The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 24, 1896, Image 3

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    3(ood Iiver Slacier
FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 1896.
The mall arrives from Mt. Hood at 10 o'
clock A. M. Wednesdays and Saturdays; de
parts e same days at noon.
Kor Chenoweth, leaves at H A. M. Tuesdays
nd Saturdays; arrives at 0 P. M.
For White Salmon leaves daily at 1 P. M.;
arrives at 8 o'clock P. M.
From White Salmon, leaves for Fulda Gil
mer, Trout Xake and Glenwood Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.
Canby Post, No. IB, G. .V. R., meets at School
House Hall, first Saturday of each month
at 2 o'clock n. m. All G. A. R. members ir-
vited to attend. The ladles of the Relief
Corps meet at same, time In the adjoining
room. -
JOHN A. WILSON, Commander.
M. P. Isenberg, Adjutant, t .
Waueoma Lodge, No. 30, K. of P., meets in
their Castle Hall on every Tuesday night.
J. A. Sokhbe, C. C.
Geo. T. Prather, K. of R, & S.. , ,.
Riverside Lodge, No. 88, A O. U. W.. meets
first and tlilrd Saturdays of each month.
J. K. Watt, Financier. , .
H. L. Howk, Recoi der. '
Bed loungesat S.E.Bivrtmesf'for$7.50.
Black rustle lining at tbe Racket
Store. ; r - c..,,-; v- Yr-. A
A full line of straw -rgoods at the
- Raeket-'.Slor. .. T, .'i - : '
' Ladies' and boys' waists at the
Racket Store. .
Gents' and lioys' bats and caps at tbe
Racket Store. ,
F. I. Hubbard, photographer, Hood
River, Oregon. - .
West Bros, will furnish ice during
the coming season.
Lou Morse Is authorized agent for all
newspapers and periodicals. , ' .
Tbe time for planting corn has come
.oak leaves are as big as squirrels'
ears. . ' . ' .. -
Blank promisary notes and notices to
trespussets for sale at the Glacier
otlice. - . "
Blue vitriol, 5 cents a pound by the
100; ground sulphur, 2 cents a pound,
at the drue store. '
Now is the time to order your trees
for planting next full. . Cull and see
Tillett at the Hood River JS ursery.
New Hats, new prices. Defy compe
tition. Come and see before looking
elsewhere. Mrs. 0. J. Hunt.
A large supply of wull paper just re
ceived at H. E. Bartmess', with prices
lower than ever before offered in- Hood
River. - ..:
1). F. Pierce has left his shoes with
E. V. Husbands, who will sell them at
cost. Call and see them at the old
stand. .
The Mountain Stage and Livery Co.
carries a line of Planet, Jr., wheel "hoes,
drills, etc., and are selling at very low
prices. . Call and see them.
Wat i ted--To let a: contract for the
grubbing ot 5. acres of land., Tbe
ground is now ready and I would like
the work to commence next, Monday.
John Kklley.
The O. R. N.' Co's timetable for
Hood River is as follows; Westbound
overland, 5:42 a. in.; east hound over
ind, l-ri-nt.tiocal -' passenger east
bound, 11:12 a. m.; local . passenger
westbound, 3:23 p. m. '"
Subsoil plows at the Mountain Stage
and ; Livery Co. at astonishing low
prices. The time is here when every
farmer must have a subsoil plow to
loosen the ground 12 to 15 inches rieen
without turning up so much wild soil.
Come and see them.
Write o Davenport Bros.' Lumber
Co. for delivered prices on all kinds of
lumber, rough or dressed. They have a
large and good assortment of finishing
lumber on hand, good and dry. (Jail
and get our cash prices before purchas
ing elsewhere. - .
Dallas has the boss coffee pot for sale.
It is a new invention, called the Amer
ican. It saves one puckage of coffee in
four, and tbe strength aud goodness of
this popular beverage is not allowed to
escape. Every lady in the valley will
want to call and see this coffee put, and
none will call without wanting to pur
chase. E. J. Davis, manager of the Eastern
Oregon Fruit Union, and manager last
season for the Oregon Fruit Union at
Milton, writes to Hon. T. R. Coon that
he wants to accompany him East, next
mouth, to selthe Milton crop of ber
ries in the same manner Mr. Coon
managed for the Hood River Fruit
Union last season.
It will be an agreeable surprise to
persons subject to attacks of bilious
colic to learn that prompt relief may
le had by taking Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedies. In
many instances the attack way be pre
vented by taking the remedy as soon
us the first symptons ot the disease ap
pear. 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by
. Williams &-Brosius. '
During the winter of -1893, F. M.
Martin, of Long Reach, West Va., con-
traded a severe . cold t which left, him.
with a" Tcough'. " In speaking of how be
cured it he says:"! used several kinds of
cough syrup but found no relief until I
bought a bottle of Chamberlain's
'ougb Remedy, which relieved me
almost instantly, and in a short time
brought about a complete cure." When
troubled with a cough or cold use this
remedy and you will not And it neces
sary to try several kinds before you get
relief. It has been in the market for
over twenty years and constantly
grown in favor and popularity. For
sale at 50 cents per bottle by Williams
fc Brosius. .
Amos Underwood, who was in town
Tuesday, reports that when he met
John Cradlebaugh at White Salmon
on his return from the mountains, the
latter was rejoiced to see him, and in
his usual emphatic style of language
said he had wanted to see him for the
past two weeks more than any man on
arth. "What did you want to see me
for?" Underwood asked. "Because
you live at the mouth of the White
Salmon." Mr. Cradlebaugh had been
in about tbe same fix as tbe boy in the
army, who, when the Union troops at
Donelsou had to layout in the rain
nd sleet and suow without Are or shel
ter, wished he was in bis father's barn.
"Why don't you wish yourself in bed
in your father's house while you are
wishing?" inquired a comrade. "Well,"
he replied, "if 1 was in t he barn, bet
your life I'd soon find my way into
tbe house." "
The editor made a trip to Cascade
Locks lust Saturday on the Regulator.
It was his intention to stop at Steven
son on bis way down, but the boat
could not make a landing at least
could not get near enough to shore for
us to trust ourself to walk down the
gangplank. The gang plank was
thrown out over the bow of the boat,
and three men at once started down
it for shore. We hurried after them
and were about to "coon" it down the
plank when we saw the three men
wading to shore in about two feet of
water, we did not thinK we wanted
to go to Stevenson badly enough 'to
wade that much of the lordly Colum
bia, and turned back. The captain
said he could get no closer, aud we do
not think he could, as the boat had a
big load of flour on its bow. Mr.Butler,
tbe purser,, informs us there was a good
landing a mile above the town, but the
people of tbe place objected to walking
so far. At the Locks we met Mr. D.
L. Cates, who took us out over the
locks and showed us the big gates of
the canal and how they would be
worked. Tbe wind was blowing a
gale at the timet and the rain was
falling in torrents, and therefore we
did not make a very close inspection of
the works. The locks are completed
with tbe exception of the side walls be
tween 1 be gates. It may be that 1 it is
necessary lo have these side walls built
perpendicular of blocks of granite; but
it looks like boats could pass through
the locks now without damage to the
embankments on either side, t' i,; ; '
Owing to the ilhu-ss of tho president,
and the revivals in session during the
past week the 1 ravers Club postponed
its meeting until Monday next, April
27th, when it will : convene , at the
house of Mr, and Mrs. Bishop. The
subject will be, "Beside the Bonny
Brier Bush." Mrs. Bishop will act as
president during the evening. Two
very interesting essays, a number of
puotograpbs aud views, books ana
songs have been received recently from
Mrs. U. E. Travers of London. We
anticipate having a very enjoyable
tkne and hope all will be present. '
Tbe Frankton literary disposed of
the following question last Friday
evening in favor of the negative: "Re
solved, That education has a greater ef
fect upon character than environ
ments." The literary programme was
the best yet. Tonight, tbe society will
debate the question, "Resolved, That
intemperance has done more to retard
the world's progress than ignorauce
and superstition. " Will Isen berg will
lead tbe anlnnative and J. v. Absteu
tbe negative.
The bridge near the Columbia nur
sery is soon to be raised 6 feet, which
will make a ver.yeusy. grade. The
three-mile stake which iiow stands at
the bridge will have to be changed so
as to read Hood River, three miles ele
vation, 494 feel. Most of the travel to
the upper part of the valley and Mt.
Hood will now take this road in pref
erence to the stones and mud around
Clark's corner. ' .
Lieut-Col. J. M. Patterson of The
Dalles was in Hood ; River, Sunday,
looking over camp grounds and the
race truck to see what advantages
Hood River possessed for holding tbe
encampment of the Third regiment,
O. JS). U., in June. He will make his
report to the colonel,' and it is likely
Hood River will be selected.
Tbe gentlemanly cuok- of ill i Lan
gille house was asked to join tbe U. B.
church choir; "I am no Singer," he
replied; "1 am a'.' Wheeler. & Wilson. '!
"What's tbe matter with the Ligbt
Running Domcstic?"qneried the steady
Col. O. B. Hartley started for Juneau,
Alaska, last Monday. He is employed
by u mining company that is setting
up a stamp mill 00 miles above Juneau,
near the coast, and goes to superintend
the hauling of the machinery to the
mines. - . " 4 '
H. C. Biiteham has just finished set
ting but 8000 small fruit cuttings in his
propaguling grounds and next week
will begin the work of putting out bis
apple grafts on the H. V, Coe ranch.
Warren Miller has bought the 40
acres lying east of the Frankton school
house and commenced last week to
clear the land. He - will build a resi
dence aud move upon tbe place soon.
Remember the special stockholders'
meeting of the armory association, to
morrow, Saturday, at 2 p. m., at the
armory. It is important that every
stockholder should be present.
Work on the new M. E. church is
suspended for the reason that the lum
ber has not arrived from Bridal Veil.
Tbe stormy weather caused the delay
in getting out the lumber. '
Tbe members of the Junior Endeavor
are practicing for an . entertainment
to be given in the near future. The
time and programme will be given
next week. .-. , . ?.,
J. F. Kelly of Butte, Mont., mana
ger of the J. F. Kelley fruit commis
sion bouse, committed suicideat Butte,
April 15th. Domestic trouble .was the
cause. . ,-.' j
Miss Cora Copple returned from
Eugene last week. She has been stay
ing witli the family of M. .V. Harmon
at that place for the past eight months.
E. V. Husbands Is now located in his
new quarters in the Langille house,
where he will continue to sell the
stock of shoes left by D. F. Pierce.
Geo. T. Prather has commenced on
his new residence and has the frame
lip, but is waiting for lumber that was
ordered a mouth ago. .
,A broken shaft last Saturday at the
Davenport mills suspended operation
till Thursday, when a new one was re
ceived from Portland. .
L. E. Morse, Robt. Husbands and
Louis Chirk are up at Winans at work
on the Valley Improvement Co's ditch.
Mrs. E. J. Mercer moved to The
Dalles last week, and will keep a
boarding house at Rockland, Wash. ,
Mrs. Rich was taken to St. Vincent
hospital, at Portland, Tuesday. Her
condition is not much improved.
Mrs. Alice Kemp went to The
Dalles Wednesday, on the Regulator, ;
for a few days' visit.;"'
Richard Kirbyson has finished plant
ing his acre of strawberries and has out
112 fruit trees. ;
Graham Bros, have the contract for
building the warehouse for the Oregon
Fruit Union. ,
John R. NickelseM has bought the
C. L. Gilbert place and moved into tbe
Fibre .chamois at the Racket Store.
Sunflower in bloom.
A Fine, Fruit. Ranch.
We visited Mr. John Parker's place,
I Sunday, for the first time. Mr.Parker
I hits 100 acres, mostly lying on the west
bank of Hood river, 4 miles from town.
During his 4 years' residence upon the
place, be has cleared 25 acres, about 10
of which he has in fruit trees. He has
one of the best residences in the valley,
built upon a commanding eminence
overlooking his cultivated acres and
the foaming waters of Hood river. He
has built his house witli every modern
convenience. Pure cold water is piped
from springs and reaches every part of
the residence. Mrs. Parker has the
reputation of setting a good table, and
as her house is well fitted for summer
boarders, during the summer season
Portland people delight to spend va
cation or have their outing with head
quarters at Ihe Parker house.' Mr;
Parker's youog orchards are thrifty,
and this year his older trees promise a
good crop of apples, pears, prunes,
peaches, etc. , He is a model farmer
and fruit grower and we predict his
success. " ' '
Under More Favorable Circumstances.
This season the Hood River Fruit
Growers' Union will begin work under
much more favorable circumstances
than it has formerly done. Some forms
are being printed for giving a full ac
count ot tne cost or handling every
shipment from the producer to the re
tailer, which will.. be given with the
cnecK, so tne grower win nave ail
available information, Bisidea this.
circulars will be issued daily during
tbe shipping season, giving patrons
full and reliuble information regarding
tne conditions ot the market, ' the
prices prevailing,conditiou of the fruit
on arrival, etc., which will be .very
valuable in the hands of the growers.
Regular pay days will be ananged for,
so that growers will know when they
may call for their checks, and a great
deal of annoyance to the book-keepers
win ue avoided. ii. a. jjavidson.
The outlook for strawberries f is
promising for a big crop, but the sea
sou will be late. .
' ' A Sycamore Legend.
It is written in our language;. . '
In the tongue the Injun jabbers, .
How when hunting time was over, . :,
When the bucks came to the wigwams, .
Came with shoulders heavy laden, ' '
. Came with plunder from the war path,
Hows and arrows newly fashiYmed,
lips of flint and engle feathers, ' '
Tools to transact bloody business, ,
These he showed to every comer, . ; . i ..
For a licking just blue mouldy, , '.
Bo the Iiijin hies him westward, ; "
Pedals to Hood River City. V
There you'll And him in his waf paint, .-, 1
Find him showing rims of crimson '
Nothing like them in the ivtde world; - .
Swiftor they than flight of lightning,
Stronger, too, than any oak tree, x " ,
Lighter than the down of thistle,
Prettier t han the Injun maiden, .
Honest. Injun! Honest Injun!
Williams St Ilrosius can show you a 'Red
Bird," the regular Sycamore mount. A crim
son rim "Syracuse" wheel. Also, Empires,
880, and Crawfords, f65. Every one fully war
ranted. Keep Posted. : ,
It behooves every citizen in city, town and
country to keep posted on the stirring events
that will occur in this country and the Old
World within the next nine months. The re
sults will affect all, personally, directly or in
directly. This nation is on the eve of the
most exciting' presidential campaign In its
history. Kuropean politics are in a very com
plicated state, and scientists are applying
their discoveries to many lines that will pn
duce startlingly new things.
To keep abreast with the world jma should
read, in addition to the local or county paper,
a live metropolitan newspaper, such as ttie
Twice-a-Week Republic of St. Louis. It is the
most progressive journal in the United States,
and in each issue it gives the latest political
news of all parties in the field, the latest gen
eral news of the world and many valuable
special features besides. This model news
paper Is delivered twice a week by mail for
only $1 a year, or less than one cent a copj .
The price of the Daily and Sunday Repub
lic has recently been reduced to only SS a year
by mail. . -
Millinery '
Mrs. J. Heiler, the leading milliner
of Portland, will send an assistant to
Hood River about the 25th of April,
with a full line of millinery goods at
the library store of M. H Nickelseu.
Cash, and for Cash Only.
We will furnish at mill common
rough lumber at $6 per thousand, and
second grades, $5. Other grades' in
proportion. Seasoned apple boxes in
stock, will be kept through the season,
Scents each. Terms spot cash or its
equivalent. . B. R. Tucker,
: 1 . Tucker, Oregou.
Jones He Pays the Freight.
; Send for a Copy of The Buyer's Guide,
with latest reductions and market prices
Sent free to any address. Freight oii
$20 orders paid to any point on Colum
bia river reached by Portlaud boats. :
Jones' Cash Store,
. 105 Front St., Portland, Or.
.' An Affidavit.
This is to certify that on May 11th, I
Walked to Melick's drug store on a'pair
of crutches aud bought a bottle of
Chamberlain's Pain Balm for inflam
matory rheumatism which bad Crippled
me up.. After using three bottles! am
completely cured. I can cheerfully
recommend it. Charles H. Wetzel,
Sunbary, Pa. Y '
Sworn and subscribed to before me
on August, 10, 1894. Walter Shipman,
J. P. For sale at. 50 cents per bottle by
Williams & lirosius. ' , .
The farm of Mrs. Alma Howe, containing
88 acres, 2 miles southwest of town, is offered
for sale. The residence is new, large and
roomy; good water; good barn; orchard ot
bearing trees; 2( acres in cultivation. Situ
ated in the most desirable part of Hood River
valley. For particulars, call on or address
. S. J. LAifRANCE,
p24 i . Hood River.
Fair warning Parents look after your boys.
Any one found trespassing on my grounds
will be prosecuted to the full extent of the
law. , . , B. WARREN.
Notice to Stockholders.
All stockholders in the Valley Improve
ment Co. who have not paid their assess
ments will call and make satisfactory settle
ment of same at once. Ry order of the pres
ident. H. F. DAVIDSON, Secretary.
In the Apple Belt.
Some of the best apple land in Hood River
valley, improved or unimproved, for sale in
lots Of 10, 20 or 80 acres. Situated on the East
Side. Good stream of water flows through
the land. Terms cheap. Kor further partlc
ii'.ius inquire at Glacier office. all
Church Notices.
Salvation army soldiers are assisting
Kev. Ij. Jouns at iielmont In pro
traded meeting services each evening
over the coming Sabbath. Every
one invited. Come out and get better
acquainted with army methods. They
may give ine tiooa iuver people a lew
Sunt. C. F. Olapp, D. D., will con
tihue the union evangelistic services at
the U. B. church over Sunday. Three
union services will be held on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 3 and 7:30 p., m. No
Christiau Endeavor service will be
held at, 6:30 Sunday evening. Supt.
Clapp is having unusual interest in
these meetings, and the attendance is
very large. People in the country hy
bringing their lunches can attend two
services on Sunday. ' Let everybody
attend these services.
M. E. services in Hood River every
Sabbath evening, and in the mornings
ot the hrst and third baobaths or each
month; at Mosier on the mornings of
tbe second and fourth. t
. . J. M. Denison, Pastor,
Belmont ' Circuit Appointments.
First Sunday of each month at Mount
Hood; second Sunday, Belmont at 11,
Crapper school house at 3, aud Pine
Grove at 7; third Sunday, Pine Grove
at 11 and Belmont ut 7; fourth Sunday,
Belmont at 11 and Pine Grove at 7.
. F. 1 Johns, Pastor.
.v . Important to Farmers.
Wakelee's Squirrel Exterminator,the
original and 'only article of its kind
giving complete 'satisfaction, now re
duced from 50c. to 30c. per can at Will
iams & Brosius.' , 42
. , ' Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
, The best salve In the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and pos
itively cures piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion or money refunded. Price, 25 cts
per box. . For sale at the Hood River
Pharmacy. . v
! . 78 Second St.,
And Leaders of Fashions.
The largest and most complete assortment
of American and imported English woolens
ever shown in the city. Latest patterns in
spring and summer suitings. Call and in
spect stock and get prices. .
Business Suits,
, froni $18 to $25.
Dress Suitsfoom $25 to $50. '
For Sale.
160 acres of land 10 miles from White Sal
mon, in Klickitat county, Wash.; 85 acres in
cultivation, balance in pasture and under
fence; S6 head of cattle aud 4 horses. All the
farm machinery and implements to be sold
with the place at a bargain. Address
mar2r PETEdORTEIG, Gilmer, Wash.
Land Office at Vancouver, Wash., March 12.
189. Notice is hereby given that thefollow-ing-nametmettlers
have filed notice of their in
tention to make final proof in supportof their
claims,and that said proof will be made before
Wr RC Dunbar, Commissiono-"United Tstafes
Circuit Court for District of Washington, at
Goldendale, Wash., on May 0, isatl, viz:
H. E. No. 7721, for the southwest y. section 9,
township 15 north, range 10 east W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
Peter Schmid, Charl A. Pearson, Severin
Benz and ;harles J. Peterson, all of Trout
Lake P. O. Washington. . .. , , ,
Also, ''. '.'".
H. E. No. 7705. for the northwest section 23,
township 6 north, range 10 east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said, land, viz:
Severin Benz. Daniel N. Kaegi, Peter
Schmid and August Wagnitz, all of Trout
Lake P. u., Washington, ,.
Also, " ' '
H. E. No. J781, for the west of southwest
section li, township 6 north, range 10 east,
W. M. ' ' ": J . .-
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of, said land, viz: , . '
Daniel is. n.aegi, aeverin jjonz, unaries .i.
Peterson and Ciiarl A. Pearson, all of Trout
Lake, P. O., Washington. H -
Also, . . ' ' " , '
H. E. NoSlOG, for the southeast ot southeast
sectionw;, and east of northeast and y oi normeasi. Ya section ao, Mtwii
ship 0 north, range 10 east, w. M.
lie names me isnowing witnesses 10 prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of; said land, viz:
Chari A. Pearson. Daniel N. Kaeei. Peter
Schmid and Charles . Peterson, all of Trout
Lake f. u.. wasnington.
in20a24 GKO. H. STEVENSON, Register. .-
, . Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.
' United States ' Land Offlcie, Vancouver,
Wash,, March 6, 189). Notice is hereby given
that in compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June 3, 18: 8, entitled "An act
for the sale of timber lands in the states of
California, Oregon,' Nevada, and Washington
Territory," as extended to all the public lands
by act of August 4, 18D2, Samuel W. Tippets,
of Cbenowetii, county of Skamania, state of
wasnington, nas win uay men in uns omce
his sworn statement No. 1812, for the purchase
of the southeast southeast of section 12,
in township No. 3 north, range 9 east, W.. M.,
and will oifer proof -to show that the land
sought is more valuable tor its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to estab
lish his claim to said land before the Register
and Kaceiver of this omce at Vancouver,
Wash., on Saturday, the 23d day of May, 189:1.
He names as witnesses: Nels Nelson,Samuel
H. Lccles, William Ingles and FredM. Broad
bent, all of Chenoweth, Skamania county,
Aud any and all persons claiming adversely
the above described lands are requested to
ii le thoir claims in this otlice on or before said
i'3d day of May, WHO,
marl3ml5 GEO. H. STEVENSON,
In the Countv Court of the State of Oregon,
for County of Waseo.
In the matter of the estate of Martha Purser,
( deceased Citation.
To Mary E. Palmer, Phoebe Foss, Joseph Pur-
' ser, John Purser and David Purser, and to
- all other heirs known or unknown of said
, Martha Purser, greeting:
In the name of the State of Oregon, You are
hereby cited and required tp appear in the
county court of the state of Oregon for the
county of Wasco, at the court room thereof, at
Dalles City, in aid county, on -
Monday, the 4th day of May. 1S9S, : t
At 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, twen
and there to show cause, if any there be, why
an order should not be made authorizing and
directing the administrator of said estate to
sell the following described real estate belong
ing to said estate, to wit: Lot numbered one
(1) in block "0" in the town of Hood Hlver,
Wasco county, Oregon, together with all and
singular the tenements, hereditaments and
appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any
wise appertaining.
Wituess, the Hon. George C. Blakeley.Judge
. ' of the said county court, with the
SEAL seal of said court affixed, this 2;th
day ol February, A. D. 18.15.
- Attest: A. M. KELSAY. Clerk.
mai27ail By mmi iloltou, deputy.
llats, Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Country Produce Bought and Sold.
'A iv NT
, i mux mark copvMGimr .
, .Kitchen Furniture,
. Pruning Tools, Etc.
Repairing Tinware a Specialty.
Notary Public,
DR. B. T. CARNS Is now located 'in Hood
River. First-class work at reasonable rates.
All work guaranteed. Olilce In the Langille
House. ., .. . , , -., . i ' . .. jyiw
. All work given him will be done cor
rectly and promptly. He has a few
good claims upon which he can locate
parties; botn larming aim timber lands.
February, 1894. ,
, Repaired and all kinds of ,
Sold hy ' ' -
Also, Boots and Shoes repaired.
G. T. Pbather, I H. C. Co J!.
jNotary fuDiic. . :
Real Estate anfl Insnrance,
93 Oak St., bet. 2d and 3d.
HTa V nirA Into Vt1rwlra nnrl nnpan rra In tVia
town of Hood liiveriHlso, fruit, hay and nerry
farms and timber claims in the most desira
ble locations in the valley. If you have any
thing In the real estate line to sell or rent, or
li you want to ouy, give us a can.
Deeds, bonds and mortgages promptly and
correctly executed.
We will also attend to legal business in Jus
fcioGs' oourts 1 "
We are also agents for SOUTH WAUCOMA
property. . .
rriA 1 HtK ot LUL.
. '. ' . ap27 . . .'.
Fruit , Farm for Sale.
1 will sell my place, 2 miles from the town
of Hood River, near a graded school, contain
ing 40 acres, good house and barn, strong
spring, wind mill, 1 acres in orchard, yt
acre In strawberries, all fenced. Including
stock and farm i mplements, for $1800.
nl FRED HOWE, Hood River.
I Competent Nurse.
Ladies needing a competent nurse, on rea
sonable terms, apply to
. ivitus. Ji. ii. ruLiuiv,
o3 , Hood River, Oregon.
Lessons in Piano Music.
Miss Anna Smith has resumed the teaching
of Music. Iler prices are 50 cents a lesson. J 10
For Sale at Belmont.
The Ketchum place, by E. C. Rogers. AJso,
Ei O. Rogers' place, cheap for cash, or one
half down and balance on easy terms. d!3
t Harness Repairing.
t will be ready for repairing and oiling har
ness after' January 1st. Farm products will
be taken in trade. Leave harness forrepair
ingat Blowers' store Highest price paid for
Hides. d20 E. D. CALKINS.
To Sell or Trade.
I have 80 acres of land in Clackamas county
that I will sell or trade for Hood River prop
erty. Call on or address
niarl3 , Hood River, Or.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, March 30,
1898. Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore Register and Receiver at The Dalles, Ore
gon, on May 21, 18HD, viz:
Hd. E. No. 3803, for the west, southwest yt
section 13, township 2 north, range 10 east,
W. M. . ,
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of, said land, viz: .
Hans Laare, Chris' Dethman, P. Jocliimsen
and Levi Monroe, all of Hood River, Oregou.
a3 .IAS. V. MOORE, Register..
Is Your Title Clear?
E. E. Savage is prepared to examine ab
stracts of titli; to real estate aud give opinio: a
on ame. Charges reasonable. nuirfi
Navigation Co.
Through Freight and
Passenger Line.
Daily tBt. Dalles anfl PorOai
All Freight Will Come Through
Without Delay.
One way...., $1 50
Bound trip i 2 HQ
Freight Rates Greatly
.. . T- - 1 . i .. .;.:-
General Agent.
E, McNEILL, Receiver.
Gives the choice of r
, Via . I ' Via '
Minneapolis OMAHA
. AND ' ' ' AND .
ST. PAUL. Kansas Citv.
Low Rates to All East
ern Cities.
Leave Portland every five days for
For full details call on O. R. & N. Agent.:
Hood Rivtr, or addres
. Gen'l Pass. Awt,
Portland, Or.
WM. TILLETT, Proprietor.
Grower and dealer n choice Nursery xtock.
He has the only stock ut the -
Yakima Apple, ( '
The beft of red apples, and as long a keeper o
the Yellow Newtown,
I have aboui 20,000 apple trees of the best vn- .
rieties erowing In my nursery. All standard
varieties are grafted from the best stock
Hood River. i 1 . . ... JcI j.
The modern stand
ard Family Medi
cine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment
Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetler, fialt
Kliemn, fcculd Head, fcore Kippies, Chapped
(lands, Itching l'iles, llurns, Frost HUes,
Chronic Sore Kyesmid Gnnmlaled Eve Lids.
For siilc hy uriiggisM tit Uo cents per box.
. For putlihff aliorsc in a fme healthy con
lition try lh Ciuly's Condition IWders.
(.'hey tone up the system, aid digestion, cure
'oss of appetite, relievo constipatii u, correct .
Sidney disorders and destroy worms, giving
lew li'o to an old or over-worked horse. 25
euls per package. For sale hy druggists.
For sulc I'V William & 'osiii. '
IV V .til