The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 04, 1894, Image 4

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    Highest of all ia Leavening Power. Latest V. S. Gov't Report
Last night some yellow letters fell
From out a scrip I found by chance. .
Among them was the silent ghost :
The spirit of my first romance,
And In a faint blue envelope
A withered rose long lost to dew .;,
Bore witness to the dashing days '
When love was large and wits were few.
Vet, standing there all worn and gray.
The teardrops quivered in my eyes,
To think of youth's unshaken front,
The forehead lifted to the skies. ,
How rough a hill my eager feet '
Flung backward when upon its crest
I saw the flutter of the lace
The wind awoke on Helen's breast!
How thornless were the roses then.
When fresh young eyes and lips were
When Cupid in our porches proved
How true the tale that love is blind!
But red and white and poverty .
Would only mate while shone the May,
Then came a bag of golden crowns
And Jingled red and white away.
t Grown old and niggard of romance,
I wince not much at aught askew,
And often ask my favorite cat -
What else had red and white to do? "
And here's the bud that rose and sank -
A crimson island on her breast.
Why should I burn it? Once again
' ' Hide, rose, and dream, liod send me restl
. Norman Gale.
Evened Up Matters.
r Says a writer in the St. Louis Post
Dispatch: This is a true story; could
give names and places if it were nec
essary. A French gentleman visit
ed a relative in St. Louis, and being
a great sportsman at home was taken
out one day to shoot prairie chickens.
One got up, the Frenchman fired and
missed, but as the bird sailed along
in its peculiar way he thought it
mortally wounded and ran a mile to
catch it before he found out his mis
take.' , Next year the St. Louis gen
tleman visited the French relative at
his chateau in Normandy, and being
a great sportsman at home was taken
out one day to shoot hare in the park.
The gamekeeper placed him at the
crossing of two well worn paths. ;
Soon a big hare came trotting along,
and St. Louis raised his gun. "Please
don't shoot him, monsieur," cried the
keeper. "That is old Antoine, the fa
ther of all the hares !" The gun was
dropped. Then another hare came
along.Tand the gun was raised. "Please
don't shoot her," cried the keeper.
"That is old Fiftne, the mother of all
the hares I" The gun was dropped,
and as the keeper said that the three
or four more hares that came along
ought not to be shot : because they
1 were the children of Antoine and Fi
fine St. Louis retired , to the chateau
1 A Story of Gladstone. ,
Mr. Gladstone, as a. rule, is the
model of punctuality at dinner time,
both as a host and a guest. He,
however, when staying at the house
of one of his wealthiest supporters,
recently made,' a baronet, in the
neighborhood of Norwich, Mr. Glad
stone did for once keep both his host
and the other guests waiting in the
drawing room for several minutes
after the servant had announced
dinner. At last the premier entered
the room, smiling and rubbing his
hands benevolently. Looking all
around, he inquired in most genial
tones, "Are, we all mustered?" As
the host happened to have accumu
lated a large fortune by the manu
facture of mustard those present were
for a moment inclined to unjustly
suspect our revered premier of per
petrating a pun at his entertainer's
expense. London Court Journal.
The Desert of Sahara,
The greater part of the desert of
Sahara 'is, it has been ascertained,
from . 6, 000 to 8,000 feet: above the
level of the ocean. The desert is not
rainless, but showers cover it with
grass for a few weeks every year,
large flocks and herds being main
tained upon its borders, and the
oases are depressions in which water
can be collected and stored. It was
at one time believed that the whole
of the desert was below the sea level
instead of only a comparatively
small part of it. Alexandria Corre
spondent. .
The Wrong Treatment.
"I say, what made the Hubers
change their medical man all at
once?" ' :, -.
"You see, the last one they had
treated their daughter the wrong
way." , i .
"In what way?"
"He went ' and married another
girl I" Appenzeller Kalender.
Among the curious but not lest
acceptable wedding presents the
Duchess of New York received is an
Irish .spinning wheel, sent to her by
the Hibernian colony in Chicago.
The whole machine is made of bog
oak, and the spindle is part of a rebel'
Irish pike, the head of which drew
blood at Vinegar hill in 1798. , r;
:' At different times the pope has
leen known as his paternity, beati
tude, grandeur, apostolic majesty
vicar of St. Peter, vicar of . Jesu
Christ and servant of the servantn
of God. ' -
Customer (in a restaurant) See
bere, waiter, I've found a button in
this, salad. WaiterThat's all right,
sir; it is part of the dressing.
The Groat French Artist's Fet Model Which
: Died In Her Arms. . :
Rosa Bonheur loves the animals
she paints and is in turn adored by
them. She showed her recent pur
chase, a magnificent lion, who purred
and writhed like a gigantic cat when
his owner fearlessly stroked his
mighty ,- head. Then, showing the
head of a most superb specimen of
the African lion transferred to can
vas with startling realism, she tells
the story of Nero. He was her first
pet lion and was reputed untamably
ferocious and lived for several years
in the garden at By. At last one day
Rosa Bonheur was about to travel
and disposed of Nero to the Jardin
des Plantes. She parted with him
reluctantly, for he was a great pet
and would greet her , always with a
peculiar little note of welcome.
When she returned from her wan
derings, two years later, she went to
see Nero and beheld a sad sight.
The poor creature had not been so
carefully tended as he was used to be
at By.' Ophthalmia bad set in, and
the splendid brute lay blind and ail
ing, unheeding the curious crowd
that stared at him. Rosa Bonheur
watched him for a moment and then
called "Nero I" The effect was mag
ical. The lion rose to his feet, ut
tered his accustomed note of wel
come and sprang toward the well
loved voice with such impetuosity
that the shock against the bars sent
the sightless brute rolling, stunned,
back on the floor. The great artist
took him back, soothed his last days
with tendance and petting, and final
ly he died in her arms at the foot of
the staircase at By, his huge paws
clinging to his mistress, as if implor
ing her not to forsake him in his
death struggle, and his last move
ment being a feeble attempt to lick
the hands that held him with such
infinite tenderness. "You see," said
Rosa Bonheur as she meditatively
ruffled her new lion's mane, "to be
really beioved by wild beasts you
must really love them Paris Let
ter in Philadelphia Telegraph. ;
A Japanese Recipe.-
Fish is the chief article of diet of
the Japanese. Dried and salted it is,
with rice, the only food of the lower
classes. But every one, is fond of
fish, and there are a thousand ways
of dressing it daintily. Crabs are
killed by making them, swallow a
bumper of sake, which is probably
anything but pleasant to them, but
gives them a very delicate taste. The
spirit called shoyn, which is made of
the fermented juices of several dif
ferent kinds of grain, and which tastes
like Liebig's extract diluted with
brandy, seasons large fishes admir
ably, but generally the Japanese pre
fer to eat them raw, and they are not
altogether m the wrong. -
No hors d'oeuvre can beat that ob
tained from the following recipe:
"Take out the bones of a very fresh
dorado or sole ; cut the flesh into very
small pieces almost mince it, in fact ;
cut. into thin slices a few fresh gher
kins;' put in a pickle dish a series of
layers of chopped fish and gherkins;
add salt and pepper to each layer;
sprinkle over the whole a little vine
gar and the juice of a lemon; fet the
dish stand for a few hours before
serving." Try this recipe, and you
will see. Harper s Weekly.
1 '" ' How Indeed? .
,: V Won't you hand me the nutcrack
er, please, my dear?" blandly remark
ed Mr. Fewsmith to his wife at the
dinner table. . .
"With pleasure," was the answer,
"but I am sorry to see you so addict
ed to the nut eating habit. I have
heard that Darwin or some other
great man has said that nuts were
never intended for human consump
tion because they are so well protect
ed in their natural covering; that
they are intended by nature only for
germination." . ". -. . :
"What I should like to know," re
sponded Fewsmith, with his best com
pany manner, "is how they can be
more appropriate for the German na
tion than for free and independent
Americans." New York Tribune.
' .' ' '"' - ' - ' London Culture. :
Culture i3 declared by London fash
ionables as the reverse of smart. This
one would gather from the three fol
lowing remarks the first from a
middle aged lady quoted by a week
ly journal:' 1 ' - -.., , '
"It's the dream of my life to go to
Venice. Fancy floating about in a
lagoon! And the Viennese are so
charming, too, I believe !" - -', .-
A pretty girl exclaimed: "Oh, yes,
the 'Heavenly Twins.' I must get it.
I love dear George Eliot." ; ;r ' " "
And a young man said quite seri
ously : "Ah Ibsenite? No, I'm in the
army . "Exchange.
' '. A Crucial Test.
"Well, Henri, how does the watch
go that grandpa gave you?"
"Oh, papa, it ought to go very
well., I took it to school, and all my
p.'ay mates have been winding it up.''
- Bocage. ' . v ' r
How Bx-Congresgman Ranney Hid Himself
of a Troublesome Bedfellow.
. Ex-Congressman A, A. Ranney of
Massachusetts, who is accredited
with the leadership of the Boston
bar, gave evidence very early in life
of the strength of purpose which has
characterized his subsequent career.
' As a boy it was decreed by his stern
old father that he and an elder broth
er should occupy the same bedroom
and share the same bed. The future
congressman disliked this arrange
ment exceedingly, for the substantial
reason that his brother possessed a
constitutional tendency to kick the
person with whom he chanced to be
sleeping out of bed. On cold winter
nights young Ranney would.awaken
shivering, to find that his restless
bedfellow had acquired in the course
of an erratic slumber all the bed
clothes and was wrapped up in them
like an Indian papoose. ; The boy
bore this infliction uncomplainingly
for many weeks. Never a word said
he in the family circle of the kicks he
was obliged to submit to, or the cold
baths of freezing temperature which
roused him so often from pleasant
dreams. ' . . , - ,
One night, shortly after 12 strokes
had rung from the deep toned bell in
the tower of the Town . hall, the
household was awakened by a loud
hammering, which seemed to pro;
ceed from an upper room. Father
Ranney hurriedly donned his trousers
and taking a good, stout club for pro
tection stole up stairs to take the
thief unawares. The hammering
grew louder as he approached the
room occupied by his sons. He crept
softly to the door and listened. Bang
went the hammer again and yet
again, and with each stroke a heavy
nail seemed to have been driven f ur-
therhome. . . .
Ranney pere waited no longer, but
threw the door wide open. A strange
spectacle confronted him. His elder
son lay fast asleep and snoring on one
side of the bed. , On the opposite side
the future congressman was kneeling
on the floor, busily engaged in nail
ing the bedclothing to the sideboard
of the couch. , - ;
"What are you doing there?" roar
ed tne irate tamer. v ' ' i
"Why," replied this extraordinary
boy calmly, "I was just fixing these
bedclothes so that he couldn't kick
'em off, as he has been doing for the
last six weeks."
Then there was a scene, but the boy
did not lose his temper, although he
complied with his father s command
to remove the nails he had driven
into the bed. But it is worth noting
that shortly atterward he was given
a bed to himself .New York Herald.
The "Cruel Plant."
In one of the papers of the Cana
dian institute I find two excellent ar
ticles upon a species of cannibalistic
plant, known to the residents of the
tropical portions of America as the
cruel weed," or "strangler." The
scientific" name of this botanic oddi
ty is Physianthus albens, and it is in
digenous only to the western hemi
sphere. The flowers of this queer
plant are provided with five pairs of
jaws, which are so arranged as to
quickly close upon the proboscis or
head of any unsuspecting moth or
other insect which may attempt to
extract honey from the blossom.- To
make sure of its prey this cruel flow
er holds fast as long as the insect
struggles, slowly releasing its grasp
as soon as the writhings of the dying
creature cease. ..-..
According to the botanists, it be
longs to the milkweed family (tribe
or order of asclepiads). " The flowers
are pure white and very fragrant
and much like the tuberose in gener
al a ppearance. Those who may wish
to know more about this curiosity
will find a very readable and instruct
ive article on the subject in Hender
son's "Handbook of Plants,"., article
Physianthus." St., Louis Republic.
Talkativeness and Divorce In Japan.
Mr. Hanniker : Heaton has been
gathering some very interesting mar
riage statistics concerning the cus
toms in vogue in different countries,
from which one reads with amuse
ment, and perhaps with a certain de
gree of amazement, that throughout
Japan a man may get a divorce if his
wife talks too much. Ordinary peo
ple may suppose that this harsh law
will have the effect of curbing lo
quacity, but it has not. Japanese la
dies are the most talkative of their
sex, and divorces are common among
them. In Thibet a woman is entitled
to three husbands. In Melbourne a
man may secure a divorce if his wife
gets drunk three times, or if she ha
bitually neglects her household du
ties. Pearl Oysters.
It has been found by Saville-Kent
that the pearl oyster reaches matu
rity in a shorter time than was for
merly supposed. He thinks that un
der favorable conditions a period not
exceeding three years suffices for the
shell to attain to the marketable size
of 8 or 9 inches in diameter, and that
the heavy shells of . five pound or six
pound weight per pair may be the
product of five years growth. Pub
lic Opinion. - '
Necessary to Baptism. .
"What must precede baptism?"
asked the rector when catechising
the Sunday school. ,
"A baby," exclaimed a bright boy,
with the air of one stating self evi
dent truth. London Tit-Bits. .
Clever Devices and Bogus Circulars by
Which Many People Are Being .-.
, , Swindled,
New Orleans, Lb., June 23, 1894. Since the
Louisiana State Lottery Company removed to
Honduras and resumed business under the
name of the Honduras National Lottery Com
pany, the patrons of this great concern have
been eager bait lor clever operators, and every
month thousands of people are taken In by lot
tery schemes which purport to be the original
Louisiana State Lottery.
The modus operandi is to send a bunch of tick
ets to some prominent person, inclosing a com-
Flimentary t.cket good for (8,000. The party is
ustructed to sell one-fifth of the ticket to s me
other well-known prominent person and keep
the other filth for himself. Another condition
is that the party must remit $100 in payment for
tickets, at least three days before tue '-drawing."
in order to make the offer appear genuine, a
circular of the Honduras National Lottery Com-
Eany is inclosed with the address of J. H. Lom
ard & Co., New Orleans, La., carefully stamped
In red ink over the address of Paul Conrad, Pu
erto Cortez, Honduras, C. A., care Central
America Express, Port Tampa City,Fla. As a
matter of tact, the Honduras National Lottery
Company has no such agency in New Orleans
and Lombard & Co. never had any connection
with this company. The New England States
are flooded with the bogus circulars, and a num
ber have already been swindled. Boston (Mate.)
Herald, June US.
The Salary Too Small for Both.
"When L. Q. C. Lamar was made
secretary of the interior, nearly every
young man who had known him in Mis
sissippi went to Washington to get a
job," said H. F. Cole, of Water Valley,
Miss. "Among the number was John
Youngblood, editor of the Oxford Globe,
who called at Mr. Lamar's office on the
8th day of March, 1885. The secretary
was of coarse glad to see him. Young
blood had once been Mr. Lamar's pri
vate secretary. He expected something
big, but a clerkship only was tendered
him, and this he declined.
"Time wore on, and Youngblood, in
common parlance, 'went broke.' Could
his old friend, Mr. Lamar, let him have
fifty dollars? Mr. Lamar could and did.
Two weeks more, could his old friend,
Colonel Lamar, let him have a hundred
while he was : waiting to be placed?
Again Mr. Lamar could and did. A
month rolled by. Youngblood's board
bill was due. , He had to live while wait
ing, and he knew no one else in Wash
ington except his old friend from Ox
ford. His board bill was settled. The
next day he called again and wanted to
be accommodated. He was.
"After Youngblood went out Mr.
Lamar turned to Colonel Muldrow, his
assistant, and said: 'See here, Henry,
Youngblood has got to get away from
Washington. Find some place for him.
Both of us can't live on $8,000 a year.'
"The next morning Youngblood was
made superintendent of the Arizona
schools and was sent to Yuma, where he
later died." St. Louis Repnblic.
In the Pursuit of Pleasure. .
. Mrs. Langtry is now forty years old,
but her energy in the pursuit of pleasure
is still untiring. Last season her whim
was for racing and race horses, and hav
ing made a success on the turf, as she
usually does in all her business enter
prises, she is going in for yachting, and
has purchased the steam yacht Lady
Mabel at the modest figure of $125,000 I
for an . extended cruise through the i
south seas. Exchange.
In old age infirmities and weakness hasten to
close the gap between us and the grave. Hap
pily scientinc researcn ana pnarmacal skin nave
allied themselves in furnishing us a reliable
means of ameliorating the ailments incident to
declining years and of renewing waning phvsi-
oal energy. Its name is Hostetter's Stomach
Bitters, a widely comprehensive remedy in dis
ease and an inestimable blessing to the elderly,
the feeble and the convalescent. Rheumatic
ailments, trouble with the kidneys and lumbago
are among the more common ailments of the
aged. These are effectually counteraOed by the
mtters, wnicn is line wise a prevention ana cu
rative of malarial complaints, dvsnenslo. consti
pation and biliousness. It is highly promotive
oi appetite, sieep ana tne acquisition oi vigor-
Gradd I hear you have a full-blooded Indian
in class '96. How does he do? Softinore Do?
He is out of slghtl You just ought to hear him
give tne ciass cry.
when nursing babies,'' need a
nourishment that will give
them strength and make
their milk rich.
the Cream of Cod-liver Oil,
nourishes mothers andmakes
babies fat and healthy. Gives
strength to growing children.
Physicians, the world over, en
dorse it.
Don't be deceived by Substitutes!
Pnparsd by Scott Bowns, N. T. AU DrugcUta.
, ely's ;
Xs quickly
absorbed. r
Cleanses the
Nasal Passages.
Allays Fain and
Heals the Sores.
Protects the
Membrane from
Additional Cold.
Restores the -Senses
of Taste
and Smell.
A particle is applied into each nostril, and is
agreeable. Price 60 cents at Druggists or by
86 WarreB Street, New York.
g Three dosea only. Try It.
This comio paper has some inimitable
cartoons. But no one of them is more
forcible than this testimony of its propri
etor, W. J. Arkell, to the value of All-
cock's Pobous Plasters. He writes :
"Judge Euir.DiNO.
Cor. Fifth Ave. and Sixteenth St,
New Yobk. January 14. 1891
"About three weeks since, while suffering
irom a severe com wnicn naa settled on my
uuest, i appueu an allcocks roKous -L as
ter, and in a short time obtained relief.
"In my opinion these plasters should be
in every household, for use in case of
coughs, colds, sprains, bruises or patns of
any Juna. 1 Know that in my case the re
sults have been entirely satisfactory and
beneficial. W. J. Ark km"
Bbandbeth's Pills arrest the progress of
One of the proudest men in the world is the
man who has smoked the same cigar fifteen or
ivveuiy years.
Mr. Grumpps What boobies women are al
ways crying at weddings. Mrs. Grumpps Yor
never saw women crying at a uivorce, am you
There is more catarrh in this section of the
country than nil other diseases put together, and
until tne last lew years was supposed to De in
curable. For a ffreat manv veurs doctors nro-
nounced it a local disease, and prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly failing to cure with
local treatment pronounced it incurable. Sci
ence has proven catarrh to be a constitutional
disease and therefore requires constitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by F. J. Cheney Si Co., Toledo. Ohio, U the only
constitutional cure on the market. It is taken
internally in doses from ten drops to a teaspoon
ful. It acts directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. They offer one hundred
dollars tor any case it tans to cure, bend lor cir
culars ana testimonials. Aaaress
F.J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O.
Sold by druggists; 75 cents.
Dse Enameltne Stove Polish ; no dust no smell.
Tbt Gkemea for breakfast..
There's no long-
er any need of
wearing clumsy,
chaflnir Trussea.
which give only partial relief
at oest, never cure, dui oiten
inflict great injury, inducing
inffunnnation, strangulation
and donth.
matter of how long standing;
or of what size, is promptly
and permanently cured without the knife
and without pain. Another
Triumph in Conservative Surgery
Is the cure, of
fTTTHf HP Q Ovarian, Fibroid and other
i If,
varieties, without the perils
of cutting operations.
however larjre.
Fistula, and other
diseases of the lower bowel, promptly cured
without Dam or resort to tne auue.
lthout pain o
in the Bladder, no matter now
largo, is crushed, pulverized.
ana wasnea out, tiiun avoiding cutting.
OrTTJTflTITT'DTi' of urinary passnR
J J. J.VI V X V AtJJ also removed without
cutting. Abundant References, and Pamph
lets, on above diseases, sent scaled, in plain en
velope, 10 cts. (stamps). World's Dispen
sary Medical Association, Buffalo, Ma Y,
It is sold on a guarantee by atl druff.
gists. It cures incipient, uonsumpnuu
ana u the best uomtn ana uroup uure.
W. L. Douglas
2.I.7J Boys'SchoolShoes
Ton can save money by wearing the
W. L. Douglas $3. OO Shoe.
Because, we are the largest manufacturers of
this grade of shoes In the world, and guarantee their
vtuue uy awmprog tue name ana price on tne
bottom, which protect you against high prices and
the middleman's profits. Our shoes equal custom
work in style, easy fitting and wearing qualities.
We have them sold everywhere at lower prices for
the value given than any other make. Take no sub-
vivuie, u your ueaier cannot supply you, we can.
Boarding and day
school for girls.
upens septemoer
19, 1894.
Address MISSES RODNEY, Portland, Or.
Bft Dr- Williams' Indian Pile
B-aS Ointment will cure Blind,
B "W Bleeding and Itching Piles.
I It absorbs the tumors, allays
m the itching at once, acts as a poul-
tice, gives instant relief. Dr. Will
iams' Indian Pile Ointment is prepared
r.v T11na t u
parts. Every box is warranted. By drug-
triata hv moll mnnlnt r.t CA
Proprietors, Cleveland, Ohio. . -
f UU UM i m
To the person or club returning us the largest
number of
Certificates on or before June 1, 1894, we will
give a cash prize of $100, and to the next largest
numerous other prizes ranging from $6 to $76 in
cash. - CLOSSET & DEVERo, Portland, Or.
W. P. N. U. No. 555 S. F. N. TT. No. 632
, s r.
ots.''anoirnfl fpTl mr
81.00 Bottle, USl 1 1 a f at
One cent a dose. Vwf "fT TTSr&KF1
aehe? Does every step seem a burden ? You need
A Good Appetite
Is essential to good health, and when the
natural desire for food is gone stre)trn will
soon fail. For loss of appetite, indigestion,
sick headache, and other troubles of a dya
i-'od's Sursaya
nlla is the reme- I
iO tires
ay which most '
It aiileklv ton
the stomach and makes one "real hnnirrv." Be
ture to get Hood's and only Hood's Sarsaparllla.
Hood's Pills are purely vegetable. 26c.
Cider, Milk, Butter, Catsup,
Pickles, Etc.,
And does it SUCCESSFULLY by preventing fer
mentation. The use of this wonderful preserv
ative assures success in cunning and preserving
fruits and vegetables of all kinds. NO MOULD
on top of fruit. Saves time and labor, and isi n
every way a decided success. '
Is sold by all druggists and grocers, and is guar
anteed to do what we say it will.
Portland, Or. ' '
CAS and
In Every Detail. ;
These ensrines are acknowledged hv ATivrt. n-
Klncers to be worthy of highest commendatio
for simplicity, hiKh-grade material and superior
workmanship. Taev develop the full actual
horse power, and run without an Electric Spark
Battery ; the system of ignition is simple, inex
pensive and reliable. .... ... .
For tuinoin&r outfits for irrie-atlncr TvnrrtnRpM
no better engine can be found on the Facifle
Coast. . - 1. 1 .- ,
For hoisting outfits for mines they have met
with highest approval.
For intermittent power their economy is mi
questioned. ,
Cor. Front and Alder Sts., .
Send for catalogue.
Is finre death to Ground BquirrelH,
POCket GODhftfR. RlthhUH n.rA nil arW .
mala that burrowln thfiprnnnri. Kim. -
pie, safe and certain. Price ?3 per 100
cartridges, with directions for usiug,sentree on
application For sale by SHIELDS EXTERMI-
NAXOK CO., Moscow, Idaho.
Consumptives and people
who have weak lunKs or Asth
ma, should use Piso'sCurefor
Consumption. It has cared
thousands, ft has not Injur
ed one. It Is not bad to take.
It is the best cough syrup.
com everywoere. Vae