The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 27, 1896, Image 4

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    Tho Army Worm.
While -we do not think there Is'much
likelihood of a recurrence of the army
worm pest nest year, yet it may be-well
l;i eao we should have another nnlc
tios to know a little more about it.
Ihe New York Agricultural Experi
ment Station has devoted Bulletin No.
304 to an investigation of tne beast
and from It we extract sorre facts
t hlch our readers would do wall to
bear In mind. ' ;
The eggs are very small, globulnr in
foim, and nearly white in o'ior. Xhey
are usually laid in the leaf sheaciis of
grasses and grains, and the eaviy
brood, -which does, the mischief, ovi
posit freely in the cut straw of old
stacks, In hay ricks, In old coin shocks,
and In bits of corn stalk that have been
loft upon the surface of the ground in
, T-'iftures. This will explain a fact that
has been noted by many; that the
worms started In blue grasi pastures
on which cord fodder bad b--ou fed to
cattle. f
The young caterpillars come forth In
ancut ten days from the tir.e the- eggs
are laid. In case the eggs were placed
on fresh grass or grain, the young lar-
v&e feed for a time in 'he sl;e;itii
where the eggs were placed, but tinnl-
ly include the whole blade in the bill of
fare. They are full grown In about
four weeks. At this time a single lar
rae measures about an inch and d half
In length and a quarter of an lnj:h in
diameter. They may be briefly d
scribed as being smooth, naked cater
pillars, moderately dark in color, with
longitudinal stripes running the full
length of the body. The third stagre in
the Insects' life begins when the cater
pillars go . into the ground or under
stones to make the wonderful change
from an active caterpillar to an appar
ently lifeless creature. This stage is
called the pupa stage, or, in the case
of the butterflies and moths, is more
familiarly known as the chrysallc
stage. A single chrysalis measure
about three-fourths of an Inch la
length. :-
Cnpaclty of a Corn Crib. '
It is a safe rule in estimating tho
size of a crib, to allow two cubic feet
to each bushel of corn. By a cubic
bushel is meant 70 pounds of ear corn,
"which Is equivalent to 50 pounds of
shelled corn. The rule is to allow 14
pounds for cob in the fall, and 12
pounds in the spring after the corn has
been dried out perfectly. Two cribs
thirty feet long, six feet wide and ten
feet, high, will by this rule hold 1,800
bushels. Ten feet is too high to throw
corn easily with a scoop shovel, but
there can be two openings for each crib
extending down to within four tor five
feet of the floor, and when the crib is
full to the bottom of these, short boards
can be placed across them, as the crib
is filled, and most of the filling can be
done with case. When the cribs must
be filled to the top, a boy or man can
throw corn back to the ends and fill it,
so as to utilize all the space.
Froacrve a Record, ,-
It would be no bad plan for every
farmer,' and particularly for? every
young farmer, to make a resolution
and keep it to preserve in intelligible
record of all his transactions, the
' times, the seasons, the crops grown,
the dates of planting, with such his
tory of their progress as will throw
light upon the results reached. How
one's time has been employed, what
work was done, when, and In short
every fact relating to the economy of
the farm briefly but intelli
gibly noted. Such a record, even for
n single year, would be of value in
planning -for the next year, enabling
the farmer to better plan his work, be
cause the points at which he succeed
ed, as well as those at which he failed
during the previous year, , would be
full of suggestion and reminder. , "
The Advance In Wheat.
The price of wheat has advanced in
all parts of the world, and is due to
legitimate causes. First came a drouth
in Australia, which cut down the last
crop in the colonies very materially.
Later the advices from Adelaide indi
cate great need of rain, and the next
crop there may be dwarfed on that ac
count, iwo bod years In succession
in Australia are . Improbable, but not
impossible. -The crop in the Argen
tine Republic is short .for, the same
reason, find this is1 also true of India
and Russia. The spectacle of Califor
nia shipping, wheat to Calcntta is one
the world has nevef Ufcfore beheld.
Toy Off and Quit."'
Whenever there Is any misunder
standing between omployer sxd em
ploye on the farm, and one or the other
feels that they have not had their just
deserts, it is time to pay off and quit.
These sores never heal up entirely,
and it doesn't pay to doctor them up,
and have them break out in a new
place worse than ever.
A Time for Liberality.
A little neighborly help and counsel
may go a great ways toward keeping
some people from failure. There are in
every community those who are in a
position to.either distress or to help
their less fortunate neighbors. In most
cases it will do these people no good to
draw the lines too tightly, while such
action may cause the failure of some
who would otherwise have avoided It.
A man may be pretty hard up financial
ly, and yet be all right. If his creditor
knows this and takes advantage of It
in a time of financial unrest the debtor
and the whole business community are
wronged,' usually with no advantage to
the creditor. No one is urged to take
any great risk for the sake of accom
modating a - neighbor, yet all should
realize the good that a little leniency
may do, and the harm that may result
from the opposite course. "
Poultry Feeding Rock.
For the bottom take a board 1 Inch
thick, 6 Inches wide and C feet long,
ends J inch thick, C inches wide and 18
inches long. Nail solid to ends of bot
tom; their ends flush with underside of
bottom. Two strips half an inch thick
and four Inches wide are nailed to the
edges of the bottom, thus making a
trough three inches deep with ends
18 Inches high. Then take strips one
quarter inch thick, 3 Inches wide and
18 inches long, pointed at upper end,
and nail them to the sides of the trough,
leaving a space between pickets of 1
inches for chicks or 2 Inches for fowls.
This gives a complete and durable feed
rack, where the weak have equal
chance with the strong, and no waste
of feed. Farm and Home.
No American Fat Stock Phew.
There will be no American Fat Stock
Show in Chicago this year. The Illinois
State Board of Agriculture has decided
that the time is too short to allow for
proper arrangements being made. The
stockmen, too, are of the opinion that it
would not be convenlenyor them to at
tend, the time being too short for them
to get their herds In condition. It is
probable that another cause" has oper
ated to some extent. The Springfield
fair involved them in debt about $15,
000, and they had asked to have a guarantee-fund
of $20,000 raised if the fat
stock show was to be held. Only $15,000
of the latter sum had been subscribed.
Dead Furrow n Nuisance.
The dead furrow is always a nui
sance in' preparing land for a crop,
unless It Is upon wet lands, , which
must necessarily be thrown into ridges
a' couple of rods wide to carry off sur
face , water. - The reversing plow Is
how . used and highly recommended
when it . is desirable to have lands
level. We shall Investigate this revers
ible plow and report upon its practical
utility another season. .
'"'.'.'.. - Dairy Dots.' ''-.u; '
It is well to remember that culls will
come with the best of breeding.
If a cow has va sore teat, milk very
carefully, and apply extract of witch
hazel. . .
If a cow's teats are muddy or covered
with other filth, they should be washed
with water and then wiped dry before
beginning to milk.
With temperature under control and
churning direct at the right time, the
butter will come solid so as to be easily
handled and free from buttermilk.
When the butter, is marbled, it Is
either caused by leaving too much but
termilk in the butter at the last work
ing or the salt has not been distributed
evenly. . . ". ,' - '..
Much of the average farm buttr con
tains many of the essentials of good
quality, but because it falls in one or
more essentials it falls to bring, best
prices. .." :
The laws enacted during the past two
years with reference to oleomargarine
seem to be slowly but surely reducing
the output of the stuff, and they are cer-'
tainly of great benefit to the legitimate
dairy interests. '"'
..''- i Agricultural Atoms.
Chinch bugs winter over among
dead grass, in com shocks, piles of
rubbish, and along fences, especially
hedges. ;
The potato blight Is on the increase.
Bordeaux mixture for blight and Paris
green for bugs will have to be kept in
stock by the potato grower.
For storing corn fodder, either shred
ded or bulk, any sort of a shed that has
a rainproof roof will do. All that is
necessary Is that it be kept dry.
Land that Is, rich enough to produce
crops on the "intensive" plan does not
need rest, but a judicious rotation
must be kept up, with clove? mixed in
, Make your cellars frost proof, white
wash them, and let them at all times
have light, and be capable of frequent
ventilation.' A cellar may be of great
er value, or a nuisance.
The preponderance of evidence seems
to be against the repiowtng of com
land for wheat. The land is in good
condition without plowing. Cut the
corn off low and drill in the wheat. .
To tell when pumpkins are ripe chip
them with the linger nail. If the nail
makes a snapping noise when break
ing through the rind it Is ripe, but if
It makes no noise or the chip coinrs
off soft It Is not ripe.
Mrs. Nella Daggett of Boston has recently
written a book, ".Fancy Work and Art Decora
tions," that gives practical instructions foi
making doilies, table covers, scarfs, tray cloths,
pin cushions, etc., etc., with riltv illustrations.
J n 18 DOOK, TOgeiil'
er -with 'Success-
COUPON NO. 718 "0."
Jul Home Dye
ing," will be sent
fee to any reader
who forwards the
attached coupon
and a 2-cent stamp
to Wells, Richard
son & Co., Bur
lington, Vt.
The above liber
This entitles any reader
of this paper to one copy of
"Faney Work and Art Dec
orations" and "Successful
Home Dyeing." ''.-,
al offer is made io advertise tho reliable Dia
mond Dyes, and to get their book upon home
dyeing into the hands of women who want to
dress well by making their old clothing look
like new. , .
The fact that Diamond Dyes have been the
standard home dyes for nearly twenty years,
and that their sale increases from year to year,
is proof positive that they have never had au
equal. , -
f cotland Tard Detectives Keep an Eys
TJpon tang:erou9 Eharpsrs. ' t
There is one official at Scotland Tard
who is but little known to the public,
but who all the same works very hard
and successfully for the public-good
by closely scanning, day in .and' day
out, the advertisements appearing Id
every London newspaper. , : "
This official's primary duty Is to keep
a bright lookout for the very numerous
swindling class which advertises for
managers and so on prepared to invest
money; but, quite beyond this, lie, iu
the most careful manner, notes all ad-,
vertisements as strike, him In any way
as being suspicious, handing them over
to the heads of different departments.
He is himself an expert in all matters
that deal with cipher writing, and part
pf his duty is to translate every cipher
that may appear, handing over a eopy
of the translation to active members
of the staff when anything is revealed
that Justifies, such a course.
The writer, had the privilege the oth
er day of a short chat with this official
a bright young fellow, speaking sev
eral languages, who said: ; , ;
"I am afraid that I am not allowed
to tell you much, but I may say that
no day ever passes without my 'banding
over some advertisement for inquiry.
Our scrutiny in this way has become
very keen recently, for it is an open
secret that certain foreign catch ad
vertisement , swindlers are expected .
here ere long. , ...
"Besides, there have been exposed in
court many cases of swindling recent
ly which have depended solely on al
luring advertisements. In two of them
I gave warning lpng ago, but no prose
cutor would come , forward, Were 1
allowed to do so. I could show vou
hundreds of most mysterious cipher
advertisements in the book over there,
the bulk of these, of course, being be
tweett lovers, but many of them con
taining warnings from one educated
swindler to another,
"Of course, yu know that the thieves
even are all specialists nowadays, and
it Is surprising how soon a bogus ad
vertisement swindler gets to work
again in the same direction when he
is released from Jail. I am advised of
the release of these men, and the char
acteristics of their style are soon ob
servable again in the advertisement
columns. . ; ; " :
"We, as a rule,' warri them at onci;
that we recognize the new plant, and in
this way hundreds of warnings are
sent out yearly and do an amount oi
good that the public knows nothing of.
My duty is very monotonous, and I dart
not get even a single edition behind
hand." London Tit-Bits. "'" . .
, - .' i : ' )'.: V .V.'l
4 KBVTIOJf. ' ' -
The above class of scientists recosmiM'. nnrt
have repeatedly borne testimony, to the efltoaey j
of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters as a remedy and. I
preventive or lever ana ague, rneum&usm,
want of vigor, Hver complaint, and some other
ailments and infirm conditions of the system.
Experience and observation have taught there
Its value. They but echo the verdict Jong
since pronounced by the public and the press.
Only the benighted now are ignorant of Amcr
lea's tonlo and alterative.
. The multitude is like tho sea; it
either bears you up or swallows you,
aocording to tho wind.
By local applications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear. There is only on
way to cure deafness, and that. is bv constitu
tional remedies. Deafness is caused by an in
flamed condition of the mucous lining of the
Jiuslachian Tube. Vhei.his tube is lnfinroed
you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hear
ing, and when it is entirely closed, deafness is
the result, and unless the inflammation can be
taken out and this tube restored to its normal
condition, hearing will he destroyed forever;
nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh,
which is nothing but aninilamedcondifionof
the mucous sur.-aces. -
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of deafness (cansed by catarrh)'that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure, tend for
circulars; free. '.'
P. J. CHENEY &CO., Toledo, O:
Eold by druggists, 75o. .
Hall's Family Pills are the best.- ' ''!.. --
, Great things are not accomplished by
idle dreams, but by years of patience
and wisely directed study. ,-
I male Employed and unemployed; send
stamped self addressed envelope at once for
registration application blank to Employees
Industrial Association. Home office, 246 Wash
ington street, Portland, Oregon.
We will forfeit $1,000 if any of our pub
lished testimonials are, proven to he not
genuine. The Piso Co.,. Warren, fa.
We want your tea-trade
for the rest of your life.
"Do you see now how we
can afford to say : "Get
every sort of Schilling s
Best of your - grocer, and
get your money back ''on
what you don't like"? .
A SchlllitiK & Cnmpany
Vtiui Krauciseo
r J
Barn's Horn Sound' a Warninar Note,
to the Unredeemed.
TO be a lion Is to
have a lion's en
emies. 'To give less
than we should Is
not to give as God
would. " -' '
The' man - who
gives help to an
other learns how
best to help him
self. No gift will be
too small that
has a heart full of love behind it
: Blessed are the meek. . The rabbit
survives, but the wolf Is gone. ;
Suffering often puts into the human
voice a tone that seems divine. ,
The strongest of all men Is the one
who takes God to be his strength. -
Something is sure to be accomplished
by the man who sticks to one' thing.
If we see nothing good fn others, they
will not be likely to see much good In
US. -. '..- ' , I A , v.
Not until . we know a man's heart
have we any right to say that we know
We would all have les3 cause to blame
others if we had fewer faultsof our
own. .'
Only God can tell how much wrong
doing is prevented by one man doing
right ' ' ' '
Before we can know much of God we
have to findxmt a good deal about our
selves, y -'.-. ..'.'. 1
As much bitterness and hate can be
expressed In a word as can be fired out
of a gun
It Is better to be able to suffer long
and be kind than to be able to talk like
an angel. - .
, The man who says no' to himself in
nothing has- the devil for a traveling
The Christian who does .not look
happy when he' gives dims the polish
on his gift.
The man who would have a large life,
must work and; pray that he may havo
a large heart i
A good man, finds good wherever he
goes, because the good in him brings
out good In others.-
The slothful man can never find that
sweetness in tread which God puts in
It for the diligent man.
We often all upon God to take away
our trials, when , what he wants is to
give us grace to. stand them.-1
, The devil almost gains our consent to
stay, when he proves that nobody else Is
doing anythingito make him go.
There is probably a time in the life of
every man when his -hand almost
touches the nhflosopher's stone.
There wilL be no' revival when the
people can see dear across the house
that the preacher" Isn't expecting much.
. Every mo'ther should train her chil
dren as cajretfully as she would If she
knew they Tvere to be kings and
queens. ,
Many a man cheats himself out'of a
blessing, because he is not willing to
trust Gad with the way In which It
shall came. ' -
Dav&d found the valley of the-hadow
of dearth a better place than the green
pastures, but it is hard to convince
those who hawe not tried it that it Is
that way. .-.
'' 1'llters. ". -
. Prof. .Tyndalfs Idea, expressed many
years ago, tjiat filtration through a plug
of cotton wool was a 'most ' efficient
method of , freeing air from mlcrobic
forms, led to attempts being made to
i j. e water in the same way. .Little
BufTiasi hitherto been attained, but
quite recently M. Henri Potevin claims
that Tie hais evolved a method of so con
etructing such filters that he can com
pletely sterilize water in large quanti
ties. The fibers of the cotton -are finely
powdered and s-'fted, and then.suspeW
ed in water and allowed to settle. ) Tbls
they do in compact mass, if orm tag' a
paste, which, allowed to dry. slowly,
gives filter plates quite Impervious to
germs, etc. The best results are: gained
by placing the plates between two
plates of sandstone or perforated metal,
and if they are arranged' ina battery,
like the filter presses so commonly ; used
In Europe for sewage, sludge,' etc., very
large quanti.tles of watcrjean; be rapidly
sterilized. , Periodical cleanings are nec
essary, as no matter w.iiat enre is taken,,
the rule which holds good id all other
filters serving the same end, that the
microbes 'are able to gjet through 'the
filtering material evnfiually by a ipro
cess of growth, obtains. There is, hxsv
ever, no great difficulty in this, as the
cells of the material are easily purfffled
T3y a fresh puflping ha bodMng water. 1
, Woninnti Jtcaaon.
4 Surprised Dame What? And you
have refusefl Mr. De.Goode? 'I thought
you liked him. , ' ,
Lovely, Daughter I did, bat; to tell
you thetruth, none of the other girls
seemed to care a snap for him. New
York Recorder. ' -(
A-Sure Way.
An agricultural exchange asks: "How
can wet prevent cider from working?".
You might get it a government posi
tion. STexns Sifter. V
' Wheel iNews. ' ' '
"It Is queer how 'you inexperienced
riders aPways flake -stick long rides." ." ;
"No, it isn't a bit queer; we are afraid
to stop and get off for fear we can't get
on again." Detroit Free Press. . ,
A man wfthout enthusiasm is a very
poor friend, but 'he takes good care of
This is the season wUcin those ' per
sons who never ;tred 'possum
long for it ...,: 4 -'. sv
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Of the Breast.
Mr. A. H. Crausby," of 158 Kerr St.,
Memphis, Tenn., says that his wife
paid 110 attention to a small lump which
appeared in her breast, but it soon de
veloped into a cancer of the worst type,
and notwithstanding the treatment ol
the best physicians, it continued to
spread and grow rapidly, eating two
holes in . her breast. The doctors
soon- ! pronounced
her . incurable. A
celebrated New York
specialist then treat
ed her, but she con
tinued to grow worse
and when informed
that both her aunt
and grandmother had
died from cancer he
gave the case up as
WJ0' hopeless..
I Wrr Someone then re-
P' ' ; . commended S.S.S.
and though little hope remained, she
begun it, and an improvement was no
ticed. The cancer commenced to heal and
when she had taken several bottles it
disappeared entirely, and although sev
eral years have elapsed, not a sign ol
the disease has ever returned. , ,
A Real Blood Remedy.
' S.S.S. guaranteed purely vegetable)
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