The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 30, 1897, Image 3

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    2Keed iiver Slacier
Th mall arrives from Mt. Hood at 10 o'
clock A. M. Wednesdays and Saturdays; de
parts '-ie same aays a. noon.
For Chenoweth, leaves atH A.M. Tuesdays
and Saturdays; arrives at 6 P. M.
for White Salmon leaves daily at 1 P. M.;
arrives at 6 o'clock P. M.
From White Salmon, leaves for Fulda, Gil
mer, Trout Lake and Gleuwood Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.
Canby Post, No. W, G. A. R., meets at School
House Hall, first Saturday of each month
t 2 o'clock p.m. AllOf A. R. members in
vited to attend. The ladies of the Relief
Corps meet at same time in the adjoining
room. S. F. BLYTHhS, Commander.
C. J. Kayes, Adjutant. , . . ,,.
Hood River Camp, No. TO, W. O. W. Meets
In I. O. O. F. ball second Wednesday of each
month. F. C. BKOS1US, C. C.
H. Hkkx, Clerk.
Waucoma Lodge, No. 80, K. of P., meets in
their Castle Hall on every Tuesday night.
, W. H. Bishop, C. C.
Wk. Haynes, K. of R. & S.
Riverside Lodge, No. 88, A O. TT. W., meets
first and third Saturdays of each month.
0. L. MORSE, M. W. ,
I. V. Watt, Financier. , , . . ,
H. ti. Howe, Recoi der. ,"
Idlew,lde Lodge. No. 107, 1. O, O, F meets
In Fraternal hall every Thursday night.
F. E. Jones, Sec'y. -
, Ladies' shirt .waists at the Racket
Store. , ' .
Rev. J. VV. Rigby has been granted
a pension. . '
Order your rubber stamps. M. H.
Nickflsen is agent.; : j'. ' ' : x, "
Save the wrappers of Hoe Cuke soap;
, ; they are worth le each. . W. & B.
Horse and light wagon and harness
for sale by P. F. Cordes.
Lou Morse Is authorized agent for all
newspapers and periodicals.
Mr. ( D. Hlnrichs' returned yester
day from a trip to McMim. ville.
Did you notice how pure and white
Sea Fo'uin washing powder looks?
Mrs. E. J. Hay nes went to Portland
i last Friday, to rettiain altout ten days.
If your teeth need attention, call and
see Dr. Jones. Prices very reasonable.
' We presume vou tisesoap,Riid if so the
ttest is cheapest. Hoe Take is strictly
pure, with no free alkali.
Be sure and hear Nnrcissa White
Kinriey next Wednesday evening.
You may not have another chance.
A washing powder that is yellow will
make dot lies I he same color. Avoid this
by using Soap Foam. Wnlfard & Bone.
The Regulator company contem
plates giving an excursion by one of
their boats to Astoria.
Lye packed in sifting top can Is pure
granulated potash. Allotherseonfaiu a
large port ion of salt. . Ask for Red Seal.
Don't let the cat lick the dishes, liiit
make nice soft soap with Sea Foam. Di
rectinns on the package. V. & B.
Til left gives away with ever bill of
trees sold a sample of the coffee berry
Be sure and icel a sample, and grow
your own coffee. .
Croup and whooping cough are child
hood's terrors; but. like pneumonia,
bronchitis, and other throat and lunar
trouble, can be quickly cured by using
One Minute Cough Cure. Williams &
Bros! us. . '
. Dr. N. A. Jones, dentist, has located
permanently at Hood Kiver. He has
tile latest improved methods for doing
all classes of dental Work.
Unconditional surrender, is the only
terms the famous little p'lls known as
. DeWitt's Little Early Risers will make
with constipation, sick headache and
stomach troubles. Williams & Brosius.
H. A. York has just received a fine
line of harmonicas, violin strings and
bridges, at reduced rates. Prices, from
10c to 50c. ,
When a cold is contracted, cure it at
once. One Mil. ule Conh Cure will set
you on the road to reeovery in a minute.
It will cure pneumonia, hronchii'is,
croup and all forms of -lung and throat
troubles. Williams & Brosius. -
Karcissa W. Kinney is considered
one of the ablest speakers in Oregon.
Come and, hear her next Wednesday
evening, at the M. E. church. The
subject of her . lecture will be ''The
Spirit of, the Age."
Personal. The gentlemen who an
noyed the congregation last Sunday by
continually coughing will find instant '
relief y usinn One MinuteCouith (Hire,
" a speedy and harm less remedy for throat
and lung troubles. Williams & Brosius.
Last week's Agriculturist contains a
well-written composition by Miss Hul
dah Rankin of White Snlm'on, entitled,
"A View from My Window." Miss
' Rankin is a pupil of H L. Howe's
It should he made a matter of public
knowlege that DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve will speedily cure piles of the long-'
, st standing. It is the household fav
orite for burns, scalds, cuts, bruises nd
sores of all kinds. Williams & Brosius ,
Not only acute lunsr troubles, which
may prove fatal in a few days, hut -old
chronic roughs and throat troubles may
receive immediate relief and he perma
nently cured by One Minute Cough'
Cure. Williams & Brosius.
Mr. Matt Russell, who for some time
has been assistant artist in tht-tonso-rial
parlors presided over by Mr, Grant
Evans, has gone to Wasco, where he
will run a business of his own.
When the spring time comes, "gentle
Annie," like all other sensible persons,
will cleanse tile liver and renovate the
svstem with DeWitt's tiittle" Early
Risers, famous little pills for the liver
and stomach all the year round. Will
iams & Brosius. , '.
Write to Davenport Bros.' Lumber
Co. for delivered prices on all kinds of
lumber, rough or dressed. ' .They have
a large and good assortment of finish
ing lumber on hand, good and dry.
Call and get our cash prices before pur
chasing elsewhere. . '' r , 'c.
Crows dug up about 5,000 of Mr.A.P.
Bateham'8 newly-planted strawberry
plants, last week. The plants were
among those set on his ten acres leased
' of Dr. Adams.
Thirty years Is a long time to fight so
painful a trouble as piles, but Jacob
Mitchell, of Unlonville, Pa., stnifffirled
that long before he tried DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve, which quickly and
Dermaneutly cured him.
It is equally
effective in eczema and all skin
tlong. Williams & Brosius,
' Little brown birds are destroying the
fruit on prune, plum and cherry trees.
Mr. M. V. Ruud's orchard of Hun
garian prunes will be almost a total
failure on account of : the ravages.'of
these pests. -They light, upon a branch
of a tree and clean It of Its blossoms and
embryo trult, leaving only the stems,
These birds were imported a few years
ago. by our city friends. They are le
coming more and more plentiful
every year.
On account of several stores opening
up in my line of goods, I And that!
shall have to. .branch out into some
other line to make up any losses I
might have, by competition. There-
fore I am triad to announce to the dud-
lie that I will take orders for boots and j "Hipped to near by marKe s. By this
shoes made to measurement, the cost I arrangement w.e will avoid shipping
of which will ho no mom than th!ur ripe berries .to distant market,
ready made shoe vou buy here in the
stores. ' 'louie and have your measure.
ment taken and have a pair of shoes
fit you. - .. , E. V. Husbands.
The Woman's Missionary Society
will give a concert on Sunday evening,
at 8 o'clock Select readings will be
rendered by Mrs. J. H. Dukes and Mrs.
J. F.. .Armor, and recitations by Miss
Kate Wolftird, Miss Agnes Dukes,
Graces Prather and others. Special
music will be furnished. The public
is cordially invlred to attend.
Don't spoil your waiion by putting
on some unsuitable springs just to haul
your strawberries on, but go to David
son ana get a set or improved noisier
springs, which are of service the year
round. They don't wear out. You
can get them with a capacity of 900
pounds up to 4,000 pounds.
A petition to the Common council is
being circulated, asking that body to!as,8'Knea 80,,,e 1.' " the ;,ourer
take measures to provide water for pro- j
lection against fire, and if necessary, to
oomi tne town. jiveryoony recognizes
the fact that our town is sadly in need
of protection against fire, and we hope
tne petition will cause denuite action.
s Mr. T. C. Dallas yesterday received a
telegram slating that his sister, Mrs.
Burke of Kansas, would lie on the'2:30
train this morning, on her way to
Portland. Mrs. Burke is an invalid
and will go to a hospital In Portland.
Mr. Dallas met her on the train and
accompanied, her to Portland.
lit the latest list of names of persons
lo whom pensions have been granted
we are pleased to note the name of Rev.
J. V. Rig by, formerly of Fossil. He
is et thin old and feeble, but In'his day
was a hard tighter for his country and
his God. Fossil Journal. . ,
J. W, Divilbiss, son-in-law of Rev.
H. Moys, who went to Rosslaud last
fail, was taken sick, with pneumonia,
and afterwards his lungs became af
fected and he was advised ly his phy
sicians to go south. He is now in Ki'v
eiS'de, Cal. ' -' ' ......
The local ad vlsory loard for Hood
River of the Children's Home Society
is as folio s: President, Mrs. P. U.
Barrettf vice president, Rev. J. L.
Heivhner; secretary, Mrs. S. E. Bart
mess; treasurer, O. L. Stranahan.
AlioutSOmen are now employed on
the Improvement Co.'s ditch and at
the saw mill. A. Bell, manager,
says the ditch will be completed and
waier running through the whole
length of it by the 15tli of June.
Mr. A. B. Jones arrived home Mon
day from Grand Forks, B. C. He has
secured some mining property in that
wonderfully rich mining camp and
will return to it after he has harvested
his big strawberry crop.,. -
The basket supper and social held at
Pine Grove, lat week for the benefit of
Rev. H. Moys, was a grand success,
and every one enjoyed the evening.
The minister received $0.35 in cash, be
fides the provisions donated.
Supervisor Forties Is doing a good job
of road work on the state road, and the
same will be appreciated by t lie berry
ttrowers wheu they haul their berries
to town. , " ' -.
iMr Wm. Yates received his, com
mission on Wednesday last as post
master at Hood River and will take
charge of the office tomorrow, May 1st.
Mrs. Win. McFall and Mrs. Frank
E. Hart of Portland, mother and sister
of O. P. McFall, came up Monday and
are stopping at Mrs. John Parker's.
, Mrs. A. W. Rains, sister of the Morse
brothers, arrived here from Kansas,
last Saturday, and will make her future
home In Hood Piver.
T. H. Clark went to the hot springs
at Cascades,ye8terday, where, he will
remain for a week, hoping "to benefit
his' health.
, Land buyers are coming into the
valley, and hardly a day passes but
there' is a sale of laud tin the prospects
of the ditch.
' Rev. J. L. Hershner will be ahsent
next week, attending the Mid-Columbia
associailon at Lexington, Morrow
Mrs. J, B. Hunt is quite sick with
something like catarrhal fever. Her
mother, Mrs. L. Henry, is attending
W.-W. Blanchard, who was killed In
the street-car accident in Portland, was
a resident of Hdod River in 1889.
Elwood Luckey lost his bicycle
wrench on the road to town. Finder
will please leave it at this office.
The editor , has been farming this
week. If the paper Is better l ban usual
it should be laid to his absence.
Regular ttionthy meeting of Canby
post, G. A. R., tomorrow, at 2 o'clock.
A full attendance is desired.
For Sale A span of fine driving
horses. .Call on or address . W. E.
Kahler, The Dalles, Or,
Mrs. E.'V. Husbands returned last
Saturday from a week's visit to' Port-laud.t-.
" . . j . ','-Mr-
and Mrs.' C R. Bone have heen
Visiting In Portland for the past few
Dr. T. L. Eliot came up from Port
land Wednesday, returning home to
day. . r v-
Now is the time to order "repairs for
Osborne machinery.. C. D. Henkich.
. Mr. James Hoag, now of Wasco, was
In town last Saturday.. '
The Columbia river is again rising
The fruit crops of Hood River were
never more promising.
' Ripans Tabuies cure liver troubles. '
; Ripans Tabuies: pleasant laxative. ' .
Ripans Tabuies: for eour stomach.
A good country local: "Uncle Dad'
Prather is rapidly reeoverinir from the
itch; and attributes his cure to the free
application of lemon j uiee."-Mt. . Mo
riah (Mo.) Advance, . ,
Borry Crates Must Contain Full Weight.
Hood River, April 28, 1897. Editor
Glacier: The board of directorsof the
Hood River Fruit Growers' Union'in-
structed the committee on distribution
to see that all crates shipped shall be
packed full, to weijh fiom 80 to 8:
. pounds, so that the crate will con.ini
24 pounds of berries, net. All birr
must be prime, not being under size
nor imperfect in shape nor over lipe.
The committee is instructed to take
such means as they find necessary to
get and maintain, such a pack. All
prime ripe berries are to lie parked in
crates separate from berries not over
r'Pe n.d uiarkea ripe, as they can be
where they are sure to arrive in p o
conditibn or spoiled, bringing nothing
ana injuring the sale "t prune hemes
N. C; Evans, Secretary.
Home from Brazil.
Rev. Frank Spaul ling, at one time
presiding elder of tuis district, accom
panied by his family, has relumed
from Brazil, and will henceforth res di'
somewhere in the United States. Mr.
Spaulding went to Brazil as a mission
ary about four year ay;o, and has been
laboring in that fl Id until recently.
Mr. and Airs. Hpaul ling reached JNew
York ou ihe 15th of ibe present mouth,
and at once started f-r their old home
in Oregon. Mr. Sauidint! arrived
here this morning, while Mrs iSpauld
ing stopped at Columbus As yet Mr.
Spaulding has not deiermined where
he will locate, thou tr'i will no dount be
trui-v, HI. ail vvciiis lie will ihi retui 11 111
Brazil, the climate there having proven
very injurious to his heah h. Mouu
W. C. T. U. County Convention.
The county convention of the Wo
men's Chrislian Temperance Union
will be held in Hood River, May 5 and
6, 1897, at the M. E. chu'eh. F 1 . w
ing is the programme: .
Wednesday, May 510:30.
Devotional meeting.
Roll cull of coun: ofih ers.
, Roll call of county superintendents.
Appointment of committee on reso
lution. Appointment of press reporters..
ll:30-Hpur of prajer.
Announcements and adjournment.
Afternoon 2 O'clock. ...
Devotional meeting.
Reading minuiesof morning session.
Report of coumy president, Mrs.
Louisa Bishop. - ,
Report of county secrtary Mrs.
Ersula Dukes.
Report of coun y treasurer, Mrs.
Leslie Butler.
M usici '
Reports of county superintendents.
Evangelistic, Prison and Jail, Mrs.
J. H. Cross. . ;
Mothers' Meeting', .Mrs. Rebekah
Wilson.. . .
Flower Mission, Mrs. G. P. Crowell.
Peace and Mercy, Mrs. L O. Stuart.
W. C.,T. U. bed .1 contest, Mrs. J.E.
Narcotics, Mrs. Ersula Dukes.
Parlor Meetings Mrs Emma Trask.
- Scientific temperance instruction,
Miss Cheese.
Report of entertainment committee.
Announcements and adjournment.
Evening Session 7:45.
Music. '
Scripture lesson.'
W. C.T. U. state song.
Address of welcome, Mrs.E.L Smith.
Response, Mrs. Smith' French.
Lecture, State President Mrs. N. W.
Kinney. '
Collection. , .
Announcements and adjournment.
Thursday, May 6 9:30.
Devotional meeting.
' Reading minuti-sof previous meeting.
' Election of county officers.
Election of cou uy delegates.
Question box. "
Appoiutment of county superintend
ent. Reports of com riittees
Unfinished biHiiiess.
.." New business.
, We extend a cardial invitation to all
to be preseut during the convention.'
Mrs. Louisa Bishop, President;
. Mrs Eksul Duke, Cor. Sec'y;
Mrs. Ida Justice, Kec Sec'y;
- Mrs. Leslie Butler, Treasurer,
Executive Committee.
On the morning of Feb. 20, 1895, I
was sick w ith rheumatism, and la in
bed until May21t, when I got a liotlle
of Chamberlain's Pain Balm. The
first application of it relieved me
almost entirely from the pain and the
second afforded complete relief. -In a
short time I ws able to ie up ami
about again. A T. Moreaux, Luverne,
Minn. Sold by Williams & Brosius.
It is, or should he, the highest aim of
every merchant to please his customers;
and that the wide-awake drug firm of
Meyers & Eshlemaii, Sterling, III., Is
doing siij is proven by the following,
from Mr. Eshleruau: "In my sixteen
years' experience in tlie drutf business
I have never seen or. sold or. tried a
medicine that g ht as good satisfaction
as Chamlierlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy." Sold by Williams
fc Brosius.
"Have Yon Anyllina Gool to
A lady asked us yesterday, and
Wax Beans,
Pie Squash,
Fresh Cheese,
Split Peas,
Corned Beef.
Chip Beef,
Codfish, . .
. Roast Beef,
Beef Extract,
Pine Apple, ;
Potted Ham,
Hood River and
; Church Xotlces.
Rev., J. T. Merrill will preach at the
fraukton school house, nunnay. May
2d, at 3:30. Sunday school at 2:30.
Congregational Church Rev. J. L.
Hershner, pastor. Worship, with
reaching, will be conducted every
Minda.v, at 11 a. m. and 7 30 p. m., uii-
ss otherwise announced. Prayer
neeting and Sunday sctiool conference
on Wednesday evening. Christian
Endeavor society on Sunday evening.
All who attend these services will be
made welcome. ,
Methodist Episcopal Church, H K.,
Hi i ics, D. I),, Pastor Weekly services:
Sunday, 10 a. m., Sunday school; 11
a. m., preaching; 2:30 p. m., Junior
League; 7 p. m., Epworth League: 7:45
p. m , piddling. Thursday, 7:3u p.m.,
prayer meeting. Everybody welcomed
to these services.
Rev. H. Moys will fill appointments
for the conference year as follows: He
will preach at Pine Grove every first
and third Sunday at 11 a. in.; at Bel
mont at 7:30 p. m. Belmont, every
second and fourth Sunday, at 11a m.;
Cropper school house, 2:30 p. m.; Pine
Grove, 7:30 p m. Fifth Sunday, at
Mt. Hood, at II a. in.
United Brethren Church Services.
Preaching each Sabbath morning and
evening. Sunday school at 10 a. in.;
Junior Endeavor, 3 p. m.; Senior En
deavor, 0:45 p. m.; nreaching, 7:30;
prayer meeting and choir practice
Wednesday evening. v
Rev. J. T. Merrill, Pastor.
Tews Service Extended.
The St.Louis Republic recently made
arrangements wiih the cable companies
whereby direci news from all sections
of the civilized wnr'd are received. It
now prims more authentic foreign news
than any other paper and continues to
keep up its record for publishing all the
home news The outlook for the year
is one of big events, fast succeeding
each other and they will be highly In
teresting toVveryone. The price of the
Republic daily is $6 a year, or f I 50 for
three months. The Twice a- Week Re
public will remain the same ,$1 a year,
iiv mail twice-a-wesk.
Save lour Fruit and tJrain.
Few realize that each squirrel des
troys $1 50 worth of grain annuully.
Wakelce's Squirrel and Gopher Exter
minator is the most effective and econ
omical poison known. Price reduced
to30 cents. For sale by Williams &
Brosius, agents.
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine lab
lets. Williams & Brosius refund the
money if it fails lo cute. 2ou.
Wanted-kkveral faithful men
or wompn lo travel for responsible estab
lished house In Oregon. Salary so. payable
$16 weekly and expenses. Position perma-
nent. Reference.
enclose, seii-nddressea
stamped envelope,
lng, Chicago. ,
The National, Star Bulld-
Poultry and Supply Co.
Fancy and Market Poultry, Game,
Eggs, Butter, Cheese, Dressed Hogs,
Veal, etc. Farm and Garden Products,
Green and Dried Fruits, Poultry Sup
plies ot every description, Nursery
Stock, etc., etc.
124 First St., Portland, Oregon.
Horses for Sale.
I have three or four good work horses for
sale or for trade. Apply to
ap30. . J. W. FORBES
Stt, Grain and Ml Mel,
E D. Calkins, Pnp'r. -
Horses broken; single and double drivers
for sale. L. Morris, trainer. Eight miles west
of Centerville, Wash. ap23
House and 3 Lots.
House Containing 5 rooms, and three lots on
corner of block, situated in Waucoma addi
tion. Will be sold cheap. For further partic
ulars inquire of L. HEN BY.
Lessons in Piano Music.
Miss Anna Smith has resumed the teaching
of Music. II er prices are 50 cento a lesson, j 10
The Glacier
- V"'
Post Office Building, Hood River, Or.
Fruit Ranch for Sale.
Sixty acres of land on the East Fork of
Hood river; 8 acres cleared; 500 fruit trees in
full bearing, 11 years old; plenty of water for
irrigatlor; good house ana barn. This place
is in the apple belt; no pests on fruit trees
Apply to D. R. COOPER,
Mt. Hood P. O., Hood River Valley.
$20 an Acre.,
Eighty acres of land in Hood River valley
for sale nt $30 an acre. Good improvements;
1Y, acres in strawberries: 40.1 apple trees, and
plenty of other fruit to supply a family; nine
acres in cultivation, nemy oi waier ior irri
gation from private ditch. This place is one
of the earliest in the valley for strawberries.
For further pa.-ticulars address the Glacier.
we gave her the following list:
Pearl Barley,
Germ Meal,
Whole Wheat Flour,
. Hams,
Sorghum Molasses,
Macaroni, ,
& '. BONE, '
White Salmon.
' Is now open for business,
Perfumery and Toilet Articles,
Always on band.
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded and Prices Hecuionable.
At the old stand of the Glacier office, Hood River, Oregon.
H. A. YORK, Proprietor.
Notary Public. N
DR. E. T. CARNS is now loeated in Hood
River. First-class work at reasonable rates.
All work guaranteed. Olllce In the Langillf
House. Jyl
Repaired and all kinds of
Sold by
Also, Boots and Shoes repaired.
Columbia Nursery
Offers a large stock of Fruit Trees and all oth
er kinds of nursery stock. All trees are weM
grown, carefully dug, free from pests and triu
to label. Whether you want one tree or 1,000
it will pay you to examine this stock. Re
member, trees grown here give the best satis
faction. No trouble to show goods. Order
filled on short notice. II. C. BATEHAM,
Hood Kiver, Oregon.
Three miles south, on Mt. Hood Road.
Hood River Nursery
WM. TIL LETT, Proprietor.
T Blunted 3M trees bouifht of Wm. Tillet
last spring, and they are all doing finely, an.
I never lost a tree. . WM. DOORMAN.
I nlfinteri over "00 vounar aDtle trees lai.
spring, boughtof Wm.Tlllett. They all livei
ana some nave matie 4 leei growui. ue.
trees to grow I ever bought. IJrnp aronn
and see them. - JJ. GIBBONS
We clanted over 1100 trees bought of Wn
Tillett last, spring. They have all made
good growth, and we have not lost a tree.
Dron in and see the trees I bought fror
Tillett 18 months ago, and you will see tl
best 10 acres of young orchard in Mount Hoi
district, or Hood River, either.
Harbison Bros., Prop'rs,
Manufacturers of
0101 Lite
Dressed and
Flour, Feed and all kinds ofceicals group.
Whole Wheat Graham
a specialty.
Mt. Hood Saw Mills
Of the best quality always on hand at price
lo sun me umes. jyn
Eay's Little Cathartic
For constipation, headache, biliousness, in
digestion, sallow comp'etion and disease,
arising from disordered l;ver, stomach am
kidneys. Price 25 cents, at the Hood Rivei
Wade's Worm Powders
A pleasant, safe and efficient worm de
stroer. Price SJo cents, at the Hood Kivei
Pharmacy. .
Monroe's Cough Balsom
A prompt and efficacious remedy for colds,
coughs, influenza, croup, bronchitis, sore
throat, hoarseness and all affections of the
throat, lungs and bronchial tubes. Price 25c,
60c and 81, at the Hood River Pharmacy. ....
Child's Castor Laxative
A vegetable remedy for regulating the stom
ach and bowels of babies and children, con
taining no opium, morphine or other harcot
ics. It is harmless, pleasant to take and a
most valuable remedy. Price 2j cents, at the
Hood River Pharmacy. - .
cure nausea.
: at druggists.
R pans
cure d.zziness.
cure headache,
cure flatulence,
cure dyspepsia,
assist digestion,
cure bad breath,
cure biliousness.
: one gives relief,
cure torpid liver.
: gentle cathartic.
cure indigestion.
cure constipation-
Kitchen Furniture,
Pruning Tools, Etc.
Repairing Tinware a Specialty.
Paper Hanging.
E. Ii. Rood, who has had 8 years' experience
In the buslnessof paintingand paper hanging,
is ntw prepared to do this kind of work for
citizens of Ttood River. He ran furnisn the
paper and put it on your walls at Portland
prices. - 4
carrying a full line of '
and Patent Medicines,
Tot2n.e East,
Gives the choice of
23 O "CT T B S
Minneapolis OMAHA
ST. PAUL. Kansas City.
Low Rates to All East
ern Cities.
f I,' Union Pacific............ 2.3S A. M.
o. 3, Spokane...'- 9.27 A- M.
To. 4, Ppokane 5.1.1 P. 5C
in. 2, Union Pacific .12.09 A. M.
Leave Portland every five days for
E. McN EI LI,, President.
For full deail catl on O. R. A N. Agent
ood River, or addresfr
Gen'l Pass. Agent,
Portland, Or.
. - . THE--
PliBlallBsa Forflaiifl & Astoria
Navigation Co.
f hrough Freight and
Passenger Line.
All Freight Will Come Through
Without Delay.
One way......... $1
Round trip.i 2
Freight Rates Greatly
' " General Afit-tit.
G. T. Pkathek,
It. :. Cob.
Notary Pubjle.
Real Estate aid teas,
93 Oak St., bet. 2d and 3d.
We have lots, blocks and acreage In th
town of Hood River; also, fruit, hay and norry
fnrtns and tlmher claims In the most deslni-
ble loraiions in the valley. If yon lmve any
thing in the real estate line to sell or rent, or
if you want to buy. give us a call.
Deeds, bonds and mortgages promptly and
correctly execuled.
vve win aiso auena to legal ousintm iu jun
tices' courts.
We are also agents for SOUTH WACIYjMi
. . ap27 ' .
Tetter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting inci
dent to these diseases is instantly allayed
by applying Chamberlain's Eye an I
Skin Ointment. Many very bad case
have been permanently cured by it. It
is equally efficient for itching piles and
a favorite remedy for sore nipples;
chapped hands, chilblains, fiwfr bites
and chronic sore eyes. 25 cts. per box.
I)r. Catly's Condifion Powders, aw
just what a horse needs when in bad
condition . Tonic, blood purifier and
vermifuge. They are not food bt;t
medicine and the best in use to put n'in prime condition. Price 5
..i.;. ; : j'".kn:?o. . .
For sale liy Williams & lirul: s.