The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 12, 1894, Image 3

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    3food Slacier.
The mall arrives from Mt. flood at 11 o'
clock A. M. Wednesdays and Saturdays; de
parts ie same days a", ttoon.
For Chenowet h, leaves at 8. A. M. arrives at
P. M. (Saturdays.
For White Salmon leaves daily at 8 A. M.
arrives at one o'clock P. M. " '
From White Salmon leaves for Fnlda, GU-'
mor. Trout take and Olenwood Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.
Canby Post No. Id G. A. R., meets at Odd
Fel Iow'b Hall, first Saturday of each month
nt 2 o'clock p. in. All U. A. It. members in
vited to attend. , '
M. B. Potter,
C. J. Hayes, Commander.
New goods at the Racket Store, ,
, The first berries should show up next
week. . ' -.
Children's hats and' caps at the
Racket Store.
Floating bath soap at the Hood
River Pharmacy . -
Ground Sulphur for spraying at the
Hood River Pharmacy.
Mrs. Dr. Brosius and ye editor's wife
visited Portland Monday. -
Ladies' silk and Berlin gloves and
mitis at the Racket Store.
S. E. Bart mess Is agent for the Bri
dal Veil Lumber Company.
Taxes are . delinquent and so are a
goodly number of taxpayers.
If you want to buy a farm, come to
this shop and we will give you some
pointers. . ,j' ' '','.' ''.;
For sale, cheap, a No. 5 Davis Stump
Puller.. Levi Monroe.
Miss Delia Watson attended the
teachers examination at'- The Dalles
this week.-"" " : ' '
Evans & Husbands have added a nice
bath room to their barber shop.v Don't
forget it.
Double moulded doors, $1.75. ' All
iiiuds moulding cent per inch.
Hood Rivku Miu Co .
' The oaks are almost in full leaf, and
s u nutural consequence, tlood Kiver
is at her ery prettiest. .
Will Langille return ed from a visit
to CJoud Cap Tuesday. . The Inn will
be opened about' Jul v 1st. '
We need ten cords of wood, and will
gladly trade uewsuaper for it. Sixteen
filch stove wood preferred. ' 1
Mr. E. O. Wiley, inspector of the
work at the Locks, was here Sunday
iooking at. bis berry farm.
..A couple-of Japaivesente contracting
to furnish berry-pickers for the season
at $1.55 per hundred boxes. '
6. R. Huslmnds was down from Mo
sier Wednesday.. He tells us the frost
did but little damage there.
If you want to buy a farm, anything
from five acres to 500, cail at this shop
ud we will give you a pointer.
O. B.' Hartley is making quite a
change in his dwelling house; aline big'
bay window being one of them.
The Columbia is up and coming
again, and it is quite probable the high
water record will be made this year.
The post drive will probably start
next week. It is estimated that the
drive will contain a hundred thousand
posts. .
tiful and alia spring day, worth six
months of winter ibrevery minute of it.
Misses Hattie Oiler, Ida Foss and
Bess Isenbprg : went to Goldendale
Tuesday to attend the regular teachers' '
examination. '
Our ''Whole Wheat Graham" is for
sale at all the stores. We guarantee
every sack to ba made of clean No. 1
wheat. Harbison Bros.
Mr. Henry Pitman, democratic, can-
didate for assessor, was here Wednes-!
day. He;is a wide-awake man, and if
elected will make a good assessor.
By using Hall's Hair Renewer, gray,
faded or discolored hair assumes the
natural color of youth and grows luxu
riant and strong, pleasing everybody. ;
Elijah Udell's five-year-oid boy Wed
nesday, pulled the leg from under The
kitchen stove upsetting a kettle of
boiling water which scalded him quite
badly. . .
The Hood River; Box Co.,; has put in
its machinery and is prepared to roll
barley or wheat. The Co., also keeps
on band all kinds of rough and dressed
lumber.' :'......,? . .
T. J. Driver, republican candidate
for sheriff, was here Monday. His op
ponent, Mr. Morse, "did the grace
ful" by Introducing him to many of
our citizens. - ''"'''.""
Miss M. Dahl, representing Mrs.' :M.
1 Ballister of The Dalles, will be in
Hood River every Saturday.' Her goods
will be displayed at Rand, Dent & Co.'s
store. Be sure to call.
Robt. Dei tt rick came up from San
Francisco Monday,' bringing with him
a carpenter and a gardener. He in
tends building a regular Swiss chalet
on his place at China hill.'
75 acres of land for sale all fenced In,
and within 3 miles of Mosier station.
Half cash balance on time a living
spring on the property. Enquire at
this office. Price $15 per acre.
O. B. Hartley lias amputated' the
couth wing of his house and taken it to
Hanna's lot, on' the corner Fourth
and River streets. It will tie remod
led and made into a handsome cot
tage. .,
According to the published appoint
ments, Governor Pennoyer and Ira
Wakefield, populist candidate for secre
tary of state, 'Will speak here at 1
o'clock Wednesday afternoon, May
SDLb. : '. : i;
There was a light frost again Tues
day night, but no damage was done.
; I have arranged for handling straw
berries and other fruits the coming sea
son, and having had ten years experi
ence in the commission business, feel
confident of getting the beat returns
for my customers. C. R. Bone
John Gerdes has opened a restaurant
in connection with his bakery and will
furnish meals at all hours. Meals, 25
cents; 21 meals, $4; three big ioaves of
bread for 10 cents. Ice cream Satur
days and Sundays.
v Hold, Had Burglars.
Hood River was visited by a gang of
burglars Monday night, and the store
of A. 8. Blowers & Co. received their
attention. A few minutes after I
o'clock Tuesday morning, Dr. Brosius
was awakened by the ringing of the
night bell at his drug store.' Going to
the window and calling, he was unable
to get any answer from the person who
pulled the bell. At the same time he
saw a light in Blowers' store, just
across the street, and immediately sus-
pected that something was going on
there that tue owners were not in
formed of. He roused his brother-in-
law, Ed Williams, and closing an inner
door so -that all light was shut off',,
they watched out of the bed-room win
dow. In the meanwhile the light In
the store had been
put out, out wuen
. . . i . . ,. i i. i
the light in Dr. Brosius house was shut
tllV UUJgiAia, CVIUCUHJ lUUJlkllJg uc
bad gone back to bed, again lit up.
Then the doctor, leaving Ed to watch,
went down through the back yard,
climbing over four fences, and called
Constable dinger. They, then got
Will Yates, one of the firm whom the
robbers were patronizing, aud also Mr.
Ridley, dinger got a gun from the
night operator, tfnd Yates was armed
with a shot gun., Coining up Third
street, they found tue burglars had got-j
ten outside and were under the big
oak at the corner, of "Oak and Third
streets. The burglars, all but one, fled
up Oak street, but this one had one
!..1... . I .....J 1 C 1 t
uwuu B,m -pvuiu uuie ""j
could get ready to run. Leaving Yates
to hola him, Ohnger gave chase to the
others, who ran up Oak to iourth.
where Hartley's dogs joined in the
chase, but the night being very dark, ,
Ohnger was unable to get a glimpse of ,
, them. In their flight they dropped,
a sack of plunder containing seven ;
pairs of pants and a selection of under-;
comes, imiuw,, g.oves, tw emy
packages of smoking aud about five
pounds of plug tobacco. : Plenry York
heard the noise and got out about this
time, aud leaving him to guard the
prisoner at Olinger & Bone's barn, the
others made a round of the town and
txkiu the freight trains, but without
result. A search of the prisoner brought
i. is i. . .1 ..ill- 1 Ji
loiiguiauoaeu or more sua. uuuuaer-
oicis, a cone.iuon oI( pipes auu an as-
sortmenr, nf Kk.Mn keva. Aa ir. ws. I
me uurgiuiij got away witu over a uuu- i
in part of about u
gross of , pocket
Knives, iniriy.iazore, a ioi oi scissors j
four pairs of shoes (all number 7s), aud
a 'box of condemned cigars, which Capt.
Bloweis says "will cause their arrest i
if they smoke them." The gang had
evidently sized up the town, as they
tackled the only store , in which there
is no one sleeping at night. Besides,
they opened a window at the factory
by the turning lathe and secured'a"
large chisel with which they pried open
the doors of the store building. The
chisel was found in the morning near
Hartley's, where the fellows had fired
it at Hartley's dogs. The prisoner was
taken to The Dalles, Tuesday, by Con
stable dinger, had a preliminary ex
amination before Justice Sbutz and was
held to await the action of the grand
jury. , ' ' -; '" :-' ; , "" "
A Coxcy Battle.
The Coxeyites are having a serious
. , -, ,r . . - . , I
time at North akmia. Wednesday a j
train was captured by them, and on j
their refusal to get off, Deputy Marshal
Chidester undertook, with the aid of
thirteen deputies,' to put tbem off. Be
ing outnumbered, XJhidester sent for
mora deputies, and being reinforced,
again undertook to put them oft". A,
row ensued, the Coxeyites attacking a
deputy, who was trying to pull one
of their number away from a brake.
The other deputies came to his aid and
twetity shots were fired. Threeof the
mob were wounded by pistol shots and
another had his fingers broken with a
club. : Two ' deputies, Chidester., and
Jolly, were shot, the former through
the leg, the latter .lit the stomach. The
Coxeyites numbered SMO'aud kept'pds
seBsiou of the train , .,, ... 'y .
; . A Republican Orator, '
Hon. Roswell G. Horr, ex-congress-llian
from ' Michigaii, and at present
chief assistant editor of the New York
Tribune, will ' address the citizens of
Wasco county on political questions, at
The Dalles Friday, May 25th.
A Million Friends.
A friend in need is a friend indeed,
and not less than one million people
have found just such a friend in Dr.
King's new discovery for consumption,
coughs and colds.- . If you have never
used this great fcough medicine, one
trial will convince you that it has
wonderful curative powers in all dis
eases of throat, chest and lungs. Each
hottlo" is guaranteed' "" to do "all
that is claimed or money will be re
funded. Trial bottles free. - Large bot
tles 50 eta aud $1.00 at Hood River
Pharmacy. ,- . , , '.' .;, . . ,'
':.. '" : Literary. .
Editor Glacier: :
The young folks at the Pine Grove
school house have organized a literary
club on a new plan. It will be known
as the Columbian Educational club.
Each member pays 25 cents at joining
and a regular quarterly fee of 15 cents.
The proceeds are .devoted to the pur
chase of books. About ; thirty-five
bound volumes, by the best authors,
are now in their library and more will
he added from time to time.
Debates and literary exercises are the
order' of the meetings, and none will
have an excuse for growing up in ig
norance and superstition. The society
! is composed of nearly thirty members
and will meet every two weeks through-;
out the summer and weekly during the
Tue question for debate at the next
meeting is, "Resolved, That C'oxey is a
greater man than Grover Cleveland."
For once we regret that our doors are'
olospri to nil exepnr. mpmhwa. ho that.
, thoge whQ ,.hankerforcrow coiild be
present; but we promise to discuss the
matter with deliberation, and the ver-
j diet will be given to the world in due
j time. ., .;. ' "', , . ' "!;:
j As a further project for enlarging our
! library, a basket social, will be given
; F . . , MnvPJWh Th WiM will
; preeent wjtb halldsome baskets filled
with sumptuous!, lunches, and they
(the baskets) will be auctioned to the
highest bidder. "Lemonade will be
there and such literary exercises as will
tend to make the evening enjoyable to
! all who care to co me. Member";
Farewell, ,,, .
We, the members of the Riverside
Congregational church, in view of the
fuf t.lmt "Alii nuetnl' ' thitt T?.ov 'T-Tpfirw
. . . ' .. r(al(rnflMn
with the expressed conviction that it is
; the course of duty for him and with the
hope of our acceptance thereof. There
fore be It :'?;X!'
Ppanlvprl . Tht. w nPPPnt. ThA rA9ir-
natlon 'wcli vers our relations Is
rand people, though with feelings
cf heartfeit sadne8s; whiie we recognize
tbat for nearly tw() of fajthfu,
rfnHprpi, tn tMa nhrt'h BnA
,e he bag been tireleB8 lu his effort8
tQ teacn ua u.ue chri8Uanity and broth.
er,y and we feenn accepting his
re8ignation we ure bereft of ail exeep.
tloml 4proveU by Gb'd -for .pa4
; tora, in8tructor and personal friend . :
jej That witu bis family we
j part most reiuctautly, assuring them
j of om. sincere confldence and arreetion.
j With the departure of Mr8. GUt we
1 8Uffer a loss we nJgh irreparable. ever
'to the frollt in all good words) and
WOrks. '
I " ' ' ' i
TWlrprl ThnUn nnrrlncv with the
fc,: Henrv-r dm iin rl -tn m 1 1 v- tit4
... ... . ., T. ... .
Kiuuesi wisues wm ever atienu tueui,
we hereby recommend them
to the church to which 'thev have been
called aH tho8e wortl)y 0f tueir highest
COnfidence and esteem
The above resolutions were
! imously adopted by a rising vote of the
church. ' ' '
D. O Hi li., "
. II. C. Bateham, ' ' e
'. Ursula Dukes, h "'.,;
. Committee.,
April 29, 1894. - , j,
'. BOKJi. - ,: y.'.
Near Hood River, Friday, May 4th,
to Mr. and Mrs.Kred Howe, a daughter.
In Hooci River, Friday, May 4th, to
Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Hunt, a daughter.
In Hood River, Monday, May 6th,
to Mr and
Mrs. J. W, Ourtemaw, '
, ; The Acme Tree WasA. '
The Hood River Pharmacy has taken
the agency for the sale of the Acme In
D ,
suicide Compound, manufactured'tiy
w,tsotl Irwil, & Co,f Oakland CVifor-J
ma. Call
on 'us for
circulars and itt,
j ,J. SEULBKRGER, , ;. ;
?. 509, 511 and 513 Seventh St., -Mi-Oakland,
Cal., May, 1st 1893.
WATaoN,.ERWiN&Co.i , '!;.. ,
Dear Sirs: I have used your Acme
Insecticide Compound, and have found
it to be the most effective and cheapest
remedy for desroying all kinds of pests
to which plants and trees are subject.
Can reccommend It as a'first-cla's . ar
ticle. ' Yours Truly,' 'J'j'i.
' J. Seulberger.
In the year 1 893 I used' over a ton of
Acme Insecticide for the1 black and
brown' scale, and this , aeasjii(i m"
spraying every ,tree I have inTOy or
cbard.; My.,' experience .te4h!aV.tD.e
Acme is the begt wash that was ever
put on the market, as it can be used'at
any time of the year without injury to
the buds or foliage. , j .
George P. LowriE.
'. - . . it
I .. Vi - NOTICE'.',-' ' -
...... '. ,. !..'.' :'." ..!. -a .i.
..' For,' the next three' hundred and
sixty-five days: . ! My prices ' are ro'r
half soling men's boots or shoes. 60
cents; ladies, 30; patches, 10 cents; toe
tips, 30 cents; children's 25 cents ".'"':
:''; (!. Welds;
House aud lot in
ply to
Hood RiveK ,-Ap-A.
S. Blowers.
They say if otir beloved dead
Should Bee the old familiar place, '
Some stranger would be there instead, ,
Aud they would ilnd uu wek:onie L'aue. ...
I cannot tell how it might be '
In other Tiouies, but this I know ' '
Could my lost darling come to me
- That she v.'ould never find it so.
.(Dfttlmes tho flowers have come aud gone,
'" ' OJtthues the winter winds have blown: .
""then; while the pea:elul lest weut on.
Then 1 have learned to live atone, -
Have slowly Jearned from day to day
In all life's tasks to bear my part,
, But whethefgrave or whether ijuy,
. 1 hide her memory in my heart.
Fond, faithful love has blessed my way
s And friends are round mo, true and tried,
' They have their place, but hers today
Is empty aa the day she died.
. How would I spring with bated breath,
And, joy too deep for word or sign, .
To take my darling home from death.
And onpe again to cali her mine! ,
I dare not dream the blissful dream:
It fills my heart with wild unrest:
Where yonder cold, while marbles gleam
She still must slumber God knows best.
: Kan Francisco 'ews Letter.
Where "Vanity Fair" Was Written. i
In 1847 Thackeray went to live in
Young street, and once pointing1 out
the bbw windowed to an in:
qi;ii?irig.. friend is said to., have .. re
marked,, "Go down on your knees,
you rogue, for here "Vanity Fair'
was penned, and l 'will go down
with you, for I have a high opinion
bof that, little production myself. "
Here he also wrote "Esmond,' and
tone of the houses close , by m Ken-
jpington square has been chosen as
the, home of Lady.Castlewood. and
iBeatrice. . --, '." ' 4-
p .iyoxj xnaciteray removea irom
i)hsTow i square,' where ?"The" New-
comes" ; and "Tlte, Virginians". . had
been composed, to the house he had
built himself , in Palace green, still
remaining in the old court suburb,
with its leafy trees and gardens, to
which he was so much attached.
Here it was that the completion of
"Denis Duval" was cut short by his
lamented ' "death in the following
year. Chambers' Journal. ,
;;t!, ' '.-.'. rr-- ; - : . -",','. .
V Early Exerciso For Growing Boy.
I have noticed a tendency to ier
mat children to sit up much later than
Ljjsijgo'od. for. .them, . the natural result
being a too prevalent tonuness tor
the bed in the morning. If a boy
wants' to keep himself in prime con
dition, to grow up strong and vigor
ous, let him get up in the morning
long enough before breakfast to have
first 10 minutes of brisk work with a
pair of light wooden dumbbells, then
his cold bath, and afterward a sharp
Walk of 15 minutes. Any boy who
will follow this plan will discover be
fore many .weeks that he is easily
superior to his classmates in almost
any athletic work he undertakes.
While headaches and other ills too
common to growing lads will be- un-
vy,1",y" .-y
KUGWll 10 film.
iiarpers bazar; ..
.';. .-; A -Careless Shot. .
"'" A c"un loaded with shot was fired
into the carriage of a newly married
couple who were returning from
church in Cornwall. The shots pass
ed through the window of the vehi
cle, close to the faces of the 6ccu;
pants, and entered the back of the
driver. '. The gun was fired as a sign'
of rejoicing. London Tit-Bits.
, . ...A Comparison. . . .
i-.- Samuel Beazley. tlie architept. not
long before his death wrote so rnelan-
rclioiy a letter to a f rieud that the
latter- declared, "It way like the first
chapter of Jeremiah." . "Yoii are
mistaken, my dear fellow," retorted
Beazley. - Vlt is the last chapter of
8amuel."r-Exchange. : , "J ... . ."
The Kalmucks Freed.
ipbe iialmueks of Astrakhan a rov
ing people numoenng aDout isu.uuu,
have at last been f reed from serfdom.
When' the 0,tlier Russian serfs were
freed in 1661, it was considered dan-
ii 1UU1, lb wuom&i&u uuu-
gevaxm to extend the privilege t6 these
people owing to their wilduess. -Ex-
, .; . ,' . ' , A Fair Warning.
Cook (on the day after her arrival)
-Please, mum, I'm a bit; fiery, at
times, and when I'm fiery I'm apt to
be a bit rough spokehi but you needn't
let that put you about. With a' little
present you can alius bring me 'round
again, "i Exchange. ... . '
i -There is no royal road to success
any more than there is a royal road to
learning. But any intelligent young
man who is honest, ambitious, ob
servant, hardworking, patient and
healthy is pretty certain, to make his
mark in business. Exchange. .
: .':y;,,",v; .,, .?VV '
; A jtree w&icli fuiTiishes fi jnpet val
uable product for the use of mautbjti.
camphor tresis found In Japan on
L the sloi6s of mountains, and, Uke the
cinchona , Exhibits,, much hardihood
and ability ' to adapt itself to climatic
The method of reasoning pursued
by some children may be simple
enough,, but the results are often dis
astrous. A book of reminiscences by
the teacher of the infant class would
undoubtedly prove fatal. .j. , " : ;
j,;,. v-:",- :
' In Ceylon experiments have shown
that it is more economical: to dry tea
leaves by felectricity, than by the old
method, and extensive, plants have
been erected for that purpot.v. - i
Some one says women . liv-s longer
than men. This is undoubted!y so.
We jjnowa charming young actress,
who was oil' the" sta,ge 40"1yeai,s ago,
and she is only 32 now - , ,
Bpeaks through the Boothbay (Me.) Register,
of tlia.beneflclal results he lias received from
a regular use of Ayer's Tills. He says : " I
was feeling sick and tired and my stomach
seemed all out of order. I tried a number
of remedies, but none seemed to give me
: relief until I was Induced to try tl old rella- '
ble Ayer'g Tills. I have taken only one -box,
but I feel like a new man. I think they
are the most pleasant and easy to take ot
anything I ever used, being so finely sugar
coated that even a child will take them. - I '
urge upon all who are In need of a laxative
to try Ayer'g Tills. The will do good."
For all diseases of the Stomach, Liver
and Bowels, take , , ,
Prepared by Dr. J. O. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Every Dose Effective
Stoves and tin-v
ware, kitchen fur-
, niture, pruning
tools and plumb
ers goods of all kinds.
. Repairing of tinware a specialty. -.
All work given him will be done cor
rectly and promptly. He has a few
good claims upon which he can locate
parties; Doth farming and timber lands.
February, 1894.
- The Dalles, Oregon.
- J. F. WATT, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Is espeelnlly prepared to treat Diseases of
Nose and Throat.
Local surgeon for Union Pacific By.
JCFU & Menkfke,
, Attorneys-at-Law,
Chapman Block, ovei Postoff ice
' Timber Land, Act J une 3, 1878.
United States Lnnd Ofllce,
The Dalies, Oregon, March 1i, 189-1.
Notice Is hereby given that In compliance
wit h the provisi nn ot" the act ot Congress of
June 8, 1878, entl lied "An act for the sale of
timber lands in the States ot California. Ore-
gon.Nevadaand Washington Territory,' .lames j
M. Hoag, of Hood River, conn v ot Wasco,
stute of Oregon, has this day tiled In this office i
nis sworn statement jno , ior tne purcnase
of lot two, three, four and nine, of section
thirty, in township No. one north, range No.
nine east, W. M., and will oiler proof to show
that the land sought, is more valuable toi'it
timber and stone tliau for ntrricultural pur
poses, and to establish his claim to said land
before the Register and Receiver of this office
at The Dalles, Oregon, on Monday, the 11th
day of June, 1804.
He names as witnesses: Herbert Ellsworth,
Marlon Loy, George; C. Jones Jr and John lav
ers, all of Hood Ri ver, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to tile
their claims in this office on or before said 11th
day of J une, 1894.
i :. . John W. Lewjs, Register.
Notice is hereby given that, the un-dersig-ied,
executorpf the estate of El
mer E. Griltin. an insane person, has
filed in the county court of the state'of
Oregon for Wasco county, in probate,
a full, coruplete and final account as
such executor; and that he intends to
and will, ou Monday, the ,7th day of
May, 1894, apply to the Honorable
George V Blakely, Judge of said courtj
for an order allowing, approving and
settling his accounts, discharging him
as such executor and exonorating him
from further liability as such executor,
Executor of the estate of Elmer E.
- Griffin, insane. , ;
at.'" ,. yy';y::
,;' . . :v a specialty. ' .'.'.
- raw fi:ks '
I will pay the highest market value
for all kinds of raw furs during the
season at Hartley's butcher shop.
. ' , H. D. Langille. ,
, ' ' THE
& Aste
Navigation Co. V
Through Freight and
. Passenger Line.
Tlie steamer Regulator will run tri
weekly trips, leaving The Dalles Mon
days, Wednesdays, and Fridays, con
necting with steamer Dalles City. Re
turning, will leave Portland Tuesdays
Thursdays, and Saturdays, connecting
with steamer Regulator at the Locks;
All freight will come through without
delay- : '
One way ;
Iiound trip
,.$2 00
.. 3 00
Freight Rates Greatly
Shipments for Portland received at
any time, day or night. Shipments
for way landings must be delivered be
fore 5 p.m. Live stock shipments so
licited, i Call on or address,
. -' ; General Agent.
General Manager,
Is a dapple gray, iu bauds high, weighs
1800 pounds, three-quarters Norman, 4 years
old on May 6th, 1894, Is free from all -blemish
es and diseases and Is a fine draft horse, gen
tle and kind, a good traveler, and is owned by
JUliiN e w J'jiii I uc iiuuu la v Jrv.
Rochambeau, will make the season, at Mr,
Sweeny's place, hut -wlfl be at Hood River
Fridays and Batardayx. ) . Terms; single serv
ice S cash. To insure 10. In-case ol lailure
service following season, free. . ' '
' - DEAIiESS IN ,:
Dry Goods, Orownes. Huts, Caps,
J5oota and hIioch; Flour, Feed
' t'tc. Country Produce
Bought and , Sold.
No. 28, Freight leaves at,
; No. a. Mall . , "
11.45. A.M
ln.Wl P. M.
No 27 Local, leaves at ..... 8.1S P. M.
No. 1, Mail " 4:42 A. M
Steamers from Portland to Ban Francisco
every 4days. , " . -.
'For rates and general information call on
W. II, HURLBURT, Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt.
,- . - 254 Washidgton St., Portland egon.
Hay and Qrain in .Car
load Lots or Less.
Live Stock Bought and
old,, ...
And stock in 'friinsi '"fed, watpred and
; , . given the best of care.
Tii3 Dalles, Fortlaasl
i. i.
i t. .-w
;N35oLr ', 11,0 "a-xjXj 1