The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 02, 1895, Image 3

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    3f oodiyer- Slacier.
The -mall arrives from Mt. Hood at 10 o'
clock A. M. Wednesdays and Saturdays; de
part e same days at noon.
For Chenoweth, leaves at 8 A.M.; arrives at
f P. M. Saturdays.
For White Salmon leaves dally at 1 P. M.j
arrives at 6 o'clock P. M.
From White Salmon, leaves for Fu Ida, Gil
mer, Trout Lake and Qlenwood Mondays,
Wednesdays and Frldavs.
Canby Post, No. 10, G. A. R., meets at Odd
Fellow's Hall, first Saturday of each month
at a o'clock p. m. ah a. . memoers in
vlted to attend.
M. B. Potter, Commander.
C. J. Hayes, Adjutant.
i i
Professional Cards, per month $1 00
One inch space, per month 1 60
mites on larger space given on application.
Rnsiness notices in local columns will be
charged 5 cent a line each insertion; under
tne neaa oi "peciai nonces ' nan inese raies
will hn nhnrefln.
I,eiml advertisements will be charared to the
party ordering them, at legal rates, and must
be paid lor Deiore prooi is iiu-iiisiieu.
E. V. Husbands is still improving.
Men's gloves at the Racket Store.
W. N. West was iu The Dalles Mon
daj' and Tuesday. " c s 1 '
E. L. Smith has plenty of good hay
Tor sale at $13 a ton.
S. E. Bartmess is agent for the Bri
dal Veil Lumber Company.
J. R. Nickelsen is setting 400 apple
t res. on his place at lielnioiit.
Hats at cost for six weeks at Mrs,
Hunt's. juSB
Ed. Fewell, the well-known rail
roader, was in Hood River Tuesday.
Lou Morse is authorized agent for all
newspapers and periodicals.
Henry-York, of The Dalles came
down o'u the Regulator Monday.
Annual school meeting in district
No. 3 will be held March 4th, at 3 p. m.
Dr. W. L.' Adams and family went
to Portland Saturday, returning Tues
day. lianna fc Wolfurd have a fine
assortment of D. M. Ferry .& Co's gar
den seeds. ' r
Ed,, Fewell is setting six acres to
orchard on his land bought of Oscar ,
The warm, sunshiny days during
the week developed a good many cases
of spring fever. ,
Davenport & Bros. Lumber Co. are
now ready to deliver lumber to any
port of the valley. ' ,
The force of men at work at the
planer was laid oft Monday for a few
days, to await orders.
Dr. Cams, dentist, of Portlandwill
be in Hood River March 3d, prepared
for business in his line.
The annual school meeting in dis
trict 2, Frankton school house, will be
held at 2 o'clock Monday.
Geo. Mcintosh and T. A. Templeton
were the first in the market with green
,rilntia r',nriinrr in Vprinpniblv.
" "i n - - --
1 All varieties of peach trees, 5c each;
Spitzenbunr and Ben Davis npple trees,
6c each, $45 per 1000. See Tillett.
E D. Cnlkins took his mare and
blooded colts to Sherman county last
week. O. B. Hartley accompanied
hi in.
H. P. Batehnm this week received a
letter from 'he Sound nskinsr for New
town pippins and offering $2 a box for
( Orenron's new senator Is a nephew of
Dr. W. L. Adams of Hood River. Mr.
McBride's mother was a sistet to Dr.
A. R. Blowers & Co. will carry a full
line of harness, saddles, whips, etc., the
coming season, at prices that will defy
Send in your orders for trees for
pring planting. Prices $40, $50 and.
55 per 1000, in 500 a-id 1000 lots, at
Tilleft's nursery.
The "hard times" social has been
postponed for a short time on account
of the series of meetings at the. Congre
gational church.
Dr. Sanders is provided with a den
tal chair for his Hood Riverofflce; Also
prepared to extract teeth without pain
by the use of narcotized air, called gas.
M. :H.' Nickelsen received a letter
Wednesday from Rev. J. W. Rigby, in
which he stated that Mrs. Rigby was
dangerously ill with neuralgia of the
heart. , ...
Two distinct shocks of earthquake
were felt by a number of our citizens
Monday morning, about 5 o'clock. The
same were felt at Portland and points
on the Sound. .
Judge Henry was encaged Tuesday
In movlnsr seats from the school house
to the M. E, church, and resetting
those left. In the school rooms. School
will begin next Monday.
Miss Winnie Champljn of Portland
has been visiting her grandfather, Mr.
George Booth, during the past two
weeks. She expects to return home
the fl ret part of next week, r ? "
Mr. R. Pealer brought, to this office
Saturday two well-preserved apples
that he picked up in 'his orchard the
day before while pruning his trees.
One Is a Newtown pippin, the other a
Seek-no-further. . 1 '
Will Lnngille, now at. work with
Winans Bros, at The Dalles, was in
Hood River Saturday and Sunday.
Doug Langille accompanied him to
The Dalles and has gone to work for
the same firm.
Th following school books will be
exchanged by paylntr exchange prices:
Maxwell's L. L, and Grammar, Barnes'
L. L., Sill's Grammar, Clark's Normal
Grammar. New books will he here the
1st of March. M. H. Nickelsen,
T. AI Templeton Informs uf. that he
has received a letter from his friend, G.
J. Gessling, who will be here about
March 14th with his family, prepared
to build upon his land bought of J. F.
Armor., Mr. Gessling resides in Ne
braska. t ; Vj
Dethman died last Sunday Mr. Deth
man turned his horses out Sunday
morninir, and they played around all
in seeming good health, and In the
evening he found the best one of his
lot stretched out dead. He has no
idea what caused its death.
By order of the county court, Super
visor Bioper Saturday caused tne arrest
of Mrs. Oiler, charged with obstructing
The Dalles and Sandy wagon road at
or near the bridge crossing Hood river,
in the eastern part of town. Mrs.
Oiler claims that when the bridge was
built and the road changed at this
point the old part of the road was va
cated, and sue bad tne same inclosed
when fencing her land. The trial was
held before Justice Soesbe, who found
defendant guilty and imposed a fine of
$, with costs. V. f. Jieald acted lor
the prosecuting attorney and H. S.
Wilson of The Dalles appeared for de
fendant. A n appeal will be taken to
the circuit court.
One of the most enjoyable socials
of the season was given by Waucoma
lodge on the even in tr of February 22d,
at Castle hall, to the members and
their families, it being the fifth anni
versary of the lodge. The evening's
entertainment commenced by a speech
of welcome by J. A. Soesbe to J. L.
Hill, G. C. C, and Geo. F. McConnal,
G. K. of R. 8. Music was furnished
by the Belmont band, Nellie Coe
on the organ, and songs by the Glee
club and John R. Nickelsen. Recita
tions were given by Arthur SoeBbe,
C. E. Markhani, Bertha Prather,
Gracie Prather. Supper was served at
iu:3U in tne nun. . - . .
A lamp exploded in the house of Mr
Byrkett, adjoining the U. B. church,
Wednesday evening. Mrs. Byrkett
was in an adjoining room at the time,
alone in the house, and although badly
crippled with rheumatism, she man
aged to gather up the burning lamp in
the table clotli and smother the flames.
The lamp was setting upon a table in
a corner of the room, and the explosion
broke a board in the wall by the side of
the table. A rubber boot iu the corner
took tire from the burning oil and the
leg was burned off. It was a close call
for the house and surrounding build
ings. See our display 'of shoes In show
window; over fifty different styles aud
grades. If you drin't see what you
want, call for It; we have it and are
prepared to fill the bill when it comes
to I toots aud shoes. Every pair of
Bradley & .Metcalfs shoes warranted.
Let us quote you prices; if we are not
lower, than the lowest, will not ask
for patronage. A. S. Blowers & Co.
Capt. Blowers last fall heeled in a
fine lot of Spitzenburg apple trees, 32
in number, at his place west of town.
A few days ago he went out to plant
the trees and found that someone had
taken the whole lot. He hopes that
when the trees come into bearing the
thief will become conscience stricken,
and at least give him some of the fruit.
Last Friday afternoon a team be
longing to OUnger & Bone, hitched to
a hack, started from the livery stable
and ran up Third street. When just
above the bakery they collided with a
wagon belonging to N. C. Evans,
whose team was hitched. The tongue
of the hack was. broken and a hind
wheel on Evans' wagon was smashed.
! The trustees of the Congregational
church have sent to Cincinnati for a
Buckeye bell. They expect to have it
in position within three weeks.
Lost At Frankton school house.two
Sundays ago, a large button from a
lady's cloak. , Please leave at this ortice.
Lovers of baked beans should inter
view Dallas and get one of his famous
bean pots. Just the thing for beans.
Aud Winans came down from The
Dalles Wednesday to attend the trial
in Justice Soesbe's court.
Hon. B. Goldsmith, a Portland capi
talist, was in Hood River Saturday.
Dr. T. L. Eliot of Portland came up
on the noon train Thursday.
William Buskirk of The Dalles was
in Hood River Wednesday.
Hon. T. R. "Coon returned horned
Sunday night from Salem.
F. E. Jackson just received another
carload of hay-
We have a cold water and coffee
council. , , , , ,
Tillett is shipping trees to Eastern
Oregon. j
Lyman Smith went to Astoria Thurs
day. .
Remember the tea Friday night.
School elections next Monday.
: Spraying Fruit Trees.
W. J. Baker has received from J. R.
Casey, mayorof Ashland, the following
directions for making and using a wash
tor truit trees:
Put 100 pounds of sulphur In your
kettle; then put In about 5 gallous of
water. Stir it thoroughly uutil it is a
paste. The object is to get it all moist
ened, with no lumps iu it. Then add
thirty gallons or water aud start your
II .. t.t J I I II inn
now uissoive, or siaae,
M."- Z7.
.. A,. i ...... . ...iu i.
ing the lime to the sulphur; keep stir
ring it, or it will burn. It will first be
like mush, but as the lime eats the sul
phur it will become thin and turn a
urowuisu color, tiring to a Don, and
let it boil 11 hours. Iu the meantime.
dissolve 12 pounds of blue vitriol in a
separate kettle and pour it on to the
nine aim suipiiur, and continue tne
boiling one-half hour loncer. Draw
your fire and let the .compound settle
tor one or two Hours; tuen dip out
your compound into a barrel and throw
tue sediment away. J? ill your Kettle
with water to keep the compound from
hardening on it. When it begins to
cool In the barrel, you must be , very
careful and keep it well stirred, bo that
it will not crust over. Be sure or this!
When cold, your compound will be a
greenish color,, and there will also be
some water on the top. Always stir it
wen oeiore tuning auy out.
Directions tor use or tad ecale,
take 1 gallon compound to 39 gallons of
- For general use, 1 gallon compound
to 29 gallons water.
t or fungus, 1 gallon compound to 39
gallons water.
lorcodliii moth, 1 gallon compound
to 80 gallons water.
' Use about - 3 pounds of soap aud
Paris green in the mixture for codliu
moth. Use as hot as you can.
You will find this one of the test all
round sprays known. , It combines the
good qualities of all other sprays. If
you spray with the 1 to 19, I will guar
antee it will kill all the scale it readies.
Respectfully yours, J; li. Casey.
Dr. E. T. C'nrns, Dentist,
Will be In Hood River March 3d, pre
pared to do all kinds of dentistry work
examine, fill, extract, regulate aud
make new teeth; also, . crown aud
bridge work.-
Council Proceedings.
The common council met Monday.
night, Feb. 25th. The minutes of the
last meeting were read and approved.
'Committe on finance' asked that
they be given until next meeting to
make report on bills submitted. Re
quest granted
Committee' on streets and public
property reported that the .. Hanna
building could be secured for use of
the council at $5 per month. E. 'S.
OUnger offered the use of his office free,
until other arrangements could be
made. On motioa, Mr. Olinger's office
was accepted, with a vote or thanks.
Ordinances numbered -one, two,
three and tour were ordered enrolled,
Special committee on ordinances re
ported Ordinance No. 5, entittled "An
ordinance imposing certain duties and
prohibitions for the better protection of
property, morals, satety neaitn and tne
convenience of the town of Hood
River." The ordinance was read, con
sidered, approved and ordered enrolled.
The following resolution, ottered by
Morse, was adopted:
Kesolved, That the mayor petition
the county court of "Wasco, county, on
behalf of the common council of the
town of Hood River, to establish a
new road district to conform with the
corporate limits of said toWn.
The next regular meeting was .fixed
for Monday, March 4th, at 7.30 p. m.
Ordinance .No. 5 is one -of the most
Important, to come before the coun
cil, and is of general interest, as . may
be inferred from section 16, which we
give here: ; - . - '-'
"jno person or persons shall barter or
sell in any manner, or bargain for or
buy, directly or Indirectly, any spirit
uous, malt or vinaus liquors, or other
intoxicants, within the corporate lim
its of Hood River; provided, that a
duly registered pharmacist under the
laws ot the state or Oregon, may pur-'
chase and sell or dispose Of the same
as medicine only, upon' the prescription
of a regular practicing physician, and
no pbysiciau shall- prescribe the same
except for medicinal purposes."
Bectiou 17 makes still further restric
tions in regard to the use of liquors.
Missionary Exercise.
A missionary exercise, "Children of
all Nations" (in costume, will be ren
dered at the U. B, church on Sabbath
evening, March 3d. Mrs. Henkle,
president of our branch missionary so
ciety .of Oregon conference, also pres
ident of the Chinese mission of Pore
land, will be present. : She will bring
with her the interpreter's little boy,
Kye Moy Ling, 6 years old, who
will favor us with some songs. The
following is the programme, which
will prove itself entertaining, instruct
ive aud unique:
Song, "Far, Far Over the Sea," ..Quartet
Remarks Mrs. Henkle
Hong, "Little Mescngers"...Chorug of children
India , Gladys Hartley
Persia Bell Howel
Corea Nellie Reynolds
Solo, "A Star Has Risen" Mr. Bartmess
China .........Bianche Blowers
Slam ,. Seely Rand
Africa Walter Faulkner
Song By. Sabbath School
Egypt Grace Howel
Greenland.. i.v.Mell Foley
Japan I Mary Foley
Song, "Little Mission Band," Children
Mexico , ......Myrtle Loy
Indian Bentle Rand
America Bertha Prather
Song, "Christ Shall Reign"..Chorus of children
The ladies' aid society of the M. E.
church will hold their regular monthly
dime tea at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
D.VV. Zeller, on Friday evening, March
8th. - Tea will be served ' from 6 to 8
o'clock. All are most cordially invited
to attend.
Out of 17 applicants for teachers' cer
tificates at Uoldendale, last week, only
7 were successful. Miss Mellie Rigby
was one of the successful applicants
and will teach the Bickelton school.
Out of 44 applicants for teachers' cer
tiflcates at the examination in Mult
nomah county 22 were successful. Only
one received first grade, three second
grade and the remainder third grade.
C. D. Moore of White Salmon
brought to the Glacier office the first
boquet of strawberry blooms, gathered
on the last day of February. On the
1st two feet of snow covered the ground.
The editor of the Glacier is not in
the real estate business, but it might be
well for those seeking investimeut in
Hood River property to call upou us for
pointers. ' , ' .
Fancy Pacific coast Newtown pip
pins are selling in the St. Louis market
at $1.75 to $1.90 a box; Western Ben
Davis aud winesap at from $3.25 for
small to $3.754.25 for choice large
sound and well packed, per barrel; geu
iting at from $2.753 tor medium to
$3.60 for fancy large high colored? Bald
wins and greenings, f3.oU(!,3.7o.
Mr. Jones of Portland, who recently
bought the Spencer ranch at Lyle, will
plant 40 acres to apples this spring.
- The bulk of the season's grinding is over,
but the miller will be at home every Satur
day during the summer months, prepared to
grind your grist promptly.
Pure blooded Pekin Duck eggs for 92 per
dozen. These are the most profitable birds to
raise on the farm; they will lay from March
1st to July 15th. Eggs large.
f W. R. WINANS, Hood River, Or.
First class timothy hay for sale by Ferguson
fc Loy at 815 per ton. Jal9,
Black harness oil, 85 cU a quart, at Pierce's
Harness and Shoe Store.
Wm. Tillett is Btlll In the nursery business,
with a good stock of home-grown trees. ' If he
is out of what you want-, he can supply you
with the following varieties from one of the
largest nurseries In Oregon: All ktndsof cherry
trees; Spilzenberg, Gano, Ben Davis, Red Del
aware, Hyde's King of the West, Tompkins
King, and other leading varieties of apples.
Would be glad to quote prices Jon lots of 500
and 1000 trees. Drop him i. postal for terms. .
The Hood River Box Factory has plenty of
apple boxes on hand.- -- - - - - -
For sash, doors, inonldlngs, brackets, com
bination fencing and turning, go to the Hood
River Box Factory.
Wm. Tillett has ordered apple trees of the
following varieties: 8000 Spitzenburg, 2000
Baldwin, 1000 Northern Spy, and 500 Graven
stein. Apple trees, It is expected, will be
scarce in the spring, and It behooves planters
to order early, t 1 Vs 'v 19
be as free from nicotine as the day before you first took your first chew or
smoke. An iron-clad written guarantee to absolutely cure the tobacco habit in
all its forms, or money refunded. Price $1 00 per box, or 3 boxes (SO days'
treatment and guaranteed cure), $2.50. For sale by all druggists, or will be
sent by maU upon receipt of price. SEND SIX TWO-CENT STAMPS FOB
- v. Eureka Chemiccd & Mfg. Co., La Crosse, Wis.
"' - St. Paul, Minn.. Sept. 7, 18M.
r.i,.rh.nii.DiinJMb nnmnnnv. T.a Crosse. Wis. Dear Mil's: I have been a tobacco
fiend for many years, and during the past two years have smoked naeen to twenty cigars
regularly every day. My whole nervous system became affected, until my physicians told
me I mustgive up the use of tobacco for the time being, at least. I tried the so-called I "Kee y
Cure " "No-To-Bac." and various other remedies, but without success, until I accidentally
learned of your 'Baco-Curo." Three weeks ago today I commenced using your preparation,
and today I consider myself completely cured. I am in perfec ; health, and the horrible crav
ing for tobacco, which every inveterate smoker fully appreciates, has completely left me. I
consider your "Baco-Curd'r simply wonderful,
iruiy, .
EvahErelistic services are in progress
at the Congregational church and will
continue over two Sundays. Rev. R.
A. Rowlev of Portland, superintendent
of the Congregational Sunday school
society and an evangelist of marked
ability, will preach next Sunday morn
lug and evening and every Sunday
evening next week. Through the
kindness of the school directors the
school bell will be rung each evening
to remind the people of these special
meetings. All who will come will be
made welcome.
Sunday school at the Valley Con-
gregaiional church each Sunday at
1U.3U, except on cnurcn days, wuen it
meets at 10 o'clock. "Come, now, Jet
us reason togeter, saith the Lord." ,.
Regular services are held at the M.
E. barracks morning and evenlug of
the first Sunday of each month; in the
evening the remaining Sundays of the
month. The fourth Sunday evening
occupied by T. D. Gregory.
i V.-'i- .'.- . - . JOHNS.,
ReVi R A. Rowlev will conduct a
young people's and children's rally at
Ihe Congregational church next Bun
day, at 3 p. m.
In Hood River valley, Sunday, Feb.
24, 1895, to Mr. and Mrs, J. H. Shoe
maker, a son.
Fruit Growers, Attention!
We have In stock, econominally and
scientifically prepared, condensed forms
of sprays as recommended by the Ore
gon state board of horticulture, as fol
lows: . v -
Spray No. 1 Lime, 30: sulphur, 20;
salt, 15 in such form as to require only
to dissolve 1 lb in z gals, water.
Spray No. 2 Sulphur, 100; lime, ltio;
blue vitriol 8, of which 1 lb in 2 gals,
for winter, down to 8 or 10 gals, for
summer use, is required.
bpray JNo. a vvnaie on soap (m per
cent, i, 20; sulnhur, 3; caustic soda (08
percent.), 1; potash, 1; of this 1 fb in
5 gals, is the proportion.
Spray No. 7, Bordeaux M. Copper
sulphate, 0; lime, 4; of which 1 lb in 2
gals, ot water tor winter, to 4 gals, tor
summer, is the proper strength.
Also, ians green, ijonoon purpie,
etc. Do not fail to see us before buying
our insecticides.
S. Monahan. a stockman, arrived at
The Dalles from Arkansas Thursday,
and stopped at the Obarr lodging house.
Friday night lie was taken sick and
Saturday morning Dr. Hollister was
called iu. The man had a high fever
and symptoms of smallpox, which de
veloped during the day until there was
little doubt that was what the trouble
was As soon as the nature of the case
was suspected, vigorous steps were at
onee taken to quarantine the house,
and those who were unfortunate
enough to be found in the house we:e
compelled to stay there, and were vac
cinated at once. - The old pest house
having fallen into decay, it was decided
to keep the patient where he was
found, which has been done. Dr. Geis-
endorfer of Arlington, this morning,
in consultation with Dr. Hollisttr,
agreed with him that the case was one
of smallpox. Chronicle.
The steamer Telephone and North
west collided in a fog at Portland
Tuesday morning. The Telephone
was not mucn damaged, but the .North
west is laid up for repairs. , No one
Farm for Sale, Cheap!
Or for rent. About 25 acres under cultivation;
i miles from town of Hood River. Address
i - - j AO. rA, nuuuiuver, or. -
On 10 Years' Time,
Or for cash. Eight acres orchard; 8-room,
hard-finish house: 1500 bushel nnDle house.
stone; barns, etc.; water wheel. 8-horse power,
runs ieen mm, a; onsneis per nour; u perpet
ual springs; steamboat landing; all under
fence. Will sell all or part. Increasing years
compel sale. . f23
Cut Paper Patterns
The St. Louis Republic supplies Its lady
readers with cut paper patterns of all kinds
for ladles, girls, boys and men. All of sea
sonable garments, of the latest styles, and at a
cost of
Only 10c Each.
, Elsewhere they cost from 25 to 40 cents.
Besigns of new garments are published
every week In The Republic with an order
blank for the patterns. .
Thousands of ladies In every state nave pur
chased these patterns during the past year
and never a complaint.
They are invaluable, and yon can save on
these patterns alone every year many times
the price of the paper.
Only $1.00 a Year.
The "Twiee-a-Week" will be sent PREE
FOR ONE YEAR to any person sending, be
fore March 1st, a club of three new yearly sub
scribers, with $3 to pay for the same.
If you want a package of sample copies,
write for them.
Address all orders
.' ' . Ht. Louis, Mo.-
and don't be imposed upon by buying a
remedy that requires you to do so, as it is
nothing more than a substitute. In the sud
stonnaae of tobacco you must have some
stimulant, and in most all cases the effect of
the stimulant, be it opium, morphine, or other
opiates, leaves a far worse habit contracted.
Ask your druggist about BACO-CURO.
it is purely vegetaoie. iou
do not have to stop using to
bacco with BACO-CURO.
It will notify you when to stop
and your desire for tobacco
will cease. Your system will
and can tuny recommena u. lours very
i'M "
ani Ins. Agent.
I represent Ave of the best insurance com
panies. Collections made and real estate handled on
favorable terms.-
Office in Prather Block, Oak St.,
First Door West of Post Office.
Roots and Sboes made to order. Repairing
neatly done, and at
Bedrock Prices.
All work first class. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money refunded.
se . (J. WELDS, Proprietor.
Kitchen Furniture, "
Pruning Tools, Etc. j , . ' .
Repairing Tinware a Specialty.
I have for sale two fine Fruit Farms and the
best hay farm In the valley. Plenty of run
ning water on all of them. Will sell any or
all of them. Also, fine residence and lots at
different prices. Call on or address
aulS Hood River, Oregon.
Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Country Produce Bought and Sold.
Nickelsen Luckey will hereafter do all
plumbing and repairing, connecting to or de
taphing from water mains. - .
d22 A. S. BLOWERS, Manager.
Forty acres unimproved land, on the east
side of Hood river, 5 miles from town. Price
$10 per acre. Inquire at Glacier office.
prompt answer and an bonest opinion, write to
11 V W N & CO. who have had nearly fifty yean
, experience In the patent business. Communica
tions strictly confidential. A Handbook of In
formation concerning Patents and bow to ob
tain tbem sent free. Also a catalogue of mechan
ical and scientlflo books sent free.
Patents taken tb rough Munn ft Co receive
special notice In the Scientific American, and
thus are brought widely before the public with
out cost to the Inventor. This splendid paper.
Issued weekly, elegantly illustrated, has by far the
largest circulation of any scientific work In the
world. $3 a rear. Sample copies sent free.
Building Edition, monthly. l50a year. Single
copies, t!i cents. Every number contains beau
tiful plates, in colors, and photographs of new
houses, with plans, enabling ouilders to show the
latest designs and secure contracts. Address
MUNN & CO New Vouk, 3tfl Broad WAT
The Portland Sun. Is for sale every day at
the post office after the arrival of the tram
from Portland. ,
' ' - ; THE v ,
Navigation Co.
Through Freight and
Passenger Line.
All Freight Will Come Through
Without Delay.
One way...... i 50
Bound trip..... 2 54
Freight Rates Greatly
General Agent.
E. MCNEILL, Keceiver.
-;.!-. to THE ' '
Gives the choice of
Minneapolis OMAHA
J"V AND"''. V, - AND ' ' .
ST. PAUL. Kansas City.
Low Rates to All East
' era Cities.
No. 23. Freight leaves at 11.48. A..M
, No. 2. Mail - "! p. it
No 27 ,- .Local, leaves at 8.15 P. M
No. 1, Milll
t:4i A. M
Leave Portland every live days for
For full details call on O. R. A N. Agent,
Hood Giver, or address
Gen'l Pass. Agent,
Portland, Or.
Eighty acres, five miles from town:
40 acres in cultivation; 600 trees, prin
cipally apple, 111 tun bearing- All
fenced. Good house and ham. Three
shares of water in Hood River Su-pply
uo. go witn tne place. Uood well and
All work given him will be dom cor
rectly and promptly. He has a fvw
good claims upon which he can locate
mi new, utitu mi iuiiigvuuuuitwr inuuw.
February, 1894. rfv '
To buy or lease a piece of ground sui table for
a nursery. Further particulars at the Gla
cier office. (115
The undersigned has ou hand a good va
riety of choice
Fit Trees, Pits files,
at Hard Times Prices.
' Grafting and budding done to order.
Twelve acres, 8 miles south west of town; two
acres cleared, balance scattering oak and
brush, not hard to clear. Price J300.
Bargain in Land.
'.'- ..
For Sale Forty acres unimproved land,
east side of Hood river, 4 miles from town.
ill sell 5 or 10 acre tracts cheap. luquire at
G acier office. ,