The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 09, 1895, Image 4

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use the "Royal." It will make the
food lighter, sweeter, of finer flavor
more digestible and
wholesome. V
"We recommend the Royal
Baking Powder as superior to
all others." United Cooks
and Pastry Cooks1 Associ
ation of the United States,
When the women come to voting
. And to giving names and ages,
jThere'U be lots of funny capers
On those registration pages.
Whether she's a Miss or Mrs.
Will annoy the registrars.
Asking won't be safe they'd rather
Bead the answer in the stars.
As for ages if the question
Must be asked the man without
Faith in truthfulness of answers
Had best not display his doubt.
Ee'll put down the sweet voioed answers,
Ask not if they're what they Beem,
And, for publio satisfaction,
Use perhaps this little scheme:
Mark the age, when "claimed," In this
way (t) - -
Each "refused la answer" so ()
And all ages that are "sworn to"'
With three daggers in a row ()
Detroit Free Press.
; A Sample Package (4 to 7 doses) of
Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets
To any one sending name and address to
us on a postal card.
Hence, our object in sending them out
They absolutely cure
Biliousness, Constipation,
Coated Tongue, Poor Ap
petite, Dyspepsia and kin
dred derangements of 'he
Stomach,I,iver and Bowels.
Don't accept some substitute said
to be "just as good."
The substitute costs the dealer
It costs. you ABOUT the same.
HIS profit is in the , "just as
Address for Freb Sample,
World's Dispensary Medical Association,
No. 663 Mala St., BUFFALO, N. Y.
Catarrh caused hoarse
nessan&.difjiculty in speak
ing. 1 al o to a great extent
lost hearing. By the use of
July's Vream Jialm crop
ping of mucus has ceased,
voice and hearing have
freatly improved. J. W
Monmouth, III, J
ELY'S CREAM BALM Opens and cleanses
the Nasal Passage', Allays Pain and Inflamma
tion, Heals the Bores, Protects the Membrane
from colds, Restores the Senses of Taste and
Bmel 1. The Balm Is quickly absorbed and gives
relief at once.
A particle is applied into each nostril, and Is
agreeable. Price, 60 cents at Druggists' or by
58 Warren Street, New York.
The Largest Manufacturers of
On thii Continent, hare received '
from the gnat
Industrial and Food
In Europe and America.
Unlike the Dutch Process, no Alka
om or nther Chemicili or Dvci are
iimM In inv nf their nrt no rations
Their riftlfolmn UREA K FAST COCOA U absolutely
pure and soluble, and cotts leu than one cent a cvp.
EYES flWd by mail. Write for our home sys
tem of tiding the eyes FREE.
Established 1884. ' Oragonlan Bld'g. Portland, Or.
I Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good.
in time, boiq py oruggiar-a.
ceipt that calls
baking powder
A Well-Known St. Louis Man Relates
His Experience and Tells How He
Succeeded in Getting Belief.
From the St. Louis, Mo., Chronicle.
"No one knows except myself the
amount ot Buttering I endured tor up.
ward of four years, from w hat I was told
was ctvtarrh of the stomach." The
speaker was Mr. J. P. Fox, one of the
best known professional swimmers in
St. Louis, now at Prof. Clark's Natatori-
nm. lUth and Pine. Prof. Dox'soccupa'
tion necessitated his being in the water
several hours every day. He contracted
a severe cold, which he neglected, then
another and another and finally he
broke down, the effect of these colds
seemed to debilitate and finally disease
his stomach, and he had such symp
toms as stinging pains in his head, an
inflammation of the membranes of the
throat and air passages, which filled
with a slimy substance, his appetite
failed him, he became gaunt ana thin
and excessively nervous all of which
denoted Catarrh of the stomach. An
attack of vertigo one day rendered him
unconscious for half an hour after which
he was confined to the house and scarcely
able to walk across the room. He was
sleepless, had violent pains and indi
gestion of the worst kind. Mr. Fox said
to our reporter :
"Often I would be seized with a feel
ing of suffocation. This went on until
one day a friend insisted that I try Dr.
WilliamB' Pink Pills for Pale People,
and he read to me a paper wherein sev
eral cures of cases similar to mine were
reported. I determined to give them a
trial. My mother threw the doctor's
medicine away, and actually before I
had taken half of the contents of the
first box I began to feel a marked im
provement. I began to sleep well, with
my returning appetite I began to take a
better view of lile, the gnawing sensa
tions in my stomach disappeared, I
ceased to belch up gas and had no feel
ings of vomiting after eating, the sore
ness in my throat went away, and, well,
within a month I ventured out of the
house. I kept on with the pills, and
well you see me now. I feel as well as
ever 1 did, and 1 don't suppose there is
a sounder man physically than myself
in the country. I am in and out of the
water three and four times a day, giving
swimming lessons, and I certainly at
tribute my present good health to Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. You can use my
name if you want to and I shall be
E leased to tell of the' great benefits I
ave derived from the, use of the
pills at any time." i
Dr. William' Pink Pills for Pale Peo
ple are now manufactured by the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Company, Schenec
tady, N. Y., and are Bold in boxes (never
in loose form by the dozen or hundred,
and the public are cautioned against nu
merous imitations sold in this shape) at
50 cents a box, or six boxes for $2.50,
and may be had of all druggists, or di
rect by mail from Dr. Williams' Medi
cine Company. '
A Mortuary Joke. . t .
"I have recently had a strange experi
ence," said a gentleman yesterday.
"What was it? Well, the other day I
met a lady acquaintance on the street,
and after the exchange of the usual
greetings she proceeded to condole with
me over the death of my wife. I was
dumfouhded over her pathetic and pro
fuse sympathy. When I recovered my
senses, I ventured to enlighten the lady
by assuring her that my wife was in the
land of the living, well and hearty. The
lady was astonished to learn that Mrs.
, an intimate friend of my wife, who
had told her, could have been so mis
taken. In less than an hour, after cor
recting this error I met another mutual
friend, and she had also been told by
Mrs. that my wife had gone to that
Undiscovered country.
"During that afternoon and the day
following a dozen people expressed their
sympathy over my loss, and strange to
say all of them had learned the story
from Mrs. . I of course told my
better half, and we determined to call on
Mrs. for an explanation. It was
early in the evening when in answer to
the ringing of the doorbell Mrs.
opened the door. She pretended to be
startled by my wife's presence and
screamed: 'Why, Mary, can this, be you?
I thought you were dead.'
" 'So I have heard from a dozen sources,'
responded Mary, 'and I want you to ex
plain.' v
" 'Explain? Why, that is easy. You
told me a week ago that if you were alive
you would come out on Wednesday and
spend the day with me. You didn't come;
hence I concluded that you were dead
and said so to those acquaintances I
"The women kissed, and Mary called
Mrs. a mean rogue and so termi
nated the mortuarv ioke. in which I
failed to discover the humor." Louis- 1
vllle Courier-Journal.
A Lancaster Man Ran Across Some Expert
ences In the Buckeye State That Beat
Anything He Had Seen at Home Havoc
Among the Sheep In Big Oil Valley.
I was once driving over the Martic hills,
in the lower part of this county, with, my
wife and baby, flying from a thunderstorm
that was coming up rapidly in the valley,
but I only did not escape from the storm,
but ran right into another one equally
heavy on the very summit of the ridge.
When the two storms traveling in opposits
directions met directly over our heads,
streaks and balls of fire began playing
around like the spitting and exploding off
shoots of a miscellaneous collection of
Fourth of July pyrotechnics. Lightning
danced and flashed on every bit of metal
there was in my horse's harness, whirled
around with the tires on all four vheels
and ran about and zigzagged everywhere
about the buggy frame, until we were lit
erally sitting in a fiery chariot drawn by a
horse incased in flaming harness.
Neither myself, my wife norchild suffered
the slightest physical injury or inconven
ience from that awful play of electricity
about us, and the horse seemed to be im.
proved by it, but the nervous strain on us
all was terrible. That extraordinary elec
trical disturbance lasted at least a quarter
of an hour. -,.. ,
Well, I thought that a little the queerest
sort of an experience with lightning that
any one ever- had or was likely to ha ve, but I
have just come back from a visit to Ohio,and
want to say that that experience of mine
might have been the boss queer one up to
this summer, but it isn't any more. I ran
across some others in Ohio that can beat it.
Take the one, for instance, at Bailyville.
I got to Bailyville at about noon one day.
A thunderstorm had just passed over that
locality, and the clouds had nearly all
broken away or rolled to the southward.
The sun had come out and all uneasiness on
account of the storm had passed away for
thunderstorms in that region are nearly al
ways attended by more or less damage
when the most terrific thunderclap ever
heard there or elsewhere, so close to the
earth that the earth trembled as if from an
earthquake, and preceded not more than a
second by a flash of lightning of blinding
sharpness, broke from the cloudless noonday
sky. The sudden appearance and terrible
nature of the startling phenomenon par
alyzed the farming community with alarm,
and it was several minutes before any one
ventured forth to see what damage had been
done by the thunderbolt.
Some very amazing things were discov
ered. In a field on the edge of the village
a large flock of sheep were pasturing. The
sheep had all huddled together as sheep
will during a thunderstorm, and were still
huddled when the surprising clap came.
When the owner of the sheep went to the
field to see if anything had befallen his
flock, he found every sheep standing just as
they had huddled in the storm, but out
of the 40 in the flock 18 were dead. Not
one of the dead sheep had fallen to the
ground. That was strange enough, but the
18 dead sheep were black sheep, all the oth
ers being white and unhurt. Each dead
sheep had a hole in the back of its neck
around which the wool was burned away.
On a farm a short distance from the vil
lage a big flock of sheep had gathered in a
circular bunch during the storm, and every
outside sheep was killed, 20 .in all, and all
white fleeced. On that same farm, but in
another field, was a small flock of sheep,
all white except one, which was a big black
ram. The ewes all huddled about the ram
while the storm raged, and when the thun
derclap came the ram was killed, no harm
befalling one of theothersheep. More than
that, the ram's fleece had been turned by
the shock as white as that of any other
sheep in 'the flock. That was all the dam'
age that was reported during the hour I
was in Bailyville, but it was enough to con
vince me that Ohio lightning knew a few
tricks that Pennsylvania lightning hadn't
learned yet.
My friend Simon Frey lives at Big Oil
Valley with his wife and 7-weeks-old baby.
One day Simon was hurrying home from
the valley trying to get there before a
big thunderstorm that was coming up
caught him. The rain began falling before
he got there, and was coming down for cer
tain when he drove into his barn. Simon
stood in the barn door waiting for the rain
to slack up, when his house was struck by
lightning. It seemed to hit both chimneys
at once, and a streak of fire ran from one
chimney along the peak of the roof, and
midway between the two chimneys it met
another streak of fire that was flashing
along the peak from the other chimney, or,
rather, where the chimney had been, for
both chimneys had been knocked into brick
dust by the lightning. When the two fiery
currents met in the center of the ridgepole,
there was an explosion like the discharge
of a cannon, and a fountain of bluish flame,
that threw off snapping and zigzagging
sparks and jets of fire, shot up into the air
at least 10 feet. Then all was over, the
whole exhibition lasting not more than
three seconds.
Simon was only three rods away from the
house, but felt not the slightest effects of
the terrible shock. He ran to the house,
not knowing what horrifying sight might
await him there, as it seemed impossible
that his wife and baby could have escaped
death beneath that terrible electrical bom
bardment. But they had, and after the
first shock of his fright was over Simon
couldn't do anything else but lie down and
almost burst with laughter, the lightning
had brought about so ludicrous a situation
in the house. Mrs. Frey was sitting on the
kitchen table, her head resting against the
wall. In One hand she held a rolling pin,
while the other was buried to the wrist in
a roll of dough. She was covered with floui
from head to foot. The baby lay in a
basket of newly washed clothes in a fat
corner of the kitchen, yelling at the top of
its lungs. The baby's cradle was turned
upside down in the-center of the room.
Aside from a severe nausea that troubled
Mrs. Frey all the rest of the day, neither
she nor the baby suffered any ill effects
from their extraordinary experience. Lan
caster (Pa. ) Letter in New York Sun.
' A Bit of Bealistio Acting. ,
Henry Irving's story of Charlotte Cush-
man gives you a better idea of the methods
and style of this great artist than a dozen
impersonal and well padded essays would.
She was acting Meg Merrilies. , In one
scene in answer to her appeal for money,
he, personating an important character in
the piece, hands her his purse filled with
the broken crockery which is generally used
for stage gold. One day Miss Cushman
suggested gently to him the superior real
ism of opening the purse, selecting a coin
and giving it to her. No matter how mag
nificent it might look it was hardly nat
ural for a gentleman to hand over a purse
full Of money to a crazy beggar. San Fran
cisco Argonaut. . - : , . I
. Why shouldn't there be a third party ?
It is true they disturb the smooth running
of the regular organizations and sometimes
overturn elections, but what is popular is
founded on merit: As for instance, among
all the remedies used for sprains and
bruises, St. Jacobs Oil is the most popular
because it is known to be the best; hence
it is the Populist in medicine. The more
because it cures so promptly and surely.
Theieis no. crippling from Bprain where
this old remedy is used. It imparts new
lile and strength ana the pain vanishes.
Truly it is a ropuust.
The Marquise Lanza of New York has
some fine diamonds and some Mexican gar
nets which resemble rubies.. She is also
the owner of a scarfpin which formerly be
longed to the French prince imperial, who
was killed by the Zulus.
Every woman before leaving her room
after the morning toilet should open wid
the windows, placing the bedclothes so th
the air will freshen the sheets, blanki
and pillows.
An Eager and a Kipping Wind,
A continuous down pour of rain, inclenv
ent weather, generally in winter and
spring, are unfavorable to all classes of in.
valids. But warmth and activity infused
into the circulation counteracts these in
fiuences and interpose a defense against
them. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, most
thorough and effective ol stomachics and, not only enriches the bl od, but
accelerates its circulation. For a chill, or
premonitory symptoms ot i rheumatism
and kiduey complaint, particularly preva
lent at these seasons, it is the best possible
remedy. It is also invaluable for dyspep
sia, liver complaint, constipation and ner
vousness. Never set out on a winter or
spring iournev without it. ElderJv per
sons and the delicate and convalescent are
greatly aided by it.
. "There's a good deal that's swell abontCholly
Cadkins," said one girl. "Yes." replied the
other; "ihe ooly trouble is that most of it has
gone to ins neaa.
Public men are constantly liable to dan
ger arising from sudden changes of tem
perature; sometimes from heat to cold,
sometimes th a reverse.
Henry Thorne, Traveling Secretary of
the Y. M. 0. A., writes from Exeter Hall,
Strand, London, February 2d. 1888:
"I desire to bear my testimony to the
have used them for rains in the back and
Bide arising from rheumatic and other.
causes never without deriving benent from
their application. They are easily applied
and very comforting. Those engaged as I
am in public wort which involves expo.
sure to sudden changes of tempeiature,
will do we.'l to keep a supply of Allcock's
Porous Plasters in their portmanteaus.
Bbandbbth's Pills act upon the whole
Mr. Baldy Am 1 to apply this hair restorer.
eveiy day r Barber for Heaven s sake, no. Do
you want to look like the wild man from Bor
neo inside oi a week v
The readers of this paper will be pleased
to learn that there is at least one dreaded
disease that science has been able to cure
in all its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure
known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease, requires a
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system, thereby destroying the foundation
of the disease, and giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution
and assisting nature in doing its work.
The proprietors have so much faith in its
curative powers, that they offer One Hun
dred Dollars for any case that it fails to
cure. Send for list of testimonials.
Address, F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O.
sold by Kruggists, 7oc.
Go East from Portland, Pendleton, Walla
Walla via 0. R. & N. to Spokane and Great
Northern Railway to Montana, Dakotas, St.
Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago,'' Omaha, St.
Louis, East and South. Rock-ballast track;
tine scenery ; new equipment Great N orth
ern Palace Sleepers and Diners; Family
Tourist Cars; Buffet-Library Cars. Write
C. C. Donovan, General Agent, Portland,
Oregon, or T. I. Whitney, G. P. & T. A.,
St. Paul, Minn., for printed matter and in
formation rates, routes, etc.
PIANOS Hardman Chickering Fischer.
Low priced ; easy terms. For sale by
WILEY B. ALLEN CO. (the oldest and
Largest music store), 211 First Si., Portland.
Use Enamellne Stove Polish ; no dust no smell.
Try Germka for breakfast.
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
'ess expenditure, by more promptly
idapting the world's best products to
ihe needs of physical being, will attest
he value to health of the pure liquid
axative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative ; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing, constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kid
nevs. Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it -is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c andfl bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the uaiitornia n lg eyrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
Dackasre. also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
Are Ihe Best Months in Which to
u ri f y Y ou r B food
And the Best Blood Purifier is
o pd 's Sars a pari 1 1 a
Which Purifies, Vitalizes
At this season everyone should take a
good spring medicine. Your blood must
be purified or you will be neglecting
70ur health. There is a cry from Nature
lor help, and unless there is prompt
and satisfactory response you will be
liable to serious Alness. , ' '
This demand can only be met by the
purifying, enriching and .
" Blood-Vitalizing
elements to be found in Hood's Sarea
parilla. " My mother-in-law, Mrs. Elizabeth
Wolfe, at the age of 72 years, was at
tacked with a violent form of salt rheum ;
it spread all over her body, and her
hands and limbs were dreadful to look
at. At the same time, my little daugh
ter Clara, who was just one year old,
was attacked by a similar disease, like
scrofula. . It appeared in " . -
An agreeable Laxative and NERVE TONIC
Bold by Druggists or sent by mail. 26c.. 60c,
and $1.00 per package. Samples free.
Wrt YMft The Favorite TOOTH POTOSJ
mAJ li. W for the Teeth and reath,2uo.
7" ' ' ' WO RLD'S -FAIR"' ' ' ' "
j aui-trtlUK INU (ml ILrV i nt Lire. i
MBD I Ctl isjx
Has justly acquired the .reputation of being
The Salvator for
I rcvv lid s
AN Incomparable Aliment for the
Growth and Protection of INFANTS and
A superior nutritive in continued Fevers,
And a reliable remedial agent
In all gastric and enteric diseases ;
often in instances of consultation over
patients whose digestive organs were re
duced to such a low and sensitive condition
that the IMPERIAL GRANUM was
the only nourishment the stomach
would tolerate when LIFE seemed
depending on its retention ;
And as a FOOD- it would be difficult to
conceive of anything more palatable. :
Sold byDRUQOISTS. Shipping Depot,
Special Dote, for Chronic, Private
and Wasting . Diseases. ;;;
Dr. Lleble's Invieoratof the srreateBt remedvfor
Seminal Weakness, Loss of Manhood and Private
Diseases. Overcomes Prematureness and orenares
all for marriage life's duties, pleasures and respon
sibilities; 91 trial bottle given or sent free to any
one describing symptoms; call or address 400 Geary
oi., private entrance uo mason est., nan Francisco.
Itii wearlntr email ties are unsurpassed, aotuallv
outlasting two boxes of any other brand. " Free
from Animal oils. GKT THE GKNULNE,
and Dealers generally.
Cor. Second and Stark Sts. Portland, Or.
V. P. N: V. No. R86 F. N. 17. Nn f63
Thre dose only. Try It.
Buy your GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS of us, and we will save you money. We handle the best
goods and deliver free to trains or boats. We buy and fell for spot cash, and sell goods cheaper
than any other firm in the country. Send us your name and address, and we will mail von our
new price list, which will be out soon. We offer to day: Climax tobacco, 40 cents per oound
Dry granulated sugar in 10-lb. sacks for. f4 75 I Best coal oil per case . $1 so
Best brands of flour per barrel 2 16 Arbuckle's coffee per pound ".. 22U
Send us a list of what you need, and we will make you special prices. Address your orders to
MARK L. COHN & CO. 146 Front Street, PorJIand. Or.
and Enriches the Blood.
Large Sores
une'ereach side of her neck ; had the at
tendance of the family physician an l
other doctors for a long time, but seemed
to grow worse. I read of many people
cuied of scrofula by Hood's Sarsaparilla.
As soon as we gave Hood's Sarsaparilla
to Clara, she began to get better, and
before the first bottle was gone, the sores
entirely healed un and there has never
been any sign of the disease since. She
is a
Healthy Robust Child.
Her grandmother took Hood's Sarsapa
rilla at the same time, and the salt
rheum decreased in its violence and a
perfect cure was soon effected. It took
about three months for her cure, and
she ascribes her good health and strength
at her advanced age to Hood's Sarsapa
rilla. It has certainly been a Godsend
to my family." Mas. Sophia Wolfe,
Zaleski, Ohio.
. cordovan; ,
'4.3S? Fine Calf&Kangarou
f 3.sp POLICE, 3 SOLES.
Over One Million People wear the
W. L. Douglas $3 & $4 Shoes
All our shoes are equally satisfactory
They equal custom Shoes in style and fit.
Their wearing qualities are unsurpassed.
The prices are uniform, stamped on soI
From $ to $3 saved over other makes.
If your dealer cannot supply you we can.
The. Best CURE for Coughs, Colds and'
Sold by all Druggists. Price, 0 cents.
J. R. GATES & CO., Proprietors,
417 Sansome St., S. F.
Sold Everywhere.
Grown Everywhere.
AsK your dealer for them. Send for
merry's seen Annual lor 1
invaJuaDietoaii piantersand lovers
or 'ine vegetables and Beautiful
. jj lowers. , w rue tor it Free.
1. M. FERRY & CO.
Manhood restored.
Night Emissions,
Weak mcmoryi '
Atrophy, Sexual
Weakness, etc., ,
Surely'cured by
..The life germ
and vital forceof
plants and flowers;,
it gives vigor,
power and size to
the vital organs ol
man. -
The most won
- Easy to carry in
vest Pocket.
Price$i. Sixfor$5,
Sent in plain
wrapper, or at
all Druggists.
, Address, ,
Standard Rem. Co
seattle, wash a
pac. coast bran 0:4
derful achievement
in MedicaUscience.
The only acknnul
0ttged permanent
cure guaranteed i
New York y
US-1 17 Fulton St.
if you use the.Petalum1
Incubators A Brooders
Blake money while
others are wasting
time by old processes.
Catalofftelisall about
it, and describes every
article needed for the.
poultry business.
The "ERIE"
mechanically the best
WilCCl. riCLLlC&LillUUCl.
We are Pacific Coast
Aeents. Bicvcle cata-
logue, mailed
full description , prices, etc , agents 'wanted.
Branch House, 231 S Main St., Los Angeles.
J. ' A ft I
lElINSLOW'S s07rhu,1
I FJ Lfi1 jr"f' S Quanta a bsftfe, f
ache? Does every step seem a buiden? You need