The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 16, 1895, Image 2

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    3eod driver Slacier.
What Apple Will You Plant?
A few weeks since in conversation
with several gentlemen in the Glacier
office on the above subject, I casually
made the remark that I had been do
ing some corresponding, covering a
period of six months, for my own bene
fit in the endeavor to gain the infor
mation which would guide me in se-
. lectiug the best and most profitable
varieties of apples, from a commercial
standpoint, for my own place. (I may
remark, parenthetically, since becom
ing the proud owner of broad acres of
Hood River's best apple land, I have
become a sort of crank on the apple
question. . Not that I now know any
thing on the subject, but that I hope
ome time in the future to know more.)
The Rood editor, hearing my remark,
kindly requested me to reduce the re
sult of my Investigation to writing for
the columns of the Glacier. I de
murred, but he said he would be glad
to have it. This is the only excuse that
1 can offer for assuming to write on a
subject about which I know so little.
The markets have practically de mon
st rated that the cream of prices will
come to the person who can throw up-
on the market in spring, properly
packed, a fine red or crimson apple, of
correspondingly good dessert qualities.
On the basis of the foregoing fact, my
first communication addressed to the
pomologist (Prof. Heiges) U. S. depart
ment of agriculture, Washington, D.C.,
requesting the department to name
four or live varieties ot apples that
should most nearly possess these qual
ities: (1) they-should be of a bright red
or crimson color, (2) they should be of
best dessert qualities and (3) they should
be late keepers. To which I received
' the following reply: '
"U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Division of Pomology, Washington,
D. C, October 9, 1894. Mr. P. A.
Bnyder, Wusco, Oregon Dear Sir:
Yours of the 22d ult., addressed to Prof.
Heiges, was received in his absence. Re
plying to your inquiry, I would state
, you have named three requirements
that are not combined in any variety
of the apple that I know. .Many, of
, our finest dessert varieties are not long
keepers, and those which keep well are
many times not apples of bright red
color. But as I understand you, a Jist
of four or five varieties that approxi
mate your requirements will be satis
factory. So I submit the following:
Paragon, Jonathan,, Esopus, Red Can
ada and VViiiesap.- : '
"All of these varieties will be accept
able in color. Paragon is probably the
only one that will keep in tirst-class con
dition until April or May. The others'
being at their best from January to
March. Jonathan, JDsopus ana uea
Canada are the best in quality on the
list, 1 think. Wiuesap and Red Can
ada will need to be top-grafted on vig
orous stocks, as they are rather weak
, growers and do not make good trees on
their own roots. If other than red
.appler were desired, a list of varieties
or much higher dessert quality could
tttjuude out. Very truly, : .
' . . "Wm. A. Taylor,
"Ass't Pomologist.
-"It may be added that the Paragon,
. .named above, is known more fre
quently by the synonym Mammoth
jilack Twig, and is descended from the
VVlnesap." . , ,
From the above list I have rejected
. ;;3He winesap as being generally too
njull and would cater only to hotel
. nd rest urant trade, which -is a minor
..factor. IhaveaUo rejected the Jona
than because it is a tender apple and
juust be put on the market when there
re too many other bright colored ap
ples to-compete with it. 1 Of the Red
Canada and Paragon, I cannot speak,
lor I can find no specimens in the
valley. , , . , '
.Addressing the same request to the
sBtorrs & Harrison company of Paines
. 'Ville, Ohio, they declined to recconiend
jiny variety, for the reason that apples
color and behave so much differently
liere in our Oregon climate than in the
Eastern states.
To the same request addressed to the
Oregon wholesale nurseries at Salem,
1 received the following reply:
"Salem, Oregon, October, 25, 1894.
P. A. Snyder, Wasco, Oregon Dear
Sir: Your valued favor of the 23d inst.
is at hand and couteuts carefully
"In the long list of apples that it has
keen our experience to see fruited on
this coast and in the East, there are
not very many i that will fill the re
quirements you mention. It is only
by a careful selection that you will
find all the points you name combined
in one apple. Yet these are the most
essential qualities to make un apple
profitable for commercial purposes.
There are other points along with these
you name that we will consider in
recommending varieties to you:
namely, bearing tonalities and size of
the fruits For an tipple with all the
good qualities you mention that is not
a prolific and annual bearer, would not
be profitable,: We would recommend
as follows.: Esopus Spitzeuburg, Wege
ner, Gano, Baldwin. ; Were we plant
ing for ourselves, we would plaea Ben
Davis second on the list. For while it
Las not as good dessert qualities as
some others, it has all the other q uni
ties for making money, , Yours
truly, .. ..
'Oregon Wholesale Nurseries.
"Per M. McDonald,
"Vice President."
From the above list I have rejected
the Ben Davis and the Gano because
of their poor dessert quality. Besides,
the Ben Davis, from what I ,have ob
served, color well only where exposed
to the full sunlight. I have rejected
the Baldwin because of the bitter
brown spot which is almost invariably
found in it, although I understand Mr.
Win. Boorman and a few others have
succeeded in raising it without the
spot; but even with them it is uncer
tain. I shall refer to - the ' Baldwin
again farther on. .
Referring the same, request to the
. Oregon state agricultural college, I re
ceived the following reply:
Oregon State Agricultural College.
Experiment Station, Horticultural
Department, George Coote Horticul
turist. Corvnllis, Oregon, February 13,
1895. P. A. Snyder, Esq., Hood River,
Oregon Detir Sir: Your favor of the
Bthlnst. to hand. The four varieties;
tlittf Caiiada, Wngener, Gano, Jona-i
than) mentioned by you are good. The
accompanying list are all late keepers:
Monmouth Pippin, Willow Twig,
Howies Joinetf bTwckley, Nickerjavh,
Dutch Migiionue, Stenner Pippin.-I
feel, obliged to add the King and
Northern Spy. I have underlined the
varieties 1 should recommend outside
those mentioned by yourself. Very
truly, ... . George Coote."
The first part of the foregoing: refers
to my request for an expression of
opinion concerning the varieties en
closed in parenthesis. ' But the reply
covers too many varieties, and so I con
sider it rather valueless. "
Through Mr. W, J.. Baker Iattempt
edtoget the same proposition before
the recent meeting of horticulturist .In
Portland, but my communication
reacjed him a little too late. However,
after adjournment, be placed the re
quest before a few of the leading or
chardists, and received substantially
the following laconic reply: "Go home
and seek your, information. People
who raise such apples as you do at
Hood River should not come to us
with such queries for such informa
tion." '.- ' - '
I have Inquired liberally amon g
local fruit growers. Mr. M. V. Rand,
on the east side of Hood river, named
for the first three varieties Esopus
Spitzeuburg, Baldwin, York Imperial;
but was at a loss for the other one or
two varieties. . '
Captain Cook, at - the, mouth of
White Salmon, names as his choice
for the first three varieties his seedling
Baldwin (named by the department of
agriculture, Yakima), York imperial
and Esopus Spitzeuburg fourth and
fifth choice not at hand. . -
As I write I have before me a speci
men of the Yakima, and I think I am
not saying too much when I say it is one
of the most magnificent varietiesof win
ter apples I have ever seeu. It is the
Baldwin improved in every wav in
size, keeping quality, dessert quality
and in color, being almost covered
with a dark rich crimson. The cap
tain says it can easilv be kept till May,
and from the specimen before me I
have no reason to doubt it.
Of all the varieties named in answer
to my inquiries, I have selected two be-,
side the Yakima for my own orchard.
They are the Esopus Spitzeuburg and
the Wagener. ..The latter equals the
former in many ways, and for spicy,
aromatic flavor the Wagener surpasses
the Spitzeuburg; and iu keeping qual
ity, under reasonable good care, the
Wagener can be kept till April or the
first of May. I have specimens of the
fruit before me, the keeping quality of
which I am curefully noting. For re
valuing two varieties, I um inclined
to select Paragon and Red Canada. In
quality, Red Canada, Wagener and
Esopus Spitenburg are described in the
catalogue of the American pomological
society as best. If aiiy person having
a personal knowledge of Red Canada
can tell me more of it, I shall be pleased
to hear from him. . It frequently goes
'under the synonym of Old Massacbu
sests None-such.
If any prospective orcnardist gets
a hint or an idea from this communi
cation, I shall be amply repaid for the
trouble of writing it, for I'll confess,
for a long time the more I inquired the
more muddled up 1 became over the
selection of varieties. P. A. Snyder.
Edgemont, Hood River, March 9, '95.
John H. Gender is now editor of the
Skamania Pioneer, published at Ste
venson, Wash. He is making a bright
and newsy paper of it. Capt. Wal
lace, the former editor, we learn has
gone to Alaska.
The Skamania Pioneer is informed
that the portage road around the Cas
cades on the Washington side, which
belongs to the O. R. & N., is to be re
paired and used for traffic during the
coming summer.
We . find the following in "Uncle
Joe's" correspondence from White
Salmon to the Skamania Pioneer:
"John Dye and his partner are catch
ing tons of sturgeon-, rilling their jack
ets with yellow gold and their stom-'
achs with unctious sturgeon steak."
T. A. Baker of Goldendale bos in
vented a gold saving machine that is
expected to save the flour gold in the
sands of the Columbia river. ;.
At the school election in Portland,
Monday, J. A. Strow bridge was elected
director over D. P. Thompson by a
majority of 723 votes. The question as
to whether vehicles should be made to
pay toll on the bridges was voted upon
the same day and defeated by a vote of
3001 to 1521. : .-; : : ' :
Representative Cole of Multnomah
county, has commenced a libel suit
against the Oregonian for $45,000 dam
ages. Cole was one of she "immortal
thirty" that stood out for the anti
Dolph element, and he claims that the
Oregonian used abusive language to
wards mm tor nis action.
Congressman ' Ellis returned home
from Washington last Sunday.
According to the school census, Port
land nas a population or over ii7,uoo,
Dr. E. T. Cams, Dentist, ,
Has returned to Hood River,.' pre
pared to do all kinds of dentistry work
examine, fill, extract, regulate and
make new teeth; also, crown and
bridge work. . " - ;
Ordinance No. 5.
An Ordinance entitled "An Ordinance Im
posing Certnlu Dut ies and Prohibitions for
' the Better Protection of Property, Morals,
.. , Safety, Health and Convenience of the
Town of Hood lilver."
Be It Ordained by the Common Council of
the Town of Hood Hlver: Section 1. That
it shall be the duty of every practicing Dhy.
lcian in the town of Hood Kiver to notify the
maranai, in writing, 01 every case 01 con
tagious or Infectious disease within the town
limits, within twelve hours after the existence
of such disease snail come to his knowledge.
Sec. 2. That It shall be the duty of the owner
or occupant of every building in the town of
Hood River, wherein any person shall have
contagious or infectious disease, to give notice
in writing to the marshal of the same, within
twelve hours after the existence of said dis
ease shall come to his or her knowledge, and
to give Immediate notice to the public of the
same by placing a green flag In case of diph
theria, a yellow flag In case of small-pox or
varioloid, and in all other cases a red nag, In
some conspicuous place on the premises,
where it may be seen by persons passing on
the street near said premises. And It shall be
the duty of the marshal, as soon as he is in
formed of the existence of such disease, to see
that such Mug be placed as aforesaftl, and such
flag shall be kept in such place until no danger
by infection remains. - .
Bee. 8. No person having contagious or In
fectious disease shall go Into any public place,
or pass from, house to house or bulldfng to
building, or appear In any street within the
town, until he or she shall have so far recov
erod therefrom ns to preclude all danger of
Infection; and it shall be the duty of the mar
shal to cause any person violating this section
to be taken forthwith to his or Iter place of
residence, or to touch place as the mayor may
direct. "
We c. 4. The occupant of any building In the
sick of contoglous or Infectious disease, shall,
on the death or recovery of such person there
from, forthwith destroy, by burning or bury
ing, the clothes worn by such person during
such sickness, and shall forthwith cleanse,
purify ai.d fumigate such building.
Sec. 6. No person shall expose, oiler for sale,
or sell, within the town limits, any spoiled or
tainted meat, fish, fruits or vegetables, or the
flesh of any calf less than four weeks old, or
cast, or leave, or keep in or adjoining any
street, road, square or public place, or In auy
?ard, lot, block or premises within the town
imits. any bones, putrid, unsound, unwhole
some or refuse beef, meat, hides or skins of
any Kina, or any part oi a aeaa animui, nsn
or bird, or any stagnant or Impure water, or
any putrid or unwholsome substance, or any
offal, garbage or the offensive part of any an
imal or animals, or any decayed or decaying
substance or filth of any kind, or suffer any
yard, lot, place or premises to be or remain In
such a condition as to cause or create a noi
some or offensive odor, or thereby to become,
cause or create a public nnisance.
Bee. B. The owner, agent or occupant of any
premises within the town limits, to which a
privy, barn or other building belongs or ap
pertains, who shall use or keep, or shall per
mit the same to be used or kept in such a
condition as to cause a noisome or offensive
smell, so as to become a nuisance, shall re
move or abate the same within twenty-lour
hours after being so ordered bj the marshal.
Bee 7. Whenever the marshal shall be in
formed of the existence of any nuisance pro
hibited by this ordinance, he shall forthwith
give or cause to be given to the person or per
sons responsible therefor, a notice to remove
or abate the same, and if such nuisance be not
removed or abated within twenty-four hou s
thereafter, the marshal shall cause the same
to be removed or abated, and he shall be and
Is hereby authorized to remove any obstruc
tion that It may be necessary to remove in
order to reach and remove or abate the same.
The expense of the removal of any nuisance
by the marshal shall be paid by the town In
the first instance, and the marshal shall re
ceive a fee of two dollars In every such case,
which fee, together with the expense of re
moving and abating such nuisance, may be
recovered In a legal proceeding by the town
against the person or persons notified as here
in provided.. -
eo. 8. When any of the conditions provided
for by sections 5 and U of this ordinance shall
actually exist, to the annoyance or Incon
venience, detriment or injury ot any person
or persons, It shall be deemed a public nui
sance. Bee. 9. No person or persons shall deposit In
any street or public place within the town
limit, any boxes, cans, paper, dirt, trash,
manure, straw, broken glass, bottles, crock
ery, nails or rubbish of any kind, and allow
the same to remain for a longer time than
twelve hours; or obstruct any street or high
way, or squat upon, enter into possession of,
occupy, use, cultivate or enjoy, or build, con
struct or maintain any building, corral, fence
orother Improvement upon or remain on or
continue to use, cultivate, occupy, enjoy or
maintain any building, corral, fence or other
improvements upon any street, road or
highway, or any portion thereof within the
town limits, or upon any land or real prop
erty belonging to the town of Hood Kiver.
See. 10. No person, or persons shall fire
any species of tire arms, except in cases
of necessity, or fire or explode any
fire -crackers, bombs, torpedoes or other
explosive within the town of Hood Kiver
without a permit signed by the mayor and re
corder, to be granted under the supervision of
the marshal; or shall use, cause to be used or
encourage the use of any bean shooter orother
contrivance or invention used in shooting or
throwing beans, stones, pebbles or other sub
stance or thing la any public place within the
town limit; or shall, throw any snow-ball,
pebble, or missile of any kind within the
town limits, so as to strike, or be in danger of
or likely to strike people attending to their
usual business, or passing to and no in any
public place, or so as to strike, or be In danger
of or likely to strike, or come Into contact
with any glass door, window or other property
susceptible to damage therefrom. v
Bee. 11. No person oi persons shall carry any
fire arms or deadly or dangerous weapons of
any kind in u concealed manner, within the
corporate limits of Hood Klvur, except on a
permit signed by the mayor and recorder:
Provided, That peace officers shall be exempt
A'vom the provisions of this section. And no
person or persons siiuu resist any peace omcer,
or refuse to assist him in the discharge of his
duties, or shall aid or assist any person In
custody upon the charge of a violation of a
town ordinance in his endeavors to escape
from such custody. And no person or persons
shall falsely assume or represent himself to be
any officer of the town of Hood Kiver, or
shall falsely or maliciously take upon himself
to act as such, or shall otter, give or deliver to
any prisoner in the custody of a peace ofllcer,
or confined to imprisonment witiiin the town
limits, any wine, spirituous or malt liquors,
opium, morphine or any drug, except on the
prescription of a practicing physician.
Bee 12. No nerson or Dei-sons shall ride or
"drive any animal or aniinuls within the cor
porate limits at a greater speed than eight
miles per hour; or shall ride or drive any an
imal or animals over any bridge in the town
at a greater speed than a walk; or shall leave
any horse or horses, or beast of burden at
tached to any vehicle or conveyance, standing
in any public place within the corporate lim
its, without hitching or tying the same in
some secure munner; and no person or persons
shall hitch or tie any animal or animals in
any street, or to any tree therein, where tfce
owner or occupant of the property Immedi
ately adjacent thereto shall give notice pro-
moiling tne same; or snail suner or permit to
go, or snail lead, drive or ride, or snail hiteh
any animal npon any sidewalk within the
town of Hood Kiver; or shall cruelly beat, tor
ture, misuse, aepnve oi iooa or water, or otn
erwise treat any animal with cruelty within
the corporate limits.
Bee. 13. No parent or guardian shall permit
or allow a minor under the age of sixteen
years to go abroad or wander about the streets
or roads of Hood Kiver after the hour of nine
o'clock at night, except on necessary business,
unless accompanied by his or her parent or
.Sec. 14. No person or persons shall trespass
upon, aeiace or aamagi any real or personal
property belonging to the town of Hood
Klver.or to any public or private corporation,
or to any person or persons, or shall pile, saw
or split auy wood upon any sidewalk within
the town, or shall congregute with others in
any street, road or any sidewalk or crosswalk
in the town, in such manner as to obstruct a
free passage therein or thereon for vehicles or
Bee. lo. No person or persons shall conduct
himself or themselves in auy violent, riotous
or disorderly mannerf or shall use any pro-
iane, aousive or ODscene language in any
filace whereby the peace and quiet of the town
s disturbed, or shall fight, or become engaged
in any riot or riotous assemblage; or shall
commit an assault or assault and battery
upon the person of another; or shall draw
any species of fire-arms, or dirk, dagger or
mine upon tne person oi anoiner; or snail
wilfully disturb, interrupt, disquiet or break
up any public, social or religions meeting or
assembly of people lawfully met for a lawful
purpose, whether In a building or open air,
within the town of Hood River.
Bee. IB. No person or persons shall barter or
sell In any manner, or bargain for or buy, di
rectly or indirectly, auy spirituous, malt or
vinous liquors, or other intoxicant, within the
corporate limits of Hood Kiver; Provided,
That a duly registered pharmacist, under the
laws of the state of Uregon, may purchase and
sell or dispose of the same as medicine only,
upon the prescription of a regular practicing
physician; and no practicing physician shall
prescribe the same except for medicinal pur
poses. Bee. 17. No person or persons shall set np,
open", keep or maintain any house or room
within the town of Hood Kiver for the pur
pose of using spirituous, maltor vinous liquor
or other intoxicant therein; or for the purpose
or selling or disposing of the same in any
manner; or for the purpose of selling, smok
ing, using or disposing of opium in any man
ner; or for use as a house of ill fame, brothel
or bawdy house for the purpose of prostitu
tion, fornication or lewdness; and no person
or persons shall commit any act of prostitu
tion, fornication or lewdness within I he town
of Hood Kiver.
Bee. 18. No person or persons while in a
drunken or intoxicated condition shall go
Into any public place, street or place of busi
ness. And no person or persons shall disturb
the peace or quiet of any inhabitant of the
town of Hood Kiver by loud talking, yelling,
whooping or singing In a boisterous or rude
manner. And no person or persons shall beg
the means of support In any public place, on
the streets, from house to house, or elsewhere,
or shall procure a child or children so to do
within the corporate limits. -
8ec. 19. Any person or persons violating any
provisions of the sections of this ordinance,
within the corporate limits of the town of
Hood River, shall be deemed gulltv of a mis
demeanor, and on conviction thereof before
the recorder's court shall be fined not less
than five nor more than fifty dollars, or Im
prisonment not less than two nor more than
twenty days, or both, for each and every such
offense, and the court shall adjudge the of
fender to pay the costs of prosecution. And It
shall be the duty of the marshal to lulorm
against and diligently prosecute any and all
persons whom he shall nave reasonable cause
to believe guilty of a violation of the pro
visions of this ordinance.
Passed the Common Council of the town of
Hood Kiver, March 4, 1896, and - approved by
me this 6 th dayof March, 1895.
v. m. wutitAttu, mayor..
Attest; C. P. Hkai-D, Recorder.- :
Ordinance No. 7.
An Ordinance entitled "An Ordinance to Im
pose and Regulate Licenses upon Certain
Trades or Callings, and Regulating the
' Manner of Issuing Licenses.'"
Be it Ordained by the Common Council of
tne Town or Hood Kiver: section t. J o per
son, firm, company or corporation shall be
enguged in, prosecute or carry on any trade,
business, occupation, pursuit or profession for
which a license is required by this ordinance,
or any ordinance of Hood Kiver, until he or
they shall have obtained such a license as
hereinafter provided. ., ;
Bee. 'I That any person, firm, company or
corporation required by this ordinance, or any
ordinance of the town, to obtain a license to
engage In any trade, business, occupation,
pursuit or profession for which a license is re
quired, shall first pay to the town treasurer
the sum or sums required by ordinance to be
paid therefor, and thereupon, with the receipt
of the treasurer (which receipt shall set forth
the kind of business for which license Is re
quired), they shall apply to the recorder, who
shall issue a license to the parties applying,
In accordance with the receipt of the treas
urer. Kvei y such license shall set forth the
purpose, trade, business or profession for
which the license is granted, and the name
of the person taking out the same, the time
which the license is to run, the date on which
the same expires, and the date of Issuing the
license; and any person exercising or carrying
on such trade, business or profession, or doing
any act for which a license is required, shall,
on demand of any city officer, produce such
license, and unless he shall do so, may be
taken and deemed to have no license and
placed under arrest by the proper officer for
violation of this ordinance, and brought be
fore the recorder to be deajt with according to
Bee. 3. In every case where more than one of
the pursuits, employments or occupations for
which a license is required shall be pursued
or curried on in the same place by the same
person at the same time, license must be
taken out for each, according to the rates sev
erally prescribed. All licenses may be issued
at any time; but no license shall be issued for
a less time than the shortest time named and
provided for such license in this ordluance, or
any ordinunce of the town.
bee. 4. All licenses required by the ordi
nances of the town of Hood Kiver shall be
paid for in gold or silver coin.
Bee. 6. Auy person or persons, firm, com
pany or corporation who shall engage In.
prosecute or carry on within the limits of
Hood River any trade, business, occupation,
pursuit or profession for which a license is re
quired b; this or any ordinance of Hood
Kiver, without first obtaining such license as
herein provided, or who shall violate any
provision of thlB ordinance, shall, on convic
tion thereof before the recorder's court, be
fined not less than five nor more than fifty
dollars, or punished by Imprisonment not
less than two nor more than twenty days, or
both. ....'.
Bee. 6. Auctioneers, who follow tbelr voca
tion in the day or night time only, shall pay a
quarterly license of five dollars, or two dollars
und fifty cents for each day or night. Auc
tioneers who follow their vocation both dav
and night, shall pay a quarterly license of ten
dollars, or tlvft rloiliirn ner dn v. Kvpry rwrfttfin )
shall be deemed an auctioneer, within tne
meaning of this ordinance, whose business It
is to otter property lor sale at public outcry.
Bee. 7. Every person or association of per
sons who shall peddle any goods, wares or
merchai.dise for sale within the limits of
Hood Kiver, except they be products of their
own farms, gardens or dairies, or articles of
their own manufacture, shall pay therefor the
sum of twelve dollars and fifty cents per
quarter, or live dollars per month, or thiee
uollars per week, or one dollar per day.
Bee. 8. Hawkers shall pay a license of two
dollars and fifty cents per day, or ten dollars
per week. Any one who offers goods for sale
by outcry on the street, or who shail conduct
business from a stand on the street, shall be
deemed a hawker under this ordinance.
Bee. 9. Any person who shall, within the
limits of t e town, set up and run any photo
graph gallery In which photographs ore
taken, in any tent or temporary or movable
structure, without being permanently located
In a permanent building, shull pay a daily
license of 'fiity cents per day, or ten dollars
per month. .
Bee. 10. Retail commercial travelers, who
shall pursue their vocation within Hood
River, shull pay a license of five dollars for
the first day and two dollars and fifty cents
lor each and every succeeding day he or they
shall enguge therein, and the term "retail
commercial travelers shall be construed to
include any person or persons who shall either
bargain, sell, solicit or agiee to deliver, either
by sample or from stock, at retail, to persons
for their private use. -
Bee. 11. Billiard tables, bowling alleys, pool
tables and pigeon-hole tables shull pay license
according to the number of alleys or tables
belonging to or used In the building or place
to be licensed. When not exceeding one alley
or table, the keeper of such house shall pay a
quurlcrly license of five dollars, and when ex
ceeding one alley or one table, an additional
sum ot two dollars and fifty cents for each ad
ditional table or alley. Every place where
bowls are thrown, or billiards, pool or the
pigeon-hole game played and opened to the
public, with or without price, shall be regard
ed as a billiard room or bowling alley under
this ordinance.
Bee. 12. Bhootlng galleries shall pay a quar
terly license of five dollars, Every place or
building where guns or pistols are kept for
shooting at targets, whether for hire or not,
shall be deemed a shooting gallery under this
ordinance. . . . .
Sec. 13. Keepers or nrODrletora of everv cir
cus shall pay a license of twenty-five dollars
for each and every show. Every building,
tent, space or area where feats of horseman
ship or acrobatic sports are exhibited shall be
regarded as a circus under this ordinance.
Bee. 14. Keepers or proprietors of every skat
ing rink shall pay a quarterly license of
twelve dollars and fifty cents, or a daily
license of two dollars and fifty cents.
Bee. 15. Jugglers shall pay a license of
twenty dollars a week, or five dollars for each
day of their exhibition. Every person who
performs by sleight of hand shall be regarded
as a Juggler under this ordinance.
Bee. tu. The keepers, proprietors, managers
or operators of any public swings, or "merry
go rounds," shall pay a license of two dollars
and fiftycents per day.
Bee. 1. . The keepers, proprietors, managers
or operators of any public cane, knife or ring
game, or any game operated by means of
throwing knives, rings or missiles ot any
kind, shall t ay a quarterly license of fifty
dollars, or fifteen dollars per week, or three
dollars per day.
Bee. 18. All public spindle games or wheels
of fortune, and all other public games of skill
of every kind and description whatever.which
shall be operated within the limits of Hood
River, shall pay a quarterly license of fifty
dollars, or fifteen dollars per week, t
Bee. 19. Any person or persons who shall
give any street exhibition, trapeze, rope walk
ing, athletic or sleight of hand performance,
or who shall perform as musicians, or who
shall have any animals perform, or who shall
exnibit any phonograph or other machine, or
shall give any performance of any kind upon
any street, alley or place within the corporate
limits, shall pay a dully license of five dollars,
or fifteen dollars per week. ,
Bee. 20. The proprietors or agents' of all other
exhibitions, amusements, entertainments or
shows for money, whetner collected as an en
trance iee or Dy collection, not enumerated in
this ordinance, shall pay a license of fifteen
dollars per week, or five dollars per day: Pro
vided. That all exhibitions given by bona fide
residents of tho town of Hood River shall not
require license. .
Bee. 21. Every person- or association of per
sons who shall engage in or carry on the busi
ness of a broker or brokers, shall pay therefor
the sum of ten dollars uer auurler.
Bee. 22. Pawnbrokers shall pay a licence of
ten uonars per quarter, livery person whose
uusiness or occupation is to taKe or receive Dy
way of pledge, pawn or exchunge, any goods,
wares or merchandise, or any kind of personal
properly whatsoever, for the repayment or
security of any money lent thereon, shall be
deemed a pawnbroker under this ordinance.
Bee. 23. Every person or persons who shall
own or have a horse or team, which shall be
used within tiie corporate limits of the town
of Hood River, whether by the day, by con
tract or by the single trip, to convey wny per
son or persons, article or substance, property
or thing, to do any work for any person or
persons other than the owner or owners there
of, for hire or a consideration, shall pay a
semi-annual license of five dollars for one
horse or team so used, and for each additional
horse or team so owned or used by the same
person or persons, the.v shall Dav a license fee
of one dollar per quarter. '
' Sec. 4. It shall be the duty of the marshal to
see that the provisions of this ordinance are
enforced, and to make complaint in the re
corder's court for all violations thereof. The
recorder shall, from time to time, furnish the
marshal with a list of the licenses in force,
and It shall be the duty of the marshal to ar
rest any person or persons liable for any
license and who have not paid the same, and
take them before the recorder, to be dealt with
according to law. ...
Passed the common council of the town of
Hood Kiver, March 12, 1895, and approved by
me this 18th day of March. 1895. -
Attest: C. P. Hbald, Recorder.
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, Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878. .
United States Land Office, The Dalles, Ore
gon. January fo, 18wi. Notice is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of Congress of June 8, 1878, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands In the states of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," Harry H. Campbell of The Dalles,
county of Wasco, state of Oregon, has this day
filed In this office his sworn statementNo. 119,
for the purchase of the southwest ot section
No. 19, fn township No. 1 south, range No. 11
east, and will offer proof to show that the land
sought is more valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish' his claim to said laud before the
Register and Receiver of this office at The
Dalles, Oregon, on Wednesday, the 10th day of
April, 1895.
lie names as witnesses: Perry Van Kamp,
N. H. Fagan, George Bellies and I J. Norman,
all of The Dalles, Oregon.
"Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before said 10th
day of April, 1805.
fe2 JAS. F. MOORE, Register, j
Tne Annie wngnt Seminary.
1834. Eleventh Year. 1894.
A Boarding Scrfool for Girls,
This Ihstttdtioh ) MORAL f DmLontiw
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To f Water Consumers.
Owing to hard times I hjave decided to make
a reduction in water rates, but as some have
paid up to March 1, 1895, new rates will not
take effect until that date. For all water
rents paid promptly the first day of the
month, the following rates will be accepted:
Present rates of $1.50 reduced to $1.25; bath
tuos, now ou cents, reduced to s cents; livery ,
stables, $2.50, reduced to $2; hotels, $8, reduced
to $2.50; rates now $1, no change; irrigation re
duced -50 per cent from old price. ,'
. Above prices apply to those only who pay
promptly first of each month. .
jn2i A. S. BLOWERS,;