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It's a Cold Day When We Get Left.
VOL. 6.
NO. 37.
;2Heed Iftver Slacier.
S. F. BLYTHE, Publisher. .
One year
Six months
Three mouths
SiiKle oopjf
1 or
Second St., Near Oak, Mood River, Or.
EVANS Sl HUSBANDS, Proprietors.
Bhaving and hair-cutting neatly done. Satls
faction guaranteed. .
Life-Like Pictures of Thirty
Oregon Representatives.
', v. .
And the Field U Now Clear for These
Legislators to Meet the Wants of the
People Who Elected Them to Office
C. J. Curtia.
C. J. Curtis, Representative from
Clatsop county, was born in Michigan
in 1853. He moved to California in
1877, to Oregon in 1879 and finally lo
cated at Astoria in 1883, and was'ad
. mitted to practice law the same year.
Mr. Curtis is the editor of the Astoria
' Herald, a popular paper, and has' held
several positions of truBt. ' . ; V-
., v , ' THOMAS H. COOPER, '. '
Thomas H. Cooper, Representative
from Behton-county, was born-in Mis
; souri in 1851. His parents removed to
Oregon in 1852. Mr. Cooper has lived
continuously in Benton county since
that date devoting his time entirely to
farming. He is a Republican in poli
tics. ...
. i ! , J. F. BOOTHBY.
: : J. F. Boothby, who represents Mor
row county, is a successful farmer and
stock-raiser of Lexington. He is a
strong Republican, having voted for
every Republican candidate from Lin
coln down to Grant. He is a veteran of
the civil war, having served four years
and figured in some of the principal bat-
' ties. Mr. Boothby came to Oregon two
years ago, and has resided here contin
uously ever since.
J. T. GOWDY. . ,
J. T. 1 Gowdy, Representative from
Yamhill county, was born in Illinois in
1835, and has been self-supporting since
the age of 12 years. He crossed the
plains to Oregon in 1852, locating first in
Marion county, and later in 18G8 went
to Yamhill county, where he has Bince
resided, pursuing the vocation of a
farmer. Mr. Gowdy is a plain, unvar
nished man, and this is his initiation to
political life, By creed he is a Republi
can. ' ;
J. SGurdane, Representative from
Umatilla county, was horn at sea while
his parents were making a voyage. He
came to America from Scotland, and was
early left an orphan. At the age of 15
Mr."Gurdane returned to the sea, truly
his native element, and for twenty years
followed'the life of a sailor. He served
for five years in the American navy, and
, went through part of the Mexican war.
Mr. Gurdane enlisted in the .army in
1861, and served through the war of the
rebellion. In 1882 he moved to Umatil
la county, Oregon, where he has since
been engaged in farming and stock rais
ing. b. J. DAVIS.
.. . f
E. J. Davis, Representative from
: Umatilla county, was born in Vernon
-county, Wisconsin, September 26, 186?.
He' "removed to Northeastern Kansas
with his parents in 1869. He received
a high-school education, after which he
.attended Drake University at' Des
'.Moines, la., and later took the full
course at the Gem City Business Col
lege of Quincy, 111., where he graduated
. in 1885. After leaving school he en
gaged in the hardware business with his
brother iu Norton, Kan., where he rer
malned until 1889, when he removed to
Milton, Umatilla county, Or., where he
ihas since resided. He was married to
Laura M. Renoe in 1887, and has two
children. .Mr. Davis is Secretary and
Manager of the Milton Foundry and
Machine Company, comes of a Republi
can family and has always been a stanch
.Republican. .
. ' J. B. DAVID. '
J. E. David, Representative from Gil
liam county, was born" in Pennsylvania
1845. Mr. "David spent years in teach
ing school at various points, and finally
moved to Gilliam county, where he has
- since resided, devoting his attention to
farming and stock-raising. Mr. David
holds to the doctrines of the Republican
B. P. Cardwell, Representative from
JMultnomah county; was born in Illinois
in 1832, and came to Oregon with his
family as a pioneer of 1852. He settled
with his family in Marysville (now Cor
vallis), where he resided fpr several
years. Mr. Cardwell later removed to
Portland and engaged in the photograph
business with Joseph BUchtel. During
Lincoln's administration he was ap
pointed a Deputy Collector of Internal
Revenue, and. field that position contin
uously for twenty-one years. In poli
tics Mr. Cardwell is a Republican.
c. B. MO0EE8.
C. B. Moores, Representative from
Marion county, elected Speaker of the
present House of Representatives, comes
from a family prominent in the legisla
tive annals of Oregon. His grandfather,
Moores was educated at the Willamette
University, and upon graduation ac
cepted a position as draughtsman in the
land department of the Oregon and Cali
fornia railroad.' In 1874 he went East,
and after studying law in several promi
nent law schools returned to Salem in
1877, where he has since resided. Mr.
Moores has held many positions of trust
of a public and private character, and
has been a frequent contributor to the
columns of the press. He is a Republi
can, and bears the reputation of being
self-reliant and independent and not
subject to the control of a faction op
posed to the wishes of the masses.
J. T. Bridges, Representative from
Jackson county, was born in 1864. He
is a native son and life-long resident of
Jackson county, and, therefore, eminent
ly adapted to representing it in the Leg
islature. In politics Mr. Dunn is a Re
publican. ;
Representative H. V. Gates of Wash
ington county was born in Lowell, Mass.,
in 1848. At an early age he studied civil
engineering, and was in the railway ser
vice twenty years. He served three
years with the Sixth Iowa Cavalry in
the late war. He came to Oregon in
1881, and for1 several years resided at'
Hillsboro, where he is largely interested
in electric light and water plants. He is
also interested in similar plants in other
teaching until elected to the present
T..R. Coon,joint Representative from
Sherman and Wasco counties, was born
in the Waldo Hills near Salerii' in 1854.
After receiving an education from the
public schools and Willamette Universi
ty he taught school in a number of
places in Washington and Oregon until
1882, when he moved to Hood River,
where he has since devoted his time to
fruit-growing. Mr. Coon is now Presi
dent of the Hood River Fruit-growers'
Union. As a member of the House of
Representatives in 1893 he was active in
securing legislation in agricultural and
to the legislative assembly as a Populist
from Marion county, where he has been
engaged in farming since 1890.
E. Hofer, Representative from Marion
county, is editor of the Salem Capital
Journal. Mr. Hofer's early life was full
of struggles, and his education has been
largely acq uired in the school of experi
ence. He was born in Iowa in 1854. His
life since 1876 has been devoted to jour
nalismand although admitted to the
bar) he has practiced law. Before
coming to Oregon in 1889 Mr. Hofer was
Secretary of the Iowa Senate for two
terms. He favors economy and simplic-
ity in public affairs and a Btrict surveil
lance of the relations between the gov-'
; :. . .... ; f .
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Colonel E. R. Moores, Sr., who died in .
1861, represented Linn county in the
Territorial Legislature, and was a mem-1
ber of the Oregon constitutional conven
tion. An uncle, Colonel I. R. Moores,
Jr., was Speaker of the House in 1865,
and his father, Hon. John H. Moores,
represented Marion county in the State
Senate for a number of years. C. B.
Moores was born in Missouri in 1849,
and the family removed to Oregon in
1852, settling in Salem a year later. Mr.
Douglas county, was born in California
in 1867. In 1870 his parents moved to
Oregon and settled in Douglas county,
where Mr. Bridges has since made his
home. ' Since 1887 he has been engaged
in the mercantile business at Drain, and
is now classed among the prominent
merchants of Southern Oregon. By po
litical affiliation Mr. Bridges is a Repub
lican. , ' GEORGE W. DUNN. .
George W. Dunn, Representative from
ber. .
He promises to be a useful mem-
T. J. Cleeton, Representative from
Columbia county, was born in Missouri
in 1861. His early life was full of strug
gles for an education, and at the age of
18 he was able to teach school. After
holding several public offices of a scho
lastic character in Missouri and Kansas
Mr. Cleeton came to Oregon in 1891.
Here he has continued his profession of
horticultural matters. Mr. Coon is a
C. D. Huffman, Representative from
Union county, was born in Portland in
1852. After many early vicissitudes, at
the age of 16 he went to Monmouth for
an education, which he was compelled
to work for. Later Mr. Huffman taught
school, and has been engaged at inter
vals at this profession since completing
his education. Mr. Huffman was elected
ernment and corporations.
- W. E. BUBKB. i ,
W. E. Burke, Representative from
LMultnomah county, was born in Clarke
county, wash., in 1806, and removed to
East Portland with his parents in 1869.
His education was received at the Will
amette University in Salem. Mr. Burke
is a firm believer in the future of this
State, which he has proved by investing
in land in several counties. In politici
Mr. Burke is a Republican,