The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 17, 1896, Image 4

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Kimon a to Her Condition Flatly Con-
Miss Mary Garrett, who, until recent
ly, -was considered the richest woman in
America, and who, notwithstanding her
losses incident to the receivership of the
Baltimore & Ohio railroad, still pos
sesses a vast fortune, has left Baltimore
for a visit to Bryn Mawr college, near
Philadelphia. A letter from her states
that she is confined to her bed with ton-
silitis. . V
Miss Garrett closed her magnificent
town house, corner of Cathedra and
Monument streets, Baltimore, some
i months ago, and since then, with half a
dozen male and female attendants, has
been living at the Mount Vernon hotel,
two doors above her residence. She left
there, taking a number of trunks, leaV'
in? no word as to where she was going
or where she could be found. On the
night of the crisis in Baltimore and Ohio
affairs, when the thunderbolt of failure
was announced, rumors spread tnrortgn
out the city to the effect that Miss Gar
rett had sucoumbed, and that her health
was impaired. The reports were false,
as she was then snugly ensconoed at the
Mount Vetnon hotel. Philadelphia
Andrew Stoke Won't Stop Even to Eat or
Andrew Stoke of Pottsville, Pa., is
laboring under a most peculiar halluci
nation, and his case has baffled the pby
sioians. A few weeks ago he was an in
dustrious miner, but about seven days
ago he declared that he was intensely
wicked, and since that time has prayed
incessantly, not stopping to eat or sleep.
Be imagines his bedroom is filled with
angels and spirits of departed ones.
Ha declares he must keep praying in
order to keep the evil spirits from seiz
ing him. . When he steps into his bed'
room, he holds his Bible with a death'
like grip to his breast, fearful lest it be
wrested from him.
To raise a debt of $000 upon theMeth
odist church at Winside, Neb., the pas
tor, Rev. William Hatheral, has secured
60 acres of land for the coming year
from members of the oongregation and
obtained pledges of labor from others to
plant it with wheat. When the crop is
harvested, it will be sold for the benefit
of. the church. He is now asking the
brethren for seed wheat.
When the planet Mars Is nearest the
earth it is 86,000,000 miles away.
The man who Is charitable to himself will
listen to the mute appeal for.asslstan e made
by his stomach, or bis liver, in the shape of
uiverB u cpfjini! qutums auu uneasy enae.
Hons In the rexluiis of the arlandB that secretes
his bile. Hostetier's Stomach Bitters, mj-Oaar
mi, or luminal us me case may oe is woat you
require. Hasten to UBe. if you are troubled
wiih heartburn, wind in the stomach, or note
that your skin or the whites of your eyes are
lasing a saiiow nue.
' Some St. Louis physicians insist that
the anti-toxine treatment will cure the
consumption as well as the diphtheria.
By local applications, at they cannot reach the
diseased portion of toe ear. There is only one
way wj uureueaiuess, auu cuai is oy constitution
al remedies. Deafness Is cmued by an inflamed
condition of the mucous lining of Eustachian
Tube. When this lube gets Inflamed you have
a rumbling sound of Imperfect hearing, and
when it is entirely closed deafness is the result,
aud unless the inflammation can be taken out
aud this tube restored to ft normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever; nine cases
out of ten - are caused by catarrh, which la
nothing but an . Inflamed condition oi the
mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of DeafDess (caused bv catarrh) that can
not he cored by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Bend lor
circulars free.
K. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 76c.
Hull's Family Pills are the best.
I believe Piso'j Cure is the only medi
c'ne that will cure consumption. Anna
M. Ross, Williamsport, Pa., Nov. 12, '95.
FITS. All fl s stopped free by Dr. Kline's
Great. Nerve Restorer. No fits after the first
dav'sufe. Marvelous cures. Treatise and $2 00 bottle free to Pit caes. Send to Dr. Kline,
931 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Trt Gbbmxa ior breakfast. ,
Katnrally, have a good appetite, keep yon?
blood pure and your nerves strong by taking la
The best In fact the One True Blood Purifier.
Hood's) Pills cure biliousness, headache. 26c.
T$ti)i$ ivbal alls you?
Have yon a feeling 1
of weight In the
Stomach Bloating
after ea tin g Belch'
Ing of Wind Vomit-
Ing of Food Watt r
brash Heartburn i
Bad Taste la the
Month In the Morn
ing Palpitation of
the Heart, due to Dl
tension of Stomach
Cankered Month '
Gas In the Bowels
Loss of Flesh
Pickle Appetite ,
Depressed, Irritable '
Condition of the ,
Mind Di nines
Headache Constlp ,
atloa or Diarrhea? 1
Then yon hare .
In one of Its many forms. The one posltlr car
or to is uuirossing complaint is . ,
Actor's Dyspepsia tablets,
bj mall, prepaid, on receipt of j cents
r,, . i..-w iini t.ii xt vv
IsayBt "I suffered liorribly from dyspepsia, bui
A ok or s i anieis,uiKen aiiermea.ts,navecurea me. j
b ACKER MEDICINE CO., 16 & iS Chambers St, N.T.
"Just Don't Feel Well,"
ara the On Thing touts.
Only One for a Dose.
Bold by .Druggists at ftSo. a box
BamplM mailed free. AddroM
Pr, Botanko Med, Co. Phil. Pa.
, .
Ram's Horn Sound a Warning Note
to the Unredeemed.
EVERY sin suffer
ed to remain In
the heart, raises
a family. .
The Lord gains
nothing ' when
good men wear
long faces.
' A s soon ' a s
Adam named the
animals, be had a
The lore of the
beautiful is a gift
that comes from God. ,'
In one way the egg of a wren is
bigger than a turkey cock.
When the mother of Abraham Lin
coln took her babe to her breast, she
lifted e race.
The Bible Is the most attractive book
in the world, when we know how to tell
what Is In It ,
Men are alike in nature, but different
in character. They are one family, but
many children.
To make home a dismal place on Sun
day, Is to invite the devil to come and
get the children.
The man who has no use for the gold
en rule In a horse trade, had better be
watched everywhere.
One shot in the wing means a wound
ed bird, no matter how fast It may be
flying when It Is hit. . .. .
Love Is the greatest tl ing In the
world, and yet nine people out of every
ten are after money. , .
The man who can say, "The Lord is
my strength," will always be able to
easily carry his burden.
The acorn that makes the forest Is
bigger than the forest, but we fall to
realize It, as we pick It up from under
our feet. '
Some parents fall in leading their
children to Christ, because the subject
of religion Is never mentioned in the
home except at prayers. ; ,
Jesus never preached any higher,
about anything that he lived. He em
phasized every sermon by showing
what It meant in his own life.
A star is added to the soul winner's
crown when an old man is saved, but
when a child is put into the arms of
Christ, It may mean a whole Milky
Way. .
Brave , la Presence of Damajer, bnt
. . Careful of Unman Mte. '
Mr. Archibald Forbes in bis biogra
phy of Lord Clyde, better known as
Sir Colin Campbell, the bero of the
Sikh wars, draws unconsciously, a
sharp contrast between physical and
moral courage. Sir Colin was the son
of a carpenter In Glasgow, named Mac
liver. His mother's brother, Colonel
Campbell, took the boy at fifteen to the
Duke of York, and asked fop: a com
mission for him. The duke (assented,
and remarking, "Another of I the clan,
I suppose?" wrote his name (down as
Colin Campbell.
When they werin the street again,
Colin anxiously said, "He dldvinot get
my name Macliver."
"Bide a Campbell," said his uncle,
gruffly. "It' better among fight
ing men." -
And Colin.' Campbell he remained
while he lived. -
The lad's strongest wish was to prove
that he bad courage enough t& do honor
to his Campbell blood and adopted
His first battle was at'Vimieras when
he was sixteen. His battalion baited
under a fierce fire of artillery, but his
company was protected, being In the
rear of the column. His captain, at the
lad's desire,.' took him out to the head
of the battaSlon, and walked with him
through the rain of bullets for several
minutes. It killed the coward In him.
When he was an old man he told' the In
cident, Baying: : : . ,
'I have been, grateful to that man all
of my life." .t
At a. subsequent assault he .was se
verely wounded In both legs, and sent to
the hospital; but finding that a battle
was ' Imminent; he deserted from the
hospital and llmnped back to his com
pany, taking command without leave.
His courage. was so marked In the fight
which followed that he "was promoted,
while he was severely reprimanded for
bis disobedience. . ' :
But Sir Colin, grown oM .and wiser,
and at the head of the English forces
In the Punjab, was curiously tender of
human life. He begrudged' every man
that fell In a battle, and planned so
resolutely to save, them tHiat he was
dubbed "Old Kubtoerdar 01d Take
Care) by his officers, v ! i , '
He was urged by the- Punjab govern
ment to Invade the Swat territory,
where the number of the swarming en-'
emy would, have brought annUhlllatlon
on his troops.
"With reinforcements, yes,'.' 'was his
reply. . .
They were refused. "Then I' will not
go," calmly replied the old soldjler.
Lord Dalbousle branded ' htm as a
coward; but the stern veteran persisted
In his refusal, resigned and returned
to England, to receive the (rewards, and
honors of a grateful country!.
The lad. marehlne aimlessly lntriifire.
had physical courages, but tihte old man,
returning in disgrace rather than sacri
fice his troops to no purposie, possessed
moral bravery and was.tbej true hero.
An Echo of the Truckee Smash-Up
The Shah's Jewel Qruu-t Measure.
The jeweled quart measure, owned by
the late Shah of Persia, was sold In
London a few days ago for 2. ': The
Shah used to measure his diamonds
and pearls In It It Is called In Persia
the "dek tzanlnek," and waa In the
royal family for ninety yeains. The
Shah's grandfather had another one,
but lost it overboard, together with a
quart of rubles and meralds. -,.
Many Will Recall This Sad Affair
Which Happened in 1892.
Mr. B. Watklos, of This City, Who Waa
Injured In tbe Wreck Tells of His
. .Terrible Bufferings and
Final Cure.
From the Examiner, San Francisco, Cal.
Mr. H. Watkins lives at 2008 Geary
street, San Francisoo. , He is a railway
postal clerk, and has been in that
business for years. When Been at his
home he gladly told his experience
with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People. He narrates the faots leading
up to his trying them, the benefits he
has enjoyed by their use and the re
sults of recommending them to others.
He said: "I have suffered from
rheumatism for years. At times I
have been so bad that I could not raise
my arms over my head. No one bad
worse rheumatism than I had. I got
it first in the Truokee smash-up. I
was laid on the snow in the wreck and
then taken to the railroad hospital.
Ever sinoe then I have suffered at times
terribly, that is to say, up till a year
ago. Once at Redlands, in San Bern,
ardino county, I thought I should die,
and at Promontory I was so crippled
that I had to be carried to the mail
oar. No one who baa not had it can
understand the agony.' I was not able
to get out of bed at times. I had to
orawl on hands and knees from the
bedroom to the kitchen.
"Occasionally when I tried to rise
in the morning the pains would seize
me and I had to be caught to prevent
my falling. I tried every kind of medi
oine. The only thing that helped me
at all up to a year ago was some fear
ful stuff an old Mormon gave me when
I was taken down in Utah. It was
horrible stuff to take and only eased
me for a short time.
"About a year ago I went into the
'No Percentage Pharmacy,' on Market
street While I wag there an old man
named Cowen, of Vallejo Junction,
oame in. He told me be waB going to
get Pink Pills for his rheumatism. I
told him if 'they could do him good
they might help me too. He had been
up to Byron Springs and was nearly
doubled up with rheumatism. The
doctors told him just as they had told
me, that medioine would do him no
good. Well, I didn't give up. 1 am
a young man and you would not expect
me to give myself up as a hopeless
rheumatio at my age. I was ready to
try anything. I bought two or three
boxes of the pills and began to take
them.' The way in which they took
hold of me was simply wonderful. I
did not take many of the pills either,
and of course, I am careful not to ex
pose myself. I have' never been lame
since and have never lost a night's
sleep from rheumatism. ' I recommend
ed the pills to my friends and I have
yet to bear from the first one who has
not been benefited. As for myself, I
would gladly make affidavit to the
good they have done me, in fact I am
only too happy to do so, for I cannot
say too much for the benefit I have re-'
' "Going through Vallejo Junction
on my train one day I saw the old
gentleman, Mr. Cowen, and I oalled
out to him 'how are the Pink Pills. '
He replied they are fine.'
"I was down in Los Angeles and
oalled upon a postal olerk, a friend oi
mine. He told me that his wife was s
great sufferer from rheumatism. I told
her to try the Pink Pills, and now
there is no one in Los Angeles whe
thinks more of, the pills than Mrs.
Carr, that is her name. I don't thml
she had rheumatism quite so badly ai
I, but she was just as anxious to get ric
of it, and she is just as grateful to be
well again. ,
"I always keep a box of the pilli
handy just in case I should need them,
though my wife will tell you hovt
rarely I use them now. "
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, ir
a . condensed form, all the elementi
necessary to give new life and richnest
to the blood and restore shattered
nerves. They are an unfailing specific
for such diseases as locomotor ataxia,
partial paralysis, St Vitus' dance,
soiatioa, neuralgia, rheumatism, nerv
ous headaohe, the after effect of Is
grippe, 'palpitaiton of the heart, pale
and sallow complexions, all forms ol
weakness either in male or female.
Pink Pills are sold by all dealers, or
will be sent postpaid on receipt ol
price, 50 cents a box or six boxes foi
2.50 (they are never sold v in bulk oi
by the 100), by addressing Dr. Wil
liams' Medioine Company, Shenectady,
N. Y.
He Waa Not at Gettysburg-.
"People sometimes ask me," said an
old soldier, "If I was at Gettysburg,
and when I tell them tbe fact that ' I
was not, do you know jthat I sort of im
agine that some of them think that then
Ioouldn't have been very much of a sol
dier? I suppose it's natural enough too.
It is perfectly natural that people should
be most impressed by the greatest bat
tles of tbe war, and natural enough to
get an idea that the greater the battle
the greater the danger and the greater
the call for bravery, but as a matter of
fact, a man can be killed just as dead
in a little fight as in a big one. " New
York Sun.
It is now claimed that foods stored
in an atmosphere of carbolic acid gas
are preserved indefinitely, tbe fresh
ness and flavor . being retained better
than by tbe use of dangerous antisep
tioes or of ice.
Oxalate of lime is found in the bark
of trees. The strange discovery has
recently been made by Dr. Kraus, in
Germany, showing that there is a
steady loss of these crystals during tbe
winter season, . '
Puzzle to Geolosrleta in the Bine Graaa
; Region of Kentucky.
Sinking Creek, in the northwestern
part of this county, is not a running
stream or creek, as one would imagine
from its name, but It is a large lake,
which forms only In the spring of the
year, when thaws and rainfall produce
an overabundance of water, says a
NIcholasvllle correspondent In the Cin
cinnati Enquirer. The formation of a
lake covering over 200 acres of land
and sometimes over 300 comes with the
suddenness of a rise in the Mississippi
The lake Is formed in a hollow entire
ly surrounded by gradually inclining
hills of blue grass fields and meadows,
These hills are at first imperceptible to
the eye on account of the gradual and
even slope of the surrounding country.
A closer examination of the country
for miles around it all gradually in
clines to the place where the springtime
lake forms, but the place Itself is mere
ly a slightly rolling tract of land, over
which various fences, trees, and shrub
beries are seen. As the lake depends
on the rainfall for Its supply of water,
it Is larger some years than others, and
has been known to cover 350 acres of
land, and the water all the way from
five to thirty feet deep. This body of
water Is a veritable Mecca for duck
hunters at the time of the year when
ducks pass through Kentucky on their
way to the Northern lakes. .
There is no outlet above the earth iri
the way of a creek or hollow. There is
no cave or sink hole on any of the land
which is covered by water through
which the water may , escape. . Yet
within one month thfs immense amount
of water disappears. After the disap
pearance the earth, which Is covered,
Instead of being a wet, marshy place,
as Is the case of an ordinary spring
time rise in water, is a beautiful, fer
tile blue grass vale, over which blooded
Kentucky stock roam during the sum
mer months and fatten on the rich pas
turage. No appearance of a marsh or
water weeds, etc., is found after the
lake has gone.
Exactly what causes the "sinking" of
the lake has never been determined, al
though various geologists have visited
the scene. It is a well-known fact that
quicksilver thrown into a pond or lake
will cause it to soon sink, and it is
claimed that the water forming this
lake, as It Is drained down from the
surrounding hills, brings with it a com
position of Bome kind simfjar to mer
cury or quicksilver In Its action on sink
ing a lake, and that tl.s is the key
to the mystery of Sinking Creek.
Bealdence of Wives and Concnbinea
i of, the Seaplendent 6hah.
The harem of the Shah of Persia at
Teheran, the capital of the country, Is
& magnificent palace, and embodies In
Its architecture many modern Ideas. It
is dellghtfuly situated amid most agree
able surroundings, and Is, as far as the
resources of almost unbounded wealth
can make, a veritable paradise., .; ,
Taught a Dog to Sing. '
John Porter, a New York Central en
gineer, has a dog that he Is teaching to
sing. Roger, the dog, has been trained
to perform every time a member rf
the Porter family opens the piano. In
showing off the other day be kept time
to the accompaniment ' His style of
singing was by yelping in time to the
notes played on the Instrument. When
it ran soft and low, his voice sank al
most to a growl; when the notes rose
in, loud strains Roger pointed his nose
to tbe ceiling and sang a wild, long
wail of pathos in such treble as was
never heard. When-it was all over and
the last note of tbe music bad sounded,
he wagged his tail and walked around
to each one of the company for con
gratulations. ';
It was several months ago that tl.c
Porters first learned that they had shel
tered this musical prodigy, and they
and their neighbors have been having
infinite ' amusement with him ever
since. By dint of all the practice they
have given htm, Roger has Improved
vastly. He has learned songs and can
distinguish from the first few notes of
the accompaniment what selection Is
expected of him, and he sings them
with all the feeling that a dog could
have, and vastly more that some peo
ple seem capable of. There Is only one
thing that will stop him in the middle
of a song, and that Is to be laughed at.
If he Is laughed at he stops short, eoea
back under the piano and stares con
temptuously at the ill-mannered peo
ple until they go away and leave him.
St Louis Globe-Democrat .
: 1 . ' ' Have to Go Home.'
The Sultan of Turkey, to the disap
pointment of many young men, has
Issued an trade calling home all Turks
now studying at foreign universities at
the expense of the government. - The
reason given Is the tendency of the
students to take part in revolutionary
movements after their return home.
Tbe world is funny enough without
any professional humorists.
(Tibm Commences August 4th.)
"An excellent institution, beautifully
situated at Burlingame, Ban Mateo Coun
ty, Cal. Having had occasion to investi
gate the management and methods of
Hoitt's School, we are satisfied that for
carelul supervision of boys and thorough
moral, mental and physical training it has
no superior. It has fairly earned its in
creasing popularity." 8. Ft Evening Post.
: A temperature of 4,000 to 6,000 de
gress oan be produoed only between the
oarbon points of an eleotrio arolight.
The next hottest plaoe in the world is
in the crucible of an eleotrio furnaoe.
il 11 rAA vu.ra.
II H H I III work on
11 El 1 i ,11 thU dl8-
tl H li 1 11 n 1 ease, which
Aom r.SVovrnoi JTaJtefM
JTOI. W. n. reek, who
makes a specialty of
Epilepsy, has without
doubt treated and car
ed more cases than any
living; Physician ; his
success Is astonishing.
We have heard of cases
of so years' standing
curea ty
him. He
larcrA tint-
tie ot his absolute cure, free to any sufferers
who may aend their P. O. and Express address.
We advise any one wishing a cure to address
Prof.W. H. FZEKZ. 7. D.. a Cedar St. Hew Tor
The highest claim for other
tobaccos is "Just as
good as Durham."
Every old smoker
knows there is none just
as good as i
n n rmiiRrmn-n
You will find one coupon inside
each two ounce bag, and two cou
pons inside eacn tour ounce
bag of Blackwell's Durham.
Buy a bag of this cele
brated tobacco and read the
coupon which rives a list
of valuable presents and how
to get them.
IOR one hundred and fifteen
years Walter Baker & Co.
have made Cocoa and Choc
olate, and the demand for it
increases every year Try it and you
will see why
' ( : "Walter Baker & Co., Ltd-., Dorchester, Mass. p
"Knocks Out'Ail Others."
y The Large Piece and High y
(J. Grade of "Battle Ax" has injured
the sale of other brands of higher p
a pntcs auu smaucr pieces uou i
V allow the dfaW to 'tmnns( on voii
by saying they are "just as good"
as "Battle Ax' for he is anxious
to work off his unsalable stock
The very remarkable and certain
relief given woman by MOORE'S
RE VR A T.ET) PRIWRDV ham oivan
it the name of Woman's Friend. It is i s T uniformly success
ful in relie vine the backaches, headachea I I I I Up
which burden and shorten a woman's " " life. Thonsanda nf
women testify for it; It will give health and strength ataM mmm
and make life a pleasure. For Bale by all druggists. ir C J l J
BLUMAUEB-FBANK DRUG CO., Portland, Agents. A
AGENTS WANTED, Ladles or Gentlemen,
In every town, for one of the DSBt selling articles
made, Used by every man, woman and chiJd,
Fredericks e anitary Tooth Brush with
Tongue Cleaning: Attachment.
Endorsed bv all the leadinff- rjhvsicians and
demists. Send 15o. for sample. Retailsfor 26c
and 60c. WILL & FINK CO.,
818-820 Market Street, Ban Francisco, Cal.
ItotliBK ind Blind. Bleedlna? or Prntrnrllns? PHB TUidatt unn tA
log, Morb. tuuion. A poiiliro our.. CiroolKrt aeot fre. PrlM
Urussuu ar auu. OK. UOAMtO, fkUa., Pa.
For sale br all Dtby1U. SB Cleats a fcattl. (
1 4 Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good, tree prf
N, P. N. U. No. ens. s. F. N. U. No. 735