The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 06, 1895, Image 4

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    Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
The Sin of Fretting.
There is one Bin which it seems to
me ia everywhere and by everybody un
derestimated, and quite too much over
looked in valuations of character. It is
the sin of fretting. It is as common as
air, as speech, so common that unless it
rises above its usual monotone we do
not even observe it. Watch any ordina
ry coming - together of people, and see
how many minutes it will be before
somebody frets that is, makes more or
less complaining statement or something
or other which probably every one in
the room, or in the car, or the 6treet
corner, it may be, knew before, and
probably nobody can help. Why say
anything about it? It is cold, it is hot,
it is wet, it is dry ; somebody has bro
ken an appointment, ill cooked a meal;
etupidity or bad faith somewhere has
resulted in discomfort There are plenty
of things to fret about It is simply as
tonishing how much annoyance may be
found in the course of every day's liv
ing, even at the simplest, if one only
keeps a sharp eye out on that side of
things. Even Holy Writ says we are
prone to trouble as sparks fly upward.
But even to the sparks flying upward,
in the blackest of smoke, there is a blue
sky above ; and the less time they waste
on the road the sooner they will reach
it. Fretting is all time wasted on the
road. Helen Hunt
The Horse m Fighter.
Said an ex-cowboy : VI never saw
either cows or buffaloes attack a horse
so as to amount to anything, but I want
to rise right up and testify to the won
derful fighting powers of the horse. He
is built for more ways and kinds of
fighting than any other produot of na
ture. He can bite, and he can kick out
behind, and he can strike with his fore
legs. When he is in action, be fights all
over. If you want to see fun, you should
see wolves attack a bunch of horses on
the plains. 'The horses get together with
their heads forming the hub of a wheel
and their bodies forming the spokes.
Then they fight the wolves with their
hind legs. They fill the air with wolves,
and every wolf lands dead, wounded or
ill. Horses avoid a fight as a rule, but
will go out of their way to kill a snake.
They jump on the snakes, clubbing their
hoofs and using them like a mallet. The
only other fights they 6eek are with un
mounted men, whom they frequently at
tack, or else with one another, and in
the latter case they resemble a buzzsaw
in action, all parts going at once."
New York Sun. .
A Chance For the Inrentor.
With the vast increase of population
in our cities and larger towns, and the
Increase of railroad trains, steam engines
and electric cars, has come a vast in
crease of noise in our streets. We think
the man or woman who can invent and
patent something easily placed over, the
ears of the sick and those who want to
sleep, and which shall temporarily shut
out noise, may obtain a fortune and the
thanks of multitudes who now suffer.
Our Dumb Animals.
A Unique Business).
Berlin has a shorthand writer with a
unique specialty. He attends all funer
als of prominent persons and takes down
verbatim the addresses of the officiating
clergyman. Then he prepares highly or
namented copies of the addresses and
sells them to the friends of the eulogized
dead. - -' .. , .
A Universal Debt.
There is not a man living who does
not owe the world something. Galves
ton News. '
Brings comfort and Improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
ess expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the wo.ld's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative ; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
ana permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
IS. P. N. V. No. 628-S. F. N. V. No. 70!
Urge me not, I pray.
All the air la golden ;
Every thorny spray,
In the sunlight blushes.
And my thoughts are holden
By the warbling thrushes.
Urge me tot today,
Oh, when winds of May
Shake the boughs with laughter
Till they toes and sway.
Till they kiss and sever,
Speak not of hereafter,
Breathe not of forever
Give me but today.
-J. K. Wetherill in Travelers' Record.
Bow a Southern Congressman Innocently
Made m Lifelong Enemy.
"Speaking of stenographers," said a
gentleman well known in Washington,
who for a number of years represented
a Louisiana district in congress, "I once
had a secretary, an unusually careful
and competent fellow, too, whose slight
slip in a typewritten letter to a constitu
ent of mine cost me that gentleman's
friendship, a friendship valued much
more highly than I can express.
"This is the way it came about: At a
time when I was well nigh submerged
with committee duties I received a let
ter from the head of one of the most in
fluential and widely respected families
of the state. His residence bad just
burned down, he wrote me, the loss
coming at a moment when it affected
his financial matters to no inconsidera
ble extent Could he not presume upon
our many years of friendship to the ex
tent of askiug a loan of $250, until the
insurance companies should settle his
claim? I was deeply moved to learn ef
his misfortune, and immediately dictat
ed, along with a number of other let
ters, the following lines to him :
'"My Dear Sir I am greatly pained
to hear of the calamity which has come
upon you. I regret I have not $250
in available funds at present J will send
check in a day or two. '
"Promptly enough the cheok went, but
with equal promptness it was returned
to me, with no word of explanation. I
own I was surprised, but concluded he
must have received his insurance mon
ey, and the circumstance was gradually
forgotten. But it was very forcibly re
called to my mind when next I paid a
visit to my home, for he did not call
upon me, as he had always been wont
to da On the contrary, he shunned a
meeting with me.
"Imagine my dismay upon finding
thai the letter I had sent him, in the
most kindly spirit possible, contained
these words: 'I regret I have got $250
in available funds ; will send check in
a day or two. ' In vain I explained,
apologized, implored. To his dying day
he never forgave what he termed my
studied and unwarranted affront
"That is what the touch of a finger
upon a wrong key did for me, and for
years I have never mailed a letter, long
or short, without first subjecting it to
the most rigid scrutiny. I tell yon, sir,
it pays to be watchful in this respect "
Washington Star.
The Last Straw.
Henry Van Meter, who died in Ban
gor about 25 years ago at the advanced
age of 110, was a genuine old Virginia
darky who drifted down east in some
mysterious way in the. early part of this
He imagined himself charged with
inspiration from various spirits and
Was in reality unbalanced in his mind
fox the greater part of the time, on ac
count of the superstitious beliefs which
possessed him.
At one time he was summoned to
court as witness in a certain case, and
the counsel on each side badgered him
with questions until his wits became so
entangled that his answers grew quite
wild and preposterous. Noticing the
distress and confusion of the poor old
witness, the judge, who was a most
kind hearted man, hushed the lawyers
and put a simple question to the bewil
dered darky, with the intention of bring
ing him back to the starting point
This third assault, for so Van Meter
regarded the kindly judge's interposi
tion, proved the last straw to the old
"Now, looka-heah, yo' olegray haired
gemman up on de bench dar, " he broke
out, shaking a trembling forefinger at
the judge, "don yo' interfere wid dis
yer bus'ness at all. Dis chile's got jess
as much as he can do to take care ob
dese two fellers down heab, an dat's de
truf I" Youth's Companion.
A Dog; In a Crowd.
- It is really cruel to take a dog, and
particularly a small one, into a crowd.
No one possessing any imagination
would ever do it , Can you fancy what
the feelings of a little animal must be
when it finds itself in a perfect forest
of legs, each leg provided with a foot
shod in hard leather and liable to come
down on one of its poor little pawB? Its
small brain must be in a ferment of ap
prehension all the time, and if it oould
command any language it would prob
ably be of a powerful kind. Philadel
phia Ledger.
A New Fort.
Heyst, the new port to be built on the
North sea at the mouth of the canal
that is to make Bruges once more a sea
port, will be large enough to hold 12 or
15 of the largest transatlantic steamers.
The breakwater will stretch more than
two miles out to sea. The port will cost
$5,400,000, and $2,400,000 more will
be spent on the canal.
John Woodard, the Veteran Who Wnte
"Joe Bowers" and "The Days of '49."
John Woodard, the old time actor
who wrote two world famous songs,
"Joe Bowers"
and "The Days of
Forty - nine,", is
still alive and
acting at the ad
vanced age of 70
years. He has had
a very interesting
career, and is full
of fascinating
r e m i n i scences.
He is a native of
Grant county,
Ey., and at the
age of 1 7 started
out to seek bis
fortune. He went
4own the Licking and Ohio rivers on a
flatboat to Louisville, where he met an
actor, James Becom, who persuaded him
to adopt the stage as his career. For
three years Woodard roved about the
country with different companies, and
finally reached St. Louis. Every one
who knew him declared that he would
soon die of consumption, and Woodard
concluded to fool them.
For the purpose of doing so and im
proving his health he started across the
plains with Sam Smith, afterward the
author of "Struck Oil" and other plays,
and when he finally reached California
was in excellent physical condition. His
clothing was so tattered and his hair and
whiskers were so luxuriant, however,
that he was enabled for a time to pose
in a Sacramento museum as a captured
wild man. He then organized a co-operative
theatrical company and made a
great deal of money playing in mining
camps. The company consisted of a
manager, an "orchestra," made up of a
single fiddler, and six actors, two wom
en and four men. They hung up blue
blankets for wings, dispensed with the
formality of a curtain, and produced
such easy plays as "Hamlet," "Mac
beth" and "The Lady of Lyons. "
Woodard was always in great demand
as a singer, although, as he remarks, he
"couldn't sing a little bit " He mod
estly admits, however, that his audi
ences favored him particularly because
he wrote his own songs and made them
up to date. It was at this time that he
My name it Is Joe Eowers;
I've got a brother Ike;
I'm Just from old Missouri
Yes, all the way from Pike.
He also wrote "The Days of Forty
nine," and both songs were published
in San Francisco and became popular all
over the world.
Father Damlen's Brother Takes Up His
Work Anions; the Outcasts of Molokal.
Father Damien gave his life for the
lepers, and his brother, Father Pam
phile, has gone to Hawaii to take up his
work among the outcasts of Molokai.
Father Pamphile years ago desired to
undertake missionary work in Hawaii,
and was preparing for the priesthood.
One day his brother, Joseph Damien di
Venster, who was then 19 years of age,
was brought to see him. Joseph remain
ed to dine, and when he returned home
told his father that he, too, desired to
become a priest He accordingly began
studying at once, and afterward return
ed home to receive his mother's blessing.
Father Pamphile prepared himself for
missionary work in the south seas, but
at the last minute was taken with a
fever and forbidden to go.
Father Pamphile was deeply disap
pointed, and Joseph pleased him very
much by volunteering to ro in his stead.
Thus it was that Father Joseph Damien,
the heroic priest, came to visit Hawaii.
After laboring for several years in the
Pacifio islands Father Damien one day
heard his bishop lamenting that be could
not send a missionary to'the lepers on
the volcanic island of Molokai. Father
Damien at once volunteered to devote
his life to the work. For 16 years he la
bored among the outcasts', dressing their
wounds, improving their moral, spirit
ual and physical condition, and bury
ing them when they died. Finally be
contracted the loathsome disease, and
died April 15, 1889.
Father Pamphile will aid in carrying
on the work his martyred brother began.
He will have a much easier task, how
ever, for Father Conrardy, Damien's
assistant ; Father Wendolin Moellers and
a number of brave nuns are now minis
tering to the physical and spiritual wants
of the Molokai lepers. Father Pamphile
is 58 years of age, and a Belgian. He is
a graduate of tho University of Louvain,
and has served there as professor of the
ology for many years. The settlement at
Molokai has been in existence since 1863,
when the awful spread of leprosy
throughout the Hawaiian group com
pelled the government to banish all the
victims of the disease to the island. No
provision was made for their accommo
dation, and they were huddled together
in miserable huts, regardless of age, sex
or the commonest decency. Their condi
tion was wonderfully improved by Fa
ther Damien.
Onion Juice as a Hair Restorer.
A London hairdresser states that there
is only one really infallible hair pro
ducer, and that is onion juice.
The Baker's Task a Bard One He Soon
Breaks Down and Has to Desert His
Oecnpatlon A Well-Known Baker
Talks With a Reporter. .
Examiner, San Francisco, 'Cal,
In speaking of the physical endur
ance which is required of bakers as a
olass, Mr. Louis Coppola, of 969 Har
vard street, San Franoisoo, took oc
casion to say that many of them break
down under the severe strain of their
work. The most vital point of endur
ance is the back. The men have to
bend over the long troughs in which
the dough is mixed. The work is com
paratively light until the dough begins
to thicken, but then it beoomes a con
tinuous process of lifting and throw
ing the heavy mass in a trough con
taining three hundred or four hundred
pounds of dough. It nessitates the
employment of almost herculean
strength to properly mix the dough.
"I gave way under the strain of such
work," said Mr. Coppola.
"It affected my kidneys, just as it
does those of many others who follow
the trade. I began to experience pains
in the small of my back. At first they
were periodial, but they afterwards be'
oame more frequent and finally it be
came so that I suffered from them not
unly while I was working but when I
was at leisure. They would seize upon
me while I slept and cause me hours of
painful wakefulness. ', I soon saw that
I was being unfitted for my work, so I
began taking medicine for the relief of
the complaint It was all to no avail,
however, until I purcahsed a box of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale Peo
pie. I did not take the pills in . the
confidence that they would in any way
relieve me of my suffering, but I bought
them simply to see if the many reports
of their marvelous power were true. I
was soon convinced, for before I bad
taken very many of them the pains in
the regions of my kidneys began to be
lessened, and before I had taken a full
box I had been entirely relieved. I
knew no more wakeful nights, no more
painful exertions while at work. In
faot, I was a new man, and I owe it
all to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. .
"My sister, Mrs. A. Duncan, has
been a sufferer from female weaknesses
for some time. She had gone about in
a sort of moping, listless way, with no
energy for any kind of exertion, when
she saw the great good which had been
done me by Williams' Pills she deter
mined to take some herself. The re
sult has been very favorable. , She has
gained strength, is as lively as a y.oung
girl, and in faot says she feels as
though she were ten years younger than
she really is."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain all
the elements neoessary to give new life
and riohness to the blood and restore
shattered nerves. They are sold in
boxes (never in' loose form, by the
dozen or hunderd) at 50 cents a box, or
six boxes for $2.50, and may be had of
all druggists or directly by mail from
Dr. Williams' Medicine Company,
Scheneotady, N. Y.
; Just In Time.
The president of an accident insurance
eompany, striotly in the line of advertis
ing his business, has been telling a won
derful story, which he locates in Brook
lyn, where numerous trolley accidents
occur. He says: "Some time ago a
large policy holder in my company was
run over by a trolley oar and his right
leg painfully crushed. He remained
conscious after the shock for three min
utes, during which time he pulled out
bis watch and called the attention of
the crowd to the fact that it was just 15
minutes to 12 o'clock. His policy expir
ed at noon, and his foresight was re
warded by the immediate payment of
his weekly indemnity without contro
versy or litigation." New Orleans
Superior American Fens.
American gold pens have the reputa
tion in our own and foreign markets of
being the t, jst pens in the world. Chi--iaao
Times-Herald. '
Indoors, narticularlv In the sit tine noatnre. are
far more preju 'icial to health tha i excessive
muscular exe lion in the open air. Hard se
dentary workers are far too weary after office
nours to lane mum neeaim exercise in the open
air. Trey often need a tonic. Where can they
seek invlgoratlon more certainly and thor
oughly than from Hostetter'g Hfomach Bitters,
a renovant particularly adapted to recruit the
exhausted force of nature. Use also for dyspep
ele, kidney, liver aud rheumatic ailments.
Bobby Papa, Jack Mason said his father gave
mm ou cjnis, an " rapa well? noDDy l a
like to say the same of you.
I cannot speak too highly of Piso's Cure
for Consumption. Mb. Frank Mobb,215
W. 22d St., N. Y., Out. 29, 1894.
FITS. All Fits stopped free by Dr. Kline's
Groat Nerve Restorer. No FHs after the tl rat
day's use. Matvelous cures. Treatise and 2.00
trial bottle free to Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kline.
Wl Arch St., Philadelphia. Pa.
World's Fatrl HIGHEST AWARD. '
:Many competing FOODS
shave come and gonecii
been missed by few or
inoneihe popularity onnis
! FOOD steadily increases!
John Carle A Son..- New York. 2
1 J Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Use I 1
fcj In tuna Sold by droRglsts, rl
The avocations of men go on just the
same in winter as in summer, and those
who labor hard with hands, body and
muscles know this full well. The sport
also are just as festive and are attended
with many accidents. The chances of ac
cident are about the same to all, but to the
laboring man a mishap means very much.
For instance, a sprain may cripple badly
and mean loss or time, place' and moniy
were it not that we all know how readily
St. Jacobs Oil will cure a sprain, and pre
vent all these misgivings. So let us eDioy
ourselves without fear. -
Did I understand you to say that you were a
pugilist?" 'Dat's what." "Manual, oral, or
caligraphicT" ' , '. i
By local applications, as they canno. reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There is
only one way to cure Deafness, and that is
by constitutional remedies. Deafness is
caused by an inflamed oonditiou of the
mucous lining ot the Eustachian Tube.
Wnen this tube gets inflamed you have a
rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and
when it is entirely closed Deafness is the
result, and unless the inflammation can be
take out and this tube restored to its nor
mal condition, hearing will be destroyed
forever; nine cases out often are caused by
catarrh, which is nothing but an in
flamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will gi-e One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall a Catarrh
Cure. Send fr circulars, tree.
F J. CHENEY & CO... Toledo. O.
Sold by Druggists, 75o,
Go East from Portland, Pendleton, Walla
Walla via O. K. St, N. to Spokane and Great
Northern Railway to Montana, Dakotas, St.
Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago, Omaha, St
Louis, East and South. Rock-ballast track ;
line scenery ; new equipment Great North
ern Palace Sleepers and Diners; Family
Tourist Cars; Buffet-Library Cars. Writ
A. B. C. Denmston, C. P. & T. A., Portland,
Oregon, or F. I. Whitney, G. P. & T. A.,
St. Paul, Minn., for printed matter and in
formation rates, routes, etc.
By careful investments by mail through
a responsible firm of large experience
and great success. Will send you par
ticulars free, showing how a small
amount of money can he easily multi
plied by successful Investments in grain.
Highest Bank references. Opportunities
excellent, i attison & Co., Bankers and
Brokers, Room P., Omaha Building,
Chicago. ' .
'. Tbt Gibmba for breakfast.
Don't Tobacco
Spit and Smoko
AICOBDCTC candy cathartic euro constipation. Pnrely vegetable, smooth and
WAdwAnElw eas; sold by druggists everywhere, guaranteed to caret . Only 1O0.
Timely Warning.
The great success of the chocolate preparations of
the house of Walter Baker & Co. (established
in 1780) has led
many misleadinfr
w j w
of their name,
'I "vv rv
Baker It Co. are the oldest and largest manu- J
facturers of pure and high-grade Cocoas and
Chocolates on this continent. No chemicals are
used in their manufactures.
Consumers should ask for, and be sure that
they get, the genuine Walter Baker & Co.'s goods. -
WALTER BAKER & CO., Limited.
If you want a sure relief for
iimDS, use an .
Bear in Mind Not one of the host of counterfeits and imi
tations is as good as the genuine.
Seefls, Trees, Spray Pumps
: -p -
Impure Blood
Was the cause of my not feeling very well
during the spring for several years past.
I had that tired
feeling, was weak
and so tired that
I could not do
much work. For
several years
I have taken
Hood's Sarsapa
rilla regularly,
and it has cleans
ed my bloed,
driven on" that
tired feeling and
built up my
. hole system. Hood's Sarsaparilla has ateo
.lenefited other members of my family, so
that we would not be without a supply."
Stephen McClare, Greenwood, Arkansas.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is tho Only .
True Blood Purifier
prominently in toe public eye. si; e ior.
Unnrl'e Dillc the after dinner pill and
nOOQ S flllS family cathartic. 29a
dr. euNirs
A Mild Physic. One PHI for a Done.
m. increment ox the bowels each dsy is naowKur las?
health. Those pills supply what tha srstem lacks t
make H regular. They cure Headache, brighten tha
Kjes.and olear the Complexion better than coometiosV
Tttey neither gripe nor aioken. To oonrinoe you, we
will mail saaiple free, or fall box for 26c. Sold even
Vtt. BUUfl&u jutUJ, uu., rbHaaelpnia, nt,
Send usUets.
in stamps ana
we will send
yon a boys per
cale or calir-e
waist light
eroand. neat
figure, ages 4 to 13; or 24 cts. for 60 ct navy
hliiA ffrnnnri. Mention this Ti&ner. We have
loads of similar bareains to send you. Ask for
list. Smith's Cash Btore, Ban Francisco, Cat.
Itobtng tad Blind, Bleedlu or Protruding PHm rMd nt mu t
DR. BQ-8AN-KOS PILE REM EOT. awp. itch-
IphftbftorM tumor. A ptMlttve cure. Circular, seat fret, friom
ft. Irul,M or anU. IMtVBOBADisKO, PfclUk-Ptt.
tho nerves
Btronsr. and
brinsrs baok
the feellnsrs of
youth to the pre-
maturelv old man.
It restores lost viaror.
You may train ten
pounds In ten days.
GO btlV and tnr n. Vmr ti.totr T
Old7 Al. Ynur cram riinercrla
RnnVlflt. wHttAn
i, Tmr sale r al 1 ProxylsU. S5 Cent. a b.ttle. i
and sample free. Address nearest offloe.
to the placing on the market
and unscruDulous imitations
laoeis. ana wrappers, waiter
pains in the back, side, chest, or
& Plaster
20B Third St., near Taylor
ache? Does every step seem a burden? Yon need
Second to none . TRY IT... k -
No matter wnerelrom. rOETLANB, OK