The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 30, 1896, Image 3

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    3($d Iiver (alacier.
Th mall arrive from Mt. Hood at 10 o'
clock A.i Ml Wednesdays nd Saturdays; de
' parts e same days at noon.
For Chenoweth, leaves at 8 A. M. Tuesdays
And Saturdays; arrives at 6 P. M.
For White Halmon leaves dally at 1 P. M.;
arrives at 6 o'clock P. M.
From White Salmon, leaveB for Fulda, Gil
. mer, rTroot Lake and Glen wood Mondays,
Wednesday s and Fridays.
Canfcy Post; No. 18, G. A. B., meets at School
Reuse Hull, first Saturday of each month
t i o'clock p. m. All U. A. R. members in
, VI ted to attend. The ladies of the Relief
' Vorpmeet,t same time in the adlolninz
.. room., .,...
JOHN A. WILSON, Commander.
.l;,M. P. IsBNBBKa Adjutanh
Waueoma Lodge, Sa 80, K. of P., meets In
their Castle Hall on every Tuesday night.
W. H. Bishop, C. C.
. J. B. Hunt, K. of R. .& 8.
A; ' 'll'lnAHililnT nJoi. Tn AQ A f TT TIT haa(i
first and third Saturdays of each month.
S. J. LaFRANCK,.-A1. W.
J. F. Watt, Financier.
., , H, L. Howe, Recoider.
V Idlewlde Lodge. No. 107, 1. O. O. F., meets
tn Fraternal hall every Thursday night.
lu E. Morse, Sec'y.
" t i l f i . i ,ri n a r 1
Tiri cans and wax strings at Dallas.'
Bed lounges at S.E. BartniQss'for $7.50.
Plenty of harness oil at the harness
shop now
. Cordwood taken In trade for wood at
Mrs. Hunt's. , ;
. Old papers, 25 cents a hundred, at
the Glacier office.
. Twasinall tracts of land for sale
.bargains. See T. R. Coon. ,
Lou Morse is authorized agent for all
newspapers and periodicals.
BathsHot" and cold, or salt and
eoda baths at the barber shop.
Cash paid for pine wood by the Moun
tain Stage and Livery Company. (
The steam woodsuw will not be here
1 fcefore one week from next Monday.
Iew hate and new goods at Mrs. C.J.
tlurit's. Ladies, please call and see.
,, ; For Sale A good as new 45-60 re
peating rifle, cheap. Call at this office.
Mrs. Bigg and Mrs. 'Mers of Trie
Dalles were.Kuests of Mis. E. L. Smith
iSaturday last. .
The Bryan headquarters is open at
fill times at.E. V. Husband's, where
campaign literature can be bad.
Fresh oysters At the . bakery, I5c a
etewj lunches from 10 to, 15c; square
meal, with oysters, election day for 5c.
' Call at.. the- Racket Store and get
Jcn&ck down 'priees on all kinds of
jgeme, ladies ana euiiuren 'a underwear.
Mr. E. E. Savage will be at theofflce
of E.,L. Smith on Saturdays prepared
ito draw con veyances.pxamine abstracts
of title, write fire insurance,' negotiate
eales of real estate, etc, . '
. Hood: River got away with the purse
Iriihe'roadster race at 'The Dulles fair
last week. Wm. Rand's horse Dick
Trumbull .won $100 in the race against
three other horses. Time, 2:50. -
in ouying irun trees, goon roots are
tne most important item to iook aner.
Tillett is careful, in taking his Hrees
from the nursery rows,' and will not
send out any but welt-rooted trees. .
. The Q. -R. N, : Co's timetable for
Hood' as follows; Westbound
overland, 5:50 a. in.; eastbound over
land, 0:45 p. in.; local passenger east
bound, 10:55 a. m.j loyal passenger
westbound, 2:17 p., pi. ;
m 1 . c.. v'At nii n a nan u tn trisi,
In tile, contract for building the flume
for the big ditch, will go to work on
it he same next week, after the election.
Mr. Cox has been engaged in building
the houses of Mr. Lacy and Mr. Ko
fcurg. ; ' ' - " '
Write to Davenport iBros.' Lumber
Co. for delivered prices on all kinds of
lumber, rough or dressed. They have a
large and good assortment of finishing
lumber on hand, good and dry. Call
and get our cash prices before purchas
ing elsewhere. . .
George Loylast Sunday caught the
largest Hood River trout ever caught
with hook and line in Hood river. It
weighed 15 pounds, and George was
one hour it) landing the big fish. ' Jos.
Backus is authority for this big fish
story. (
W. S. U'Ren "of Oregon City spoke
at, Mt. Hood, ' last Monday afternoon,
in the interests of Bryan. We are in-.
formed a majority of the voters of the
precinct were out to hear him. In the
evening of the same day he spoke in
Hood River to a full hbuse. ;
Tillett has a nice lot of one-year-old
apple trees of the best varieties. Some
people purchase nursery trees like they
were buying cordwood, trying to get
the largest amount of wood for their
money. Nothing is gained by buying
big trees. Get nice, healthy one and
iwo-vear-olds and look out for good
roots. ....'..
Hon. E. L. Smith returned home
Monday night from his campaign tour
in Southern Oregon. .He , whs aboard
the Southern Pacific train that it was
attempted to wreck near Drain's Sta
tion, last Saturday morning, at 4
o'clock. Obstructions' were placed on
the trackj and if the wretches had suc
ceeded in throwing the train off,
it wouldhave rolled down ln(o a deep
Otie of The Dalles bright young men
camefd Hood River one day last week
and 'took a room' at the'Mt. Hood ho
tel. He slept all day and in tbe even
ing called at Mrs. p'uell's and run his
cheek for tobacco and cigarettes, say
ing he was working for Henry York
and would pay when he received his
wages.' He then boarded the night
train and left' without! paying Sot his
bed or tobacco. - '
The Darlington, Wis., Journal 'says
editorially of a popular patent med
icine: "We know from experience that
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
arrhoa Remedy is all that is claimed
for it, as on, two occasions it stopped
excriitiatiug pains and , possibly saved
us from an untimely grave. We would
not .rest easy over night without it in
the JiouBe." This remedy undoubtedly
saves more pain and suffering than any
ittlav mail ini na ( r fliA iimnM ' TTi, .'
I'biivt iin.unjii ic iij inc. nui hi, utcij
family should keep it in the house, for
t is sure to be needed sooner or later.
or suie uy yy iijiuius s urosius, urug
ists. I.. 1 11T1II! O T' ... J
Henry Ward Beecher said: "A man
who lives at a hotel is like a grapevine
in a flower pot, movable, carried around
from place to place, docked at the root
and short at the top. Nowhere can a
man get real root growth and spread
out bis branches but in hisown home
If you own the ground your house
stands on and would make it more
home-like, call at tbe Columbia Nur
aery and get a few nut, fruit and oma'
mental trees or vines and set them out
and your children will bless you for it
James E. Hanna had the honor of
being first to pay his subscription in
the new ULACIER omce. J. W. iiin
richs came next, and then Peter Cordes,
Frank Caddy, Wm. Boorman', John
Monroe, K. H. JLyons and W. G. Clel
land. Many of our friends have called
and wished the Glacier success in its
new quaiters.
The other day, while H. C. Bateham
was falling a large fir tree, he laid his
coat on a stump near by. Tbe tree in
falling struck the stump; and us he
nicked un the coat and counted 41
holes punched in it, he remarked that
tor once lie was glad tie was "not in it.'
Attention, Workmen. Riverside
lodge, A. O. U. W., and D. of H., will
celebrate their anniversary Tuesday
evening, November 3d. Each member
is expected to bring one or two guests.
Supper will be served at 8 o'clock. A
good time is promised.
The ladies aid society of the Congre
gational church will give a good home
dinner and supper next Tuesday (elec
tion day) at the Champlin building
The best the market affords will be
served, including chicken. Price for
nieal 25 cents.
It pays to advertise. After reading
woiiaia o: rergusou's local aa, sent in
yesterday, we immediately went down
to their store and. invested two bits in
10 pounds of sweet potatoes. This
shows that somebody reads the Gla
cier. 1 , .
More clearing has been done during
this month of dry weather than per
hups was ever done here in the month
of October. This means a much larger
area set to fruit next year and also a
larger income from sale of same.
Mr. Blocher, who sold his plnce to
Frank Jones, has moved into the New
ton Claru house, and Oscar Cameron,
who occupied the Clark house during
the summer, has moved to the East
Side, adjoining 8. Copple.
Ilon.rE. L. Smith, candidate for
presidential elector, and Hon. Richard
Williams of Portland, will address the
citizens of Hood River, Saturd,iyat 2
o'clock, in the old school building, in
the interests of the republicans, .
Mr. Euiile Schanno informs us the
Rcgulstor company intend to build a
wnart ooat at our lauding, so that
freight will be safe from the elements
and the ravuges of cattle and other
prowling beings.
Mr. M. N. Foley informs us that he
recently saw a flock of Bob White
quails, of which he counted 18. If our
pot hunters will let these birds alone
for a while our woods wili be full of
them. . -
Mrs. Alma Howe oflers to rent her
dwelling house, all or part of it, fur
nished or unfurnished. Also offers for
sale lier light spring wagon. Address
Mrs. Alma Howe, Hood River, Or.
East Hood Rive precinct will vote
In the old Delk saloon building and
West precinct at the armory. The
same judges and clerks that served last
June will serve again next Tuesday.
Dr. Cams sent to Portland for some
rolled silver for use in his dental work.
Wednesday be received a bill for 60
cents for one Mexican dollar. The ex
tra 10 cents was for rolling.
Rev. J.. T. Merrill will move here
from Dut'nr-aliout the 10th of Novem
ber and will-till the pulpit of the U.
B. church for the next conference year.
A family in Portland wish to rent a
a smull place at Hood , River, where
they can have fruit and raise vegetables
and poultry Address the Glacier.
E. C, Wiley of the U. S. Engineer
Corps, who has been stationed at the
Cascude Locks, has been ordered East
and will be stationed at St. Louis.
Casiby post, G. A. R., will meet next
Saturday, November 7th. A full at
tendance is desired. The Relief Corps
will meet at the same time.
Wolfard & Ferguson have cranber
ries at 15c per pound; bakinir molasses
at 30c per gal.; codfish bricks at 10c per
id: sweet potatoes at UJC per id.
M. A. Cook now offers his 5 acres.
one mile from city limits, good tillable
land, running water, tor lza. v . xnis
offer to hold good tor 10 days.
Wm. Tillet gathered his coffee ber
ries this week and now has about half
a bushel of cottee ot his own raising:
Call on him for seed. .
Judge A. S. Bennett came down yes
terday on the local train and in the
evening- spoke to a full house in the old
school building. ;
George M. Wilson, brother of John
A. Wilson of Hood River, died at Wal
lace;. Idaho, October 20, 189(5, of apo
plexy, aged 71. ;
, The rains have come at last. ' It com
menced draining Wednesday evening,
and since then we have had enough to
start the "plow. - .
A. J. Brigham of Dufur spoke at
Barrett school house Wednesday even
ing in the interests of the Bryan and
Watson ticket.
Yuher L. Tooze, mayor of Wood
burn, spoke at Pine Grove Wednes
day night in the interests bfMcKin ley.
Boarders Wanted A few boarders
will be taken in a private family." For
further particulars call at this office.
Mrs. Henry Hibbard returned Tues
day from a three-weeks visit with rela
tives and friends near Goldendale. J
, There will be a McKinley ball at the
Laterbach hall in White Salmon on
the night of November 3d, 189U.
Jacob Kamm will put on a line of
boats from Portland to The Dalles as
soon as the locks are opened.
F. R. Absten has a line lot of Con
cord grapes which he is selling, at tbe
low price of 2 cents a pound. "
S. W. Hutchinson, a former resident
of Hood River, moved in Wednesday
from Pomeroy, Wash V
Lee Morse was called to Portland
Wednesday to attend a meeting of the
central committee. ' '. .
The Mt. Hood hotel will serve a good
chicken dinner on election day for 25
cents a meal.
Miss Niedermark arrived in Hood
River Manday with her niilliftery
goods. ,
,' In Mcmoriam.
Resolved, That the following resolu
tions be adopted by Hood River Chap
ter, Order of the Ens-tern Star, upon
the death of Mrs. Rosanna Bell, which
occurred October 1, 1896:
Whereas, it has pleased our Divine
Master to send the Angel of Oeatli and
call our sister home;
Resolved, That, while we bow lu sub
mission to the will of 'Him that doetu
all things well, we feel that in the
death of our beloved sister we have lost
a worthy member of our beautiful or
der; that our society has lost a noble
woman, her husband a true wile and
herchild a loving mother.
Resolved, That as a society we shall
hold her name in grateful remeni-
"brarice, and to our sisters say, Regard
the example of her as one worthy of
Resolved, That while the friends
weep for their earthly companion and j
we mingle our tears witn theirs, we in
our lesser grief can say to the afflicted
ones: The dove with its emblem of
peace will surely return to you in this
your sad affliction.
Resolved, That out of respect to our
departed sister, the charter of our
V1IHJII.I uiaA,u 1U UlUUIllliig ivi v
Resolved,. That these resolutions be
spread upon the records of this chapter,
a copy sent to the family of the de
ceased sister, ana a copy to the Hood
River Glacier for publication.
We loved thee, slxter, oh! how much;
uur love mere s none can leu.
But Death, the spoiler, came and took
iter wnom we loved so wen.
Thy husband dear will miss thee most,
Thy child will share his gloom:
They fondly hoped that thou wouidst cheer
'" f Their pathway to the tomb.
We miss thee in the "Star,"
Thy place is vacant there.
Thy neighbors feel that one Is gone
Whose loss we all must share.
Then weep no more for sister gone,
Eternal bliss to share;
So live that we, when life is o'er,
May meet our loved one's there.
, Mrs. AnnabelIi Morse,
Mrs. Anna Flagg,
; ' . ' ' Mrs. Francis Morse, .
.1 , - Committee. 1
Lines In memorv of Muriel Hus
bands, who departed this life Friday,
iseptemiier 5, 1896, at Mosier, Ureiron.
Once more Death has called us to
mourn over an angel ot God Little
Muriel, the pride and jewel of the
household, has been called to heaven
to claim her reward. Shall we weep
for her departed spirit? No, we shall
not weep. TheuAngel of Death came
and little Muriel was welcomed into
heaven, where her Heavenly Father
was waiting to welcome her. It would
be cruel to call her bask to this wicked
X'orld to grieve over sorrow and trouble
whne she is sweetly restinur in Jesus.
God knows bet. She, as pure and
spotless as snow, is numbered among
the angels, sweetly resting in the arms
of her Savior.
With saddened hearts we gathered '
'Round the form of one so fair;
An angel of God t hat was token from earth"
. To dwell in heaven so fair.
With sorrowing hearts we laid her to rest
Parents and friends most dear;'
We bid her farewell, her spotless form,
An angel who had taken its flight.
Call not back the departed, '
The treasure and chief most dear;
In heaven she's waiting to greet again
The friends she has left here.
In heaven she's sweetly resting,
With angels bright and fair.
Her crown Is a crown of whiteness,
In her hand a harp of gold.
' ' - - ' A Friend.
McGinnis Meets with an Accident .
The nonappearance of our corre
spondent McGinnis in town and his
absence from church, political meet-
ngsand other gatherings is explained
nusiyina letier to the editor: "The
other day I undertook the difficult task
of putting a new stove-pipe jack onto
ne pipe ot tne cook stove, and lust as
I was getting things nicely under way,
the floor below me suddenly gave way.
Of course I had immediate business
eIow, where I landed with, both feet
in a pot of boiling beef that set on the
stove. But the head of a refractory
nail that stuck out from the wall be
hind where I stood had n'mde forcible
objection to my entrance by that route
and they were my best overalls, too.
So this is the political situation at pres
ent, uut nope to get things to rights in
time to help elect Billy Bryan as our
next president."
When you get a good thing, keep it.
Cider is a good thing, and . when you
lay in a supply for the winter, keep it
from fernieuting by using our Cider
Preservative. It will keep it pure and
sweet. It is perfectly harmless, and
a package, just the size fur one barrel,;
costs 25 cents at . . '
Solid concentrated sprays, according
toj the formula of the state board of
horticulture, in stock constantly at fol
lowing reduced prices:
Less than 25 lbs. 25 B s.
100 fts. 700fts.
Salt, sulphur
uhd lime... 6c,
Sulphur, lime
and milestone 7
Soap, potash, so
da and sulphur 8
6c 4c 3c
6 5 4 ,
7 6 ' 5 ,
7 6 ' 5
7 6 ' 5
7 .65
12 ' 10 9
. 5 -.
6 5 4
4 .:. ,. k -zy,
3 , . 2 ton 1
. j KOBin ana
( sal soda 8
e i Whale oil soap,
' ' 80 per cent 8
- ( Lime and
' V blu stone 8
Acme Compound 15
Blue stone...,. 7
Resin ..: ,.. 7
Sal soda 5 ,
Sulphur ground i
Hood River Pharmacy,
How to Vote.
The following is the full ballot which
will be used next Tuesday in Oregon:
To be torn off by the
. chairman. .
To be torn off by the
tlrst clerk.
; Official Ballot for Hood River, Nov
Mark with an A between tne name
and number of each candidate for
presidential elector you
' , wish to vote for.
For president, - . Wm. McKinley,
For vice president, - Garret A. Hobart,
For presidential electors.
lo T. T. GEER, -
15 S. M. YORAN
For president,
For vice president, -For
presidential electors.
16. N. L. BUTLER, , -
17 E. JiOFER, -
Vote for four.
- Republican
. Republican
J. Bryan
T. E. Watson
' Vote for four,
peo., dem., sil. rep,
peo., dem., sil. rep,
peo., dem., sil. rep.
19 HARRY WATKINS, - peo., dem., sil. rep
For president, - Joshua Levering,
or vice president, - Hale Johnson
For presidential electors. Vote for four.
20 D. BOWERMAN, - Prohibition
22 LESLIE BUTLER, - Prohibition
23 C. E. HOSKINS, - Prohibition
For president, - John M. Palmer,
For vice president, Simon B. Buckner.
For Presidential electors. Vote for four.
24 LEWIS B. COX, - National democrat
25 ALEX. M. HOLMES, National democrat
28 FRANK A.SEUFERT, National democrat
27 C. J. TRENCHARD, National democrat
' Missionary Society Concert.
The woman's missionary society will
give a concert on Sunday evening at
the Congregational church. Follow
ing is the programme:
1. Song. '
2. Responsive Scripture.
3. Prayer.
4. Duet,"Oregon Missionary Hymn,"
Agnes uukcs and iayLa trance.
5.. Recitation, ''Chariness," Edith
: 6. Reading, by Mrs. H. L. Howe;
subject, Mrs. J. C. Bateharn's Expe
riences as a Missionary in tiayti."
7. Duet, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Can-
8. Recitation, by Theresa Morse.
9. Solo, by Mr. Dell Rand.
10. Recitation, by Mrs. J.M.C.Miller.
,11. Anthem.
12. Remarks by pastor.
13. Offertory.
.' 14. Song. . ''
J. B. Hunt and A. K. Isenberg are
Duiiding residences.
- Henry McGuire is laid off duty with
a boil on his hand.
Mrs. Monroe and her sister, Mrs.
S. D. Knowles, are in Sap Francisco.
Mr. H. Pugh returned Tuesday from
a trip to Portland. . ....r
Mordicai Jones of London, brother
of Mrs. Tra vers, is at White Salmon.
The Cascade locks are finished at
last and will open next Thursday.
An Oregon voter can vote m any
election precinct in the state at. the
election next Tuesday.
Church Notices. ,
Rev. H. Moys will preach next Sun
day at Belmont at 11 o'clock and at
Pine Grove ut7:30.
T he quarterly meeting of the M. E.
church will be held at Belmont, Nov.
7th and 8th. Rev. Warner, presiding
elder, will be present.
Methodist Episcopal Church, H. K.,
Hines, D. D., Pastor Weekly services:
Sunday, 10 a. m., Sunday school; 11
a. m., preaching; 2:30 p. m., Junior
League; 7 p. m., Epworth League; 7:45
p. m., preaching. Thursday, 7:30 p.m.,
prayer meeting. 'Everybody welcomed
to these services;
Congregational Church Rev. J.' L.
Hershner, pastor. Worship, with
preaching, will be conducted every
Sunday, at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m., un
less otherwise announced. Prayer
meeting and Sunday school conference
on Wednesday . evening. Christian
Endeavor society on Sunday evening.
All who attend these services will be
made welcome.
Sunday school at 'the M. E. church
every Sunday, atlO" a. m. A wel
come to all. , Supt.
or women to travel for responsible estab
lished house In Oregon. Salary 780, payable
815 weekly and expenses. Position perma
nent. Reference. Enclose self-addressed
slumped envelope. The National, Star Build
ing, Chicago. sep4
For an All-Wool Suit of men's clothing. Will
take your measure and guarantee satisfac
tion. The American Woolen Mills have two
or -three thousand broken suits, that have
been selling for $8 and upwards, which they
now otter at the above price. Call onane and
leave your measure for one of these suits
while the offer holds good, which will be up
to the 1st of November. I have received a
new sample book, with new and reduced
F rices on everything. Also, do not forget that
can supply teas, coffee and eve-ytliing in
the grocery lineof the best grades and cheaper
than ,the cheapest. A little money buys a
heap of goods when you patronize
Fruit Ranch for Sale.
Eighty acres. 6 miles from town, on county
road. About 400 fruit trees, mostly apple; 85
acres cleared; good Improvements; 8 shares of
ditch stock. Will sell 40 acres in tracts to suit
purchasers 5. 10 or 20 acres. Apply to
o23 H. L. CRAPPER, Hood River.
Is what this valley was made for', and the
growing of fruit trees and plants is what 1 am
here for. The best varieties of Hood River
grown trees, and the largest stock of small
rruits, etc., in the country, can be lound at tne
H. C. Bateham, Prop'r.
Harness Repairing.
' I am now ready for repairing and oiling
harness. Wood, hay" and farm products will
be taken in trade. Leave harness forrepair
lngat Blowers' store Highest price paid for
I have for saleoneof the best farms in Klick
itat Co., Wash; l'O acres, 8 miles Irom Center-
Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Country Produce Bought and Sold.
the; biggest boot in the world
Kitchen Furniture,
' '.'.'
Pruning Tools, Etc.
Repairing Tinware a Specialty.
Notary Public,
DR. E. T. CARNS is now located tin Hood
River. First-class work at reasonable rates.
All work guaranteed. Olliee in the Langille
House. Jyl9
All work given him will be done cor
rectly and promptly. He has a few
good claims upon which he can locate
parties; Doth farming and timber lands.
February, I8y4.'
Repaired and all kinds of
Sold by
Also, Boots and Shoes repaired.
Irrigating" Notice.
Owing to the limited amount of water that
can be furnished for irrigation, the Hood
River Spring Water Co. has adopted the
following regulations:
Parties living south of Oak street will Irri
gate from 5 to & o'clock, p. m., and those liv
ing norm oi same street, irom o to a. m. ,
tn irrigatlng.the regulation half-inch nozzle
must be used, and the water applied in the
form of spray or sprinkle and in no other
manner. .
All water for Irrigating must be applied and
paid for before using.
Any violation of these rules will subject, the
parties so offending to forfeiture of the prlvl-
egeoi irrigation. ,
tiVUl) K1 VJliK SfitlJNU WAibB 1J.
Jul tf
Lessons in Piano Music.
Miss Anna Smith has resumed the teaching
of Music. 11 er prices are 60 cents a lesson. J10
Harbison Bkos., Pkof'ks,
Manufacturers of
Dressed and
Flour, FeedHind all kinds of ceveals ground.
Whole Wheat Graham
a specialty.
Mt. Hood Saw Mills,
Of the best quality always on hand at prices
. , to suit the times. Jy21
Paper Hanging,
E. L. Rood, who has had 8 years' experience
in the business of painting and paper hanging,
is now prepared to do this kind of work for
citizens of Hood River. He can furnish the
paper and put it on your walls at Portland
prices. .
Ripans Tabules. '
Ripans Tabules cure nausea.
Ripans Tabules: at druggists.
Ripans Tabules cure dizziness.
Ripans Tabules cure headache. h
Ripans Tabules cure flatulence.
Ripans Tabules cure dyspepsia.
Ripans Tabules assist digestion.
Ripans Tabules cure bad breath.
Ripans Tabules cure biliousness.
Ripans Tabu les : gen tie cathartic
Ripans Tabules: one gives relief.
Ripans Tabules cure indigestion.
Ripans Tabules cure torpid liver.
Ripans Tabules cure constipation..
Ripans Tabules: for sour stomach.
Ripans Tabules: pleasant laxative.
Ripans Tabules cure liver troubles.
WM. TILLETT, Proprietor.
. x , -
Grower and dealer In choice Nursery stock.
He has the only stuck of the ,
Yakima, Apple,
The best of red apples, and as long a keeper as
the Yellow Newtown. "
I have about '20,000 apple trees of tne best va
rieties growing in my nursery. All standard
varieties are grafted from the best stock in
Hood River. JelS.
Navigation Co.
Through Freight and
Passenger, Line.
Dafly M. Dalles eflPnrtlaiii
AH Freight Will Come Through
Without Delay.
One way
Bound trip...
.$1 5t
... il 50
Freight Rates Greatly
General Agent.
To: tli.e Zast,
Gives the choice of
Minneapolis OMAHA
.. AND ., V AND
ST. PAUL. Kansas City
Low' Rates to All East
ern Cities.
West hound overland, 5:W a. M.
East 1m mnd verlndW. - ' . 5 IV M.
Loeal passenger.eHSt bound, Uf-& a; M. .
Local passenger, west " 2:17 J. M.
. Leave Portland -every five dajMiior
' E. McNEILL, President.; ,
For full details call oti iO. K- Jc X. AigtaA,
Hood River, or address . I . .
GeU'l Pass. Agent,
Portland, Or.
Q. T. Prathkr,
Notary Public.
IL 1". 3K.
RGal Mate and Ine,
93 Oak St., bet. 2d and 3d.
We have kutfi, blocks and acreage In the
town of Hood Riverjalso, fruit, hay and Derry
farms and timber cinXma in the most desira
ble locations in the valley. If you have any
thing in the real estate lie to sell or rent, or
if you want to bny, give us call. '
Deeds, bonds and mortgages promptly and
correctly executed.
We will also attend to legal busUketti! in Jus
tices' courts.
We are also agem for SOUTH WAUCOM A
property. ,
H. E. BALCH & CO.,
78 -Second 6t., .
And Leaders of Fashions.
The largest and most complete assortment
of American and imported
ever shown in the eitv. I
iportea tiingnsn wonien
ever shown in the eft'. Latest patterns Ib
spring and summer suitlngs
spect siock ana get prices.
Business Suits,
from $18 to $25.
Dress Suits foom $25 to $50.
Chamberlain's Eye and Sbia Ointment
Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, fialt
Rlieiim, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Ctmppad
Hands, -ltciiing Piles, Hums, Fro. IsiteV
Chronic Sore ICyesaml Granulated Eve Lids.
For sale by druggists at 25 cents jier box.
For putting a liorse in a fine LeaHliy cos
dition try Dr. Cadv's Condition Powders,
Tliey tone un tlie system, aid digestion, cure
loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct
kidney disorder and destroy worms, giving
new life to an old or over-worked Horse. 25
cents per package. For sale by drtiggiwlsu by Williams & Brcsius.