The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 20, 1895, Image 3

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    Hood liver Slacier
The mall arrives from Mt. Hood at 10 o'.
lock A. M. Wednesdays and Saturdays; de
carta ie same davs at noon.
For Chenoweth, leaves at 8 A. M.; arrives at
m sr. in. naturaavs.
For White Salmon leaves dally at 1 P. M.;
arrives at 6 o'clock P. M.
From White Salmon, leaves for Fulda, Gil
mer, Trout Lake and Glenwood Mondays,
Wednesdays and Frlda vs.
anby Post, No. 18. G.: A. R., meets at Odd
Fellow's Hall, first Saturday of each month
t 2 o'clock p. m. All G. A. It. members in
vited to attend,
C. J. Haybs, Commander.
A. 8. Blowers. Adjutant.
1 Waucoma Ixd)?e, No. 80, K. of P., meets In
their Castle Hall on every Tuesday night.
J. A. Soksbe, C. C.
Geo, T. Pbathkr, K. of It. & H.
Riverside Lodge, No. 68, A O. U. W.. meets
first and third Saturdays of each month.
W. J. SMITH, M. W. ,
J. V. Watt, Financier.
IL L. Howk, Heco)der.
Holiday goods at the Racket store.
The famous leather suspenders at the
Racket store. -
F. I. Hubbard, photographer, Hood
River, Oregon. , . ,
M. H. Niekelsen is selling his Christ
mas goods below price.
Mayor Wolfard left Monday for a
visit at Walla Walla.
Lou Morse Is authorized agent for all
newspapers and periodicals.
The steamer Regulator will be laid
' off for a spell after December 31st. ,
just received at the Kacuet store,
another full line of gent's underwear.
J. J. Luckey was confined to his
house last week with a case of la grippe,
but is now about again.
Saturday and Monday of each week
will be our grinding days throughout
the full and winter. Harbison Bros.
The ladies of Canby Relief Corps
sent a box of Christmas goods to fhe
inmates of the soldiers' home at Rose
burg. , .
ata ic. a. .1.1. J'n"(, rt iktuui v.r,j,iiiii,,
' and grand children are visiting her
daughters, Mrs. C. M. Wolfard and
Mrs. L. E. Morse.
Rev. J. A. Cruzan, a Congregational
preacher well known by old residents
or hooci ltiver, is now pastor or a
church in San Francisco.
a ny thing you need in the line of
floors, winnows, window glass, moulri
inirs. thresholds, cashiers, etc.. vou
will find at the Box Factory. , .
Wm. A. Peairs recently returned to
Des Moines, Iowa, from a trip of 35,000
miles around the world in the interest
of the Chamberlain Medicine Co. .
A petition is in circulation and is
being numerously signed asking the
county court to appoint Peter Mohr as
supervisor of road district No. 5.
When making up your list for Christ
mas presents, don't . forget that , a
llll'Bl W I'lC lit I t U ,1l7t,iIJl II itrnu
would he a year's subscription to the
Glacier. -
r. i. nuooaro, our pnoiograpner,
left samples ot his work at this office,
done since coming to Hood River. If
he can turn out work like the samples
shown, he will get plenty of it to do.
Notice our fancy new graham sacks.
We will use these henceforth and they
will alwuyn be filled with the choicest
product. Examine the brand and see
that you get our "Whole Wheat Ora-
I I, T, t I "....! . .. Of
tx r T-T.-l 1 , - , 1 t
num. wnitre ui ifiienor sum.
Harbison Bros.
The wife of Mr. D. Robinson, a prom
inent lumberman of Hartwick, N. Y.,
was sick with rheumatism for five
. ( T . , P i r t- 1 !
. niontns. in speuKingoi n ir. ivom
" son says: "Chamberlain's Pain Balm
, is the only thing that gave her any1
rest iiom pum. .ror toe renei oi pain
it cannot be beat." Many very bad
i cases have been cured by it. For sale
at 50 cents per bottle by Williams &
; Brosius, druggists.
' Persons who are buying second-class
fruit trees from abroad carr get the
same kinds of trees of Tillett for less
' money. He has 2,000 second class
trees, two to three feet high, well root
ed Yakima, Spitzenburg, Ben Davis,
Uano, King, Red Russian, Delaware
Red and Jonathan which he will sell
for $25 per" thousand. Or, if you wish
first class trees at regular rates, he can
accommodate you.. ,
When most needed it is not unusual
for your farnily physician to be away
from home: Buch was the experience
of Mr. J. Y. Schenck, editor of the
Caddo, Ind. Ter., Banner, when his
little girl, two years of age, was threat
ened with a severe attack of croup.
He says: "My wife insisted that I
should go for the doctor, but as our
family phsiclan was out of town I pur
chased a bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, which relieved her
immediately. I will not be without it
in the future. For sale at 50 cents per
bottle by Williams & Brosius,druggists,
The ladies of the bazaar held iu the
Langi lie bouse last week hud quite a
scare Friday night. A large pumpkin
suspended from the ceiling, in whicli
was a lighted candle, dropped and
knocked over a lamp. A lace curtain
caught fire and was consumed instant
ly, and the burning lamp in the midst
of the many combustibles threatened
destruction to the building and every
thing in it. Roy Slocum heroically
fticked up the burning lamp and threw
t through the window into the street,
thereby averting what might have
been a serious conflagration. The
lamp, after lying iu the street for
awhile, exploded.
M. A. Cook returned home from
Klickitat county, Tuesday morning,
where he visited the scenes of his
former abode, after an absence of 13
years, it was in Klickitat that he
found his wife, and that country still
lias charms for him. He visited Ool
dendale, Centerville and other points,
and found great changes wherever he
; went. He went to the Van Vacken
gold mines, three miles north of Gol
dendale, ' where he found an 80-foot
shaft with good prospects of paying
3uartz. He saw the engine for the
ying machine at Goldendale, where
it lies in dormant. State and is expected
to fly in the spring. He found six
inches of snow on High prairie. ' Mr.
Cook had just arrived from the boat
when we interviewed him, nnd was on
his way home, and there may be an
other chapter of this interesting serial.
The Congregational Sunday school
will hold their Christmas festival on
the evening of the 24th, at 6 o'clock.
Exercises will consist of music and a
few recitations. The principal feature
of the evening will be the acting out
of some 40 churades by about 35 of the
children. Santa Claus will distribute
the usual refreshments at 7.30, and the
remainder of the evening will be spent
The ladies' bazaar closed Saturday
night after a very successful season of
one week. A good meal was served
each day at noon for 25 cents. The
handsomest girls in town and country
were selected to preside over the booths
representing Spring, Summer.Autumn
and Winter. A fine lot of fancy work
made up by the ladies was sold.
J. H Middleton came up on the
train that passed through here last
night at 12 o'clock, the first train
through from the blockade at Bridal
Veil. He informed us that yesterday's
local went back to Portland from
Bridal Veil at 7 o'clock last evening.
Mr. Middleton was on his way to Baker
City.,- ... :
Mr. A. B. Jones received word from
his sister in Ovando, Montana, that
their father nied at that place Dec. 16,
1895, aged 77 years and 5 months. His
death was caused by a tumor iu his
side and Bright's disease.
The Glacier is in need of money.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to us for subscription are re
quested to pay up. If you can't pay
up all that is due, we will cheerfully
give a receipt for any part.
All members of the American Pro
tective Association of Hood River dis
trict are earnestly requested to be pres
ent at the next meeting of the council.
By order of the . President.
Owing to the storm, Hubbard, pho
tographer, will continue bis offer till
New Years. Cabinets $2, cards $1 per
doz. After New Years, cabinets will
be $2.50, cards $1.50 per doz. :
There will be a ball given at Odd
Fellows hall Christmas nigiit. Good
music will be here from The Dalles.
Everybody invited.
'TIs now the loving little wife
Is search iiiR each store shelf,
To And a gift for hubby
That she can use herself.
The rtnly Christmas presents we can
give out this year are receipts for paid
up subscriptions... Uoiue aim get your
present. '
Geo. T. Prather manufactured and
gave to eacli of the ministers in town
a wooden snow shovel. '
Remember, the Racket store is orig
inator of popular prices. We lead,
others follow.
Be sure and call at"the drug store
and see the decorative crepe and tissue
, Rolled wheat, the best of horse feed,
can now le had at the box factory.
A snow storm yerterday and two
feet of snow, but a Chinook today. .
Candies, peanuts and gum at the
Racket store.
One doz. cabinets and life size crayon,
$5. . F. I. Hubbard.
. Gent's slippers at the Racket store.
Good Templar's Lodge Organized.
Prof. Howard C. Tripp, "the Iowa
Temperance Cyclone," organized a
Good Templar's lodge at the M. E.
church on Thursday, December 12th,
with 27 members.' The following of
ficers were elected: D. F. Pierce, chief
templar; Mrs. A. L. Denison, vice tem
plar; Mrs. W. H. Bishop, chaplain;
M. 1. Wheeler, Secretary; Miss Mattie
Mayes, secretary; Frank Jones, finan
cial secretary; Frank Watson, treas
urer; H. M. Dukes, marshal; Miss
Theresa Morse, deputy marshal; E.
Loy, guard; Miss Emma Ehrck, sen.;
O. L. Stranalian, lodge deputy; Chas.
Pickett, past chief templar.
. The lodge will meet on Friday even
ings. The charter will be kept open
three weeks for charter members.
Brothers over sixteen years of age can
come in as charter members at 50 cents
initiation fee; brothers under sixteen
years of age and sixteen can come in as
charter members for'25 cents. The
initiation fees will be twice that j
amount after three weeks. The lodge
starts' out . well officered and entliu-j
siastic. - , . -
Good Templars have a membership !
in Oregon of about 1200; in the United
States of 425,000; in the world of 800,
000. Its alms and objects are to save j
and reclaim from the drink habit. It
is the largest temperance organization
in the world, having more members j
than all other temperance societies
combined. Last year the society ex
pended over one million dollars in
lecture work alone. Prof., Tripp has
recently organized lodges at Haines,!
Cove, Union, LaGrande, Belmont.,!
Bridal Veil and Brower's Mill. Any
young man who .wishes to develop
himself as a speaker and who wishes to
become identified on the right side of
the temperance question, should join
the order and enter earnestly into the
work. ; - i ' 1
. Major C. T. Picton is manager of the !
State hotel, Deiyson, Texas, whicli the
traveling men say is one of the best
hotels in that section. In speaking of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy, Major Picton says: "I
have used it myself and in my family
for several years, and take pleasure, in
raying that I co-isider it an infallible
cure for diarrhoea and dysentery. I
always recommend it to my guests in
the hotel, nnd in every case it has
proved itself worthy of unqualified en
dorsement." For sale by Williams &
Brosius, druggists.
Harness Repairing.
t will be ready for repairing and oiling har
ness after January 1st. Farm products will
be taken in trade. E. D. CALKINS.
, . d20 ,
Here's Your Chance !
The best improved 74-acre Farm In Clarke
county, Wash., only 18 miles from Portland,
X miles from Bole Landing, to trade for Im
proved land In Hood River valley; an apple
ranch prelerred. For. further particulars ad
dress the undersigned, or call t the Glacier
office. L. MINTKNER.
I'l.H) . Pioneer, Wash.
... Obituary.
Alvie Markley, aged 19 years, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Markley, died
at the residence of Mrs. Alma Howe,
December 2, 1895. The last sad rites
were conducted at the grave by Revs,
Hershner and Johns. Many of her
school friends attended, bringing beau
tiful flowers, showing their esteem for
the departed. Alvie was a bright,love
ly girl and a favorite with all who
knew her. She was a promising young
lady who was endeavoring to rise in
the world, and had succeeded in get
ting a good common school education,
also a teacher's certificate.
Why should we weep? Our beloved one
Is only lost to time.
She is safe within the Father's fold,
Safe in the Heavenly clime. - . : . I
To a brighter, fairer, better world
She has passed from death's cold sleep,
To sing the angels' glad new songs
Where none shall ever weep. .
- ' - A. P. M. '
J. H. Lancaster writes from Clayton,
N. Y., to the Klickitat Sentinel, stat
ing that there is a good market in that
country lor the plu to ponies raised in
Klickitat county. He saw a very
common pony sell for $50 that could be
bought for $5 in Klickitat.
Church Notices. ,
There will be preaching in the Val
ley church Sunday morning and even
ing by Rev. J. W.Jenkins. Morning
subject, "The Responsibility of the
Church." The evening services will
be preceded by the Christian endeavor
ana the subject of the sermon will be,
"Good Soldiers of Jesus Christ, or
Which Side are You on?" - Sunday
school at 10 a. . m. A cordial invita
tion is exteuded to all.
Weather permitting, Rev. J. L.
Hershner will preach at Crapper school
house next Sunday, at 3 o'clock'. , ;
M. E. services in Hood River every
Sabbath evening, and in the mornings
of the first and third Sabbaths of eacli
month; at Hosier on the mornings of
the second and fourth,
J.'M. Denison, Pastor.
Belmont Circuit Appointments.
First Sunday of each month t Mount
Hood; second Sunday, Belmont at 11,
Crapper school house at 3, and Pine
Grove at 7; third 'Sunday, Pine Grove
at 11 and Belmont at 7; fourth Sunday,
Belmont at 11 and Pine Grove at 7.
F. L. Johns, Pastor.
The Valley Christian Sunday school
is making preparations for their
Christmas entertainment, which will
consist of Xmas trees laden with pres
ents, appropriate literary exercises,
music, etc. They will hold their enter
tainment on Christmas eve.
U. B. church Sunday, Dec. 22d
Sunday school at 10 a. m.; preaching
at 11 a. m.; Junior Endeavor at 3 p.m.;
preaching at 7:30. :" -
F. O. Krause, Pastor.
There will be Sunday school at the
M. E. tabernacle at 10 o'clock, the
usual hour. A welcome to all. Supt.
J. A. Finnell.'the Indian evangelist,
is still continuing the revival meetings
at the U. B. church. He' is a man who
is intensely earnest and enthusiastic in
bis work. Several conversions have
already been reported.
; Bucklcn's Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcere, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and pos
itively cures piles, or no pay required,
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion or money refunded. Price, 25 cts
per box. For sale at the Hood River
There are two pleased faces that be;
long to this picture, but we don't feel
like intruding upon such occasions.
We merely furnish the perfumes the
finest of odors, put up in dainty boxes
and handsome bottles. . There is noth
ing better for a holiday, or any other
day offering. You will, have to see our
stock, as we can't describe it, and this
is our personal invitation to you. ' Our
prices will suit every pocket-book 50
cts per ounce for bulk extracts, and 50
cts and upwards for fancy bottled per
fumes. Williams & Brosius, :.
The sale of laud for delinquent taxes
was concluded by Sheriff Driver lat-t
Saturday, and the delinquent rol s
cleared up. The property was bid iu
by Judge Blakeley, subject to redemp
tion. ... ....... . .".-;'
Horses for Sale or Trade
Four head of Horses; one ear old mare,
one 4-year-old gelding, and two coming 3
year-old colts sired by "Midnight;" dams be
long to F. II. Button. F. U. BltOSIUS.
Strawberry Land.
I will lease on favorable terms one of the
best and very earliest, tracts of Strawberry j
land in this section. Five acres or more in
fine condition for planting this fall. For full
particulars call on or address mo at White,
Salmon, Wash. 0I8 A. H. JEWETT. !
Competent Nurse, j
Ladles needing a competent nurse, on rea-
sonuble terms, apply to
liooa River, uregon.
Choice Fresb 'Meats,:
. : Hams, Bacon, Lard, -
.!.'' '.'And All Kinds of Game.
HOOD RIVER, - - - -
Has again made his headquarters with M. H.
NICKL8EN. He has the .
Largesl M, of In Goods
Ever brought to Hood River. To be sold at
Free Trade Prices.
Instantly relieved and permanently
. Without knife or operation.
Treatment AlisoMsly Painless.
Cure effected in from three to six weeks.
Write for terms.
Offices: Rooms 706-707 Marquam Building,
f antSK '
Successor to E. L. Smith Oldest Established
House in;the valley. '
Dry Goods, Clothing,
-. . ' : and ' ; , ; ' . .
General Merchandise,
Flour and Feed. Etc..
Fruit Farm for Sale.
I will sell my place, 2 miles from the town
of Hood River, near a graded school, contain
ing 40 acres, good house and barn, strong
spring, wind mill, 1 acres in orchard,
acre In strawberries, all fenced, including
stock and farm 1 mplements, for 9 1800.
nl FRED HOWE, Hood River.
WM. TILLETT, Proprietor.
Grower and dealer In choice Nursery stock.
He has the only stock of the . v
Yakima Apple,
The best of red apples, and as long a keeper as
the Yellow Newtown.
I have aboui 20,000 apple trees of the best va
rieties growing In my nursery. All standard
varieties are grafted from the best stock in
Hood River. Jelo.
For Sale at Belmont.
The Ketchum place, by E. C. Rogers. Also,
E. C. Rogers' place, cheap for cash, or one
hulf down and balance on easy terms. dlB
Twenty-five acres off the Glenwlld Place
anciently called "Pole Flat." House and
cleared land; plenty of water; fine apple land.
Also, 20 acres near town, Joining T. L. Eliot.
Includes buildings, cleared land, tine springs,
tine oaks, views of Columbia river. Hood
river rapids, etc. , T. R. COON.
Entinlv Nrm. T TV fl rr HT 4 T
AbrtaH tftk, rims. s L VyISK X
A Grand kditcater.
Successor of th
" Unabridged."
Standard of the
U. 8. Gov't Print
ing Office, the U.S.
Supreme Court and
of nearly all the
1 Warmly com
mended by every
State Superinten
dent of Schools,
and other Educa
tors almost with
out number.
A College President writes: ''For
! " ease with, which the eye finds the
' word sought, for accuracy of definl
'tion, for effective methods in indl
' eating pronunciation, for terse yet
' comprehensive statements of facts.
" and for practical use as a working;
! "dictionary,' Webster's International'
excels any other single volume."
The One Great Standard Authority.
Hon. I. .T. Brewer. Justice of the IT. S.
Supreme Court.writes ! " The International
Dictionary is the perfection of dictionaries.
I commend it to all as the one great stand-
i ard authority."
tA saving of three cents ver day for a
year will provide more than enough money
i to purchase a copy of the International.
; Can you afford to be without it?
G. & C. MERRTA3I CO., Pnbllshera,
Springfield, Mass., U.S.A.
-Send to the publishers for free pamphlet.
- Do not buy cheap reprints of ancient edltioas.
Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Country Produce Bought and Sold,
i AfiFNcv rnp
k -f If
' ;, DEALER IN- ;
Kitchen Furniture,
Pruning Tools, Etc.
Repairing Tinware a Specialty.
Ml Rail for Sale Ota!.
Situated 4 miles west of the town of Hood
River, on the Columbia. Free from late frosts.
Full crop of all kinds of fruit now on ranch.
Fine Irrigating facilities and water for that
purpose belonging to place. Call at Glacier
office or at ranch. F. R. ABSTEN.
(Special attention given to Land Office prac-
. tice)
Rooms 44-45 Chapman Block,
Notary Public,
DR. E. T. CARNS is now located In Hood
River. First-class work at reasonable rates.
All work guaranteed. Office in the Langllle
House. . . . Jyl9
All work given him will be done Cor
reetly and promptly. He has a few
good claims upon which he can locate
parties; Doth tarniing and timber lands.
. February, 1894.
Hood River, Oregon. .
GLEE CLUB, - Dec.27
Single Tickets. 35 cts.; for the
, . ; Course, $1.50. ;
Forty acres unimproved land, on the east
side of Hood river, 5 miles from town. Price
$10 per acre. Inquire at Glacier office.
G.. T. Pkather,
Notary Public.
H. C. Coe.
Real Estate ani iw&
93 Oak St., bet 2d and 3d. .
We have lots, blocks and acreage In the
town of Hood lit ver: also, fruit, hay and oerry
farms and timber claims in the most desira
ble locations In the valley. If you have any
thing in the real estate line to sell or rent, or
if you want to buy, give us a call.
Deeds, bonds and mortgages promptly and
correctly executed. -
We will also attend to legal business injus
tices' courts.
We are also agents for SOUTH "WAUCOMA
property. .- .
" "' ' ap27 ,.
House and corner lot In Hood River for sale
cheap. Inquire at the Bakery. sett.
Bargains in Land.
200 acres of unimproved land for sale, on the
East 8lde, 6 miles from town, 87 to 10 an acre.
Other land, about half cleared. $20 an acre.
Well Improved land, $30 an acre. Plenty of
water for irrigation. Will sell In 20 or 40-acre
tracts. Inquire at Glacier office. ' - . , Je22
Administrator's Notice.
Is hereby given that the undersigned
has been duly appointed by the honorable
county court of Wasco county, Oregon, ad
ministrator of the estate ot MarthaPurser, do
ceased. All persons having claims against
said estate urn notified to present the same to
me in Hood River, Wasco county, Oregon,
within six months of the date of this notice.
Dated November 11, 1895.
Administrator of the Estate of Martha Purser,
deceased. . . nludlS
Ji. tTAoLI5ntD IM3
.:.; :' ; THE .
v n n
Navigation Co.
Through Freight and
Passenger Line. !
All Freight Will Come Through
Without Delay.
One way ..fl 50
Round trip...... I... a 60
Freight Rates Greatly
General Agent.
E. McNEILL, Receiver.
To tli.e East,
Gives the choice of
, Via
Minneapolis OMAHA
ST. PAUL. Kansas City.
Low Rates to All East
ern Cities.
Leave Portland every five days for
For full details call on O. R, A N. Acnt,
Hood River, or address
- ' Gen'.l Pass. Agent,
v Porlliitid, Or.
Scientific- American
Agency for
jf or inrormanon ana rree HanaDooK write so
MUNN & CO., 861 Broadway, New Yob.
Oldest bureau for securing patents in America.
Every patent taken out by us is brought befor.
the public by a notice given free of charge h& th.
Largest circulation of any scientific paper In the
world. Splendidly Illustrated. No lutelUm-nt
man should be without It. Weekly, .
years $IJX sir months. Address, MUNN CO
PUBUSHERS, 361 Broadway, Mew York city.
The modern stand
ard Family Medi
cine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment
Is unequalled for Eczema, Teller, fjutt
Rlieimi, Scald Head, Sore NiiileR, Cliaiix.l
Hands, Itching l'iles, Burns, Front li'Ucs,
ChronicSorc Eyes mid Granulated Eve Eids.
For (sale by druggists at 25 ttiitx iiur box.-
For putting a horse in u lino lienltliy con
dition try i (Judy's Condition, l'owders.
Tliey lone ii the system, aid digestion, euro
loss of :)tetite, relieve constipitu n, correct
kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving
new life lo an old or over-worked lmrw. t
cenls jer jKicknge. For sale by druggists.
For sale lv WUHanm & Rrottius.
aoc ""v