The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 26, 1895, Image 4

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    Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. & Gov't Report
The Clerk's Loud Voice Made Trouble la
i -( f. tiie Lambkin FuJliily, ';
"I don't see why we Can't go to the
opera like other people, V pouted Mrs.
Lambkin, as' she and her spouse were
walking home together; r'.'Wecould, I'm
sure, if you didn t look upon Wagner as
1 a mortal enemy. " ""..'" l"
"My only objection to him is the fact
that he sends you to sleep and then
won't lfi von isr.av there." renlied Mr.
Lambkin, v Then, basely anxious ' to
change the subject, he remarked, "I do
Deneve mac is Mrs. jnczjones in anoiner
new gown." ;,, , " ;
"No doubt. Her husband in bo gen
erous to her. Why, she tells me that
they were at the opera last evening and
expect to go again tomorrow. " ;
"Indeed. Ah, by the way, didn't you
tell me that you thought Dick Norocks
and Miss Effle had quarreled?"
"Very likeiy. 'I notice that Dick is
, particularly ? touchy whenever' grand
opera is in town. "
' - " Ah, indeed. By the way, how should
yon like to call at your mother's this
evening?" ."
"Very much, if anybody was Jikely to
be at home. But of course they will all
go to the opera. "
, "Um ah I I've just remembered that
this is churcn evening,, Suppose we go.
We haven't been "to evening church since
. we were first married. J - i , ; j '..'.
"Impossible, (Jeorge. I should be
ashamed to have any one know that I
was well enough to be out after night
and not at the operas People would b
sure to say that you are stingy, and I
would rather die than cause such re
. marks." .ov
.'. "Fact is, Eudora, I'm as anxious as
you are to, go to the opera) but money is
too tight. 1 1 had to make a payment to
day and I doubt if I haye, a dollar in my
pocket. Never mind,, we can have a nice
long evening at home alone, can't we?"
"Humph 1 We are sure to be alone,
for every living soul we know will be at
the opera." .
"All the better, my dear. Just step in
here with me a moment, will you? I
have no cigars', and I don't want to have
to go out for anything tonight You seei
I don't keep many cigars on hand now
that money is so scarce.'?. '
They went into the store, and Mr.
Lambkin selected his cigars, while his
wife stood by. He felt anxiously in his
pockets for small change, and finding
none took a bill out of his notebook, and
glancing warily at Mrs., Lambkin hand
ed it, all crumpled up,, to the clerk.
After all that it did seem the irony of
fate which' made i that individual call
out in stentorian tones to the cashier,
"Twenty-five from 20, please I"
about it whfii they reached home.-
Mlas Wniard's Title.
,, Mica EVaYinoo TT1 -Willftril ia Yinw Tr
Frances E. .Willard, since the Ohio
Wesloyan university has conferred upon
her the degree of LL. D. A telegram
announcing the fact came to the great
"welcome meeting" to Miss Willard in
New York and was rapturously received
by the audience. This is Va year of ju-
sity, being its semicentennial The uni
versity is coeducational, and its presi
dent is that able and faithful advocate
of woman suffrage, Dr.- Bashford. It
was a happy coincidence or was it pre
meditated? that one of the women
graduates chose ''Frances Willard' for
her graduating tjiome. The Western
Christian Advocate says: "The great
honor of LL. D.' sought illustrious sub-
- n nr;ii J . a ' - 1
jecis v ranees wiuara ana ciBnupj
Warren and Thoburn. The foremost
woman of her times, Frances Willard,
is the first woman to receive this degree
from an institution of the high rank of
the Ohio Wesleyan. We congratulate
both the honor giver and the honor
bearer. ".-'.
In the edifice of health Is vigor, which meant
not mereiv muscular energy, but an active dis
charge of th various functions of the body,
such as digestion, secretloi o' the bile, the ac
tion of me b we's. the circulation of the blood.
No hlng more actively or thorounhly contrib
utes f the united ierformane of these fane
tion than tiie tetiownnd touio and regulator,
Ho8 ettcr's stomach Bittern, The result of Its
u-e Is a speedy (fain In strength, together with
the tgieeib e consciousness that the tenure of
life in be ng strcuftheiied-r-that one la laying
upai-tore of vitality against the unavoidable
draught which old age makes upon thesystem.
T ie fortifying influence of the Bitter consti
tute U a reliable safeguard against malaria,
rheiin)Httm and kidney trouble. Appetite and
slxep improve through its use, and It protects
the syittem against the effects of oolds and
damp. . . , . , ' - "' ' I
"Lo von think tnat mickens would deceive a
f lend t "of com e tint. None of his frieuds
w nld bell.e word he says." 't
: i pavpi; its rnK
every one of the painful irrejrularitieB
and weaknesses that prey upon women.
They fade the face, waste the figure, ruin
the temper, wither you up, make you old
before your time. , , '(
Get well:' That's the way to' look welt
Cure the disorders and ailments that beset
you, with, Dr. Pierce's. Favorite . Prescrip
tion. , ' . " f
It regulates and promotes all the womanly
functions, improves digestion, enriches th6
blood, dispels aches and pains, melancholy
and nervousness, brings refreshing sleep.
and restores health and strengui. . t
When the mercury has risen, ,u , ,
I like to hear the flzzin '
And I love to hear the slzztn of tie
' water mill. -
V Oh, there Is music In Its slngln '. '
And a mem'ry to It clingin "f
Which oftentimes 1b brihgin thought
linger with me still, . r ,
thoughts of nectar and vanilla.
Btrawoerry anu earsapaniia, -;
Thoughts of soda that would fill a boy
visions of delight,
And, though many years have fleeted
Since the juveniles I treated,
There's a sentiment deep seated that
I soda's out of sight. .
Jjet others prate of whisky ';";'.. .' ; V
That makes a fellow frisky, .
But alcohol is risky stuff to monkey with
.. atall.- -
Let stagestruck guys make merry , , "
Over mugs of Tom and Jerry, 0
Bing the praise of Ellen Terr)-, Misa Lang
try, Pauline Hall;
Let sapient dudes touch glasses :
To the health of buxom lasses, '"'
But soda quite surpasses all the drinks that
make men tight. . , - ; -It's
abeverage that'B chec-riD,.,: ,.f. 0
Unpretentious appearin,
To humanity endearin aye, it's clearly out
of sight. ,.
..Michael J. Donnelly In St. Paul Globe. ; k
Some Things at the Eisteddfod Which Made
English Visitors Very Weary.
$ ''Aitev 600 yearsthe Prince of Wales
oomes home. " So sang Lewis Morris in
an ode read before the royal visitors to
the eisteddfod at Carnarvon. The ode
was read in English, and the Prince of
Wales audibly protested td those around
him that the chronological statement re
ferred to was not quite accurate, as he
had been inlWales before, though cer
tainly not in a public manner. How
ever, the ode was fairly good, and as it
was In English and lauded the Prince
and Princess of Wales in the fulsome
fashion that might have been looked for
from an expectant poet laureate, a ver
sifier who aspires to succeed Tennyson,
their royal highnesses thoroughly en
joyed it - and graciously aocepted a
bound copy of it .
Lewis Morris ranks as a Welsh bard,
but he was the only one of that mystio
and, truth to tell, somewhat ridiculous
body who wore the clothing of nine
teenth century civilization. The others
were decked out in quaint garments and
Druidioal trappings and were evident
ly the cause of violent delight to the
Princess of ' Wales as she and her hus
band sat among them on the platform
in the eisteddfod hall. The Sun report
er who attended the gathering is now
sorry he did bo, as he has ' lost all ven
eration for bards and a good deal of
respect for the eisteddfod institution it
self. Welshmen thoroughly enjoyed the
whole business, but to the English visit
ors, royal and plebeian, it was weari
some work listening to a long succession
of bards' reciting poems in an unknown
tongue. The poems, in their translated
form at any rate, proved in nearly ev
ery case to be sad doggerel. Bard Eos
Dar, however, created much appreciated
diversion by singing or chanting in fine
style a "penillion," which he subse
quently turned into English.-London
Cor. New York Sun. . ' "'
Case of a Brooklyn Woman Who Indulge
Her Mania to Others' Embarrassment.
A curious mania has oome to light
recently in Brooklyn through the con
tinued suffering of its indirect victims.
A wopian living' in one of the pleasant
residence portions of the city has been
annoyed now for nearly three years by
the persistent appearance at her house
of delivery clerks from the well known
shops with C, O. D. . parcels for her
number, but not her name. The pack
ages are always addressed to Mrs. Hor
ton, with the street and number of the
woman who- is not and, never was Mrs.
Horton, nor has any one of that name
ever lived at the address indicated. ', ;
The parcels are always C. O. D. and
are Of various merchandise. One after
noon last week a large basket of crock
ery, packed in excelsior,, was Unpacked
in her basement area, while the maid
brought up to her mistress the C. O. D.
bill. - Notice has been given to different
stores of the transaction, and shopkeep
ers have been requested not to forward
that combination of name, address and
C. O. D. element," but at irregular inter
vals they continue to come, eluding the
watchfulness of the delivery , depart
ment Late at night and early in the
morning these mysterious packages ap
pear, and, though they are always
promptly returned, there seems no way
to stop them; The only plausible suppo
sition is that the mythical "Mrs. Hor
ton" has a mania for shopping that her
purse does not afford means to satisfy,
but which is thus relieved at the ex
pense only of time and trouble to other
persons. New York Times. , 1 ; s
Another Italian Bank Scandal. . '
1 Another bank scandal is threatened
in Italy which may put even the Banca
Romana into the shade. The rumors of
fraud,, corruption and bribery, upon a
huge scale, in connection with . the
Credit Mobiliere which have long been
ourrent,' have now taken a more con
crete form, a group of shareholders hav
ing formally presented a petition to the
tribunal at Turin, bringing the gravest
charges against Signor Frascasa, mana
ger of , that Jsank, and demanding a ju
dicial inquiry., Should such an investi
gation be authorized astounding revela
tions will follow, for Frascasa is believed
td have .had in his pay some leading
politicians in Rome, including ministers
and one ex-premier and nearly every
journalist , of , repute or ; influence in
Rome, Turin, Florenoe,' Naples and
Venice, spending millions of lire an
nually in subsidies and for concessions. .
The- Remarkable Journeying' of a tAghU
I ,, weight 820 Goldplecec j !,
Some weeks ago, in perftxsuwoe of
his duty, Public' Printer Benedict ex;
pressed a quantity of waste gold (oaf to
the Philadelphia mint, with the request
that its value be returned to him in gold
coin. He did not advertise the gold leaf
for sale, as he might' have done, but
preferred, to deal with Onole 8am di
rect. In a few days he received by
express from; the: mint , -for the waste
gold leaf several Dags of gold coin, the
value of which was $1,619; 64."Heq
knowledged its reoeipt and at once sent
it to the treasury, department' to be
placed to the credit of the miscellaneous
receipts of the treasury " ' ' ; ' ; ' ' v,
.The gold coin contained in.' the bags
received from the mint was taken out
by the treasurer and counted and
weighed, as the law prescribes. , Out of
the $1,619.54 6ne $30 goldpiece, accord
ing, to the treasury scales, was exactly
$1.25 light, . Treasurer Morgan wrote
the public printer to that effect and t e
quested that he at once forward $L 25
to make good, the shortage of. the $20
goldpiece. "!.'':':'" v V'.'vfi :
, The publio printer did not propose "to
pay the $1,25 ' out of , his own pocket,
so he wrote to Superintendent Town
send of the Philadelphia mint Inform
ing . him , that one $20 goldpiece was
short $1. 25 and to please forward that
amount : This was done. In his letter
containing the $1.25 shortage Superin
tendent Town send expressed regret that
tTe publio printer had not returned the
original $20 goldpiece. ' ' ' ;;
Mr". Benedict on receiving the $1.25
sent it to the treasury department and
got a receipt for it ' This, he thought,
would close the : transaction. ' But it
didn't' ., The treasury officials, it seems,
were not satisfied. Several days after
ward , the public ' printer received the
$20 , goldpiece stamped across its face
"light $1.25, " with the request that he
return to the department $18.75, so as
to make ' his account balance, the de
partment having received $1. 25. ' This
was a surprise to the publio printer, " but
as he was dealing with government offi
cials he thought he could 'stand the
racket if they could. ' He sent the light
$20 goldpiece to the Philadelphia mint,
with, the .request that they forward
Treasurer Morgan a certified draft for
$18.75.'. vVV . ;..M'.
After a lapse of nearly a week he re
ceived a communication from Superin
tendent Townsend stating that he had
weighed the disputed coin,' and that' he
found a shortage of but $1 and request
ed the' publio printer to return to him
the 25 cents he had paid out in excess. '
A demand was made on the treasury
for- 25 cents.''- It. was received, and in
turn Public Printer Benedict' forwarded
it to the mint . )',.,; .f '
.This ended the' transaction, but the
question arises, Who made good the
shortage in the $20 goldpiece? Did the
superintendent of the mint at Philadel
phia make the shortage good out of his
own" pocket, "or was it charged to the
government? And, again, if the officials
of the mint weigh the gold coin, as the
law requires, how is it possible for a
light coin to get out, and must not some
thing be wrong with the scales used by
the treasury department? The treasury
officials stamped the coin. $1. 25 light
The mint people say it is but $1 light
Had this matter" occurred with private
individuals instead of government of&-.,
cialS' the private individual would no
doubt' have had to pocket the loss.
Washington Post' - '-; ;' i
After Solemn Mass Over an Empty Coffin
All Adjourn to a Banquet. ' '
An up to' date ' disciple of Charles V
of Spain has held at a village of the
Yonne department in 'France, a kind
of dress rehearsal of his funeral while
yet in the land of the living. For the
past year gravediggers and masons had
been engaged in preparing the gentle
man's tomb, and he had surveyed the
work with loving care. When every
thing was ready, he had , a, handsome
marble " slab put up, "with the' date of
his birth and the list of his titles and
distinctions, winding up with the com
forting assurance ' that he "had been a
good father and, a law abiding citizen"
inscribed thereon. On his ninety-fifth
birthday all his friends and acquaint
ances were invited to the 'rehearsal of
his funeral. A solemn burial service
took place at the ohurch, and his. empty
coffin, placed 'under a catafalque and
surrounded with wax candles, received
an antipipatory blessing. To cheer 'up
his guests, whom this lugubrious cere
mony must have somewhat depressed,
he then bade them repair to his house,
where a grand banquet took place, at
which the beadle, the choristers and
the priests who are to officiate at his
real funeral were present Each guest
pledged his word in a bumper of cham
pagne that, if he were still living at the
time he would not fail to "assist", at
the funeral ceremony of which the rev
hearsal had just been gone through.
The real event may not come off yet
awhile, for this imitator of the famous
emperor is still quite hale and hearty
in spite of his 95 summers. London
Telegraph., ,'' '"',;
... Picturesque Boston Advertising.
Last week a group of maidens clad in
the, very,, latest , bathing- costumes and
surrounded hy all', the cooling features
of the sea ' beach " disported in a Wash
ington street window, where perspiring
passersby ' gazed on their charms and
heartily,,wished, they could step into;
their shoes and stockings.1 One 'young'
woman wrapped .in a., bath robe, was
extended on the shore, another held a
big parasol over her head, . while other ,
bold minxes calmly amused themselves
paddling' in the" water, preparatory . to
taking a .'"header, " 'or sat themselves
down in readiness for. the advancing,
waves 1 It was a pictorial advertisement;
that went to the right spot and the "
spectators took , note of the fetching '
styles and then went thoir way, deter
mined to go and do. likewise at the near
est fashionable resort Boston Herald. ,
' Nowhere are boys better cared for and
more thoroughly taught than at Hoitt's
School, Burluigame, Ban Mateo county,
Oal. ' The school is in charge of Ira G.
Hoitt, Ph. C, and will reopen August 6th,
8. F. Chronicle. ..a; 'mVn t
,.. Photographs of the Moon, .
, , The photographers of the Paris observ
atory have just finished, for the Acad
emy of Sciences the clearest view ever
secured of the moon. They have photo
graphed her surface in sections, which
fit making a great image 5 feet in di
imeter. : ' ; The work ' is so ": perfect that
,i wns, forests and 'rivers would be per
ceptible if they existed. ;- i t
We offer One Hundred Dollars reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot he
cored bv Hall's Catarrh Cure. . ' "
E. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O.
. We the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in. all business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligation made by their firm. - -!
Wbst & Tbuax, Wholesale Druggists, To
ledo, O. i ,,. ...v; '.vr -v i'. J:j '''
' Waldino, Kinnan & Masvin, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, O.' "'-
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mu
oous surfaces of the system. Price, 75c per
bottle. , Sold by all Druggists. Testimon
ials Free. - ........... -.''.'v.;. .
:iH . i! i,- '" 1 T -'A -.
Piso's Cure for Consumption has saved
me many a doctor's bill. S. F. Habdy. Hop-
Kins riace, uaiumore, ma., vec. z, lotrt.
. HOW TO. GET. WBXI,, ,;,,.
"Use Radams Microbe Killer. Advice free,
360 Morrison St., Portland, Oregon. , -
: : rr-i : i .
' COUPON 86 The two new and popular
songs "Goodbye" ana "Parted," reirnlar price
40c each, can be procured at the introductory
price, IDc each, by sending this coupon stamps
taken.., wuey a. Alien voH romana, Oregon.
, Tbt Qibmba for breakfast. . ,
A Good Appetite
Indicates' a healthy condition of the' sys
tem 'and the' Jack of it shows ' that the
stomach, and digestive organs are weak
and deMlitated. Hood's Sarsaparilla has
wonderful power to tone and strengthen
these organs aud to create an appetite
By i. doing this it restores the body to
health and prevents attacks of disease, 1
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is tiie 'only true blood' purifier promi
nently belofe the public eye to lay.
W--krl'e Pillc the after dinner pill and
i , w w .j ni family oatnartto. zoo.
'Jiff ',' ' . ; "
-AND .
" u'In Every Detail.' -
These engines are acknowledged bv excert en.
glneere to be worthy of highest commendation
for simplicity, high-grade material and superior
workmanship. They develop the full actual
horse power, and run without an Eleotric Spark
usrairj , me system 01 igniuoo is simple, inex
pensive and reliable.
For rmmDino' ontflta for irrfiratlnflr nnrnoset
no better engine can. be found on the Pacific
For hoisting outfits for mines they have met
with highest approval. '
, For Intermittent power their economy Is u
questioned. . . ; . .
," MANUFACTURED BT- ( ', 1 5? ' ii
sVlisr Qanfl tr9 Aatalrttviisft - I
Artificial Eyes
Write for Price..
Elastic Stockings
Trusses '7::
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Crutches . . V
..Portland, Oregon
Elyffiream Balm
Cleanses the Nasal
' Passages, Allays Pain
and Inflammation,
Restores the Senses of
Taste and Smell. ,
j . Heals the Sores. .
' Apply Balm into Moh nostril.
Bi.x BBOS..H WanwtSW . .
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w.-. vi- a-2 - . "
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1 wim iaiiiiviiicr.
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0-...-H-'.. :
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liVR Tftf?. A DimR.
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irl i
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article needed for the
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Jteoggists OT mail, i)r. iioa&iiko. Piillada. Ptu
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nearest agent. C. C.
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family tourist sleepers; pew equipment.
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