The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 09, 1895, Image 3

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' Hood Jivcr Slacier.
The matl arrivos from Mt. Hood at 10 o'
clock A. M. Wednesdays and Saturdays; de-
purrs ' ie same uays at. noon.
for Cnenoweth, leaves at 8 A. M.; arrives at
0 P. M. Saturdays.
For White Salmon leaves dally at 1 P. M.j
arrives at 6 o'clock P. M.
From White Salmon, leaves for Fulda, Gil
mer, Trout Lake and Glenwood Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays. .
Canby Post, No. 18, G. . R., meets at Odd
Fellow's Hall, first Saturday of each month
t 2 o'clock p. m. All CJ. A. H. members in
vited to attend.
'.'! C. J. Hates, Commander.
A. 8. Bloweiis. Adjutant.
Waucoma Lodge, No. 80, K. of P., meets in
their Castle Hull on every Tuesday night.
J. A. SOK9BK, C. C.
. Geo. T. Prathee, K. of 1. & S. ... ,
'Riverside Lodge, No. 08, A O. IT. W.. meets
first and third Saturdays of each month.
W. J. SMITH, M. W.
j J. V. Watt, Financier.
H. L. Howk, Rooo der.
Professional Cards, per month ....$1 00
One inch space, per month.... 1 60
' Hates on larger space given on application.
Business notices In local columns will be
eharged 5 cents a lino each Insertion; under
the head of "Special Notices" naif these rates
Will be charged.
I-iegal advertisements will be charged to the
garty ordering them, at legal rates, and must
e paid for before proof is furnished.
... Land plaster at S. E. Hartmess'. "
f ; Hats and en pa at the Racket store.
!7; Tin cans and wax strings at Dallas.'
S. E. Bartmess is agent for the Vic
y tor bicycle.- '
Just received, a lot more of those hose
at the Racket store.
I'OU Morse is authorized agent for all
newspapers and periodicals. .
7 M. H. Nickelsen i9 agent for the
White Sewing Machine. ,
r : S. K. Bartmess is agent for the Bri
'dal Veil Lumber Company.
Lumber wagon, light, for sale,'
E. E. Savage.
A full line of gent's shirts at the
Racket store. "
Ladies sailors and lace flats at the
Racket store. -
Bed room net with bevel edge mirror
for $12.50 at S. E. Bartmess'.
Mr. Sf R. Husbands of Husband's
t Landing was in Hood River Thursday.
Mr. H. Puph is buildinsr an addition
to his house. Bert' and Will Graham
doing the carpenter work.
Miss Ida Foss and Miss Bess Isen
berg went.! to The Dalles 'Thursday.
From tliere Miss Isenberg will, take a
trip to Portland.
The time for setting fruit trees Is
oomiiiif along. Get your trees of Til
lett, where yon can get them home
grown and true. to name. , ' ,
.A nv thing vou need In the line of
' doors, windows, window glass, mould
ings, thresholds.- casings, etc., you
will find at the Box Factory.
Those who have agreed to pay their
subscriptions in wood are hereby noti
fied to bring Halong. . Sixteen-inch
stove wood, delivered at our residence,
Mr. O. R. Toiler of the Portland
Directory Co. and publishers of a
monthly directory for the city of Port
land, ishere working the valley .and
gathering names and inforniatioiiv.for
a directory of Wasco county.
Stop and think one minute! Is It
not reasonable that without rent to.
Tw I can Sell doom, windows and all
kinds of luilding material, paints and
household furniture, and compete with
any dealer in uny city or town? Call
and see. S. E. Baktmess.
The O. R. &N. Co., always alert to
the welfare of their patrons, have placed
on sale at principal stations a 1000-mile
ticket at the rate of three cents per
mile; good one year from date of sale,
and good for passage over the rail and
water lines of their system.
Rev. J.'L. Hershner returned from
Monmouth Wednesday noon to of
ficiate at the wedding of Miss Hartley
and Prof. C. W. Greene. He reports
that himself and family had a pleasant
trip from here to Monmouth. They
went by boat from here to Portland,
and from there by the narrow g.uige
railroad up the Willamette valley, tak
ing two days to make the journey from
here. He returned to Monmouth
Thursday. ,. t .
We are informed that a man named
Ilanson and a partner have struck a
vein ot coal on the river blurt opposite
Memaioose island. The vein is six by
four feet in thickness and starts from
the fare of the bluff about 500 feet
above the water's edire. The men
have tunneled in on the ledge some
thing over thirty feet. Mr. R Dins
more, an old coal -miner, living near
by, thinks the men have a gcod pros
pect. ; .....
The Mount Hood hotel had a narrow
escape from rlre Sunday night. The
Japanese dish-washer had gone to bed S
and it is thought neglected to extin- j
guish his light. About 12 o'clock he:
awoke and found everything in his !
room on fire. Prompt aid from the
guests ot the house extinguished the
Haines, but it was a close call. , When
the alarm was sounded, Mine Host
Bell, with great presence of mind,
rushed for the hose and turned on the
water. Iu his hurry to reach the fire
he din't notice that the hos had
snapped in two, and he arrived at the
burning room with aboutsix feet of the
nozzle end. When he returned for the
balance he found his wife coolly filling
buckets from the other part of the dis
connected hose. .......
Monday, during the hottest part of
the day, sparks from a passing locomo
tive set fire to the dry grass on the
lower part of C. Weld's' place, on the
East Side. The Hie run up the hill in
the direction of T. H. Emerson and C.
Welds' places, but did no damage be
yond burning the' dried grass. Mr.
Welds saw the fire from town and hur
ried home. He was soon at work with
a hoe scraping a ditch in the loose soil
and dry grass. But the intense heat
was too much for him; he became
blinded and deafened, when he hurried
to his house, and it was an hour before
he recovered. He thinks if he had re
mained at work five minutes longer he
would not have been able to reach the
house. The thermometer at his house
marked J10 in the shade.
The item iu last week's paper in re
gard to a drain being dug by-Perry &
Jones was ail right as fur as it went,
but it seems there are others interested
in the work. The ditch was construct
ed to drain the lots. of J. E. Hanna,
T. C. Dallas, E. Bartmess and Perry
& Jones, and will empty below River
street, near the railroad. A sewer is
needed in River street, to empty into
Hood river, which would drain the
blocks on the south.
Mr. J. -B. Rand has placed a large
watering trough at the roadside near
his place on the hill east of town; also,
a faucet with dipper attached for the
refreshment of thirsty mortals. This
deed v i 11 be certain to bring him- the
lasting gratitude of the East Side
farmers and the public generally,
Williams A Rrosius have o-otten nn a
neat lithograph design for prescription
pads, note heads, labels for pill boxes,
powder boxes, etc., and other station-
arv. It is a view of Hood River val-
ley, with Mt. Hood looming up In the
distance, ana on its snow-white sur
face are the words "Hood River Phar
macy." .
Frunk E. Pierce and Clement Ket
l ..e U....I....J i. -j
afterstopping with friends at White
Salmon tor a few days, came over to
tic ui j. '.uuniiu I'tiuie u u mnt wetsu. riiu
this side and took a drive over the val
ley Tuesday. They returned to Port
land Wednesday. They are well
pleased with their trip and will come
Mrs. I. Robison,' grandmother of
A .... r A t 1- ...... 1 . i 1.
at Salem Tuesday. Mrs. Cook accom- J"' ' P 1 '
panied her as aas Portland and will j ttn the n,oU,8e- '
return with her sister-in-law, Mrs. , Dr- Chapman's lecture Friday even
Dinsmore, who has a sick child tne ! lnS flt fhe U. B. church called out a
doctors recommend bringing to Hood ood audience, and all speak In high
River. ' terms.of the evening's entertainment,
it ! 82ur,:;JEvoiutioident
a iviaii i 1 1 1 viatcii nuu xuiga xjiiiiq
Murray, a friend.cume up Wednesday i
to stop a couple of weeks with their,
f:randfather, Mr. Geo. Booth. Myron '
irought along his bicycle, and all lu
te nd to have a good time on their visit.
The change of weather and high
winds Tuesday brought smoke that;
filled the atmosphere so that the"!
hills across the Columbia were hidden
from view. By parties returned from
Portland we learn that the smoke -, was :
still thicker iu the Willamette.
An excursion to Cascade Locks will . L"' ', T' .mUk-
be given Saturday, August 17th, from ! w- J- Smi'h n1 J,' 8- Harbison re
points on the O. R. & N. as far east us turned on Wednesday night's train
Baker City. The fare from Hood frorn Portland. Their train ran over a
River will be $1 for the round trip, aud : !0W J"8' above the Cascade Locks and
the train will pass hers at 4.33 a. m. j wa8 delajed fifteen or twenty minutes.
Mrs. Jennie bamnlln made the as-1
cent of Mt. Adams one day last week.
She wus the first woman to make the
ascent alone with the guide, aud made
It in less time than any other woman
that ever went to the summit of Mt.
Editor Joe Brant of the Vancouver
Columbian, who recently made the
trip to Lost lake, Is loud in iiis praises
of .that locality for au outing and of
the good people who live along the
route and furnished supplies.
Amos Underwood of Underwood's
JNewtown apples or last year's gro
wn apples of last year's growth
that are as sound us when picked from
the tree. .
' Monday was the hottest day of the
season, the mercury at' 2 o'clock rang
ing near the 100 mark. ' Laboring men
worked : throughout the day without
seeming discomfort, but it was very
trying on the loafer., ' . '
W. J. Baker went to The Dalles
Wednesday by steamer Regulator. He
is nearly through planting his two
acres of berries. The plants are set on
new land, which lias; recently been
grubbed of large oak trees. - -
Mr. H. Henn,- the accommodating i
agent ot tbe u. it. & ss. at tnis place,
is taking a month's vacation. Mr,
month's vacation
Mooney, the night operator, will fill;
his position, and Jus. Ellison will take : service. At the conclusion of the cere
the place of Mr. Mooney. ! mony, congratulations were Informally
Dr. W. D. Noyes and wife of Tacoma extended to the happy pair, after which
addressed a large crowd of Hood River i ,, , . ', .
citizens Monday evening on the subject a delicate supper, consisting of the
or "uuinoiicism." ine doctor ciaimsj
to lie stale organizer for the A. P. A.
in Washington. , j
Lost On the road between John1
Kelley's place and town, a gold finger j
ring. The tinder will be amply re-!
wui'fiprl liv Iptivliiup Ilia riiicr ut. Tllou-pra'
store or with the owner, Mrs. John
. .r - - -r- - r
Scott Boorman's little boy, 3 years !
old, wandered off I he other day, and
was not found for three hours. Justl
at dusk he was found below the bluff
back of R. J. Ellis' place, setting on a
log. -
C. L. Gilbert and family came down
from The Dalles Saturday and, iu com
pany with ("apt. Coe and family, went
out to Mayor Wolfard's camp, on the
Buskirk place, and spent Sunday.
Harbison Bros, have sold their one
third interest in the Lage & Hinrlchs
thresher to Perry McCrory. Threshing
will begin at Harbison's place Mon
day, August 12th.
Paul C. Bates of Portland and Wm.
A. Marshall of Oakland, Cal., came up
triduy and went out to Lost lake on a
fishing excursion. u
Oscar Stranahan desirs to notify the
party who borrowed bis spoke augur
that he wants it returned, as he has
use for It.
J. H. Cradlebaugh came down on
the Regulator Tuesday and returned
tft The Dalles on the boat same day.
mounta .' abo Vhe Da ven port m Vital
Monday and Tuesday.
JHorest fires were raging in
.....i.... : ,v. i
11. V. Perry and family of Portland ;
are visiting the families of W. H., W
. . 1 1... r :i!.. . f i I r t-ir i
B. and F. S. Perry.
Lieut. Calkins of the U. S. navy and
his two sons are camped at Capt.
Blowers' big spring.' .
Mrs. Lyman Smith, who was quite
ill last week, we are glad to state is
much improved. -
You will find something to interest
you in p. F. Pierce's new ad, appear
ing this week. ,- - - -
Dr. Eliot returned from a trip to th
Sound, Saturday. Thursday he went
to Portland. v.'
Lyman Smith came up from Astoria
lust Friday and returned Wednesday.
Lunch and meals at all hours at the
Bakery. Board, $3.50 per week.,
Mr. Frohn of Chicago is visiting his
sister, Mrs. J. O. Eastman.
Teachers' examination at The Dalles,
August 14th.
Alfred Boorman is building a barn
20x30. :
A warrant was issued Friday morn
ing from Justice Soesbe's court. for the
arrest of Dr. Julius Rothermel, who is
stopping at VVinans, and Constable
O linger went out to serve the warrant.
i ue floctor is charged by a young
German named August Morschbach of
taking from tlie post office letters con
taining drafts to the amount of $280,
and getting them cashed, and retaining
tne money. JViorscnoacu has been sick
all summer and the doctor has been at
tending him. On the other hand, it is
stated that the young1 man. was -owing
tne doctor for professional services
and authorized him to take the drafts
from . the post office and get them
cashed. . '
Warrants were sworn out Thursday
by members of the Rod and Gun club
for the arrest of the owners and man-
I a?ers f tl,e t,lree w mills and planer,
charged with allowing sawdust and
i shavings to lie carried into the waters
i of ,he Columbia and Hood river. The
toiiowing persons were arreted this
morning: Frank Davenport of Dav
enport Bros. & Co.; B. R. Tucker of
Tucker's Mills; Heiiry Tomlihson of
Mt. Hood; and Mr. Carver of the Ore
' gOll IjI
gon Lumber Co. The Rod and Gun
i..u j . ,, -
a V. th. f.,l3
lV!2"??J ,aW8 . t0 the fulle9t
vAtvuv vi iiuo inn ,
One day during the week, while
the wind was blowing hard, the dry
grass along the bluffbelow town caught
j fire from sparks from the engine. The
fire ran up the bluff to the Buskirk
house. The fire was seen by Melville
Yesterday Walter . Isenberg was at
work with the baler on George Mcin
tosh's place, and bis pet dog who was
along managed to get hold of a dead
digger squirrel, that had been killed
with strychnine, which . caused his
death. , .
Notice. All interested in the com
ing Hood River fair are notified that
on Saturday. August 17th, there will
be a meeting at Smith's office to mke
preliminary arrangements and
. K00t- Husbands uas lately recovered
from a spell of malaria fever that con
fined him to the house for a couple of
weeks., He was nursing a felon on his
thumb at the same time.
Win. Foss will make Jinal proof on
his homestead before the register and
receiver at'The Dalles, September 23d.
- Matrimonial.
A very pretty wedding took place on
Wednesday evening, August 7, 1895, at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Hart-
ey tiie contracting parties being Prof.
Cal.,and Misg Flora Rachel Hartley of
Hood River, Oregon. The wedding
was very quiet, only the immediate
relatives of the happy couple ' being
present. Rev. J. L. Hershner, pastor
of the Congregationul church, perform
ed the ceremony, the beautiful and
impressive ritual of .the Episcopal
! Church being used by request. Prompt
ly at 8 o'clock, the contracting parties
entered the front parlor, while Mrs. O.
LB. Hartley presided at the orgati, and
taking their places surrounded with a
of , floral - decorations, they
pledged their, troth, each with the
other, observing the beautiful ring
dainties of the market, was served
Prof. Greene is a teacher in the de
partment of physiology in Leland
Stanford university, California. The
bride was graduated by that institution
in June, ad will teach in the depart
ment of zoology the coming year.
They will return to tiiis famous insti
their work in September. Happiness
aud prosperity abide with them,
. -
tution or learning in time to resume
Don't Stop Tobacco. -The
tobacdl habit grows on a man
until his nervous system is seriously af
fected, impairing health, comfort and
happiness. To quit suddenly is too se-
l vere a shock to the system, as tobacco,
j to an inveterate user becomes a stimu
j hint that hissystem continually craves.
Baco-Curo is a scientific cure for t lie to
bacco habit, in all its forms, carefully
compounded after the formula, of an
! eminent Berlin physician who has used
it in his private practice since lij7a,wiili
nut. u f)4illlrA lilirulv L'utrotMlkla utwfl trmir.
tt,,teed perfectly harmless. You can use
Ru tue tobaecovou want, while taking
Baco-Curo, it will notify you wnen to
stop. We give a written guarantee to
permanently cure any case with, three
boxes, or refund the money with 10 per
cent interest. Baco-Curo is not a substi
tute, but a scientific cure, that cures
without the aid of will power and with-
no inconvenience. It leaves thesysteui
uo pure uim iree uom lai-miie as me
ay you tk your first chew or smoke
, Z lZl
miirtv iuv tnumpnn jmso- r n.
x. . " ' '
direct upon receipt of price. Send six
two-cent, stamps for sample box. Book
let and proofs free. Eureka Chemical
& Manufacturing Chemists, La Crosse,
Successor to E. L. Smith Oldest Established
House in the valley.
Dry Goods, Clothing,
' . AND . .. .. - '
General Merchandise,
Flour and Feed. Etc.,
smoke. An iron-clad written guarantee
all its forms, or money refunaea. Friee $1 00 per box, or 3 boxes (30 aays1
treatment and guaranteed cure), $2,50. Forsale bi all druggists, or will be
sent by mail, upon receipt of price. SEND SIX T WO-VENT STAMPS FOR
SAMPLE BOX. Booklets and proofs free.
. Eureka Chemical & Mfg. Co., La Crosse, Wis. i
: Office of THE PIONEEB PRESS COMPANY, C. W. HoEnicK, Supt.
. St. Paul, Minn.. Sept. 7, 18114.
Eureka Chemical and Mfg. Company, Tja Crosse, Wis. Dear Sirs: I have been a tobacco
flend for many years, and during the past two years have smolced fifteen to twenty cigars
regularly every day. My whole nervous Bystem became affected, until my physicians told
me I must give up the use of tobacco for the time bein, at least. I tried the so-ealled "Keely
Cure," "No-To-Bac." and various other remedies, but without succes.-,. until I accidentally
learned of your "Baco-Curo." Three weeks ago today I commenced using your preparation,
and today I consider myself completely cured. I am In perfc ; health, and the horrible crav
ing for tobacco, which every inveterate smoker fully appreciates, has completely left me. I
consider your "Baco-Curo" simply wonderful, and can fully recommend it. Yours very
truly, c
U. B. church, Sunday,, Autr. 11th,
Sunday school at 10 a. m., preaching
tit 11 a. m., Junior endeavor at - 0.30
p. tn., senior endeavor at-7 p. m.
j. c. i.rause, pastor.
Union meetings will be held at the.
Congregational church Sunday even
ing, August 11th, at 8 p. m. Rev. F. C
Krause will conduct the service.
There will 1 Sunday school at the
M. E. tabernacle at 10 o'clock, the
usual hour. A welcome to all. Supt..
Regular services are held at the M.
E. barracks morning and evening of
the first Sunday of each mouth; in the
evening the remaining Sundays of the
month. The fourth Sunday evening
occupied by T. D. Gregory.
r . U. JOHNS.
Assessment No. 2.
Notice Is hereby elveu to the stockholders
of the Hood River Fruit Growers' Union that
the Board of Directors have levied assessment
No. 2, of 50 cents per share on the capital
stock, to be collected according to the provi
sions of the by-laws.
II. P. DAVIDSON. Secretary.
Ladd's New Gun Store.
New line of all Sporting
Goods, Campers, Fisher
men and Prospectors'
Supplies at reduced rates.
Highest ci h price paid
for Raw Furs. Send for
lataloitue. Address Ladd's Gun Store. Third
and Market Sts, San Francisco,) al. Jel
Forty acres unimproved land, on the east
side of Hood river, 5 miles from town. Price
S10 per acre. Inquire at Glacier office. .
To Lease.
From 4 to 5 acres of strawberry lnnd, In
good condition to plant at auy time. Within
a mile of town. Plenty of water. Apply at
Glacier office.
G. T. Prathkk,
Notary Public.
H. C. Cob.
Beal Estats and InsnrancB,
93 Oak St., bet 2d and 3d.
We have lots, blocks and acreage in the
town of Hood Klverjnlso, fruit, hay and oerry
farms and timber claims in the most desira
ble locations in the valley. If you have any
thing in the real estate line to sell or rent, or
It you want to buy, give us a call.'
Deeds, bonds and mortgages promptly and
correctly executed.
We will also attend to legal business in Jus
tlccs courts - . i .
We are also agents for SOUTH WAUCOMA
ap27 I .
For Sale.
Five acres of good land 1 miles west of
town. Inquire of G. PRATHEK.. ,-
mar 11
WM.T1LLETT, Proprietor.
Grower and dealer in choice Nursery stock.
He has the only stock of the
Yakima Apple,
The best of red apples, and as long a keeper as
the Yellow Newtown.
I have aboui 20,000 apple trees of the best va
rieties growing In my nursery. All standard
varieties are grafted from the best stock In
Hood River. jelo.
Bargamsjn Land.
200 acres of unimproved land for sale. on the
East Side, 6 miles from town, 87 to $10 an acre.
Other land, about half cleared. $20 nn acre.
Well improved land, an acre. Plenty of
water for irrigation. Will sell In 20 or JO-ncre
tracts. Inquire at Glacier office. . Je22
(Special attention given to Land Office proc-
Rooms 44-45 Chapman Block,
' Notary Public.
DRV eVt. CARNS is now located in Hood
River. . Firstrcluss'-wftrk at reasonable rates.
All work guaranteed, OJlice iu the Langillo
House. - . Jyl
and donH be imposed upon by buying a
remedy that requires you to do so, as it in
nothing more than a gubatitule. In the sud
den stoppage of tobacco you must have some
stimulant, and in mottt all case's the effect of
the stimulant, be it opium, morphine, or other
opiates, leaves afar worse habit contracted.
Ask your druggist about BACO-CURO.
Jt is purely vegetable. You
do not have to stop using to
bacco with BACO-CURO.
Jt will notify you when to stop
and your desire for tobacco
will cease. Your system will
to absolutely cure the tobacco habit in
inoj . v. v. tiottiNiutt..
Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Country Produce Bought and Sold.
mmMKK established
Timber Land, Act June S, 1878.
United States Land Offlce, The Dalles, Ore
gon, May 81, 18H5. Notice is hereby given
that in compliance with the provisions of the
act of Congress of June 8, 1878, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands In the states of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," Helen R.Daven port of Hood River,
county of Wasco, stateof Oregon, has thisday
filed in this offlce her sworn stntementNo.m,
for the purchase of the W. N. W. section
No. 15, In township No. 2 north, range No. 9
east, and will offer proof to show that tho land
sought Is more valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish her claim to said laud before the
Register and Receiver of this office at The
Dalles, Oregon, on Thursday, the loth day of
August, 1895.
She names as witnesses: M. M. Davenport.
C. Copple, Frank Davenport and Carl Wood,
all of Hood River, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to file
their claims in this offlce on or before said 15tb
day of August, 1895. - . .
Je8al0 JA3. F. MOORE. Register.
For Sale.
Two large stoves, 1!5 Joints of stove pipe, two
elbows, two sections 8x10 blackboard, and two
sections 4x10 pulp blackboard. Apply to
M. H. Nickelsen, Clerk, or tho School Bosrd
of District 8. - Jy2
Land for Sale. -
Forty acres of land; 5 acres fenced; on the
county road, 5 miles from town of Hood
River. Price, $000. Address
myl8 J. H. FRARY, Tucker, Or.
Bargain in Land.
For Sale Forty acres unimproved land,
east side of Hood river, 4 miles from town.
Will sell 5 or 10 acre tracts -cheap. Inquire at
Glacier offlce. - -
Kitchen Furniture,
Pruning Tools, Etc.
Repairing Tinware a Specialty.
M Eicl for Sals fcii.
Situated miles west of the town of Hood
River, on the Columbia. Free from late frosts..
Full crop of all kinds of fruit now on ranch.
Fine irrigating facilities and water for that
purpose belonging to place. Call at. (Jlacier
offlce or at ranch. F. R. ABSTEN.
Notice Is hereby gi ven that by an order of
the county court for the state of Oregon for
Wasco county made and entered this 22d day
of July, 1816. in the matter of the estate of
John L. Iticn, deceased, Monday, September
2d, 18B5, at the hour of 1 o'clock P. Ml, was
fixed as the time, and the county court room
of said county as the place, for the hearing of
said final account of the executor of the last
will and teslamentsof Said deceased. All per
sons having any objections to said final ac
count, and to tne settlement of said estate, are
directed to appear at said time and place,
then and there to show cause, If any there be.
why Bald , final account 'should not be ap
proved and said estate settled.
Jy2i AMIE RICH. Exccutrlx.-
"7 THE 7 7,7
J X Ul UUuU U. Willi
Navigation Cc,
Through Freight and
Passenger Line.
Daily betDalles anfl Porflana
All Freight Will Come ThrougJa
Without Delay.
Oims way . -.... 58
Round tiip.............................. u r9
Freight Rates Greatly
' General Agent.
E. McNEILL, Receiver.
Gives the choice ef
Minneapolis OMAHA
ST. PAUL. Kansas City.
Low Rates to All East
ern Cities. .
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Hood Rlvr, or nddri 1
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1 , . Cen'l Pus. Agent,.
.... . Portlnnd, Or. ,
prompt answer and an honest opinion, write to
WUNN fc CO., who have had nearly H.ftv 5 enrb'
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tions strictly confidential. A HaudboAk ot In
formation concerning Patents and bow to ob
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MUNN & CO,. Nft" .-
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Supreme Court and
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; "tlon, for effective methods iu indl-
' " eating pronunciation, for terse j-ct
I " comprehensive Btatementa cf facts, U
I " and for practical use as a working ?
; "dictionary,' Webster's International' 5
1 " excels eay other singlo volume." 5
: .'- ' : -
Tlie One Great Stanrlnrr! Authority.
lion. P. J. Brewr, Justice of to V. 6.
RmireiTiB Court.writes : ' The lutrrnatlimal i
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CpringGeld, Mass., U.S.--.
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