The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 31, 1896, Image 3

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    3Cood Iiver Slacier
FRIDAY, JULY 81, 1890.
The mall arrives from Mt. Hood at 10 o'
clock A. M. Wednesdays and Saturdays; de
parts "ie same days at noon.
For Chenoweth, leaves at ft A. M. Tuesdays
and Saturdays: arrives at 6 P. M.
For White Salmon leaves daily at 1 P. M.;
arrives at 6 o'clock P. M.
From White Salmon, leaves for Fulda, Gil
mer, Trout Lake and Glenwood Mondays,
Wednesdays and Frldavs.
Canby Post, No. Ifl, G. V. R., meets at School
House Hall, first Saturday of each month
ut 2 o'clock p. m. All G. A. K. members In
vited to attend. The ladles of the Relief
Corps meet at. same time in the adjoining
JOHN A. WILSON, Commander.
M. P. Isknbkko, Adjutant.
v Waucoma Lodge, No. 80. K. of P., meets In
their Castle Hall on every Tuesday night.
, W. H. Bishop, C. C.
J. B. Hunt, K. of R. & S.
Riverside Lodge, No. 68, A O. U. W., meets
first and third Saturdays of each month.
8. J. LaFRANOE, M. W.
J. V. Watt, Financier.
H. L. Howr, Recoider.
Idlewilde Lodge. No. 107, 1. O. O. F., meets
In Fraternal ball every Thursday night.
L. E. Morse, Sec'y.
Bucon 7j0, lurd 8c,at R.Itand & Son's.
Bed lounges at S.E.BartmeHx'for $7.50.
8uirar $5.25 per suck at H. Rui.d &
Son's. -r .-,
Canity post and relief corps meet to
morrow. Mason fruit jars for sale at the
Racket Store.
' Hats cheap at Mrs. Hunt's for cash,
but no credit. : ' ,
Arbuckle's coffee at 22e per package
at K. Rand & Sou's.
See T. R. Coon about that desirable
email tract for sale
Lou Morse Is authorized agent for all
newspapers and periodicals.
Baths Hot and cold, or salt and
soda baths at the barber shop.
E. W. Winans can now ride Uncle
Oliver Barltuess' bike four blocks with
out a fall.
Mr. S. R. Husbands last Sunday lost
' his memorandum book confHiniiiir pa
pers valuable only to himself. Finder
will be rewarded by lis return.
For Sale Twenty acres within 1
miles of the Hood liiverpost office; one
acre in apple orchard and one acre in
strawberries. Pi fee. $700 cash. Apply
at this office.
Notice to Irrigators T will be at
livery stable office Saturday afternoons
to reeeive payment of water rent for
season 18!)(. Cr. J. Gessung, Treasur
er Hood River Water Supply Co.
.Wanted party to clear eighteen
acres of land on county road, with
wnier, jor use fir iiiiici for term oi years.
Address, with references and proposi
tion, box 1054, Portland, Oregon. ,
Tlx Yakima apple belongs to the
"Baldwin family," and therefore is a
sure bearer. Tillett Ium a fine lot of
young Yaklmas fcrowlnir in his nur
sery. He also ban the Klickitat, a red
apple that will keep till August.
TheO. B. N. Co's timetable for
Hood River is hs follows; Westbound
overland, 5:50 a. in.; east hound over
land, 8vt5 p. in.; local passenger east
bound, 11:12 a. m ; local passenger
westbound, 3:23 p. m.
Write to Davenport Bros.' Lumber
Co. for delivered prices on all k'nds of
lumber, rough or dressed. They" have a
I irge and good assortment of finishing
lumber on hand, good and dry: Call
and get our Cash prices before purchas
ing elsewhere.
The Japanese cook who was brought
back from Portland by Deputy Sherifl"
Olinger. last Saturday, charged with
taking a new pair of shoes and other
articles from Dr Adams' resiiie"ce,
was examined before Justice Prather,
Monday, and discharged.
Hon. T. B. Coon during the Week
sold 50 acres of his home place, inc'ud
Ing all on the west side of Hood river,
to L. NetT. This is one of the earliest
utrawlierry ranches on Hood river.
Mr. Coon' will move to Mosler with his
family, where he has an extensive and
quite early patch of strawberries on
leased land.
Listen and remember ami come.
The young people of the Val'ey Christ
ian church will cive a basket social,
Wednesday evening, AtignttvSth
Mask iiHskets with lunch for two. 25
fents; single lunch, 15 cents. A mu
sical and literary programme will be
rendered in the' church. The lunch
will be served under the trees. Pro
ceeds to apply on the organ. ,
It is the early set strawberry plunts
that make a crop the next year. Plants
set during the months of July and Au
gust attain a good growth before the
freezing weather comes and are not so
easily lifted out of the ground by frost.
Mr. Axtel Bahm bad 3(5.000 new plants
et last August from .which he picked
105 crates.. The frwt In April nipped
probably enough blooms to shorten his
crop by 75 crites
Mrs. Rhodie Noah of this plnce was
taken In the night with cramping
pains, and the next day diarrhoea set
in. She took half a bottle of black
berry cordial but got no relief. ' She
then sent to me to see If I had any
thing that would help her. I sent, her
a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic. Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy, and the first
dose relieved her. Another' of our
ri ni iyK (ru 1-ini Kaon fnr atnt u
week and tried different remedies for
diarrhoea hut kent irettincr worse. I
sent him thissame remedy. Only four
doses of it were required to cure him.
He says he owes his recovery to this
wonderful remedy. Mrs. Marv Sib
ley, Sidney, Mich'. For sale by Will
lams & Brosius, druggists.
Last summer one of onr grand child
ren was sick with a severe bowel trouble.
Our doctor's remedies had failed, then
we tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy, which gave
very speedy relief. We regard it as the
best medicine ever put on the market
for bowel complaints. Mrs. E.G.Greg
ory, Frederickstown, Mo. This cer
tainly is the best medicine ever put on
the market for dysentery, summer
complaint, colic and cholera infantum
In children. It never fails to give
prompt relief when used in reasonable
time and the plain printed directions
are followed. Many mothers have ex
pressed their sincere gratitude for the
cures It has effected. For sale by Will
iams & Brosius, druggists.
Mr. Aud Winans was in town Wed
nesday. In conversation with several
of our citizens lie stated that the Hood
River I muttering Co. had not bought
the Wheeler place on Hood river nor
its timber; that the company would
nut oppose the taking of 4,000 Inches of
water from the river for irrigating pur
poses, aud that they were willing to
give Day Bros their right to the use of
the ditch water for power purposes in
Hood River. 1 1
We have received from Earl M.' Wil
bur, secretary of the Mazamas, a neat
(older devoied briefly to a description
of Crater lake and the details of the
proposed excursion to that wonderful
sikh, August loth, under the auspices
of the Mazamas. It is estimated 500
people will join the excursion. Send
to tne secretary tor a loiaer it ycu wisn
to go to uraier lake.
Neighbors are kind up in Sherman
county. Bro. Irelaud of the Observer
suys: ''We have sympathy for the poor
man who has to work for low wages
but we have just as much sympathy
for the poor farmer whose blighted
fields make it impossible for him to
pay more, ft If the Observer force had'
to pay laiard this paper wouldn't be
Day Bros, of Cascade Locks have
iieen nguring on building our ditch.
but on their last visit here, last Tues
day, decided to discontinue negotia
tions. The affairs of the ditch com
pany, still remain in the shape they
have been in for the past Ihree
months that Is, there Is not enough
stock subscribed to stall the work.
When the news of the nomination of
Watson for vice president by the pop-'
Uiist convention reached Hood Kiver,
and the prospect was good for a mid
dle-of-the-road ticket, some of our re
publican friends thought they saw a
post office looming up in the distance
aud wore a smile that could be seen for
a block.
George Mcintosh, was kicked by a
horse lust Friday. He was hauling
wood, and as hetaooped to pick ' up a
slick near the horse's heels, he received
a kick which cut a deep gash under the
chin. Mrs. M. Sue Adams acted as
surgeon in the absence of the doctor,
ami sewed up the wodnd. '
Five Dollars Reward. Lost
Black cocker spaniel dog, one year old,
name, Prince. Has short legs, long
tail and ears, long curly hair. Has
collar with name, Valentine, on. The
above reward will be' paid for bis re
turn to Mrs. Valentine at Mr. John
Parker's, Hood River. .
Ed Williams, his mother and Miss
Hazel Hartsough went to Cloud Cap
Inn Tuesday. VVednes.lay, Mr. Wil
liams aud Miss Hartsougu made the
ascent of the mountain. Mrs. Jos.
Wilson and Miss Grace Graham made
the ascent Tuesday.
M. A. Cook commenced the building
of a bam for E. N. Benson on
Wednesday, i'he barn is to be 26 feet
i-quaie, 10 loot posts witli cupola, nice
ly tiiiixhed aud painted, and Will be
the handsomest barn in the valley.
The barn of Cbas. Groat, living about
0 miks I iom town on the East Sitttf,
was burned last Friday morning. His
hay was In-the barn and was burned.
Loss about $200; no insurance. . It is
nut known bow the Are originated.
John Dark arrived here Wednesday
morning from the McCoy creek mines
ai.d started back yesterday. He re
ports that Cradleliaugh and his sou
Rudy arrived there on Sunday last in
good shape.
A little child of Mrs. W. T Rush
was taken sick Tuesday, and Dr. Hol
listel' was called from 'i'he Dalles to -attend
it. Mrs. Rush is from The Dalles
and temporarily stopping in - Hood
Capt. David Garrison, formerly a
resident of Hood River, now of I he
Dulles, came down on the Regulator
last Saturday for a week's visit on bis
old stamping grounds. i '
A. 8. Disbrow and. family, who left
heresouie three years ago for South
Dakota, returned lust week to Hood
River. They return to make this their
permanent home.
Alfred Boorman picked 245 crates of
strawberries this heason from one acre
of land, They uveraged him $1.70 a
crate. He commenced shipping as late
as June 6th.
La Grande, Oregon, had a big fire
July 23d. Among the list of tiiose
burned out we find tne name of D. F.
Pierce, w hose loss was $1,600; Insured
IW $1,000. ,
C. H. Stranahan and wife and Mi's.
George Crowell spent last week at
front Lake, where they tinhed and vis
ited the ice caves and had a very pleas
ant time.
Mr iillam Barnes and family and
Mr. John Murphy, who have been
stopping in tlie valley for the past;
nioiiih, returned to Portland on Tues
day. f ,
M. I. Wheeler, Bertha Markley.Chas
Castner and Theresa Morse left Satur
day f ' r Mineral Springs camp on Lake
Drjncn, i,i oii gone a weeK. .
Mr. P. Sprangle and wife, from
Wasco, have rented the Galligau bouse
and moved into, it Tuesday. They
win reside here permanently.
Williams aud Brosius have placed
new trays in their drug store window
for the accommodation of their hand
some collection of plants.
Mrs. Cook is mending at the sanita
rian in Portland. She expects to have
a surgical operation performed about
i he oi u ot August.
Mrs. C. G. Hanson, Miss Hattiebelle
Hackeit and Miss Carrie Ross went to
'i'he Dalles Saturday and returned
Tuesday morning.
Rev. Troy Shelley returned from
The Dalles Thursday on the Regulator,
where he had been attending th9
teachers' institute.
Mr. G. B. Castner shaved his whisk
ers last week, and when he came to
to a ii his most intimate friends didn't
recognize him.
We were in error in stating that
F. I. Hubbard was a church member.
He did not belong to any church iu
Hood Biver. ' .
Mr. U. D. Kelly and family came
from The Dalles, Tuesday, on the Beg
ulaior aud moved out to Davenport
Mr. W. J; Smith, (laughter Helen
and Miss P'ay LaFrance started yester
day for Astoria on a short visit.
Rev. W. C. Curtis of The Dalles was
in Hood River Wednesday.
Robt. Rand has bought the Thomp
son place, ou Indian creek.
' ' l
We are aeents for the American Woolen
all kinds of woolen clothing cheaper than ever before ottered to the people of Hood River
valley. In other lines of goods, also, our prices defy competition. When you wish to pur
chase anything In the line or clouting or nousenoia goods, call and get our prices and exam
lne samples. We can take your measure for a suit and guarantee satisfaction.
Observe Some of Our Prices:
Cajstmere Suits for men 8 4 46
and up over 100 samples to select from.
Men's Punts 1 96
and up Id samples.
Bpring and summer overcoats 10 60
Boys' suits 1 90
Ladles' cloaks 1 93
Ladles' complete suits and dress goods.
Five different styles of Bicycles, each..... 33 00
A iMli ..iiiiin mm 1 11 n I nun ri ill .ir.iv" i inn. . w m, . . ni.iii v w. , j u..m . i ,...', v. . uvnci . ,
glassware, lumps, guns and pistols, cutlery, spoons, clocks and watches, Jewelry, bonks by all
, 1 .tt MnJ. Af m,,.lMI ln.t.nmAt,lD A..... nHMlrAH.F
tne siunaara autnors, cooning ranges, neaung
If You Don't See what
' And Tucker will furnish it
. B. R.
Sad Accident at The Dalles.
Mr! Scott Boorman and David Wil
kinson returned from a trip to Sher
man county with a team Thursday.
While going into camp at Chenowith
creek, three miles west of The Dalles,
they beard the noise of a runaway.
Looking up in the direction of The
Dalles, they saw a horse and cart Mash
ing towards tuem. lney stopped ine
horse aid found a young girl that had
been dragged all the way from town,
und who died in Mr. Boorman 's arms
soon after he had picked her up. The
girl proved to be the daughter of Mr.
Paul Kreft, aud was about 15 years of
age. The horse shied just before cross
ing the Milt creek bridge, and the
wheel struck a rock and threw out two
younger sisters of the unfortunate girl.
Her foot caught between one of the
shafts and a brace to the shaft and she
was dragged the whole distance of three
miles in that position. '
- Miller Bros, were unfortunate',
Wednesday, in the loss of their hay
press, for awhile, at least. They had
tteen baling hay for H. L. Crnpper,aud
while coming towards Paradise farm,
where they had a big lot of bay to bale,
one of the supports of the tongue to
tne baler gave way and one ot the
horses got his foot over the tongue.
The team took fright and were soon
unmanageable, liiey ran down the
mad and at the Christian church came
iu contact with a tree and the rear
axletree was broken. Mr. F. G. Miller
went to Portland to see if he could re
place it, and it may be he will have to
send East for a new one. .
Scott Boorman went to Sherman
i-ounty to work in the harvest fields.
He ft und the country overrun with
men looking for work and crops short.
The Regulator commences today to
make daily trips aud after this date
win laud at the old landing aoove tue
Button place. . .
Dr. Watt will soon commence the
erection of a residence on the block op
posite lion. K. L. smith s resident e
Lost A lady's gauntlet glove. Find
er will please leave it at the Olaciek
mi. ,
Miss Emma Husbands is visiting
friends and relatives at M osier.
Isenlerg & Sons are setting out six
acres of strawberries. '
Bine apples are always in order on
our ranch, D. C
Mr. P. D. Hlnrichs is building a
In Hood Biver valley, Sunday, July
26, 1896. to Mr. and Mrs. . Warreu Mil
ler, a son.
In Hood Biver, Wednesday, July 28,
1896, to Mr atid Mrs. Robt. Husbands,
a daughter.
In Hood River. July 30. 1896. at the
residence of the officiating clergyman,
Rev. J. L. Hershner, George W.Linds
lay and Miss Lillie M. Templeton.
Mr. and Mrs. Lindslay left on this
morning's train for Southern Califor
nia, where they will sojourn for a few
weeks, after which they expect to take
up their residence at Kenesaw, Kel..
where Mr. Liudslay has property in
i liferents. Many good wishes will fol
low them.
Price List of Sprays.
No. 1. Lime, sulphur and salt, per cwt...S 4 00
No. 2. Lime, sulphur and blue stone. ' 6 00
No. 8. 8oap.sulpiiur,sodaand potash " H 00
No. 4. Resin and sal soda, " 6 00
No. 6. Whole oil soap " 0 00
Acme" compouna " to uo
No. 7. Bordeaux mixture. " " H 00
T .n.... I . U,Ln. in tt... CO fjit OK W.a R SV,
Paris green, 1 tb, 40c;; 10 lbs, $3.60; ' lbs. 7 60
Bine stone, per cwt o uu
Resin, tier cwt 6 00
Sulphur (ground) per cwt 2 00
Hal soda, per cwt 8 00
We can furnish at short notice any
thing in our spray or sprayer catalogue.
If you have not received one, ask fcr it.
Williams & LSnosius,
Hood Biver Pharmacy.
Bicycles at Cost.
Do you want a bicycle? If so, here's
your chance. We have $3000 worth of
wheels on hand, new and second band.
To reduce our stock we will for a short
time sell our present stock at cost.
Victors, Waverleys, (.'resents and other
makes. Write us for prices.
Mays & Crowe,
- The Dalles, Ore.
Now is the time tfo order your trees
for planting next full. Call aud see
Tillett at the Hood Biver Nursery.
Bucklcti'x Arnica Snlvc.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and pos
itively cures pilts, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect sallwfarfv
tion or money refunded. Price, 25 cts
per box. For sale at the Hood Biver
Pharmacy. -
Mills and are now nreoared to1)ffer barealns In
Hewing machines 13 00
Buggies, for 89 00
R ad cart, for 60
'1 hree-spring wagon, for 89 00
Open buggy, for..... 80 00
Harness, lor 6 95
Morgan saddles 2 00
Bide saddles.....' 6 60
Baby buggies 4 93
stoves, gasoline sioves, doois ana suoes, eic.
You Want, Ask for It,
at an astonlshisng low price.
TUCKER, Tucker, Or.
East Side Items.
Mr. Hardin is erecting a large barn
on jhe old Corutri place.
Mr. A. Johnson spent a few days at
his place last weeK.
Several large parties have gone to
Mt. Defiance this week for blackberries.
Miss Kate Wright of Portland is
visiting her sister, Mrs. (J. (J. liushnell.
Mr. and Mrs. McKenzie of Portland
were guests for a few days of Mr.
Henry Lewis.
The lawn party at Mrs. Harwood's
last wek was well attended and a very
enjoyanie time is reported.
Mr. F. Eggert of the tirm of Eggert
& Young of Portland has been looking
over the valley and expresses himself
as very much pleased with the country
and its prospects. .
Church Notices.
The fourth quarterly conference of
.Belmont circuit will be held at Bel
mont August 9th at 2 p. m.,by Be v. B
C. Moter. P. E. The preaching will lie
held at Pine Grove the same evening
and at. Belmont, Sunday morning at
11 o'clock. Everybody welcomed to
all of these services.
The churches of Hood Biver will
unite in one service at the Congrega
tional church on Sunday evening at. 8
o'clock. Bev. F. C. Krause of the U.
B. church will preach.
Troy Shelley, pastor of East Hood
River church, will preach on the sub
ject, "Seventh Day Sabbath," at Odell
school bouse, 3 o'clock UMday, Au
gust 9th.
U. B. church services will be as fol
lows every Sunday unless otherwise
announced: Sunday school 10 a. m.;
preaching services 11 a. nt.; Junior En
deavor 4.30 p. m.; Senior Endeavor 7:30
p. m.; preaching services 8 p. m. .
F. C. Krause, Pastor.
Belmont Circuit Appointments.
First Sunday of each month at Mount
Hood; second Sunday, Belmont at 11,
Crapper school house at 3, and Pine
Grove at 7; third Sunday, Pine Grove
at 11 and Belmont at 7; fourth Sunday,
Belmont at 11 aud Pine Grove at 7.
F. L. Johns, Pastor.
Congregational Church Bev. J. L.
Hershner, pastor. Worship, with
S reaching, will be conducted every
unday, at 11 a. m. and 7. 30 p. m., un
less otherwise announced. Prayer
meeting and Sunday school conference
on Wednesday evening. Christian
Endeavor society on Sunday evening.
All who attend these services will be
made welcome.
Sunday school ' at the M. E, taber
nacle every Sunday, at 10 a. in. A
welcome to all. Supt.
For Sale.
A good gentle family horse, will work
double or single; 8 ears old. For terms, ap
ply to 11. L. CRAPPER,
Jy81 . Hood River, Or.
I Want Work.
I am prepared to set strawberry plants after
Aueust 1st. Will use m v planter and twree to
set 16,000 plants u duy on good ground for 83 a
day and board. For reference call on A. P.
isatenam. u. u. aimjitc.
Jly 24
Livery ii p State.
Are prepared to do all kinds of hauling and
draylngfor town or coflntry, and can take
parties to the mountains or fishing grounds
at short notice. myl
Eoy Wanted.
To work in nursery. Apply toWm. Tillett.
New Jewelry Store.
Oharles Temple. German watchmaker, has
located in Hood River and opened a shop in
Nk-kelsen'B store. Watches, clocks and Jew
elry repaired at reasonable rates and all work
guaranteed Urst class.
Mainsprings , $1 00
Cleaning 1 00
Ripans Tabules. , -Rlpans
Tabules cure nausea. -Ripans
Tabules: at druggists.
Ripans Tabules cure dizziness.
Ripans Tabules cure headache.
Ripans Tabules cure flatulence.
Ripans Tabules cure dyspepsia.
Ripans Tabules assist digestion.
Ripans Tabules cure bad breath.
Ripans Tabules: pleasant laxative.
Ripans Tabules cure liver troubles.
Ripans Tabules cure biliousness.
Ripans Tabules: gentle cathartic. ,
Ripans Tabules: one gives relief.
Ripans Tabules cure indigestion. ;
Ripans Tabules cure torpid liver.
Ripans Tabules cure constipation
Ripans Tabules: for sour stomach..
Pigs for Sale.
Younpr pigs. Berkshire and Poland China
cross; $1.50 apiece. For sale by
JylO ,. . . F. H. BUTTON
Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Country Produce Bought and Sold.
: BonTs&synFS
Kitchen Furniture,
Pruning Tools, Etc.
Repairing: Tinware a Specialty.
Notary Public.
DR. E. T. CARNS is now located in Hood
River. Flrstrcloss work at reasonable rates.
All work guaranteed. Office In the Langille
House. - Jyl
All work given bim will be done cor
rectly and promptly. He has a few
good claims upon which he can locate
parties; ootb farming and timber lands.
.February, 18U4.
Repaired and all kinds of i
Bold by
Also, Boots and Shoes repaired.
G. T. Phathrr,
H. C. Coe.
Notary Public.
Real Estate ini 1mm,
93 Oak St., bet 2d and 3d.
Wa kAira Into hluiVo nsAAA In 4VtA
town of Hood River: also, fruit, hay and Derry
farms and timber claims in the most desira
ble locations in the valley. If you have any
thing in tne real estate line to sen or rent, or
if you want to buy, give us a call.
Deeds, bonds and mortgages promptly and
correctly executed.
we win also attend to legal Dusmess in jus
tices' courts.
We are also agentt for SOUTH WAUCOMA
78 Second St.,
And Leaders of Fashions, j
The largest and most, complete assortment
of American and Imported English woolens
ever shown In the city. Latest patterns In
spring and summer suitings. Call and In-
speci siock ana get prices. ,
Business Suits, !
from $18 to $25.
Dress Suits foora 125 to $50.
Lessons in Piano Music,
MISs Anna Smith has resumed the teaching
of Music. Iter prices are 50 cents a lesson. J 10
Harbison Bkos., Phop'bs,
Manufacturers of
Dressed and
Flour, Feed and all kinds ofceieals ground.
Whole Wheat Graham
a specialty. ;
Wanted to Trade.
A few choice work horses for cedar posts,
wood or lumber. Address J. L. KELLY, box
281, The Dalles, Or.
Mt.Hood Saw Mills,
Of the best quality always on hand at prices
to suit the times. Jy24
Some Bargain.
100 acres, 50 In cultivation; good house and
barn; 100 bearing fruit trees; well watered.
Price, $20 an acre.
50 acres, 8 acres cleared: 10 acres deadened,
ready to burn; new barn; perpetual stream of
water running 00 rods through the land.
Price, $ld an acre. JOHN MONROE,
Jy24 Hood River, Or.
' Wanted.
A hydraulic ram, No. 6. Apply to
Hood River, Or;
THE . v '
Tie Dalles, Pflitianfl kmm
Navigation Co.
Through Freight and
Passenger Line.
All Freight Will Come Through
Without Delay.
One way .-..$1 r9
Round trip..................... 2 50
Freight Rates Greatly
J General Agent-
E. McNEILL, Receiver.
Totlb-e East,
Gives the choice of
Minneapolis OMAHA
ST. PAUL. Kansas City.
Low Rates to All East
ern Cities.
1 Leave Portland every five days for .
For full details call on O. It. & N. Are! t.
Hood River, or oddresi'
W. H. IICKI.mrP.T,
. Won't I'mks A vent, '
? roiilmul. Or.
Scientific American
Aaency for
TRADE MAD if ft.
For Information and free Handbook write to
MUNN & CO.. 861 Broadway. New YoitK.
Oldest bureau for securing patents In America.
Every patent taken out by us is broupht before
the public by a notice glreu free et charge iu Uia
jafttttttttl! SUftMrOH
reest circulation of any scientific patvr m tho
rld. Splendidly illustrated. No lulnlliu'Ptit
m should be without it. Weeklv. H3.0
year; $1.50 six months. Addrcs, MUNN & CO
Publishers, 361 Broadway, H ew York City.
The modern stand
aid , Family Medi
cine : Cures the
commorv every-day
ills of humanity.
(Jhamberlatn'a Eye and Skin Ointment
' Is unequalled for Eczema, Teller, Still-
Ulieum, Bcalil llenil, Sore Mptiles, Lliappcc
Hands, Itching Tiles, Ikirns, Frost Jiiles,
Chronic Sore Eves and Gmmilntrd Eye Lids,
For sale by druggists at 25 cents jier box.
For putting n liorse in a fine licaliliy con
dition try Ur. (Judy's Condition IWdura.
Tlie.v tone up the system, aid digestion, ciiru
loss ot" appetite, relievo cotistipatj; it, correct
kidney disorders and destroy worms, givins;
new life to an old or over-worked liorse. 25
jents per package. . Lor mi l lijr drnrcists.
For sale by William & Bros'ua.
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