The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 02, 1895, Image 3

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    -Hood River. Slacier.
3 FRIDAY, AUGUST 2, 1895.Jv
The mall arrives from Mt. Hood at 10 o'
clock A. M. Wednesdays and Saturdays; de
parts Sesame days at noon.
. For Chenoweth, leaves at 8 A. It.; arrives at
P. M. Saturdays.
For White Salmon leaves ddtlyat 1 P. M.;
arrives at 6 o'clock P. M.
From White Salmon, leaves for Fvida. Gil
mer, Trout Lake and Olenwood Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays. ..
.;' , 'y ' SOCIETIES. . - - ' ' ;
Canby Post, No. 16, O. . R., meets at Odd
Fellow's Hall, first Saturday of each month
it 2 o'clock p. m. All U. A. B. members In
vited to attend.
C. J. Hayks, Commander. '
A. 8. Blowkrs. Adjutant.
Waucoma IiOdge, No. 80, K. of P., meets In
their Castle Hull on every Tuesday night. , .
J. A. 80K.SBB, C, C. ,
Oho. T. PRATHEft, K. of R. S 8.
Riverside Lodge, No. 68, A O. U. W., meets
firs t and third Saturdays of each month.
V v J. SMITH, AI. W.
J. K. Watt; Financier. :
: H. L. Howe, Recorder. ' "
'- Professional Cards, per month SI 00
One inch space, per month - 1 60
Rates on larger space given on application.
Business notices In local columns will be
charged 5 cents a line each Insertion; under
the head of "Special Notices" half these rates
will be charged.
Legal advertisements will be charged to the
party ordering them, at legal rates, and must
be paid for before proof Is furnished,, j .-., ;
: Land plaster at S. E. Hart mess'.
. . ; ' Hats and caps at the Backet store.
. - Tin cans and wax strings at Dallas.'
8. E. Bartmess is agent for the Vio
:, tor bicycle.
Will Langille came down from Cloud
Cap Inn Monday. . - .. ,
Just received, a lot more of those hose
at the Backet store. . .
M. H. Nickelsen is agent for the
White Sewing Machine.
S. E. Bartmess is agent for the Bri
dal Veil Lumber Company. r
Lumber wagon, light,- for sale.'"-
'.'i .v y - E. E. Savage.
A full line of gent's shirts at the
Backet store. ,v i-t,, .
Little Dt Watt gave a party to
her playmates Thursday afternoon.
Scott Boorman is building a barn,
. 80x40, on his place on Phelps creek.
Jack Denipsey is at Hood Blyer for
health, stopping at the Mt. Hood
. . :
Shoo Fly! Screen doors and xten-
Hon window screens, fit any window,
' at the Box Factory. ; .. :
Walter Mays was thrown from his
pony Monday evening and sustained
a broken collar bone.
H. N. Wait has moved down from
Mt. Hood and is occupying the house
on T. J. Watson's place.
Louis Clark came up Tuesday from
Portland and will remain on his
father's ranch for a couple of months.
. Mr, nnd Mrs. Wra. Boormari return-1
" ed to Hood Biver last week after an ex
tended trip to Portland and Ocean
Jones & Perry are having a drain
luiilt from their building, Fourth and
Oak, to connect with the sewer on
Biver street.
The time for setting fruit trees is
coming along. Get your trees of Tll
lett, where you can get them home
grown and true to name. V
JoesjBrant, editor and proprietor of
the Columbian of Vancouver, was here
. Inst week and went out to Sandy Flat
in company with Bert Graham. ,
Bead the new ad of Ferguson &
Davidson, dealers in agricultural imple
ments, and go and examine their
handy baskets for gathering fruit. .
John Henrich of the East Side has
rurehnsed a Southwick hay press of
D. Henrioh, and Is now prepared to
Dale liny at tne rate orzu tons a aay.
Those who have aarreed to pay their
subscriptions in wood are hereby noti
, fled to bring It along. Sixteen-lnch
stove wood, delivered at our residence.
s 'j-a n un . vi cntv . t'uiniHj
night to an old-fanlioned ,.' Eastern
h?rtvy winds accompanied the thunder
J. L. Atkinson, the well known real
estate dealer ot Portland, and Mrs.
Jennie Champlin came up Monday
and went out to her fathers, Mr. Ge.
Booth. Tuesday, Mr. Atkinson went
up to Cloud Cap Inn.
- Stop and think one minute! , Is it
nub icamiiinntc biinu - witliifub .iciib in
pay, I can sell doors, windows and all
kinds of building material paints and
, household furniture, and compete with
mu,y ucatu ill miy vit'jr 'i wm 11 1 . VyMll
and see. . -. S. E. Bartmess.
' The O. B. & N. Co., always alert to
the welfare of their patrons, have placed
on sale at principal stations a 1000-mile
' ticket at the rate of three cents per
mile; good one year rrom date or sale,
and good for passage over the rail and
water lines or their system."'
.: Clan T.TnfuK la 1,1 it A B Ka.1
- ,I.VJ II (OU I ' ' U HI ... I llf U L... . II VI.
Paradise farm. He will use a good
deal of the material from the old . barn
recently torn down, and which was
about the oldest building in the val
ley. The timbers are found to be' as
' sound and as serviceable as the day
; they were hewn for the old bai'u.,..,
, a nne young jersy uun oeionginir to
tt rt r x , . , i , ,
jj . j. xiengst uroKe ois necx in a sing
ular manner one day last -week. The
animal hjd a rone around its neck held
by two men, and in trying to break
away from its captors the rope caught
on at oaK gruo ana tne nun was turown
on Iiis head and broke his 'neck. . J
Mrs. j. id. x). mailings or rortiana
is Improving her twenty acres U miles
south of town, opposite I be place of
M. E. Cook. The lady has bought an
interest In the Band ditch extension.
Jack Nealeigh has been employed to
grub the land and will begin work
next weeki Mrs. Stallings, we under
stand, will build a residence' ou ber
lots in town. , ..
Dr. Adams returned from Portland
Saturday. He says people in - Port
land are constantly inquiring for a
nice place to board in Hood Biver. He
is anxious to recommmecd some place,
but cannot, as he does not know who
takes boarders. He says if boarding
houses would advertise in the Glacier
or call and tell him about recommend
ations, prices, etc., he may be of some
service to them,
The report of the librarian, in last
week's Glacier, was somewhat mis
.leading iu regard to the books donated
to the library. To make the matter
straight, we are asked to state tbt the
books came from tiie late First Congre
gational church, which organization is
now disbanded and the members have
united with the Congregational church
iu town. The lamps of the church
were also sold, and the proceeds $6 or
$8 which has not been collected, will
be turned into the library funds. -
- Dr. Adams informs us that in less
than teu hours after the Glacier
came out with an ad for a cow, a man
led a fine milk cow to Paradise farm,
price $25. He found a market and
went home happy. . Applications
came in so fast by letter that one morn
ing, when Mrs. A. saw the herders
bringing up some twenty town cows,
she said, "Well, I believe there is
another lot of cows coming In answer
to our ad In the Glacier.'' j
The city government of Hood River j
has been run economically, so far. After
all the expense of the election, prepar- j
ing ordinances . and publishing the j
same, priuting, etc., the outstanding
warrants against tue town amount to
only $65.90. Licenses have been col -
lected to the amount of $48, and there
2? XT, pl . 1 "1 l yse a
the amount of $8.55.
The little boy of PostmaAter Morse,
aged altout 2 years, has been danger -
ously ill with summer complaint fori
the past week. The child has not
been well for about six weeks, and
while the family were in the mount-
alns seemed to be cettinit well, but
since their return home it has grown
worse again. . :
The ladies' aid society of the Con
gregational church will ' spend next
Friday with Mrs. McCoy, leaving the
l-uureiim o.ou in mc niuiuii..
good attendance is desired as there
some work to be finished at this meet-
iug. There will not be another meet-
lug during the month of August.
Kev. j. Li. Hershner and iamily left
mursciay ror Monmoutu, roiK county,
mhor. Al,-. ITot-.hnor'u huponla rnalHo
Tliey will be absent about one mouth.
The Christian endeavor society will
uavecuarge or ttie bunaay morning
services during the pastor "p83"
of Henderson shoes from Chicago
Thursday, and to make room for a
shipment from Boston, due the com-
tug week, he will run a bargain counter
ana ciear out a ioi or summer ana;
other goods at cost for cash. Seecbange
of ad next week.
Wednesdnv. P.-. M. Warren. Frank
Warren, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Srong
and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Taylor of
Portland arrived at the Langille house
and went to Cloud Cap Inn. Thurs
day, W. - A. McKensie and wife, of
Portland came up and went out to the
Inn.- ' , . ' ,
! Mr. B. -Warren ; has sold the west
half of his Oakdale property to Rich
ard Kirbyson for $400. Mr. Kirbyson
will build upon the land during the
coming fall and move upon it with his j
family, consisting or a wire and taree
children. ' ,
J. H. Cradlebaugh has gone back to
his old business and opened a law and
gospel shop in The Dalles, where, he !
says, he will dispense law and dispense i
witn tne gospel. Kead bis card m ;
another column
Lost Between the nlaces of John
Monroe and M. V. Band, on the East
Side, a coat containing pocket book.
A reward of $1 will he paid for same if
left at Hanna& Wolfard's.
, Wm, Tillett.
ny thing you need in the line of
doors, windows, window glass, mould
ings, thresholds, casings, etc., you
will find at the Box Factory. .
Miss Carrie Poor, who has often
visited Hood Biver; came up from
Portland last Saturday , with Dr.
Adams and his family. - ' .
Miss Ida. Foss ' returned ' Tuesday
from Shattuck, near Portland, where
she has been visiting for a couple
of months. 4 ' , '
Williams & Brosius have received
their $50 bicycles. . They are daisies,
("all and see them at the drug store.
Mrs. Geo. C. Jficbolson and son of
Portland came up Tuesday and are
stopping at Mrs." Alma Howe's. :
"The question of bringing out a big
ditch from Hood river to irrigate the
west side of the valley is again talked of.
Mrs. Belle Schaller, music teacher,
came up from Portland Tuesday , and
Is stopping at Paradise farm.
" Bev. 8. Homibrook from Golden-
dale arrived on Thursday to attend the
Belmont campmeetlng. . v
Mrs. Peter Cordes, who has been
sick for a long time, is now very low.
' Ladies sailors and lace 'flats at the
Backet store."' -" ;- ;
Bed room set with bevel edge mirror
for $12.50 at S. E. Bartmess'. - --Mayor
Wolfard and family are in
camp at Sandy Flat, v , .
School will begin Sept 2d In district
2; J. T. Neft'aud Miss Isentierg, teachers.
Mrs, C. P. Heald is quite sick.
."King Lear" to night.- ' .' .' 1
' ""' To Set Strawberries. : '
: If every one who contemplates net
ting 'strawberry plants this summer
and fall succeed in setting as many as
they claim they will, the acreage Jn
that delicious and profitable crop will
be increased ' at least ten' times oyer
what it has been. : Many new planters
Will be In the field, and the' output of
strawberries next year will astonish
some of us old-timers here who at one
time were of the opinion that Hood
Biver climate was only good for health
and its lands could grow nothing but
mortgages. Among others, 8. J. La
France intends to set six aeree- on Ids
land- adjoining the Lyman Smith
place. Lyman Smith will set five
acres. J. J. Luckey and M. N Foley
each' four acres.; W.' ; J; .. Baker
has' commenced to set two acres, which
will make him 'five acres In straw
berries., - - . ; ', .;,;.;.;;. ..;.:,..
: Card of Thanks
Hood Biver, Ore., July 28, 1895.
Editor Glacier: Would you through
the columns of your valuable journal,
express to the people of Hood Biver
and vicinity our heartfelt and sincere
thanks for their uniform kindness and
tender BHsistance during the late ill
ness of our little daughter Eva.
Mr. and Mrs. I. R, Birt.
A Destitute Family.
Saturday last a destitute family were
brought down from Mt. Hood and re
ported toCapt. Blowers, ' nounty com
inissioner. . The family consists of an
aged couple and Ave children ranging
from 5 to 12 years of age. The mother
of two of the children was sent to the
asylum about one year ago. The old
folks are living on a claim near Mt
Hood, where they find it hard to make
a living. The old gentleman had been
without tobacco for some time, and
no having enough to eat, was on' the
verge-of insanity. ' His. wife thought
him insane, but he was examined by
Dr. Broeius, who pronounced him all
right if he could have his regular ra
tions, of. grub and tobacco. Capt.
mowers furnished tnem witn some
thing to eat and then gave them a sup
ply of provisions on account of the two
children whose mother is in the ttay-
lum.i He will report the case at the
uext '.meeting of the commissioners
1 and the children will probably be sent
; to the state orphan asylum. While in
: Blowers' store, the eldest went Into
t lie warehouse to get a drink of water
Before he reached the water be spied a
1 a pile of bacon, when he hurried back
to the store and yelled to the other
nniidrn: ..r RBW mMtl mat!''
; . . ..
i CaPl- Blowers could do no more than
send them back to their claim by the
same conveyance that brought them
in, with provisions enough to last for
some time. - -
Cauipmeetlng Items,
Teama will Im at rh AT V. phnnpl
is1.. le?m8 ul M at the M' chapeI
i Sunday moraing at Ba. m. to convey
the Sunday, school children, their
I parents and all Interested to the camp-
grounds and return. All come and
. , . h
I onng your lUOCn
The presiding elder will be present,
' as it is the fourth quarterly meeting
, occasion. Love feast at 9 o'clock;
preaching at 10; children.' meeting at
i 44 UOCK,f : r- ; ' ' ,
Quarterly conference Saturday after-
noon at 2 o'clock. . It is especially de-
; sire( tnat an tne official board be
t .
. . . . ..
Tde interest Is gooa on the camp-
ground d souls are obeying the
: Spirit of God and receiving His bles-
sings. Everybody invited. F. L. J.
At Mount Hood, Sunday, July 28,
iS!iov Alexander Jos, aged 70 years.
' Deceased was born in Aberdeen, Scot
lau'l,. came- to .tola country ; seven
or eight years ago and located on
claim at Mt. Hood. He was a miller by
occupation, and for' sixteen years was
nigbt foreman of a flouring mill. He
contracted miller's asthma, which dis
ease caused his death. He was father-
in-law.of Wra. Davidson of Hood Biyer
valley. A widow and six children are
left to mourn bis loss. ' - "
At Hood Biver, Oregon, July 27,
1895; of consumption, Eva W., only
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Birt of
Portland, aged 10 years, 7 mouths and
2 days. ; :
The little sufferer was brought to our
city about two weeks ago, but the
dreaded disease had gained too large a
hold on her for our invigorating cli
rtrrae to eradicate. Her last moments
were peaceful an a May day. , '.
v Beware of Imitations of Peacock Flour,
Take none without the picture of the bird on
Ferguson A Davidson have chilled plow
points for sale. ' '
Don't Stop Tobacco.
' The tobacco habit grows on a man
until bis nervous system is seriously af
fected, impairing health, comfort and
happiness. ' To quit suddenly is too se
vere a shock to the system, as tobacco,
to an inveterate user becomes a stimu
lant that bis system continually craves.
Baco-Curo is a scientific cure for the to
bacco habit, in all its forms, carefully
compounded after the formula of an
eminent Berlin physician who has used
it iu his private practice since 1872, with
out a failure, purely vegetableand guar
anteed perfectly harmless. You can use
all the tobacco you want, while taking
Baco-Cufo, it will notify you when to
stop.. We give a written guarantee to
permanently cure any case with three
boxes, or refund the money with 10 per
cent interest. Baco-Curo is not a substi
tute, but a si-leutific cure,' that cures
without the aid of will power aud with
no inconvenience. ' It leaves the system
as pure and free from nicotine as the
day you took your first chew or smoke.
Sold by all druggists, with our ironclad
guarantee, at $1 per box, three . boxes,
(thirty clays treatment), $2.50, or sent
direct upon receipt of price. Send six
two-cent stamps for sample box. Book
let and proofs tree. Eureka Chemical
& Manufacturing Chemists, La Crosse,
Wisconsin. . r
(Successor to E. L. Smith Oldest Established
, House In the valley.
Dry Goods, Clothing,
! General Merchandise,
Flour and Feed. Etc.,
Notary Public.
be as free from nicotine a the day before you first took your first chew or
smoke. An iron-clad written guarantee to absolutely cure the tobacco habit in
all its forms, or money refunded. Price $1 00 per box, or S boxes (SO days
treatment and guaranteed cure), $3.60. For sale by all druggists, or will be
sent by mail upon receipt of price. SEND SIX TWO-CENT STAMPS FOR
SAMPLE BOX. Booklets and proofs free. '
:-: - Eureka Chemical & Mfg. Co., La Crosse, Wis,
St. Paul, Minn., Sept 7, 1894.
Eureka Chemical and Mfg. Company, La Crosse, Wis. Dear Sirs: I have been a tobacco
fiend for many years, and during the past two years have smoked fifteen to twenty cigars
regularly every day. My whole nervous system became affected, until my physicians told
me I mustelve ud the useof tobacco for the time beitu;. at least. I tried the so-called "Keel v
Cure," "No-To-Kac." and various other remedies, but without guocesa. until I accidentally
learned of your 'Baco-Curo." Three weeks ago today I commenced using your preparation,
and today I consider myself completely cured. I am In perfec ; health, and the horrible crav
ing for tobacco, which every Inveterate smoker fully appreciates, has completely left me. I
consider your "Baco-Curo" simply wonderful, aud can fully recommend It. Yours very
II. 'B. church, Sunday, Aug. 4th,
Sunday school at 10 a. m., preaching
at 11 a., m., junior endeavor at 6.80
p. m., senior endeavor at 7 p. in. -
,', a. c. ivRAUSK, pastor.
Regular services are held at the M.
E. barracks morning and evening of
the first Sunday of each month; in the
evening the remaining Sundays of the
month. The fourth Sunday evening
occupied by T. D. Gregory.
. Li. JOHNS.
: Assessment No. 2.
Notice Is hereby given to the stockholders
of theHood River Frnit Growers' Union that
the Board of Directors have levied assessment
No. 2, of 60 cents per share on the capital
stock, to be collected according to the provi
sions of the by-laws.
- H. r. DAVIDSON, Secretory.
Bargains in Land.
200 acres of unimproved land for sale, on the
East Side, 6 miles from town, J7 to 810 an acre.
Other land, about half cleared. 820 an acre.
Well Improved land, 830 an acre. Plenty of
water for Irrigation. Will sell In M or 40-acre
tracts. Inquire at Glacier omce. , je22
Ladd's New Gun StoreJ
New line of all Sporting
uooas, (jampers, f isher
men and Prospectors'
Supplies at reduced rates,
. Highest ei -so price pi
.for Raw Furs. Send for
Address Ladd's Oun Store. Third
and Market Sts, Han Francisco, al. Jel
Forty acres unimproved land, on the east
side of Hood river", 8 miles from town. Price
f 10 per acre. Inquire at Glacier office. .
To Lease.
From 4 to 5 acres of strawherrv land. In
good condition to plant at any time. Within
a mile of town. Plenty of water. Apply at
Glacier office. e!5. .
H. C. Cox.
Notary Public.
Real Estate aiS Insoraiice,
93 Oak St., bet. 2d and 3d.
' v in. .vi i . 1 1.. u ii i. a n i, 1 1 ii wurcHKO u U1Q
town of Hood River; also, fruit, hny and oerry
farms and timber claims In the most desira
ble locations in the valley. . If you have any
thing In the real estate line to sell or rent, or
If you Want to buy.give usacull. .
Wo kon 1.1 t I . L
leeds, bonds and mortgages nromntlv and
correctly executed.
We will also attend to leral business in I no
tices' court.
We are also agents for SOUTH WAUCOMA
For Sale.
Five" acres of good land IK miles west of
town. ; Inquire of
mar 18
WM. TILLETT, Proprietor.
Grower and dealer In choice Nurserv stock.
He has the only stock of the
vYakima Apple,
The best of red apples, and as long a keeper as
I have about 20.000 aDDle trees of the best va
rieties growing in my nursery. All standard
varieties are grafted from the best stock in
Hood River. . . Jel5.
M Raiti fir Sals tep.
Situated iM miles west of the town of Hood
River, on the Columbia. Free from late frosts.
Full crop of all kinds of frnit now on ranch.
Fine Irrigating facilities and water for that
purpose belonging to place. Call at Glacier
office or at. ranch. F. R. ABSTEN.
Notice is hereby given that bv an order of
the county court for the slate of Oregon for
Wasco county mad and entered this 22d dav
of July, 1895. In the matter of the estate of
John L. Rich, deceased, Monday, September
2d, 1895, at the hour of 1 o'clock P. M., was
nxed as the time, and the county court room
of said county as the place, for the bearing of
said final account of the executor of the last
will and testament of said deceased. All per
sons having any objections to said final ac
count, and to the settlement of said estate, are
directed to appear at said time and place,
then and there to show cause, If any there be.
why said final account should not be ap
proved and said estate settled.
Jy24 , ANNIE RICH, Executrix.
For Sale.
One thoroughbred Jersey Bull, one year old;
also, one yearling heifer, seven-eighth Jersey.
For sale by H. C. HEN GST,
JyU HoodRJver, Or.
and don't be imposed upon by buying a
remedy that requires you to do so, as it is
nothing more than a substitute. Jn the sud
den stoppage of tobacco you must have some
stimulant, and in most all cases the effect of
the stimulant, be it opium, morphine, or other
opiates, leaves a far worse habit contracted.
Ask your druggist about BACO-CURO.
It is purely vegetable. You
do not have to . stop using to
bacco with BACO-CURO.
It will notify you when to stop
and your desire for tobacco
will cease. , Your system will
. ( DEALERS i '" ' '
Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, ..
Country Produce Bought and Sold.
time mask canracNnr
I have for sale a seven-year old mare; will
weigh from 1200 to 1300 pounds.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.
United States Land Office, The Dalles. Ore
gon, May si, iSHo. Notice is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of Congress of June 8. 1S78. entitled "An
act far the sale of timber lands In the states of
California. Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory, ' Helen R.Davenport of Hood River,
county or Wasco, state of Oregon, has this day
filed in this office her sworn statement No.lCl,
for the purchase of the W. )jN.W,5j section
No. 15, In township No. 2 north, range No. -9
east, and will offer proof to show that the land
sought Is more valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish her claim to said laud before the
Recister and Receiver of this office at The
Dalles, Oregon, on Thursday, the loth day of
AUgUHt, ' '
She names as witnesses: M. M. Davenport.
C.Copple, Frank Davenport and Carl Wood,
all of Hood River, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to tile
their claims In this office on or before said 15th
day of August, 1895. .
Je8al0 JAS. F. MOORE. Register.
$25.00 Reward.
The Water Supply Co, of Hood RiverValley
will pay the above reward to any one who
will give Information that will convict any
person or persons of stealing water, tamper
ing with the boxes or breaking their ditches.
By order of the Wuter Supply Co. or Hood
J. F. ARMOR, President.
WM. DAVIDSON, Secretary. Jyl2
For Sale.
Two laree stoves. 35 lolnts of stove dIdc. two
eTbows. two sections 8x10 blackboard, and two
sections 4x10 pulp blackboard. Apply to
M. H. Nlckelsen. Clerk, or the School Board
of District 3. Jyl2
Land for Sale.
Forty acres of land: fi acres fenced: on the
county road, 5 miles from town of Hood
River. Price, 8600. Address
myl8 J. H. FRARY, Tucker, Or. .
Rooms to Let,
With or without board. Pleasant csmnlng
grounds. Address WM. TIliLETT,
jyia uooa River, or.
- ; v, '
A red cow, 8 or 7 years old, with slender
horns blunt at the points. Any Information
in regard to the coir will be rewarded.
Je2 O. B. HARTLEY. Hood River.
Bargain in Land.
For Sale Forty acres unimproved land,
east side of Hood river, 4 miles from town.
Will sell 6 or 10 acre tracts cheap. Inquire at
Glacier office. t
mm AND TMAi,
Kitchen Furniture, .
i Pruning Tools, Etc. .
Repairing Tinware a Specialty.
,;v'... ;. THE
I X Wi UIUIU U. IlliiU
Navigation Ckx
Through Freight , and
Passenger Line.
All Freight Will Come Through
Without Delay.
One way ,.........-.. $1 .fii
Round trip...;... hm
Freight Rates 'Greatly
... General Ageiist.
E. MCNEILL, Receiver.
. ' TO THE
Olves Uyd cluuoe of
Minneapolis OMAHA
' r ' AKD . ' . AND
ST. PAUL. Kansas City.
Low Rates to All East
ern Cities.
No. 28, Freight leaves at ' AJ
No. 2. Mail " , iO.OO I'. M
No 27 , iocut, leaves at : 3.15 P. M
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" comprehensive statements vf iacts,
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" dictionary, Webster's Internet :mcl'
" excels any other single volume.' "
The Ona Great Standard Avltr
N Bon. I. JF. Brewr, Justice of tt ,
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G. C. MERRIA.HI CO., PuWisiers,
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