The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 03, 1896, Image 4

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derful, exclaimed a druggist, How the psspls
sticks to Hood'i Sarsapanlla. They all want
The One True Blood Purifier. All druggists. fL
Hood's Pills cure all Liver Illi. 25 cents.
Too Much Knife I
The use of the surgeon's knife is be
coming so general, resulting fatally
in such a large number of cases, as to
occasion general alarm. The press al
most daily announces the death of some
unfortunate whose system could not
withstand the shock of an operation,
and whose life was cruelly sacrificed to
the keen blade of the surgeon.
Of course, in some instances an
operation is necessary, and is the
only means of saving life, but such cases
are exceedingly rar$. So many deaths
occur under these conditions, however,
that the public is. beginning to realize
that the doctors are too hasty in resort
ing to the knife, and if such a state of
affairs continues, there will before long
be a general uprising against such meas
ures It is but reasonable to believe
that the majority of operations are
unnecessary, but when the fatal mistake
is discovered too late, only the doctors
ever know of their error, and though a
precious life is given ap, the public is
, assured that death would have resulted
in spite of the operation, and who is
ever the wiser ?
The folly of resorting to the knife in
cases of cancer, is demonstrated every
time it is undertaken. Tike disease is
in the blood and the cancer or sore is
but the outward manifestation of a
terrible condition of the entire circula
tion. To cut out this sore, therefore,
does not in any way effect the disease,
and it can easily be seen that the only
correct treatment is to get at the seat of
the disease, and purify the blood; the
sore will then heal up naturally. S. S. S.
is the most powerful blood remedy made,
and is the only cure for caacer.
' To submit to an operation, is to volun
tarily endanger one's life, without the
slightest hope of being benefitted.
Mr. William Walpole, is a wealthy
planter residing at Walshtown, South
Dakota, and is well known all over the
state. - Under date of January 20th, 1896,
he writes; "About three years ago, there
came under my left eye a little blotch
about the size of a small pea. It grew
rapidly, and for the past year, shooting
pains ran in every direction. I became
alarmed and consulted a good doctor,
who pronounced it cancer, and said that
it must be cut out This I would not
consent to, having little faith in the in
discriminate use of the knife, though I
was alarmed at my condition. Reading
of the many cures made by S.S.S., 1
determined to give that medicine a trial,
and after I had taken it a few days, the
cancer became irritated and began to dis
charge. This after awhileceased, leaving
a small scab, which finally dropped off,
and only a ' healthy looking little
scar remained to mark the place where
the destroyer had held full sway .Words
are inadequate to express my gratitude to
the great blood purifier, S. S. S., and I
write this hoping that it may be the means
of leading other sufferers to a cure."
Cancer is not incurable, but the only
means of curing it is to rid the blood of
the disease. S.S.S. never fails to do
this, but it is the only remedy to be re
lied upon. It is guaranteed purely
vegetable, and cures Cancer, Scrofula,
Eczema, Catarrh, Rheumatism and any
other disease of the blood. Other blood
diseases often develop into such alarm,
ing conditions that the doctors think an
operation necessary. Scrofula, for in
stance, often diseases the glands of the
neck to such an extent that an operation
is looked upon as absolutely the only
relief. This is also a grave error, as the
' disease is in the blood and a real blorl
' remedy is the only cure.
An operation never did cure a blood
. disease. Beware of the knife I
Send for our books on cancer and
blood diseases, mailed free. Swift Spe
ciiic Company, Atlanta, Georgia
T$lW$wbat ailsyou?!
Hav you a feeling J
01 weight in tbe 1
Stomach Bloating
after eo ting Belch
IngofWlnd Vomit- (
lng of Food Water
brash Heartburn
Bad Taste la the
Month In the Morn 1
lng Palpitation of '
the Heart,duetoDiv
tension of Stomach
Cankered Month i
-Gas In the Bowels 4
Loss of Flesh (
Fickle Appetite (
Depressed. Irritable '
Condition of the ,
Mind DiMiness
Headache Constlp- ,
atlon or Diarrhoea? (
Then 70a have
In one of Its many forms. The one positive rare I
lor tuts autrcssing complaint u
JIcKcr's Dyspepsia Cablets,
by mail, prepaid, on receipt of 05 cents
) says: "I suffered horribly from dyspepsia, but
Acker's Tablets.taken after meals.havecuredme," j
V n AH L C. JHIWl HI! pClM!, A VI IV., W
ACKER MEDICINE CO., 16 ft 18 Chambers St., N. Y. '
Itching and mind, Bleeding or Protrudlait Pile. rUld at mm to
DR. BQ-SAN-KO'8 PILE REMEDY, atop, ltoh-
log, aboro tuiuora. A po.Uiv our.. Citcultiri lent trn. Prigs
UN. UruuUuuuaU, IMUliOtAflKV, rails.,.? .
HI ddls
Valuable Document Discovered by a
Becona nana ueaier. .
In reply to a query from a correspon
dent a London second-hand book-seller
said: "I frequently make finds In
books I buy. It4is extraordinary the
number or things that are slipped be
tween the pages of books for a mo
ment and afterward entirely forgotten.
Letters without number I have found,
and flowers, locks of hair, unmount
ed photographs, bank notes, checks and
many other things, too.
"I bought a volume of a well-known
work from a lady some years ago, and
when she had gone, while turning over
the leaves, came across a will which
disposed of some thousands of pounds'
worth of property. I put the will care
fully away, and the following day the
lady returned In a frightful state of ex
citement and wanted to buy the book
back at my own price. I guessed what
she really wanted, but thought It rather
strange that she should ask to buy the
book Instead of merely asking to be
allowed to examine It, which would
have been just as effective. : However,
I told her I had found the will, and
supposed that that was what she want
ed. She looked confused, but confessed
It was, so I handed It to her and she
went away. Up to this time that will
has not been filed, so I have learned,
and I have not the slightest doubt that
It has been suppressed for the purpose
of depriving some one of the property
which It disposed of. But the most In
teresting case In which I have been con
cerned In this way happened not, long
. "A well-dressed gentlemanly man
bronght me three bulky volumes and
wanted me to purchase them. As they
were of a class of books the value of
which varies considerably, acordlng to
the condition and edition, and I was
very busy at the time, I asked him to
leave them that I might examine them,
and call the next day. This he con
sented to do, and went away. When I
looked at them I. came across a large
number of bank notes. They were
evidently quite new, and there was
something about them which made me
doubt their authenticity. I compared
them with notes of my own, but could
not discover the faintest dissimilarity.
However, to make sure of the matter,
I sent them to be paid Into my bank.
Naturally when my messenger came
back, having passed the notes without
the slightest difficulty, I concluded they
were all right
"The next morning I received a mes
sage from the manager of the bank
saying he would like me to call upon
him. I went round, and was not very
much surprised when he said that ev
ery one of the notes I had banked the
day before were forgeries. I explained
the matter, and we wired to Scotland
Yard. That afternoon I had a new as
sistant In my shop. ' Toward the close
of the day the owner of the three vol
umes came sauntering Into the shop
and asked If I Intended to buy them.
At a sign from' me my new assistant
a detective pounced upon him and
hurried him off. Scotland Yard had
been looking for him for a long time, it
appeared. I have still the books In
my library. I keep them as a memento
of the occurrence." Cassell's Maga
zine. ' - .'
How "The Bells" Was Written.
John Sartaln, well known as the first
great American engraver, and, more
over, as a man of letters, the half -owner
and managing editor, in the forties, of
Sartain's Magazine, the friend of all
the great literary men of his time, still
lives quietly in Philadelphia. Mr. Sar
taln was a firm friend of Poe. In his
wild moods, frequently, It was Mr.
Sartaln only who could control the out
burst. Mr. Sartaln used tobuy Poe's
hasty lines and thus furnish the poet
with a dinner sometimes sadly need
ed. It was In this way that he bought
"The Bells." One day Poe, very ragged,
rushed into the office of the magazine,
with a bit of verse that he wished to
sell. Out of compassion for his ap
parent suffering,' the editor bought the
poem. After the writer had rushed
out, he read It, without much admira
tion; and filed it away. This is the
The bells, hear the bells,
The merry wedding bells, ,
The little silver bells,
How fairy-like a monody there swells
From the silver-tinkling cells of the bells.
The bells, ah, the bells!
The heavy iron bells,
Hear the tolling of the bells;
Hear the knells;
How horrible a monody there floats
From their throats! ' ,
From their deep-toned throats; .
How I shudder at the notes
From the melancholy throats
Of the bells, of the bells!
Presently Poe, very wroth, asked
why the poem had not been published.
Being informed, he wrote a second,
more elaborate version, and when that
too had been refused he wrote a third.
This was the form In hlch the poem
at last appeared. Boston Common
wealth. Diamond Saw for Granite.
One of the greatest Inventions ever
added to the granite business Is being
given a test In Montpelier, Vt. The ma
chine Is for sawing granite, and if it
proves satisfactory it will go down In
history with the cotton gin. The ma
chine contains $4,000 worth of dia
monds, and the total construction costs
In the neighborhood of $10,000.
No Need of Pity.
Walter Poor Bibble! They say he
got a pair of beautiful black eyes late
ly. I feel sorry for him.
. Tom You needn't. He got a very
handsome girl with them. Answers.
A Fine Attitude.
"That is a very fine attitude," said the
dog to the Indignant cat, "but it doesn't
deceive me for a minute. You never
rode a bicycle in your life." Indianapo
lis Journal, - ,
A Small Fortune for . Medicine
Mrs. Leek Spends $4,000 In the
Effort to Regain Health.
Mr. Sanity's Experience With Nervous
Prostration and Its Attend
'.. tag Evils. ',' '. -.
From the Examiner, San Francisco, CaL
"Why everybody knows the good
that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills did me,"
was the cheerful generality with which
Mrs. Francis Leek, of room 29, 1206
Market street, Ban Frauoisoo, Cal.,
answered the question whether she had
taken Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People. As she looks the picture
of health her story was the more sur
prising. "You would hardly believe it," she
oontinued, "but I was an invalid for
ten years. I spent $4,000 being treated
in hospitals in Chioago for rheuma
tism, neuralgia, nervous prostration
and fibrous tumors, and then to think
that I spent only $6 in Pink Pills and
am a well woman. It makes me mad
to think I spent so much and then got
well for $6, still I am glad I did get
well. No one could ever guess how II
came to take the pills. I have a little
granddaughter, at least she calls me
'grandma,' though I am not really her
grandmother. One day we were rid
ing in the cars in, Chicago and she be
gan to read, 'Pink Pills for Pale Peo
ple. ' It seemed to tickle her and she
would rattle it off just as if she had
learned a line of poetry, and sometimes
she would get it turned about and say,
'grandma, what is Pale Pills for Pink
People for?' .
"Well, you see I got familiarized
with the name of Pink Pills and one
day when I got a little book about
them I sat down and read it all
through. I was not good for much
else but sitting down or lying : down,
and I thought I'd give them a trial. I
guess there is not much more to say.
Look at me. I don't look much like
an invalid today, do I?"
It was perfectly true that Mrs. Leek
did not look muoh like an invalid, and
it is no secret that she was married only
about six months ago. She said that
she always keeps the pills by her bed
side, and produced a I handful of the
little round boxes as evidenoe of her
faith in them. VI have had it on my
mind to write to Dr. Williams direct
and thank him for all the good they
have done me; but one thing and then
another oame up and I have not writ
ten yet. 1 have recommended them to
scores of people and probably that did
more good than writing. Oh! yon can
put me down for the Pink Pills every
time. I believe in them- and I can tell
the genuine pills, too, right off. .There
is nothing that is 'just as good' for me
I want the real pills every time."
Mr. Franois Shulty, of 712 Taylor
street, said: "Yes, the Pink Pills did
for me all that was claimed for them.
I used them for about five months.'
They were reoommended to me by a
druggist on the corner of Oak and
Oough streets,. the Eagle drug store is
the name, I think. I was run down,
very nervous, and suffered from indi
gestion. The dootor said my blood
was thin and that I needed change of
air and all that kind of thing. Well,
I oouldn't do that, and this frienJ of
mine just told me kind of off hand to
try the Pink Pills. 1 have tried pills
before that were supposed to cure ev
erything and I did not have much con
fidence, but when a man is sick he
don't care what he tries if there is a
chance to get well. I got the pills
one box, that ia. It did me good, I
began to feel better right away and I
kept on with them. I have got over
all my nervousness and I must say they
did me a world of good. "
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in
a condensed form, all the elments neo
essary to give new life and richness to
the blood and restore shattered nerves.
They are an unfailing speoifio for such
diseases as locomotor ataxia, partial
paralysis, St Vitus' dance,, sciatica,
neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous head
ache, the after effect of la grippe, pal
pitation of the heart, pale and sallow
complexions, all forms of weakness
either in male or female. Pink Pills
are sold by all dealers, or will be sent
post paid on reoeipt of price, 50 cents
a box, or six boxes for f 2. 50 (they are
never sold in bulk or by the 100), by
addressing Dr. Williams' Medioine
Company, Scheneotady, N. Y.
Frenoh wheelmen have adopted a
code of signals' by whistle. The whistle
is much used in Paris in preference to
the bell. ' 1 '.' '; V
By local applications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear. There is only one
nay to cure deafness, and that is by constitution
al remedies. Deafness 18 caused by an inflamed
condition of the mucous lining of Eustachian
Tube. When this tube gels inflamed you have
a rumbling sound of imperfect bearing, and
when it is entirely closed deafness is the result,
and unless the inflammation can be taken out
and this tube restored to it. normal' condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever; nine cases
out of ten are caused by catarrh, which is
nothing but an inflamed condition of the
mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Bend for
circulars free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
. Sold by Druggists, 76c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Piso's Cure for Consumption has saved
me large doctor bills. 0. L. Baker, 4228
Regent 8q., Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 8, '95.
Will commence its sixth year August 4th.
It is a first-olaBs Home School and pre
pares boys for admission to any Univer
sity, or Technical School, or lor active
business. Full information and catalogue
can be had by addressing .
Burling amb, Cal.
FITS. All flta stopped free by Dr. Kline's
Great Nerve Restorer. No fits after tte first
day's use. Marvelous cures. Treatise and 2 00
trial bottle free to Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kline,
931 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Tat Qxbmra tor breakfast,
Are Consumption, IMphtner'a, Ty
phoid, Etc , Overcome at Last?
The experiments being made by the
Chicago professors, Pi'att and Wight
man, to determine positively whether
X rays will kill the germs of deadly
diseases, continue to prove satisfactory
and the experimenters are more firm
ly convinced than ever that the Uni
versal panacea has at last been found.
These men, wlio are scientists with na
tional reputations, declare that "bacilli
which they placed under the cathode
rays were completely destroyed. Since
then they have made further disebver
ies. The germs of consumption, diph
theria, typhoid, cholera, pneumonia,
anthrax, glanders and influenza have
been tested. The first three were al
most completely annihilated. After be
ing exposed tc the rays ia sufficient
length of time efforts were made to re
vive the germs, but they were stone
dead. The cholera germs were stunned
for fourteen days, but were not killed.
Neither were the breeders of pneu
monia, influenza, anthrax and glanders
killed, but they were barely able to
resume work after the exposure, and
the professors believe that these missed
slaughter merely by reason of being
Improperly placed in the test tubes.
Having demonstrated to their own
satisfaction that the X ray Is the dead-
ly foe of bacteria and that when expos
ed in tubes and placed under the direct
influence of the rays the germs perish,
Profs. Pratt and Wightman are now
experimenting with inoculated germs.
They have taken the germs of consump
tion from the lungs of a man who will
die within three weeks and Injected
them into two sound and healthy guinea
pigs. The bacili are now at work on
the pigs, and within two weeks, if the
poison does its normal work, the ani
mals will be well along on the road to
death. When the disease lias become
firmly rooted, the animals will be placed
under the Influence of the rays and the
experimenters said they will be well
and sound as ever within two weeks
thereafter. If this experiment proves
successful tjien the. efficacy of the
cathode rays will have been firmly es
tablished. ' ,
Came Ont of Her First Racing Tests
with Flying Colors.
Emperor William's new yact, Meteor,
passed through her first racing tests
and came out of them with flying col
ors. Sis Majesty's cutter was designed
by Mr. Watson, the famous marine
architect, and built by D. & W. Hender
son. Of the other big boats In the
Royal Yacht Club regatta, the only one
which stood any chance of holding
its own with the German monarch's
yacht was the Britannia, which Isowned
by the Prince of Wales. The behavior
of the Meteor immensely pleased the
yachting critics, who say that she Is
the greatest yacht for a light wind ever
turned out in England. Her builders
and designer designed and built Val
kyrie, and Meteor is infinitely speedier
and better fashioned. Experts hold
that In a blow the Meteor would be a !
dangerous craft for any racing vessel .
afloat. Great things may be expected !
of her before the aquatic season Is at
an end, In her second race Meteor was
well in front at the finish, and Britan-
nla was again second. In view of her
fast sailing qualities it was believed the !
Emperor would enter his boat for the
America's cup, but her : master says '
Meteor will not sail In any but Euro-'
pean waters. ' " I
"There's one thing," he said, Jeering
ly, "men never get together and talk '
about one another the way women do."
"No," she answered; "I don't think they
do. There Is nothing interesting to say
about them." Washington Star. I
. "This Isn't the smoking car,- is It?"
said a man who had Just entered to an
other passenger. "No," replied the lat
ter, as he looked about and saw several
pairs of jaws in operation. "This Is the
chew-chew car." Pittsburg Chronicle.
"I wonder why the weather man has
heated things up like this?" "Probably
he has taken off his annels and does
not want his wife to make him put them
on again." Chicago Record.
Applicant I understand, madame,
that you desire to employ the services
of a chaperon for your daughter. Mrs.
Croesus Yes, I do. Can you ride a bi
cycle? Somerville Journal. ,
Everyone should make it a habit to
stay at home more, and become ac
quainted with the good points of his
kin. '.'...
If a man remains poor all his life it
is because he failed to take advantage
of his constant association with fools.
JSSf' ' KVa'H ft Yi V
Neither are the obstinate maladies, to the re
moval of which the gi eat corrective, Hostetter'
Btomaah Bitters, is adapted onrable la an hour.
To persist in tbe use of this standard remedy is
no more than Just. Biliousness, constipation,
malaria, rheumatism, kidney complaints and
nervoui-ness are among the complaints which ft
Of the 40,000 species of beetles
widely diffused over the earth's sur
face not one is known to be venomous
or armed with a sting.
' Dooly is the most prosperous county
in the state of Georgia. It has as
sessed no county taxes for two years
and has just completed an $8,000 jail.
Yon will find one coupon
Inside each two ounce bag,
and two coupons Inside each
four ounce bag of Black
well's Durham. Bay a baa;
of this celebrated tobacco
and read the coupon which
gives a list of valuable pres
ents and hovr to get them.
Prof. Babcock,
"I find that Walter Baker & Co.'s BreakfasfCocoa is
absolutely pure. It contains no trace of any substance
foreign to the pure roasted cocoa-bean. The color is that
of pure cocoa; the flavor is natural, and not artificial; and
the product is in every particular such as must have been
produced from the pure cocoa-bean without the addition
of any chemical, alkali, acid, or artificial flavoring sub
stance, which are to be detected in cocoas prepared by
the so-called 'Dutch process"
You may have " money to
bum' but even so, you needn't
throw it away. For JO cents you
get almost twice as much " Battle
Ax" as you do of other high grades
for the same money
it the name of Woman's Friend. It ia
ful In relieving the backaches, headaches
which burden and shorten a woman's
women testify for it. It will give health and strength
and make life a pleasure. For sale by all druggists.
BLUMAUER-FRANK DRUG CO.. Portland. Aienta.
Eighteen Amerioan women bear the
title of princess in Italy, and Russia
and other continental countries.
"Just Don't Feel Well,"
fM::livcr pills
axe the-9u faing rm.
Only On for Dose.
Bold by UrXiffgiai at 2So. a box
Saaraias maiUd frss. ddria-
Bt, Botanko Med. Co. Phil, fa.
tret.Vr.U. fem.
cakes a spa
EDlleoay. has Vkhont
doubt troattd and ow
ed morecaeoa than any
living Phygioian ; hie
snocs8 is astonishing.
We have heard of cases
ol ao years' standing
curea dy
him. Ha
publishes a
work on
this dis
ease, which
ha sends
with a
larira bot
tle of his absolute cure, free to any sufferers
who may send their P. O. and Express address.
We advise any one wishing a curs to address
?rol.W. H. PEEKE. I. A Cedar St Hew York
alt a.. tkkJ
"Walter Baker & Co., Lti., Dorcliester, Mass.
the Cake'
Th very remarkable and certain
relief given woman by MOORE'S
uniformly succest-
and weakness
life. Thousands of
AGENTS WANTED, Wa r tafa :
In every town, for one of the best selling articles
made, Used by every man, woman and child,
Fredericks Is unitary Tooth Brush with
Toncus Cleaning; Attachment.
Endorsed by all the leading physicians and
den fists. Send 15c. for sample. Retsllsfor 25a
and 50c. WILL & FINK CO.,
818-820 Market Street, San Francisco, CaL
,5 ytiMjir;
I . J Beat Cough Byrap. Tastes Good, Use f
tLJ to time. Sold by druggists. w
N. P. N. V, No. 656.-S. F. N. TJ. No, 788