnursaay nigni.
' F. E. Jokes, Sec'y;
Kansas whole or cracked corn at tbe
Racket Store. '
New goods at Mrs. Howeils' milli
nery store.
M. H. Nickelsen has strawberry
paper for sale.
Home-made bread al-vays on hand
at Mrs. Howeils' millinery store.
Save the wrappers of Hoe dike soap;
they are worth ic each. vv. s is
Frank Carter was killed in a run
away at Goldendale last Monday
Did vou notice how pure and white
Soap Foam washing powder looks?
Wm. Yates, P. M., is authorized asjent
for all newspapers und periodicals
Never mind the liiirh water go to
Dallas' and get 2-penny wire nails and
nail your berry crates.
We presume vou use soap,and if so the
uest is cheapest, rioe t aKe is strictly
pure, with no free alkali.
A washing powder that is yellow will
make clothes I he same color. Avoid this
by using Soap Foam. Wolfard & Bone.
Lye-pncked in sifting top can is pure
ernnulated potash. All others contain
large portion of salt. Ask for Red Seal.
'Sick headache can be quickly and
completely overcome by using those
famous little pills known as "'DeWitt's
Little Early Risers." Williams &
Don't let the cat lick the dishes, but
make nice soft, soap with Soup Foam.
Directions on the package. , W. & B.
A company of traveling acrobats got
stranded in Hood River last Sunday.
They posted hills intending to give a
free performance and then pass the
hat, but the city marshal stopped the
Not only piles of the very worst kind
can ne cured by DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve, but eczenia scalds.burns, bruises,
boils, ulcers and all other skin troubles
van be Instantly rel'evrd by the same
remedy. Williams & Brosius.
Tillett gives away with everv bill of
trees sold a sample of the coffee berry.
Be sure and eet a sample and grow
your own coffee.
Don't neglect a congh because the
weather is pleasant; before the next"
storm rolls around it may develop into
n serious difficulty beyond repair. One
Minute Cough Cure is easy to take and
will do what its name implies. Will
iams & Brosius.
Dr. Jones is doing dental work at
hard times prices. All work fully
"They are dandies,"said Thos. Bow
ers of the' Crocket, Texas. Enterprise,
while writing about DeWitt's Little
Early Risers, the famo'is little pills for
sick headache and disorders of the
stomach and liver. Williams &Brosius.
A daughter of- Judge Kent arrived
here from South Bend, Wash., last
week and will make her home with
her father In Hood River.
Don't thin vonr hlood with sassafras
or poison it with blue-mass; but. aid na
ture by using DeWitt's Little JtCarly
Risers, the famous lit tie pills for consti
pation, biliousness and stomach and
liver troubles. Thev are ' purely vege
table. Williams & Brosius.
C. H. Stranahan returned last Fri
day from Sherman county, whpre he
has been engaecd in building a school
house on the John Day m-er.
Terrible Accident. It is a terri
ble accident to he burned or scalded;
but the pain and agony and the fright
ful disfigurements can be quickly over
come without leaving a, scar by using
'DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. Will
lams & Brosius.
Very few parents realize the import
ance of caringfor their children's teeth.
Dr. M. A. Jones gives special attention
. to the proper arrangement and devel
opment of children's teeth.
W.B.Johnson, Newark, O-.says, "One
.Minute Couuh Cure saved my only
child from dying by croup." It has
saved thousands of others suffering
from croup, pneumonia, bronchitis and.
other serious throat and lung troubles.
Williams & Brosius.
Write to Davenport Bros.' Lumber
Co. for delivered prices on all kinds of
lumber, rough or dressed. They have
a large and good assortment of finish
ing lumber on hand, good and dry.
Call and get our cash prices before pur
chasing elsewhere.
Some for ten, some for twenty, some
for thirty years have suffered from piles
and have been quickly and permanent
ly cured by using DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve.the great remedy for piles
and all forms of skin diseases. Williams
& Brosius.
On account of several stores opening
up in my line of goods, I find that I
shall have to branch out into some
other line to make up any losses I
might have by competition. There-!
fore I am glad to announce to the pup
lic that I will take orders for boots and
shoes made to measurement, the cost
of which will be no more than the
ready made shoe you buy hero in the
stores. Come and have your measure
ment taken and have a pair of shoes
fit you. . E. V. UrsBAxnB. '
At the meetingof stockholders of the
Improvement Co., last Saturday, a
resolution authorizing the directors to
bond the ditch for $6,000 was unan
imously adopted by a vote of those
present. Four hundred and eighty-
three shares were voted out ot a total
of 710. This $0,000 will enable the
company to pay its debts and make all
necessary preparations wi supply water
to customers. The ditch will be com
pleted in two or three weeks. It will
be owned by the people of the valley
and will lie worth $40,ouu tue clay tne
work is completed.
Mr. Charles Brown was married Sun
dav at the residence of the bride's fain
er, to Miss Nellie Underwood, daughter
ot Ed Underwood, Justice Fisher per
forming the ceremony. The bride is
one of the prettiest and brightest girls
in Skamania county and the groom is
a thrifty and energetic young man.
The young couple passed up on the
train lust night to Castle Rock, and
will make their home In Washington
opposite that point. Dalles Chronicle.
May 15th, the last day of school, ex
ercises in the afternoon were especially
devoled to our country and flag drill.
The drill by the children was inierest-
ingand the recitations and dialogues
by the pupils of Miss Stevens and Miss
Graham's rooms showt-d thoroughness
and most excellent taste on the part of
the teachers.- Members ot the W.K.C.
were in attendance and much gratilied
by the excellence of the drill.
Robert Buchanan's Dramatic com
pany is giving a good show at the ar
mory. The first entertainment , was
given Tuesday evening, and the com
pany will appear four nights. The
troupe is composed of ladies and gen
tlemen who present plays that are
moral and instructive as well as amus
ing. Good musicians accompany the
Dr. II. K. Hines and family will re
move to Hood River tomorrow, coming
on the boat, and will remaiu during
the summer. ' They will be accompa
nied by two young ladies from,. Uni
versity Park, Miss Daisy Hopkins und
Miss Lily Bisbee, who will be the
guests of Miss Nannie Mercer.
- C. J. Hayes, adjutant of Canby Post,
has been in communication with Gen.
Flagler, chief of ordinance at Washing
ton City in regard to procuring a can
non from the government for the use
of I he post on celebration days. The
cannon can begot from Benicia, Cul.,
by the membeisof the post and the
citizens paying the freight.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Orendorff of
Canton, Illinois, visited Mr. and Mrs.
H. F. Davidson Saturday and Sunday
last. -Mr. Orendorff is a mem ber of the
firm of Purlin & Orendorff Co., man
ufacturers of the Canton Clipper plows.
Mr. E. E. Potter of Elmira, N. Y.. is
visiting his brother, M. B. Potter.
He is a railroad conductor, in theem-
nlov of the Northern Central rnilroarl.
and came with the conductors' excur
sion to the Pacific coast.
There will be no preaching services
at l he Congregational church next
Sunday. The congregation will unite
in the Memorial services Mt the M. E.
church. Sunday school will be held as
usual at 10 o'clock.
Mr. H. J. Palmer of Prineville vis
ited Rev. J. W. Rigby and family du
ring the week. Mr. Palmer is one of
the proprietors of the ("rook Countv
Journal, one of the two good papers of
Mrs. R. 8. Howeils will supply ice
cream during the summer days at her
millinery store, just below Blowers'
Mr. Nelson Williams of Kennewick,
'ash., is in the valley looking for a
small tract of land to purchase.
There are said to be 0,000 bicycles In
use in the city of Portland, costing In
lie aggregate over $1,000,000. ,
The O. R. & N. Co. trow sell two-day
round-trip tickets to Portland daily at
,) or 1 ..II ...!..
Mrs. Watson, of Mosier, has the rat
tles of 48 rattlesnakes killed by herself
uii ncr iuo uuius ui iuiiUi l
Mrs. Pratt Whitcomb and daughter
Gertrude came up from Portland Mon
day on the Regulator.
Paris Green
Is chiefly arsenite of copper. The In
secticide efficiency of Paris green de
pends upon tlie amount ot arsenious
acid present, which is somewhat varia
ble, ranging from 54 to til per cent in
an analysis of five samples obtained iu
the market. The chemist of the
Maine state college found 54, 55, 54, 55
and 40 percent of arsenious acid re
spectively. It is a very stable com
pound, does not readily sutter deterior
ation and may be safely kept in ordi
nary containers, in a cool, dry place.
London Purple
Is chiefly arsenite of lime, a residue ob
tained in the manufacture or aniline
dyes. It does not contain quite so
much arsenic as Paris green, and by
being a by product, it is not so constant
in its constitution. According to an
analysis by the chemist of the U, S.
department of agriculture, It has 43 per
cent arsenous oxide. A later analysis
by the chemist of the Vermont agri
cultural experiment station, it has
Arsenic (arsenous ox) parts .', 40.78
Mine Vi.da
Iron and alumina .. 1.31
Sulphuric acid 4ft
Nitrogen 1.H5
Moisture 8.37
Paris green and London' purple are
both dangerous poisons and are pecu
liarly in the province of the pliarma-
K'lBt, for he is the the poison retailer and
usually the only one having the facil
ities for guaranteeing their quality.
We keep only the best qualities. .
1 ft. 6 ft. 10 lb.
Paris Green... 80c. 25c. 20c.
Loudon Purple 25c. 20c. 1 15c.
The Best Remedy for Rheumatism.
From the Fairhaven (N. Y. ) Register.
Mr. James Rowland of this village.
states that for twenty-five years his
wife has been a sufferer from rheuma
tism. A few nights ago she was in
such pain that she was nearly crazy.
cue sent Mr. Kowiana jor the doctor,
but be bad read of Chamberlain's Pain
Balm and instead of going for the phy-
sican he went to the store and secured
a bottle of it. His wife did not approve
of Mr. Rowland's purchase at first., but
nevertheless appliad the Balm thor-
ouglily and in an hour's time was able
to go to sleep. She now applies it
whenever she feels an ache or a pain
and finds that it always gives relief.
He says that no medicine which she
bad used ever did her so much good.
The 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by
Williams & Brosius.
Another lot of the finest Summer Dress Goods ever
. brought to Hood River. '
Chnmbray, Zephyr Ginghams, Grass Linen, Jacquard,
Dimity, Lapet, Organdie, Valencia, Tamis Cloth, Bat
iste, Percale, Prints, Swiss, Veiling, Lace, Scrim, Shirt
Waists, Ladies' Summer Vests, Cream Flannel, Shaker
Flannel. We sold the last invoice out
Everything on our shelves bran new. Meu's Neg
ligee Shifts In Madras, with ties to match, only 50c. .
Our line of Groceries is better than ever. If you
have sour dough or butte. milk you can '
Make a Raise Cheap!
We will fe'l you A m and Hammer Soda for 5c per
pound and Flour for $1.05 er tack. And when It
comes to h WEETNESS the rest of them'
We w.ll tell y.m Ameriirn . G. Su i rel caper than
tl e cheapo t. H.1V1.', alto, over $20j worth of Syrup ou
ban Jr. - - . ,
We have a warehouse full of Fruit Jars. Want to
get them out of the way so that we can get some more.
Don't care about making anything on them.
We a 'e headquarters for Flour and Feed. Sold a car
load of flour and feed in eight days. This beats tbe
record in Hood River by a '''': '. ..
IB I Q- 2v
In our crockery department we have added a fine
line of Decorated Ware. A beauty, aand at prices but
' little more than you pay for common ware. '
Also Rogers' Silver Plated Knives, Forks and Spoons.
You'll find us at our place of business during week
days, and we would be pleased to have you call.
Hood River and
1. .
White Salmon
mum maLambm mAmm
la now open for business, carrying a full line of . . .
Perituiiery and
Always on hand.
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded and Prices Seasonable.
At the old stand of the Glacier office, Hood River, Oregon.
H. A. YORK, Proprietor.
M. S. - & L. CO. S
to 'L' mmm
ui i uiou rviver can nirnisn comionauie conveyances to an pans 01 tne vaiicy anu vicin
ity. Heavy draylnx and transferring done with care and promptness.
Notary Public.
DR. E. T. CARNS Is now located In Hood
River. Klrst-class worlt at reasonable rates.
All work guaranteed. Office In tbe Langllle
House. 1 Jyl
Repaired and all kinds of
Sold by
; E. V. HUSBAND j.
Also, Boots and Shoes repaired.
Columbia Nursery m. lursrc stock of Krtiit Trees and all oth-
-or xlnds- of nursery stock. AH trees are well
grown, carefully aug, iree ironi pesisana true
to label. Whether you want one tree or 1,000,
It will pay you to examine this stock. Re
mamber, trees grown here give the best satis
faction. No trouble U show goods. Orders
fllied on short notice. H. C. BATKHAM,
Hood River, Oregon.
Three wiHes south, on Mt. Hood Road.
Hood River Nursery
WM-TILLETT; Proprietor.
I planted 850 trees bought of Wm. Tillett
last spring, and they are all doing finely, and
I never lost a tree. WM. BOOKMAN.
I planted over 700 yonns apple trees Inst
spring, bought of.Wm. Tillet.t. They nil lived,
and some have made. 4 feet growth. Best
trees to grow I ever bought. Drop around
and see them. J. 3, GIBBONS.
We planted over HOC trees bonghtof Wm.
Tillett last spring. They have all made a
good growth, uu we have not lost a tree.
Drop i nd seo the trees X bought from
Tillett 18 months ago, and you will seethe
best 10 acres of young orchard in Mount Hood
district, or Hood River, either. '
D. R. COOPER & SON, Mt. Hood.
Harbison Bros., Prop'rs,
Manufacturers of
Dressed and
Flour, Feed and all kinds ofccieals ground.
Whole Wheat Graham
. . a specialty.'.
HOOD RIVER, - - - - - - - OREGON.
Poultry and Supply Co.
(IiK'orporated) . i
Fancy and Market Poultry. Game,
Eggs, Butter, Cheese, Dressed Hogs,
Veal, etc. Farm and Garden Products,
Green and Dried Fruits, Poultry Sup
? plies ot every description. Nursery .
Stock, etc., etc. v
124 First St., Portland, Oregon.
Horses for Sale.
I have three or four good work horses for
sale or for trade. Apply to
ap30. J. W. FORBES.
The Glacier .
Post Office Building, Hood River, Or.
Kitchen Furniture,
Pruning Tools, Etc.
Repairing Tinware a Specialty.
Child's Castor Laxative
A vegetable remedy for regnlattuir the stom
ach and bowels of babies and children, con
taining no opium, morphine or other ha root-,
ics. It. is harmless, pleasant to take and i
most valuable remedy. Pi ioe 2o e.nts, at the
liood River Pharmacy. ... i
and Patent SVIedicines,
Toilet Articles,
ZE3 rS
To tiie East,-
Gives the choice of
Minneapolis OMAHA
'and " . .t ' !' '
ST. PAUL. Kansas City
Low Rates to All East
ern Cities.
No 1, Union Pacific,....-: 2.38 A. M-
N. 3, Spokane.1....,.. 9.27 a. jiu
t, t) II p, JL
JS'o. ii, Union racilic ..... 12.09 a. su
- Leave Portland every flvedavs.for
E. McvNEJLI., iVhUk'tit.
For full details oall on O. It. Jt N. Agent
nood R:v.or,jrddres8
W. II. IiriU.HURT.
Cien'l fuss. Agent,
l'oiHaixl. Or.
THE- 4
Tie Dalles, Porflan & AstorM
TOT J A. ' ' -'"'
Through Freight and
Passenger Line,
Daily It Dallesgnfl MM
All Freight Will Come Throw gh
Without Delay-
One way ...1...,, .........i...l f9
Hound tnp............,..,,...i..v..;.... t! AO
Freight Rates Greatly
- Ucnvral Apcn
SB, Graia MM Ranch,
E. I). Calkins, IV'-
Horses broken; single and doi'hl'C drlwrn
for sale. L. Morris, trainer. Etit 'Milew west
of C'enterviKe, Wash. apS)
Tetter, Salt-Khoum and Ssecma,
dent to these diseases is instantly allayed
by applying Chamberlain ' a .Eye and
Skin Ointment. Many yery bud cases
have been permanently cured by it. It
is equally efficient for itching yik-a -and
x favorite remedy for sore nipples;
chapped hand3, chilblains, frost bites
and chronic sore eyeo. 2T eta. per box.
"''Dr. Cady'H Condition Powers, are
just what a horse needs when id bad
condition. Tonic, blood puilfier and
vermifuge. They are nor. food btit
modicine and the best in tilq to put a
horsa in prime condition. Price 2S
csnt3 per package.. ; ,,
, For sale ly William & lirotiua.